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Darkness Visible

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The Endless Abyss


The Endless Abyss was a dark and disturbing place. It was made of stone, fire, and the blood of victims perished in its grasp. Demons and other demonic creatures fought and battled constantly. Their goal was to win the legendary Xin Mo sword and leave the Abyss to conquer the world. These dreams were quickly crushed along with their heads by other demons higher on the food chain. Screeches of pain and sounds of flesh being torn apart could be heard from every direction.

There was no reprieve in this place. No moment of rest.

Luo Binghe had been walking aimlessly from dead tree to dead tree, fighting off the monsters living here - confused, in pain and disillusioned. His sword had been broken before the fall so he could only rely on his innate spiritual powers, which were steadily depleting.

He didn’t know how long he had been here. It was eternally dusk in this place. It could have been days, weeks, even months. Everything was a haze. The only thing he knew was the agony he found himself in. The pain in his heart.

Or it could have been the sword wound. The wounds he received during his fights with the Abyss creatures healed immediately, but this wound still looked fresh, lightly bleeding at the edges. Every five steps he would caress it. The pain it caused grounded him. It was a reminder of his master’s face at the edge of the portal.

The seal on his demon blood had been broken before falling down. He was outed as a demon, a descendant from the Heavenly Demon line. All the humans despised him for this heritage and there was nothing he could do about it.


His birthright, according to his only companion; the Dream Demon, who was guiding him closer and closer to his goal. The sword.

The Dream Demon whispered in Luo Binghe’s ear. “Win that sword and nothing will stand in your way. It can control space and time and will allow you to cross the passage to the demon realm. From there you can go back to the human one.”

To the human realm.

To his master.

Luo Binghe could then explain that it wasn’t his fault. He would make his master see reason. His master had been so kind to him. Why did he turn around and betray Luo Binghe? Didn’t Luo Binghe prove himself worthy?


A feeling.

There was something dark living inside Luo Binghe now. Something that wanted to claw its way out and sink its teeth into any available flesh. Something that felt the need to claim dominance over what it considered lower-life forms. He knew it was his demon blood trying to overtake his human side.

There was no human food to be found in the Abyss. Plants could not survive in this realm. There was hardly any drinkable water to be found. Blood was the only thing able to quench his thirst. You could only sustain yourself with your fallen victims. It didn’t take long for the hunger and thirst to set in.

He tried to repress the need to bite into the torn-up flesh from his victims. They so easily threw themselves at him, thinking he was easy prey. But in his eyes, they became his prey.

Luo Binghe was repulsed by this craving. Some of the creatures he encountered were capable of human intelligence and speech. As evidenced by their warbled cries of anger and pain, along with the insults they threw at him. How could he eat them after their death?

He had been raised as a human during his youth. His old mother instilled human values and morals in him. After joining the sect, his master continued these teachings. They weren’t kind at the start, but they paved the way for him to become the man he was destined to be.

A shallow cave in the side of a hill appeared before him. Bones and skeletons of past kills or former inhabitants littered the surrounding area. There was a creature living in it, which was feasting on its recently killed prey with its back turned to Luo Binghe.

A moment later, a new inhabitant took up shelter in the shallow cave. Another corpse was added to the pile.

Luo Binghe sat down in this temporary shelter, his knees pulled up his chest, his head buried in his arms. Whispers and memories swept through his mind.

Even here there was no rest.




Xin Mo


Numerous corpses of gigantic beasts littered the valley. The young man’s hair and clothes were matted with dirt, sweat and blood. A wild look in his eyes. Unrecognizable from the young, innocent boy he had been.

The crudely fashioned staff was thrown aside. There was no need for it anymore. Luo Binghe had finally achieved his goal. Xin Mo’s resting place was in front of him. The demonic guards were no longer, and he was free to take the sword.

As he looked at the mound serving as Xin Mo’s resting place, he remembered the past years.

He remembered the loneliness and despair.

He remembered surviving by killing monster after monster, demon after demon.

He remembered feasting on their corpses.

He remembered the hunger.

He had eventually given in. The Dream Demon once again whispered to him, “You’re young, recently awakened and you need all the strength you can get your hands on to survive this place. Why deny what you want? What you need? The sooner you eat, the faster you can return to this master of yours.”

