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Gabe waited patiently by the door with one of Sam’s smaller hoodies on. If he remembered correctly Sam had gotten it from high school. Gabe glanced up and placed his phone in the back pocket of his skinny jeans as Sam finally left the room “Come on, I’ve been waiting half a year here!” He pouted.

“It’s only been like five.. ten minutes,” Sam laughed, rolling up the sleeves of his flannel as he approached.

"It's different when you're waiting" He mumbled and readjusted his small side bag "Alright, I've got enough to blow on completely over-expensive food and trust me, it's a lot" He mumbled as he opened the door to take Sam's hand "And!" He smiled brightly "They have a petting zoo" He grinned "With rabbits- oh, by the way, there are games where you can win pet rabbits and goldfish and stuff. I wouldn't play them considering we already have enough rabbits and sea-monkeys, but if you win, you can tell the carnie to give the animal to the next kid who comes up. It's cute to watch them get overly excited" He rambled on.

“I’ve heard those games are rigged, but we can try,” Sam nodded, listening with a wide smile. “I’m gonna win you a plush.”

"What? No" Gabe laughed as he walked down the stairs and led Sam down the sidewalk "I have enough" He mumbled "And yes, one is enough"

“Hm.. still gonna win you something,” Sam repeated with a confident smile.

“Sam, no” He smiled, a little more stubborn this time “Really, I don’t need any” He laughed, coming up to the street where people were already crowding around the streets.

“We’ll see,” Sam snorted, looking around at the crowd. “Popular place huh?” He noted, looking around some more before eyeing a couple of clowns handing out balloons. “They’re unnecessary.”

Gabe glanced over and laughed “Come on, they’re for the kids” He mumbled, gesturing to small children running up to hug the clown “Do you want a balloon, Sam?” He asked jokingly.

“No,” he deadpanned, inching away a bit.

Gabe frowned a little “..Alright” Gabe stopped him to stand in the street, taking both of his hands “You know how you wanted to ride the Ferris wheel?” He smiled.

Sam looked down at him and nodded. “Yeah?” He prompted.

"Well. I'm afraid of heights" He admitted "Yeah, dumb fear- I don't care" He mumbled "They freak me out. Just like clowns do. So here's the deal. I'll let you take me on the Ferris wheel later tonight... If you go over, hug that clown, and bring me back a balloon" He smiled.

Sam glanced over at the two, visibly uncomfortable, and swallowed thickly. “Uh.. do I.. do I have to?” He asked anxiously, looking back at Gabe.

“Do you wanna go on that Ferris wheel ride and kiss me at the top or not?” He asked softly, resting his head in his hand as he waited.

Sam pressed his lips together and glanced at them again, making a whining sound as he bounced on his feet. “Yeah.”

Gabe smiled and gently pushed his arm “Come on..” He frowned at Sam “Do I have to go with you?” He asked.

“I um- I dunno,” Sam stuttered. “.. Can you?”

Gabe smiled softly and took his hand “Come on” He mumbled and took a step forward, waiting patiently for Sam.

He walked hesitantly after him, trailing a bit behind as they went. “Do I have to hug him?”

“No, baby, I’m not going to make you hug him” Gabe smiled back at him and walked up to one making a balloon animal “I bet they could make a platypus” Gabe mumbled and watched as the clown raised his eyebrows. The clown hummed before plowing up the long balloon, twisting it around into the shape of a duck before handing it to Gabe. Gabe laughed and showed it to Sam “See? Harmless!” He smiled widely.

Sam pulled a nervous smile and shifted his weight. “Mhm,” he hummed with a curt nod, trying his best to relax.

He frowned at Sam and glanced down before sighing. He offered the balloon to a girl as they walked away, staring at the ground “Sorry” He mumbled softly.

“It’s alright, if we still go on the Ferris wheel I’ll have deserved it,” Sam assured him, smile relaxing a bit. “Dean would’ve done worse because he’s an asshole.”

