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When You Fuck up Kirishima Styled

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Kirishima literally fucked up big time with his love life. He left his three boyfriends for the real world and doesn’t want to be a burden for them. He should feel good about himself, he did the right thing, then why did his heart hurt so much?

Let’s start from the beginning.

All four boyfriends, Eijirou, Katsuki, Shoto, and Izuku were happily and their rented flat after graduating U.A, the top prestigious school. All four of them were working decent jobs.

Eijirou was free most of the day since he works at the animal center, taking care of all types and no animal does not not like him. Cats, dogs, lizards... you name it, they’ll love Eijirou.

Deku working as a journalist. Actually, Bakugo proposed that idea because he made fun of Deku’s muttering and scribbling all over his journal. Izuku took it into consideration and here he is, one of the top journalists in the Daily Deeds.

Shoto was a busy man. Although he’s in his mid-twenties, it doesn’t mean that he’s not in a crises. He’s the usual strict businessman since he now owns his father’s company, The Fire & Ice Insurance. Their motto being, never bring Fire to an Ice fight, you got insurance problems? We’ll fix it for you. Nonetheless, Shoto always has time for his four angels.

Speaking of angels, Katsuki’s students doesn’t think of him as much as an angel, more of a demon. The English Teacher has no time for bullshit and cuts right to the chase. He’s strict to his students but he’ll never admit it that he cares for the little brats.

They all had a stable life and a stable home, but dealing with a four-way relationship could be a bit too much. Jealousy conquers and separation comes about. It’s tough on all four of them. They thought they could handle it, but they were at the peak of beating the others up.

Anyways, in their cozy cottage during the winter season, Shoto and Katsuki were perched up on the couch drinking a warm cup of coffee. Izuku on the other hand was hanging up cute ornaments on the Christmas Tree. Eijirou was nowhere to be found.

“It’s two days to New Year’s!” Izuku exclaimed happily as he reached on his toes to hand the star.

“Yeah,” Katsuki smiles warmly, holding onto his boyfriend’s small hips to hold him up so The green haired boy can hang it. Izuku giggled.

Shoto stretches out his newspaper again, taking a small sip of his coffee. “You know what that means?” He smirked.

“What?” Izuku curiously asked.

“Lots of sex,” Katsuki interrupted, chuckling. Both of his boyfriends gave him a plain look. Izuku’s neck up start to turn red.

“Be serious,” Shoto scolded, all of them laughing together.

They didn’t seem to hear the sniffling and tosses of clothes in the other room.

Eijirou was a mess in their neat room. He normally was slightly organized but today, he was going to do something he’d later regret down the road. His hair was in all different directions, his face red, and his eyes puffy. He kept tossing his clothes into the small suitcase, as much as he can. Stuffing it to the brim.

When Eijirou was all done, his plan was to sneak out of the house quietly without alerting the others. Of course everything doesn’t go to plan.

“Eijirou?” Shoto asked, leaning against the doorframe across the doorway to exit the house. Eijirou was ready to leave, snowing heavily, with a cap and jacket, he was ready to leave this life. His eyes widened,, this wasn’t suppose to happen.

“I’m sorry,” Eijirou pleaded, “I don’t deserve this. It was great as it lasted and I really love you and I really love Katsuki and Izuku but right now.” He paused. “Right now I have to go,” tears threatened to fall.

“Wait-“ Todoroki let his arm out to grab for Eijirou’s hand.

“I love you,” and he left.

Don’t think Shoto scrambled to run outside to find Eijirou. Don’t think that Katsuki didn’t yell, scream and shout every curse word known to man for looking for Eijirou during the snowstorm. Don’t think Izuku was crying softly in the cozy house he called home, tissues all over the place as he snuggled in the couch. But what is home without Eijirou Kirishima? They all cried that day.

But don’t think that they won’t see each other again.

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It’s been four years since Eijirou left.

And now the remaining of bunch are at the Empire Mall. It’s a pretty large area and has almost everything you need. Ranging from groceries to clothing to technology, it meets every need for the average person. Since it was large, it’s pretty hard to look for someone in the packed crowd. It especially goes crazy when there are sales.

Izuku really wanted to go shopping for books at the bookstore and Katsuki wanted to find more ways to piss people off, also located at the bookstore. Shoto wanted to go somewhere else alone because he wasn’t a fan of books due to his job and father, it wasn’t appealing anymore. He decided to go in the beauty care area instead.

He didn’t know why he was there. He didn’t think he’d need to fix anything up anyway. Katsuki and Izuku always purred at loving him even with his scar, making Shoto more confident. It was like an unknown force pulling him here. Sounds weird but you’ll get the feeling when you recognize it.

