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My Hero Academia: The Irreplaceable Family

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Destiny is all about the choices we make and the choices we take

He is way past the speed limit. But, that is the least concern in Izuku's mind, with the onslaught of the bullets sized raindrops thundering onto the back of his window car.

Izuku gritted his teeth in annoyance, as he steps his foot onto the petal more. The engine roars, as he quickly swirled his steering wheel, skidding out widely around the corners, the tires squeal with friction rubbing onto the rubber. His entire sight is on the road, watching out for any abnormal curves that the mountain roads have hidden out. The engine has already pushed to the limit, over 100 km/ph, however, that didn't seem too out chase his pursuers just by the glance on his front mirror, and the constant gunshot plumping his car.

A tiny squeak leaked out, like a mouse quivering by his side. Her trembling hands clutching her long, silvered hair. Her eyes widen in fear, as her heart was racing, and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and waiting desperately for this to be over. A choked cry forced itself up her throat, and she felt a drop down her cheek. She couldn't breathe and just let her body overtaken by fear.

"Eri!" Izuku called out, trying to get her attention, and wanted to even whisper sweet, honey words to calm the fragile doll beside him, strapped tightly by the seat belt. But this isn't the time for it. He needs her to snap out of this situation quickly before her power will go out of control once more. "Eri! Listen to me-"

His words were quickly cut short, the tension of the car was abruptly slammed them to the side. Eri let out a shrilling scream that was absolutely deafening to Izuku's ears. Nerve-wracking and adrenaline pumping in his body, as he quickly turns his steering wheel to the left, to prevent the car to tip over like a seesaw. To where his emerald eyes glanced to the left and meet an assault rifle.

In a split second, Izuku right hand reached over Eri and slammed her head down, while doing the same process, with his other hand still on the wheels. Bullets rained upon them both, shattering the window into fragment pieces piercing into Izuku's white shirt, where crimson soon to dye. Eri screamed once more.

"Get down!"

The bullet hits not only the window but also shooting on the door. Some of the bullets even hit the wing mirror, hacking it off. Izuku's eyes then looked at the rearview, to where another black car was behind them. To where a person wearing the same googled eye, climb out slightly from the window aiming another assault rifle at them. Izuku then ducks his head deeper to avoid the bullets that will probably penetrate through from the back window. And it did. The window cracked and shatters, even more, then Izuku quickly stepped onto his brake with much force than he has anticipated.

The black car from his left is now currently in front of him, as Izuku's car rammed back against the second black car from behind. Then step his foot into the petal once more. The black car became unbalanced due to the impact and drifted slightly. To where Izuku pulled out a 9mm pistol under his black suit jacket and aimed at the black car. He pulled the trigger without hesitation.

One shot landed on the shooter perfectly where his forehead was, as the body went limp. His partner by the side dragged the body inward, as the assault rifle escaped from the shooter's grasp and tumbling onto the head speed road. The second shot landed onto the black colored windshield, not making a single dent. Izuku pulled the trigger the third time hoping that it will work. Instead of the bullets ripping the windshield that Izuku would have liked, it's more of the windshield deflected the bullets instead.

Seeing that, Izuku clicked his tongue in annoyance and shifted his aim at somewhere else-the tires. The fourth shot rang out, as a bullet from Izuku's gun puncture the material of the tire like nothing, as the air seeps out like a tiny puff of smoke. The driver from the black car drifted to the iron railings on the road, crashing into it as he couldn't maintain the balance anymore. Smoke rises from the crash.

With one of the cars taken down, the second black car that was in front didn't waste its time and start shooting them. Bullets cracking the windshield completely covering Izuku's iron sight with cracked glass. Eri screamed once more with both of her hands covering her ears, wanting to block out the sound of raining gunfire.

Izuku then calmly placed his right hand still holding the gun on top of his left that is controlling the wheel. Using it to stabilize his movement, to where he then pulls the trigger. The fifth bullet shatters his own windshield, crumbling away like flakes of snow. With the sight clear, the shooter pulled his trigger. Many bullets scrapped his car, as Izuku's eyes lined up with his iron sight from the gun and aimed a headshot on the shooter. The shooter once more went limp, as someone else's from the car tries to pull their partner inward. Taking the chance, Izuku stepped onto his petal and rammed against the car in front. As the shaken force reverberating the black car off balance and exposed their frontal tire completely for Izuku's sixth shot ringing out.


