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Sam stared at him before he leaned down and kissed him, hardly even thinking about it before he’d done it.

Gabe paused and stared, wide-eyed at him. His heart beat loudly in his chest as he froze before carefully closing his eyes. He set his hand on Sam’s chest as he let Sam kiss him, his small hand tightening in Sam’s shirt as he slowly began to kiss back.

Sam sighed a little, hands hesitantly moving to hold his back. He leaned down more towards him, so he wasn’t towering over him as much as he had been.

Gabe slowly moved his hand up to Sam’s neck before holding his jaw. He gently rubbed his thumb over it before cupping his cheek. He quickly opened his eyes once he’d realized what they were doing and shoved him away, taking a step back to stare at Sam. He swallowed anxiously as his hands began to shake, one coming up to cover his mouth as he refused to take his eyes off of Sam “That..” he whispered, walking around Sam “That was wrong..” He sighed out and turned to run to his room, closing the door as he leaned against the back of it, hand fumbling to lock the door before sliding to the floor, his eyes painfully wide in fear as he breathed.

Sam stood frozen to the floor out in the living room, staring at the door for a few minutes before walking outside to get some air, sitting on the stairs with his head in his hands.

Gabe panicked as he held his hand over his chest, breathing carefully and slowly to calm himself down as he took out his phone with shaky hands “Fuck” He whispered.

Candy 10:47 PM: I think i just did a bad thing.

Sam jumped a little at his phone, pulling it out of his pocket.

Moose 10:50 PM: What happened?

Gabe took another deep breath, trying to calm down a little more so he’d stop shaking as he clutched his phone. He stared at the text and couldn’t reply. He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t bring his hands to move. He swallowed and stared at it. He didn’t feel comfortable talking to him anymore. He didn’t understand why considering he’d been able to talk to him for three years. He figured it was because he’d been ignoring him for a week. Why would Gabe want to talk to someone about something this serious, when they never texted him back. He choked as he inhaled, finding out he’d been holding his breath as he shivered. He raised his thumbs to fumble through his contacts and ending up on the best person to tell this to. He called and held the phone up to his ear.

“Come on Dean..” He whispered softly, trying not to cry. He shouldn’t be, but he couldn’t see through all the tears he was holding back.

The phone rang for a couple of seconds before Dean picked up. “Hey Gabe,” he greeted. “Little late don’t you think?”

Gabe panicked at the thought of bothering Dean, being quiet as tears fell from his eyes. He frowned and finally whispered “..I kissed your brother”

Dean went quiet for a moment before speaking again. “Son of a bitch, did you really?” He asked with a soft laugh. “How’d that happen?”

“I..” Gabe paused as cried “We were arguing” He started quietly “And I was screaming in his face and then he..” He frowned “He kissed me..” He whispered and rubbed his face.

The silence was longer this time as he thought. “Damn.. doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” He mumbled to himself. “How’re you doing?”

“Yes! That’s my issue!” He cried and covered his mouth before rubbing his eyes again “I’m not doing.. good” He admitted “I liked it- like, I like him but I think he just made me panic and I.. I kissed him back but I shouldn’t have.. I really wanted to though so.. I- I don’t know” He whispered softly, chewing on his lip.

“Well I know you liked him, I wouldn’t call wanting to kiss him a bad thing,” Dean sighed. “I guess we know how Sam feels now. I might need to have a word with him,” he finished under his breath.

“I wouldn’t either, but in the situation.. he’s not single” He frowned “I don’t wanna get him in trouble.. Please don’t make him mad at me?” Gabe asked, finally half way calmed down “I just.. What do I do Dean? You’re like an older brother to me- What do I do?”

“First things first, just breathe,” Dean instructed in a soft voice. “I’m gonna talk to Sam, and when I’m done I think you two should talk about things. I’ll be coming over in a bit to help.”

“What- no” He whispered, his breath catching up again “He’s gonna kill me and..” He gaped a bit “He has a girlfriend” Gabe whispered again before sighing softly “I can’t face him” He declared “I just.. can’t”

“You can,” Dean assured him. “Seriously, I’m coming over. I’m already in the car, you can’t talk me out of it.”

“Fuck..” Gabe whispered softly and rubbed his head “I.. don’t talk on the phone and drive. I’ll see you when you get here.. if I didn’t leave” He whispered softly and rubbed his face.

