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Gabe smiled softly at his phone ever since his best friend had texted him. He didn’t know the guy’s name since he refused to tell Gabe until they met in person, to which they still haven’t. Three years later and ‘Moose’ still was stubborn. Although in his defense, Gabe refused to reveal his either.

Gabe jumped at the knock on his door, putting his phone down on the kitchen counter as he headed for the door. Ever since a few months ago, Gabe had put up an offer for a roommate. Not only did Gabe have a job and offered free coffee and baked goods from his bakery, but he was willing to offer his place for another person as long as they helped pay some of the rent.

So here he was taking a breath and opening the door to his unknown new roommate, looking up at the tall man in disbelief before mumbling “You didn’t tell me you were this tall..” He cleared his throat and laughed a little “Sorry- Samuel, right?” He asked

The man jumped back a little as the door open, hesitating a moment with his mouth hanging open before he nodded. "Yeah, uh, Sam, I don't go by Samuel," he said, clearing his throat and holding out his hand to him. "Sam Winchester. And you're Gabriel?"

Gabe scoffed a little and smiled awkwardly “Right..” He mumbled and shook his hand before smirking “Yeah, uh, Gabe” He mumbled quickly “I don’t go by Gabriel” He whispered before letting go of his hand and gesturing for him to come inside.

Sam stepped inside cautiously, looking around at the connected living room and kitchen before turning his head back towards Gabe. "Uh, so.. which room am I staying in?"

“Here” Gabe smiled, pointing to the first door on the left. “The bedrooms are to the left, first door yours, second is mine- I request my privacy” He mumbled softly “Then there are my plants, don’t touch them either” Gabe whispered “Across from my door in the bathroom, please don’t mix those up, and the couch and TV and the kitchens there. I know it’s kinda small, but it’s simple” Gabe shrugged.

"That's fine, it doesn't need to be anything fancy," Sam responded with a brief smile. "I'll just.. go unpack." he cleared his throat again and started towards the door Gabe had pointed out, letting go of his suitcase handle for a second to push the door open and step inside.

Gabe nodded softly and sighed softly, rubbing his face as he went to the kitchen to grab his phone with a frown

Candy 2:38 PM: sorry, was helping someone. Pretty sure they don’t like me hahabNdbtbt :,)

Moose 2:39 PM: Don't worry about it, I'm a little busy too
Moose 2:39 PM: What makes you think they don't like you?

Candy 2:39 PM: NO CLUE
Candy 2:40 PM: just. probably was a little rude idek
Candy 2:40 PM: anyways.. that was me being anxious and nearly having a panic attack in my kitchen

Gabe laughed a little and shoved his phone in his pocket as he got up to go through the living room to the bathroom door in front of his plants by the window. He smiled as he took the small spray bottle from the hook he put in the wall and gently sprayed each of them, rubbing one of the succulent’s rubbery petals

Moose 2:41 PM: Aww no D:
Moose 2:41 PM: Deep breaths buddy, everything'll turn out

Sam returned from his new room a few minutes later, rubbing his arm nervously as he glanced around. "So uh, are there any rules I need to know about? Or a chores thing, I'm alright with cleaning up after myself."

Candy 2:46 PM: Where's the stressed emoji hhh

Gabe jumped and put his phone in his pocket as he glanced back at Sam "Uh, no- You should probably know my work schedule though so I'll get a copy of that so you'll know if I'm at work" He shrugged and swallowed nervously "I clean every Monday, like- Laundry, mop and sweep and vacuum and dust and.. basic stuff" He shrugged "If you wanna help then while I clean I'm okay with that and like- If you need something washed you can tell me and I'll clean it.. or you can clean it, either way," He shrugged "Just, preferably no people over on Monday" He smiled weakly

"Got it," Sam agreed with a nod, fidgeting with his pocket for a moment before letting his hands rest at his sides. "Well I have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, all in the afternoon, and I'll need to find a job around here, but cleaning is something I can help out with." He quieted down and stood anxiously for a couple of seconds, before hesitantly shuffling towards the couch to sit down and pull out his phone.