He missed the shot.

Izuku pulled his trigger again and again, as the seventh and eighth shot was almost touching it. Then comes the ninth, as the tires exploded into a puff of air completely making the black car drifted right in front of Izuku. Without even a second thought, Izuku rammed the car with his full force, causing the black car to jump few feet off the ground covering Izuku's sight. The car tipping over in the sky, scraping the top edges of Izuku's cars only creating sparks of flames. To were then it started to toppling down, flipping and turning. To where the moment the car was cleared away, Izuku's widen in surprise. A curve.

Izuku fastens making his feet stop onto the brakes once more, turning his wheels desperately. The car screeched, as smoke can be seen to arise from his tire. However, that doesn't seem to stop the distance between the rails and the car from coming a split second close. Unable to stop, Izuku quickly unbuckles his own seat belt and reached out to the fragile girl.

"Eri!" He yelled like a booming bark, but that doesn't seem too shaken the shivering girl out of her stand. She can't move. Without a single second left to spear, he unbuckled her seat belt and wrapped his muscular arms around her body bringing her close to his chest, To where the car busted the rails opened like nothing before Izuku can feel the gravity pulling himself downward along with Eri in his arms. He bared his teeth, and tightening his hold, with his back against the front clinging onto the girl as his life depends on it. The car flies on the dead of gunning night before gravity starts to do it's work and pulling it downward.

Izuku can feel his entire body being lifted off the car, as the wind got colder and colder, with the trees rustling almost against his ear and the singing of the glass shards around him. Then like a wrecking ball it came, the car crashed into thousands of trees. His bones, muscles, joints, and organs felt like they were being crumpled and smashed. He kept his mouth shut, but he felt like his lungs are burning inside of him. His torso and head smashed against the car, knocking the air out of him, while his arms are still tight around the girl refusing to let her go if anything was prying his hands opened. Then just like that, the car hits the cold, dead ground, topping it over as the tires rolls.

Izuku's consciousness is flickering back and forth. His vision kept flashing from bitter darkness to blinding white light. He can taste the coppery blood pooling into his mouth, and the blood dripping from his head. He wasn't even sure if he's awake or not, but the buzzing noise and the sound of something rippling, sizzling, and the muffled cry made him believe, just so everlasting believe that he was alive. His heart thumping against his ribcage, to where he looked down on the crying girl laying on top of him, with his arms still wrapped around.

"E..r..i." His voice was broken and weak. He wasn't even sure if that's his own voice, to begin with. He then pushes himself up, to where he can feel the aching and the cracks in his bones. Each crack felt like rocks were burrowing into his skin, as he sucked in a cramped air, letting his lungs caving in and out as he exhaled. His body won't move. "E..r..i.." He called out once more, as his vision starts to swim. Fading and waking, fading and waking. His body is screaming to go to sleep, letting his eyes sleep. But he can't. He and the girl is not completely safe yet.

Eri was clenching her tiny hands against the ebony vest, to where her shivering hands can be seen. Izuku knows that Eri is scared right now. Scratch it, she is more than scared at this instance. However, he needs her to move. Move away from the car, because he can smell smoke, and hear the brief sound of the liquid pouring-gasoline.

"Eri…" Izuku choked out, with his right hand softly shaking her. ".m...move... You need to...move out of"

His breathing is getting shallower and shallower, to where he wasn't even sure how long he can even stay awake. He needs to get the girl out of the car. But the only reply he got was silence and the same sound.

"Eri…" He called out once more, to where the girl only replied as she shakes her head against his clothes. The girl is not budgeting. She is too stricken with fear, and this is not the best time to be. And so, Izuku does what he can with his energy.

"Eri...Eri….my sweet little sister….." He sweetly calls out, His voice is getting more lower, each time he speaks. " My adorable sister. Listen to me...I want you, to climb out of this car, alright? It's fine. After that….let's...let's go somewhere...away from here…...alright?"

"B-but...D-de-" Her eyes are all swallowed by thick water when looking at Izuku. Her hiccups are overtaking her speech. Izuku smiled and gently soothing her hair.

"I…" He starts, as he swallowed thickly chugging down the rusty taste of his blood. "I'll be..fine. Now...climb on top of me and through...the windshield. I'm right...behind you..."

