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Rule 27

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>> It all started with a glowing baby in China…<<


>> There appeared a very strange phenomenon in China. In a local hospital a glowing baby was born. After some research it appeared that the skin is really glowing. Scientists and doctors are clueless as to how its possible. We will go back with- <<


>> It is fucking crazy! I swear he jumped off a roof and grew huge wings! I'm not crazy! Fucking huge wings. Not chicken wings. Not hot spicy bufallo wings. Fucking bird wings straight out of his back! <<




>> More and more children are being born with Quirks. That´s what these inhuman abilities that manifest at the age of 4 in children all over the world are called. There are no clues why that happens and it is- <<


>> We have Dr. Spencer here today with us to discuss a possible cure for the so called “Quirks”. Is there any way to stop children becoming monsters?

“We are currently researching it with a few children that happened to be tainted with this curse. There are a few cases of, we call it, mutant Quirks. There is an easy cure because most of the time we can just chop the extra limb off. For example we just successfully removed wings from a ten year old boy who tried to commit suicide. We suspect that the strong feelings and deadly situation caused that curse to flare up. It´s far more difficult to remove non physical ones and we currently try medications and therapy forms.”

That is very interesting! At least we can be happy that some of these cursed children can be cured. Is there any- <<


>> They are trying to cure me. I have cat traits, a tail and ears. They try to remove them. But they keep growing back.

So they chop them off.

Again and again.

And every time, I feel everything.

The doctors say pain medication could let the surgery fail. Tomorrow is my next appointment for the removal therapy. <<




>> The vaccine, from the company Natural Life, should have stopped Quirks to break out. But that happened to be a scam. Thousands of people were scammed out of their hard earned money. It is truly disgusting how that company took advantage of the fear, from parents, that their child could become a monster. There is no- <<


>> They are getting more and more! We can't let them just live with us normal people. They are monsters and should be treated as such! When they can´t be put down then they should at least wear a fucking collar or something! <<


>> There is absolutely no way that I let my perfect little child go to the same places these things go. <<


>> There is a spike in murder against these creatures. Apparently a few people made it to their mission to hunt these creatures down and kill them. Some would call it inhuman but is it really? We have one of these people here. Mr. Fletcher here was one of the first humans to start fighting back. I would like to hear your point of view.

“These are monsters and I won´t wait until they kill me or my children! It could be contagious for all I know! You can train a dog but these things ? No, that´s too dangerous. So I think we should be allowed to kill them when the government does nothing to protect us citizens!” <<




>> The discussion is open to allow people to kill these monstrosities at sight when they feel threatened. Any of these creatures without a collar is to report immediately. The punishment for trying to hide that curse is death. Now to the weather- <<


>> Every quirkholder has to wear a collar with a chip. These prevents them from going inside shops or other public facilities and tracks them. This is for our safety since they still are humans in the eye of the law, so they can't be just killed. <<




>> It appears that these monsters are finally start to show their true faces. They start attacking and killing innocent people and it seems that a underground organization is forming. We advise everyone to not go outside alone and to try to avoid going outside completely. There are few- <<




>> Emergency shelters are open for- <<


>> Please listen to the sirens in your city and evacu- <<


>> Be sa- <<


>> The monster are attacking. This is war- <<




>> This is one of the saddest days in history but at the same time it´s finally one step to equality. This day is going to be in the history books. The war is over and we all hope that we can soon live in peace together. <<




>> Finally laws have been passed that make the collars and chips illegal. Quirkholders just have to register their Quirk and are allowed to live like a normal human being. Half of the population are quirkholders and they are people like you and me. <<




>> Quirkless people are getting a minority and the population is growing. Since the war against quirkholders ended, people are much more willing to have children now. It is safer now and a Quirk isn´t a disease anymore. Some people even try to combine their Quirks to achieve stronger combinations in their offspring. <<


>> The space on earth isn´t infinitely. Especially in the asian countries the space gets lesser. We need to monitor people having children. It´s simply overpopulated. <<




>> Rule 27 is in discussion and about to get passed. It is a solution for the mankind and truly a blessing. After it is approved by experts we can say more about the law that will save us all. <<


>> What is Rule 27? It is a law that would cure our problem with the overpopulation and it will benefit greatly our society. <<




>> Rule 27 was passed. Experts agree that this will lessen the population and the poverty, also it will increase- <<


>> Strong Quirks always benefited society, especially since Heroes appeared. So it is only logical that only children with Quirks should get only the best. Every child gets their Quirk before they are six years old. After that it´s hopeless and the child is deemed quirkless. But what are quirkless people?