Deciding to go in the hair dye aisle, he also saw some other man there. Lean and somewhat built, a bit shorter than Shoto, though. But his raven hair stuck out to him. It was down to the stranger’s neck and said stranger looked a little worried.

Shoto, being the observant male he is, walks up to the poor guy.

“Hey,” he greeted. “You okay?”

The stranger looked up from the red hair dye box he was looking at and back to Shoto’s eyes.

The stranger silently gasped and looked away. Shoto raised his eyebrows. But then he noticed something. He remembers those eyes. Similar to Katsuki’s, but doesn’t have the same feeling. It’s larger but more soft and is a bit lighter. And there seems to be scar just above the stranger’s right eye.

It can’t be, it must be a coincidence.

The stranger started to rush down the aisle and Shoto, just in time caught his arm, making them both halt.

“Eijirou?” Shoto looked at him up and down, heart beating fast. He’s silently pleading to anyone out there to say this isn’t Eijirou, not his Eijirou. Cause this stranger looks the total opposite.

“Sorry.” Shoto ribbed his neck as he pulled away his hand

“Hi.... and it’s okay,” the more sad and depressed Eijirou said with a small smile.

Fuck, that smile. And his pointy teeth and the little dimple and the crinkle of his eyes.

Shoto felt it again. The drumming in his ears.

“ are you?” Shoto asked, clearly trying to take this all in.

“I’m good,” Eijirou nodded. Could’ve been better, he silently thought. “How bout you?”



Eijirou fiddled with the box, his fingers sweeping the edges and curved. Shoto wanted to say something but wasn’t sure, until his partners came to mind.

“They miss you, you know.”

Eijirou started silently to the floor.

“I miss-“

“HALF N HALF WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!” yelled the not so subtle Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku right beside him, clutching to his arm.

“Stop shouting, Kacchan, you’re making a scene.”

“Oh shush we just need to get Icy Hot and get the fuck out of here.” Other customers shook their head and sighed.

“Oo I think I see him!” Izuku exclaimed and pointed in the beauty aisle. Eijirou started to breathe at a quicker pace.

Before he knew it, Katsuki, Izuku, And Shoto were in front of him.

Eijirou could hear Izuku gasp and Katsuki’s glare was burning at him. Shoto looked at him.

“The fuck are you doing here, Kirishima?” Katsuki’s voice filled with poison and Eijirou being his competition would gladly fight back.

“None of your business, Bakugo,” Kirishima said in a lower tone, something he’d never do.

“What the fuck did you do to your hair?”

“Fucking kept it natural.”

“I always knew your hair was shitty.”

“You shouldn’t be speaking.”

“Fuck you-“

“Guys shush!” Izuku scolded. People are watching and I don’t want little kids to hear your language,” his eyes were fierce.

“Fine, let’s take this back home,” Katsuki suggested.

“I’m not going with you.” Eijirou whined.

Shoto took his hand with both of his and cradled it softly like a real gentleman. “Kirishima.” He took in a breath. “Please, come with us.”


“I’m sorry.” And he scrambled away, out the store, tears slipping past his face that even Katsuki can see.




“What the fuck were you trying to do there?” Shoto exclaimed when they got home, untying his tie and taking off his suit.

“I don’t know!” Katsuki replied, dropping the groceries on the couch.

“You made him cry!”

“Oh don’t blame me! You were part of it, too!”

“Like hell! We might’ve had a chance back there but you started to bitch around!”

“Sorry, your Majesty,” Katsuki dramatically bowed. “I didn’t know I had to consult a stranger who we haven’t seen in years and cradle his lovely fucking hands.”

“That’s the last straw-“

“Can you guys stop it?” Izuku slightly yelled. “We’re both in the wrong. Nothing is going to ever change that. I feel bad ‘cause I didn’t say anything to him! We weren’t there for him like we should’ve been. He always has our back yet we never had his. No wonder he left. We were the worst.” Izuku slowly sat back on their bed.

Regrets and thoughts soared around the room.

“What do we do now?” Shoto questioned.

“We find him,” Katsuki stated.

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Katsuki was in charge of dropping off their dog to the Petcare center. Of course, he hates their Pomeranian dog, Fluffy, since he literally looks like their dog. He happens to be in most of the butt of the jokes, getting him aggravated but does lead out a small smile upon his face, Izuku was out in the office, typing who knows what. And Todoroki left early to go to his work in taking care of his father's company. It was a long day for all of them, so Katsuki decided to drop off their dog at a trusted daycare center. That center being owned by possible couple, Ashido Mina and Hanta Sero.