Eri was hesitating. She doesn't want to leave, especially she's seeing the blood that is basically caking her dear brother. But the soothing of his voice was reassuring her that he'll follow her next the moment she's out. But there a hesitation, because of concern of his body. But nevertheless, Eri obeyed, as she pushed herself off of Izuku and carefully not to force too much weight on him. However, the moment Eri started to shift, Izuku let out a groan of pain, Eri panicked. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry! I'm sor-"

"Eri, it's..alright. Continue." He lied. He's not alright. Every time Eri moves, the pain throbs in his guts, deep and warm, definitely not in a nice way. He knows that Eri is on the surface of his body, where her hands are barely digging into his flesh. But every time she moves her hand and feet to climb further up, it's like her hand is digging deep into his chest, squeezing his organs to the brink that it might explode. He sucked a breath through his gritted teeth and hold to prevent any more noise that can startle his sister.

What seems like minutes feels like hours, as Izuku is trapped in agony. His hazy eyes kept close to his sister, and will always call out to be careful with any glass that can cut her. And once she's fully out, she quickly turned to where her brother is staying lying in the same position.


Izuku breathed in and out, in and out before answering. "In a minute." He swallowed and braced himself for the upcoming pain that will definitely size up his entire body. It's now or never.

With the determination in the set, Izuku flipped his body. Immense pain surging through him like electricity vulnerating him in shock so much that his complexion is whitened ash. He bit his tongue to prevent any screaming leaving his mouth. His hands balled into a fist, with his nails digging into his palms. Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

"D-Deku?" The shivering sound from his sister knocked his chants into crumbles. This isn't the time for this! He then started to crawl, each crawl he pushed himself forward using his feet. He doesn't care if the shards of glass are cutting his shirt and skin. The only priority is to get out of this car and take Eri to safety.

Seconds turn to a minute, as Izuku finally was out of the car, as he scrambled to his feet. He gently hissed, as he can feel the bones in his legs crackling.

Eri then stepped forward, fidgeting. "C-can I..?"

Izuku eyed Eri, before shaking his head. "No. Don't use it on me. I' fine." He breathes out, blinking rapidly wanting his vision to clear from the constant blanking out. He then grabbed Eri in his arms, wincing a little before fully having Eri sitting on his arms, as she carefully wrapping her arms around Izuku's neck. He lightly breathes out, before forcing his legs to walk.

"Let's...get out of here…." His words were soothing, but the aching pain that's behind those words are not. Eri tightens her hold, as she watches the view of the car that they were once before getting smaller and smaller soon surrounded by trees.

Trees, trees, trees, and more trees.

No matter where Izuku wanders, there are always trees surrounding them. His vision is swimming, and he needs to get out of this labyrinth fast with Eri in his arms. His legs were limping as he walks, and his breathing is unstable in Eri's ears. Being in a forest is not a good place to be in especially with him injured and weak and with darkness caving in.

But it was the sound of creaking twigs snaps created by nature to serve as a reminder that things can be much, much worse if he decides to linger. Especially when the forest is like an orchestra playing in his mind, enchanting symphony after another. The leaves danced to an unheard beat, whispering songs to the breeze that passed through. It's lullabying him to sleep, where his legs interlocked and stumbled. In one swift motion, he grabbed Eri and shifted her towards his chest, as his back slammed onto the thick, oak tree. That impact nearly cracked his spine, as it knocked an air out of him.

"Deku!" Eri whimpered out, worried that his injuries are getting far worse if this continued on. Izuku then let his body slide down on his back as his chest rising and falling. He's going to past out, and it's already amazing of how far he has already walked.

"Y-you need me-medical-"

"Shh…" Izuku gently shushing her, as his right-hand petting Eri's head. "It's..alright. I'll be fine. Just….gimme a second, sweetie." It's no use. His eyes are barely giving him a clear focus, as it turns to pixelated images. Stay focus! C'mon!

"Deku?" Eri's voice is barely registering in his mind, but he still answered by giving her a hummed that he's awake.

Eri is panicking again. Her emotions are going bankrupt, with pools of tears sliding down on her, dirtied cheek. Izuku's right hand touched her cheek gently, wiping off the tears and dirt to avoid ruining her pretty face. Just as Izuku was about to say something to soothe her emotions, the ground rumbles.