Moose 2:51 PM: It'll be alright candyman

Moose 2:51 PM: And I know you hate that name but it's funny so I'm gonna use it

"Got it-.." he mumbled as Sam walked off and played with his longish hair before swallowing softly. He sighed and carefully took out his phone to stare at the messages and smile softly

Candy 2:52 PM: yeah, thanks >_>
Candy 2:52 PM: holy shit im fucking shaky and need a nap, it's like, only 3 and i need sLEEP
Candy 2:53 PM: but i cant because roommates :')

Moose 2:54 PM: Fuck your roommates, take a nap, take an all night nap

Moose 2:54 PM: Take a nap or I'll have to come find you and make you sleep

Candy 2:55 PM: dAMN MOOSE
Candy 2:55 PM: youre nice, huh?
Candy 2:55 PM: fine, i'll sLEEP

Gabe lied as he put his phone away and put the spray bottle back on the hook. He glanced at Sam in the living room and scratched his head as he looked at Sam "So like.. how old are you exactly?" He asked out of curiosity.

Sam looked up at him, slightly startled, and took a second to reply. "Nineteen," he finally answered, putting his phone away and leaning over to rest his elbows on his knees. "You?"

Gabe laughed and moved to sit next to him, keeping his distance by a good foot and a half on the loveseat "I'm old" He grinned before laughing and looking at him "I'm joking. I'm twenty, almost twenty-one" He mumbled, picking at the edge of his phone case "Yay alcohol.." He mumbled awkwardly.

Sam cracked a small smile and shrugged. "Sounds like something my brother would say," he laughed quietly, fiddling with his hands.

"Like, the sarcastic way I did or the actually- like, actual drinking person thing" He mumbled anxiously "..How old is your brother?!" He asked a little loudly as he stared at Sam impatiently

Sam flinched away a bit, shrugging. "Twenty-three, we're only four years apart," he answered quietly.

"Oh thank god" Gabe mumbled softly "Sorry- I just thought he was like.. thirteen and was worried for your family" He laughed a little "Sorry to freak you out and stuff, kiddo" He laughed.

"Don't worry about it," Sam said with a shake of his head, a small smile returning to his face. "Do you have any siblings?"

Gabe laughed nervously before his mouth flatlined "Yeah" He mumbled softly and stood up without any explanation to go into the kitchen "Have you eaten yet?" He asked as he looked through the open archway between the two rooms.

"No," Sam shook his head, confused at his dismissal but choosing not to push it. "I've been finishing packing and driving for most of the afternoon."

"Would you like something?" Gabe asked, trying to be nice as he stood in the doorway "I can make.. pretty much everything- I went shopping last night because I knew you'd be coming. Don't be fooled, only one draw is silverware and measuring things and the thing underneath it is the pans and pots" Gabe laughed "Everything else is practically boxes of food and the fridge is filled with loads of stuff" He smiled "Anything you want.."

Sam stood up to follow after him, glancing around at the cabinets and drawers as he spoke. "Thanks," he laughed nervously before eyeing the fridge. "Salad will be fine, though. I don't want to make you do anything."

Gabe glanced at him and raised an eyebrow "That explains a lot" He mumbled and looked out the window in the kitchen, scratching his head.

"Explains a lot of what?" Sam asked, brow furrowing as he tilted his head.

Gabe glanced at him and smiled “Why you’re so.. ya know, small” He mumbled before looking up at him “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I’m the size of a fucking girl scout, but I’m not exactly some barbie toothpick like you” He laughed

Sam scoffed. "I guess?" he shrugged staring down at his feet for a couple of seconds before looking up again. "I just like to eat healthily, that's all, unlike pretty much everyone else in my family."

Gabe snorted and grinned "Me and your family might get along then since I don't eat healthily... Then again I barely eat at all" He mumbled softly and chewed on his thumbnail, focusing more on what he's going to say to Moose more than anything.

Sam tilted his head and little before shaking it, fingers messing with the edge of his pocket where his phone resided. "That can't be healthy for you."