The center was mediocre but cute with baby blue walls inside and a vast amount of decorations. It looks pretty cute but the smell of wet dog could really leave a bad stench so Ashido loves to spray the place with freshener. Inside, there's another room but that's limited to employees and guests. Guests being the cute animals that are there to stay for a while. Uniforms for the employees are hung upon the wall, labeled with everyone's names. And unbeknownst to Katsuki, Kirishima actually works part time at the place since he loves to play and take care of animals. Bakugo would know.

Katsuki, holding his dog upon his one arm, kicked the door open. "Take care of the mutt," he growled to the two co-owners. Ashido giggled as she took the dog and Hanta shook hsi head thoughtfully.

"Awe, don't be mean to your little tiny wittle pup," Ashido took Fluffy from his hands and cradled him softly. He started to bark happily, his tail wagging side to side frantically making her giggle a little bit. His tongue stuck out as he looked around the place, knowing the area inside out. Katsuki left out a grunt in reply to that comment. Ashido walked to the book, through the door, to go and place Fluffy in his own area.

Hanta propped his elbows on the counter, "Pick him up at the usual?"


"Alright. It's on the house," he smiled.

"Thanks, Spider Elbows," Katsuki smirked and pushed and exited out the door. The reason Hanta got that nickname in particular is that Hanta has a thing for tape. He's still unsudre how Elbows got involved but knowing Bakugo, the explanation probably doesn't make sense.

Ashido came back, hands empty and smiled. "He's never going to leave that isn't he," Hanta whined.



The three lovebirds finally got home around the peak at 4 pm, a bit early but they were left off their shifts. "I heard there's a pet show going on!" Izuku exclaimed happily. He was bouncing on the couch since he can never control his laughter around pets. "It's by the pet care center that Ashido and Hanta owns."

"You really want to go? I thought we were looking Kirishima?" Todoroki asked, putting his rectangular glasses in his black case.

"I think he works there," Katsuki muttered. "Back when we were.. you know ... dating. When it was just the two of us, he mentioned he really loved pets and thought that the dream job were to be taking care of pets. Ashido and Hanta just so happens to have a pet care center and they were close friends with him. It'd only make sense."

"And why didn't you mention it before?" Shoto asked.

"I needed to be sure, but I recalled seeing his uniform outside labeled 'Eijirou Kirishima." I only know one Eijirou Kirishima in this town.

"Then let's go. He left before, I don't want there to be a next time," Izuku smiled as he pumped up his hand.

The pet show was being hosted at the parky nearby. It was magnificent with all the colors and sounds of woofs and barks. There was a good amount of people, including little children and elderly couples. It made Shoto's heart warmer, Katsuki's heart beating faster, and Izuku's laugher being louder. When both boyfriends see their green-haired partner happy, loving, and utmost adorable, it never fails to make them have fun as well. Music was playing in the background from the band Pellows with alternative beats. The three partners knew all the bandmembers, Denki Kamiari, Hitoshi Shinsou, and Kyoka Jiriu. The first having blonde hair and the rest with purple, hence the name Pellows as it's a mix of yellow and purple. Blonde was a bit to weird to mix with purple so yellow it was. Katsuki decided to go after they finished playing to go and greet them a little hello.

On the other hand, Kirishima was nowhere in sight. All three pairs of eyes were looking for him. In the meanwhile, Izuku and Shoto shared a piece of cotton candy and Katsuki decided to go and buy a different collar for Fluffy. It's quite hard to catch a man with raven haired since, well, almost everyone has raven/black hair. Katsuki doesn't want to admit it, but its difficult to find the average man.

Finally, the pet show actually starts. It was simple and straightforward. Acts from all types of animals, the normal dog and cat ones, including the competition between hamsters. The fish tricks captured the audience's eyes, hearing several "Ooh"'s and "Ah"'s. But when a nervous Eijirou Kirishima comes upon stage, Izuku, Shoto, and Katsuki freeze up.

"And here now we have Eijirou Kirishima, who will show us the special tricks he has with his dog, Red Riot! RR for short!" hosts Ashido.

These weren't normal tricks you would see on talent shows, there were long dance routines and such. Kirishima walking elegantly through the stage, RR spinning with him and following almost every signal Kirishima gave him.

It was-

When did he learn ...?

Why does he look so ...?

Is he right there...?

Katsuki nudged Izuku who felt taken aback as he halted to look at Bakugo. Before they knew it, the act was done.

"Thank you all for coming and the Pellows for performing for us. If you'd like their autographs it'll be starting in half an hour by the food stands. Thank you!" Ashido grinned into the microphone and the small crowd cheered.

"Midoriya!" Uraraka yelled from a few feet away, Tenya standing besides her. Izuku smiled, unlocked his hand from Shoto's and ran to her. "Hey, Uravity!"

"Still on the nickname?" she giggled.