Quirkless people are nothing but a waste of resources. They cant contribute to society and they take away space. Even plants have more use than- <<


>> Rule 27 is a law to determine the worth of a person to society. It doesn´t take away human rights in any form. It is just a solution for a man made problem. <<


>> Rule 27 is- <<


>> Rule- <<


>> Rule 27 is a blessing . <<




Rule 27

Every child that hits the age of six has to undergo a rating. It is to benefit the society and to get rid of the overpopulation.

The rating is performed by an special trained government employee and a future telling quirkholder.

Medical and school records have to sent in one week before the appointment.

Parents aren´t allowed to be present in the rating progress.

The child is allowed to defend themself and to state their worth to society.

When the experts aren´t seeing any use in the child it will be euthanized immediately.




>> Since Rule 27 is in force the dangerous population levels has dropped. More people have work and space to live- <<


>> Quirkless people are only benefitting society when they die. Even a cow or a tree has use for us. But quirkless people just waste our resources and are the problem. Rule 27 is the only logical way to prevent quirkholder to suffer. But that also applies to weak Quirks without any use- <<


>> Parents should be happy if their child can benefit society by dying. It is heroic and should be celebrated. After all they become part of the solution. <<




>> What you didn't killed it when it was clear that it is quirkless? You are going to get too attached Inko. It is clear that it will be rightfully euthanized. Why are you wasting so much money on a dead thing ? You should have known better and should have broken its neck or drown it after that doctors appointment. I´m glad that tomorrow is the day where a new place is freed for an actual human . <<


>> Tomorrow you will die anyways, Deku. You should have killed yourself earlier to stop let people wasting all their money on you. <<


>> Midoriya-kun, it is truly a heroic thing to die for society and you should be proud and honored to be part of the solution. After all a quirkless- <<




I am so sorry, Izuku.




“Midoriya Izuku. Age 6. Quirkless. So tell me, boy. What is your worth?”

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“What is your worth?”


That is the first question a child asks themself when it hits an age where it can speak and understand the world around them.

Parents push their children to be exceptionally good in something useful even before their Quirk manifests.

You have to be good at something even if there is no risk that your Quirk wouldn´t be powerful. There can be still a rare case that the Quirk or the child isn´t fit for Hero work, you have to prove that you are  more than that.


That you are worthy to live.


There is no childhood before the appointment. To have a childhood you first have to make sure that you are going to survive the appointment. There is no use in having fun and slack off and then getting euthanized.

Every child and usually their parents are working everyday to be worth something.

Midoriya Izuku wasn't an exception, he just had to put much more effort in his appointment than some other children.

At first he worked hard at being good at something and his mother encouraged him. The skill he wanted to polish and he really loved, was analyzing Quirks. So he spent hours over hours in front of the television and the computer. Things went great and Inko was pretty positive that Izuku wouldn't have a big problem at the appointment.


But then he was diagnosed quirkless.


It wasn't like they could have just waited for the manifestation to happen. Rule 26 of the - Law for a better future- forced parents to have their children examined for a Quirk at 4 years old, so that there couldn't be a misunderstanding happen in the paperwork and to get rid of possible errors in the rating and judgment progress.



>> “There is no hope. He is quirkless. I would suggest to get rid of him as soon as possible to avoid further mental health damage for you and getting too attached.”

The old doctors office felt suddenly so much smaller to Izuku. His tiny hand gripped his All Might doll harder while his mother broke down next to him.

He might be only 4 years old but he knew exactly what that meant.

The old man let out a long deep sigh as if this all was just a mild inconvenience for him. His long and bony fingers pushed his big round glasses back so it would properly sit on his nose, before his eyes catched the time.

“I need you to go now. When you can't get rid of him yourself, there is a program from the government. In rare occasions they allow an earlier euthanasia. It should be possible for you to get it approved in your case. You can ask for flyer at the reception.” <<



His mother never gave him up and supported him. But his guilt grew with each day he was alive because he saw clearly how he affected his mother. Izuku knew very well that he was worthless in the eyes of society and he agreed.

