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an apple a day

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After a dreadfully long hour, the whirring sound finally quiets down to a halt. It isn't silence that follows, but rather the continued prolonged screeching that hasn't really stopped ever since it ensued an hour ago. It bumbles down into a sob as Yoongi drops the bloodied instruments into a tray, pulling his gloves off before yanking his mask down. The kid still hasn't stop crying, but at least he didn't bite, else Yoongi would have to clamp his mouth open, which is never fun.

The two teeth, still bloody red at the long pointed root, with a piece of gum at the end, is dropped into little solution jars. Yoongi ducks down to the drawer under his desk and grabs the container there. He sets the plastic box down with a loud thud, jostling the kid on the chair, who then turns to him with wide, tearful, terrified eyes.

Yoongi tries to smile, "Do you like poodles, Jungkook-ah?"


With the permanent marker lid between his teeth, he adds round little eyes and huge eyebrows to the pink balloon poodle, examining it a little before handing it to the hiccuping boy, closing the lid of the permanent marker and dropping it back into his coat pocket.

Jungkook's eyes seem to light up at the sight of this sudden new companion. Yoongi turns back to grab the two jars of baby teeth and hands it to the father, "All done now."

"Thank you, Dr. Min," The father smiles before he turns to his son, "say thank you, Kook-ah."

"Dank kew," The poor boy manages through a mouthful of gauze, puffy cheeks now even puffier as he clutches onto his new friend.

Yoongi chuckles, "You can head back to the front desk for the fees. You can take the gauze out in at least two hours when the bleeding has stopped. Please refrain from feeding him anything before then."

"I'll try," The father laughs nervously, "we walk past this bakery on our way home almost every day."

"Ah, the one near the subway?"

"Yeah! We just moved near there recently, about a month ago. I'm still trying to get used to everything."

"It's a pretty quiet street, everyone here is relatively nice." Yoongi assures him, "I guess I'll be seeing you around then, sir."

The man seems to jolt at the formality, rubbing sheepishly at the back of his neck, "Ah, I'm Kim Namjoon. It'd be nice to make your acquaintance." He offers a hand that Yoongi takes with an easy smile.

Kim Namjoon is relatively taller than Yoongi, with sharp eyes decorating the small face. Looking down at his son, eyes wide and sparkling from the dried tears, Yoongi can't really identify what features he has inherited from his father like he usually can with other patients. Perhaps most of this is his mother.

"Oh, just before I go, doctor," Namjoon turns back just as he's one step out of the room, one hand holding Jungkook's, "I was curious about the children's clinic next to here."


"That's the one," Namjoon smiles, "I was going to check but the lights are all off. Is it closed today?"

"They're usually open," Yoongi says, "but Dr. Jung is out to vaccinate a few students at a primary school for today."

"Dr. Jung?"

"Jung Hoseok. You'll know it when you see him. He's one of a kind, that one." Yoongi smirks.

"Is that a compliment or an insult?" Namjoon raises an eyebrow.

Yoongi shrugs, "Both."

Namjoon's smile turns into a confused little one before it breaks off into a laugh, to which Jungkook stares at in wonder.

"I was planning to get Jungkook's vaccinations up to date anyway." He says instead, "Is he good?"

"Dr. Jung? Well," Yoongi slips his hands into his pockets, "I heard he's good with kids, but I wouldn't recommend taking Jungkook to see him." He opts to a low dramatic voice, "His views are... unsettling."

It seems to have thrown Namjoon off when he asks, "... What is it?"

"You see," Yoongi leans closer to the man suspiciously before he whispers, "he's antivax-"

"I am not!" A muffled shout suddenly sounds from somewhere beyond the wall next to them. Both Namjoon and Jungkook jolt at the sudden noise.

"Don't mind him, Namjoon-ssi," Yoongi pats the wall as if to silence it, "he's like this, and his pretty face barely makes up for it."

There's banging on the wall this time, "I can hear you!" The same voice comes on again, "And I will stick a needle into your kid, sir, rest assured!"

"Hey now," Yoongi has turned completely towards the wall, as if having a full blown conversation with it, "I'm talking to my patient."

He looks down to see four year old Jungkook, eyes so wide they threaten to pop out as he looks between Yoongi and this magical talking wall. His father, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying this sudden banter despite how odd both doctors appear to be.


Then comes the question,


"Are you and Dr. Jung close?"



Hoseok ignores the expected wails and screaming that ensues as soon as he pulls out the needle. The girl is already squirming, tears welling up as she fights her mother's hold to get away. Fortunately, the mother has a strong grip on her arm, and the expression that sweeps her daughter's face then is nothing far from absolutely unimaginable betrayal and hurt.

She screams louder when Hoseok approaches, and kicks into her mother's lap. Sighing, Hoseok sets the needle down. This calls for desperate measures.

"Wow! Sooyoungie, what pretty voice you have~!" Mr. Toto from Africa, the plush giraffe shaker toy coos, its big round eyes wiggling with the movement. It seems to have caught crying Sooyoung's attention as her cries suddenly drown out into little hiccups as she looks at the toy in Hoseok's hand with wide eyes. "Will you sing me a song~?"

Sooyoung shakes her head. Shit.

"Pwetty pwease~?" Hoseok tries again, holding the toy closer to her face until she giggles and starts her toddler rendition of the national anthem. An interesting choice that takes Hoseok by surprise for a second.

As quickly as he can, with one hand still holding Mr. Toto from Africa in front of Sooyoung, he rubs the alcohol pad onto her shoulder where her sleeve is rolled up, and pokes the needle through her skin before immediately injecting and removing it at lightning speed, a skill gained purely from experience.

Sooyoung was barely halfway through the national anthem when she suddenly goes quiet, her eyes wide, confused as to whether she should be crying or not, with the pain disappearing as soon as it came.

Hoseok gently puts a little cartoon plaster onto the poked skin and smiles, "And you're done! Not so bad, right?"


Halfway through happily chatting with Sooyoung at the front desk, Hoseok suddenly glares very intensely at something beyond her.

The mother seems to notice and turns around to look at the grumpy dentist from next door leaving his clinic.

"Ah, is that Dr. Min?" The mother asks.

"The one and only," Hoseok confirms, "you can't mistake that frown anywhere."

"Who?" Sooyoung asks in her small voice.

"That's the scary teeth gremlin," Hoseok says to her in a very serious tone, "he'll steal your teeth and make a crown out of it. Beware." At the girl's suddenly terrified face, he quickly assures her, "Don't worry, Sooyoungie, because Dr. Jung can defeat him very easily. You're safe."

The mother laughs, then comes the question,


"Are you and Dr. Min close?"




Dr. Min scowls into his latte at the sound of Dr. Jung's voice from next to him.

"I guess to be good with kids you must share the same kind of humor with them." He mutters.

"Or you could just smile more and not look like death," Dr. Jung says breezily. "And that was just me looking out for you."

This corridor feels far too long despite both Min's Dental and Hope Children's Clinic just sitting at the corner of the hall. Yoongi just wants to part and set up already.

"You just said diarrhea in a singsong voice while I'm drinking coffee, doctor." Dr. Min bites back.

"Because I know your lactase enzymes are lazy and won't activate until later in the day, making you lactose intolerant in the morning, doctor." Dr. Jung parrots. "Should've stuck with your usual jackass large iced americano."

"Not that it's any of your business what drink I order, but this is me trying to switch things up in this cyclical mundane life of mine."

"Mundane," Dr. Jung snorts, "tea would've done the job. You really had to challenge your digestive system when it's my turn for laundry duty this week, hm?"

"Fuck off, I'm not gonna shit my pants," Dr. Min deadpans.

"Looking forward to seeing your little gremlin face every time you walk past my clinic to go to the toilet today then." Dr. Jung grins, "Blow me a kiss while you're at it."

Yoongi snorts, "Like hell I will." They both come to a halt in front of their respective clinics adjacent to each other.

"Oh I know you will. You just can't resist me~" Hoseok turns to look at Yoongi, who has a bit of latte foam on his bottom lip, "Cutie."

Yoongi scowls at that, but doesn't pull away when Hoseok leans into to kiss him, a tiny little peck before he steps away to key open his clinic door. He turns to smile and wave from where he's crouched down, the gold band on his ring finger catching the bright ceiling light from above them. Yoongi bites back a smile as he waves back nonchalantly, and the same twinkling effect occurs on his matching silver ring.


Dr. Min and Dr. Jung are pretty close.


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Min's Dental and Hope Children's Clinic are situated in the G floor (though it's technically the basement floor) of the Mediplex building; a building full of a variety of clinics, from beauty to dental to eye. It is directly connected to the subway with a special walkway for easy access. The building is open for service from 8 am to as late as midnight for cosmetic clinics and their customers who want to stay hidden. As it is not a hospital, but several independent businesses, working hours are entirely up to the doctors. Both Min's Dental and Hope Children's Clinic are open for the first appointment from 9 am to 5 pm, with Sundays off.

On a particular Saturday, Chaeyoung who works front desk at the nearby cosmetic clinic claims to have seen Dr. Min taking several bags of trash out to the dumpster behind the building at around thirty minutes after five. Throwing out trash in itself isn't weird, all the doctors are required to do so at the end of the day, but no dental clinic would ever produce that much amount of garbage in one day even if that day was fully booked with appointments. Some people conspired that Dr. Min brings trash from home to throw away here since it's more convenient, some say that he orders coffee and takeouts for himself a lot, resulting in a pile of waste containers, though he somehow manages to stay quite thin.

Yoongi throws the trash into the dumpster with a huff, careful not to touch the bag full of soiled diapers too much in case there are any sudden leakages. That done, he makes his way back to his clinic where he slips off his coat and stuffs it into his backpack, switching off all the lights and locking up. It's a Saturday, and a few clinics are still open for possible patients that didn't book an appointment; emergencies. He bows to a few people he makes eye contact with along the way to the subway, where Hoseok is standing idly, scrolling through his phone.

He jolts when Yoongi pokes him lightly at the waist before they both make their way to the platform.

It's fairly dark out by the time they exit the subway station. They just have to walk through one street before they reach their apartment.

Hoseok finally speaks once they're in the elevator on their way up to their apartment, "Tomorrow's a day off."

"It is," Yoongi confirms.

"Do you wanna wake up late with me?"

Yoongi grins, "Have I ever said no to that?"

Hoseok chuckles as a hand slides up to rest on his waist, "You have a point." It's quiet before he teases, "Someone's eager."

Yoongi frowns, "You suggested the idea."

"Because you were kind enough to throw away my trash for me," Hoseok chirps, turning his head to kiss Yoongi's cheek.

They part when the elevator comes to a stop, Hoseok almost exiting as soon as the door opens before Yoongi pulls him back by the wrist as a woman enters. "One more floor."

Yoongi parrots Hoseok's words as soon as they're out of the elevator, "Someone's eager."

"Shut up," Hoseok shoves Yoongi lightly with a laugh, but leads him into their apartment by his hand as soon as they punch the code in and unlock the door.

Yoongi can see Hoseok's ring glisten when he rests his bag on the floor with the hand that's not holding Yoongi's, before he turns to urge him to do the same with the backpack slung on his shoulder.

"Someone's very eager," Yoongi jokes.

"God," Hoseok throws his head back with a laugh as he drags Yoongi into their bedroom with his hand, "Please shut up before I change my mind." But he's already pushing Yoongi until his back hits the bed softly.

"I'm quiet," Yoongi says, "I'm quiet."

Hoseok chuckles as he hovers over him, "Good." He leans down to brush their lips together, soft at first. Yoongi runs his hand through Hoseok's hair, his silver ring a slight contrast against the dark strands. He sighs when he feels Hoseok loosen his tie, unbuttoning the top button to latch his lips onto his neck, softly nibbling the skin there.

"Whose turn was it last time?" Hoseok murmurs against Yoongi's neck.

"Mine," Yoongi answers, his breath stuttering as Hoseok's hands roam.

"Do you want me then?"

Yoongi laughs, "Always."

A loud alarm sound suddenly blares from Yoongi's pocket. He lets go of Hoseok's waist to fish out his phone, grumbling when he sees the screen still dark before he reaches down to pull out the clinic's phone, where "Jeon Jungkook" lights up brightly against his squinting eyes.

"Min's Dental," Yoongi answers with his usual professional voice and Hoseok muffles a laugh into his neck. It tickles.

"Dr. Min! Do you have any free slots tomorrow?"  Kim Namjoon's devastated voice rings into his ear. Hoseok hesitates above him, but ducks back down to softly kiss along the column of Yoongi's throat when Yoongi encourages him.

"We're closed on Sundays, Namjoon-ssi." Yoongi answers, carding his free hand through Hoseok's hair.

"Ah, really?" Namjoon suddenly panics, "Do you know any other place that's open tomorrow? It's Jungkook...he's..."

"Is he okay?" Yoongi asks warily.

"He has this toothache, and it's been getting worse since this afternoon." Namjoon says, "I thought it was because of his new teeth growing, but he said it really hurts." Jungkook's pained cries can suddenly be heard through the line, and Yoongi sits up abruptly, gently pushing Hoseok's shoulder.

Hoseok immediately shifts off of him, looking over with worried eyes as Yoongi gets up to make his way to his desk, "Can you tell me where specifically does it hurt?"

He can hear Namjoon faintly asking his son, who garbles something out in response, before he comes back to answer, "He said it's the ones at the back. The molars?"

"Right," Yoongi sighs, pinching his temple, "I uh- I can make an exception and open the clinic tomorrow morning if you're available. The earliest I can do is around nine, is that alright for you?"

"Really? That'd be perfect!"  Namjoon sounds like he's finally found a ray of hope.

Yoongi grimaces when he hears another loud cry from Jungkook, "Have you given him any painkillers? Paracetamol?"

"Oh, uh, no,"  Yoongi gapes at the answer, "how much should I give him?"

"Um," Yoongi lowers the phone from his ear and turns to Hoseok, "Seok, how much para for a four year old?"

"Half a tablet," Hoseok answers as he straightens his clothes.

"Half a tablet," Yoongi says into the phone, "you can give him another half if the pain comes back after four hours."

"Right, I'll do that," Namjoon affirms, "Thank you so much doctor. I'm so sorry for troubling you."

"It's no problem," Yoongi assures him, "I'll see you and Jungkook tomorrow then. Goodnight."

He solemnly turns to Hoseok as he rests his phone down on the desk, "I have to get up early tomorrow. Kid got a bad toothache. Probably a tooth decay."

Hoseok sighs, "Oh well. This will have to wait then."

"Sorry," Yoongi whispers as he reaches for Hoseok's hand, "I know it's been a while."

Hoseok shakes his head, "It's not your fault. Besides," He reaches out to stroke Yoongi's cheek, "You can still come back and sleep in with me tomorrow."

"Yeah," Yoongi turns to kiss Hoseok's palm, "we'll do that."

Hoseok leans down to brush his lips over Yoongi's temple, planting soft little kisses until the crease there smooths out before he pulls away, "I'm gonna go shower."

"Have fun," Yoongi blurts out, and his husband snorts.


"Namjoon-ssi," Yoongi crosses his arms, "how much sugar does Jungkook eat in a day?"

The other man ducks his head down sheepishly, his son clung to his right leg with a purple balloon poodle in his arm. Yoongi had to fill in two cavities at the very back of his mouth using energy purely from his one large iced americano.

"I know it seems ridiculous, but it's really not that much!" Namjoon whines, "Sometimes we do get extra baked goods from the bakery since they like Jungkook, but I swear I don't let him eat them all!"

"Be sure to monitor him when he's brushing his teeth then." Yoongi crouches down so that he's level with Jungkook, "Kook-ah, when you brush your teeth, you really have to focus on the guys at the back, okay? Else it'll hurt again."

Jungkook nods shyly.

"I'll be more careful with him in the future," Namjoon says, voice filled with guilt as he softly strokes his son's hair, "he's a handful to take care of by myself."

Yoongi gulps, "I see." Maybe he shouldn't be too harsh on Namjoon. "Take care." He smiles. Jungkook smiles back.


"You know," Hoseok murmurs from beneath the sheets once Yoongi changes out of his work clothes, "throughout my whole life, I've never had any of my wisdom teeth removed, and I'm still living perfectly fine."

Yoongi snorts, "Maybe you'd be living better if you don't have five hundred teeth in your dumb mouth."

"Whatever, overpriced teeth knocker."

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, "I take it you don't want to cuddle, then."

"Fuck you, yes I do," Hoseok's head pops out from under the covers as he reaches for Yoongi at the edge of the bed, "come here."

Yoongi lets himself be dragged across the mattress until Hoseok snuggles into his chest. "Hey sleepy," He ducks down to kiss the top of Hoseok's head, "tired?'

He can feel Hoseok shake his head before he tilts his head up, puckering his lips, "Kiss?"

And when has Yoongi ever denied that, throughout the years that they've been together?

Hoseok likes to kiss Yoongi's nose, Yoongi likes to kiss up Hoseok's jaw. It never seems to get old. Though it may not be as zinging as it was when they first dated in college, these touches now come with a sense of security and comfort that's just irreplaceable.

"Hyung," Hoseok whispers against Yoongi's lips, more breathless, "Hyung, you wanna...?"

Yoongi nods as his hands drift lower until they rest on-

The sound of the doorbell startle the both of them and Hoseok accidentally bites down onto Yoongi's bottom lip a little too hard.

Yoongi hisses out a pained breath as he glares down at Hoseok who has an apologetic yet cheeky look on his face.

He complains during his whole trip to the front door, turning to flip Hoseok off once through the open door before he reaches the monitor. His expression changes at the sight of the boy on the screen, "Jimin?"

"Hey hyung," Jimin greets with a pained smile, "are you busy?"

Yoongi wants to say yes, he really wants to, but he sighs, "Give me a sec. I don't have pants on."

"It's Jimin," Yoongi says to Hoseok once he notices his husband pouting at the sight of him pulling on a pair of pants.

"Tell him to come back later," Hoseok whines.

"It's not like I want to get blue-balled twice in a row," Yoongi mutters, "he looks upset."

At that, Hoseok springs up from the bed too.


"Does the whole row ache, or is it a tooth in particular?" Yoongi asks as he tries to fix his sleep-addled hair.

"It's the few ones at the back," Jimin pokes at the area in question through his cheek with his fingers, "both the bottom and top."

Yoongi hums, "Sit down," he strides to the drawer near the sink, grabbing a clean dental mirror before he comes to stand at Jimin's side, "open." The younger boy complies.

Yoongi tilts Jimin's head up with a soft push at his chin, "How long has it been hurting?"

"A few weeks," Jimin manages with his mouth still wide open.

Something pokes Yoongi's cheek, and he turns to let Hoseok slide his glasses onto his nose. So that's why it was hard to see.

"Do any of your family have that habit of grinding their teeth when they sleep?" Yoongi asks once his instruments leave Jimin's mouth.

Jimin shakes his head, "Not that I can think of. Why?"

"The crowns of your teeth are a bit damaged," Yoongi explains, "it's not that serious though."

"I see," Jimin nods, "what should I do?"

"Do you have any exams coming up, Jimin-ah?" Yoongi asks instead.

Jimin's eyes widen at that, "...How did you know?"

"Some people grind their teeth in their sleep when they're stressed," His voice drops to a softer tone, "are you okay?"

"Ah, so that's what it is," Jimin smiles and rubs the back of his head, "I didn't know it'd make my teeth ache too."

"Hey," Yoongi pulls Jimiin up until he's standing and opens his arms.

Jimin seems confused, "Hyung?"

"He's offering you a hug," Hoseok whispers, although all of them can hear it, "you know how rare this is."

"Oh," Jimin's face lights up, "Oh," he walks into Yoongi's arms, and Hoseok comes up to envelope him from behind.

"Take it easy sometime, okay?" Yoongi whispers, "We're always here if you need."

"Thank you hyung, really," Jimin says once they've pulled away, "how much would that be-"

Yoongi interrupts him with the loudest disgruntled noise, "Don't you dare pull your wallet out, kid. It was a hug."

"He thinks you're a hug prostitute or something," Hoseok jokes.

"Very funny sweetheart, that's hilarious," Yoongi deadpans, "I'll leave the divorce papers on the table."

Jimin laughs at that, and his smile this time actually reaches his eyes. He pats Yoongi's shoulder before he leaves with a new bottle of painkillers.


"How do your balls feel?" Hoseok asks once Jimin has left.

"Times like this make me reconsider my life choices," Yoongi hangs his head lowly and Hoseok laughs at his despair, "maybe I should've quit dentistry and go make music before it was too late."

"Hey," Hoseok ruffles his hair, "what would poor little Jungkook and Jimin do without you?" He cups Yoongi's cheeks, the ring cold against his skin, "It's like you forget sometimes that you're helping so many people out."

Yoongi reaches up to grasp Hoseok's hand, fingers reaching to trace the little sun engraved on Hoseok's ring out of habit. "Well, I have you here to remind me, don't I?"

"Yeah," Hoseok smiles and tilts Yoongi's face closer, "yeah, you do."

Chapter Text

Hoseok is free for an hour before his next appointment, and decided to treat himself to a little waffle at the cafe on the floor above. He scrolls through the messages from the building's kakaotalk groupchat; a few complaints about the air conditioning being too cold, the walls being too thin, too many mosquitoes since it's cold, the same old issues that were never fixed. He blinks when he sees a notification from a different chat.


[11:04:02] squishy gremlin: hey

[11:04:05] squishy gremlin: do you have an appointment with jeon jungkook today?

[11:04:10] hoseokie: look who it is its my favorite wiggly bear

[11:04:11] hoseokie: and ye why

[11:04:13] squishy gremlin: careful he's a screamer

[11:04:18] squishy gremlin: turned my music all the way up and i still couldn't hear

[11:04:22] squishy gremlin: probably because i went deaf by then

[11:04:25] hoseokie: ah

[11:04:28] hoseokie: is that who the screaming was?

[11:04:30] squishy gremlin: yeah

[11:04:32] hoseokie: shit

[11:04:32] hoseokie: ok

[11:04:35] hoseokie: thank u for the heads up <3

[11:04:36] squishy gremlin: yeah


[11:05:06] squishy gremlin: hey doc

[11:05:10] hoseokie: yes doc??

[11:06:02] squishy gremlin: i love you

[11:06:04] hoseokie: aw doc

[11:06:10] hoseokie: i love u tooth

[11:06:12] squishy gremlin: wow

[11:06:14] squishy gremlin: i've never taken anything back so fast

[11:06:21] hoseokie: no backsies see u at lunch <33


Hoseok grins at his phone, all too amused by the terrible pun he made that has probably severed their marriage.

"Here's your drink and waffle, Dr. Jung," The barista slides Hoseok's tea onto the counter, and a menacing idea strikes him.

"Hey, Jinsoul-ah," He calls, and the girl in question looks up at him, "how is your latte art practice going?"

"It's getting there," Jinsoul laughs, "I can do a few basic shapes, but I want to do more fancy elaborate ones to assert dominance in this competition-oriented place."

Hoseok snorts, "Love the motivation. Can you do basic shapes like...a tooth?"

If Hoseok were to ask this question to any other barista, they would probably stare at him as if waiting for the punchline to a non-existent joke, and Hoseok would watch their face mold into that of confusion and horror, but this is Jinsoul.

"Never thought of doing one ever, but I can probably try," She shrugs, "do you want it now?"

"Oh no," He shakes his head, "maybe in a few weeks time."