Meng Mo had long since learned that only the mention of Shen Qingqiu could move Luo Binghe forward.

Cultivators that achieved immortality could practice inedia for years. These immortals didn’t need material things in life, such as food or sleep. His master had been one of them. Although Shen Qingqiu much preferred to eat, drink and sleep in the comforts of the bamboo house.

Luo Binghe hadn’t practiced inedia yet because his master forbade him.

A fleeting memory of happier times crossed his mind. His mind seemed to do that often - make him remember his past and the life with his master. The life he could have kept if he hadn’t been born a half-demon. It felt more like his own mind was betraying him. Yet, he continued to indulge in these memories.

The sound of gentle scolding. A warm, concerned voice echoing in his head.

“Your body is still growing, Binghe. You need to eat as much as you can. You can practice inedia after you’re further along in your cultivation. No need to stress your body before that time.”

The sensation of a fan tapped against his forehead often followed.

He had been raised as a human, but he could not deny his demon blood. It was a part of him. No matter how many times he wished he could carve it out of him, how many times he tried to ignore it. Everything he had done and will do, was for his survival and eventual return to his master. To demand answers. To hear his explanations.

Luo Binghe reached for Xin Mo and pulled it from its sword mound.

A rush of power coursed through him. His mind became clearer once again. His goal became more focused. He could feel every part of himself growing stronger, stronger than it had been at the start of this horrendous journey.

He gripped the hilt tighter.

This was his birthright, right here in his hand. With this weapon he would return to his master as an equal.

The sweet song of a blade slashing through the air.

A portal opened before him.

His escape to the demon realm.

And from there …




Mobei Jun


Luo Binghe arrived to a world of ice.

Ice dominated the desolate landscape surrounding him. There was no sunlight here, only the bleak light from a moon shining on the scenery before him. The icy planes glittered, like the edges of a diamond knife. Every corner dangerous for an untrained visitor.

A cold contrast to the heat and fire of the Abyss.

The cold was seeping through his tattered, wet robes, making him shiver relentlessly, his breath coming out in puffs of vapour. He gritted his teeth. Some frostiness wouldn’t bring him to his knees. He survived the Abyss, he would survive this icy torment too. He circulated his spiritual energy to warm himself.

In that moment, the Dream Demon spoke up. “Aah, the Northern Kingdom. It has been centuries since I last admired its frigid beauty.”

Northern Kingdom. Ice.

Mobei Jun.

Rage thrummed through his veins.

The last time he had seen Mobei Jun was during the Immortal Alliance Conference, where Luo Binghe and his master had been thoroughly beat down. Luo Binghe could not forget that battle, the absolute defeat. The cause of his banishment to the Endless Abyss.

“Before I leave this place, I will kill Mobei Jun and present his head as a gift to shizun. To prove I have no allegiance to the demons. To prove I belong with the humans. With shizun.” Something seemed to whisper their agreement in his mind.

“No need to kill him. Defeating a demon lord means they have to swear allegiance to you, which is a good idea.”

Luo Binghe did not listen. He clenched his hands around Xin Mo. With this sword, he would have a chance.

“Tell me where the demon lord of this region lives.”

He could hear the Dream Demon sighing in his ear. “Fine, you brat. Turn to the north and start walking.”

Following the Dream Demon’s direction, Luo Binghe eventually made his way to a gate of a large ice palace. He did not pause and forced his way inside. The weak guards were no match for his skills trained in the heart of the Abyss. Xin Mo easily cleaved the creatures in two. Their blood painted the walls.

The smell of their remains made his mouth water. He hadn't eaten for some time, but he forced himself not to stop. He needed to get to Mobei Jun as fast as possible, and return to his master.

The further he went, the more demons he met, which he saw as a good sign. He was proven correct when he found Mobei Jun in a spacious room near a courtyard. He stood there with his arms crossed, seemingly waiting for him.

Luo Binghe did not hesitate in attacking the demon. However, confronting Mobei Jun left him utterly defeated on the floor of the throne room. His limbs broken and coughing up blood. What was this torture? This demon was on a higher level than the weaklings in the Abyss.

Although he was satisfied that Mobei Jun did not come out of this fight unscathed too. He had managed to sever an arm and almost bisected him with that last sweep of Xin Mo.