"You know it."

"Hey I think.." and Uraraka's and Izuku's voice faded away from Shoto as he stood besides them, completely ignored. Across the park, Katsuki was looking for Kirishima.

"Blasty!" Denki yelled. His guitar was slung around his shoulder and his friend, Hitoshi was next to him. Jirou was in the back and making sure the set was being organized and cleaned up. Hitoshi put his arm in his pockets as he stood beside Denki. "Long time no see!"

"Oh yeah, Pikachu. Uh, sorry but have you seen Kirishima?" Katsuki asked.

:"Eijirou? He just passed by, I think he's on his lunch right now, he should be by one of the benches," Denki directed and pointed the other way.


Kirishima was no simple person. Sure, he could look like an average person. But no, no he is not the average person. And as of right now, he's having a mild panic attack just thinking about Bakugo. The main reason Kirishima chose this path was because of Bakugo. Sure, these two were the one who dated first, but then after a while all the flirting seemed more like fighting and Kirishima got a bit taken aback by it. Then, Shoto and Izuku came into their lives. It was like a breath of fresh air. Kirishima was able to breathe again and get comfortable with Bakugo again. He knows that the three of them are here. He knows that they're possibly looking for him. More so Bakugo then anyone else.

He slouched on the bench and inhaled, Before he knew it, he heard whispers by his ear.

"Hi again." He can even hear his smirk.

"Bakugo," he exhaled.



Bakugo set himself beside Kirishima. It was ironic really. He didn't think he'd sit next to the raven haired again, even when he had dyed red hair. It was amazing, though. That fate had this plan for all of them to meet again and possibly make things right. But it was way to early to get to conclusions at the moment. Kirishima took something out of his pocket A little wrinkled post it note. It had his number on it. He waved it to Bakugo.

"Text me... if you want of course. I don't want to rush anything but-" Before he knew it, Bakugo literally snatched it from his hands. It was like Kirishima was waiting for this moment, to hand his number to Bakugo again, like when they were teenagers. Odd thing though, what would Kirishima do if none of them should up to him again?

"Thank you.. it uh.. means a lot." Bakugo lips turned up, Kirishima copying him.

"Yeah.. you can contact me there... if you want. I-I don't want to be petty but I think the three of you were looking for me."

"Damn right we were," Bakugo muttered under his breath, Kirishima looked at him oddly.

"It's nothing," confirmed Bakugo. Kirishima stood up after a while.

"See you." And he left (again).


Shoto was even more tired hearing of Izuku's and Uraraka's not so subtle flirting. At least that's how he interpreted it. Shoto moved his hand to grab Izuku's, interlocking their fingers. He squeezed slightly, signaling the broccoli haired boy.

"It's late," he lowly muttered in Izuku's ear. Izuku laughed lightly, closing the conversation between him, Uraraka and Iida. He waved them good-bye before leavng with Shoto, still hand in hand with him.

Izuku wasn't sure as to why, but looking at Shoto's facial expressions, with his crinkled eyes and mouth straight in a line, he didn't look happy seeing Uraraka (or Iida) in that encounter. But Izuku didn't want to question it as it seemed not to be the right time for now. When Shoto is mad, he is full on mad. He won't show much expression unless he feels emotionally attack. Compare to Katsuki, Izuku would be the one to comfort Shoto better but seems like the tables turned with Shoto being upset at Izuku instead.

Finally, they were back at the home they left earlier, Bakugo joining them a bit later. Most likely because he was taking Fluffy on a little night walk. Katsuki noticed the tension between Shoto and Izuku when he walked into the kitchen. Izuku was silently heating leftovers and Shoto was on his phone upon the seat, scrolling through news most likely. He would've butt in but he felt like it wasn't his problem to go and interfere, time would tell. So, he bid a good-bye to the two. Izuku waved slightly and Shoto muttering a little "'Night" to him. The blonde boy went to his own room, not wanting to sleep in the bed they all shared for one day, and also it's closer to them and for now, he doesn't want to see them in such an emotional state. He tossed his bag on the wooden floor and tossed himself to the Full blue bed. His backside upon the mattress and he looked at the ceiling fan. He started to think (somehow). And started to think a lot. Katsuki already had enough on his mind, with all the stupid essays he has to grade with shitty work and the whole feud between Shoto and Izuku and the whole meeting Eiji- no, Kirishima thing and the whole Fluffy thing and-

It was too much.

He took out the crinkled paper from his pocket.

'Hey, it's Kirishima. Eijirou Kirishima. Number is (xxx-xxx-xxxxx).'

As if Katsuku wouldn't know that's the Kirishima he knows.

Meanwhile, he heard a large bang in the kitchen.