"I'll try to perfect it by then," She gives him a thumbs up, not even questioning anything, and her hands suddenly drop down onto the bill Hoseok slides suspiciously onto the counter. "Me and my fish thank you," she whispers, and Hoseok laughs.


Hoseok goes through his messages with Yoongi from earlier. It's not often that Yoongi messages him about a patient, but he starts to suspect why when the clinic's phone rings.

"Ah, hello, I'm calling about the 11 am appointment," The man on the other end is out of breath like he's running, "we might be running a little late... I forgot my son's booklet thing at home, so I'm going back to get it right now."

"Your son's booklet...?"

"The uh," The man stammers, "the baby booklet with the vaccines?"

"Ah, the vaccination schedule," Hoseok nods even though this is a phone call, "when do you think you'll arrive?"

"I shouldn't be too late. Maybe in ten minutes? I'm very sorry for this, Dr. Jung- Kook-ah! We don't have time for banana milk!" There's rustling on the other end, "We can get some on our way back, okay? Daddy did something stupid so we're very late right now- Jungkook!" There's more rustling on the other end and Hoseok just sits there blankly as some unimaginable chaos ensues on the other side. He can hear some wailing at one point, "I know you don't like me carrying you like this, but we have to hurry, bud."

"Please don't worry, Mr. Kim," Hoseok tries, "it's really no problem."

"Sup?" A child's voice comes on, "Aye sed I don want yer dam- Jungkook!"  The call suddenly cuts off.

Well...that was something. Maybe Yoongi did message him for a reason. He wants to strike up a conversation, but from the whirring sounds of some teeth sizzling machine, he's probably busy right now.

Hoseok stares at his watch, his lunch break will probably start off late because of this, but it's fine.


The infamous Kim Namjoon arrives grandly about twenty minutes later, sweat drenched even though it's cold out, pushing the glass door open with his one free hand, with the other occupied with holding his four year old son like a log, and the damned vaccination schedule between this teeth.

After finally calming Namjoon down, which took what feels like a hundred different format of apologies, Hoseok hands him the registration form, "Is your son good with needles?"

Namjoon turns to the son in question who he dropped off at the small play area a feet away. He's staring blankly at a little flower plush that's smiling up at him from between his tiny hands.

"It's been two years since he was last vaccinated, so I'm not sure," Namjoon sighs, "he might not be used to it."

"Two years? Would you like a numbing cream to be applied before the shot then?" Hoseok suggests, "It's completely safe and makes it a lot less painful for the child. A lot of parents request it for their toddler's first vaccination."

"Ah, that would be good," Namjoon considers it, eyes still fixed on his son.

"It takes an hour before it starts numbing though," Hoseok says, "is that alright?"

"It's fine with us, but would that be alright with you, doctor?"

Hoseok's eyes widen, "I'm sorry?"

"You still haven't had your lunch break yet, right? Wouldn't your lunch break be over by the time we're done here if you apply the numbing cream?"

"Oh," Hoseok blinks, "Well, yes, but I really don't mind. I've already had a few bites earlier."

"No, I really don't want to trouble you anymore, doctor," Namjoon sounds guilty, "and I'm sure Jungkook can handle a bit of pain. Right, Kook-ah?" Jungkook looks up from the flower he's been staring at this whole time, "It's gonna hurt a little but that's okay, right?" Jungkook still looks confused, "Daddy will get you two boxes of nana milk if you're a good boy."

The boy's eyes suddenly lights up then as he nods enthusiastically, probably oblivious to what he's actually agreeing to.

Hoseok laughs, "Alright. It only hurts for a few seconds. He'll be fine."

"Right," Namjoon smiles, "but thank you for the suggestion, doctor."

The gratitude takes Hoseok by surprise, "That's alright."

Jungkook is still smiling, probably at the thought of 'nana milk' when he's taken into Hoseok's office, oblivious to the upcoming two vaccine shots on each shoulder. He's still holding onto the smiling flower plush in one hand. Hoseok saw Namjoon try to take it, but the boy's grip was tight enough.

"Do you like Mr. Murakami, Jungkook-ah?" Hoseok asks as Namjoon rolls Jungkook's left shirt sleeve up.

Bringing his attention back to the flower, Jungkook stares down at it blankly again as Hoseok rubs the alcohol pad on his skin. Bracing himself internally, Hoseok pokes the needle into his skin, his senses expecting the usual loud screech.

But it never came.

His father seems to notice the silence too, and stares at his son with wide eyes.

"Oh?" Hoseok removes the needle after injecting it and turns to pull out an animal patterned plaster, "Does it not hurt?"

"You okay, bud?" Namjoon asks, and Jungkook looks up at him, but doesn't say anything.

"Is it Mr. Murakami?" Hoseok asks as he prepares the next shot. At that, Jungkook stares down at the flower in question again. Is he... Is he hypnotized? By the flower?

The same lack of reaction follows the next shot, and Hoseok gapes in amazement, "Wow, I've never seen someone so quiet." He laughs as he pulls out a few cartoon-themed plasters, "Here, Jungkook-ah, which one do you want?"

"Look, Kook, It's Papa!" Namjoon points at the alpaca plaster. Hoseok doesn't really know what that means, but he supposes its one of those parent-child conversations that an outsider wouldn't understand. "You want this one?"

Jungkook, as if just awoken from the spell the funky flower put him in, shakes his head and instead points at the plaster with balloon animals on it. He stares down at the animal now on his arm like he's thinking.

"Aren't these the friends Dr. Min gave you a few weeks ago?" Namjoon points out, "Cooky and Poopy right? The guys you bit into and burst in the middle of the night and Daddy woke up thinking someone broke in, yeah?" Jungkook nods.

"Ah, Dr. Min told me about you," Hoseok smiles, "you're his favorite patient~"

Jungkook looks up with wide eyes, "Really?"

"Yeah!" Hoseok nods, "He only makes these little friends for good boys." He can feel more than hear Yoongi's snort from somewhere on the other side.

"Is Dr. Min a clown?" Jungkook asks.


Hoseok is completely silent for a second, only because that statement has pushed him into this stage of enlightenment he has never imagined reaching.

"Oh my god," He whispers, too impacted to even laugh, "oh my god, yes," he grabs Jungkook's hands, "yes, thank you so much." He turns back to grab something from his drawer, "Do you like sweets, Jungkook-ah?"

"Ah," Namjoon seems wary, "I got a warning from Dr. Min to be careful about him eating too many sweets."

"One little piece is fine," He holds the little gummy packet in front of Jungkook, "eat this when you walk past Dr. Min's clinic. It'll absolutely destroy him, that grumpy old man."

Jungkook laughs, probably at the idea of destroying senior citizens, and takes the candy into his hand.

"You look pretty young, doctor," Namjoon points out, "may I ask how old you are?"

"I'm twenty four," Hoseok answers.

"Oh, me too! 1994?" Namjoon looks excited when Hoseok nods, "Ah, it's fine if we're a bit more casual then!"

"Sounds good to me," Hoseok laughs.

"You were the one who was banging on the wall last time right?" Namjoon recalls, "You said you were going to stick a needle into my kid?"

"Ah," Hoseok snorts, "I said that, huh. It's like my memories are repressed into my unconsciousness every time I do something embarrassing."

"I get you," Namjoon nods before he stares into the distance, "I don't even remember how I got to this clinic."

Hoseok laughs, "You're funny, Namjoon-ah."

Namjoon smiles at the casualty, "Hoseok-ah."


"Interesting," Yoongi mutters under his breath.

"What was that, doctor?" Jiwoo asks from the front desk.

"The walls here are thin," Yoongi tells her, "I'm wondering if it's a good thing or not."


Thin walls.


Kim Namjoon's visits feel weirdly frequent. He'd take Jungkook in when he has a headache, a fever, a weird looking bruise, or just dropping by to give him treats and souvenirs from Japan that he doesn't exactly explain as to how he acquired them. To be fair, he comes by to give Yoongi some too, but he always seems keen on striking up a conversation with Hoseok.

One time, Yoongi had an hour to kill before lunch break and considered continuing that series he's been watching with Hoseok, but talked himself out of it with the fact that Hoseok would probably want to watch it with him.

Speak of the devil, he can hear the distinct giggles from the other side, and while it does make the corner of his lips quirk very slightly, it flattens out when he hears Namjoon's voice as he cracks another terrible joke.

That's Yoongi's job though, he thinks stubbornly. He's the one who makes Hoseok tear up from the worst punchlines.

He turns back to his computer and opens up the series on Netflix. Hoseok can catch up.

There was a small little tension during their lunch that day, but Yoongi can't bring himself to care.


Something snaps in Yoongi when he hears Namjoon say, on yet another visit, "Ah! I got these gift vouchers for a free meal at this new Japanese restaurant. It's for two people, so I thought I'd-"

"He's married," Yoongi deadpans, and realizes too late that he said that out loud when the other side goes silent.

"Dr. Min," Hoseok greets, "bored, are we?"

"You're married," Yoongi repeats anyway. Fuck it. If this clumsy single dad hasn't figured it out by now, then Yoongi will just set the deal straight for him. Kim Namjoon doesn't have a very good track record so far, from giving Yoongi a minor case of blue balls that one time, making him sacrifice a day off because of his incompetence as a father, and now hitting on his husband.

"I'm aware," Namjoon says, "me too."

Yoongi freezes, "Oh." He can hear Hoseok snort.

"I'm giving Dr. Jung the voucher so he can take his spouse out since I only have Jungkook right now." Namjoon says after the silence.

Yoongi blinks, "Right. Carry on." He curls into himself as if to hide his red cheeks from the world.


Yoongi doesn't hear from Namjoon for another month after the incident. Jungkook has a weird rash on his arm when he visited a farm.

Namjoon's voice reminds him of his biggest fuck up, so he gives himself the excuse that he'll just go to the toilet for an hour or something.

Just as he takes a step out of the door, he sees a rather agitated man standing in front of Hope Children's Clinic.

"Are you lost?" Yoongi asks, though he's not sure why he's suddenly being nice. Perhaps this is his redemption arc.

"Oh no," The man looks up from his feet, he's quite striking for a first impression, "my son is in there, but I've had enough of the Disney soundtrack chaos going on, so I'm just waiting outside."

Oh, how Yoongi can so painfully relate.

"Would you like to come wait in my clinic then?" Yoongi gestures back to the door he just came out of, "The walls here are thin so the sound isn't completely muffled, but it's bearable, and probably better than standing."

The man's face seems to light up, "That'd be great."

It doesn't click in Yoongi's head until the man has sat down, "I'm Kim Seokjin, by the way." He offers his hand.

"I'm Min Yoongi," Yoongi takes the hand, and he can hear Namjoon's voice again, "You said that your son is in there?"

Seokjin nods, "Jeon Jungkook. His other dad is in there with him."

Yoongi freezes, oh.

Oh, it's even worst than he had imagined.

This is some Who's Your Daddy situation, a real life Mamma Mia scenario with the tension between the fathers because the mother had remarried. The competition to win poor Jungkook's love and-

"Calm down, doctor," Seokjin is smirking like he knows Yoongi had gone into a mini spiral, "it's not that juicy."

Yoongi straightens up, "I'm sorry?"

With the same smirk, Seokjin clarifies, "The other father is my husband, Dr. Min."



Chapter Text

Yoongi and Hoseok aren't necessarily hiding their relationship; they're well past that stage.

But it's not like they go around flaunting it either. Sure, they were all over each other the first few years together, but when the stability of marriage came they didn't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. They were best friends. Are best friends. Yoongi was a love-struck fool who wasn't even out to his parents yet when he proposed to Hoseok. Hell, he was so determined to marry this idiot that he signed all the documents before the customized rings were even delivered, and threw this half-assed "wedding" that was just a gathering of frat boys in cheap suits, Hoseok's sister, and a small rented hall in a hotel with a birthday cake. The simultaneously worst and best part of all this was that Hoseok liked it.

Yoongi and Hoseok aren't necessarily hiding their relationship; people just don't ask... though they realized belatedly that it's because people don't expect it.

"Heteronormativity," Was all Yoongi said when Hoseok mentioned someone assuming that he has a wife again.

"I corrected them and they thought I was joking," Hoseok sighed. He didn't say it outright, but Yoongi could tell that after his parents' reactions, he was slightly if not very terrified of the prospect of people finding out. He wasn't ashamed though. He wouldn't have married Yoongi if he were.

So no, Yoongi and Hoseok aren't necessarily hiding their relationship, but for many reasons, they don't show it off either.

Yoongi has a few gay friends, none of which were married, all of which looked at Yoongi as if he was crazy for proposing to Hoseok, but turned up to the wedding anyway.

He thinks that much should justify him standing there, mouth agape at Kim Seokjin's words.

"The other father is my husband, Dr. Min," He says so easily, so simply, with the widest grin on his face.

He seems to have misinterpreted Yoongi's silence when he closes his eyes and nods, "Don't worry about kicking me out, I'll leave."

"Ah, no," Yoongi says when the man makes a move to get up, "I was just surprised. You're more than welcomed to stay."

Seokjin snickers and sits back against his chair, "Haven't seen a gay married man before? Take it all in, doc."

Yoongi wills himself to not scowl, "Gay and married is the epitome of my entity, sir. I'll pass."

He expects some kind of shock or perhaps revelation from the other end, but Seokjin only smiles wider at that, "The thought was in my head when I saw your ring, but I didn't act upon it."

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, "What's wrong with my ring?"

"A silver ring with a moon engraved on it, doctor," Seokjin deadpans, "you think I'd see that sun and moon getup and think you're straight?"

Yoongi actually scowls, but it breaks off into a laugh, "I guess you have a point."

"Who's the sun then?" At the question, Yoongi jerks his jaw towards the wall where Hoseok's chirpy voice is muffled beyond it. Seokjin hums, "How convenient. I'm finally back in Korea after, like, two months? It was supposed to be three but I got off early. That husband of mine got me quite worried every time we facetimed. Something's always happening in the background."

"Where did you come back from?" Yoongi won't admit it, but this guy isn't too bad to talk to, especially not after that sudden reveal.

"I was in Hokkaido for a business thing," Seokjin says, "a restaurant there wanted to open a branch in Seoul, so I went to meet them."

Things are starting to slowly piece together in Yoongi's mind; the souvenirs from Japan, the gift vouchers. God, he's such an idiot. Single dad Kim Namjoon isn't single let alone desperate, oh no, alleged single dad Kim Namjoon managed to snatch some hot business man and a kid off the rack.

Said kid is suddenly wailing very loudly.

"Kook-ah, you have to give back Mr. Murakami." Not-single dad Kim Namjoon's tired voice sounds.

"No!" Jungkook protests.

"Please sweetie," Namjoon pleads, "he's not yours."

Turning back to the man in front of him, Seokjin is listening to the whole interaction with the most muted expression, like the father and son's desperate cries are just white noise.

He sighs once Jungkook starts crying, "Back to the real world, I guess." He pushes up from his seat and Yoongi follows suit.

The sight beyond the glass walls of Hope Children's Clinic was a sight to behold.

Jungkook stands with Mr. Murakami still in his grip, his red petal gnawed between tiny bunny teeth, his ':D' face indicating underlying pain and suffering. Namjoon is...on the floor, his palms resting flat on the ground besides his head that is ducked before his son's feet. A little whisper of, "Please, daddy wants to go home," escaping his lips. Hoseok is there too, staring blankly from the side, clueless as to what he's supposed to do.

Yoongi hears a loud fake shutter sound from behind him.

"New contribution to the parenting diary," Seokjin murmurs as he tucks his phone away into his pocket and swings the door open into the crime scene.

"Pappa?" Mr. Murakami drops from Jungkook's mouth onto the ground, to which Hoseok quickly picks it up.

"Hey there stinky boy," Seokjin picks alleged stinky boy up into his arms, "god, you're heavy."

Namjoon's eyes widen when he finally gets back up onto his feet, "Jin hyung."

"Surprise, or not so surprise," Seokjin acknowledges his husband with a nod, "you would've known if you'd checked your messages."

"Ah, shoot," Namjoon quickly fishes his phone out and groans, "Jungkook kept trying to run around so I didn't get to even glance at my phone."

Seokjin suddenly pokes at Namjoon's stomach, "Even you're getting a bit of that dad pouch," he frowns, "what have you two been eating?"

"It's not a lot-"

"I want names, Namjoon."

Namjoon gives in, "...There's this bakery-"

"Nevermind," Seokjin cuts him off, "that's more than enough." He wipes Jungkook's dried tears off his red blotchy cheeks (traces of the chaos that ensued earlier) and puts him down before he turns to greet Hoseok at last. "Hello doctor, I should've introduced myself sooner."

"Ah, that's alright," Hoseok laughs, "a lot of... things were happening just now."

"I'm Kim Seokjin. Jungkook's dad." Hoseok's eyes widen, "I've met your husband."

"Oh," Hoseok slowly nods before he turns to meet Yoongi's eyes, smiling when Yoongi waggles his eyebrows in response, "I see."

"Thank you for taking care of Namjoon and Jungkook," Seokjin says, "I know they're a handful."

"They're fun to have around," Hoseok laughs, ignoring Namjoon's 'Hey!'.



"How did you manage to know so much from first interaction?" Namjoon asks once they're in Seokjin's car.

"Know what?"

"That Hoseok and Yoongi-ssi are gay and married! I've known them ever since we've moved here and I never knew that!" Namjoon complains.

Seokjin shrugs, "Gay instincts I guess."



"What do you mean, gay instincts?" Hoseok laughs at Yoongi's answer, wiping poor Mr. Murakami with anti-bacterial wipes. He's going to have to bring the flower plush home to wash along with his laundry anyway, now that Jungkook has successfully stuffed the whole thing into his mouth

Yoongi shrugs as he pulls on his coat, "He was an interesting guy. I like him."

"What about Namjoonie?" Hoseok is grinning from where he's swirling around on Yoongi's chair.

"Namjoon's fine," Yoongi tries to act nonchalant.

"Yeah? You don't hate him?"

"Why would I hate him?"

"Oh come on hyung," Hoseok pokes Yoongi's waist, "you know why."

"No," Yoongi turns to flick the lights off and turns away from Hoseok who's now standing behind him, "I don't."

It's completely dark in Yoongi's office. Jiwoo has already gone home, and not a lot of clinics are open today in the first place.

Hoseok's arms loop around his waist, "I can't believe you were jealous," he noses at Yoongi's cheek, "didn't know you were still capable."

"Shut up," Yoongi mutters, but leans into the touch anyway.

"Ah, my Yoongi is so cute~" Hoseok coos, tightening his hold on Yoongi and rocking them gently.

The whole idea of belonging to someone, belonging to Hoseok; it's something that Yoongi never admits to liking, but Hoseok knows anyway.

Yoongi rests his hands above Hoseok's, and the sun and moon on their rings line up. Though barely visible in the dark, they both know it's there. Seokjin's right, Yoongi thinks, this is really gay.

"Hyung," Hoseok whispers, nudging Yoongi until he turns around for a kiss. He never thought of a good comeback to what Hoseok said, maybe something will come up when they get home and another banter ensues. Seeing Seokjin and Namjoon reminds him of their early years, stressed and confused yet so determined. The banter can rest temporarily; for now, Yoongi just wants to hold his husband.

After a brief moment has passed, Yoongi kisses the corner of Hoseok's mouth before he pulls away, but Hoseok's grip tightens around him.

"Hey," Yoongi pushes him, "I still gotta throw out the trash."

"Nooo," Hoseok whines like a child as he buries his face into Yoongi's shoulder, "let me love you."

"You've done plenty of that, DJ Snake," Yoongi tries to untangle himself, "let's go home."



"You know, I suspected something, but I didn't want to just assume," Namjoon brings the topic back up again once they've arrived home and Jungkook skipped to his room.

"That's very polite of you, sweetheart," Seokjin says the pet name with a bit of passive aggression as he wipes down the stove that was clean before he left months ago. (Namjoon gasped in wonder when Seokjin picked up the burner, "You can remove those!?")

"It all clicked when you said it," Namjoon continues, holding the trash bag open for Seokjin to chuck in scraps of burnt leftovers, "the way they look at each other was telling."

"Yeah? I didn't notice since you were literally begging Jungkook to go home," Seokjin deadpans.

Namjoon jolts, "I was desperate! We both woke up late this morning, I didn't eat breakfast but Kook did don't worry. I realized I forgot my phone at home and had to come back, and Jungkook spilled cereal onto the floor because he wanted to make me breakfast or something so I tried to clean it up but we were late and he really really wanted to eat something along the way he wouldn't budge at one point so I promised him that we can get something on our way back but you turned up and drove us home so we didn't and now he's mad at me and I just realized as I'm speaking right now that I just indirectly blamed you for that and now you're probably mad at me too."

Seokjin quietly sets the burner back onto the stove with a sigh, "Right."

"I'm sorry hyung," Namjoon lets Seokjin take the bag from his hand to tie it up and throw it into the garbage, "I know I said I'll be able to look after Jungkook on my own without you around, but I just ended up causing more mess for you to come back to."

"It'd probably still be a mess with me around," Seokjin shrugs nonchalantly.

"Still, it wouldn't have been this outrageous," Namjoon hangs his head lowly, "I could've done better."

"You'll do better," Seokjin pokes under Namjoon's chin with his index finger. He waits for Namjoon to look up at him before he leans in to kiss him, chaste.

Namjoon still looks guilty, "What's that for?"

"It's a peace offering," Seokjin says as he pulls the corner of Namjoon's mouth up with his hands, "You did well, daddy."

At that, Namjoon ducks his head with a smile, "Thanks, papa."

Chapter Text

Some days are longer than others.

The work hours are the same, yes, but a day can sometimes feel like it's been stretched out to years.

Hope Children's Clinic is closed on Thursdays and Sundays. Sunday is a day off, but on Thursday, Dr. Jung works in the pediatric ward at a local hospital a few stations away.

Hoseok always comes home late on Thursday nights. Yoongi used to stay up to wait for him, but has been pestered enough times to just go to sleep when he's tired.

"I get paid a bit better there," Hoseok murmurs into the pillow one night, "I just need to work there until all my debt is paid off."

"I told you I can just pay them off for you," Yoongi grumbles, his hand caressing the back of Hoseok's neck.

Hoseok shakes his head, "Let me do this for myself, hyung."

"You're gonna overwork yourself."

Hoseok turns to face Yoongi, his cheek smushed against the pillow with a smile, "Good thing I have you around to stop me then." His hand comes up to cover Yoongi's on his shoulder, and moves it to his face so he can snuggle into it.


On a particularly long day, Yoongi drags himself out of his office to slump against the wall, "How many left for today?" He asks his assistant.

"Five," Jiwoo answers.

"And tomorrow?"

"Eight," She laughs when Yoongi curses under his breath, "I'm cheering you on, Dr. Min."

"Just say you want a raise," Yoongi murmurs as he rests his head against the wall, "I feel like I'm hearing things. Those stupid shaker toys and what not."

"There's a baby with a giraffe toy in front of the clinic, doctor." Jiwoo says.

Yoongi looks up to see a toddler, barely walking by herself. One hand is holding her mother's while the other is holding a very familiar shaker toy.

He squints, is that...Mr. Toto from Africa?

It must be. Hoseok's parents sent him that set of soft shaker toys when he first opened his clinic. It was the first time they've reached out to him after that heated argument a year before Hoseok graduated. Mr. Toto from Africa was always sitting in the cup of pens on Hoseok's desk. It works like magic, hyung. Hoseok said in the cheeriest voice and the brightest smile, Kids love it so much they're completely distracted by it.

Hoseok really treasured the toy, so why is a toddler leaving with it?