“Don’t leave just yet,” Dean sighed. “I’ll be there soon. Sit tight, Okay?”

“..Okay” Gabriel said softly before hanging up, lowering his phone. Fuck. He didn’t mean for Dean to come and talk to them. He wanted advice, or money for a passport to another country, not this. He glanced at his phone and saw Moose’ message before standing up and replying

Candy 11:27 PM: I’m fucked.

Moose 11:31 PM: Same but what happened???

Gabe shrugged and dropped his phone on the bed before glancing at the door. It took him a good few minutes before being able to actually push open the door, only to stay in his room. He cursed himself for a second and walked out, seeing that Sam wasn’t anywhere in the living room. All the doors were open, so he either left or went into the kitchen. Gabe glanced in the kitchen as he walked through the living room. He turned and stood on his toes to see out the peep-hole, frowning at Sam, sitting in the dark on his phone. He felt guilty. Really guilty.

He turned around to grab one of Sam’s jackets and put his shoes on, slowly opening the door. He frowned how Sam had tensed up before gently placing the jacket around Sam’s shoulders before stepping to stand on the top step, looking down at Sam “..You’re gonna catch a cold staying in the dark” He shivered and crossed his arms, breathing out hot air to see how cold it really was. He regret not getting a jacket himself.

Sam sighed and set his phone down on his lap, wiping his face with his sleeve. “Sounds like a problem for the future Sam,” he mumbled. “You don’t have to get sick too. It’s freezing out here.”

He frowned and watched Sam’s teary eyes before a shiver came over him “..Come back inside” He whispered softly, setting a hand on Sam’s shoulder “I mean it. I don’t want you getting sick”

Sam glanced over at him momentarily and stared down at his feet, sitting there for a long while before nodding slowly. “Okay.”

Gabe smiled softly and moved back up the steps and opened the door, leaning on it to keep it open for him. He was waiting to make sure he went inside, and then they’d talk.

Sam shuddered as he stood, trying to pull his jacket around himself like a blanket to block out the cold. He kept his head down until he made it to the couch, still clutching his jacket.

“You’ll thank me when you’re not sick” Gabe laughed a little and looked around the parking lot before closing the door. He glanced at Sam and smiled at him. He walked around the table to sit next to him, tucking his legs under his thighs as he sat down to put a hand on Sam’s shoulder “Still cold?” He whispered, staring at him guiltily.

Sam shrugged a little. “My fault for sitting out there for so long,” he sighed. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.”

He frowned and raised the back of his knuckles to feel Sam’s cheek “You’re gonna get sick if you stay cold like that” He sing-sang before laying his warm hand on Sam’s cheek “And how embarrassing would that be to explain to your friends?” He teased.

Sam’s face twitched in a small smile that disappeared almost as quickly as it had come. “I dunno, Charlie and Kevin have seen me do some pretty dumb shit.”

He laughed and shook his head as he took his hand away “Well I’ve seen you do this” He mumbled and sat up to walk into Sam’s room, coming back in a second to hold up the hoodie with his last name on it “Here” He smiled.

Sam looked over at it and shook his head. “I’m okay, seriously, n-not even that cold now,” he said, failing to hide his shivering as he continued to hold his jacket around him.

“Sam, put on the fucking hoodie” He whispered, frowning at him “C’mon”

“Don’t need it,” Sam shook his head insistently. “Th-this one’s okay.”

Gabe sighed deeply through his nose before moving the fabric around to pull over his head with ease considering how large it was. Once he’d gotten it comfortable, he moved Sam’s arms away from his chest and leaned him back to sit in his lap, leaning into his chest to cuddle up in the hoodie “Then I guess I’ll just have to take the warmth to you” He muttered stubbornly as he raised his head to nudge Sam’s chin.

Sam blinked quickly in surprise, arms hovering a little above Gabe for a couple of seconds before slowly resting themselves over him. “If you’re sure.”

He smiled and closed his eyes as he mumbled “I’m not sure about a lot of things, but I don’t want you getting sick” He frowned and moved his head to look up at him “Next time, just come inside when I tell you to” He smiled widely.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he laughed softly, sighing as he relaxed a bit.

Gabe smiled at him and raised a hand to poke Sam’s cold nose before hugging his neck to press his cheek against Sam’s cheek, keeping him close as he laughed “If you did then we wouldn’t have to be doing this right now” Gabe mumbled, still with a smile.

