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Crisis Harem

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Chapter 1

Today was unlike any other day as the heroes were dealing with an issue. The rogue Amazon named Aresia had escaped from imprisonment on Themyscira and is now attempting to cause mass destruction to the world. The Avengers, the Justice League, the X-Men, Titans, and the Fantastic Four were all looking into where Aresia and they were gaining leads to her whereabouts.

Currently the Batwing, above the Gotham City skies, was going at top speeds to get to a certain destination. Inside of the Batwing were Bruce Wayne, the goddamn Batman, and Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. An incoming call was coming up on Bruce's system and pressed a button. "Diana, Sue, what do you have?"

"We tracked down where Aresia is keeping her doomsday weapon to a building in Gotham", said Diana aka Wonder Woman. "It should be about a few seconds away from you".

"We should let you know that there has been a huge break-ins to nearly every major prison except Arkham Asylum since it was shut down. Steve said that he and the Avengers will take care of them but Clark thought is was a good idea to help them out", said Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman. "In addition we also tracked down Aresia's location to a building New York. Steve suggested that most of the ladies should go in and stop her just in case".

"Be careful, she is dangerous", Bruce said.

"Of course", Sue said. "By the way is Peter with you?"

"Yeah, I'm here with Bats", Peter called out.

"Peter, you be careful out there. I'm only saying that because I-we care about you", Sue said.

"I know Sue and thank you", Peter said.

"We'll be in touch when we have something for you", Diana said.

"Understood. Batman out", Bruce said as he pressed a button to turn off the feed. "You do know that Sue is married right?"

"I know that, Bats. She cares for everyone", Peter said.

"Whatever you say", Bruce said. "It's a good thing that the others are investigating the prison breaks. Aresia must be trying to get us all separated so we won't be able to stop her".

"It's crazy honestly. I understand that there are some Amazons that despise every man on the planet and in some ways their reasons are justified but this is just crazy", Peter said. "I mean I get it, if I were in there position I would despise every man as well but Aresia is taking things way to far".

"That's not how she sees it", Bruce said. "She lost her village and lost her mother to pirates as a young girl. All she knew was suffering so she feels like she should make everyone man suffer because of her past. As far as she's concerned she's not taking things far enough".

"I get that and I also get that she's dedicated to this but what I don't get is why she is working with Ra's Al Ghul", Peter said.

"It's likely because their interests align. Aresia hates men and Ra's wants to destroy most of humanity to save the planet. He helps her crusade by giving her the telling her of the tools she needs to succeed. It just so happens that what she has been working in Gotham on the device. We will be heading there and retrieve the device", Bruce said.

The Batwing arrived in Gotham and ejected Batman and Spider-Man with the two gliding through the air only to land on a rooftop. The two vigilantes stood up as they spotted the building they need to get to.

"Looks like that's the building where she keeps her stuff. Of course there will be reinforcements", Peter said.

"Then we'll deal with them. We need to hurry and get that device now", Bruce said as he took off with Peter following behind him.

The two ran across rooftops until they got to a building and snuck inside. The two made it to a room from the air vents where they found Aresia's doomsday device. Unfortunately they found that three villains were watching over the device. The villains were Harley Quin, Poison Ivy, and White Rabbit, all female villains.

"I hate when I'm right sometimes", Peter quipped. "Why can't things ever be easy?"

"If it were there wouldn't be a challenge", Bruce said as he opened the vent and jumped down to engage them. Peter sighed before jumping down to go join the Dark Knight.

Peter landed on the ground as Batman engaged the villains. White Rabbit and Harley Quin both had large mallets trying to attack Batman but he continued to evade them before throwing a batarang and knocking the mallets out of their hands.

"Wait where's Ivy?" Peter asked just as his Spider Sense went off. He jumped as a large vine tried to swat him away. Peter saw that Poison Ivy was riding the top of the giant flower as she commanded multiple vines to attack him. Peter leapt at her evading several vines before shooting webbing into her eyes, blinding her.

As Ivy struggled to get the webbing off of her face, Peter saw a device on her and later turned to see the same devices on Harley and White Rabbit. Peter's eyes widened as he figured out what they were and turned to Batman.

"Hey Bats, they're under mind control", Peter said.

"I already knew that. We have to get them off of them", Batman said as he prepared to throw several batarangs.

"Wait, those are Oscorp controlling devices. Those devices subjugate the wearer and reprogram their minds to think what they are doing is normal. Forcefully removing them would be like ripping apart their minds", Peter said as he was dodging more vines sent to attack him by Poison Ivy who ripped away the webbing.

"Then how do we get them off?" Bruce asked as he avoided more attacks from the two ladies.

"Simple I can hack them", Peter said as he pressed a button on his web-shooter. After a few seconds the devices on them deactivated and fell to the ground, same did the villains. White Rabbit and Harley Quinn collapsed while Poison Ivy fell from the giant flower and almost hit the ground if Peter did not catch her.

"Nice work hacking those devices", Bruce said. "How'd you know about how to deactivate them?"

"Personal experience. I tried to save a villain by ripping the device off slowly and it caused a lot of damage to his mind. I had to go to Professor X to see if he could fix him up which thankfully he did", Peter said as he decided to place Ivy on the ground. "Now then let's see what this doomsday device is all about".