"Return to me when you can fight again." Mobei Jun signalled to the other side of the room with his good arm and several lower demons appeared to drag him away.
Luo Binghe smiled at Mobei Jun through the globs of blood dripping from his mouth. Now that he knew how Mobei Jun fought with his full strength, next time would turn out differently.

He memorized the route the guards were taking him until they arrived at a room. Inside, Luo Binghe was unceremoniously dropped on the floor. Some supplies and food were thrown his way. He passed out to the sounds of the guards mocking him.

When he awoke, it must have been several hours later. He sat up and saw the pieces of food that the guards had thrown at him. Mostly meat, which he could recognize as some sort of poultry. He was so ravenous that he ate them raw.

The next thing he did was to look around the room. There were no windows. The room was empty, save for a cot to sleep on. He tested the door. Locked of course.

He turned back around and saw Xin Mo laying on the floor where he had passed out. Why didn’t they take it from him? Luo Binghe wasn’t going to complain. This would make it easier for him to escape.

He sat down and took stock of his injuries. The healing salves from the supplies were used to treat his wounds.

“You brat, how could you lose like that?” Luo Binghe was wondering where the Dream Demon had gone.

“Don’t worry. Next time I won’t be defeated and Mobei Jun will lose his head.”

“Hmpf. You’ve seen how powerful he is, why do you want to kill him? He could be a powerful ally.”

Luo Binghe contemplated for a moment. “No, I want to destroy Mobei Jun for hurting my shizun.”

“Damn brat. You don’t have to kill him. Defeating him and taking his status would be punishment enough. You need all the help you can get. Didn’t you want to stand as equals next to your master? Do you think your shizun would take you back as you are now? Show him what you’ve learned. The power you’ve gathered.”

No reply followed.

It took Luo Binghe several days to recover, after which he gathered all his spiritual energy into a concentrated focus point and blew up the wall of his prison cell. The guards outside were consumed by the blast. He choose a direction at random in hopes of finding Mobei Jun.

Several ice imps tried to stop him along the way, but he flung them against the walls, leaving behind smears of blue blood and pieces of flesh.

The directions he had memorized led him once again to the room next to that courtyard. Mobei Jun stood there in the middle of the place.

Fully recovered, Xin Mo in hand and with the knowledge of Mobei Jun’s fighting skills, Luo Binghe unleashed his rage. The combined demonic and spiritual powers giving him an edge.

Finally, Luo Binghe managed to bring Mobei Jun to his knees, forcing him to surrender.

He should kill this man.


Xin Mo was raised up.

“This servant surrenders. This kingdom now belongs to Junshang.”

Luo Binghe halted his movements, the haze of blood lust cleared away in his mind. He lowered the sword, sheathing it.

“We have much to discuss.”






“Why did you allow me to live?” It was a question that Luo Binghe had mulled over in the privacy of his rooms, but he could not imagine an answer to it. “Why did you give me another chance, when you knew I would eventually defeat you?”

A the other side of the table, Mobei Jun looked up from the recent spy report from the Eastern Demon Kingdom.

After taking over the Northern Demon Kingdom by defeating Mobei Jun, several high-ranking demons had come out of the woodworks. They all wanted to defeat the upstart half-demon that was threatening the balance of the demon realm. This is why Luo Binghe saw the need to conquer the other kingdoms before crossing over to the human realm. He would know no peace otherwise. And he needed peace and quiet to think up a plan for how to meet his master and show him that he was worthy.

“It was in my best interest to ally myself with the descendant of the great Heavenly Demon line before he came to kill me.”

He could understand usefulness, but something else bothered him.

“If you saw me as a potential threat, why did you not kill me when you had the chance? I was at my weakest after our first fight.”

“You survived.”

Luo Binghe gave his subordinate an incredulous look. His questioning was interrupted by two demons entering the meeting room. Each one was carrying several bowls of food in their multiple hands.

He hadn’t felt as ravenous since he defeated Mobei Jun, his cravings satisfied on a daily basis, but the smell of food still made his mouth water. Especially the smell of meat.

“This servant ordered this meal to be made to celebrate the victory over the Southern Kingdom. This servant hopes it pleases Junshang.” Mobei Jun put down his report and saluted to Luo Binghe.