“Very good point,” Sam snorted, going quiet for a minute. “Just so you know.. I doubt Jess will be coming over anymore.”

Gabe loosened his grip on Sam’s neck and backed away from him to cross his arms “Did you tell her?” He frowned and looked back up at him.

Sam shook his head and dropped his arms into his lap. “I broke up with her this morning.. she didn’t really take it well.”

His eyes widened a little as swallowed and looked down in his own lap “But..” He mumbled softly and gently took Sam’s hand before looking at him, opening his mouth before not speaking.

Sam’s shoulders slumped a little as he shrugged. “My decision, I’ll deal with whatever comes with it,” he muttered. “Hopefully better than I did this morning.”

He frowned a little and stared at him “But why?” He whispered “You loved Jess.. I don’t get why you just randomly broke it off” He frowned.

“I did, or I tried to,” Sam sighed. “Just.. not as much as she deserved. She didn’t really stick around to hear me out.”

“Oh,” Gabe mumbled softly, bringing his knees up to his chest before smiling at him “..Is it all at least working out?” He asked softly.

Sam thought about it and smiled a little. “I think it’s finally starting to, yeah.”

“That’s a good thing” He smiled softly and messed with a hole in his skinny jeans before looking at Sam “Uh.. I may or may not have told Dean about.. what we did.. so he’s coming over” He mumbled softly “..Like.. on his way”

“Oh.” Sam glanced over at the door and back to Gabe. “Well uh.. is he pissed at me?”

“He was more worried.. He said he did wanna talk to you though” He admitted and frowned at Sam “Sorry.. I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I figured if I told Dean he would know” He whined.

“I haven’t told him anything.. actually the only person I ever said anything to was Charlie,” Sam sighed. “Not about the kiss.. other stuff, from when I left in the middle of the night.”

Gabe hummed and smiled at him “What’d.. uh, what did you tell Charlie?” He asked cheerfully, not quite knowing how to phrase it.

Sam took a second before answering. “Some stuff about Jess.. mostly stuff about me.. maybe, possibly liking.. someone.”

“Oh,” Gabe suddenly frowned and looked away from him “How’d that go?” He mumbled, muffled against his shoulder.

“Not sure yet.. you tell me,” Sam shrugged with a shy smirk, pressing further into the couch.

He perked up again and looked at Sam with a confused expression “Oh..?” He mumbled softly and gasped “Oh!” He smiled “Oh- oh” He mumbled and smiled widely “You meant me” He snorted and covered his mouth with his hands.

Sam laughed, throwing his head back a little and looking at him again with a grin. “Yeah, you.”

He paused as he laughed and raised his hands up to cover his whole face before taking them away to smile at him “Why?” He whispered “..Why would you do that to yourself?”

Sam laughed again and shrugged. “Why would you do this to yourself?” He asked, gesturing to himself.

He frowned before smiling a little bit and answered him by moving to straddle his lap so he could grab his face “Because” He declared with a proud smile before gently pressing a kiss to his mouth.

Sam made a little noise in surprise, closing his eyes as he relaxed and held him closer.

Gabe smiled a little as he raised a hand up to his temple before reaching to take the ponytail out. He carefully put it around his wrist as he ran his fingers through Sam’s hair, playing with the strands as he opened his mouth for Sam to take control.

Sam moved the both of them so he was leaning more over him, running one hand up through his hair as he held the other against his back.

The front door creaked slightly as it opened, silence following before it shut again, with seemingly more force than was intended.

Gabe smiled at the feeling in his hair before pushing Sam gently away to look up at him, his face turning a bright red as he edged Sam to sit up more “Shit” He mumbled softly and pushed Sam completely off to stand up, frowning as he glanced at Sam. That was kind of mean. He hummed and bent down to quickly kiss him before walking to the door and carefully opening it to purse his lips at Dean before smiling at him “Bubby..” He laughed softly and cleared his throat “I..” He mumbled softly, his face turning a darker color.

Dean raised an eyebrow at him and smirked. “Uh.. I’m guessing you guys talked things over?” He teased. “Guess you didn’t need me.”

He laughed softly and smiled at Dean “So how’d things go with Jo today?!” He asked suddenly “I’m sorry I wasn’t there, I wish I could’ve been but I decided to call off to.. watch Netflix” He mumbled and smiled, messing with the oversized sleeves on Sam’s hoodie.