A creature that shapes from Earth itself- a beast emerged from the trees stands in front of his eyes. The beast growls, setting its unseen eyes on him. The beast lifted its enormous claws and without a single hesitation slammed right towards where Izuku is.Ignoring the pain that is screaming inside of him, Izuku held Eri tight to his chest and using his legs as a propeller to dodge the claws before crashing down on the position Izuku was in before. Piles of rocks, dirt, and sand fly through the air, as Izuku rolled with Eri still in his arms before his back was once again smashed onto an oak tree. He then shifted himself upwards, sitting upright then using his legs as the bones cracking beneath him to push himself against the tree to stand up.

His eyes glared at the hideous being in front of him. The hell?

Eri shifted her head to look behind her, to where her eyes met the beast. The beast growls once more, before stomping its way towards them. Eri curled up even further into Izuku.

"This is the worst case scenario," Izuku mumbled under his breath. The thing in front of him is not a human, but Izuku isn't sure if it's an animal or not. He doesn't have enough information to understand what is this beast in front of him. But Izuku does know one thing, the beast is slow.

With that in mind, Izuku mutter in Eri's hair allowing only for her to hear his voice. "Hold on tight Eri, We're running."

Before Izuku even let a single sound slipped from her mouth, he ran. His curly greens bouncing on each step he takes, as sweat rolled down his skin in thick, salty beads. Eri can hear his heart throbbing in acceleration forming rapid music. Izuku didn't know where he was nor did he know where he was heading. He had no idea what time it was either. All he knew was he had to keep running forward. Not stopping for anything.

Just as Izuku thought he has created a safe distance from the beast behind by just taking a glance away, the suddenly feel a gash of wind as his eyes directed back to the front. An incoming claw appeared in front of him, to where he quickly hurled his entire chest forward, dodge rolling the claw out of the way where both of his hands placed around Eri to prevent any possible damage harm to her. In a beat after the dodge roll, Izuku quickly returns to his run.

He looked back, to where now there are two beasts appearing trailing after him. There's more?!

Acting like a cue, the leaves rustled harshly to Izuku looked up. Another one of the beasts expects this time it's flying soaring down with its mighty wings dashing straight towards Izuku.

Dragon?! Izuku quickly jumped out of the way, to where he can hear his bones breaking. The dragon-like beast clashes down onto the ground completely missed as bits of crumbling rocks falls off of its body due to the impact.

Izuku's eye's narrows, continuing his run. Someone is controlling them. With that thought, emerald eyes scanned around the area for any kind of person nearby. However, it's either due to the lack of light or either because of his vision all he can see is nothing but his sight flickering in and out of the darkness.

However, that didn't stop him from running. He kept his legs moving, despite his heart beats frantically, and a jarring pain shoots to the thigh to knee then to the ankle. The sound of the twigs snaps underneath his shoes, as the dying leaves flying around him either from him due to the run or from the dragon-like beast from behind. Then, what Izuku didn't expect was to find himself tripping when trying to jump over a trunk that lies dead on his path. Due to this, his legs tumbled, as his arms weren't holding onto Eri anymore, as she herself was flying away from his grasp. During at the same time, the dragon-like beast opened its claws diving straight at her. Izuku reached his right hand as Eri reached back. Completely ignoring the crackling of his joints, the bleeding from his arms due to the cuts and bruises, all his eyes are on the sole girl that he desperately wanted to protect and held her in his arms.

Izuku's fingers touched Eri's to where he can feel the slightest warmth. Their pinkies intertwined, to only to have the warmth quickly pulled away as Izuku's eyes widen by the event before him. Eri is flying higher and higher towards the sky carried away by the dragon-like beast.

Adrenaline flooded into Izuku's system like it's on an intravenous drip- right into his blood at a full pelt. His heart exploded, and his eyes widen, letting in every ounce of the light that the darkness can give. His adrenaline surges so fast, to the point Izuku almost vomited. He can taste the saliva thickening in his mouth into a rancid paste. He screamed. "ERI!"

To where the moment his body slammed onto the ground, twigs crackled in his ears followed by the leaves crunching. He scrambled to his feet and started the chase. His sight didn't leave the dragon-like beast, never once taken it off. Never once his eyes taken away from his sister in the claws of the beast sobbing, as her tears are like glistening stars. However, the beast flies even faster, to were branches of trees are blocking his line of sight.