As he looked at the bowls placed on the table, he could recognize some of the dishes. He had been making his own food in the palace’s kitchens for some time and the demons seemed to have picked up on his preferences.

There was even a bowl of congee.

A pang of something unidentifiable shot through him. Unwittingly he touched the wound on his chest, hidden by his new black and silver robes.

Luo Binghe ignored the dish in favour of the others. He sat down and picked up some chopsticks and made a bowl for himself with some of the vegetables and meat provided.

He ate with relish. The meat had a peculiar taste he couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t demon or regular livestock kept by humans. He couldn’t help but ask. “What kind of meat is this? Some kind of exotic demon?”


Luo Binghe froze in his eating, but Mobei Jun continued on.

“Freshly deceased from natural causes. I would have hunted and killed it myself, but this servant knew Junshang would not appreciate that.”

A wave of nausea spread through him. Luo Binghe sprang up and didn’t make it far before his meal escaped him.

Bent forward, he kept coughing, his eyes watering.

He cursed the world, the demons and himself. He should have known this would happen one day. It was a known fact that demons loved the taste of flesh, especially human flesh. It was considered a delicacy only the highest of demons could indulge themselves with. Lower demons were often not strong enough on their own to attack a human settlement and feast.

The sounds of footsteps coming nearer pierced through the violent hacking. From his peripheral vision he saw Mobei Jun reaching out for him. Luo Binghe grabbed the arm before it could touch him and violently twisted it until bone protruded.

Mobei Jun took a step back, holding the broken arm to his chest. The only reaction, except for a flare of his demon mark.

“Understood, Junshang. This servant will get rid of the meal.” Mobei Jun left the room. Demonic servants entered soon after, taking away the bowls.

Luo Binghe stood up straight, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. On the table he saw the white bowl of congee shine in the candle light.




Demon Blood


His master did not want to see him. Luo Binghe expected it, but it did not hurt any less. There were no warm words of greeting, no expressions of relief. After the initial shock had passed, Shen Qingqiu had gone right down to business, inspecting the corpse of the sower-infected woman, after which he had immediately left with Gongyi Xiao. Why did he act so friendly to him and not to Luo Binghe?

Luo Binghe had not expected to see his master so early. Reuniting with his master as a demon lord would only cause Shen Qingqiu to become more wary of him. His plan to take over Huan Hua Palace had not been completed.

The betrayal still stung, but now he had the chance to ask for an explanation. His master would give him one. Shen Qingqiu would never refuse him. And then Luo Binghe would ask for more time. Then they would be together as equals.

Ignoring the fact that his master was here, so close in his grasp, was difficult and he did not even try. The Huan Hua Palace disciples gave him the directions to where the Cang Qiong Mountain Sect delegation was housed. He could feel his palms become sweaty at the thought of meeting with his master alone, without so many witnesses around. Shen Qingqiu might even smile at him.

He knocked on the door of the refugee house.

A voice called out from inside. “Liu Shidi? I’ve been waiting for you in the middle of the night, come in!”

In a flash Luo Binghe slammed the doors open. His master? Calling out for a different man? In the middle of the night?

“Good evening, shizun.”

The chase didn’t last long. His master still suffered from the Without a Cure Poison and fell down. Luo Binghe grabbed Shen Qingqiu and slammed him against a nearby wall. Their faces were so close together. His master was still as beautiful, even with this pained look. Only now did he notice how much taller than his master he had become.

His hand tightened around that slender neck. Luo Binghe could effortlessly kill Shen Qingqiu. Same as those countless demonic creatures that crossed his path and could never breathe another word of it.

Dark whispers spread through his mind.

Why was his master so kind to others and not him?

Why did his master accuse him of things he had not done?

Was it because of his demon blood?

“Hypocrite!” So long ago, his master had said he would not judge anyone by their blood.

Xiu Ya was aimed at him once again. The elegant blade as beautiful as its master. Corrupting and destroying it would be so easy, but instead he let it pierce him once again. The pain not as cutting as the last time. Luo Binghe chopped down on Shen Qingqiu’s wrist to stop him from attacking further, and made the sword fall to the ground.

Red spots on a white wrist broke through the darkness.

A sower must have attacked his master. “You’ve been infected?”