But thats why he prepared himself for his rating even more. Maybe he could benefit society while he was alive.


He researched the web and builded a strategy over years. He was smart and had a very healthy body. It was also way more effective to test medication on a quirkless person because that way no Quirk could manipulate the effect.

It was kind of ridiculous how hard he tried to prove that he was worth something. Quirkless people most likely only benefited society when they were put down by the government. They would free a space which could go to a child with a bigger future.

But it was also in the nature of a living being to try to survive. Izuku was always a little stubborn and so he refused to just die without trying his best.

He spent countless of sleepless nights to be prepared. At least as best prepared a six year old can be.


Today was his turn to prove himself.


Today was his appointment that would decide his future.


Parents weren't allowed to attend the rating progress which was understandable. It would only distract the child and stress everyone involved. So he went alone to the facility this morning.

Izuku was still a child but he was sensitive and of course everyone was way more important than him. There would never be a situation where a quirkless person would be better than a quirkholder. So for Izuku it was only obvious to step back and neglect his own needs. He basically avoided his mother where he could for the last month to make it easier for her.

Izuku knew that she was a little different.


Normally parents wouldn't love their quirkless child. But his mother did and even though he couldn't understand why, he was thankful. Maybe her love gave him a little more strength to not give up.  

Children were forced to grow up fast, so it wasn't a rare sight that a six year old was taking the train alone.

Izuku had to take the train to the appointment and he was glad that he only had to travel into the next city. He arrived exactly on time, one hour before his appointment. It was really important to be on time because otherwise they would assume that the child had ran away.


Not that you could actually run away and avoid the rating process.


His anxiety spiked as he walked into the facility. He felt the cold sweat running down his spine and his breath speeding up as he walked to the reception on his tiny legs.

The lobby was huge in the eyes of a child. White marble decorated the floor and walls. The roof was one huge window and here and there were some bushes in granite pots that provided shade.


He was the only one currently in the lobby and he was very thankful for that because that would had spiked his anxiety even more.

He didn't realized that he arrived at the reception until he bumped against the dark brown wood. Blush started to crawl into his cheeks and he proceeded to search for the letter in his little yellow bag. After a few clumsy attempts to unfold the letter he finally stood on his toes and slid it over to the women who sat there.

She seemed very nice. Hazel brown hair was falling over her shoulders and her smile reached her yellow eyes. “Big day, huh?” he knew that it wasn't really a question but he nodded anyways.


“I see. You came just right on time! Now we don't have to hurry. But of course we first have to make sure that it is really you, for safety reasons of course.”

She was really calm and welcoming which calmed him a little down. A small nervous smile appeared on his face as he followed her to a small room with only one desk in the middle. “I will give you a little poke with that needle,” she pointed to a still unpackaged medical needle “Usually I would put on some gloves for sanitary reasons. But I will just disinfect my hands because my skin need to get in contact with your blood alright?”


That spiked his interest. So she will use her Quirk? Could she see the whole genetics of him through blood? How did it work?

He seemed to mutter again because she laughed a little.


“You seem to be really into Quirks. My Quirk isn't that amazing. When I touch your blood then I can just confirm your identity with the paperwork I have. I'm not exactly sure how it works but its way faster and easier than to test your genetics the regular way.”


“I .. I think your Quirk is amazing!”, he blurted out and blushed again at her surprised look. After all it was also the first time he spoke to her. But like a floodgate that opened he couldn't stop speaking while she disinfected her hands.

“It may seem not really flashy but its extremely useful! It saves so much time and effort. Also it saves resources and you are being incredibly beneficial for society! So I would never say that your Quirk isn't amazing.” Izuku was pretty proud of himself for not stuttering or stumbling over words like he usually did. Maybe it was the adrenalin?


“You seem to know your facts, little man. I really appreciate what you said.” she carefully took his finger and pierced his skin to get a few drops of his blood. She hummed quietly as the red liquid touched her skin and turned to the paperwork.

“It's almost a shame that such a smart brain is going to waste.” her eyes lingered over his quirkless status but her behaviour towards him didn't changed. It was like she grew even more cheerful and almost ecstatic.

“You are quirkless right?”, she turned to him with an excited look before she pulled a metal collar out of one drawer. “That means you will benefit society already! You don't have to wait to grow up and you will be part of the solution! I think that is pretty awesome itself.”