“Oh, no, we were going no matter what” He laughed and swung their hands back and forth, “I thought I was already being too pushy” He mumbled “I still feel bad”

“It’s okay, seriously,” Sam said, gently squeezing his hand. “I’m not upset.”

"Well, I guess not but.." Gabe shrugged as they walked, playing with the strings on Sam's hoodie "I am" He mumbled softly, bringing the string to his mouth to anxiously chew on.

Sam sighed a little and smiled as he brought his arms to rest around his shoulders. “Love you.”

Gabe smiled a little as he gently touched Sam’s hand on his shoulder. He gently moved it to his waist before letting go to smile up at him “Älskar dig också!”

Sam laughed softly, glancing down at him. “Can I know what that one means?”

“Love you too” He smiled brightly “I love you is.. Jag älskar dig” He nodded softly “Ja, jag älskar dig” He smiled more.

Sam grinned, leaning down to kiss his head. “I’ll have to learn that one at least,” he said decidedly, looking up at the game booths. “Gabe. Gabe.”

Gabe laughed before looking at the booths and smiling “You wanna play one?” He laughed. “These are just the normal ones, like pop the balloons and darts, I think there’s a shooting game somewhere” He mumbled softly “Then there are the animal games down by the grass in the park” He smiled “What do you wanna do?”

“I can do darts,” Sam nodded, leading him along. “They’ve got giant plushes!”

Gabe laughed as he followed behind him, giving him a five dollar bill "You wanna play, baby?" He smiled softly.

Sam nodded and took the money. “I’m gonna win something for you,” he said quietly, walking up to the booth and handing off the money for the darts.

"Vad?!" He gaped and frowned at him "I- fine" He muttered and crossed his arms a little "I can't believe you" He mumbled softly and watched Sam. It'd be alright. After all, it's not like Sam could pop a balloon for each dart. No one could.

Sam picked up a dart, stared at the balloons for a moment, and launched it towards them. The first dart hit a smaller balloon with a pop. He picked up the next four. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Gabe stared at the board in a shocked horror “Vad I helvete?!” He yelled, moving to stare at Sam “Hur gjorde du det?” He mumbled in confusion. The carnie only laughed and gestured to the top row of the largest size animals with his hook.

Sam grinned at him. “Hey, I’ve got good aim,” he shrugged, stepping back a bit to look up at the stuffed animals. “That one,” he said, pointing to a fluffy platypus.

“Sam-“ He mumbled, watching the carnie take it down to hand to Sam “Please..” He sighed as his face heated up.

“Thank you,” Sam said, holding it against his chest as he turned around to face Gabe. “What? I told you I wanted to win you something.”

Gabe shook his head and turned away from him to walk away without saying anything.

Sam frowned and walked after him. “What?”

He laughed and shook his head, glancing back at him “I don’t know you!” He snorted and stopped so Sam could catch up “Stay away from me stranger” He laughed.

Sam laughed, continuing to hug the platypus. “Nah, I’ve decided I like you,” he said with a wink.

He blushed a little and smiled softly “Även på vår bröllopsdag?” He asked before covering his mouth.

“Uh.. another yes or no question?” Sam guessed, tilting his head.

Gabe glanced up at him and nodded quickly, watching in anticipation before waving a hand around “..Well?” He asked softly.

“Um.. yes? I’m gonna trust that this is mostly innocent,” Sam laughed softly, smiling at him.
He smiled widely and nodded, taking his hands away to stick in his hoodie pockets “Tror du att jag ska bära en klänning eller kostym?” He grinned wider.

“Um.. uh.. yes or no or something else?” Sam asked, raising an eyebrow as he messed with the stuffed animal.

“One or the other” He laughed “Klänning,” He said slowly “or, Kostym“ He smiled widely.

“Uh.. the.. second one?” Sam answered unsurely, tilting his head.