Perhaps he gave her Mr. Toto from Africa to play with but forgot to ask for it back when they're done? How tired was Hoseok to forget such a thing?

Like some miracle, the girl suddenly drops the toy just as her mother urges her to walk faster, and the poor giraffe is left alone on the cold corridor.

"I'm going to the toilet," Yoongi announces as he pushes off the wall and out of the clinic. Jiwoo sees him bending down to pick up the toy and smiles knowingly.

The front desk is empty, but Let It Go starts playing as soon as Yoongi pushes the door open and he scrunches his nose in disgust. The automated Lawson's 'Hello welcome'  chimes and he makes his way to Dr. Jung's office, peeking his head in at first to see if he has a patient before sliding the door completely open.

Hoseok seems to be spacing out, staring off somewhere or nowhere, eyes threatening to close. They open completely when he sees Yoongi, and he bites back an obvious laugh.

"I’m sorry, have you booked an appointment?" Hoseok asks in a serious tone, flipping through his appointment book, “Ah, Yoongi-yah, it’s time you go visit a grown up doctor now, okay? You’re a big boy now.”

Yoongi chuckles as he steps into Hoseok’s office, “No more room for this twenty six year old child?” Hoseok laughs tiredly.

"Is it time to go?" Hoseok pulls the sleeve of his coat back to check his watch and pouts, "It's only two..." He looks up at Yoongi, "to what do I owe the pleasure then, Dr. Min?"

Yoongi pulls the shaker toy out of his pocket, giving it a little shake in front of Hoseok for good measure.

Hoseok's eyes light up at that, "Mr. Toto from Africa!" He takes the toy from Yoongi's hand and puts it back in its place, "How did he get to you?"

"Your patient took it and dropped it in front of my clinic." Yoongi explains.

Something seems to click in Hoseok's mind, "Ah, sh- damn it, right." He runs a hand through his hair and sighs, "I don't know why I'm so tired today."

"Probably because you went to sleep at two last night," Yoongi grumbles, "what were you even doing?"

"A few cases in the hospital yesterday just got me thinking," Hoseok shrugs, "I kinda feel like they don't want me there."

Yoongi snorts, "Did you crack a bad joke or something?"

Hoseok shakes his head, "I wish. They're cutting down my salary again."

The laughter in Yoongi's throat immediately dies down, "Seok..." He walks up behind Hoseok's chair and brushes his hands over his shoulders before he starts to gently massage it. He's so tense.

Hoseok hums at the touch and throws his head back, eyes fluttering shut, "That feels good."

"How much longer do you have to work there?" Yoongi whispers.

"'Til the end of this month, actually," Hoseok answers, "then I'll start working here on Thursdays."

"Or you could keep Thursday as another day off," Yoongi suggests, "One day off isn't enough for you."

He expects Hoseok to argue that it's fine, but to his surprise, Hoseok nods softly, "I'll consider it." His hands come up to hold Yoongi's before he spins around in his chair to face him. "Do you have drool on your shirt?” He asks suddenly, cautious.

Yoongi scrunches his nose, “Why would I have drool on my shirt?”

“How would I know?” Hoseok shrugs, “A lot of teeth sizzling, lots of spit and fluids everywhere.”

"Teeth sizzling,"  Yoongi shakes his head inbemusement, “Well there’s this thing called coats, you should be familiar. You're wearing one.” He points out.

“No drool then?” Hoseok asks again, and at Yoongi’s confirmation, his hands skim to Yoongi's waist, and he pulls his husband over by the belt loops, nuzzling into his soft stomach. Yoongi chuckles quietly before his hands come up to brush through Hoseok's hair.

"Thanks for saving Mr. Toto," Hoseok says into Yoongi's stomach before kissing him there.

"It was a moral obligation," Yoongi says, "you should get an assistant to do the front desk stuff for you. Doing everything by yourself is too much."

"I would if you didn't steal Jiwoo from me."

"It wasn't my fault she chose me."

"You bribed her with free checkups, jerk," Hoseok lightly punches Yoongi's waist, "She's good with kids. Do you know how long it took me to find someone young who's good with kids?"

"I can ask her to ask a few friends if you want," Yoongi suggests, "she probably hangs out with gentle people, right?"

"Debatable, but sure. I'd be open to that." He pulls away from Yoongi's stomach, but his hands are still on Yoongi's waist, "When's your next appointment, hyung?"

Yoongi hums, "In half an hour, I think."

"Mine's in ten minutes," Hoseok frowns, "stay here with me until then? Unless they're gonna arrive early-" The distant sound of a child singing crashes down any plan Hoseok has in mind and he groans, "nevermind."

Yoongi laughs, "Keep yourself alive, doctor," just as he's about to pull Hoseok's hands off, said hands drift over to his ass and suddenly grabs a hanful. Yoongi squawks in response, lightly hitting Hoseok's shoulder, "watch it, you punk. Time and place." Hoseok is giggling against his stomach until he finally lets him go.

"Wait hyung," Hoseok calls, standing up just as Yoongi turns to leave. He walks up and lightly grabs Yoongi's face, tilting it to the side so he could plant one little kiss on his cheekbone before he lets go, "your reward for rescuing Mr. Toto."

Yoongi bites back a smile, ducking his head as he slides open the door. Hoseok suddenly brings his hand down onto his ass again, and Yoongi turns to shoot him a dirty glare as he finally walks out.





The lunch break for both Min's Dental and Hope Children's Clinic is from 12 to 2 pm. In the two hours, Dr. Min and Dr. Jung sometimes head up to the restaurant two floors above, or to the mall a street away where most doctors go for their break. They usually eat at the large yet almost empty food court on the fifth floor. The food there is cheap, though no one really knows why doctors like them would settle for the cheapest place they could find.

Sometimes Dr. Min is seen eating alone, but heads back with a bag of uneaten take out.

There are days when Hoseok's schedule is so messy that he doesn't have time to go out for lunch, or their lunch breaks don't match from special or emergency appointments that cost them sacrificing an hour of their break.

On those days, Yoongi leaves to eat alone, then, with the bag of take out and after a quick scan of his surroundings, sneaks into Hope Children's Clinic and into the break room, leaving Hoseok's lunch on the table there before he speed-walks out with trained stealth.

There are days when Yoongi is so tired he forgets about lunch, and just drags himself into the break room at the back and throws himself onto the couch there, kicking his shoes off.

On those days, the door clicks open softly, and warm lips brush his forehead. "You awake?"

Yoongi shakes his head but sits up with his eyes still closed, grabbing blindly for Hoseok until he can pull him down onto the couch beside him. He feels an arm rest on the back of the couch and he tips his head back to rest his cheek on it.

"Aren't you hungry?" Yoongi shakes his head and Hoseok chuckles. "Let's stay here then."

While he knows Hoseok doesn't actually mean it, they still spend a bit of time just sitting there. Yoongi feels Hoseok nuzzle his face closer, brushing their noses softly with acontented sigh.

"Hyung," Hoseok says when he's decided that it's time to cut the crap, "we gotta eat. Come on." At Yoongi's rejection, he thumbs Yoongi's eyebrows, smushing them together to make him frown and stretching them out to make him look devastated, cackling at the sight until Yoongi swats his hands off and gets up.





Saturdays are often the longest days. Some days are light, with three or maybe four appointments, but Saturday can be filled up to the very limit of twenty appointments or even more since both doctors are bad at rejecting people.

On those days, they either end up tired or stressed over nothing in particular, all winded up and grumpy, willing to snap at anything. Their banters on Saturday evenings are more stingy, the bite a little stronger than usual. Hoseok once got mad at Yoongi because his hands were too cold, and Yoongi reciprocated because Hoseok wouldn't hold his hand ('Fucking snob', Yoongi called him). They elbowed each other, each time escalating in power that sometimes they ended up roughly shoving each other until they got bored.

There are several ways to unwind though.

"Are you tired, hyung?" Hoseok asks Yoongi when he has come out of the shower.

"I'm always tired," Yoongi mutters, pulling his sleep shirt on.

"Oh," Hoseok sounds disappointed.

Yoongi groans at that, "What do you want?"

"...Can you wait for me to wash up?" He hesitates, "Like... don't go to sleep yet."

Oh, "Sure," Yoongi tries to be nonchalant, but his heart is already thumping in his chest, "whatever."

Yoongi usually spends that time lounging on the bed reading a book. He has to stop to slide his glasses up his nose every now and then. He's more jittery on some nights and none of the words in the book actually absorbs into his head, distracted by Hoseok's faint humming from the bathroom.

The sound of the shower eventually shuts off and a few minutes later, Yoongi's glasses is being pulled off his face and he quickly marks his place in the book before putting it away as Hoseok crawls into his lap, fresh outof the shower. Hoseok's hair is still wet, and Yoongi can feel the droplets fall on his cheek when they kiss, but he doesn't mind.

Warmth sometimes feels more like a state of mind than heat. Warmth is Hoseok's soft lips, the smell of their body wash, Hoseok straddling him, and his eager noise when Yoongi's hands drift down to grope his ass. Warmth is Hoseok suddenly laughing into the kiss when Yoongi does something stupid, orwhen the kisses on his neck are so light theytickle, when he just feels so giddy and excited that he has to laugh. Warmth is the sounds Hoseok makes, moans and whimpers whispering right into Yoongi's ears, lips grazing the shell. Warmth is Hoseok cooing at Yoongi's pale stomach when he moves to pull their shirts off, when Yoongi tells him to shut up and Hoseok kisses at his hipbone as an apology. Warmth is Hoseok, and just the very idea of being close to each other.

On those nights, Yoongi feels very, very warm.


There are so many ways to unwind.

Hoseok nudges Yoongi with an elbow, "I bought something new today."

Yoongi grins, "Is it sexy?"

"So sexy."

"What's the occasion?" 

"Tomorrow's a day off. We can stay up as late as we want," Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows. "What d'ya say, hyung?" He turns to Yoongi, "Wanna play?"

Yoongi licks his lips, "Sure."

"Let me give you a peek," Hoseok opens the bag in his hand for Yoongi to peer into, laughing at the way Yoongi's jaw drops.

"I- you didn't."

"Oh I did," Hoseok winks.

"God," Yoongi groans, "I hope Jimin sleeps like the dead. You're gonna be loud."

Hoseok shrugs, "He can always join us if he wants."

"Yeah," The corridor has never felt so long.


An hour after they've started, Yoongi drops himself back onto the couch, panting as he wipes the sweat off his forehead, "That's it for me. I can't do any more."

"You have no stamina," Hoseok crosses his arms, though he's also panting just as much. He pokes Yoongi's knee, "Come on hyung. One more round."

"I physically cannot get up," Yoongi sags further into the cushions.

Hoseok huffs, "Fine." He turns to grab the PS4 controller and exits the Dance Dance Revolution home screen before he shuts the TV off. "This was a great investment though," He says as he crouches down to fold up the dance pad, unplugging the cable from the PS4 and tucking it into a cupboard, "the look on your face when you saw this was priceless."

"Never thought I'd be able to play an arcade game in my living room," Yoongi admits, "how did you even manage to find one?"

"It took me a while," Hoseok says, "worth it though."

"Yeah," Yoongi laughs, "I love you." He looks up to see Hoseok's wide smile, the exact one he finds himself falling for over and over again.

"I love you too."


Some days are longer than others, but they always have each other to help unwind.

Chapter Text

"Dr. Min is single."

Jiwoo looks up from her phone, "Come again?"

"Isn't he?" Chaeyoung asks as she digs into her lunch, "He doesn't seem like he is."

"Doesn't he wear a ring?" Sooyoung adds as she hands a takeout container to Jiwoo.

"I have no idea. He always has his hands shoved into his pockets when he's out and about," Chaeyoung complains, "you're with him all the time, Jiwoo. Have you seen a ring?"

Jiwoo shrugs, "He's always wearing gloves."

"Do you think he's married?"

"It's none of my business."

"Ouch. Alright."

"What makes you think he's single, unnie? You're older than him." Sooyoung comments.

"Only by a few years," Chaeyoung counters, "it's not like I'm actively trying to get him. I'm just saying that if I have to settle for someone here, it'd be him. Dr. Jung's taken, anyway."

"I guess they're both attractive," Sooyoung hums, "am I the only one who gets the vibe that he's like, already married with kids?"

Chaeyoung chokes, "What? For real?"

Clinic staffs are always up to something during lunch break when all the doctors are out. Today is just another gossiping session over a few shared containers of takeout.

Sooyoung sets her chopsticks down, "Other than the fact that I'm pretty sure I've seen a ring, I also have another observation."


"What is it?"


"Hello~" Sooyoung pulls the door open and steps into Min's Dental, where Min's dental himself is sitting at the front desk.

"Ah, Sooyoung-ssi," Dr. Min sets his phone down and pushes himself up, "good afternoon."

"Hello doctor," Sooyoung greets again, "is Jiwoo here? I got her a few things she asked for from the pharmacy."

"She went to the toilet I think," Dr. Min hums, "she'll be back soon. You can wait here if you want."

His phone buzzes then, the caller ID reads 'home', and the doctor quickly grabs it, leaving Sooyoung to sit at the front with a muttered "Excuse me."


"...Are you saying he has a house?"

"Yeah! And a landline at that," Sooyoung chirps, "nobody lives in a house alone. You have to have a big family at least, like a partner and a few kids."

"Ah... he's rich," Chaeyoung comments, "I guess he would have enough to support a whole family. The toys are probably for his kids then."

"You've heard about the toys?" Jiwoo laughs, "He orders a few expensive figurines from time to time."

"Have you ever asked him who the figurines are for?" Chaeyoung asks, "It could be for himself."

"Again," Jiwoo shrugs, "none of my business."

"I'm starting to see why he hired you of all people." Jiwoo grins. Yoongi never told her, but she knows, of course.


It's obvious.


On a particular Tuesday, the lights in Hope's children clinic are out, an unusual sight.

Dr. Min seems particularly grumpy that day, fidgeting and walking around more than usual, always checking the time on his watch and stopping by to check how many appointments he has left. It's a particularly slow day, with only a few appointments in the morning, but none in the afternoon.

While Jiwoo is deciding what to have for lunch, Dr. Min re-emerges into the clinic with a bag of porridge from the mall next to the building.

"You can start cleaning up," He says as he sets the porridge down on the counter and shuffles to the storage closet.

"Ah, are we closing early today?" Jiwoo asks warily.

Dr. Min nods, "We don't have anymore appointments today, right?" Jiwoo nods, "I'm kinda tired today anyway. You can take the rest of the day off, I'll still pay you the full amount."

"Oh no doctor, it's fine," Jiwoo quickly says, "I've worked half the hours I'm supposed to be working. Just go take care of what it is you have to take care of."

Dr. Min comes back with a mop and stares at her blankly for a minute, like he's suspicious that she knows something, but doesn't comment on it.


It's so obvious.


"Ah! Jiwoo-yah," Dr. Jung greets her as he steps into the clinic with two cups of coffee from the cafe upstairs, "where has that grumpy dentist gone?"

"Dr. Min went up to get coffee," Jiwoo smiles.

"He did?" Dr. Jung's lips purse into a little pout as he looks down at the drinks in his hands before it stretches into a smile again, "Do you like coffee? This one's a bit bitter though."

"I could use a cup right now," Jiwoo happily accepts it, "thank you. Was it for Dr. Min?"

"Not anymore," Dr. Jung hums, "I gotta go. Good luck with work!"

Jiwoo stares down at the obnoxiously large cup of iced americano in her hands, 'extra shots + sugar-free' scribbled across in Jinsoul's handwriting and smiles.


"Dr. Jung and Dr. Min," Chaeyoung hums, "I wonder what their relationship is."

"They seem like very good friends," Sooyoung comments.

"They're always arguing though," Chaeyoung counters, "they always make these passive-aggressive comments to each other."

"That's probably just playful banter," Sooyoung suggests, "I've heard Dr. Min call Dr. Jung pretty."

"They're enemies, not blind." Chaeyoung rebuts.

"Why does he look so lonely these days then, if not for Dr. Jung going away to a three-day meeting in Jeju?"

"Maybe he's not used to it being so quiet." Chaeyoung is relentless.

"Explain to me why they're always visiting each other's clinics then."

"To argue?"

"Jiwoo-yah, your verdict?"

"None of my business."

"God," Chaeyoung groans, "did Dr. Min make you sign a non-disclosure agreement or something? Your lips are sealed."

"As if," Jiwoo laughs, and her eyes catch the time on the clock, "oh, lunch is over. Gotta go."

"That's our cue I guess," Sooyoung says as she stands up.

"Ah, that girl," Chaeyoung pouts at Jiwoo's back, "I wonder what it'd take to make her snitch."


Dr. Min is still out by the time Jiwoo makes it back to the clinic and sets up for the next appointment in half an hour. Dr. Min returns just as she's settling herself down on the chair at the front desk.

"Hello doctor," Jiwoo chirps, "how was your break?"

"S' not long enough," Dr. Min grumbles as he slouches into one of the chairs at the front desk, "I feel so drained today. I don't know why."

Jiwoo hums sympathetically, "Well if it cheers you up, a few of your KAWS figures arrived when you were gone. They're on your desk."

"Ah, are they?" Dr. Min's face lights up and he pushes himself off the chair before he makes his way deeper into the clinic, "Thank you."


After Jiwoo has done her part of the cleaning up and left, Yoongi goes through a few of the boxes on his desk. Good thing they've all arrived on time.

He sets the clinic's phone down after checking all the appointments tomorrow and pulls out his phone from his pocket. The contact isn't difficult to locate, sitting on top of his favorites list with the very simple name of 'home'.

It takes no more than a few rings for the call to pick up, and Yoongi lets himself smile wide like an idiot now that he's alone.

"Seok-ah," He greets, "no, I'm leaving soon though," he looks back up at the boxes of figures he's ordered earlier last month, "I've got a few things for you. You'll like it. Come home quick."

Yoongi smiles at the response, "I miss you too."

Chapter Text

"Do you have any plans tomorrow?" Namjoon asks when Seokjin settles into the bed next to him.

"Not that I can think of," Seokjin curls up under the sheets, "why?"

"You should take Jungkook out somewhere." Namjoon suggests. "Like the park or something."

Seokjin quirks an eyebrow up at him, "'You' as in only me? What about you?" 

"Ah, well," Namjoon shrugs. "I thought it'd be nice for you two to have some bonding time since you've been gone for a while."

"What does that have to do with you not going?" Seokjin eyes him suspiciously, "Do you have plans?" 

"No no," Namjoon quickly clarifies, "I just... thought you might want some time alone with Jungkook," he huffs out a laugh, "he's probably sick of me anyway."

"Hey," Seokjin pushes himself to sit up so he can face Namjoon, "where did that come from? Do you have a problem with me or Jungkook? Or both?"

"What? No!" Namjoon denies, exasperated. "I've been the only person around him since you left for that trip. He gets tired of me sometimes. It's natural when someone's always around you for so long." 

"God, you really-" Seokjin pinches the bridge of his nose, "We've been married for three years and I've been nagging you for six, do you get sick of me too?"

"Hyung, no," Namjoon whines, frustrated that things are getting way out of hand. "I know I can be a handful sometimes, so I thought both of you might appreciate a Namjoon-free break."

Seokjin sighs, "We've had Jungkook since he was barely walking. He loves you," he brushes his hand over Namjoon's, "same goes for me."

Namjoon frowns down at his hand, "You're right. Sorry."

"You've changed a lot throughout the years we've been together, but two things will always remain the same," Seokjin gives him this soft, fond look, "your loud fucking snores and that seconds-to-absolute-stress-fuelled-pandemonium brain of yours," he flicks Namjoon's forehead with his index finger, ignoring his husband's pained yelp as he settles back down under the covers. "We're all going out tomorrow. It'll be the most generic and memorable family outing ever."

After a moment of stillness and silence, Seokjin turns and reaches out to yank Namjoon's hair onto his pillow with a grumbled "Sleep."


Namjoon does sleep. He remembers going to bed a bit hopeful that there won't be any occurences in the night that will pull him out of bed, no balloon poodle or abandoned bluetooth speakers.

Hope is nothing but that though— hope.

Namjoon feels something poke his nose but ignores it, brushing it off as some weird bodily function that occurs during sleep or some lonely ghost.

Just as he feels that the weak insistent poking has come to a stop, a small hand slaps down onto his face way too hardly for a normal four year old.

"Kook?" Namjoon rasps, forcing his eyes open, everything still fuzzy and blurry save for the two bright doe eyes staring too intently at him in the dim light, "You okay bud?"

Jungkook sniffles, and that is all it takes for Namjoon's system to wake in alert and abruptly pushes himself up, sheets pooling at his waist, "What's wrong?"

His son's lips are shiny and trembling, cheeks wet with tears that are still rolling down from his eyes in tiny balls. He doesn't say anything, but waits until Namjoon is up on his feet before he starts to lead the way to his room.

He stands next to the small puddle of his dinner from earlier, pointing down at it as he looks Namjoon straight in the eyes, "Ew."

Namjoon almost curses under his breath but luckily catches himself in time, "Indeed."

He crouches down warily, feeling Jungkook's forehead with the back of his hand and just barely stops the alarms in his head from going off when it's blazing hot.

"Breathe," Namjoon says to himself but Jungkook seems to be listening. He turns to grab a few tissues from the nightstand and dabs away his son's spit and tears. "Go lie down, bun. I'll be back."

After tucking Jungkook back in bed and avoiding the puddle of vomit, Namjoon sets off to grab a wet towel to clean up the mess. A weird discovery hits when he doesn't feel extremely disgusted by having to clean up actual vomit, doesn't feel any sickening stench at all. He wonders how much of it is because toddlers don't eat anything smelly or the father-son bond has masked out any feeling of disgust in his body.

That done, he leaves once more to rummage through the medicine drawer, testing to see if the thermometer still works before he pops it in Jungkook's mouth. The boy is already halfway back to sleeping.

Next on the list: wake the other responsible adult up.

"Hyung," Namjoon whispers as he gently shakes Seokjin's shoulder.

"Joon, I'm not awake enough for sex," Seokjin grumbles, voice addled with sleep.

"That's not it," Namjoon says, slightly flustered, "Jungkook threw up."

He's awake at that, dizzily waddling to the boy's room with his eyes barely open.

Namjoon sighs when he pulls the beeping thermometer out of Jungkook's mouth, "Yup, that's definitely a fever. And I think these teeth marks aren't coming off."

"Kook-ah," Seokjin kneels down near the bed, fingers brushing through his son's hair, "does your head hurt? How do you feel?"

Jungkook nods, but doesn't give out any warning before he's breaking into tears again.

Namjoon's eyebrows are knotted together as he stands up, chin jutted out like when he's stressed over work, "I'll go get him some painkillers. I should call Hoseok too."

"It's two in the morning," Seokjin calls after him.

"Ah right," Namjoon's voice echoes from the kitchen, "but will he accept calls before the clinic opens? Should I try anyway? What if it's not actually big deal and we're just freaking out?"

"That's what you're doing right now, babe," Seokjin reminds him calmly. "We'll call him in the morning." 

"Right," Namjoon mutters when he re-emerges into Jungkook's room, softly slapping his own face before handing Jungkook one half of a painkiller tablet, "just like before, Kook."

It takes a few tries, but Jungkook finally manages to swallow the tablet.

"Daddy..." Tiny little hands come up to grab Namjoon's face, "hurts."

"You'll feel better in a bit, bun," Namjoon assures him, brushing his bangs off his forehead as Seokjin sets a cool pad there. "Go back to sleep. We'll go see Dr. Jung in the morning."