His eyes widened in surprise at her words. Usually when people learn of his status they don't even see him as a human anymore. Quirkless people are the lowest of the low. Even animals or plants are more useful and had a higher respect in society.



>> “You are fucking quirkless, Deku! Worthless, pathetic shit. You aren't even useful as a punching bag. Just go die already and stop being part of the shitty problem.”

He frowned a little as he held back the hot tears that glossed over his eyes. Burns covered his skin and he was sure that he broke his finger.

But he didn't blamed his bullies. He wasn't worth anything and someone with an awesome Quirk like Kaachan could do whatever they want to him.

He thought that maybe, he could be little of use to let the blonde train his Quirk on him. So he would indirect benefit society because he helped a future Hero train. But apparently he was wrong.

Because Kaachan said he wasn't even a good punching bag.

What did he expected anyways?

He was useless and part of the problem. Useless. Pathetic. <<



He looked at his slightly crooked finger. It wasn't really noticeable, only when you knew it was a little crooked.

Obviously he didn't wanted to waste the money of his mother with going to the hospital. They would charge a huge fee anyway because quirkless are going to die anyways.

He understood it. It was only logical. Why waste all the medicine on quirkless people who will be euthanized anyway?

So he let his injuries heal without help.


So of course he was surprised to hear such words. Most people didn't wanted to speak to him because he wasn't even worthy their breath and effort to speak. Or he was referred to as an it. It stung but it was normal.

He couldn't hide the smile that crept on his face though.


“I will take my chance to prove that I'm worthy enough to live. But however it turns out, I will be beneficial to society and that is what counts.” He started to play nervously with his thumbs as he watched her sticking a chip into the collar and then approaching him.


She hummed approvingly as she knelt down in front of him to get better to his neck. “Yes, you are right. Either way you will benefit. I will now put on this collar. It has a GPS in there and all your information. It is just for safety so that you can't run away. Not that I think you would. Also it will help to identify your body later if you get euthanized.”

Her voice was calm and happy. She didn't faked it either and it was truly pleasant to speak to someone who didn't faked being all nice. Before the collar was mandatory there had been actual runaways. Not a lot succeeded but some of the adult Villains had never received an rating.

He looked a little more closely and spotted a little imprint on the collar.




His number.


Izuku nodded and let her put the collar on. The only way how to get rid of it was with a special key at the back. The metal was out of the same material handcuffs were so there wasn't a chance of destroying them.


“Now that everything is in place we can go to the office where your rating will be.” she stated more as a matter of fact. Maybe she thought it would relax him because he knew what was going on?

Either way he followed the woman through the long and empty hallways. No windows, only white marble.

Until they were at room 41. She smiled at him a last time before she opened the door and pushed him in gently.

The door shut and made a click sound.



His mouth felt dry and it felt like something was closing off his airway. The child was starring nervously at the two people in front of him.

They were sitting on a simple dark wooden table with a lot of paperwork in front of them. It really put him off that he kind of saw them but also not. He knew they were real but he wasn't able to describe them. He wasn't able to say which gender they had.

Maybe it was a Quirk? A way to keep their identities hidden? Either way, it let him feel unsafe. But he couldn't show his weakness right now because he only had this one chance to prove his worth.

The person on the left leaned a little forward while the other remained silent.


“Midoriya Izuku. Age 6. Quirkless. So tell me, boy. What is your worth?”


He couldn't tell if it was a female or male voice. It was a little distorted and a little of both.

Izuku took a few steps forward and a deep breath.


“Despite my lack of a Quirk I have a smart mind and I'm really good at analyzing Quirks and creating strategies.” he sent in his notebooks and he hoped that they were impressive enough “Also my body is very healthy. We all know that medication tests on animals are almost worthless. There are also countless studies that tests on humans with Quirks can be faulty since the Quirkfactor can get in the way. The most important vaccines and medications were tested on quirkless people. Even with Quirks in our society, vaccines and medications are really important. So I could be a test subject.”

Izuku felt his hands trembling and he tried to get his composure back.


“And what when you aren't needed? When your body gets useless for medication testing?” the voice asked calculated and he felt their gaze on him.


“Then … Then I can be given to someone important! Like a gift? To make sure that they have time for more important things! I am smart and could do easy paperwork or housework so that they don't have to do it. Also its a good image for that person in society and proves their worth even more!”