He snorted and nodded “Good choice. I hope you’d wear the same” He joked.

“Wait, is it clothes? What were the choices?” Sam laughed.

He laughed and shook his head “Oh god, no way” He mumbled.

“What? Come on,” Sam said in a whiny tone, unable to hold back laughter.

“Fine!” He mumbled as his face heated up “..Klänning means.. dress” He muttered.

Sam blinked in confusion, mouthing the word to himself a couple of times before nodding. “Why dress? Not judging, just curious.”

“Well..” He mumbled and tilted his head a little “Kostym means suit..” He mumbled, trailed off a bit.

Sam nodded again, taking a moment to mouth the word. “Suit and dress?”

“Yes..” Gabe mumbled softly, glancing at him. He stayed quiet instead of outing himself as he glanced back down at the ground with a soft smile.

Sam hummed, mouthing the words a couple more times and seemingly distracting himself with it in the process.

Gabe laughed and sighed in relief as they walked, suddenly a little too aware of everyone around him. He glanced around, wide-eyed as he stopped and slowly stepped away from Sam to stand on the sidewalk instead. He whined at the loud noises before reaching his hands up to partially cover his ears, not caring if Sam had followed him or not.

Sam glanced over at him as he stepped away, following after him and gently laying a hand on his shoulder. “Are you Alright?” He asked softly.

Gabe glanced up at him and nodded as he rubbed his hands over his ears before slowly bringing them down to cross them, rubbing his elbow “I’m sorry, I just can’t take big crowds as well as I thought I could” He mumbled.

“We can take a break if you want, go and get some food somewhere away from here,” Sam offered, tilting his head away from the crowds.

“No, no” He laughed and shook his head “It was just a minor thing” He shrugged it off and hesitantly took Sam’s hand “I’ll be okay” He smiled widely.

Sam smiled back and squeezed his hand reassuringly before looking around them. “Well.. we’ve got time to kill. Ferris wheel now or later?”

“It’s not even dark yet” He laughed and glanced around until he spotted it, pointing up to it “Maybe later tonight. When it’s dark” He mumbled softly “What do you say?” He asked.

Sam nodded in agreement. “Romantic, don’t you think?”

“Ew, quit being gay” He teased Sam before pulling him in for a quick kiss “Hopefully we won’t get stuck at the top” He laughed softly.

“But maybe we could see the stars better,” Sam said with a pout, looking up at the still-sunny sky. “Maybe. There’s gonna be a lot of lights.”

“You’ll still enjoy it” He mumbled and began to walk with Sam again as he took Sam’s hand to place on his hip again, walking with a smile “Where to now?” He smiled widely.

“Hm.. what else is there to do?” Sam asked, looking around them.

“Oh, come here!” He smiled widely and walked Sam over to the booth with the ducks moving down the water current “You know how what this game is?” He smiled at Sam.

“Uh, no not exactly,” Sam shook his head. “What do we do?”

“It’s a game of chance” He explained and pointed to them “There’s a hundred rubber ducks going around, two of each number. There’s two fifty’s and the higher the number, the better the prize” He grinned and scanned them over before finding a duck to flip over with a fifty on it “You try it” He smiled, offering the duck to the carnie before taking his small elephant plushie.

Sam watched them go, hand raised hesitantly before deciding on one. Thirty. He looked over at Gabe. “Now what?”

“You get a prize from the twenty-one to thirty row” He pointed to the third row on the wall “Anything in the row” He smiled.

Sam looked up and handed the carnie the duck, looking up and down the row before pointing to a stuffed moose.

Gabe watched in confusion for a second as the carnie handed him the toy. Gabe squinted in thought, staring at the moose as Sam took it “Huh..” Gabe mumbled softly.

“What?” Sam asked, trying to situate it in his arms with the giant platypus.

Gabe laughed a little and shrugged “Nothing, I think we might have to take a few trips back home if you wanna keep these all” He half-joked.

