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The Girl Who Dared

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Mr. and Mrs. Dursley would consider themselves very normal. They both had decent jobs, worked hard for their money and now had a bouncing baby boy that they thought was perfect in any which way. They had named him Dudley. Dudley was a chubby baby and was well rounded by the time of his first birthday. Mr Dursley was so proud of his son for any thing he did. If Dudley destroyed the couch he was given candy and they went couch shopping. If Dudley said a word, more candy was given to him. Although the Dursleys held a secret. Mrs. Dursley had a younger sister who was married to a Potter. Now she didn't want anyone to know about her sister. Most times which is always she said she never had a sibling. She knew she had a niece and nephew but other than that she didn't have any contact with her sister Lily. Lily had gone off and Married her no good of a husband as they put it and had two delinquent children. Although had they known the Dursley's lives were about to change forever.

On the night of Halloween 1981 Lily was bathing little Harry who had the same emerald green eyes as her but had his fathers hair and looks while James was down stairs trying to coax some magic out of Jane their daughter who was crawling around chasing their cat. Unlike Harry, Jane had Auburn hair and her fathers eyes. She was the light of her fathers world and she was definitely a daddy's little girl. She loved her father and mother. She also would squeal when she saw Padfoot and Moony. But on that night she showed her first signs of magic. But not to her father or her mother.

The family of four had just finished getting ready for bed Jane in her onesi clinging to her father as Harry did the same to his mother. That was until their front door blasted in. Jane saw a flash of green light as her father passed her to her mother. Harry was screaming as she started to cry scared as their mother looked pale and scared. She watched as they rounded a corner towards their bedroom their mother panicked as she saw another flash of green light and a thud could be heard from downstairs. Jane was scared her Hazel eyes looked up at her mother as their mother barricaded their bedroom door.

Lily smiled softly at her panicked twins as they were sobbing and scared not sure what exactly was going on. Lily knew they were ratted out to the dark lord. She knew her husband laid dead down stairs as a man in a black cloak was coming for them. She kissed each of her children on the head trying to calm them down as best as she could. That wouldn't last long however. The door was blasted open and in walked a hooded figure. " Move aside you silly girl" The man said in a cold voice pointing a stick at their mother. Jane watched as their mother pleaded to him to spare them as a flash of green light occurred and a thud. Jane was standing up in her crib as her mother laid un moving on the floor of the nursery. The same man pointed his stick at Harry who was crying scared and she hugged Harry crying as the green light hit them but nothing. Nothing happened except for a sharp pain in her arm. The scary man had disapeered as She and Harry sobbed hoping for their mother to wake up. That wouldn't happen though.

It felt like a long time until someone showed up. A man in a black cloak looked around the room his greasy black hair was the only thing Jane could remember of the man but he held their mother in his arms as he cried. Jane was upset that the unknown man was touching her mother. She wailed loudly as Harry's cry's had turned into sobs. Jane kept crying screaming as she finally got what she wanted she floated out of her crib and toddled over to the man she could tell he was in distress as he picked her up seeing her mother all over the child. She sniffled crying into the mans cloak not realizing she was falling asleep. When she woke up though she wasn't in her room or near the man. Instead she was swaddled in a blanket next to Harry. She looked around and shivered slightly. It was starting to get cold out. She saw the door open and a tall women with to much neck opened the door letting out a huge cry. Jane didn't recognize the women and started to sniffle as she scooped them up bringing them inside the house. Jane would only recall the man from that night with green flashes of light. She wouldn't remember anything. Not till years later.