He shrugged a bit and smiled "I work a lot and forget" He laughed softly, reaching into his pocket to take out his phone and mess with the edge of the case "Anyways, gonna.. get out of your hair" He laughed softly and slid out of the kitchen to immediately lift his phone as he went to his room, throwing himself on his bed.

Candy 3:42 PM: im an embarrassment to the whole world

Sam sighed as he left the room, pulling out his phone and smiling at the screen.

Moose 3:43 PM: First of all, you're supposed to be asleep
Moose 3:43 PM: Secondly, no you aren't, what's going on?

Candy 3:44 PM: i woke up?
Candy 3:44 PM: and just ya know, embarrassing myself in front of roommates it all
Candy 3:45 PM: ya ever just not hhhfhfhfrufhjsd
Candy 3:45 PM: :,)

Moose 3:45 PM: Oh boy uhhhh
Moose 3:46 PM: I can relate tbh
Moose 3:46 PM: Little bit tense in here, but I'm gonna blame it on me being new

Candy 3:47 PM: finally moved into the new place?

Moose 3:47 PM: Indeed I did, are ya proud? :D

Candy 3:47 PM: yes
Candy 3:48 PM: my new roommate hates me, proud of me?

Moose 3:48 PM: What'd they do?
Moose 3:48 PM: I'll come and fight them

Candy 3:49 PM: thanks for the back-up, but its not needed as much as it's appreciated
Candy 3:49 PM: im just pretty sure im hated now
Candy 3:50 PM: i wanna come and live with you, wherever you are..
Candy 3:50 PM: im gonna find out where you live one day and like, just wake up on your couch and you and your roommate are gonna be stuck with me

Moose 3:51 PM: Dude I'm still gonna want to fight your roommate, they sound like they're being a dick
Moose 3:51 PM: Mine's just a little awkward right now but I don't think he'd mind if I kidnapped you

Candy 3:51 PM: please come and kidnap me
Candy 3:51 PM: i mean, he is pretty cute
Candy 3:52 PM: ive never really liked anyone but dAMN, ya know?
Candy 3:52 PM: ya pan player lol

Sam winced a little at that, but kept up a smile as though Candy could see him.

Moose 3:53 PM: Good for you XD
Moose 3:54 PM: I'll still come find him if he's a dick, but I totally support you if he isn't

Candy 3:54 PM: hes not so bad
Candy 3:54 PM: plus hes pretty cute
Candy 3:55 PM: even if i constantly annoy and or embarrass myself hhh

Moose 3:56 PM: I'm sure you'll be alright, just go for it!

Sam tapped his finger rapidly on the side of his phone, biting his lip as he turned quickly on his heel towards his room.

Gabe sat his head up as he heard Sam walking around before smiling.

Candy 3:56 PM: definitely going to
Candy 3:56 PM: and you go find someone cute too
Candy 3:57 PM: you like, never talk about anyone

Moose 3:59 PM: I don't think there's anybody who likes me but I guess I'll try

Sam pushed open his door, trying to close it quietly before flopping back on his bed. He sat staring up at the ceiling as he waited for a response.

Candy 4:00 PM: well im sure theres some guy or girl at your school, right?

Moose 4:01 PM: Dunno. If it makes you feel any better I'll be in class tomorrow

Candy 4:01 PM: yeah, go out and get yourself some hot piece of ass
Candy 4:01 PM: im gonna get some more sleep
Candy 4:02 PM: go find some hottie

Gabe smiled and stood up from the bed to put his phone on silent as he left the room. He glanced out the window and smiled a bit at his plants before coming up to gently knock on Sam's door "Hey uh, I was gonna walk into town and do a little shopping if you wanna come?" He asked through the door.

Sam glanced over at the door, staying quiet for a moment as he took a deep breath. "Yeah, sure! Be out in a second!" He groaned a little as he pushed himself up, shoving his phone a little harshly into his pocket as he opened the door.