“Uh huh, I can see that,” Dean snorted, looking over his shoulder. “Heya Sammy.”

“Hey Dean,” Sam laughed nervously back, fingers drumming on his legs.

Gabe glanced back at Sam before leaning up to Dean on his toes and whispered “Your brother is a really amazing kisser by the way” before standing back down and blushing.

Dean’s eyes flitted towards him with a smirk and crossed his arms. “So.. should I leave now or what?”

“Hm.. I’m sorry I called you and made you drive for nothing. I feel bad now” He mumbled softly, looking down at his feet before glancing at Dean with soft eyes.

“Well, I’m here now,” Dean shrugged. “Mind if I steal your couch until morning? You’ve got two perfectly good bedrooms.”

“Yeah, sure” Gabe gestured softly before taking his arm “Do you wanna stay in my room? You can stay in my room” Gabe declared without Dean answering “You’re staying in my room, just don’t touch any of my plants” He smiled softly and pointed to the door “That one’s mine”

“Uh.. Okay?” Dean scoffed, walking forward to the room. “You two better not keep me up,” he finished jokingly, shutting the door behind him.

Sam snorted and shook his head, standing up from the couch. “Gotta love his impeccable timing, huh?”

Gabe smiled softly before sighing “Yeah” He mumbled “I still feel bad” He admitted and checked the time “Jesus, it’s almost twelve” He frowned and looked at Sam “You should get some sleep and go to bed. It’s really late and you have a morning class” He frowned.

“Oh yeah,” Sam sighed, glancing at the clock. “Where uh.. where are you sleeping?”

“Probably on the couch or under the table” He shrugged “I like the floor though, it reminds me of when I was a kid and would have sleepovers and shit in my sibling’s rooms and when we went to cousin’s houses” He smiled, taking his arms out of the sleeves to pull Sam’s hoodie off.

“If you want but, my door’s always open,” Sam offered with a smile, wringing his hands as he started backing towards his room.

He shrugged a little bit and put the hoodie in Sam’s hand before waving him off and falling onto the couch, cuddling into the arm of it with a soft smile.

Sam sighed and retreated to his room, sitting on his bed for a while before getting up and taking a spare pillow and blanket out to Gabe. He’d already fallen asleep, so Sam carefully tucked the pillow behind him and tossed the blanket over him before heading back into his room to sleep.

Gabe had woken up later in the night, kicking the covers off of his legs before carefully sitting up. He didn’t remember getting a blanket or pillow until he glanced at Sam’s slightly cracked door. He smiled softly and stood up to go into the laundry room and changed into some clean volley shorts he had and came back for his pillow and blanket. He then retreated to Sam’s room to find him asleep, gently closing the door as he laid on the floor, cuddling the pillow as he tucked himself in and went back to sleep.

Sam woke up about an hour later, squinting tiredly at the time before hearing soft breathing from the floor. He leaned over to see Gabe, holding back a laugh as he got off of the bed to pick him and his pillow up and set him in the bed. He pulled the covers over both of them and settled in close, quickly falling back asleep.

Gabe groaned in protest in his sleep at the movements but settled down once he felt Sam's chest pressed against his back.

Gabe woke up in the morning by stretching and rolling onto his back to find Sam's arm still around him. He smiled softly as he shifted again to lay closer, throwing a leg over his hips as one arm curled against his chest and the other went over Sam's back. Gabe gently breathed as he nestled into Sam's chest and closed his eyes again to fall back asleep.

Sam was startled awake around eight by his alarm going off, eyes flying open and attempting to sit up before he noticed Gabe practically clinging to him.

Gabe frowned at Sam's movements, sleep being disturbed by the alarm clock as well. He pouted the entire time he moved off of Sam and rolled onto his other side, facing away from him as he quickly fell back asleep, hogging most of the blankets.

Sam let out a yawn as he turned off the alarm, rubbing his eyes and looking over at Gabe with a smile. He sighed as he picked out fresh clothes and headed to the bathroom to get ready, reemerging freshly clean nearly half an hour later.

“Morning sunshine, I used your coffee pot, still hot if you want any,” Dean greeted, leaning against the counter in his clothes from the day before. “Noticed Gabe isn’t out here.”

“Observational of you,” Sam snorted, waving him off as he headed for his room. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Eh, got a date later, so I should probably head home soon,” Dean shrugged, sipping his coffee. “How’s Sleeping Beauty?”