“Nah they’ll be fine,” Sam laughed. “Probably.”

“Just wait until you get like ten more” He laughed, messing with the elephant trunk “So how do you like it so far?” He smiled, walking again with it.

Sam glanced around a bit and nodded. “I’d say pretty well, considering I’ve never really been to one.”

Gabe smiled widely and took his hand “That’s good! And maybe one day you can at least stand within five feet of a clown” He grinned.

“Hm. That’s a maybe,” Sam laughed softly, glancing around them quickly before looking up at the sky. “We probably have an hour or so left before dark.. should we take these home real quick?”

“Sure” He smiled “If you want, we can put them in the car and get them out at the end of the night. Or leave my car full of stuffed animals, I guess that'd be okay too” He mumbled.

Sam snorted and nodded. “Saves us some time, why not?”

“I mean, it’s not like we don’t live directly next to main street” He mumbled and walked down the sidewalk, taking a small step closer to Sam as they walked.

Sam nodded in agreement, reaching over to take his hand as he shifted the animals into one arm. “Lucky us, huh? We get to walk in the nice weather.”

“Do not jinx that” He mumbled and laughed as they walked “If it rains on that Ferris wheel while we’re stuck, I will kill you” He mumbled “I’ll drown you in the bottom of the cart” He snorted.

“Damn Gabe,” Sam laughed. “Violent.”

“Then don’t jinx the fucking weather!” He laughed as he unlocked the car and put them in the backseat before locking it again “There, and later we’ll come back for them” He smiled softly as he took Sam’s hand again.

“Eventually,” Sam snorted, squeezing his hand before walking again.

“So we’re just gonna leave them in the car?” He laughed, leading him back up to main street.

“Maybe, depends on how tired we are later,” Sam said with a grin.

“Alright, I’ll give you that” He laughed as they walked “I guess-“ Gabe stopped where he choked on his hitched breath, staring with wide eyes before hesitantly turning around. He frowned and walked closer to Sam, holding his sleeve with his free hand. He gripped Sam’s hand tightly as they walked, refusing to look up.

Sam immediately noticed, glancing down at him with a frown. “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head and leaned the side of his face against Sam’s arm.

Sam’s frown deepened, and he looked around them to try and see what had upset him. He let out a groan as he spotted Jess and Brady, walking away from a food stand. “Ah.”

“I don’t.. like him” Gabe mumbled softly, glancing up at him.

“Hey! Sam!” Jess called out with a smile as she spotted him “Sam!” She called out as she came up to him.

Gabe froze up as he slowly let go of Sam’s hand to cross his own, mumbling underneath his breath.

Sam managed a small smile. “Oh uh.. hey Jess.”

“Hey, how’s it going?” She smiled, waving Brady over. Gabe stood perfectly still as he stared at the ground, not making any effort to leave as he stood in shock.

“You know, just hanging around,” Sam shrugged, glancing back at Gabe with a worried expression before turning back to her, smile once again plastered to his face. “Didn’t think we’d see you here.”

“I didn’t either” She laughed and gestured to Brady “Brady brought me” She smiled widely. Gabe flinched at Brady’s name, staring down at the ground. She glanced at Gabe and frowned “Gabe?” She asked softly.

“Gabe?” Brady spoke up, staring at him “Novak?” He mumbled softly and watched as Gabe turned around to walk away from him “Hey- Gabe!” Brady frowned, taking a step to follow him.

“Just a second,” Sam said quickly, heading after Gabe and setting a hand gingerly on his back. “Gabe, what’s wrong?”

“Gabe!” Brady shouted as he followed them, appearing at Gabe’s other side. Gabe flinched and moved his hands to cover his ears “Gabe- I’m sorry” He frowned, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Gabe immediately smacked his hand away, walking away from both of them. Brady sighed as he watched him.