Gabe smiled at him before tilting his head and grabbed his keys "Are you okay? And before you ask, I can already tell you're angry" He smiled a little "Wanna talk about it in the car or do you wanna listen to music and drown your sorrows away?" He asked softly, sitting on the floor as he put on his obvious women converse

"I don't want to talk about it," Sam said quickly, shaking his head as he slipped his shoes back on before looking at him. "No offense! I'd just rather talk to my brother about it later, since we just met like, today."

Gabe laughed and shrugged as he opened the door and beckoned him outside before locking the door behind them "No hard feelings" He smiled, leading him down the stairs to the parking lot "I wouldn't wanna talk about personal things with someone I met like two hours ago" He laughed and unlocked his silver sedan "Sorry about thee uh, mess.. I kind of live in my car" He admitted shyly.

"I don't mind," Sam assured him, moving a couple of things off of the seat as he sat down. "We're just going to the store."

He laughed and quickly grabbed the folders and papers with notes and recipes on it "Yeah, a few things" He smiled as he adjusted the seat as far as it would go and buckled in, looking at Sam expectantly.

Sam looked over at him, head tilted in confusion. "Yes?" he prompted.

He laughed, refusing to put the key in as he laid his arm on the console "I'm gonna tell you what I tell my eighteen-year-old baby brother when we get in a car" Gabe smiled "Car doesn't start until everyone's buckled in" He teased.

"Oh, right," He laughed softly, pulling the seat belt over to buckle in before sitting back against his seat.

Gabe smiled widely as he started the car and pulled out of the spot before turning out of the parking lot and onto the road, glancing at Sam before holding up the AUX cord "You wanna play music? I'm interested in what type of music you're into" Gabe smiled softly as he rolled his windows down.

"Uh.. sure," Sam shrugged, taking the cord and plugging it into his phone. He tapped his screen a few times and rock music started blaring from the speakers. "I wouldn't call it my favorite but we'd always listen to it growing up so.. it kinda grew on me."

Gabe nodded softly to it as he smiled "I like it, it sounds real 80's" He grinned. Gabe glanced up at their local Walmart and pulled up into the parking lot, stopping to park far away from the building and roll up the windows "I don't really.. like people so I park a little ways away" He admitted with a small laugh before leaning over to the glove box in front of Sam, taking the earbuds out before shutting it quickly "Sorry, I'll explain a lot of things in the future" He smiled a bit as he plugged them into his own phone, checking his messages with a frown before playing some soft music "Now's just not the best time to throw random things about me on you" He smiled widely as he got out of the car.

Sam smiled at him, following him into the store and immediately headed for the fruits and vegetables.

"So I-" Gabe stopped talking and quickly followed him, frowning as he followed, grabbed Sam's sleeve to keep up with him "Sorry I just.." He whispered, holding an earbud in his ear as he breathed "Maybe I should tell you stuff" He laughed nervously and shivered, looking up at him "Could you um.. please not- off like that? I have really bad anxiety in public places and get especially anxious when I'm with someone and they walk off" He mumbled quickly, his grip tightening on Sam's sleeve before letting go "I know I shouldn't just- blurt that but I should've warned you.." He frowned.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah, that's my bad," Sam grimaced, looking back at him apologetically and slowing his gait. "I just uh, I wasn't really sure what you had at the apartment, so I figured I'd come over.. sorry."

"No no it's okay" He laughed softly, pointing to the earbud in his ear "I have ways to calm myself down when I'm alone so it's not so bad" He mumbled and still smiled "I might just have to handcuff you to me next time" He joked and looked at all the food before walking back to get a handbasket, offering it to Sam.

Sam smiled and took it from him, letting it hang from his wrist as he wandered around the produce stands, making sure Gabe could keep up with him. "Do you have any allergies? I'd rather not put anybody in the hospital."

"Not that I know of" He smiled softly "Besides uh, lactose intolerance, but it's barely noticeable. Promise" He mumbled "It hasn't affected me yet except that one time I threw up in ninth grade" He smiled widely "But I promise I won't throw up on you" He laughed.