“Asleep, Maybe,” Sam deadpanned, opening his bedroom door.

Apart from Gabe’s arm and shoulder off the side of his bed, he looked tired or dead, but he sure did look peaceful.

Asleep,” Sam confirmed in a slightly quieter voice.

Dean snorted and finished his coffee, rinsing his mug and leaving it in the sink. “Well, I’ll see you sometime. Don’t be late for school,” he joked, walking forward to pt his shoulder before heading for the door.

“Yeah yeah, don’t be late for your date,” Sam scoffed, waving to him as he left.

Gabe mumbled something from Sam's room in his sleep as his body started sliding off the bed. He hit the ground with a thud, wrapped in the blankets, still cuddling the pillow as he slept peacefully.

Sam jumped at the noise, looking over at him with a wide-eyed stare. He stood there for a couple of seconds before walking over to him, gently shaking his shoulder.

Gabe grumbled in his sleep, displeased with the movement as he squinted angrily up at Sam before mumbling in the softest voice he'd ever spoken "What?" He asked in a surprisingly calm and anxiety-free tone. He waited a second before closing his eyes again.

“You uh, rolled off of the bed Gabe,” Sam laughed softly. “Are you okay?”

He hummed and laid his head back down with a yawn, cuddling into the pillow as he shifted a little bit. He didn't seem to care too much for it as he fell back asleep, drool forming on the pillow as he breathed.

Sam laughed softly, pulling the blankets over him again. “I’m heading to class, I’ll see you later,” he said softly, shutting his door before heading out to his car with his jacket and bag. He returned home at around two in the afternoon, setting his bag against the wall with a sigh and was about to call out to Gabe when he noticed him hanging up decorations.

Gabe was standing on the couch, back turned to Sam as he listened to music through his earbuds, enjoying the song instead of singing it this time. He was in the process of standing on his toes on the arm of the couch to stick fake spiders and insects into what looked like fake cobwebs all over the ceiling.

Sam walked forward a bit, not wanting to startle him in case he fell, and watched from against the wall opposite Gabe.

Gabe smiled widely as he glanced down at Sam in the same crop top shirt that showed the long scar across his hip “Hey!” He called out loudly before remembering his music, taking them out, to climb down “Sorry”

“Nah it’s alright,” Sam smiled, still leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. “I was going to say something but I didn’t want you to fall.”

"Aw, thanks" He laughed softly and paused his music to lay his phone and earbuds on the table "I appreciate the one person in my life who doesn't want my head to bust open" He laughed and sighed, sitting down to put his feet on the tote of decorations "So, how was school?" He smiled.

“Eh, Kevin and Charlie were there, so that helped,” Sam shrugged, standing up a little straighter.

He watched Sam before shrugging "College can suck sometimes" He frowned and sat up to stand next to him "Just focus on homework and grades and you should be fine" He mumbled, rubbing his forearm "But for now do you wanna let me sit on your shoulders as I stick plastic spider in the cobwebs?" He snorted, holding up the spiders and bats.

Sam laughed. “I guess? Hop on up.” He sat himself down on the couch, leaning forward a bit as he waited for Gabe.

“Aw hell yeah” Gabe laughed a little as he moved behind him, carefully positioning himself on Sam’s shoulders. He was surprisingly lightweight “I’m not hurting you, am I?” He asked quickly “Just making sure..” He mumbled softly.

“Nah, you’re alright,” Sam responded with a shake of his head, a little surprised at how light he was. He stood up carefully, holding onto his legs. “I’m gonna have to keep a little low but.. where am I headed?”

Gabe blushed at the feeling of Sam’s hands on his thighs “Right here’s fine for now, but just a small step forward” He smiled, resting his arms on his head with a childlike grin, even though he knew Sam couldn’t see him.

Sam did as he was instructed, having to bend his knees so Gabe could reach without hitting the ceiling. “Gotcha.”

“Do you?” He joked, placing a hand on top of Sam as he stuck an insect in the web, moving his head to look down at him.

“Probably, we’ll see,” he joked before nodding. “Yeah.”

“What?” He asked, having to use his other hand to make sure the bat didn’t fall “Ya know, I hope you that’s a real arm instead of a fake one that you find in the fridge” He declared. Gabe glanced down as their front door gently pushed open.

“Sup bitches?” Charlie laughed and closed the door behind him, dropping her bag on the floor “Gabe is up.. apparently” She mumbled.