“Could you just back off for a second?” Sam pleaded, walking after him. “Gabe? Come on, what’s wrong?”

Brady flinched and stayed still, frowning as he still followed, not as quickly. Gabe heaved in breaths as he shook his head and slowed down. He swallowed and walked off to the sidewalk to calm down, crossing his arms “I.. I don’t like him” He mumbled softly.

“Brady?” Sam asked softly, tilting his head. “You know him?”

“Know?” He muttered and frowned “Yeah, all guy wanted while we were dating was to get in my pants” He whispered and stared at the ground “I don’t think Brandon’s changed..” He sighed, shivering a little even though he was in a hoodie.

Sam’s eyes widened a bit, remembering the hoodie. “Oh,” he uttered in realization. “.. do you want to leave?”

He shook his head a little and sighed “No. I’m just gonna ignore him, but if I punch him don’t be surprised” He mumbled “It’s not like I’m really fond of the guy”

“Gabe?” Brady asked softly, making Gabe stiffen out of instinct.

“He doesn’t want to talk right now,” Sam told him as he straightened up, tone apologetic but expression mildly hostile. “Just leave him be please.”

“Please- I” Brady started.

“Bara hålla käften! Jag hatar dig!!” Gabe yelled as Brady flinched in shock “Den bästa delen av dig sprang ner din mammas ben!” He huffed and watched Brady frown.

“You don’t.. mean that” Brady whispered softly.

“..Dra åt helvete” Gabe settles on and turned away from Brady. He stood there for a long minute before backing away to finally walk away. Gabe sighed and let his shoulders fall as he relaxed.

Sam flinched at his tone, hands raised up to his chest before one hesitantly rested on Gabe’s shoulder. “Are you.. Okay?”

“Yeah” Gabe mumbled softly, looking up at Sam before glancing at where Brady had walked off “I don’t... think he’s going to talk to me after what I said” He frowned, raising a hand to his mouth.

Sam let out a soft sigh. “What’d you say?”

“I..” He cleared his throat and glanced back at Sam “That.. the best part of him..” He mumbled, looking back down “..ran down his mother’s leg” He sighed, closing his eyes as he rubbed his forehead.

Sam winced a little and glanced over towards Brady, running a hand over his hair and he turned back to Gabe. “Uh.. damn,” he uttered.

Gabe bit his lip as he brought his hands down to hold in front of him “Maybe it was too harsh” He whispered, knitting his eyebrows together “..I should apologize” He mumbled around his finger as he chewed on his nail.

Sam nodded, gently squeezing his shoulder before straightening up again. “Want me to come with you?”

“..I don’t know” He admitted, glancing at Brady as he carefully walked up to him “Brandon..” He mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter” Brady muttered, staring down at him “You can apologize all you want and I’ll know it’s just to make me feel sorry for you. You don’t feel bad. All you do is manipulate people with that act and make me people suck up to you” He sighed and watched Gabe as he began to cry “Whatever” He sighed again, rubbing his head “God” Brady muttered.

Sam walked after him, a frown still stuck to his face. “Gabe.. come on, let’s just go.”

Gabe heaved a breath and stared at Brady before nodding and coming back to Sam. He hugged his arms as he hesitated to walk close to Sam before taking a step to walk further away.

Sam sighed and kept walking after him. “We can go sit somewhere for a while.”

Gabe shrugged and watched his feet as he walked, glancing at the bench in the park. He slowed to a stop and shifted his gaze between the two.

Sam gestured to the bench. “Do you want to?”

Gabe swallowed and nodded hesitantly “Is.. Is that okay for you?” He asked softly.

“Yeah of course,” Sam assured him, nodding towards it as he started slowly inching his way over.

Gabe nodded and followed after him, gently sitting down to pull his knees up to his chest. He swallowed anxiously as he stared at the ground.

Sam sat quietly next to him, leaning towards him a little without invading his space. “Wanna talk about it?”