They both sit there, rubbing Jungkook's little feet and brushing his hair until his breathing evens out. Namjoon lets out a sob after they've carefully slipped out of the room.

"It's just a fever." Seokjin says, "He'll be fine."

"I know, I know but it just," Namjoon takes a shuddering breath, "it hurts to see him like that. He's so small."

Seokjin sighs as he pulls Namjoon into a hug, letting him cry into his shoulder as he brushes a hand through his hair. "Gosh, I'm living with two babies."

Namjoon doesn't usually cry. He gets upset alot over work, sure, but the few recent times that Namjoon has cried, as Seokjin can recall, is when they first got Jungkook (happy tears)and when the kid fell off his bike and scraped his knee (very sad tears).

Seokjin presses a kiss to Namjoon's neck, "He'll get bigger. We're gonna feed him until he's strong enough to carry you around."

Namjoon chuckles as he pulls away, eyes still red with fresh tears. "Thanks, hyung."

"For what?"

"For being around, I guess."

"Thank you for cleaning up the vomit before waking me up," Seokjin pats him on the shoulder, "I wouldn't have been able to stomach it this late. Now, back to bed."


"I'm gonna go get coffee," Seokjin murmurs when they've arrived at the Mediplex building well before Hope's Children's Clinic is supposed to be open, the lights still off. "Kook, baby, do you want to get something sweet?" He bends down to face Jungkook, who's still fidgeting with his toy car. Jungkook shakes his head, "Does this baby want coffee?" He straightens up to face Namjoon. Namjoon nods.

Jungkook turns to Namjoon when he crouches down so that they're eye-to-eye, broad hands on small shoulders, "How are you feeling? Do you want to sit down?"

At the boy's nod, Namjoon takes him by the hand to find a nearby bench, but fails and eventually sets him on the bottom of the staircase a few meters away from the clinic.

After minutes of idly scrolling through his phone, Namjoon looks down to see the toy car speeding away from Jungkook's feet into a different hallway.

"Ah," Namjoon tucks his phone away, "how did you do that? It's not even remote controlled."

"I kicked it," Jungkook says simply.



"Fair enough," Namjoon sighs, "do you want to come help daddy pick it up? Oh wait no," He quickly changes his mind, "you should rest. Wait here, okay? Do you remember what Papa told you about strangers?"

"Trust no one but Daddy, Papa, Heeyeonnie, and Tom Holland," Jungkook recites.

"Did he teach you that last part too?" Namjoon whispers, "I'll be back. Sit tight!"

Jungkook taps his feet on the floor as he waits, remembering vaguely that there used to be squeaky sounds when he does so. He notices the security camera near the stairs and waves at it.

"Diarrhea~" A voice suddenly sings from far away, which definitely catches his attention.

"I guess to be good with kids you must share the same kind of humor with them." A deeper, growling voice mutters.

The banter gets louder and louder before Jungkook turns to see Dr. Jung and Dr. Min from far away, entering from a different hallway. They stop in front of their respective clinics with their backs turned to Jungkook, exchanging a few words between them before Dr. Jung-


"Kiss," Jungkook says once he's on Seokjin's lap at the front desk of Hope's Children's Clinic.

"What?" Namjoon looks up from his phone.

Seokjin tilts his head down to kiss one of Jungkook's round cheeks, frowning in confusion when the boy makes a noise and quickly scrubs his own hand against it until it's a red patch on his skin, "What do you want?"

"Ah, Hoseok!" Namjoon springs up when Hoseok appears from his office, "Thank you so much for squeezing in an appointment for us."

"It's fine," Hoseok smiles as he settles down on the chair behind the desk, clicking away on the computer, "I was worried to hear that Jungkook wasn't feeling well. Did you take his temperature this morning?"

"Kiss," Jungkook points at Hoseok, who looks back at him with wide eyes.

Namjoon pats his head, "You can't just demand kisses from other people, Jungkook."

"No! I-" Jungkook slams his hand down the the desk out of frustration, but Seokjin quickly stops him with a gentle hold, "they kissed!"

"Ah," Something seems to have clicked inside Hoseok's head when his cheeks redden, "did you see me with Yoon- Dr. Min?"

Jungkook nods, and Hoseok brings up a hand to cover his face as he lets out a flustered laugh.

"What did you see?" Seokjin turns to ask Jungkook.

"He probably saw me kiss Yoongi hyung when we arrived," Hoseok confesses as he cups his red cheeks with his hands, "ah, this is really embarrassing for some reason." He laughs, "Did that shock you, Jungkook? I'm sorry."

"I think it was his first time seeing people kiss in real life," Namjoon says, "that's probably why he's a bit surprised."

"Do you not kiss in front of him?" Hoseok asks, a bit concerned.

Namjoon and Seokjin turn to face each other for a moment, as if quietly communicating between them before they turn back to Hoseok.

"I guess not," Seokjin shrugs, "we don't go out of our way to hide it from him. We usually only do it when we're alone anyway."

"Ah, you should let him see you two being affectionate towards each other," Hoseok says, "it's reassuring for them, and it shows them that physical affection is mutual and not forced." He suddenly sputters, "God, I'm crossing the line. Sorry."

"No no we really appreciate it," Seokjin assures him, "we didn't really think of it that way, did we? We thought it'd be inappropriate," Namjoon nods, "we'll definitely keep that in mind."


The appointment passes by quickly, with Hoseok checking Jungkook's weight (heavier again), his height (he grew by 1 cm since last time), and his temperature (a fever). After asking Jungkook a few questions, Hoseok types down a few things.

"A sponge bath will usually help cool him down," Hoseok says as he types, "also make sure that he's hydrated since he threw up, make him drink plenty of clear fluids and give him painkillers every four hours or so. It's the same protocol for when adults have a fever really, but it might take him over a day to recover."

After paying, they let Jungkook hold the bag of medicine and pocari sweat since he aggressively insisted on doing so. Hoseok takes the chance to hide Mr. Murakami somewhere to avoid possible annihilation (now with germs). 

"Jungkook-ah," Hoseok crouches down so he can face the boy, "The last time doctor saw you was a few weeks ago. I shouldn't be seeing you so often, you know?"

"But I like doctor," Jungkook pouts.

Hoseok laughs, "Such a charmer. Do you like me or Dr. Min better?"

"Dr. Min," Jungkook answers easily. Hoseok can feel more than hear Yoongi's snicker from beyond the wall as his own heart breaks into a million pieces.

"Ah, why?" Hoseok pretends to sob, "What does he have that I don't, Jungkookie? What is it?" 

"Dr. Min makes me poodle friends," Jungkook huffs proudly. He’s probably referring to the little balloon animals Yoongi makes for his young patients. Hoseok remembers vaguely those few months Yoongi spent following tutorials online and flooding the apartment with distorted balloon poodles. He thought it was just his way of coping with missing his dog, but he guesses it's a cute little skill to have.

Hoseok chuckles, "That’s nice. I’m sorry I don’t have that here." He grins, "I have candy though.”

Jungkook's eyes expectedly widen at that, "Really?"

"Yup!" Hoseok chirps, "Ask your dads if you're allowed to have gummy candies."

"Am I allowed to have gummy candies?" Jungkook repeats Hoseok's words as he turns around and looks up at his parents with big bright eyes.

Namjoon sighs, "You know I'm weak when he makes that face. Your call, Papa."

"You can have one since you're sick," Seokjin decides after a bit of pondering.

"Let me go to my hidden chamber," Hoseok turns to the top drawer behind his desk.

He hands Jungkook a packet, "Eat this in front of Dr. Min and you’ll absolutely destroy him," he whispers dramatically, gesturing towards next door with his eyes. "Who's your favorite now?" He asks, deliberately a little louder so that it passes through the wall.

"You!" Jungkook nearly screams as he tries to rip open the packet.


Jungkook leaves the clinic holding his medicine bag with one hand, the other hand held by Seokjin, and a bun from the burger gummy candy between his front teeth. Hoseok's next patient comes by and Jungkook waves. The other girl doesn't return the sentiment but he doesn't seem to mind.

He swats the hand holding the bag against the mirror wall of Min's dental. Jiwoo looks up at him from the front desk and waves happily. Yoongi, who has just come out, eyes staring down at his phone, doesn't look up until Jiwoo turns to tell him who's at the door.

Yoongi's face lights up a little, waving back with a shy smile until he notices the candy between his teeth and his expression drops.

Seokjin laughs at that "Ah, those two are really something. Kinda reminds me of us back then. The bantering."

Namjoon snorts, "I don't really see it."


After the bickering over who should give Jungkook a sponge bath has turned out unsuccessful, they both crouch down near the warm bath tub, shoulders pushing against each other uncomfortably as Seokjin reaches out to wipe at Jungkook's arm with a cloth.

"Does that feel good, Kook-ah?" Namjoon asks with a fond smile. Jungkook nods as he plays around with his bath toy, watching the water squeeze out from the bottom of the carrot before poor innocent Seokjin is attacked with warm water.

"Ah, my son is giving me a bath, wow," Seokjin says as he sputters the water from his mouth like an alpaca, but he gives a thumbs up to no one in particular, "ah, Papa has to style his hair again. Love that." He shakes his head around, his wet bangs flapping wildly as droplets of water flicks back at Jungkook who just laughs and intensifies the commotion happening in the water he's submerged in.

Namjoon chuckles, "Papa, you're not a dog." He reaches out to fix Seokjin's hair, which is now a wet splat across his forehead. He sweeps his bangs up to the side with his fingers, thumbing away the droplets on his forehead and cheekbones.



Seokjin puckers his lips into a perfect circle and closes his eyes. Namjoon's smile widens at that as he leans into kiss him, soft and chaste.

Once they part, they gingerly turn back to monitor Jungkook's reaction.

He seems confused for a moment, hands pausing in its movement and blinking, before a grimace molds his features and he cringes.


Chapter Text

It's usually Yoongi who reaches for the alarm at six in the morning, but at most times it's Hoseok who manages to push himself out of bed first.

Depending on the day, Hoseok either nags Yoongi to get up or just spares him a few more minutes in bliss. Sometimes he wakes Yoongi up with kisses, sometimes with a pillow to the face, all of which is dependent on whether Yoongi had remembered to wash the dishes when it was his turn the night before.

On this particular morning, Yoongi didn't, but this particular morning is special. Hoseok doesn't hit him with a pillow this particular morning, but instead takes a second to watch the lump under the sheets breathing softly, the cute little tufts of black hair that sticks out at the top. After a while of that, he drops back down to curl up against him, tugging the blanket down until it's tucked under Yoongi's chin to reveal his puffy sleeping face, skin oily and lips slightly parted.

Hoseok leans in to kiss him once, twice, ignoring Yoongi's grumbled protests as he hugs the cocoon Yoongi has turned himself into.

"Are you tired?" Hoseok asks with a fond smile. Yoongi nods, his eyes still closed. "Do you have any morning appointments today?" Yoongi shakes his head. "Do you wanna sleep in for a bit then?" Yoongi nods very eagerly.

"Alright," Hoseok laughs, tilting his head to give Yoongi's temple one light kiss before he wills himself to pull away and get on with his day.

Fingers circle around his wrist just as he manages to push himself out of bed for the second time.

"I'm gonna be late," Hoseok turns to warn Yoongi, trying to shake off his vice grip. "You know what happened when I did this last time. Let go." He says without much bite in his tone, laughing at Yoongi's wiggling arm between them. But then Yoongi pouts. "Oh alright. Just for today. Special occasion, right?"

Hoseok lets out a loud yelp when he's suddenly pulled back into bed, laughing breathlessly when Yoongi rolls him onto his side and trails his hand under his shirt, fingers stroking the warm skin.

Yoongi's stubble pokes his cheeks when they kiss, and their morning breaths aren't very flattering, but Hoseok loves it, loves him. He feels the cold metal of Yoongi's ring on his skin and shivers as he presses closer. He brings his left hand up to hold the side of Yoongi's face, enjoying the way the gold shine of his ring seems to match Yoongi's skin when they pull away. Yoongi covers the hand with his own as he turns to kiss the center of his palm, then the little sun engraved on his ring.

"Happy?" Hoseok asks after a while.

"One more," Yoongi murmurs as he presses forward for another kiss, which turns into two, then three, then Hoseok is trying to wrestle out of his hold with a laugh.

"Ah, seriously," Hoseok is panting when he manages to escape from the bed for the third time this morning, "I'm gonna be late for work. Bye."

"I miss you already," Yoongi says like it isn't the cheesiest thing ever.

"Just stare at my ass while I walk away for something," Hoseok heads into the bathroom having said those final words to his husband.



"Where is the security guard in this building even?" Yoongi grumbles into his coffee as he unlocks and enters Min's Dental, Jiwoo following him in from behind.

"Come to think of it, I haven't really seen them around," Jiwoo murmurs, "that should be concerning."

Yoongi glares up at the flickering light just in front of the clinic, "That thing is making this place look like an abandoned hospital."

"I can probably be the ghost of a Victorian girl with my blouse," Jiwoo chirps, combing her hair forward to cover her face and glaring up at Yoongi.

"Well," Yoongi considers it for a moment, "that'll definitely come in handy one day."

"Right?" Jiwoo agrees whole-heartedly, "But Halloween is months away, so if you want to get it fixed then you can just send a complaint to the building's Kakaotalk group chat."

Yoongi quirks an eyebrow, "There's a group chat?"

"Yeah, but you left it I think," Jiwoo recalls, "I can add you back if you want."


[09:34:11] Dr. Lee: Happy Wednesday everyone
[14:36:43] Dr. Cha: Is anyone interested in this upcoming showcase at the SNU Hospital
[14:54:10] Dr. Yang: I am!
[15:32:12] Dr. Cha: Message me for more details
Kim Jiwoo added Dr. Min
[15:32:20] Park Chaeyoung: DR. MIN
[15:32:22] Park Chaeyoung: ** Dr. Min! Hello!
[15:32:30] Dr. Min: Hello
[15:32:34] Dr. Min:The light outside my clinic is flickering. Please have someone fix it.
[15:32:46] Guard Son Junho: I'll go take a look ^^
[15:32:48] Kim Jiwoo thank you !!


Yoongi hums, "This pretty convenient."

"It is," Jiwoo says as she sets her phone down, "the notifications can get a bit messy though. A lot of the older doctors like to send random videos or chain messages."

At that, Yoongi quickly mutes it. "Saved me there. When is the first appointment?"

"In around twenty minutes," Jiwoo answers.

"I'll be back."

"Tell Dr. Jung I say hi," Jiwoo calls after him with a wide smirk.


Yoongi greets the mother who pushes out of the door with her son before he enters Hope's Children's Clinic.

"You're not the 15:40 appointment," Hoseok comments when he spots him.

"The lights in front of my place keeps flickering, it's annoying to look at," Yoongi drops down on a chair in front of the desk.

"I saw your message in the group chat," Hoseok snickers, "did Jiwoo force you back in?"

"No, I just needed someone to fix it," Yoongi grumbles, "is there anything in particular that you want today?"

Hoseok smiles, "An assistant to work the front desk would be nice."

"Well," Yoongi clears his throat, "I was expecting something more... romantic."

"What, you mean trying to find someone who would take at least 30% of my workload off my shoulders isn't romantic?" Hoseok jokes. "I don't really have anything else in mind. You don't have to get me anything."

Yoongi quirks an eyebrow, "You sure?"

"Yeah," Hoseok nods, "even you told me like weeks prior that I shouldn't get you anything. Besides," He pokes Yoongi's nose, "you're the greatest gift there is."

"Yup, I'm leaving," Yoongi springs up from his chair, ignoring Hoseok's laugh as he ducks his head, trying to hide his red cheeks and bitten down smile from the family approaching the clinic on his way out.



Hoseok is dealing with a patient's payment when a delivery man pushes the door into the clinic with a bouquet of flowers.

After confusingly accepting the bouquet and signing a form, Hoseok stands there bewildered for a moment. He doesn't realize what it's supposed to be for until he reads the card that comes with it, a chuckle breaking from his lips.

Happy fourth anniversary.

Thank you for marrying a fool like me.

They have a word limit for this so I can't really say anything more.

PS Jimin said he can work on Mondays and Saturdays.

"Ah," Hoseok turns to set it down on the counter behind his desk, "who would've thought."

"Congratulations, doctor!" The mother suddenly says. Hoseok forgot for a second then that she's still here. She must've read from the card somehow.

He smiles anyway, "Thank you-"

"Your wife is so romantic," She praises, "I've never seen a woman send a man flowers before."

"'Oh," Hoseok forces out a chuckle, "I guess it's not common."

"How did you two meet?" She asks curiously, ignoring her daughter who's busy trying to take apart a family of toy pigs.

"University," Hoseok answers as he hands her her card back.

She accepts it but keeps talking anyway, "Oh, is she a doctor as well?"

"A dentist," Hoseok smiles, "a very hard-working one."

She hums, "You must be very proud of her."

"I am," Hoseok glances at the wall between the two clinics for a second, "I always am."


Yoongi listens to the conversation with his eyes closed. There's something about the fondness of Hoseok's voice, the way his tone shifts when he mentions Yoongi (who is apparently his wife but he'll let it slide this time) that makes him smile.

It's been four years since that terrible proposal in that small bedroom, when just the sight of Hoseok ducking down to kiss the cut on his knee suddenly made Yoongi realize how shitty things would be without Hoseok and how frightening the idea of letting him go seems. It's been four years since that hurried trip to the council, that impromptu "wedding" where they slow-danced to some lo-fi hip-hop song played through someone's bluetooth speaker. Everything was beyond shit and spontaneous but Yoongi absolutely loved it. Loved how happy Hoseok looked and how everything was so uncertain at the time except for the rings on their fingers.

Four years, from stupid barely-adults to stupid adults, yet Hoseok has somehow managed to bring out the teenager in Yoongi from the way their eyes meet after blinking open in the morning, the way their last view before falling asleep is each other, the way Hoseok fits into every aspect of his life that he never thought would be possible.

Yoongi pulls out his phone, eyes barely opened as he clicks into their chat and types out a simple message before resting his eyes again.



[16:42:12] Guard Son Junho:I'll be fixing your lights soon, Dr. Min!
[16:42:32] Dr. Kim:Junho-yah please come check out the leaking pipe in my break room too

[16:43:10] Dr. Min: i love you

[16:43:24] Guard Son Junho: ?
[16:43:36] Park Chaeyoung: DR. MIN????
[16:43:46] Guard Son Junho: Is that... for me....??
[16:44:01] Haa Sooyoung: lol
[16:44:12] Park Chaeyoung: DR. MIN PLEASE EXPLAIN
[16:44:15] Kim Jiwoo: Min's Dental is on the G floor, Junho-yah!

Chapter Text

“The list of appointments for the day are here,” Hoseok points at the screen. “When they turn up, just add their names to the queue list here. I’ll do the rest and you just have to wait for the receipts to come through and print it out for them to sign and pay, and that’s it!”

Jimin hastily scribbles everything down on a little piece of paper that he proceeds to stick on the side of the monitor. “Okay, I got this.” He spins around in his chair.

“Yeah? Thank you so much Jimin-ah,” Hoseok hugs him from behind. “You’re like a gift from heaven. If I had known you were good with kids I would’ve asked you earlier.”

“Yoongi hyung told me you pay well so I’ll look forward to that,” Jimin hums as he clicks around, “I’ll get used to this in no- oh, you have twenty appointments today.”

“Yup,” Hoseok nods solemnly, “I’m not sure if I can even go get lunch, I’ll ask hyung to bring some here.”

As the sound of the first screaming toddler echoes down the corridor, cutting through the soft disney piano music in the clinic, Hoseok pats Jimin’s shoulders, “Good luck.”


Jimin fumbles a bit at first, but after four energetic toddlers and a relatively quiet child, he gets around more easily and ends up watching Hoseok trying to take one kid’s weight while trying to take another kid’s temperature.

“Hyung,” He calls, “need a little help?”

“It’s okay!” Hoseok responds, though struggling, “You’ve already done enough.”

“I mean, I can do more,” Jimin debates. “It’s just taking measurements right?”

Hoseok seems to hesitate for a minute but then nods, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, “Well, yeah.”


After adding another patient to the queue list, Jimin takes the child by the hand to the weight scale, then measures his height on the door as well as taking his temperature with a sensor thermometer.

He sends the information to Hoseok’s computer as he welcomes another baby, asleep on his mother’s shoulder.

It’s hectic for a first day, but he likes it. The constant flurry of children helps keep his mind off studying and his brain nagging him about all the practice he could be doing.

The interior of the clinic also helps in a way, with the soft colors and little decorations.

It feels like another world in here with how bright and colorful the dolls are, sitting against a wall of little cartoon animals along the play area that is elevated a few inches from the ground. The higher shelves are decorated with little miniature houses that Jimin remembers seeing Yoongi build during his free time. Everything comes together to form a happy little place that a few children even refuse to leave after entering.

Jimin waves to a little girl who excitedly waves back as she makes her little way out of the clinic. Through the glass door, he sees her walking away with her father, turning every now and then to wave again, to which Jimin happily waves back every time until she disappears after turning the corner.

When the space is finally empty and void of screaming children, Jimin chuckles at the remnants of toys scattered across the floor and slides his shoes off as he goes to clean up the play area.

The door swings open as Yoongi enters with bags of food in takeaway containers.

“Are you two on break yet?” Yoongi whispers.

Jimin jerks his head towards the closed door of Hoseok’s office where muffled murmurs could be heard from beyond it. “It’s the last one before break.”

“But you’re done now, aren’t you?” Yoongi asks as he walks toward the back room, “Come eat.”

It turns out Yoongi bought lunch for Jimin too, to which he refused to take Jimin’s money, ushering him to eat before he has to go back to work.

The patient is out as soon as Jimin finishes eating, and he swiftly slithers back into the front desk to finish payment before he returns.

“Ah, I’m so tired,” Hoseok says sleepily as he stumbles into the back room, dropping himself onto the couch and letting his head fall onto Yoongi’s lap before he looks up, “Oh, what’re you doing here?”

Yoongi points at the food, “Eat your lunch.”

“Let me nap first,” Hoseok argues. Jimin eyes the two of them warily as he sets out the containers for Hoseok.

“You don’t have time for that,” Yoongi pushes Hoseok’s head off his lap, urging him to sit up, “eat first.”

“Fine,” Hoseok huffs as he rubs his eyes, “did you eat?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi says, “I don’t have any appointments this afternoon so I’m going home.”

“Okay,” Hoseok yawns, “I’ll take Jiminie home.”

“See you at home then,” Yoongi smoothes out his clothes as he stands.

Hoseok grabs his hand, “Hyung, kiss.”

“Ah,” Yoongi grumbles, “just go eat.”


“Jimin’s watching, come on,” Yoongi manages to shrug Hoseok’s hands off, “bye, Jimin-ah.”

Hoseok glares at Yoongiʼs back as he disappears from the clinic. “Ah, what a dick,” He complains as he makes his way to the little table, “watch me give him the silent treatment when I get home.”

Jimin chuckles at that, “Married life sounds fun.”

“It sounds cool I guess,” Hoseok says as he starts digging in, “it’s actually not that much different from usual.”

“Well, at least that’s one issue in your life solved,” Jimin comments. “You don’t have to go around looking for someone or stress over the fact that you’ll die alone anymore now that you have him.”

“That took an odd turn at the end but listen, Jimin-ah,” Hoseok sets his chopsticks down. “The moment you stop looking is the moment you’ll find them.”