“Hey Charlie, just doing a little decorating,” Sam grinned. “What’s up?”

“Gabe” She mumbled, pointing up to him “Gabe is up, he is.. high- How are you not afraid of falling?” She asked “Like- It’s Sam” She laughed.

“Charlie, he has his hands on my bare thighs. I don’t think he’s gonna take his hands away anytime soon” He mumbled, not paying too much attention as he tried to put a spider in a really thin spot in the web.

Sam smiled sheepishly and nodded toward the decoration tote. “Feel free to help out. I’d ask him where he wants these, though, I wouldn’t call myself a good decorator.”

Gabe flinched at his head’s movements and shook his head. Hair on bare thighs was a definite weird feeling.

“Alright” She smiled softly, still staring at them with a soft smile “So,” She smirked at Sam “What are we now?” She asked, walking over to the tote to put on a witch hat, turning to smile at them.


Sam hesitated a bit and shrugged. “Close, definitely close.”

Gabe wobbled and held onto Sam’s head “Samuel!” Gabe frowned “Still up here”

“Sorry!” Sam grimaced, going still. “Not used to carrying people around.”

“You’re most likely going to get used to it” He mumbled softly and placed a bat on his head “Especially if you room with me” He teased, dangling a plastic insect in front of his face.

Sam snorted and blew at it. “Most likely,” he agreed. “Hey Charlie, did you sleep at all when you left last night?”

“You will” Gabe smiled proudly and patted his head as he took the bar away “Alright, put me down” He mumbled.

“Uh, not really” She laughed softly “I was finishing Voltron” She admitted.

Sam crouched down to the floor so he could get down and laughed. “What, without us? Rude.”

Gabe smiled as he brought one leg up to sit on his back before sliding off, walking off to the tote to go through more things.

“I was impatient, plus it has canon gay at the end” Charlie mumbled.

“In my defense, I was just rewatching it with you guys and this is my third time rewatching it” Gabe laughed as he took out a paper bat with a soft velcro strip on it, moving next to Sam to stick it to his shirt before sticking some on the wall in a wave motion.

“Hey,” Sam laughed, pulling the end of his shirt around to see it. “And I haven’t seen it at all before yesterday, so still rude.”

“God, you’re such a cry baby” Gabe laughed as he came over to take the bat off “How about tonight we watch the rest of it, okay?” Gabe asked, “Will that make you happy?” He smiled.

“Yes,” Sam grinned, letting go of his shirt. “Plus, no class tomorrow, so I don’t need to be up anytime soon tomorrow.”

“Alright, well when I’m done with Halloween stuff, we’ll start watching it” He smiled up at him before going back to stick bats on the wall.

Charlie stood, the witch hat tilted back as she watched them “So, are you guys dating?” She asked “You definitely don’t seem to hate each other anymore” Charlie smiled.

“Uh.. not really dating, but I’d definitely say we’re comfortable with each other,” Sam shrugged and smiled a little, glancing over at Gabe with a smirk.

Gabe felt his face heat up as he glared back at Sam, smirking himself “I’d come over there and kiss that stupid smirk off your face, but we’re not dating” He mocked before sticking his tongue out at him.

“You guys are so mean to each other” Charlie snorted.

“We never made it official,” Sam laughed, putting his hands up in defense.

Gabe stood with a broom and a sign before shrugging “And you expect me to do something about it?” He asked with a laugh, walking past him to the door.

“I don’t know,” he snorted. “People are bound to ask, though.”

“..Sam, come on” Charlie laughed “I’m not even with the guy and I knew what he was doing”

“I’m glad at least someone knows” Gabe laughed and opened the door to tie the sign to the hook under their apartment number, setting the broom in the corner of the landing. He closed the door and smiled at Sam “He’s just bad with feeling” He explained.

“That’s.. not wrong,” Sam sighed with a sheepish smile, rubbing his arm.

“Don’t get upset about it” Gabe mumbled and took the hand on his arm away to hold it “It’s okay, you don’t have to be good with them, especially since I’m not good with them” He admitted, letting go of his hand to take the hat from Charlie and walk to the kitchen.

“Aw, you guys are cute” She teased before whispering to him “You do.. realize what he was doing, right?”

Sam pressed his lips together and shook his head. “I’m slow today,” he said with an apologetic smile.

She snorted and shook her head, smiling widely at him before gently nudging his arm “He was hinting at you to ask him out” She whispered to make sure Gabe didn’t hear her.