He shrugged as he stared at the grass before lowering one knee to rub his foot in the dirt beneath the bench “What’s there to talk about?” He whispered into his knee “I’m just some... manipulate... asshole” He mumbled.

“No, no you aren’t,” Sam insisted, shaking his head. “.. Is that what he’s made you think?”

Gabe shrugged as his chest tightened “I guess” He mumbled softly “It’s just something that’s stuck with me” He glanced at Sam.

Sam nodded in understanding and sighed, glaring in the direction Brady had been before shaking his head. “You aren’t. Trust me.”

Gabe looked at him with surprised eyes and looked away to sit up, dangling both legs off the bench “..I’m not?” He asked in disbelief “But.. Brandon told me..” He mumbled in confusion.

Sam shook his head again. “I don’t know what made him think that, but I’ve never noticed it. Ever.”

“I try to forget about it” He laughed softly and scratched his knee “I actually forgot he knew Swedish..” He admitted softly and looked at Sam with a smile “I should probably teach you too” He laughed.

Sam grinned and nodded enthusiastically. “I’d love to learn it!”

Gabe smiled widely as his face lit up “Really?” He asked loudly.

“Yeah!” Sam laughed and nodded again. “It’s fun to learn new things.”

“Alright- Uh.. I’d suggest the basics, like.. Help. Please. Thank you, yes and no- Oh, and bathroom. That was pretty much the first thing I learned” He laughed “What would you like to learn first?” He smiled.

“Uh.. I guess hello and goodbye would be good to start with,” Sam shrugged, leaning forward in interest.

“Hello is pretty similar. It’s Hej. It varies from Hi and Hello, but they mean the same so you’ll be alright” He explained “And goodbye is Adjö and good riddance is bra riddance, wouldn’t recommend mixing them up” He teased.

Sam snorted and smiled at him. “So hej and.. Adjö?”

“Yes! Hello and goodbye” He smiled widely “What else would you like to learn?” He asked.

“Uh.. the basics, for starters, so you can choose,” Sam shrugged, shifting a little on the bench.

“Alright well yes is Ja. No is..” He paused and squinted “Gimme a sec, I forget words easily” He mumbled and frowned a little “It’s hard growing up on two languages” He laughed.

“I’d think so,” Sam nodded. “Do you forget one or the other more?”

“Sometimes” He mumbled “Sometimes I forget English words” He smiled before gasping “Nej!” He exclaimed “That’s no” He laughed.

Sam grinned and mouthed the words to himself for a moment. “Got it, I think.”

“I’ll still teach you even after you know a lot” he laughed and leaned over a little to stare at his hand. He frowned and laid his hands back in his lap.

Sam tilted his head at him. “What’s up?”

“I..” He laughed a little “It’s stupid now that I think about it” He smiled and glanced back at Sam’s hand “I wanted to hold your hand but.. I didn’t wanna just- grab it” He mumbled and laughed “That does sound stupid now”

Sam smirked and reached forward to take his hand, resting them both on the bench. “Not stupid.”

Gabe smiled softly, squeezing his hand a little. He shifted to move a little closer, setting Sam’s palm against his inner thigh as he laid his hand over Sam’s “Det är det inte?” He smiled softly.

Sam tilted his head in confusion. "Help?" he laughed softly.

“Hjälp” He stated before laughing, “I said ‘It’s not?’ as a question but then I said help” He snorted.

"Oh," Sam nodded with a laugh. "Gotcha. And no, it's not."

“It’s not?” He smiled softly, running a finger over the back of Sam’s hands.

"It's not stupid," Sam insisted, fingers twitching a little as he scooted closer.

He blushed profusely as Sam’s fingers moved “Good to know..” He nodded slowly, keeping Sam’s hand there as he smiled.

Sam snorted and smiled back at him. "Yup."

Gabe laughed as the smile stayed, plastered onto his face “Do you uh.. maybe wanna learn more Swedish?” He asked with a small laugh.