Jimin sputters, “Who said I was looking?”

“I didn’t say that,” Hoseok rebuts, “the ‘you’ applies to anyone. I thought I’d just focus on studying as soon as I got into medical school, and that was how I met Yoongi hyung. In the least romantic way possible too, not to mention,” He grumbles as he recalls, “and now he laughs at me when I glare at him. It feels like I married my enemy. Anyway,” Hoseok focuses his attention back to the food in front of him, “I’m not supposed to be thinking about that guy.”


Cleaning up and throwing the trash out is a lot faster with two people, and Hoseok bought Jimin an ice cream before they board the subway.

It feels nice, Jimin thinks as he looks at Hoseok, who’s staring down at his phone. He wakes up alone and goes to school alone and comes back home alone. He wonders what it’s like to have someone around all the time, to even feel annoyed by someone who wants to always be around him.

“You should eat dinner at our place,” Hoseok says as they step out of the elevator to their floor, “I’ll make hyung cook.”

“It’s fine,” Jimin quickly rejects, “I have an assignment due tomorrow, so I should get going.”

“Ah, okay,” Hoseok nods in understanding, “have fun with that or something. Thank you so much for today, Jimin-ah.”


“I’m hom-” Hoseok snaps his mouth shut just as he remembers his initial plan.

“Hey,” Yoongi says as he comes up to help Hoseok out of his coat, leaning in for a kiss that Hoseok wills himself to reject and turn away from. “No?” Yoongi tries again, getting the same result. “Alright.”

Yoongi talks all through dinner, seemingly not caring that Hoseok isn’t responding to anything he says, which kind of irritates Hoseok since this isn’t how he planned the whole thing to go.

Hoseok is in bed by the time Yoongi finishes doing the dishes. He feels the bed dip, followed by a chaste kiss on his cheek.

“Night babe,” Yoongi whispers as he pulls away, “ah, it’s getting warmer again.”

Hoseok turns just in time to see Yoongi pull his shirt off, throwing it carelessly on the floor as he slumps down onto the mattress, not even bothering to pull the comforter higher above his waist.

Yoongi snickers when he feels Hoseok’s arms slither around his waist. “I always win.”

“Shut up,” Hoseok murmurs against Yoongi’s skin, “you should be grateful I’ve decided to call the whole silent treatment operation down.”

“Just from a bit of skin,” Yoongi teases before he starts to squirm as Hoseok starts tickling him. They both drift to sleep half an hour later when the exhaustion has caught up to them.


Jimin quickly flicks the lights on as soon as he enters and toes his shoes off messily at the door; no one’s there to scold him anyway.

He contemplates skipping dinner for a moment before deciding to open the new pack of instant noodles and watches a video on his phone as he eats.

The assignment isn’t something he’s satisfied with, but he hits submit anyway, knowing very well that he’ll regret it in the morning.

He sets a reminder on his phone to get new towels as they’re all starting to smell as he washes up.

He curls up in bed alone, scrolling through his SNS feed for about an hour before he gets bored and puts his phone away even though he’s not even sleepy yet. He eventually sleeps, wondering vaguely what it’d be like to have someone near.



It’s another packed day at the clinic when Jimin comes in to help, with eight appointments in the morning and five more in the afternoon.

Jimin has gotten used to juggling everything now that he’s been working part-time on his free days for the past few weeks.

Yoongi and Hoseok took him out for lunch in the quiet food court, which was actually more relaxing than he had first thought.

“Will you be home by seven today?” Yoongi asks.

Hoseok hums, “Should be. I think I’m done around the same time as you today. Jimin-ah, do you want to go home first?”

“Hm?” Jimin looks up, “Why?”

“You’ve worked hard,” Hoseok says, “I can handle the afternoon by myself if you’re tired.”

“It’s fine hyung,” Jimin smiles, “I’ll stick around and help you clean up.”

“Ah, he’s a good kid,” Yoongi comments, “give him a raise.”

“You give him a raise,” Hoseok rebuts, “cut off some of Jiwoo’s pay or something.”

“I’m gonna tell her you said that.”

“Don’t you dare.”


Just as Jimin is setting up for the afternoon session, the door swings open.

Jimin automatically puts up a smile to greet the child coming in, except it isn’t a child but a grown man who is physically much larger than him.

“Oh,” He falters, “hello.”

The man’s features are quite bold, with broad shoulders and large hands. Jimin definitely doesn’t feel intimidated at all; he’s seen much larger men enter this place with an infant in his arms. This is nothing.

“...Is this a children’s clinic?” The man suddenly asks.



The silence is filled by Hakuna Matata playing from the speaker and Jimin shifts around on his feet awkwardly.

“Would you like to book an appointment for your child?” Jimin tries.

“Who, me?” The man’s eyes widen, “Ah, no no, I’m not pregnant- I mean I don’t have a child, no.”



It means no worries, for the rest of your days.


“Do you do vaccine shots?” He asks.

Jimin nods.


It’s a problem-free philosophy.


“Can...I get one?”

Jimin blinks at that before he says, “Let me go ask Hose- Dr. Jung for you.”


“Yup, that’s fine,” Hoseok says as he fluffs up the pillow on the little bed. “Tell him he might have to wait for quite a while though if he wants to do it today since we’re technically fully booked, or he can just book an appointment for tomorrow.”


“I’ll wait,” The man says, “I’m only free today.”

“Okay,” Jimin hands him a clipboard, “Can you fill in this form for me then?”


After registering two year old Cha Mingu and twenty three year old Kim Taehyung into the system, The first patient of the afternoon enters the clinic.

Kim Taehyung has been sitting silently near the play area, looking at all the decorations and sometimes lightly bobbing his head to the music being played. His face seems to light up when one year old Lee Suim crawls her way into the play area and tries to reach for a doll too high up.

With his physique that is giant compared to the toddler, Kim Taehyung reaches up for the doll and hands it to her, smiling as her mother turns to thank him while she’s busy filling in a form with Jimin.

His smile, that’s something.

Kim Taehyung’s smile is wide and rectangular. It scrunches up his eyes into little crescents and something about it is weirdly contagious. Jimin suddenly bites down the smile he unconsciously formed on his face from just watching this guy play with kids.


The same thing happens for all the children who enter the clinic that afternoon. Kim Taehyung gets on his knees to play with them, impersonates every single character in the book he reads for them, and lets them sit in his lap after a nod from one of the parents.

“Jisoo,” The toddler on his lap points at herself before poking him on the chin in question.

“Taetae,” He says as he points at himself as well, “nice to meet you, Jisoo-yah,” he offers her a hand that she confusedly takes.

There’s something awfully cute about it all, and Jimin isn’t sure if it’s only because of the toddler.

“Jisoo-yah~” Jimin calls as he slowly approaches her in the play area with a sensor thermometer and a clipboard, “can I take your temperature please?”

The good thing about sensor thermometers is that you don’t have to stick it anywhere; not the mouth or the armpit. Just hover the device near the forehead, wait for the beeping sound, and then you’re done. No pain.

The problem is that children and their young brains think that you’re going to shoot them or erase their memories like Men In Black.

“Ah, no, it doesn’t hurt!” Jimin says when Jisoo starts screaming at the thermometer. “Jisoo…”

Jisoo turns away at one point, hiding her face in Kim Taehyung’s shoulder with her tiny hands tightly clutching his sweater.

Running out of choices, Jimin tries, “Jisoo-yah, look!” He reaches out to brush Kim Taehyung’s bangs off his forehead before hovering the thermometer before it. The other man stares at the device confusedly, almost going cross-eyed, before it suddenly beeps. “See? No pain.”

He doesn’t realize how close he before he turns back to look at Kim Taehyung, whose face is only inches away from his.

Jimin jolts away when their eyes meet, sighing in relief when Jisoo gives in and sits still for him to take her temperature. He quickly retreats to the computer to enter everything in with a blush he can definitely feel forming.


It takes the parents of three year old Hong Jibum a particularly long time trying to separate him from ‘Taetae hyung’, who is already waving him goodbye when he’s still clinging to his legs.

It’s quiet after poor Jibum is wrenched away from Kim Taehyung and out of the clinic.

The next patient is late, and Jimin stares at the computer screen blankly before Kim Taehyung takes a seat in front of his desk. The music just so happens to change to Love is an Open Door which doesn’t seem to leave Jimin’s mind as soon as it registers.

He looks softer than four hours ago, Jimin thinks, although there isn’t anything in particular that is different. Kim Taehyung has big puppy-like eyes, a distinct mole on the bottom of one eye, one near the tip of his nose, and another near his bottom lip.

“Taehyung-ssi,” He snaps out of the weird trance, “I’m sorry you have to wait for so long.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen at that, “How did you know my name?”

“The form…?”

“Oh,” Taehyung nods, “right. What’s your name?”

“I’m Park Jimin,” Jimin offers a smile, “it’s nice to meet you.”


I think it’s crazy/ what?/ we finish each other’s/ sandwiches/ that’s what I was gonna say!


Taehyung is staring at him blankly for a moment before he blinks, “Nice to meet you too. How old are you?”

“Twenty three.”

Taehyung’s face lights up at that, “Ah, so we’re-”

“The same age, yeah,” Jimin smiles and he’s suddenly worried if it’s too wide for just friendly.

“Which university are you attending?” Taehyung asks.

“The one near Jungang station.”

“The art one?”


“No way, me too!”

“Really?” Jimin’s eyes light up. “I’m studying performance arts there.”

“I’m studying fine art!” Taehyung smiles, “I wonder why I haven’t seen you around. Maybe the campus is too big.”

“It’s huge,” Jimin chuckles.


After the last booked patient of the day leaves, Jimin pushes off the chair as he stretches with a groan, “You’re up,” he tells Taehyung. “I need to take a few measurements.”

When measuring his temperature, Taehyung willingly pushes his bangs out of the way for Jimin, a gesture that turns out to be way more adorable than Jimin had hoped. Taehyung also gets shy seeing the number on the weight scale and gives his belly a pat.

“Now go stand against the door with the height scale there,” Jimin instructs, watching Taehyung idly moving to stand. “Stand straight please. Like this.” He pushes Taehyung’s shoulder against the wall, and he regrets ever looking up.

Jimin is so used to measuring children half his size he never expected Taehyung to tower over him. Their eyes meet, but Taehyung is just silently staring at him before Jimin wills himself to pull away, clearing his throat as he does so.

“Hoseok hyung,” He calls, “Taehyung’s ready.”


When Jimin slides the receipts towards Taehyung, now with a cartoon tiger-patterned plaster on his upper arm, a hand comes up to stop it.

“I don’t know how to make it not sound like I’m flirting but,” Taehyung bites his lip, “could I maybe have your number?”

“If you want to contact the clinic then- oh,” Jimin pauses, “oh.”

“It’s not what it looks like!” Taehyung sputters, “I just think that you’re really cool and we go to the same school, so I thought it’d be nice if we could be friends… or something.”

“Oh,” Jimin feels like a seal, “yeah, sure.” He hesitantly writes down his number on the receipt.

“Thank you,” Taehyung carefully folds the paper and slips it into his pocket, “I’ll uh, I’ll text you later tonight. Not- not like in that way, it’s just so you have my number as well. Yeah.”

Jimin laughs, “Okay. I’ll be waiting.” He waves as Taehyung hesitantly makes his way out, “Let’s see each other again, Taehyung-ah.”

“Bye!” Taehyung shouts as he springs out, not turning back to look.

Jimin finds himself smiling again as he watches Taehyung leave. When he spins around in his chair, Hoseok is poking his head out of the office to grin at him.

“W-What?” Jimin asks.

Hoseok just grins.

“What?” Jimin whines, “Hyung, he just wants to be friends.”

Hoseok is still grinning.

“I don’t have a crush on him!”

Hoseok nods, still grinning. “I didn’t say anything. Now, let’s clean up and go home.”



[20:21:32] Unknown number: hello
[20:21:37] Unknown number: it’s taetae
[21:01:20] jimin: ah
[21:01:22] jimin: hi!
[21:01:29] taetae: do you have classes tomorrow?
[21:01:32] jimin: yeah
[21:01:33] jimin: at nine
[21:01:38] taetae: do you…
[21:01:39] jimin: ?
[21:01:47] taetae: ...want to go get breakfast with me?
[21:01:50] taetae: its ok if you dont want to
[21:01:52] jimin: sounds fun!
[21:01:54] jimin: i like the bakery near Jangang
[21:01:58] jimin: we can meet there or something
[21:01:59] taetae: ok!
[21:02:01] taetae: see you, jiminie!
[21:02:05] jiminie: see you, taetae!

Chapter Text


The lunch break is particularly quiet today, with one woman staring at the group chat conversation on the screen and the other two awkwardly staring at her as they eat.

“Unnie,” Jiwoo starts after she has swallowed her mouthful of food, “staring at it isn’t going to help you figure it out.”

“I just need to understand,” Chaeyoung suddenly says, desperate, “who the hell that message is directed towards. Sooyoung, do you know?”

Sooyoung makes a face, “Why’re you looking at me?”

“You participated in the conversation.”

“I wrote ‘lol’ and that’s it.”

“Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s funny?” Sooyoung gestures to the chatroom on Chaeyoung’s phone, “It came out of nowhere. Maybe it was meant for Junho or something.”

“Why would Dr. Min tell Junho he loves him?” Chaeyoung asks, exasperated.

Sooyoung shrugs, “Maybe he’s just so happy to hear that the blinking light is getting fixed. It was pretty annoying.”

“It was,” Jiwoo agrees.

“Does Dr. Min like young boys?” Chaeyoung hums as she thinks.

“Dr. Min is not a creep,” Jiwoo states flatly.

“I know, my ideas are all over the place,” Chaeyoung complains. “But if he sent the message there then whoever he’s dating or is married to definitely works here. Who do you think it is? The ex-model chinese doctor upstairs maybe?”

“I have never seen Dr. Min and Vivi unnie interact,” Jiwoo says, “I’m not sure if they even know each other.”

“Isn’t he the closest to Dr. Jung out of everyone here?” Sooyoung speaks up.

“Nah,” Chaeyoung denies it easily, “not possible. Dr. Jung’s married.”

“To Dr. Min, possibly?” Sooyoung suggests.

Chaeyoung chokes, “Are you kidding? There’s no way.”

Jiwoo holds up a finger as she’s about to say something, but decides to leave it as she reaches for her drink instead.

“They’re always arguing,” Chaeyoung goes on to say. “I was talking to Dr. Jung this morning and you know what he called Dr. Min? A gremlin! Gremlins are ugly.”

Sooyoung shrugs, “I mean, they call each other a lot of things. Jinsoul would know.”

“Ah yeah,” Jiwoo laughs at a particular memory.

“Who?” Chaeyoung asks, “The barista upstairs?”

“Yeah,” Jiwoo confirms, “They sometimes make bets and the loser has to buy the winner a coffee, and the names on the cups are ridiculous.”

Sooyoung snorts, “Feralized goblin.”

“Overgrown toddler,” Jiwoo adds.

“Overgrown emo.”

“Overpriced caretaker.”

“Overpriced teeth knocker.”


“Circus clown.”


“K-drama antagonist.”


“Uncreative old man who doesn’t know how to come up with good nicknames.”

“That was written on a cup?” Chaeyoung murmurs at the last one, and Sooyoung nods. “Anyway, my point exactly. They’re enemies.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s just banter,” Sooyoung says. “Besides, who says married couples don’t hate each other?”


Dr. Jung doesn’t seem surprised by the question.

“Me and Dr. Min?” He says, “I’d definitely fight him at the back of a convenience store at sunset.”

Chaeyoung frowns in confusion, “In a… friendly way?”

Dr. Jung hums, “Depends on the context as to why I’d be fighting him I guess.”

“Huh,” Chaeyoung says. “Do you two hate each other then?”

“I personally don’t mind him at all,” Dr. Jung admits. “He’s just very easy to make fun of, so I guess I get carried away sometimes.”

“How does Dr. Min feel about that, then?” Chaeyoung asks.

Dr. Jung shrugs, “No idea, actually. Let’s see,” He spins in his chair to knock on the wall, “Dr. Min, do you hate me?”

No response.

“Jiwoo-yah,” He calls instead, “is Dr. Min there?”

“Yup!” Jiwoo shouts in affirmation.

“Dr. Min?” He tries again before he spins back around with a smirk, “There’s your answer.”



A huge fight broke out in front of Hope’s Children’s clinic and Min’s dental in the early morning.

“This is a children’s clinic, Dr. Min,” Dr. Jung glares at him, “emphasis on children.”

Dr. Min raises an eyebrow, “Well that doesn’t mean I don’t get young patients as well, does it?”

“I’m pretty sure the doll house would be of much more use in my clinic compared to yours, doctor, since well you know… it’s a children’s clinic?”

“Look at the state of your clinic, Dr. Jung,” Dr. Min points at the colorful play area through the glass window. “Didn’t someone come in asking if this was a daycare?”

“That doesn’t-”

“Didn’t they?” Dr. Min pushes.

“Fine, they did!” Dr. Jung gives in, “So what?”

“You already have a play area with five hundred different toys, and you won’t even let me have one doll house?” Dr. Min asks, “Do you not care about my kids? Is that what this is? My kids have been sitting there bored out of their minds as they flip through outdated sewing magazines while your kids play around with all these different toys, but you don’t care, do you? It doesn’t matter if they’re not your kids, right?” He accuses, “You’re evil.”

Dr. Jung scowls at that, “If you want it so bad, then pay me back my share.”

“No,” Dr. Min says.

“Why you-” Dr. Jung’s expression suddenly shifts when he notices someone. “Mr. Kim! Good morning, how is Jungkook doing?”

“I was hoping you could give us an early appointment,”’ Seokjin says, “is everything okay?”

“Hm?” Hoseok hums in question, “Oh yeah, everything’s fine, we’re just… debating.”

“For the past hour,” Yoongi mutters, arms crossed.

“About what?” Seokjin asks.

“Well we saw this cute doll house when we were walking around the mall the other day,” Hoseok explains pointing at the large box between them, “but it’s quite pricey so we split the cost in half between us, but then we realized that well, there’s one toy and two clinics, so we’ve been trying to decide who gets the toy.”

Seokjin raises an eyebrow, “How about I decide for you?”

“Sure,” Yoongi says.

“Yoongi gets it.”

Hoseok makes a noise, “What?”

“Good luck with work today,” Yoongi crouches down to carry the box into his clinic with a menacing grin.

“That place right there,” Seokjin points at the clinic Yoongi has just slipped into, “that’s depressing. Don’t you agree?”

Hoseok shrugs, “I guess.”

“You’re being very generous by helping to make that depressing place a little less depressing. See it as an act of charity.” Seokjin advises, “He might think he’s won this round, but you’re the one who was kind enough to sacrifice as to not let the argument go on any further, so who’s the real winner here?”

Hoseok takes Seokjin’s hand into both of his. “Thank you,” He whispers, almost tearing up.

“This is what I do when me and Namjoon fight. It works every time,” Seokjin assures him. “I’m glad to have passed down the knowledge.”

And that was how the heated early morning conflict was diffused by Kim Seokjin.


Jimin’s eyes widen as he takes a sip of his drink, unbothered by the loud screeching similar to that of a spawn of the underworld from the wall behind him, “Did that actually happen?”

“You can go take a look at the doll house at Min’s Dental if you’re curious,” Seokjin says, turning briefly to look at Namjoon playing with Jungkook in the play area just to make sure they haven’t caused a massacre of the toys around them while he wasn’t looking.

“Those two are an interesting pair,” Jimin hums. “I’ve been their neighbor for over a year yet I’ve never seen them have an actual serious fight before.”

“No pair can ever go on without any conflict ever,” Seokjin tells him. “There has to be some. Maybe they’re just quiet about it. We fight all the time don’t we, Joon?”

“Hm? What do you mean all the time?” Namjoon says as he accepts a wooden toy banana from Jungkook with a smile.

“There was this one time I really thought they had a fall out,” Jimin grins as he recalls. “Hoseok hyung came to work with puffy eyes like he’s been crying all night. I was so worried.”


“Hyung, did something happen?” Jimin asked, concerned.

“What?” Hoseok turned to look at him and shook his head weirdly, “Nothing in particular. Why?”

“Are you and Yoongi hyung… okay?”

“We’re fine,” Hoseok said. “Oh, he’s not getting lunch with us today, by the way. Our afternoon schedule is pretty empty if you wanna go eat somewhere other than the mall here.”

“Hyung…” Jimin frowned, noting the way Hoseok was trying to change the subject, “Your eyes are red. You can talk to me about it if you want.”

“Oh,” Hoseok chuckled dryly, his fingers coming up to touch his puffed out eye bags, “It’s fine. It’s just… embarrassing really.” His voice broke off at the end and Jimin immediately came up to hold his hand.

“It happens sometimes, it’s okay,” Jimin whispered. “Do you want me to go talk to Yoongi hyung about it?”

Hoseok smiled at that, but it was a sad little one, “I’m not sure if Yoongi hyung is as… affected by it as I am, but it might be nice if you go console him too.”


“Grave of the Fireflies,” Jimin slams his hand down on the table none too gently, making Jungkook jolt from a few feet away. “They were watching Grave of the Fireflies the night before and cried.”

Seokjin stares at him in disbelief, “You’re joking.”

“That’s what I thought too! I was so worried out of my mind,” Jimin recalls, exasperated, “when I went to Yoongi hyung’s clinic, he looked like he had been crying all night too! But they were totally fine when they saw each other later that day! They even sneaked in a kiss when they thought I was taking a nap!”

“But Yoongi didn’t get lunch with you two,” Seokjin points out, “what’s all that about?”

“He had someone coming in to check the place or something,” Jimin tells him. “Apparently some celebrity was coming for an appointment.”

“Wow,” Namjoon says from where he’s sitting, Jungkook now in his lap. “Opposites really do attract, I guess.”


Hoseok laughs out loud when Namjoon brings the topic up during Jungkook’s appointment. “That’s ridiculous! Of course we fight.”

“Your little rivalry banter doesn’t count,” Seokjin rebuts.

Hoseok shakes his head, “We’ve had a huge argument a few years back about children, but yeah,” he shrugs. “We’re only human. Two people living in a shared space won’t survive without conflict. Yoongi hyung also takes angry naps whenever he’s mad and he’d be fine as soon as he wakes up so I guess that helps. But yeah, we fight. I don’t like it when we do, but it happens.”

“I can’t imagine Yoongi even getting mad at you,” Seokjin murmurs, “he’s like the definition of a lovestruck idiot.”

“He does get mad,” Hoseok says with a sad smile, “I do too, sometimes. Now, about Jungkook’s stomach ache.” 



On a particularly slow day at the clinic, Jimin is in the middle of texting Taehyung on his phone in the back room when Yoongi enters with a bag of food.

“I had to go out earlier today so I bought you guys lunch while I was there,” He explains as he sets the food down on the little table.

“Hyung,” Hoseok comes in from behind him, “you brought food?” Yoongi nods toward the bags, “Thank you.” He comes up to peck Yoongi on the cheek, with an expectedly neutral reaction from the other who goes on to make his way out.

Hoseok lets out an oddly loud sigh when Yoongi leaves the clinic, slumping down into the couch.

“...Is everything okay?” Jimin asks.

Hoseok lets out a dry chuckle, “Hyung’s mad at me.”

“What?” Jimin’s eyes widen, “He is? Is that even possible? He doesn’t look mad.”

“Didn’t you see the way he doesn’t even look at me?” Hoseok says, clearly upset now. “He’s mad.”