“Hey, do you think we should buy Halloween candy this year? For the kids- because.. last year, I kind of just bought a bunch for myself and went into a sugar cone for I wanna day twenty hours” Gabe laughed a little.

Sam jumped a little as he came back into the room. “Yeah we can do that,” he grinned. “Not sugar comas, candy for the kids.”

“But.. sugar coma” He pouted softly before smiling “Alright, I’ll go to the store around Halloween” He shrugged and reached into the tote, pulling out a fake pumpkin painting in stripes “Aren’t they adorable?” He smiled widely, looking up at Sam.

Sam nodded and smiled. “Where are we putting those?”

“Inside, they’re a gift from my brother and since he’s not around anymore, I like to keep them inside. He knew how much I liked Halloween” He smiled and set them on the couch, taking out four or five.

“Where does your brother live now?” Charlie asked.

“Oh, he uh- well, to phrase it lightly he passed away so.. He’s not living” Gabe laughed a little, trying to make a joke out of it as he held one that was checker painted.

Sam’s smile turned a little sad. “I’m sorry.. it’s nice to have something to remember him by now, Don’t you think?”

“There’s quite a few things” He laughed a little before seeing their confused expressions “Well- here” He mumbled and stood up to pull the crop top up, rubbing his scar “I kind of, almost died too” He laughed softly “It’s kind of a long story”

Charlie glanced at Sam before smiling and moved to sit on the couch, holding one of the pumpkins in her lap as she tilted her head, waiting for him to begin.

“Can I ask what happened?” Sam asked hesitantly, shifting his weight a little as he stood.

Gabe smiled softly at him, noticing that he remembered to ask first. He appreciated that “Remember that car accident we got into?” He smiled sadly “When the glass broke and Alfie..” He struggled before waving his hand in a circle “The glass coming from the windshield went everywhere and some pretty large pieces cut into my side and leg when I passed out” Gabe was quiet for a second before shrugging “Now I’ve got big scars and holes in my body” He laughed softly.

Sam grimaced a little at the thought of him being hurt. “Do they.. hurt still?”

He shrugged “I mean.. If I like, squeeze them or pull on them, yeah. But that’s normal. I just get anxious” He mumbled and stood up to smile “This isn’t the worst one, I have more down my legs and shoulder”

“But that one..” Charlie frowned.

“Is big and looks like it hurts, I know” Gabe mumbled and shrugged “I have one-” He mumbled, patting his leg before spreading his hands about three inches apart on his upper thigh “Right here, and another below it, around here” He shrugged, rubbing his leg before straightening his back “They’re all healed, for now,” He smiled and took one of the pumpkins to sit on the kitchen table.

Charlie glanced at him and frowned “For now?” She mumbled before looking in at him “Jeez” She whispered and stood up with the pumpkin, looking at it.

Sam smiled a little in his direction. “I’ve got a couple on my shoulder but.. their stories are kinda meh,” he laughed sheepishly, rolling his shoulder a bit. “Backed into my bedroom door like a moron.”

“Ow!” Gabe frowned and stared at him sadly “That probably hurt like a bitch” He mumbled and walked back in to sit next to Sam with a smile “But they’re all okay now?” He asked softly.

“Oh yeah, it was while I was in my freshman year of high school,” Sam nodded in affirmation. “We’re all good.”

“Aw, clumsy baby Sam” He laughed and took his hand to intertwine their much different sized fingers “At least you’re all better now” He mumbled.

Sam grinned and squeezed his hand gently before nodding to a string of lights hanging out of the tote. “Are we using those?” He asked softly.

He smiled and glanced at them “Yeah, but it’s gonna take me a good while to get them up” He mumbled and let go of his hand to stand up and sit on the floor, untangling them.

Charlie smiled softly at him before glancing down in the tote, sitting down “Are you gonna force Sam to let you ride on his shoulders again?”

“Maybe” Gabe shrugged casually and smirked at Sam “Sounds like a good idea” He declared.

“I wouldn’t say force, I’m happy to give you a lift,” Sam smiled back at him as he stood from the couch.

“I was joking!” Gabe laughed “I can use a chair from the kitchen, it’s fine” He mumbled as he started unraveling the lights “But I make take you up on that offer another time” He smiled and winked at him.

Sam smirked and crossed his arms. “I’ll keep that in mind.”