That would not do. Gently, with a finger stroking his master’s skin, he forced his combined powers to heal the spots.

If his master abhorred him so much because of his blood, he would force Shen Qingqiu to accept Luo Binghe as he was.

Luo Binghe smiled at Shen Qingqiu before hitting his stomach. He wound his fingers in Shen Qingqiu’s hair and pulled it back to open those pretty lips. Luo Binghe tore apart the wound caused by Xiu Ya with his own sharpened teeth and dribbled his blood into that waiting mouth.

This way, his master could not run from him. Luo Binghe would always be with Shen Qingqiu.

Shen Qingqiu was so beautiful like this; an angry look in his eyes, red marks blooming across his neck, and blood staining his lips.






Repay it all. Repay it all.

Luo Binghe could not banish that sentence to the back of his mind and firmly lock it up. It roamed around in his head.

His master had mourned him. Why? Did he not push him into the Abyss? Did he not betray the trust Luo Binghe had placed in him?

Luo Binghe had hoped his return would incite the answers to these questions, but now he couldn’t force them out of his master anymore.

Shen Qingqiu’s slowly cooling body laid in his arms. His former peers and onlookers were lost in the haze of his tears and shock. His focus entirely on the face of his master. Shen Qingqiu’s eyes were closed, as if he was sleeping. The truth was much more devastating.

Only a trickle of blood seeping from Shen Qinqiu’s lips and the lack of breathing betrayed his actual state.


He would not lose Shen Qingqiu. He would give himself another chance.

The demons would have an solution for this.






There was a corpse in their lord’s bedroom, the demons whispered amongst themselves.

A human corpse, which their lord was keeping fresh with his spiritual energy. A half-demon had so many abilities; they could use demonic powers and human spiritual powers. So gifted and powerful. This is the reason they followed Luo Binghe.

But for some reason their lord was not eating the human.

What a waste, they sighed. Their kind could never even dream of the taste of a fresh corpse and here their lord was wasting it.

Other demons who had been in Luo Binghe’s service for longer, admonished these whispers. Their lord would never eat another human because he was a half-demon.

Bah. Humans and their sensibilities. One should never waste food.

These whispers soon made their way to Luo Binghe and he promptly moved the body to Huan Hua Palace.




There was a human in their lord’s room.

An actual living human.

A few maids assigned to the human, whispered over this man. They overheard their lord call this man shizun.

Was this the rumoured Shen Qingqiu who had come back from the dead?

Their lord had lost the corpse he had been guarding for years. His anger had known no bounds. The long-time followers kept away when their lord was in this mind-set, but the newer followers had not learned. And they never would. Their bodies decorated the walls of the hallways. He had gathered his forces to finally attack that damned sect.

The righteous cultivators would pay for their actions.

But that did not happen. Their lord came back with this human and was housing it in the bamboo house, the one he had been building in the innermost section of the palace.

Their lord’s rage seemed to have calmed. Finally, he could be happy again.

They whispered that their lord had even given this human his blood. They even fought with each other, testing their strength and trusting each other. How romantic, they sighed in adoration.

Their lord was even cooking for this man, giving it to the maids who in turn gave it to this person. Forcing them to not tell who made it under threat of violence. What devotion this man receives, they murmured amongst themselves.

Protests were heard from other demons. How could their lord fornicate with a human? That Heavenly Demon Line produced some weird descendants. Even the great Mobei Jun had some level of affection for a weak cultivator.

Bah, what did it matter? As long as their lords gave them glory in battles.

What was that screaming?

Someone was screaming in the bamboo house.

Their lord called for them.




The Future


Sometimes Luo Binghe thought back to his time in the Abyss, in the Demon Realm, in the Huan Hua Palace and he curses the thoughts he had back then. He curses his actions. He wanted to force his master to accept him. He would do everything for that to happen.

But now he saw his mistakes. Forcing someone would lead to nothing but more pain and heartbreak. He lost his master so many times because of his actions. It caused him to lose control of Xin Mo.

That damned sword. He should have discarded it as soon as he left the Abyss. Losing his reason in front of his master, no matter how justified he might have felt. Forcing his master, no matter how many times his master would say that he was willing. All those things would forever put a mark on him.

How could his master still bear to look at him?