”What happened?”

“He found out that I didn’t eat anything yesterday,” Hoseok shrugs, “I don’t know what to do to make him feel better, so I’ll just let it blow over in a few days.”

“Have you tried uh,” Jimin pauses as he thinks, “... eating in front of him?”

“You don’t think I’ve tried?” Hoseok asks, “I’d call him over every time I’m about to eat anything, like a snack or whatever, just so he’d see me eat. I’m pretty sure he got even more upset because it’s like I’m mocking something he’s actually mad at, so yay me,” He points at himself using both hands, “husband of the year right here.”

“Then have you tried… I don’t know,” Jimin grumbles, “talking about it?”

Hoseok frowns, “What’s there to talk about? I was so busy I forgot to eat. That’s it. He’s still mad.”

Jimin shrugs, “How about apologizing?”

“For what?” Hoseok asks, “For not eating? That’s none of his business. We used to live off of cup ramen and bread or nothing at all when we were in university.” He says, tone picking up, “I don’t get why he’s having a problem with it now.”

“Okay, it sounds like nonsense at first, and maybe that’s why he’s upset,” Jimin tries, “Maybe you should just talk to him properly and understand why that made him mad.”

Hoseok sighs as he runs a hand through his hair, “I’ll sort it out when we get home,” He says. “Let’s just get today over with.”


Jimin is meeting up with Taehyung for dinner that day, so he quickly excuses himself as soon as he’s done cleaning up the clinic.

Hoseok and Yoongi are both silent throughout their whole trip home. Once theyʼve reached their apartment, Yoongi heads straight for the shower while Hoseok heats up leftovers and plates them so they at least look decent.

Even dinner is quiet. Yoongi sees Hoseok eat, but doesn’t say anything.

Yoongi leaves promptly after finishing and leaving the dishes in the sink. Hoseok watches him disappear into the living room with a long sigh.

“It’s still early,” Hoseok says as he approaches the living room. Yoongi is sitting on one side of the couch, scrolling through his phone. Hoseok hesitantly drops down next to him, “Do you wanna watch a movie?”

Yoongi doesn’t answer, doesn’t even acknowledge Hoseok coming to sit next to him like he usually would.

“Hyung,” Hoseok tries, “are you really mad?” At the silence that follows, he sighs.

Yoongi is still looking at something on his phone.

“Can you please look at me at least?” Hoseok tries not to sound too upset. “I don’t like it when you’re being distant like this.”

Yoongi sighs as he locks his phone and sets it down next to him. He turns to Hoseok with his arms open, “Come here.”

Hoseok complies, crawling into Yoongi’s arms and throwing his legs over Yoongi’s lap, letting Yoongi hold him close.

It’s silent for a moment as they cuddle. Hoseok is too afraid to say anything that might result in another argument.

“You know hyung worries over you a lot, right?” Yoongi finally says.

Hoseok just nods against his chest.

“Especially now that we’re not in university anymore, we’re not only responsible for ourselves,” He murmurs. “You’re responsible for so many kids, so you have to take care of yourself well.” The hold around Hoseok tightens before Yoongi’s hand starts to drift up and down his arm. Hoseok can feel the cold metal of his ring through his shirt. “What if you suddenly collapse from exhaustion while you’re working or something? What am I supposed to do? Those thoughts scare me.”

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok whispers.

“I know I sound pretty ridiculous for getting upset over this, but I do get scared,” Yoongi says, his other hand rubbing little circles on Hoseok’s thigh. “What if it becomes a habit? What if you don’t eat at all for a whole week and I don’t stop you? The thought of anything happening to you really scares me, Hoseok-ah. I try to take care of myself too because I don’t want to worry you.” He whispers, “Can you do the same for me?”

Hoseok nods against Yoongi’s chest once again before he nuzzles into his neck, willing himself not to cry.

“I love you, Seok,” Yoongi whispers against the top of his head before kissing him there. “You should go shower. Your hair stinks.”

Hoseok laughs into Yoongi’s neck before he pulls away, “Love you too, I guess.”

“You guess?” Yoongi asks as he tightens his hold on Hoseok, hand drifting up Hoseok’s thigh.

“You take such good care of me but you’re so stupid sometimes it’s endearing,” Hoseok nuzzles Yoongi’s cheek before kissing him there, “you’re welcome to let me go so I can wash up or just keep holding me until you start stinking too.”

He laughs when Yoongi shoves him off.


“I’m waking up early tomorrow,” Hoseok says as he enters the bedroom, scrubbing at his damp hair.

“Tomorrow’s a day off though,” Yoongi reminds him.

“I’m gonna go grocery shopping so we can have a huge breakfast or something,” Hoseok explains as he dries the towel on the rack and drops into bed. “Do you have anything in mind? Kimchi jjigae? Japchae?”

Yoongi groans, “Can we discuss this in the morning or something? Talking about food now makes me hungry.”

“I know you won’t even crack your eyes open at eight tomorrow,” Hoseok points out, “so you better make a choice now, sweetheart.”

It takes Yoongi a while to decide, curling up into a little ball as if it would help suppress the hunger. “I can make kimchi jjigae if you want. I’ll make my brother send me his recipe.”

“That sounds fun,” Hoseok hums as he pulls the comforter over his head, smiling when he sees Yoongi. “Hi there.”

Yoongi just chuckles quietly as he closes his eyes, “You better sleep now if you want to pull yourself out of bed early.”

“Right, right,” Hoseok says, though he’s still looking at Yoongi’s closed eyes.

“Close your eyes,” Yoongi grumbles.

“But I like you,” Hoseok says in a jokingly whiny voice. He brings up a finger to poke Yoongi’s round cheeks, marvelling at the soft touch and Yoongi’s disgruntled protests as he tries to roll away. “Hyung.”

“What do you want,” Yoongi’s voice is hoarse as he rolls onto his back, eyes still closed.

Hoseok’s hands drift under Yoongi’s shirt to his soft belly, rubbing it in little circles the way he knows Yoongi likes. “Thank you for taking care me, of yourself,” He says, “I promise I’ll take care of myself too.” He breathes before he adds, “I’m sorry again for worrying you.”

One of Yoongi’s hands come up to hold Hoseok’s, lacing them together as they feel the rise and fall of Yoongi’s stomach.

“Are you still mad?” Hoseok whispers, hesitant. Yoongi shakes his head. “But I still don’t get a kiss goodnight?” He huffs, “That’s not fair. I didn’t get one yesterday either.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Yoongi mutters under his breath before he suddenly pounces, rolling on top of Hoseok. He ignores Hoseok’s yelp when he ducks down to press their mouths together with a kiss deep enough to make up for yesterday, leaving Hoseok panting. When Hoseok blinks his eyes open, Yoongi is already back on his side, curled up into a ball.

“God,” Hoseok says as he rolls on his side to pull Yoongi closer to his chest, “I hate you sometimes.”

“Not like I haven’t heard that before,” Yoongi murmurs before they both drift off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Hoseok nods even though his parents can’t see him as they talk on the phone.

“We know college is hard, so don’t forget to rest and eat well today.”


“You’re twenty now, so you must be able to take care of yourself.”


“Come visit when you’re free. We can set up a room for you to study in.”


“Happy birthday, son.”

“Thank you, dad.”

“We love you.”

“Love you too.”


Hoseok laughs as his mother teases him on the phone.

“Twenty six isn’t that old, mom.”

“Pushing thirty.”

He gasps at that, “I cannot believe you just said that. Did you say this to noona too?”

“Why would Jiwoo be safe from this?” His father’s voice comes on.

“Fair enough,” Hoseok chuckles.

“I know you’re a busy bee now, but come visit when you’re free.” His mother says. “Bring that husband of yours along too.”

Hoseok smiles at that, “I will, I will. I have to get ready for work now.”

“Go on,” His father says. “We love you.”

“Love you too.”

Hoseok tucks his phone back into his pocket as he makes his way to the kitchen, entering an air of toast and warm coffee.

“Thank you,” He takes the coffee mug Yoongi hands him with an easy smile, pressing a kiss to Yoongi’s cheek before he leans back on the kitchen counter as he drinks.

They fall into hushed murmurs as they talk about their plans for the day, accompanied by small sips of coffee and bites of toast. It’s peaceful.

“When are we meeting with Jooheon and Minhyuk?” Asks Yoongi.

“Just after dinner,” Hoseok reminds him. “It’s been a while.”

“It has.”


“Is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah, everything’s fine,” Jooheon assures him, though he’s still insistent in tugging Hoseok deeper into the flat. “Yoongi hyung and Minhyuk hyung… they just want to talk to you about something.”

“They’re both in Yoongi hyung’s room?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

It’s nothing original, and Hoseok did suspect it with how obvious Jooheon was being. He smiles anyway as Yoongi’s dark room sudden flashes bright, and all his flatmates welcome him with a birthday cake.

“Yoongi told us it’s your birthday today!” Minhyuk cheers. “He wasn’t completely sure though so this can get really embarrassing really quick.”

“He’s right,” Hoseok laughs when his gaze meets Yoongi’s across the room. “Didn’t think you’d remember, hyung.”

Yoongi flashes a small smile before he gestures to the small birthday cake. “Blow out the candles.”


“Moving on to the important part” Jooheon says to him over an empty plate. “You need to get your twentieth birthday kiss.”

Hoseok chokes on nothing. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“He has a point,” Minhyuk shrugs. “Yoongi, kiss him.”

Yoongi scowls at his friend, “What the fuck are you on about now?”

“You’re the closest to him. Like, you two are practically roommates,” Jooheon supplies. “It’s only logical.”

“Come on,” Minhyuk urges him. “Do it for your sweet dongsaeng who’s very stressed out all the time.”

“Hoseok looks like he wants to do anything but that,” Yoongi deadpans.

And well… Hoseok isn’t exactly against it, truth be told.


“It’s been like six years since then, right?” Jooheon asks as he throws an arm around Hoseok. “I’d like to take a bit of credit for that.”

Hoseok snorts, “What, for having chronic sleep apnea?”

Jooheon shrugs, “If it weren’t for my snores being powerful enough to break through walls and keep you up at night, you wouldn’t have moved to sleep in Yoongi hyung’s room every night.”

“He has a point,” Minhyuk supplies. “Not to mention that I was the one who encouraged Yoongi to let Hoseok crash.”

Yoongi quirks an eyebrow, “You want a gift card or something?”

Minhyuk grins, “A free dental appointment might be nice, considering the fact that we set you up with the love of your life.”

Hoseok laughs at that, “You didn’t know that. You two were just being shitheads.”

“To be fair,” Jooheon tries, “you didn’t know either.”

“Of course I didn’t,” Hoseok smiles as he turns to Yoongi. “Neither of us did.”


Jooheon gives up after a while. “You two are boring.”

“Well, party’s over,” Minhyuk says as he pushes himself up from the floor with a groan. “I’ve got an assignment due in three hours.”

“I’m gonna go bother next doors or something.” Jooheon stretches his arms above his head, “Happy birthday, Seok.”


“Twentieth birthday kiss,” Yoongi scoffs after a while. “What were they thinking?”

Hoseok just laughs meekly at that. “It wouldn’t be too bad. I haven’t kissed someone in like, a really long time.”

“Honestly, me too,” Yoongi confesses.

Hoseok sighs, “Guess we never really got the chance to go out, huh.”

Yoongi shrugs. “I wouldn’t say so. I’m just… not really looking anymore.”

“Why?” Hoseok teases. “You’ve got someone on your mind already?”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, although there’s a faint blush on his cheeks. “Why should I tell you?”

“Come on,” Hoseok pokes him. “You gotta give me something if you’re not gonna kiss me. It’s my birthday.”

A scoff. “I’d rather kiss you instead then.”


The air around them seems to change somehow as it suddenly becomes deadly quiet.


“Fuck,” Yoongi curses suddenly, “I meant- nevermind. Forget what I just said.”

“Is that a deal?”

“I-” Yoongi sputters, “What?”

“I mean,” Hoseok can feel the way his whole face heats up, but he can’t seem to back down. Doesn’t want to back down at all. “Would you kiss me?”

The room, though filled with the thundering sound of his heart, is quiet. Hoseok doesn’t realize how close they’re sitting next to each other until Yoongi lets out a sharp exhale that he feels on his own lips, and it’s wildly intimate. Why is he so embarrassed exactly? They’ve literally cuddled before.

“I-” Yoongi parrots himself as he quickly turns away, ears bright red. “I’m not gonna do anything you don’t want.”

“What if…” Hoseok swallows, hands clutching the hem of his shirt. “What if I… want?”

Yoongi turns back to face him again, eyes searching for something within his gaze. “Do you...?”

“I mean,” Hoseok sputters as he laughs, all too loudly for the quiet of the room. “It’s just- well, it’s a twentieth birthday kiss,” he tries to reason, although he doesn’t know what his point is, half-hoping that making these random hand gestures will somehow get his non-existent point across. “It would be nice to at least get one, y’know? I’m only turning twenty once.”






“I had the biggest crush on you,” Hoseok says as they slip their shoes off. “I thought Jooheon knew and wanted to tease me or something, but turns out none of those two idiots knew either.”

“I thought the same thing,” Yoongi confesses as he slumps down onto the floor, back resting on the couch. Hoseok joins him a little later, scooting in close.

“I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my ass then,” He says with a laugh. “That moment alone felt way more stressful than exams.”

Yoongi smirks as he recalls, “It was all very amusing, considering how much of a confident idiot you were most of the time.”

Hoseok glares at him. “Your hand was literally shaking when you grabbed my face.”

“It wasn’t,” Yoongi argues.

“It was,” Hoseok bites back. “Your hand was shaking then, as well as every other time we kissed after that.”

Yoongi suddenly brings up a hand to gently grab Hoseok’s face then, thumb automatically tracing his cheekbone out of habit. “See? Not shaking.”

Hoseok scoffs even though he feels himself relaxing into the touch. “I’m not nervous either.”

“Not even a little?” Yoongi asks as he leans in closer until their noses brush.

“Nope,” Hoseok smiles.


That night, six years ago, consisted of hesitant hands and trembling lips. Both of them were doubting that what was going to happen was going to actually happen, and each move was filled with nerve as they slowly leaned in closer, inch by inch, until there was no gap between them.


Now, it’s the easiest thing imaginable.


Kissing Yoongi felt like heavy rain and loud, bass-heavy music that seems to control your heartbeat as it pulses through your veins. Everything was new, and they were naive and stupid.

Now, kissing Yoongi feels like dropping into bed after a hot shower, like baked goods from the kitchen counter— like home.

Yoongi nips a little at his bottom lip before kissing it again to soothe the sting. His lips drift to the corner of Hoseok’s mouth, lazily dragging them up to kiss Hoseok’s nose.

“Love of my life,” Yoongi whispers, moving down to kiss one of Hoseok’s dimples when he smiles, before going up to kiss his forehead. “Pain in my ass,” he mutters.

Hoseok breaks off into a loud laugh as he slumps into Yoongi’s chest, lightly hitting him there. “Love you too.”

He feels Yoongi’s hand brush through his hair. “Happy birthday.”

Chapter Text


“I got new ingredients from Hokkaido the other day,” Seokjin explains, “I’d love to cook for you and Hoseok as thanks for always taking care of Jungkook.”

“Ah, that’s just us doing our job,” Yoongi waves him off. “You don’t have to treat us to anything.”

“Come on,” Seokjin wheedles. “Jungkook would love to see you two outside of this depressing building at least once.”

“Itʼs not that depressing,” Yoongi tries but then gives up, “fine, itʼs pretty depressing, but Iʼll have to see what Hoseok thinks-”

“Yes!” Hoseokʼs muffled voice comes through the wall, “I want free dinner!”

Seokjin grins at that, “See you then.”


His culinary skills that developed from managing hundreds of michelin restaurant kitchens are something that Seokjin easily flaunts, though it’s justified, what with how well everything is prepared.

As Jungkook plays around in the living room a few steps away, the four of them talk over a light dessert from Seokjin’s favorite local bakery. Namjoon talks about his freelance job, Seokjin about interns, and then Yoongi about how he so desperately wants to just lie down.

“Hyungʼs been having back problem these days,” Hoseok explains. “His face stays the same, but the rest of his body is aging real fast.”

“You always say the sweetest things,” Yoongi murmurs sarcastically, clutching his lower back.

“Well, why didnʼt you say so?” Seokjin suddenly speaks up. “We have a really good back massager here. Come on.”

Yoongi hesitantly lets himself be dragged to the living room couch.

“Lie down on your front,” Seokjin instructs.

“You donʼt have to massage me, hyung,” Yoongi says. “Hoseok usually does it anyway.”

“Iʼm not massaging you,” Seokjin voice sounds distant before itʼs close again, “are you ready?”


At that, two little feet plant itself onto Yoongiʼs lower back, the weight creating the perfect pressure as Seokjin lowers Jungkook onto him.

“Oh,” Yoongi breathes.

“This is the best massage therapist you can get around here. He has plenty of experience,” Seokjin says before he lets go of Jungkook completely, “donʼt drop your milk on Dr. Minʼs back, Kook-ah.”

Hoseokʼs laughter sounds in the room, “Ah, the little massage machine! Walk up a bit, Jungkook.”

Yoongi groans out loud when Jungkookʼs weight shifts to a sore spot on his back, “Wow. Is Jungkook up for rent by any chance?”

“Funny you should say that,” Seokjin murmurs.



“Jin hyung is attending a meeting in Hong Kong for a week and I have to go help out as well,” Namjoon explains as he warily eyes a sleeping Jungkook on Seokjinʼs lap. “Hyungʼs friend used to babysit Jungkook for us, but sheʼs busy this time round too, and we really donʼt trust babysitters.”

“Why not?” Hoseok asks.

“Last time we did that, we came home to this,” Seokjin brushes Jungkookʼs hair off his cheek to point at the scar there.

Yoongi stares at the scar, “What happened there?”

“She dropped him, is what happened,” Seokjin says in an overly bright voice. His arms protectively tighten their hold around Jungkook, and Namjoon brings up a hand to rest on Seokjinʼs knee. “He was two years old.”

“I know this may be a huge inconvenience to you two,” Namjoon tries, “but think of it this way! We treated you to a nice meal-”

Yoongi curses under his breath, “I knew the dinner was a ploy.”

“We’ve treated you to a nice meal,” Namjoon continues, “you get free premium back massages whenever you want, and it might be good practice for when you do have kids!”

The latter of Namjoonʼs words made Yoongi freeze, and Hoseokʼs eyes go wide.

Seokjin doesnʼt seem to notice, or maybe he did, but he adds, “If you really canʼt then we donʼt mind getting another babysitter, but we would rather get someone we trust do it.”

“You… trust us?” Yoongi whispers.

“Jungkook loves you two,” Seokjin goes on to say. “Do you know how lucky we are to have a son that likes going to the doctorʼs and the dentist? Itʼs amazing. I know heʼll be happy with you.”

When Yoongi turns to look at Hoseok, he can see the impending answer just from his flustered expression.

“We really don’t want to trouble you two, but we really don’t know anyone else,” Namjoon speaks up, “Heeyeon is out of the country right now as well.”

“Heeyeon,” Yoongi says, “is that.... Jungkook’s mother?”

Seokjin blinks for a second before he answers, “Oh, no. Heeyeon is just my friend.” He clears his throat, “Jungkook’s adopted.”

“Oh,” Yoongi breathes, “I shouldn’t have asked. Sorry.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Seokjin waves him off, “I really don’t mind telling you.”

He looks down at Jungkook for a second, still asleep on his lap. He gently pulls the empty box of banana milk from his little hands. “It’s because he kind of looks like me, isn’t it?”

“Even his surname,” Hoseok speaks up. “I didn’t want to prod so I never asked, but it’s different from you two’s.”

Seokjin nods, “That was his surname from when we adopted him. We could’ve changed it to ours, but Namjoon suggested that we don’t.”

“It’s just,” Namjoon shrugs. “It’s not like his life was beginning because we’ve taken him in, you know? ‘Jeon’ is a part of his life before we came into the picture, and I just didn’t want to take that away from him.”

“I think we’ll leave the decision up to him anyway,” Seokjin says as he gently strokes Jungkook’s hair. “When he’s a bit older. We’ll talk to him about it, and we’ll let him decide if he wants to be Jeon Jungkook or Kim Jungkook. It doesn’t make a difference to us.”

“That’s nice,” Hoseok murmurs. “Thank you for telling us that.”

“I told you we trust you,” Namjoon smiles.

“Does Jungkook go to daycare?” He asks. “I’m sure we can drop him off before work and pick him up when we’re done.”

“He does,” Seokjin says. “I’ll text you the address.”

“I’m really busy this Saturday, and I think hyung is too, but I’m sure he can just play around in the play area at my clinic or something...”

Before Yoongi even realizes, they’ve already agreed to pick up Jungkook at 2 pm next Sunday.


“Itʼll be fun,” Hoseok says excitedly as he hangs his coat in the closet once they arrive home. “Jungkook’s a nice kid, and he’s pretty well-behaved for his age.”

“We’re already busy as we are,” Yoongi grumbles. “It’s gonna be messy.”

“Come on,” Hoseok lightly elbows him. “Itʼd be like having our own kid-”

He snaps his mouth shut when Yoongi suddenly freezes up again.

“Ah, no, I meant-” Hoseok fumbles, “I didnʼt mean it like-”

“Did you wash the dishes this morning?” Yoongi asks. “The drying rack is empty.”

“Ah,” Hoseok is quiet for a moment, the sad downturn of the corners of his mouth staying there until he answers, “I haven’t. Sorry. I’ll do it now.”


“That’s not gonna happen.”

“Why are you so quick to dismiss it? Do you really hate the idea of just...just having a family with me?”

“I never said that. We can get dogs and whatnot. That’s still a family.”

“Dogs and children are not the same, Yoongi.”


“Do you hate kids that much?”

“I don’t.”

“Then what-”

“Because I’d rather not have kids than to have one grow up to become a depressed fuck like me, is what. I’m sorry, Hoseok.”


Yoongi’s head aches at the memory as he tries to swallow down a heavy lump in his throat. Instead of doing anything else, he just sits at the dining table and watches his husband hover around the kitchen aisle, eyeing the back of his neck, the way his back muscles shift through his shirt.

He doesnʼt recall standing up, but heʼs standing behind Hoseok before he even realized.

His arms come up to wrap around Hoseokʼs waist as he presses his face into Hoseokʼs shoulder, breathing him in.

Hoseok lets him, despite the inconvenience it causes in finishing his task.

“You know itʼs not that I donʼt want to start a family with you, right?” Yoongi eventually murmurs against the back of Hoseokʼs neck.

He can hear Hoseok sigh before he says in a defeated tone, “I know.”

“I understand how much you want it,” Yoongi goes on to say, “I just donʼt-”

“Letʼs just drop it, hyung,” Hoseok cuts him off. “I donʼt want to argue again.”

“Weʼre not arguing though,” Yoongi says.

“But we will,” Hoseok snaps as he sets the dishes into the sink with a loud clatter before he turns around to face Yoongi. “Every time we talk about this, weʼd end up fighting. I donʼt-” He runs a shaky hand through his hair and sucks in a sharp breath, “Iʼd rather just suck it up than not talk to you for days again.”

With much reluctance, Yoongi slowly pulls away from Hoseok and retreats into the bedroom. They donʼt talk again that night, as if they really did fight.