Eri! Eri! Eri! Eri! Er- Izuku's mind was so focused on getting the girl back, he barely registering an explosive sound ringing closer and closer to him.


Before Izuku knew what was going on, a hand reached out emitting orange light to where Izuku quickly tilted his head to the left, shifting his body weight. Good thing he did, because the next thing he knew an explosion occurred right where his face was originally placed in.

During the shift, emerald eyes met crimson. Acting on pure instinct, Izuku reached out his right hand grabbing hold onto the ash blond's wrist pulling him more forward towards the direction and slammed him down onto the ground with his other arm placing on his upper back, while his left knee is on his lower back.

"The hell?" Izuku questioned, as the blond grunted in pain with his body slammed forcefully onto the hard, dirt soil, knocking the air out of him, causing him to take a breather to make his lungs stabled once more.

Before Izuku can even process what's going on, the air suddenly became colder. The sound of ice crackling in his ears, to where he quickly jumped backward letting go of the blond. Turns out, waves of the glacier-like ice stretched across the field creating a barrier between him and the boy.

Izuku glanced his eyes to the right, meeting a heterochromia eyes-grey on the right side and turquoise on the left. His right foot was extended out, and below his shoes were the traces of the same ice that created the waves of the glacier.

"Explosive and ice?" Izuku questioned, to where his feet landed back onto the ground, harshly. Electrically pain shot through him, causing him to fell to his knees.

"Don't go rushing in carelessly into anything!" The heterochromia boy shouted, probably furious upon the explosive blond's actions.

Izuku let out some shaky breaths, before glancing back up towards the two boys that suddenly attacked him. Questions are flooding into his mind, like a labyrinth, but quickly pushed it back to where he remembers he doesn't have time for this. Izuku glanced up in the sky, to where the dragon-like beast no longers in the sky.

"Damn it!" Izuku cursed out, and start running once more towards the direction that he hoped the dragon-like beast was heading towards. Izuku can hear the explosive yell and shouts from behind him, but he couldn't care less. He needs to find the beast, where his eyes are glued to the sky.

It was then another yell came across.


A leg is coming in full power straight towards him, to where Izuku quickly bent his backward, sliding across the soiled floor, then into a dodge roll and into a run once more. Izuku glanced back to where he sees a boy with glasses looking a bit surprised before snapping his attention at Izuku once more.

Another one? Izuku ponders. First is the blond, then is the ice boy, then the glasses. Judging by their actions alone-

"There must be more!" Izuku states, as then a piece of white tape tightly wrapped around his left wrist. Izuku stopped his movement, to where the tape tugs forcefully dragging Izuku's feet pulling him backward. Izuku is gritting his teeth in annoyance, to where in the distance behind him, he can see the three boys he had encountered rushing towards him.

"You got some fuckin' guts ignoring me, huh asshole?!" The explosive boy shouts as he's using both of his hands propelling himself forward, faster than the other two running behind him. The glasses boy didn't seem to give up the race, to where he also seemed to use the full extent of his legs. While the icy boy was running behind in third place.

Izuku is short on time. Emerald eyes glanced to the direction where the tape was coming from, high above from one the shadowy trees.

"Flat face, you better not letting this bastard go!" The blond is coming in closer and closer, by the passing second.

"It's Sero!"

With the blond coming in close, the tightening grip on Izuku's wrist, Izuku sucks a breath and hold. He immediately reached out his right arm and grab the tape. The moment the blond was close enough, Izuku using all his muscles and pulled down the tape towards the direction where the blond is coming. Izuku can feel a shift from the weight of the moment coming from the tape alone, to where the person-Sero- was falling down straight towards the blond. It was also at that moment where Izuku felt his left wrist lessen from pressure and begins to run once more, completely ignoring what happened to the people in the back. All he heard was a second explosion and tons of shouting. Before another explosion occurred.

Izuku then brought his left wrist in front of him, to where the tape on his wrist is still there. Izuku tugged on the tape, to where it is surprisingly sturdy and untearable. He can definitely put this into good use, as to where Izuku starts to unravel the tape, as he continued to run.

Emerald eyes glanced side to side completely on guard to where the next possible person would appear. And never would he excepted was person crashing down from the sky, completely making him jump backward in caution. The moment he did, he can hear the same explosive shout ringing in his ears.

