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Iced Chocolate

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Eddie patrolled the empty bank’s entrance on foot enjoying the cool night air. He had taken a security job for a little extra cash at Venom’s suggestion. The alien was motivated by more than green, he was hoping the bank would bait evildoers which he could eat!

Eddie only ever let him eat bad guys.

“No bad guys tonight, Vee. Sorry.” Eddie sat on a bench in the security office and pulled a chocolate bar out of his backpack and unwrapped it for the monster. Venom snaked out a tiny head over Eddie’s shoulder and nibbled a bite of the treat as the two shared the snack. “Wait, a text from the boss-man. What’s he want?”

Eddie had never met the boss. He was a big deal though. Everyone loved the head of security and spoke highly of him.

“Dammit! My relief isn’t coming! I have to stay?!”

We can’t do that, Eddie. I don’t think we have enough chocolate for that! And unless we meet a bad guy soon, I might become insufferable.

Eddie sighed.

“I know, Vee. I can tell. Let me message him. I’ll tell him…my blood sugar is low. That’s kind of true, right? Maybe Dr. Dan can even write me a letter.” Eddie furiously mashed at his phone sending off the message.

A tone signaled the boss’s reply.

“Says, he understands and he’ll send someone ASAP, but he still needs me to stay until 9 am.” Eddie sighed again. “It’s just a little over an hour. I don’t want to be unreasonable.”

Team player, Eddie!

Venom growled sarcastically.

“No kidding! What about you? You okay? I’ll tell him we can’t if we can’t. We don’t need this job…”

We like it though. And we don’t want to quit on bad terms. And it’s just one hour. Worst case scenario, we’ll just snack on your organs a little…

“Don’t do that!”

Just a little!

“Tell ya what, you do this for me and I’ll buy you the biggest hot fudge shake for breakfast once we get relieved from the cafe across the street, okay?”



Eddie fed Venom the chocolate bar hoping to appease him for the extra long shift. It seemed to work. Things seemed peaceful for the symbiotic pair.

Eddie looked at himself in the mirror of the bank's bathroom. 7:45 came and went. When they should have removed their gun and radio and headed home, instead they felt that weight for an extra hour. The gun felt like a piece of costume jewelry compared to the vicious monster that Eddie had under his skin, just part of the outfit, part of the look.

It’s a good look, Eddie.

“Reading my thoughts, Babe?”

A little. Eddie Brock, sexy security!

“Shut up!” Eddie laughed as Venom’s tendril’s appeared and caressed his sides tickling him. “It does make me…confident.” He admired himself in the creased black pants and tight navy officer’s shirt adorned with buttons and badge.

Just you and me to see.

“Actually, I just realized. If we stay to nine, 8-o-clockers will start filtering in. We’ll have to talk in thoughts only.”


Eddie posted at the bank entrance, looking like the perfect sentry as the bank opened its doors for business. He was handsome, sure, but a little too tired and a little too serious for the normal bank employees to approach him.


It was only 8:15.


We could have been home by now!

I know! I know! Relax! Just 45 more minutes! The boss said he’ll try to have us out of here by 9.

I really want chocolate. Do we have any more?

We’ll get some at the cafe as soon as we’re done! Remember?

I need it now! Now!

Vee, please! It’s 45 minutes!


Eddie was worried he was making facial expressions to match the internal dialogue he was having with Venom.


Pancreas is my next snack!

Hey…I see…candy!

Is it chocolate!

Yes! And…an…angel...


A tall, muscular, yet lean man, with long raven hair and piercing blue eyes took his place at his teller station as he filled his crystal candy bowl with fancy chocolates. He wore a black suit with dark heather gray underneath. The dark colors made his eyes pop.

Or were they green eyes? Eddie had to see closer.


The man looked up from his candy bowl surprised to see the unfamiliar smiling security guard.

“Oh, hello there.” He had the cutest accent, though Eddie couldn’t quite place where it was from. It sort of sounded British.

“Hi,” Eddie practically drooled.

Ask him for some chocolate!

“May I have some chocolate.”

“Um. Yes! Of course!” The man seemed a little shy for being so stunningly handsome.