The two walked over to where it was and looked at it. The two looked around and found that there were several wires that connected to it. Peter began to press buttons on his web-shooter to try and hack it before he stopped.

"I tried to hack it but it looks like that's out of the question", Peter said.

"Which means we have to disarm it manually. Luckily I know how to disarm it", Bruce said before he took out a pair of pliers and cut a wire that caused it to turn off completely.

"Great we disarmed it but this feels too easy", Peter said.

"Your suspicions are correct", Bruce said. "Aresia must have created this one as a decoy and must have another plan". Soon enough a call came through on their comms. "Come in".

"Bats, this is Tony. I'm calling because we have some disturbing news to inform you", said Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

"What is it?" Bruce asked with Peter listening in.

"We went to the prisons were some of the villains were to find that most of them were murdered by mind controlled women", Tony said.

"WHAT?!" Peter and Bruce say at the same time.

"The women were fitted with Oscorp mind control tech to carry out Aresia's mission. We were able to hack the devices and get them off but there no survivors. Every male inside the prison was killed off", Tony said.

"My goodness", Bruce said.

"This isn't an isolated incident either. According to my reports this has happened to several other prisons as well. We need to locate where she is and fast and stop her before she does something else", Tony said.

"Agreed", Bruce said. "We were able to deactivate her doomsday device but Spider-Man and I believe that this was a distraction for us. We'll head your way to investigate the scene".

"Okay but Carol and Karen have been asking for help for a while now. They are being attacked by Titania, Superia, Giganta, Cheetah, and Volcana", Tony said before he disconnected the line.

"We're on our way", Batman said as he disconnected the line.

"We better get going", Peter said.

"Agreed", Bruce said. The two raced off back to the Batwing and took off to New York.

New York

Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Karen Starr (Power Girl) were being pushed back as they were dealing with five super villains. Carol shot a photon blast at Cheetah only for Cheetah to run fast enough to avoid the attack, run up and slash Carol. As if things couldn't get get worse Carol was then punched to the ground by Titania.

Karen was busy punching Superia who was blocking her attack. Superia managed to leg sweep Karen and kick her away before Giganta tried to step on her. Karen jumped out of the way and flew up to punch Giganta but was shot down by Volcana.

Karen fell to the ground just as Carol fell and landed near each other. The two got back up as the villains slowly approached them. "Any ideas?" Karen asked.

"Nothing except a last stand", Carol said as if there was no hope for them.

In an instant however, Superia was electrocuted and kicked away while Cheetah was webbed down and kneed in the face. Peter and Bruce had arrived and began fighting the villains.

Combining their powers, Karen and Carol blasted Volcana away. She was sent flying on to a parked car.

Batman dealt with Titania as she charged at him. He managed to jump over her before throwing a single batarang at her. Titania caught the batarang before it exploded in her face, stunning her. Using this moment, Bruce ran up and punched her away.

Peter dealt with Giganta and began trying to web her arms up behind her back. This didn't work as she easily tore his webbing. Because of this Peter had a new plan and began falling downwards before shooting a web-line and swinging on Giganta. "Hey Carol, you know that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?" Peter asked as he began avoiding Giganta's attacks.

"Yes I remember that movie. What does it have to do with this?" Carol asked.

"Remember that part when they were on the snow planet with the walking thingies?" Peter asked as he was now swinging around and webbing up Giganta's legs.

"Yeah and..." Carol said until she realized what he was getting at. "Oh, I get it now!" Carol took off and punched Giganta in the face and knocking her unconscious.

Peter landed on his feet just Carol did before the two high-fived each other. "Nice punch", Peter said.

"Thanks", Carol said with a bright smile.

"You know for someone who hates Star Wars, you really do reference them", Karen said with a smirk as she and Bruce walked to them.

"I have my stance on the series", Peter said as he used his web-shooters to hack the mind control devices on the villains. "So what's next Bats?"

"We're going to investigate where the actual doomsday device is. After that we'll find Aresia and take her into custody", Bruce said.

Unbeknownst to him Volcana was getting back up and prepared to attack Bruce. Peter's Spider Sense tingled and got in front of Bruce and moved him out of thew way before firing taser webbing at her. Good news Peter succeeded in saving Bruce and hitting Volcana. Bad news he was blasted away and into a none-moving truck that exploded.

"PETER!" Carol and Karen yelled before flying over to get him. Seconds later, both ladies retrieved the badly wounded Peter. Using her super hearing Karen heard Peter's heart beat.

"He's still alive. We need to get him to a medic fast", Karen said as she sighed in relief.

"Agreed", Bruce said before he pressed a button on his comm. "Batman to Watchtower, we need a medic. Spider-Man is down with multiple burns on his body".

"Cyborg here Batman. Teleporting Spidey to the Watchtower for medical treatment", Cyborg said. Soon enough a beam of light encompassed Peter's body and took him to the Watchtower. "I'll take good care him".

"We know you will", Bruce said.

"Also we Diana told me to send you a message that they have found Aresia. I was just about to call you when you called me", Cyborg said.

"Affirmative Cyborg", Bruce said before looking to Carol and Karen. "It's time we ended this". Both blondes nodded before flying off while Batman flew in the Batwing.

Next time the fight against Aresia and a horrible moment for everyone.