"Good," Sam sighed with a chuckle, backing away from the stands. "I'm going to hope we have more stuff in the apartment, this is basically what I live off of in this basket, plus whatever I brought with me from home." He held out the basket for emphasis, nodding toward the check-out lines. "Ready?"

"We do, but first you should- follow me because there's a few more things we still need" Gabe laughed softly and smiled as he carefully took a step back as he walked away from the food and down the isles before making his way to the entire back of the store where the tires were, pressing the button for services, instantly getting anxious as he waited, fumbling to get the apartment key off the chain.

Sam glanced around at the tires and nearby car parts as they waited, fingers tapping against his leg. "Car trouble?"

"What?" Gabe asked softly before the employee came out "Hi- Um, I'd like a copy of this key" He asked softly, handing it to her as she left with it before tucking his hair behind his ears "I thought you'd maybe like a key to your place, considering I might not be home a lot" He smiled softly "I work.. every day, but Monday and Tuesday" He smiled softly "But, I- do sometimes take extra shifts on either days.. sometimes both, but I promise I'll try not to so I can clean the place up at least once a week"

"Oh!" Sam grinned. "Yeah, thank you. I get home at random hours depending on what I'm doing so that'll be helpful."

He laughed a little and nodded as they awkwardly stood before Gabe got the key back "Thanks" He mumbled and took a step back to lead Sam back to the front of the store "Yeah, I figured considering there's no extra key or anything" He smiled "So, what are we planning on making when we get home?" He asked as they approached the registers.

"I can do omelets, have a breakfast dinner?" Sam suggested, tilting his head at him before setting everything up for the cashier to scan.

“Yeah, I can do that” He smiled softly and moved past him to quickly swipe his card as he smirked at Sam and punched in his numbers “As long as you don’t burn the kitchen or whole place down” He teased and took Sam’s back and receipt, making his way to the door, glancing back at him as he waited.

"Damn, no faith in me," Sam joked as he followed after him, shoving his hands into his pockets. "You don't trust the stranger that just moved into your place?"

“Wow, I wonder why I don’t” He smiled at Sam as they got back into the car, taking his earbuds out to toss into the glovebox before Sam got in. He buckled in and offered the new key to Sam as he waited “And when we get back, you can test it” He grinned.

“Aw, I’m honored,” Sam laughed, grinning brightly as he took the key and studied it.

“Plus, if it doesn’t work, we can always come back and either get a new one or have them fix that one” He shrugged and messed with his keys to his own on the key chain before staring at Sam.

Sam nodded in agreement, carefully putting the key into his pocket and making sure it stayed before pulling his seatbelt over his chest. "Either that or I sit outside for a while until you get back from work."

He laughed and started the car, pulling out of the parking lot "You might have to wait for a while" He mumbled "If your classes are over at say, around four or something like that, you're gonna be waiting for about five hours- if it's a slow night" He frowned "I work eight most nights, sometimes nine. Sometimes I have to stay and sometimes close, so if worst comes to worst I tell them I have to leave because my roommate doesn't have a key and he's trapped outside on metal stairs" Gabe mumbled "So no, there's no way I'm leaving a kid sitting outside for five hours until it's dark, although I'd hope you'd have enough common sense to stay at a library or stay on campus or at a coffee shop until I get home or something" He shrugged as he rambled.

"Yeah, that's fair," Sam nodded before looking over at him with a squinty expression. "Dude, I'm not a kid, I'm like a year younger than you."

"Oh," Gabe mumbled softly "Well, I just.." He stammered and sighed softly "Got it" He whispered and stared at the road as he pulled up to the apartment, unbuckling to rush up the metal stairs, muttering to himself.

Sam frowned and sighed, smacking himself in the head as he grabbed the groceries and followed after him to the door. "I didn't mean it like that just.. don't call me a kid."

"Yeah no, understood" Gabe mumbled and rubbed his face as he pulled on his hair before pointing to his room "I'm gonna- go to my room and.. just- sit.." He laughed a little and backed into the corner "Maybe try and.. not die of embarrassment and anxiety while I'm in here" He smiled softly at Sam before frowning and closing the door, dropping himself face first into the bed. He tried not to cry as he groaned into the mattress. He tried.