Eddie was certainly stunned.

Eddie’s finger’s trembled as he pinched the corners of one chocolate drop.

That’s not enough!

“Oh dear! Are you alright?” The man’s expression changed. His eyes were so beautiful in this new look of concern.

“My blood sugar is low.”

Eddie managed to spit out.

“Well here! Here! Have more!” The man unwrapped the little chocolate globes and set three in Eddie’s hand. He watched as Eddie ate them. “Better? Should you have a seat maybe?”
The man unwrapped three more chocolates for Eddie.

I like him!

“I was supposed to go home, but my relief isn’t here. My boss said I have to stay.”

“Oh, I know! And I’m sorry to hear that. I’m Loki.” He reached his hand to shake and Eddie shook. So strong and so soft at the same time. “The head of security is my oaf of a brother, Thor. He helped me get this job though it doesn’t really suit my…personality. He said putting out chocolate candies would help me seem more…friendly.”

“Hahaha!” Eddie laughed like it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard. “Well, I certainly appreciate them.”

Loki smiled too. This was the best conversation he had in a long time.

“You know what? If you usually leave before 8, I bet you never get a donut! Come to the break room with me?”

“Oh, I don’t know-“

“We have chocolate ones!”


Eddie snuck two chocolate donuts to Venom appeasing the monster.

“Feeling better? You look better.”

“Thank you.” Eddie blushed. He felt like a teen with a crush.

“So how do you like security? Must be boring. Nothing bad ever happens here."

“I know it sucks!” Eddie caught his mistake. “I mean, that’s great! I’m actually a journalist.”

“Now that I can see! The brilliant journalist who just has to flex his muscle as the brawny security guard at night!” Loki placed his hand on Eddie’s bicep. The feeling gave him chills both the touch and because…it was a little cold.

“Well…Something like that.” He blushed.

“Mr…Brock?” Loki looked to Eddie’s name tag


“Eddie, I don’t typically enjoy talking with people. And yet I’ve quite enjoyed talking with you.”

“I feel the same way, Loki.” Eddie’s heart was pounding.

I like where this is going.

“I was wondering if maybe-“

“There you are, Brock!” A loud, thunderous voice interrupted. “Thank you again for staying. Sorry about that.” Eddie turned to see a mountain of a man with long blond hair pulled into a bun, he put his hand on Eddie’s shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Mr. Odinson?”

“Yes! We meet in person! Thank you for staying. Pleased with the work you’ve done. I’ll take your radio and report and…Loki?! Loki is everything alright?! Is something wrong? Did you need the help of security?!” Thor quickly went into an overprotective mode.

“No! I was just talking to my new friend. Eddie here had low blood sugar and I showed him where the treats were.”

“Friend? Y-you made a friend, Loki?” Thor turned his attention to his brother. “You made a friend!” He wrapped large arms around the raven-haired man raising him off of the ground with a hug.

“Oh let me go you oaf!” Loki demanded

“Ah! We kid!” Thor let Loki go and patted him on the back heartily. “Please! Have all the donuts and whatever else you like, Brock! Take some home! Anything for a friend of Loki’s! You two finish your conversation and…I’ll take that report in my office. A friend! Ha!” Thor seemed even giddier than Eddie felt as he turned and practically skipped to the security office.

“That couldn’t have been more embarrassing! Sorry about him. He’s…foreign. Doesn’t really get things. Sometimes. We both are really.”

“Your accent! No that’s perfectly fine! Parts of me…are a little…alien too. But I like you and I hope our paths cross again? Maybe I’ll have to stay late again next weekend?”

Smooth Eddie.

“Best not leave it to chance. Let me put my phone number in your phone? Please?”


“I’d better get back to my station, but I’m really glad your relief never showed up and your blood sugar got low.” Loki gave a devilish smile. “It was lovely meeting you, Eddie Brock. I’ll message you!” Loki winked and headed back to his work station.



Wow is right. You’re going to call him right?

Definitely. That’s okay with you? How do you think he’ll feel about the whole symbiotic thing?

He might take it pretty well considering he’s not a human either.


He’s not. That doesn’t bother you though, does it?

No. Not at all.