Why did he still want comfort from his master?

Why couldn’t he stay away?

He knew the reason, but he wanted so much from his master. To be loved and held like during those days before he fell.

Luo Binghe had never been someone’s first choice. Nobody had ever chosen him for him.

He heard his mother’s story, but even she did not choose him. No matter how much she would have loved him if she had survived, she loved Tianlang Jun first.

Tianlang Jun never spared him any thought. In his quest for revenge his son was just a pawn.

His old adoptive mother would remain in his heart for a long time, but she was no longer here to love him in person.

Luo Binghe stood at the top of the stairs leading to Qing Jing Peak, out of sight of the disciples waiting for his master to recover. He wasn’t welcomed here, would never be again. He was a half-demon who laid siege on Cang Qiong Mountain sect, kidnapped several cultivators, who stole one of their peak lords.

He just needed a glimpse of his master, awake, safe and sound. After that, he had no idea what he would do. Go back to the demon realm? Become its official ruler? It would not bring him any satisfaction.

Not long after, Shen Qingqiu appeared, standing in front of him.

A short conversation. The sound of gentle scolding in a warm, concerned voice.

A reproachful smack of a fan on his forehead.

Everything Luo Binghe had done was for his survival and to return to his master. The mistakes along the way were unforgivable, but now Shen Qingqiu seemed to have forgiven him. He could feel his eyes redden, the beginning prickles of tears threatening to come out.

The short moment was interrupted by passing cultivators shouting and gearing up to start a fight.

He should leave. “As I said earlier, I’m not welcomed here.”

Shen Qingqiu tapped his head again. “No matter. Shizun will welcome you.”

More shouts could be heard, several cultivators were coming close, their weapons at the ready.

Shen Qingqiu hummed. “We’d better leave.”

Luo Binghe did not respond for a moment. “Leave?” A small spark of hope lit up in his heart.

Shen Qingqiu nodded. “Don't you say you weren’t welcome here? Let’s go find somewhere you will be.”

The spark slowly grew to a small fire in his heart. Overwhelmed, Luo Binghe could only listen.

“This time, no matter where you want to go, shizun will follow you.”

Those words stoked the flaming bonfire, smelting back together the shattered fragments of his heart. Shen Qingqiu started walking down the stairs, looking back when he sensed Luo Binghe not following. Those beautiful eyes looking up at him from under the long dark eyelashes.

He was finally looking at Luo Binghe.

They drew Luo Binghe back from his internal musings and asked him to follow, a request he gladly complied with.

Years later, after mourning, running and fighting for so long, Luo Binghe was content with his life.

He was so happy his master accepted him. That he was loved again. It took him so long for Luo Binghe to be allowed to touch his master, to hold him in his arms, to cherish and worship him.

They left together, to never be apart. Luo Binghe carved out his own spot in the world with Shen Qingqiu, his master, teacher, his husband, by his side.

After destroying Xin Mo, his heart felt even more at ease.

But now this ugly side of himself reared its head.






The demonic cravings came back at the most inopportune time.

Why it came now and not during the first few times they spent together, he didn't understand. It wasn't the first time he made love to Shen Qingqiu.

He had spent the past day coaxing Shen Qingqiu to do some nightly explorations of each other. Though they had done enough exploring of each other that the term wasn’t correct anymore. His master could still be so shy after being together for so long.

Luo Binghe had been fucking into Shen Qingqiu slowly. He had learned his master liked the slow thrust and drag of his cock. A tight grip on Shen Qingqiu’s hips as Luo Binghe pulled him back on his cock. Filling him continuously. Slowly dragging his cock over the spot inside that added to his master's pleasure. His master’s gasps and moans were as sweet as their real first time.

Shen Qingqiu’s arms had given out, moaning and begging into the pillow he was holding onto. "Faster Binghe, please. This master can't take it anymore."

The begging only happened when his master was completely overwhelmed.

Luo Binghe groaned as he thrust a little faster. He wanted deeper. Needed to go deeper.

"Shizun. This disciple will do anything you ask." He adjusted their positions so that they sat up with Shen Qingqiu pressed against his chest. The position allowed for a deeper penetration and also helped to work himself faster into that tight hole.

Wet gushing sounds could be heard every time he entered. Evidence from the previous rounds leaked out as he stirred the insides.