"Sure," Sam shrugged with a grin. "Uh, I know you've said it before but.. what's 'I love you' again?"

Gabe grinned “Jag älskar dig” He whispered “Jag is I, love is älskar within a phrase and kärlek. You is dig or du depending on the phrase as well” He explained.

"How do you know when to use what?" Sam asked. "Dig or du?"

“Du is ‘you’ in normative case, dig is ‘you’ in objective ones. It’s easier to figure out if you switch to first person. Jag is ‘I’ and mig is ‘me’. Du is a second person for jag and dig is a counterpart for mig” He explained as best he could.

Sam nodded as he listened, staring off into space as he processed before resuming his smile. "Jag.. älskar dig?"

“Aw! jag älskar dig också” Gabe laughed and leaned over to press a soft kiss against Sam’s cheek.

Sam's smile widened. "That one I recognize."

“The ‘I love you too’?” He giggled and messed with Sam’s fingers before freezing “Whoa” He mumbled “..I completely forgot I was upset before” He smiled a little and glanced at Sam “Thank you”

“Of course,” Sam nodded, kissing his forehead and looked down at him before glancing up at the darkening sky. “Almost dark. Wanna head to the Ferris wheel?”

“You’re so intent on that Ferris wheel ride, aren’t you?” He mumbled before laughing.

"Little bit," Sam smiled sheepishly, squeezing his hand a little.

Gabe flinched, making a small noise in his throat before blushing “Alright..” He laughed a little “Do you.. like squeezing my thighs or something?” He smiled.

Sam shrugged, moving his hand to sit next to his leg instead. "Do you want me to stop?"

He frowned and shook his head, taking Sam’s hand back to set higher on his thighs before pressing them against Sam’s hand “Nej” He grinned widely at Sam.

Sam snorted and scooted closer to him. "Then I won't," he teased, glancing towards the rides. "Should we head over yet?"

Gabe hummed as he crossed his legs to trap Sam’s hand against his thighs “Do you wanna?” He asked with a soft smile.

"Little bit," Sam nodded, foot tapping for a second as he watched the line start to form.

Gabe sighed a little and uncrossed his legs to stand up, taking Sam’s hand “Then let’s go” He smiled widely.

"Okay!" Sam practically hopped off of the bench and started walking with him.

Gabe jumped and laughed as Sam pulled him “Slow down Sam” He snorted “Precious shorter cargo in the back” He joked.

Sam smiled and slowed down enough for him to be able to keep up. “Sorry,” he laughed softly. “Just excited.”

Gabe smiled “To get stuck on a death trap?” He joked, moving to get a place in line with him.

“Yes,” Sam snorted, grinning back at him.

“So you like the fairs?” He smiled widely, walking forward to keep their place in line as they waited.

Sam glanced around them and nodded. “Yeah, I think I do.”

“Maybe we could go to the fall one later this year” He grinned “We also have a winter thing, but I think that’s just a light show. I really don’t like it, but we can go if you wanna” He smiled.

“Maybe,” Sam agreed, looking up at the Ferris wheel as they got closer.

“It’s pretty cold” He warned him before he taking a step up the platform and pulled Sam in with him “You get to sit by the opening, no offense but I’m not gonna be the falling out” He smiled.

“That’s alright,” Sam assured him, glancing around a little as the worker shut the door and moved them up a little to let more people on and off.

“I’m surprised I’m tall enough for this ride” He mumbled, half-joking.

Sam snorted, leaning forward a bit. “Wish there weren’t so many lights. We could see the stars then.”

“There won’t be so many when you get on top” He pointed up as they moved further up “Hopefully” He shrugged.

Sam smiled and continued to look up as they moved a little higher. “Hopefully.”

“Hoppas” He smiled softly “That’s hope” He mumbled “And hopefully is.. förhoppningsvis“ He smiled.