Izuku felt proud that he came up with that even though his voice wavered a little and his breathing got faster. What if it wasn't enough? What if he wasn't enough? He knew he shouldn't be upset if he wasn't worth anything. Because he would still be part of the solution. But his fear was still there. It was a natural instinct after all.


The silence in the room was deafening and he didn't knew for how long it went on. He knew that the two adults were talking to each other and writing something. But he somehow couldn't understand it. It was like they messed with his senses.

Maybe they watched into his future? They didn't explained their Quirks to him but one of them had a future telling type of Quirk. It was mandatory to have one in the appointments to be as effective as possible.

He flinched a little when one of them started speaking again and he felt cold sweat was running down his back.

“Alright, we won't be able to make a decision because we need to get it approved because of your status. You will have to wait until we know for sure if your worth level is approved or not. Just follow Miss Handa, #30684.”


He tried not to frown a little when he was referred to with his number. He had a name which definitely wasn't #30684. But he didn't wanted them to change their mind. After all it seemed that he was getting a higher worth status than 0.

Still … He felt very unsure and started to play with his hands. He was sure that they could hear his heart beating against his chest. His mouth went dry again as he followed another unknown women through the halls.


He didn't felt good and he just wanted to throw up. It was like the seriousness of the situation began to settle in and catch up to him.

He was afraid. He was truly afraid of what will happen next. He didn't knew if his worth level would be accepted. He didn't even knew what would happen to him afterwards. They didn't told him that!

Breathing got harder and harder and he felt like he was trapped. He didn't register fully where they were going. Or that they entered a room similar to an animal shelter. He was rather roughly shoved into a cage. It wasn't tiny, he could stand and walk two steps but that was it. Before he could even say something the door was locked and the women walked away.

His panic only increased and tears ran down his face. Ugly sobs left his mouth and he curled up in a corner. Trying to calm himself and feel more safe.

All he could do now was to wait.


Yami Haruko was pretty young to work in the rating department. Usually the employes were at least 35 years old because of all the training they had to go trough. But he graduated early from university and his Quirk was also helping with getting the job at the age of 26. His Quirk allowed him to manipulate senses. That was highly useful in his profession because their identities stayed hidden which increased the safety immensely.


He was now 30 years old and had four years of experience. It was rather rare that he had a quirkless child in an appointment.

He usually just rated them with a 0 every time. Because they weren't able to prove their worth or would even be willing to talk. So euthanizing them and harvesting their organs was more useful for society.

Another reason why there was rarely a quirkless child was, that they usually committed suicide or their parents murdered them because they didn't wanted to get too attached or waste their money.


Of course murder was still illegal. Every child had a right to prove their worth and to prepare themselves properly for the appointment. But it didn't meant that, just because it was illegal and a tragedy, that he didn't understood these parents.


So imagine his surprise when a quirkless child walked in and was able to make clever suggestions. Midoriya Izuku was well prepared and had a smart brain. It would be a waste when it would die with him.

Also he was able to attend school. Usually schools didn't accepted quirkless children and it was allowed by the government if they didn't had a free slot.

But apparently his school had a free slot and his mother probably paid a lot of money.


Midoriya Izuku was a very lucky boy indeed and that he went to school and had top grades also had a big influence in his worth level.

He couldn't rate him a 0 because that wasn't true. He was a very honest man, so he would get through the trouble of getting the worth level approved by the council. He had to justify why he rated him that way and prove that he was still believing in the solution. Which he did of course. He knew that a lot of his colleagues didn't wanted to bother with that process and so they would always rate quirkless people a level 0 so they could get back to the important work.


But the solution was also a symbol of human rights. He would always rate honest and fair.

So it was only logical that he would defend the worth of Midoriya Izuku.


To the Midoriya residence head of household

Applicant #30684, in accordance with Rule 27 bylaw, we are writing to inform you that you are to receive the certificate of #30684´s worth level.

We inform you that the child is deemed worthy to serve the society as a test subject while it trains to serve a person with a high worth level in the future.

Enclosed you will receive a check with the sum that we see equitable with the child's worth.

In accordance with Rule 20 bylaw, section 4-b, we inform you that your custody over Applicant #30684 was revoked permanently and all the rights to it was transferred to the government.

Let us all strive for a better future.


Department for rating worth level