“You have to be nice to Dr. Min and Dr. Jung, okay?” Namjoon is crouching down, eye-level with Jungkook as he speaks. Jungkook nods. “You have to clean up after yourself, okay?” Jungkook nods. “If Dr. Min and Dr. Jung tell you not to do something, you don’t do it, okay?” Jungkook nods again.

“Come on,” Seokjin nudges him with his hip, arms occupied with luggage. “We have to go.”

Namjoon quickly kisses his son’s cheek before he stands up completely, “See you later, Kook-ah.”


Despite the dispute a few days ago, Hoseok seems genuinely happy to spend time with Jungkook. He smiles as he takes Jungkook’s hand, walking around the park, and agrees to buy pretty much anything Jungkook points at or even just stares curiously at. That was how Jungkook ended up walking around with a long stick of tornado potato in his little hand.

They eventually settle down on an empty park bench, with Hoseok in the middle between Jungkook and Yoongi.

Yoongi stares down at his phone, and back up from time to time to look at the scenery around them. He can hear the rustling from next to him as Hoseok explains what a tornado potato is, and that it’s edible.

“Baby,” Hoseok calls as he holds up the stick of tornado potato snack in question, “you wanna try some of this?”

“Sure,” Yoongi murmurs, opening his mouth as Hoseok tears off a little piece from the stick, but then Hoseok is turning away from Yoongi and towards Jungkook who stares at the chip curiously before letting Hoseok feed him. Yoongi’s mouth snaps shut as he ducks his face into his scarf, glaring down at his feet. If Hoseok had witnessed something so humiliating, he would never shut up about it. His whole face feels hot with embarrassment.

In his defence, that pet name has been Yoongi’s for years; he never had to share it with anyone. Hoseok is cooing as Jungkook reaches to tear off even bigger pieces by himself after that first taste, turning his back completely to Yoongi on the bench to face the boy.

Staring off at nothing on the park bench, he secretly hopes that it will eventually get too cold and dark to be staying outside for any longer.

It seems like the universe listens, for once.

“We should head back before it gets too dark,” Yoongi says when everything around them starts to dim.

“Ah, yeah,” Hoseok pushes himself up from the bench. Yoongi shifts closer a little so that the back of their hands brush, a gesture for Hoseok to take his hand which works like every other time.

More sated than he would ever admit he is just from the touch alone, Yoongi goes to lace their fingers together, but just from that parting movement, Hoseok’s hand slip out of his hold.

“Are you tired, Kook-ah?” Hoseok asks Jungkook, who’s still sitting on the bench, rubbing at his eyes, “Aw come here,” he reaches toward the boy, “uncle will carry you.”

Yoongi shoves his hands deep into his pockets as they walk back to the apartment, Jungkook barely awake, drooling a little on Hoseok’s shoulder.


Yoongi showers first when they reach their apartment.

It’s stupid, he thinks as he showers, to feel jealous of Jungkook for getting all of Hoseok’s attention. Yoongi hasn’t been scoring very well, what with the little discourse making them sleep with their backs turned to each other the following nights.

Hoseok’s cooing noises and Jungkook’s laughter cuts through the white noise that the shower has created.

Hoseok is happy, just from looking after Jungkook. Just from today, Hoseok has been happier than being with Yoongi these past few days.

Thinking about it creates an unsettling feeling in his stomach.


He drops himself in bed, but he doesn’t fall asleep. He hears Hoseok’s little hums as he bathes Jungkook, hears Hoseok tucking Jungkook in and stepping back into the bathroom to shower.

Yoongi is halfway through dragging his eyes across his book when Hoseok enters the bedroom.

“Why’re you still awake?” Hoseok asks as Yoongi closes his book and pulls his glasses off.

“I was waiting for you,” Yoongi answers him.


“I just wanted to spend some time alone with my husband,” Yoongi says as he pouts. “Is that so bad?”

His eyes focus on the little tug at the corners of Hoseok’s mouth. “Of course not.”

Hoseok is still smiling as he scoots closer in bed. “You have me.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi starts, “about the past few days. I really am.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “We were both… tired.” He says with a strain in his voice.

“Is it weird to say that I miss you…?” Yoongi’s words come off as whispers. “We’re barely apart, but I do.”

Hoseok considers it for a moment before he nods, “It’s pretty weird, but I get you.” His hand subconsciously reaches for Yoongi’s, and they don’t pull away even when Yoongi goes on to lace them. “I miss you too.” He says with a little laugh, a giggle, sweeter than when he was with Jungkook as Yoongi brings up a hand to caress his cheek.

“Did you have fun today?” Yoongi asks him.

Hoseok nods. “We haven’t gone out like that in a while. It was refreshing.”

Yoongi hums. “Can I have a kiss?”

A chuckle, “Have I ever said no?”

The gap between them slowly closes. With his eyes closed, Yoongi feels the languid movements, Hoseokʼs soft humming, and the way any dull pressure from stress just dissipates under Hoseokʼs touch. He hears Hoseokʼs little breathless laugh when Yoongi rolls on top of him.

And this is easy— they fall into each otherʼs hold so easily. Yoongi knows the spots that make Hoseok squirm, makes him giggle breathlessly.

“That tickles,” Hoseok huffs when Yoongi presses light kisses on the side of his neck. “Hyung, come on-”

Thereʼs a loud slap on the door that make them both jolt.

“.... Jungkook?” Hoseok calls. Thereʼs another loud slap in affirmation.

At that, Hoseok pushes Yoongi off of him not-so-gently as he makes his way to the door.

“Hey there,” Hoseok says as he opens the door. “Do you want to sleep with your uncles?”


Yoongi tries not to pout as Hoseok hugs Jungkook close in bed, making him shift away a bit so that Jungkook is comfortable. At least Hoseok leans over Jungkook a little to kiss him goodnight.

With his back turned, he can hear Hoseok’s faint humming, and he glances back to see gentle hands brushing through Jungkook’s hair, caressing his arms in soothing patterns.

“My mother used to do this for me to help me sleep,” Hoseok whispers. “Works like magic.”

Yoongi watches for a moment as Jungkook starts to relax in his arms. Hoseok’s face, though hazy in the dark, appears soft, fond beyond limits as he holds the boy close.



Dr. Min braves himself past the front of Hopeʼs Childrenʼs clinic during his quick trip to the bathroom. There seems to be some kind of commotion inside.

“We got her from the hospital as soon as we were done there,” A man says. “We want you to be her first doctor, Dr. Jung!”

“Ah,” Dr. Jung smiles, beaming and sweet. “Iʼm very honoured.”

“Youʼve taken such good care of Hanseo. You have our full trust, doctor,” The mother says. “Can we get a picture of you holding her?”

Yoongi watches the whole thing unfold before him— Hoseok carefully cradling a baby in his arms. He smiles down at the new life— barely a week old, his gaze fond to the extent that it is purely paternal, like he is very aware of and appreciates how invaluable the child in his arms is.

Itʼs a kind of smile that Yoongi doesnʼt see often, and just the sight of it makes him entertain the possibility, for those few seconds, that he could see this smile on Hoseok every day, and he knows how.

Dr. Min continues his walk to the toilet.


The next time Yoongi sees that smile is when heʼs making his way to Hoseokʼs clinic with a bag of takeout.

Itʼs his husbandʼs squeal that catches his attention.

And he supposes that itʼs justifiable when he turns to look.

A boy, perhaps a little younger than Jungkook, is dressed in a little white coat with a hot pink plastic stethoscope around his neck.

“He begged me to let him wear this as soon as I told him weʼre coming here!” The mother says.

Hoseok is crouching down so that heʼs eye-level with the child— a gesture he often does as he gently reaches out to hold the boyʼs little shoulders and there it is. The same smile he saves for that special kind of fondness, with a special kind of love that he has for these special kinds of people.

The boy suddenly spreads his arms wide and Hoseok laughs as he accepts the hug. His hands are gentle as he holds the tiny body, the smile melting into something even wider, and so beautiful.

Hoseok is beautiful, effortlessly all the time, but something about this makes him glow and beam unlike any other time.

Yoongi finds himself wanting it— suddenly desperately wanting that smile around more often.

He wants.

He wants.


“Itʼs not like youʼre some weirdo for not wanting kids,” Seokjin says on the phone. “I didnʼt want kids. I hated them.”

Yoongi stares at the ground as he thinks. “What changed your mind?”


He says it simply, like that name is enough of an explanation.

“He didnʼt beg me or anything,” Seokjin clarifies. “But it was him, or rather the idea of him as a father that swayed me.” Yoongi can hear the smile in his voice. “I knew Namjoon would spoil our kid, would do anything for them. Itʼs the idea that that idiot would be so happy to be called daddy and have all these responsibilities,” He says. “I couldnʼt help but give it a shot anyway.”

“That canʼt be it though, can it?” Yoongi asks. “Itʼs not like you can just suddenly learn to love a kid just because of Namjoon.”

“Of course not. Not just because of Namjoon, anyway,” Seokjin says. “With Jungkook, it was love at first sight. I didnʼt think itʼd be possible, but the moment I saw him, I knew that it is.”

Seokjin laughs at Yoongiʼs silence. “There are some things that you wonʼt understand until you experience it yourself. I was just like you.” His voice sounds fond. “Of course, some people just naturally hate children, and would never have a child in their life, and thatʼs fine, but sometimes people change you in ways you least expected. Kid hater to kid lover; uncertain to certain. And thatʼs what Jungkook and Namjoon did to me.”

“I…” Yoongi breathes. “I donʼt know what to do.”

“Oh donʼt play dumb,” Seokjin bites. “You know exactly what to do. Youʼre just too scared to admit it.”

Itʼs silent before Yoongi nods to himself in defeat. “Youʼre right.”

“I’m not saying that you absolutely have to get kids against your will just to please Hoseok, Yoongi,” Seokjin says. “I just think that, from what you’ve said about your worries, you’re just assuming the worst first before anything.”

“That’s what I always do.”

“You do know that you’re not going to be taking care of the kid all by yourself, right?” He reminds him. “Hoseok’s there.”

That makes Yoongi pause for a moment, the silence an invitation for Seokjin to continue.

“Even with your worries about your kid growing up depressed like you or everything.” Seokjin tells him. “Along with your input, there’s Hoseok’s too. Extroverted, energetic, confident, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Hoseok who walked with you through your depression is going to raise this kid along with you. You’re not doing this alone.”

Yoongi takes a moment to let all that sink it. “Right. Okay.”

“So,” Seokjin’s voice crackles from the static, “where’s that son of mine at?”

“I’m picking him up from the daycare,” Yoongi tells him. “Hoseok’s busy today.”


“I know I said I could go pick him up today, but I suddenly got a call!” Hoseok had explained through the phone. “Youʼre on your way home right? Can you just pick him up at the daycare and just play with him for a bit until I come home?”

Yoongi sighed at that.

Though Hoseok pleaded, “Come on, it wonʼt be long.”

“Not like I have a choice,” Yoongi muttered finally.

“Exactly,” Hoseok hummed. “Iʼll see you in a bit, babe. Love you. Mwah.” And the call ended.


Yoongi knows exactly one way to entertain a child, and he has repeated it several times this evening.

Jungkook has bitten into three out of the five balloon poodles Yoongi made him, rubbing the remaining two on Yoongiʼs head to make his hair stick up from the static. Yoongi doesnʼt react much as he sits there and scrolls through his phone.


It takes Yoongi a second to realize that his name has come out of a four year oldʼs mouth, in the most informal way possible. Where did he even learn this? Was it Hoseok? Seokjin? Damn it, itʼs definitely the both of them.

So Yoongi replies with just as much vigor as you can have towards a child, “Sup.”

“Bored,” The child says with a huff.

Wordlessly, Yoongi just points at the bag of Jungkook’s toys that Seokjin had packed for him, but Jungkook just shakes his head in response, bottom lip jutting out in a pout.

With a sigh, Yoongi takes a quick glance around the room. The apartment doesn’t have anything for a child to enjoy, and Jungkook got bored of shaking pill bottles like maracas after about ten minutes.

“I don’t think you’re old enough for Dance Dance Revolution or any of Hoseok’s games,” He shrugs as he turns to Jungkook. “What do you want to do?”

The boy pushes off from the couch as he starts to waddle around the room, searching for something. Yoongi just watches as Jungkook moves to peer behind the TV, checking the cabinets, waddling back to the couch and behind it, and— and he’s spending an oddly long time there that Yoongi has to turn to see if he hasn’t suddenly disappeared.

There, Jungkook is staring at a nostalgic object— the old, dusty keyboard.

The keyboard was one of his first purchases after starting off as a dentist.

It was a past time, a little remnant of his childhood before he entered the medical field. As he moves to pull the old thing from the back of the couch, Jungkook’s eyes following curiously, he recalls the newer, calmer days in the apartment; boxes scattered around, Hoseok humming to the tune Yoongi played as he hovered around the space.

It takes a bit of wiping before it’s good as new, resting on his lap as Jungkook scoots closer to him on the couch. A wave of nostalgia runs through him as he turns it on and the scatter of lights run through the keyboard.

Naturally, his fingers move by itself from muscle memory, playing an old tune; Hoseok’s favorite. He turns to see Jungkook staring up at him with his wide eyes, mouth slightly agape.

And he’s cute like this, though it’s not like Yoongi has ever denied it. Jungkook is adorable, with his big round eyes and little bunny teeth. Though he screams and cries a lot at the dentist’s, he’s calm like this.

Yoongi smiles at him, “Do you want to try?”

And so he reaches for one of Jungkook’s little hands, gently moving it until it touches one of the keys, and he presses down.

Jungkook jumps at the first sudden ping, but then his hands start to move on their own, pressing around messily until he quickly figures out where the higher and lower notes are.

“Here,” Yoongi reaches for Jungkook’s hands again, maneuvering them around until they’re in the correct position. “Do it like this.”


It’s fascinating how fast children learn. Hoseok has told him before, but seeing it for himself is completely different. Through the course of the night, Jungkook spoke more, played Mary Had a Little Lamb, and helped him make dinner as well as packing some for Hoseok, who’s running later than expected.


Later into the evening, after Jungkook had somehow managed to find a copy of The Little Prince, probably Hoseok’s, from the bookshelf, they end up on the floor, with Yoongi’s back on the couch and Jungkook on his lap, staring down at the book Yoongi is holding on his tummy.

“What exactly does ‘tamed’ mean?” Yoongi reads out. The little prince is asking the fox. 

“Well, it’s something too often forgotten,” said the fox. “I suppose it means: to make some kind of relationship.”

“I’ll explain.” Yoongi reads on. “To me, you are just a just a little boy like any other, like a hundred thousand other little boys. I have no need of you and you have no need of me. To you I am a fox like any other, like a hundred thousand other foxes.”

Jungkook’s finger skims to the little prince on the page.

“That’s you,” Yoongi tells him in the softest tone.

It then moves the trace the lines of the fox next to him.

“That’s me, I guess,” Yoongi chuckles before he continues to read.

“But if you tame me, you and I, we will have created a relationship, and so we will need one another. You will be unique in the world for me…”

Yoongi has never read The Little Prince before, has only ever gotten small bits of details regarding it from Hoseok. The sentimental values within the book are unexpected, and he feels something deep within him as he reads on.

“If you were to tame me, my whole life would be so much more fun,” He continues. “I would come to know the sound of your footstep, and it would be different from all the others. At the sound of any other footstep I would be down in my hole in the earth as quick as you like. But your footstep would be like music to my ears, and I would come running up out of my hole, quick as you like.”

Jungkook turns in Yoongi’s lap then, eyes meeting his in a wonderous, curious stare that he always seems to have.

A small hand rests on Yoongi’s cheek, “...How do I tame the fox?”

At that, Yoongi just smiles down at him for a moment before he says, “You already did.”


Hoseok comes home to the living room lights still on. He smiles at the sight as he drops his bag on the table.

Yoongi is still in his work clothes, sprawled across the couch with Jungkook on top of him, drooling from the corner of his mouth down to Yoongi’s shirt.

Hoseok carefully puts away the keyboard, the scattered toys, and his book before he moves to kiss the two of them, contemplating whether to wake them up or not before he goes to shower.



“I kinda miss having Jungkook around,” Hoseok says as Yoongi re-enters the bedroom, a towel on his head. “The bed’s gonna feel empty now that I don’t have anything to hold.”

“Right,” Yoongi quirks an eyebrow. “Like I don’t take up half of the bed already.”

“Oh, don’t act like you’re mad I don’t cuddle you,” Hoseok snarls. “You’re like the country’s greatest dentist or whatever, but does any of that really matter if you’re a terrible pillow?”

“I literally got fat on lamb skewers a few days ago,” Yoongi argues. “My body is in tip-top condition for snuggling.”

Hoseok scoffs as he rolls around to face him, “Good pillows don’t complain,” He goes on to adopt a low-pitched, exaggerated Daegu accent, “Hoseok-ah, it’s too hot for that, leave me alone. Hoseok-ah, you’re too sweaty. Hoseok-ah, it’s too suffocating, and you keep trying to wiggle away from me,” He points at Yoongi. “Bad.”

Wordlessly, Yoongi pulls the towel off of his head, and drops it onto Hoseok’s face, snickering at Hoseok’s muffled shout.

“Oh, now you’ve done it,” Hoseok fumes as he snatches the towel off his face. “Min Yoongi, get ready for the most painful hair scrubbing of your life!”

And it’s too late for Yoongi to run away, caught by the hem of his shirt as he’s pulled onto the bed to face Hoseok who drops the towel back on his head as his fingers get to work, nails digging into his scalp. 

“It hurts,” Yoongi whines, “why do you have to scratch?”

“Donʼt be a baby,” Hoseok scolds, “youʼre gonna catch a cold if itʼs not dry, and we canʼt have that.”


Yoongi chuckles as he gives in, “Youʼd make a good dad.”


The words are blurted out before it even registers properly in Yoongi’s mind, and the air around them changes.

“Hyung,” Hoseokʼs tone shifts to a colder one, though his hands continue to scrub Yoongiʼs hair, “donʼt.”

“Youʼre strict, but you can also let loose as well,” Yoongi says anyway. “Your kid would be happy and clean up after themself-”

“Stop it.”

The towel on Yoongiʼs head is pulled down to his neck. Hoseokʼs hands are shaking in their grip on Yoongiʼs shoulder.


“You might think itʼs fun to discuss,” Hoseok says, tone shaky but clearly upset, “but if you keep talking about this, youʼre gonna piss me off.”

When Yoongi stares at him confusedly, he barks out a laugh. “Why are we even talking about this when itʼs never gonna happen?” Hoseok’s smile looks pained. “Iʼve been trying to come to accept that, you know I have. Iʼve been trying for you, and youʼre just gonna talk about it like this,” another laugh, but his voice breaks at the end. “Youʼre an asshole sometimes, you know that?”

Yoongiʼs hands come up to cover Hoseokʼs on either side of his shoulders.

“I love you, Hoseok,” Yoongi starts, the way he usually starts anything sincere.

“I love you,” He says again. “I can imagine you staying by my side for the rest of my life.” His thumb swipes across the back of Hoseokʼs hand in gentle patterns. “Youʼve been the only thing thatʼs certain for me my whole life, so when it came to… to kids, I got scared,” His hold on Hoseokʼs hands tightens. “I got scared because I donʼt know what would happen, and my mind just went straight to all the terrible things that could happen. But now I realize that it wonʼt just be me alone with this,” He smiles as their gazes meet. “I have you.”

Hoseok breaks the contact, his eyes casting down into his own lap.

“Knowing that youʼre here,” Yoongi breathes, “Iʼm not scared anymore.”

At that, Hoseok looks up at him, “Are you trying to say what I think youʼre trying to say…?”

Yoongiʼs fingers unconsciously seek for the ring on Hoseokʼs finger, and he feels himself calming down once he feels the engraved sun under his digit. He looks up to meet Hoseokʼs gaze, “Iʼm saying… I wouldn’t be opposed to… raising a kid with you. If you want to.”

Hoseokʼs entire expression shifts, eyes widening and mouth agape at Yoongiʼs world.

“Ah but,” Yoongi fumbles, “not- not like right now or something since really… weʼre busy but-”

“No, yeah I get that,” Hoseok quickly says, “but… are you serious?”

“I spent a good hour coming up with how to approach you with it,” Yoongi says, “didnʼt really go the way I expected in the beginning but-”

Hoseok tugs Yoongi forward by the towel around his neck until their lips crash together none too gently. Yoongi feels wetness on his cheeks as he kisses Hoseok, feels the way his husbandʼs lips tremble.

Yoongi sighs when they pull away. “Baby,” he reaches out to thumb away Hoseokʼs tears before heʼs pulled into another kiss. “We could ask Jin hyung and Namjoon if we want to adopt,” He murmurs between kisses. “Or we could look at,” another kiss, “surrogates maybe.” Yoongi laughs when Hoseok turns to kiss his cheek, “Are you even paying attention?”

“Just a yes from you is more than enough right now,” Hoseok shifts closer until heʼs between Yoongiʼs legs, crossing his own legs behind Yoongiʼs back before he pulls Yoongi into a tight hug, nuzzling into his shoulder. “I love you.”

“I love you too-” One of their phones suddenly ring and Yoongi turns to check, “Itʼs yours.”

“Just leave it,” Hoseok noses at his neck. “Weʼre having a moment right now.”

“Come on,” Yoongi pokes Hoseok with his phone.

“Fine,” Hoseok huffs as he takes his phone from Yoongiʼs hand, slouching back in place on Yoongiʼs shoulder when he answers in a cheery voice, “Hopeʼs clinic~”

Yoongi holds him close as he talks on the phone with a patient. As he listens, Hoseok presses his lips to Yoongiʼs shoulder, breathing him in. When he talks, he does so with his chin hooked over his husbandʼs shoulder, staying close.

“Would you like to come get it checked at the clinic then, just in case?” Hoseok asks. “Ah, I’m afraid we’re fully booked in the morning, sorry. Is the afternoon okay? Alright, I’ll see you and Junho tomorrow, Mrs. Han. Goodnight.”

“Hey,” Yoongi warns when he feels Hoseok kissing and nipping on the side of his neck, “itʼs not even the weekend yet. You have morning appointments.”

“I’m completely free tomorrow morning,” is what Hoseok says before he tackles, pushing Yoongi onto his back as he murmurs against his neck. “Just wanted to be a bit selfish and spend the morning with you.” He presses a kiss to the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. “Can I?”

Yoongi stares up at Hoseok for a minute, briefly wondering what kind of magic Jung Hoseok has to him that has made Min Yoongi, who never would have dreamed of getting married, let alone have children, turn into someone who canʼt even resist his husbandʼs smiling face.


Yoongi is certain when it comes to Hoseok. Certain that Hoseok will kiss him back when he leans in for a kiss, that Hoseok will still let himself be pulled in for a cuddle at night no matter how upset he may be at Yoongi, that Hoseok would follow Yoongi to the edge of the world if it all comes down to that, and that Hoseok knows Yoongi would do the same thing for him.

“Iʼm so lucky,” Hoseok whispers as he pulls his own shirt off, giggling when Yoongiʼs hands and lips roam, “Iʼm so glad I went through all that shit in my life and found you.”

Yoongi laughs against Hoseokʼs skin, “Thatʼs my line.”


Itʼs Yoongi who wakes up first the next morning before the alarm even rings. He sees Hoseokʼs bare back in front of him as he blinks his eyes open and reaches out to trace his spine with a finger.