Izuku's eyes glanced back, before returning his sight back to a boy with spiky red hair, smiling in excitement while his words were directing to someone else. "That was so manly, Uraraka, Tsuyu!"

Izuku raised a brow. Uraraka? Tsuyu? There's more?

"Woah man," The boy with crimson hair eyes widen. "You're all bloody, did Bakugo did you in?"

Bakugo? Izuku ponders, as a loud raging voice bursting through his direction.

"You fucking asshole! Where you think you're going?!"

Izuku clocked his tongue in annoyance, before charging towards the boy in front of him spinning like he's dancing as he raised his left feet with momentum and swings it towards him. However, Izuku's eyes widen, and shoved back his scream, feeling his bones are crumbling even more. The boy with crimson hair held up his arms to completely blocking his kicks, yet there was almost something else- his skin was like made out of rocks. It's hard.

"Wow man, that is some kick!" There it is again, excitement in this boy's tone, to where Izuku didn't waste a beat as he then twisted his body, even more, to let his right leg raise and smash it once more at the same position. The boy's weight shifted back a bit, but that didn't seem to do any good. Because now, both of his legs are even more pain than before.

Izuku then fell onto one of his knees and holding onto where the pain is located. The boy in front of him looked a bit concerned and reached out. "Hey man, are you okay?"

Izuku glanced up, to where the boy looked concern. Now, Izuku is confused. Wasn't he supposed to attack me?

But his questions are catch short, to where the back of his neck can feel a radiated heat. Without even glancing back, Izuku knew who it is-the explosive blond. His rough hand was on his neck, emitting heat like a threatening gesture. It would seem as if Izuku was too focus on the thought and pain to noticed the blond coming up behind him.

"Bakugo, I don't think that's necessary." The crimson boy commented.

"Shut it, shitty hair." Bakugo snarled, having a bad temper. Izuku can feel his crimson glare on his back. "Now if I were you, I would not fuckin' move a damn muscle. That is if you still wanted to have your neck intact."

Izuku swallowed complying to the blond, not moving a single bit.

"Bakugo-kun!" Another voice chimed in, to where Izuku was familiar with the voice. It was the boy with glasses. Izuku can't see him, with his back turned and still on one of his knees. But Izuku knows that every boy he encountered so far, is behind him.

The glasses boy continued. "That is not a very hero-like, Put down your hand!"


The adrenaline in his body is slowing down, to where the pain is slowly creeping up onto his body. He sucked a breath before exhaling it through his lips.

Eri. Izuku thinks to himself, before biting down his bottom lip hard to where he didn't even know blood was leaking out of his cut. Eri. Eri. Eri.

"Hey man, stop biting! You're bleeding!" The crimson-haired boy shouting out, a bit terrified at the blood oozing out on Izuku's lips. Upon the shout, Izuku can feel the hands around his neck lessen, to where he quickly sucked a breath and hold. Izuku grabbed the hand behind him and twist, to where Bakugo's eyes widen, as crimson mets emerald eyes.

In a split second, he pulled the blond towards him and twist his body, pulling his left knee and kneed him in the shin, to where Izuku let go of his arm as he stumbled back a bit, cursing out on the pain. Without a delay, Izuku took out the tape that he has been saving, and unraveled itself and dashed straight towards the crimson haired boy. The boy hardens it's skin once more to brace for an impact for any Izuku's attack. However he didn't expect was to find tape tightening around his neck, as Izuku flipped his entire body above the boy, and pulling him downward. To where the boy almost choked to death, having his back slammed onto the ground.

"Kirishima!" Sero and the icy boy shouted in panic. To where the icy boy placed his feet forward, like waves of the glacier-like ice rushing towards Izuku once more. Izuku then ripped the tape off of Kirishima's neck and jumped backward to where he exhaled through his lips before start running once more. Shutting out the panicked concern to their campaigns.

Then in the distance, he can see some kind of building, to where the further he goes the wider the view, but also the fussy the vision. His pace then starts to slow, as what stands before him was a total of fourteen people. All in ready standing before him.

"Is that him?!" A grape looking boy shouted quivering in fear pointing his finger at Izuku. "He totally looked like a murderer!"

"W-where's Bakugo and the others?!" Shouted in complete panic coming from a boy with yellow hair with black stripes.

"It would seem that he outdid them, kero." Answered a frog looking girl, sticking out its tongue as she speaks.