Candy 5:12 PM: please cut my throat and bleed me out over the sidewalk outside my place so everyone can even be disappointed in me even after im dead
Candy 5:13 PM: seriously, how do normal people put up with roommates?

Sam sighed, dropping the food onto the counter and starting to search for a pan before feeling his phone buzz in his pocket.

Moose 5:14 PM: Can I kick his ass now?
Moose 5:14 PM: I still don't know what he did but you're upset

Candy 5:15 PM: no you cant
Candy 5:15 PM: I just don't really know when i should shut it..

Moose 5:16 PM: Uhhhhhh
Moose 5:17 PM: Well I'm probably not the best to be giving romance advice but your best bet is probably just to come out and say it
Moose 5:17 PM: Sorry, that probably doesnt help much

Sam set his phone aside for a second to dig through the cabinets, finally finding a pan and setting it on the stove.

Gabe laughed a bit at the message and smiled, laying in the dim room with the lights off. He glances at the window and debated on closing the curtain before staring back at his best friend's messages.

Candy 5:18 PM: it kind of does ?
Candy 5:18 PM: not really, but its the best advice ive got and even though its shitty as hell,i'll do it
Candy 5:19 PM: tomorrow maybe..
Sam pulled out the ingredients he needed, putting them together in a bowl before quickly grabbing his phone again.

Moose 5:22 PM: Whenever you're ready, don't stress yourself
Moose 5:23 PM: Drink some chamomile tea, that's supposed to be stress-reducing

Candy 5:24 PM: dammit
Candy 5:24 PM: i meant to get tea this week too and forgot..
Candy 5:25 PM: i should seriously go to a doctor with all this anxious build-up

Moose 5:26 PM: I will literally set you up an appointment please do that

Candy 5:26 PM: fuck off XD
Candy 5:27 PM: ive been taking most of my meds i'll have you know

Moose 5:27 PM: Good, keep that up or I'll have to come find you

Once again, Sam set his phone down and started pouring a bit of the mix into the pan, turning the heat on and watching as it cooked.

Candy 5:28 PM: youll never find me on my hidden island muhaha

Gabe sat up and bed humming to himself as he sighed and got dressed for work. He knew he didn't go to work Sunday nights. He knew, but Sam didn't Gabe quickly grabbed his keys and black shoes as he buttoned up the 'ice wine' colored shirt. Still didn't like the color, but at least it went with the black skinny jeans he liked. He glanced at Sam in the kitchen before looking at the door, carefully making his way over to the door to quietly leave, hoping Sam didn't notice him.

Moose 5:29 PM: I'll hunt you down just watch

Sam glanced over at the living room, catching him in the corner of his eye and gently scooping his omelet out of the pan. "Hey, where're you headed?"

Gabe felt his back pocket before sighing deeply and glancing at Sam with guilty eyes, his head leaning back a bit so his hair flopped around "..You know, that kind of offends me" He smiled softly "I can't call you a kid, even though you're still a teenager in college- but you can ask me where I'm going when I'm an adult and have a job?" He asked softly, trying not to get too anxious as he fiddled with his keys, smiling at Sam's silence "Don't like to be made uncomfortable, do we love?" He asked in a fake French accent before jutting a hip out, leaning on it "..Well?" He laughed softly, watching him.

Sam blinked rapidly, mouth hanging open for a couple of seconds before shaking his head with a nervous smile, setting the plate aside and the pan back on the heat. "I.. uh.. yeah, I've got nothing," he sighed, shrugging a little as he pushed the plate forward. "Figured you might want to eat though."

Gabe laughed a little as he stared at it before gently nodding "Ya know I.. I think I just- uh, oh- I suddenly remembered I have an allergy to eggs" He nodded seriously before smiling "Welp, gotta go" He laughed and shut the door behind him, making his way down the stairs to his car where he sat for a second and sighed, starting the drive there as he played music on his way, thinking about what he could tell Sam. It was obvious lie. Kind of a dick move. In all honesty, he wasn't hungry, his medication fucked up his appetite and he ate enough at the coffee place. He'd have to find a way to apologize to Sam.