Luo Binghe twisted a nipple with one hand as the other held onto a thigh, keeping his master in place. He had quickly noticed that his master’s nipples became more sensitive after a few rounds. Enough that he might actually come from only this stimulation. Luo Binghe filed that thought away for later contemplation.

Shen Qingqiu gasped louder. He pulled Luo Binghe’s face closer to press their lips together. The kiss immediately became sloppy as their tongues tangled together. Shen Qingqiu placed his other hand on top of Luo Binghe’s hand where it had a firm hold on his thigh.

Luo Binghe became more eager as his master took the initiative. A sharp thrust made Shen Qingqiu break the kiss and lightly keen against those lips. He laid his head on Luo Binghe's shoulder, panting directly into his ear, overcome by pleasure.

In that instant, Luo Binghe had a perfect view of his master’s neck as it stretched out in front of him. A movement that spoke of his master’s complete trust in him.

All thoughts flew out of Luo Binghe’s mind. He could only focus on that neck, slightly red and sweaty from arousal. His master’s smell was at its strongest here. He wanted to be closer to that source. He buried his face in the junction, inhaling that wonderful warm scent.


His tongue swiped against the flushed skin, the taste of salt and Shen Qingqiu filled his mouth. His teeth scraped against a vein beating to the rhythm of his master’s heart. Shen Qingqiu was warm and alive before him, around him, being loved by him.


He wanted to be with this man forever, he needed it.

His hand subconsciously moved to Shen Qingqiu’s cock, stroking him in time with his movements. Another particular sharp thrust against the prostate made his master keen loudly, spurting his release all over Luo Binghe’s hand.

Luo Binghe could feel his release ripping through him as that passage tightened around him, squeezing him towards his release. His mind blanked. The rush of pleasure made him remember his kills. His teeth were against that delicious flesh. Shen Qingqiu’s heartbeat jumped and fluttered against his lips.

The lifting of the seal had changed several things inside of him, one of which were his teeth. They became perfect to rip into his prey, piercing through skin and bone, tearing apart his master’s flesh, consuming him as his master had consumed his blood.


Luo Binghe came to the taste of blood in his mouth. His breathing came faster, unrelated to his orgasm. He opened his eyes in a panic.

His master’s neck was still pristine. No marks, no torn flesh. Luo Binghe was lucky his master insisted on doing it from the back or Shen Qingqiu would have immediately noticed there was something wrong.

He let go of his tight grip on Shen Qingqiu, who laid himself on the bed. Luo Binghe’s spent cock leaving the loosened hole.

Luo Binghe remained on his knees in between Shen Qingqiu’s legs. Seeing the vision of that sleek black hair spread on the sheets, but unable to comprehend it.

On the verge of falling asleep, Shen Qingqiu groaned in satisfaction. He looked up at his husband who hadn’t joined next to him. His sleepiness was replaced by panic when he glanced at Luo Binghe. Shen Qingqiu scrambled to sit back up. A shiver went through him as the movement caused the release to leak out.

“Binghe, what did you do?”

Shen Qingqiu hand shot towards Luo Binghe’s face, his thumb touching the bleeding lower lip.

The touch stung, but Luo Binghe did not pull away, even leaned into it more, nuzzling into the palm of the hand.

“Why did you bite through your lip?” Concern was evident in Shen Qingqiu’s voice.

Luo Binghe pulled back a little, smiling reassuringly. No trace of gloomy thoughts on his face. “Ah, this disciple was too focused on the pleasure shizun’s body gave him.”

The concerned expressed morphed into exasperation. “Must you be so shameless all the time?”

Luo Binghe grabbed the hand cradling his face, gripping it tightly before letting go. He stood up from the bed to grab the wash basin.

Before he could start cleaning up the remnants of their release, Shen Qingqiu picked up the second cloth in the basin and used it to gently clean the wounded lip.

“Be more careful next time.”

“Shizun doesn’t need to worry. This will be healed immediately.”

There was still a frown on Shen Qingqiu’s face. Luo Binghe could not tell if it was because Shen Qingqiu didn’t accept the explanation or because he was feeling exposed. Luo Binghe had other worries on his mind.

There was still something dark living inside of him.

And he could not deny it any longer.