Sam blinked a couple of times and smiled over at him. “I’m gonna have to write these down.”

Gabe laughed as they stopped again and frowned “Are you fucking kidding me?” He whispered, glancing down at the worker talking with someone “Are you serious?” He sighed and leaned back to cross his arms.

Sam looked down at them and hummed, glancing over at Gabe. “Are you doing okay?”

“Hm? Why wouldn’t I?” He smiled and moved to lean against Sam’s shoulder.

“You said you didn’t like heights, just making sure,” Sam said, kissing his forehead.

“Oh!” Gabe laughed and leaned away “I’m not actually that scared. I just said that to try and help you get over your fear of clowns” He shrugged and smiled shyly.

“Ah, well, still don’t like clowns,” Sam snorted.

“I tried” He laughed and patted his hands on his knees before looking up “Hey, you actually can see the stars” He smiled.

Sam grinned and looked up. “Yeah,” he murmured. “You can see a lot more out in the country. We should go somewhere this summer.”

“We could visit Bobby in the summer” He suggested before smiling at Sam.

Sam nodded. “And he’ll be here tomorrow, he’ll meet us at the park.”

“It’ll be nice to meet” He mumbled softly, glancing down at the ground below them before jumping at a loud noise to his right, covering his ears. He breathed a slow breath, glancing to the side to see the fireworks going off.

Sam turned his gaze towards them. “They have fireworks?”

He grumbled and glared at the now pink and green sky “Yeah” He mumbled softly, flinching at a blue one going off “Not exactly a favorite though” He laughed.

Sam smiled a little. “We’ll be down soon, just cover your ears.”

Gabe glared at him and continued to cover his ears “Det var elakt. Förvänta dig inte några kyssar från mig..”

Sam tilted his head. “Yeah, I uh.. I still don’t understand you,” he laughed nervously.

“I said you’re being mean” He mumbled and looked away from him to pout.

Sam sighed and hunched his shoulders. “Sorry.. we will be down soon, though, not too much longer.”

“I know” He laughed a little and smiled a little, flinching slightly at another firework but staying calm “It’s kind of calming now” He mumbled and looked at Sam.

“And pretty,” Sam nodded, turning towards him a bit.

Gabe tilted his head before squinting at Sam “Me or the fireworks?” He laughed.

“That’s the question isn’t it?” Sam teased, looking fully at him now.

Gabe perked up a little as he registered the question and blushed a little “..Jo .. det är bra med tanke på att vi är förlovade” He mumbled softly before laughing under his breath. He smiled and leaned forward to softly kiss him.

Sam smiled against his lips, playing with the ends of his hair before pulling away. “Jag älskar dig,” he said, going slowly make sure it got it right.

Gabe laughed a little as he put his hand against Sam’s cheek “You know you can say it in English?” He whispered “I’ll still get it in English”

“I know that,” Sam smiled. “But I want to learn it.”

“And yet you don’t know ‘Vill du gifta dig med mig?’ means?” He snorted, leaning back up to kiss his cheek.

“Not really no,” Sam laughed. “I want to remember this one first.”

“But..” He hesitated before frowning and quickly pulled away “Alright” He mumbled.

“What? What does it mean?” Sam asked, head tilted in confusion.

Gabe tensed and laughed a little “Well...” He whispered as his whole face turned red.

Sam kept his confused expression. “Is it bad?”

“Well-“ Gabe mumbled, hesitating as he thought “Not a bad thing to ask when you’re dating” He explained “Might be bad if... you knew what it meant.. and agreed to it” He rambled to himself.

“Well you seemed happy about it, can’t be that bad,” Sam shrugged a little, reaching down for his hand.

“Yeah, because you said yes-“ He mumbled and inched his hand away in fear.

Sam sighed, drawing his hand back. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s not right to make you agree..” He mumbled softly before biting his lip “You.. agreed to... marry me” He mumbled the end extra quietly.