He imagines for a moment how a toddler would wake Hoseok up, that they would climb up his back and startle him awake from the weight. Or maybe theyʼd be like Jungkook who would slap him awake in the middle of the night and heʼd grumpily get up to see whatʼs wrong. He imagines how Hoseok would wake up a child in the morning, that he would wake them up with kisses like he does with Yoongi, that he would make breakfast and make them take it to Yoongi who would still be in bed. Maybe theyʼll trip and drop all the food onto the floor, onto Yoongi, and Hoseok would just tut at the sight as he throws the sheets into the wash.

He imagines Hoseok calling himself Papa, taking the child to Gwangju to meet their grandparents, singing and dancing with them, making different voices for different characters as he reads to them at night.

Yoongi imagines this and a million other scenarios, and he finds that he would greatly welcome all of them, given that Hoseok would be around.

Chapter Text

After saying goodbye to another sweet little patient, Jimin leaves the front desk for a second just to go check on Hoseok in his little office.

Maybe that was a mistake.

Jimin eyes the doctor's figure warily, slumped onto the desk like all the life has drained out of him.

To be fair, it has been twenty patients in one day, and Yoongi was just as occupied so they couldn't even see each other for lunch. It probably doesn't help that they're literally a thin wall away from each other, yet they'll probably have to wait until the end of their shifts.

"Jimin-ah," Hoseok suddenly whispers. "How many more?"

"Sungminnie was the last one for today, hyung." Jimin tells him, and almost jolts at the way Hoseok immediately springs up.

"Have you tidied up the play area?" He asks as he rushes to the back room. "I'll clean up the whole room in like a minute and storm out of here." 

"Ah, I can do that for you," Jimin interjects. "You look like you really need to rest for today. I'll take care of this for you."


"Go on," Jimin shoos him. "Maybe Yoongi hyung already finished tidying up. You can go see him." He smiles.

"Jimin-ah," Hoseok steps up to him, hands on Jimin's shoulders and a love-filled look on his face. "Have I told you that I love you today?"

"Don't think you have," Jimin tries to recall shyly. "But thank you. Now go." Hoseok skips happily out of the clinic.


Just as Jimin is about to close up, the door swings open and a less-than-amused Hoseok drags himself back in. "Take the stuff out again." 

"What?" Jimin asks, though he's already doing as Hoseok says.

"Mina's mother called just now," Hoseok murmurs. "She hit her head or something, and she really wanted me to look at it, so here we are."

"Ouch," Jimin hisses.

"Yeah," Hoseok grumbles. "We were literally just about to get on the subway. I had to watch hyung leave me behind." 

"Ouch," Jimin hisses again. He doesn't ask why Hoseok didn't just say no to the sudden appointment. He already knows the doctor doesn't have the heart to reject any child in need.

There's a solemn little nod before Hoseok straightens up and turns to him. "You can go home if you want. You're basically done for the day."

"No, that's alright," Jimin sits himself back down behind the desk. "I'm not meeting Taehyung until later anyway."

That pulls a tired little smile on Hoseok's face. "How's that going?"

"How's what?" Jimin retorts. "We're just friends." 

"Didn't you to go on an amusement park date together a few weeks ago?" 

Jimin blushes. "That wasn't a date." 

Hoseok shrugs, though there's a menacing grin on his face. "Alright."



"The both of them are way too oblivious. Jesus Christ." Yoongi grumbles as he fixes his head on the pillow.

"I know. It's painful to look at." Hoseok says, half-muffled by his pillow. "My brain was at its lowest-functioning state, and I still knew that they're both stupid."

Yoongi chuckles at that, shaking his head as he reaches to turn the bedside lamp off.

Just as his fingers skim the button, Hoseok grabs his wrist, and Yoongi looks back at him with an arched brow.

"Hyung," Hoseok says, tone a little lighter. "You don't have work tomorrow," He shifts closer to Yoongi, "and I'm right here," He tugs the collar of his sleep shirt down with a finger, "don't you want to.... stay up and ravish your husband?"

"Why are you pulling your shirt down?" Yoongi murmurs. "You don't have tits. Also, you're already half-asleep."

Hoseok makes an offended sound. "I am not-" He's cut off by a wide yawn.

"Ravish," Yoongi laughs at the word choice then. "Are we in the victorian era or something?"

"Shut up," Hoseok pouts. "I can't believe you're rejecting my very attractive sexual advances right now."

"Woah there buster," Yoongi says. "You came home all pent up and drank three glasses of wine by yourself, and now you're barely even awake. I think the best option for you right now is to keep it in your pants and call it a day."

"So the honeymoon phase is over," Hoseok says in a bitter tone and huffs. "You finally got bored of me."

Yoongi makes a noise at the back of his throat like he's slowly edging onto annoyance. He looks at Hoseok with a muted expressin. "Fine, want me to ravish you like some white-gowned maiden?"

Hoseok can't help the smirk that plays at his lips. "Maybe."

"Lie down," Yoongi says as he sits up. He watches as Hoseok eagerly drops down onto the bed, wiggling the sheets off of his body.

Yoongi pulls the sheets back up over him before he reaches for his hand, then starts to caress up his arm in light, warm touches. He spends a minute rubbing his shoulders, then trails his fingers up to his hair.

Hoseok sighs at the touch, nuzzling into Yoongi's hand for more until Yoongi is running his fingers softly through it.

"Wait," Hoseok manages out as he starts to feel his eyelids droop. "You're not ravishing." 

"Sure I am," Yoongi whispers in that low, soothing voice, and it makes Hoseok's eyelids feel even heavier. He feels a kiss on his cheek. "Goodnight, sweetheart."



"Your parents came to your wedding?" Yoongi probably sounds too surprised.

"They did," Seokjin nods. "It took a bit of convincing, and by that time we really thought they wouldn't show up, but they did." 

Yoongi barely manages to dodge Jungkook's fists as the boy suddenly stretches his arms up with a groan. He continues to balance him on his lap after avoiding a possible crisis.

"Ah, is it nine already?" Namjoon looks up at the clock. "When was Hoseok supposed to finish again?" 

"Eight," Yoongi says. "It's vaccine season though, so I'm not sure if he's going to be late, but I should head back."

After what feels like hours of Seokjin and Namjoon convincing Jungkook to get off of Yoongi's lap and a few minutes of clearing up the dishes from the dinner table, Yoongi heads back to his apartment.

Hoseok is sprawled on the couch when he arrives, mouth agape as he breathes softly. He hasn't changed out of his work clothes yet.

Yoongi makes his way towards his husband, reaches down to brush his face with his fingers before gently shaking his shoulders to wake him up.

After sharing a quick greeting and a short kiss, Yoongi settles down on the couch and Hoseok plops his head back on Yoongi's lap.

"So how many needles did you poke kids with today?" Yoongi asks as he gently brushes strands of hair from Hoseok's forehead.

"God, like, twenty kids? And some kids had like three shots." Hoseok grimaces. "I was going to go insane. I really considered sticking all three needles in at once."

Yoongi laughs, "By holding the needles like Wolverine claws or something?"

"Exactly," Hoseok says as he mimicks the pose with his hands in the air. "I could just hold them between my legs like this and stick all three needles into their arm."

Yoongi throws his head back with a louder laugh. "You're ridiculous."

"Hey, I'm pretty sure I'm skilled enough to try." 

"Then get sued and get your phD taken away from you." 

"They shouldn't punish innovation."

"They're gonna make you go to medical school again. You're gonna live in a frat house." 

"If the first thing I see when I drag my luggage in isn't you in your boxers eating ramen on the couch at one in the morning, then I'm not going." Hoseok blinks his eyes open to smile up at him.

Yoongi grins and he shrugs. "Who knows, maybe you'll have to give some kid a kiss on his twentieth birthday."

Hoseok is laughing hard as his fingers close around the end of Yoongi's tie. He grips it lightly before pulling Yoongi down towards him.

Their lips barely brush before the doorbell rings, followed by a series of frantic knocks.

They both hesitantly get up as the knocks get louder and louder, as if someone's trying to break in.

But when they check the monitor, they're surprised to see a very flustered Jimin at the door.


"We kissed!" He says as soon as they open the door.

Hoseok frowns. "What do you mean- oh." 

"Taehyung kissed me!" Jimin says, even more exasperated than before.

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at his hurried state. "Did you run away from him or something?" 

"No, no," Jimin quickly says. "He dropped me off just now. Like he walked me home, and then we were talking and then it just happened." 

"Come inside," Hoseok opens the door fully and shoves Yoongi out of the way. "Tell us everything. Everything." 



Hoseok stirs awake in the middle of the night when he suddenly flops onto his side on the bed. He rubs his eyes open to see the empty spot next to him.

Yoongi is sitting on the table in the kitchen, chewing on a piece of wheat bread that doesn't seem to be toasted or anything. Just bread.

"Hey," Hoseok waves awkwardly. "Can't sleep?"

Yoongi just nods as he takes another bite from the bread.

"Want me to make tea?" Hoseok offers.

Yoongi nods.


Hoseok doesn't ask why he can't sleep, knows that Yoongi will take his time before he tells him, but he always will.

This time, it takes Yoongi about two minutes, with Hoseok turned away from him to prepare a soothing tea before he talks.

"Have you ever regret being with me?" 

Hoseok stares at the boiling kettle as he sighs. "I consider it for half a second every time you crack the occasional godawful jokes, but other than that, never," He turns around to lean on the counter opposite to Yoongi, facing him. "What's wrong?"

Yoongi shrugs as he reaches to take another piece of bread from the bag. "Just thought of how much you had to lose to just be with me." 

"Yeah? And what did I lose?" Hoseok asks.

Yoongi shrugs again. "A good wedding.... time."

Hoseok cocks his head to the side. "Time?"

"You spent a lot of time," Yoongi swallows, "helping me."

Hoseok is quiet as he considers it for a moment before he nods. "You could say that."

"Have you ever regret it?" Yoongi asks.

Hoseok immediately shakes his head. "No." He turns to set the teabags into the mugs before filling them with hot water. He then reaches down to grab the jar of honey and adds a spoonful into each mug, stirring gently.

"Sometimes when I look at Jin hyung and Namjoon, Jimin and Taehyung," Yoongi says as he takes a mug Hoseok hands him, "I'd wonder what it'd be like for us if I didn't try to shut you out or treat you like shit."

"You had your reasons," Hoseok says before he takes a sip. "I'm just glad I was persistent enough." 

"Why haven't you regretted it?" Yoongi asks.

"Because you're happy now," Hoseok tells him. "You're happier, you're successful, and you're not stuck there anymore. Sure, it's kind of frustrating to not be able to see you so often when we live together and work right next to each other because we're so busy, but I'm happy." He sets his tea down. "I'm happy now."

"Me too," Yoongi murmurs before leaning back and finishing the tea in huge gulps. "I didn't mean to bring this up to make you upset. I'm sorry." 

Hoseok quickly shakes his head. "I'm not upset. You're just having one of those nights." He steps forward between Yoongi's legs. "It's okay."

Resting his weight on his hands, Yoongi looks down at him for a moment, an awe in his expression like he can't quite believe that Hoseok is real. He brings up one arm to curl around Hoseok's back, pulling him closer until he's wrapping his arms around Yoongi's middle, face burried in his chest.

Hoseok sighs into Yoongi's chest as he feels fingers absentmindedly brushing through his hair.

"I love you," He whispers before planting a kiss in the middle of his chest.

Yoongi presses his lips to the top of Hoseok's head before he murmurs, "I love you too."

Hoseok tilts his head up to face Yoongi, chin still resting on his chest.

He smiles when Yoongi presses another kiss to his forehead, his nose, then presses closer until their lips brush.

Hoseok doesn't mind long days, sudden appointments, or boring meetings. He doesn't mind not getting lunch with Yoongi or being interrupted again and again by people or his ability to stay awake at night.

He doesn't mind at all, because there will always be nights like this when it's just them. Nights in Yoongi's room in the flat, in the library at dawn, in a hidden room at the hotel suite at their own wedding, in their kitchen at ass o'clock.

Yoongi jolts when he feels Hoseok trying to pull him closer to the edge of the table.

"You are not trying to lift me." Yoongi breaks the kiss to say.

Hoseok laughs as his efforts continue, "I did it before. I can still do it."

"We're gonna fall." Yoongi tells him, but then he's lifted from the table and into Hoseok's arms. He gasps as he suddenly hooks his legs around Hoseok's waist, arms curled around Hoseok's neck.

"See? We're not." Hoseok says as he nuzzles in for another kiss, which Yoongi takes a moment to scowl before giving it to him.

After less than a minute, Hoseok huffs amd gently sets him back down.

"I got tired" He whines, rubbing his arms with a pout.

"And who's fault is that?" Yoongi points out, trying to hide back a fond smile.

Hoseok doesn't even bother trying to defend himself as he lets out another laugh.

They go to sleep a few hours later.


Chapter Text

It takes at least eight years to become a dentist.

Eight years, with added pressure from every single aspect of life, of growing up, of uncertainty. All this for a little clinic space in the basement floor of a building full of other people who have seem to fallen into the same void.

The only glimpses of sunlight that Yoongi would see are through the windows in the morning and above-head on the way to the train station. There are no windows in the basement floor, and the only light that would come through are the blinking, overly bright, artificial ones on the ceiling.

It's cold as well, no matter the weather. Even after years, he still feels his teeth clack from time to time, feels a shiver creeping up his spine from both the temperature and the screeching.

People scream a lot at the dentist, children and adult alike. People get tensed and pale and shake like a weak leaf on a thin branch that's about to snap. People squirm and twitch and will take you to court. (The latter happened once with a particular child who wanted to be anywhere but in that chair, though his parents were insistent. So Yoongi had his assistants use restraints which turned out to be too immoral from the eyes of a frantic mother. The days that follow are too exhausting for recall.)

People are scared at the dentist, but the dentist has to deal with bad breath, questionable things that shouldn't be near teeth in the first place, and many other unimaginable things that legitimately made Yoongi feel sick as soon as the patient opened their mouth.

A patient tried to punched Yoongi one morning. He flinched away in time, but the shock was nevertheless inevitable. This has never happened before.

Thinking back to it now, hours later, maybe he should have done something. But he was too tired then from a sleepless night that had him tossing and turning to the point that Hoseok stirred in his sleep, barely a breakfast, and a blinking light inside the clinic that can't be fixed right away because his schedule is full and there isn't even a window of a time for maintenance.

With fifteen minutes before the next appointment, he lies back into the couch, faintly hoping that he might melt into it just so that he doesn't see the bright lights glaring down at him from above. He doesn't even know what the outside world looks like right now, doesn't know if the sun has set yet, or if it's getting colder. It's an odd yet torturous form of isolation.

Glaring back up at the ceiling lights, he questions briefly, once again, like he always does, if this is what he had tried so hard to achieve. Is this what he had wanted when he decided to walk down this path? Isolation and disgusting spit?

The love for it came much later, admittedly. Yoongi went into dentistry with the one hope that maybe this would be enough for his parents to accept him again, maybe the least that he could get out of this would be a blind eye to who he's attracted to and maybe a trip to Daegu for dinner. None of that ever happened.

The love for it came much later, but it came. Yoongi loves his job for the most part, but there would be moments like this, as rare as they are, where he'd stumble to a halt for one minute and question everything he's ever done.

It's isolating, stressful, and disgusting; it's miserable. What has he ever gotten from studying medicine for this all to be worth it?


Hoseok drops onto the bed with a sigh. Yoongi can smell the sweet scent of his lotion warming up the room.

"When did you get home?" Yoongi murmurs out the question.

"Thirty minutes ago," Hoseok tells him. "Some patients forgot about their appointments and turned up really late."

Yoongi slowly blinks his eyes open to see tanned thighs on gray sheets. He watches as Hoseok mindlessly lathers a dollop of lotion onto his legs and works it into his skin, spreading the floral scent around, covering him with a sheer glow.

The focus shifts to Hoseok's eyes, then the strain in them. He's probably had a long day, Yoongi shouldn't bother him with his thoughts.

As he pushes himself up to sit, he reaches forward until his fingers graze soft skin. Hoseok doesn't react much as Yoongi traces the expanse of his leg down to his thigh, though he shifts closer.

Yoongi finds his lips pressed to Hoseok's cheek, feeling it shift as his husband starts to smile. He lingers there with his eyes closed as he feels.

"Are you up to something?" Hoseok asks teasingly as Yoongi rubs little circles into Hoseok's soft thigh with the pad of his thumb. "You know we can't. Not tonight."

"I'm just touching you." Yoongi whispers, still close. "Does it not feel good?" He feels Hoseok shake his head. "So let me keep doing it."

He feels Hoseok relax then, the tension in his muscles slowly fading away, his sighs softening as Yoongi caresses him, breathes him in.

It's easier to keep those thoughts at bay like this, it's easier to pretend like everything is well now that his senses are occupied. With his eyes closed, the sound of Hoseok's soft sighs, the sweet floral smell of Hoseok's lotion, Hoseok's skin under his lips, under his hand, Yoongi secretly hopes that it will consume him like thick smoke, hiding him from all the things he doesn't want to think about.

But Hoseok isn't smoke.

"Did something happen?"

The question catches Yoongi off-guard, and all movements seem to stop then. How did he know?

"You're acting like you're back in college," Hoseok tells him, like he can see the question popping up in Yoongi's mind.

They both know what it means, You're acting like you're back in college.

You're acting like yourself when you were in college.

You're acting like yourself when you were depressed.

You're acting like you're depressed.

"It's nothing," Yoongi says at first, then corrects himself, "it's nothing serious."

His face is still hidden into Hoseok's shoulder before hands come up to gently pull him away.

There's a large crease between Hoseok's brows, and the look in his eyes is the reason Yoongi didn't want to make a big deal out of it in the first place. It's just him; him and his struggles, nothing that Hoseok should be worried about.

But Hoseok worries, and has always worried.

As if he can peer into Yoongi's mind, he smiles, warm and overly bright as he says in the gentlest of voices, the one Yoongi can fall asleep to, "Yeah? Do you need a cuddle?"

"No," Yoongi says too harshly, "I don't need it."

"How about a belly rub?" Hoseok prods still.

"It's fine."

'Do you need to be alone?'  is not one of the provided choices. Hoseok has always made sure that it isn't, because he's all too familiar with this. He's learned, from the years that they've been together, what isolation does to Yoongi, what Yoongi's mind does to him when everything is quiet and cold and dull.

Hoseok hums, a ruminating smile plays on his lips before they part to speak, "A cuddle, belly rubs, kisses, and words of encouragement?"

Yoongi doesn't need to say anything for Hoseok to know that his answer is yes, please.

"Come here, hyung." If there are sounds that can slow down heartbeats and relax tense muscles, then it'd be the music of Hoseok's voice late at night in their dim bedroom. He has lied down on the bed, arms open and waiting until Yoongi lets himself fall into them.

He feels small like this, but in the best way feeling small can be. Hoseok's gets to work then, a hand under Yoongi's shirt rubbing gentle circles on his stomach, light and rapid little kisses on his cheek, then they drift up his ear to whisper.

"It's okay. You're okay."

There's nothing sweeter than this; nothing warmer, softer, nicer than these simple words. It makes pressure rise in Yoongi's throat, at the back of his eyes.

"You're always doing so well," Hoseok whispers then, "I'm so proud of you."

Yoongi doesn't realize that he's crying until Hoseok is kissing his cheek again.

"Ah, which bastard made my Yoongi cry?" Hoseok suddenly says in a mock-serious tone as he reaches up to thumb Yoongi's tears away. "How dare they? They dare hurt the Min Yoongi? Do they know who his husband is?"


"His roommate is one hell of a guy, you know," Yoongi says as he continues stroking Hoseok's hair. "He once survived a whole month on instant noodles and energy drinks while studying how bad instant noodles and energy drinks are for your teeth."

Hoseok laughs at that, though his tears have yet to cease, and his hands have not stopped wiping them away since the moment Yoongi clumsily pulled him into his arms.

Yoongi's bed is too small for the both of them, but it's better than Hoseok's make-shift one on the floor that takes up what little space there already is in the room.

"You don't even have to be book smart," Yoongi goes on to say, "I know it's ironic coming from me, but if your studies are making you cry like this, then I'll gladly beat up all your textbooks."

"Don't," Hoseok says weakly, voice trembling from hiccups and laughter, "they're expensive."

"You're right," Yoongi agrees easily, fingers gingerly brushing strands of hair from Hoseok's face. "I wouldn't let you beat up my textbooks either."

Hoseok's laugh only come out in little hiccups. His nose is stuffed and his jaw is starting to ache, but the continuous flow of his tears only seem to intensify at the thought of textbooks, which leads to thoughts of studying, then at how stupid he is for failing his midterms.

"There, there," Yoongi whispers as he gently, hesitantly reaches up to wipe at Hoseok's tears with the sleeve of his sweater. "How can hyung make you feel better before you lose all the water in your body?"

"I don't know,"  Hoseok sobs.

"What usually gets your mind to shut up?"

"Kissing? I dunno," Hoseok blabbers through his tears, his words no longer filtered and coated with slight hysteria. "That usually shuts me up altogether."

"What, like a forehead kiss?"

"I don't know, hyung." Hoseok cries, "I don't know anything."

Suddenly, a pair of trembling lips are pressed to his forehead, and the air changes.

"D-Does that-" Yoongi stutters. It's like that night, weeks ago, on Hoseok's birthday; the stuttered words, the trembling lips. "Does that help?"

Nothing really changed after that first nerve-wrecking birthday kiss. They were both too busy, too hesitant, too scared to do anything.

But Hoseok misses it. He misses that one moment, that feeling so dearly. It made his chest pull tight at night as he smiled into his pillow and dream about turning twenty again and again.

"O-On the lips," He blurts out in a whisper, dumbly pointing at his lips just so it's clear. He isn't even crying anymore. "... On the lips?"

It's so quiet, like Yoongi has stopped breathing, like the other two flatmates don't even exist.

Before Hoseok can somehow retract his statement from how long the silence stretches, Yoongi is holding his face, eyes peering into his. It's a serious gaze, all of a sudden, the ones he usually has on when he's studying, when he's trying to figure something out. He looks into Hoseok's eyes with a question.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" He asks, not stumbling over his words like he did a minute ago. There's a sudden pull in his chest, like Yoongi somehow has control of the air around them.

"Hoseok-ah," His own name sounds soft from Yoongi's lips, and it still sends a little thrill after months of sharing the same space. It sounds better every time he says it, like a sweater that has been worn and washed so many times that it's now soft and homey.

"Hoseok-ah," He says it again, and Hoseok realizes then that his question is left unanswered.

Yoongi is still looking at him. "Do you want me to kiss you?"


"Wipe your snot first, babe," Hoseok says with a laugh as he reaches over Yoongi to grab a box of tissues from the nightstand. The endeared smile is still on his face as Yoongi loudly blows his nose, wider when he has to tell Yoongi to take it easy or it'll swell up and he'd have to breathe through his mouth the whole night.

"I'm a mess," Yoongi murmurs as he lets Hoseok reach over the put to box of tissues back in its place.

"You're not a mess," Hoseok tells him, tightening his hold. "I only kiss smart guys who are doing their best."

He kisses Yoongi then, and Yoongi can feel the grin of his lips, satisfied with his own joke. Then he kisses Yoongi again, and he doesn't stop until Yoongi's sobs dissolve into hiccups, until his breathing is no longer stuttered.

"Thank you," Is all Yoongi can whisper.

Hoseok wrinkles his nose at that though, "That's not what I wanted to hear."

"I love you," Yoongi says then, and watches in awe as Hoseok's face molds back into a smile like it's his first time hearing him say it.

"I love you too."