Sam continued to stare in confusion at the door, simply sighing and shrugging to himself as he took the plate back and finished the second omelet. He stood in the middle of the kitchen in thought before covering the original plate and setting it aside in the fridge for later.

Gabe gently drummed his hands on the wheel to the music. He carefully pulled up to the coffee place he worked out. He didn’t mean to stay for six hours instead of the three that’d he’d planned on. He didn’t quite know what Sam liked beside fruits so he made a strawberry smoothie and came back home a little after eleven thirty. He debated having the awkward conversation of the egg allergy or why he brought Sam a smoothie when they hate each other.

Gabe groaned loudly to cut off his thinking and force himself to open the car door. He brought the smoothie with him as he unlocked the door and glanced around “Sam?” He asked softly, locking the door behind him.

Sam started on the couch, eyes flying open as he quickly sat up in a mild panic. “Oh, Hey,” he sighed, rubbing his face. “I uh.. don’t remember falling asleep.”

Gabe jumped a little as he laughed. He smiled softly and moved around the coffee table, moving his laptop over to close it before sitting where it was. “Sorry that I woke you” He smiled a little, offering him the smoothie “Oh- I uh, didn’t know what coffee you liked so I.. improvised kind of” He shrugged a bit “I also don’t know if you liked strawberries.. I should’ve texted or something” He mumbled as he stared at the drink before smiling at him.

Sam smiled a little back at him, taking the cup. “Thanks,” he laughed softly, pulling his laptop back into his lap and sitting forward. “There’s still food in the fridge, by the way, if you wanted any.”

He looked in the kitchen before looking back at Sam and smiling “Thanks, I don’t think I’m that hungry actually- but uh, I might later..” He shrugged a bit “You’re gonna, yeah uh” He laughed and stood up to walk away from the table “You’re gonna find out I’m pretty awkward and anxious, but will still be confident and a smart-ass if and when I feel like it..” Gabe mumbled, messing with key chain “I didn’t need to say that.. That was relevant to our conversation” He mumbled, his hands shaking his keys “I’m gonna go wash frosting and sprinkles out of my hair” He muttered and quickly walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

Sam continued smiling until he’d closed the door, setting his laptop and cup aside to stretch before grabbing both of them again and heading for his room. He set his alarm clock and opened up his computer on his new desk, reading over the document he’d been working on with an exhausted gaze.

Once Gabe was done and got dressed he went to his room and collapsed on the bed. He plugged his phone in and smiled widely at the unread text. He meant to read some at work but never quite got around to it since they’d gotten busy.

Candy 11:59 PM: i thought the moose was the one who got hunted ?? ;)
Candy 12:00 AM: honestly i didn’t mean to come off that way but its stuck so fuck it

Sam jumped a little as his phone buzzed, still trying to stay awake.

Moose 12:01 AM: Why the hell are you awake you’re supposed to be asleep rn???

Candy 12:01 AM: oops, forgot
Candy 12:01 AM: um i woke up?? well kind of i never slept but that’s besides the point

Moose 12:02 AM: Well you should be asleep >_>
Moose 12:02 AM: As much as I love talking to you it’s like past midnight

Candy 12:03 AM: i’m sorry did you wanna get sleep in before your classes tomorrow?

Moose 12:03 AM: Hmmmm
Moose 12:03 AM: Nah
Moose 12:04 AM: Too much work to finish tbh, plus I don’t have to be there until like.. 11 ish

Candy 12:04 AM: hm.. still too early, gross
Candy 12:04 AM: i think i’ll sleep until like 8pm

Moose 12:06 AM: Buddy that’s nearly a light coma but if it gets you to sleep then fuckin go for it

Candy 12:07 AM: :)

Gabe set his phone down and rolled onto his side to cuddle into his blankets and pillows, enjoying the warmth of his bed as he fell asleep.

Sam rolled his eyes at the message, smiling as he shut off his phone and set right back to work, not paying any attention to the time as hours passed.