"What?!" Exclaim in shrill panic coming from a girl with pink skin, face completely mortified. "Even with our top two students?!"

Students? Izuku thought to himself, blinking rapidly trying to focus and taking in the appearance of the people in front of him. But no matter how many times he blinked, his vision isn't getting any clearer. "So these are students….."

He wasn't sure if he actually said it out loud, but the words that spilled like a fountain from the grape boy confirmed his suspicion. "Mina why did you say that?! You doomed us all!"

Emerald eyes scanned to the voices, as then a girl with a ponytail stepped forward to where Izuku's eyes directed to her. He can tell that she's nervous, just by the one her hand is placed in front of her chest and the slight breathing he hears. Izuku can tell, she's protecting her campaigns, trying to put up a brave front.

Emerald eyes then scanned over the other people. Each has fear and worried expression smeared across their faces. However, no matter where he looked, he didn't see Eri. Panic arises from his chest, making him a bit harder to breathe like his lungs won't unfold itself to have a taste of the air.

"H-hey." A voice calls out to him, to where emerald eyes glanced to where the voice was coming from. A girl with round cheeks. "Are...are you alright?"

Izuku doesn't get it. Clearly, these people in front of him are friends with the people that he encountered, yet why haven't they attack him and asked the same question that the crimson haired boy did before? He's so confused, that the more he thinks, the more the labyrinth creates drowning him in his thoughts. Faint noises of argument can be heard, but Izuku wasn't even registering it. He then let out a shaky breath, as it was loud, hoarse, and also a tone like a lost child calling out. "Eri."

All argument stopped, as all eyes directed to him. "Eri. H-have you have seen my little sister?"

Izuku couldn't make out what their expression is. As if they weren't expecting that kind of a question. Izuku wanted to call out again but soon knocked the thought away, as the same irritating voice calls out.

"You fucking piece of shit!"

Izuku looked to his right, and see an incoming hand extended out to where he quickly jumped to the right to avoid the explosion blasting on his face. Then came along the crackling ice and the tape shoot straight at him, to where he tried to dodge but his legs are already overextending to its limit that he can't help but crashed onto the ground. Knocking his head against the surface, making the surrounding noise buzzing in his ears. He groans in pain, as he pushes himself upwards to where a foot landed straight on his chest. His vision blinking in and out again looked up to where Bakugo was crackling fireworks in his palms.

"No more shitty tricks asshole." Raspy breathing emitted from Izuku's lips. And before he does anything else the same round-cheeked girl stepped forward yelling at the blond.

"Bakugo enough!"

Izuku can see a vein popping on his head as he shouted back. "Hah?!"

The round-cheeked girl didn't seem to back down from his roar and continued. "He's clearly injured, and he isn't any threat!"

Bakugo snarled. "Fuck you round cheeks. He's totally a fucking threat! He knocked me down and shitty hair almost choked to death thanks to this guy!"

Small gasp can be heard, as then later became a tower of question.

"He has thrown you down?!"

"Oh my god is Kirishima okay?!"

"He's totally a murderer then! Look how bloody he is!"

Voices erupted and shoving it into Izuku's ears. Voices soon become inaudible for him to understand. All expect the explosive boy that shouts loud and clear.

"Shut it dunce face! And for the record, I didn't even land a single hit on him!"

After a moment of a short silence, more question begins to throw at the explosive boy. Izuku can't take it anymore. He doesn't have time for this, as he then begins to shift, as to where Bakugo pressed his feet firmly on his doubled chested vest, dirty it even more, and hurting his injuries.

"Don't move." He let out a low growl, as Izuku winced in pain.

Izuku let out a shaky breath. The adrenaline is almost gone from his body, and he needs to make a move fast. But the weight on his chest is barely making it possible. So Izuku then slumped back onto the ground with the curls covering his eyes. His chest rising slowly.

"You finally gave up, huh?" Bakugo leaned forward emitting his crackling explosion close to his face to intimidate Izuku. However, instead of imitation, it did the complete opposite. Izuku sucked in a breath and held it once more before his right hand reached and grabbed Bakugo's explosive hand pulling him towards him. As he can see crimson eyes widen in surprise, as well as everyone else. The pull was fast, to where Izuku leaned forward, as he can feel the blond's breathing tickling on his lips and the smell of cinnamon and spice traveling to his noise. And just as the moment was close enough, Izuku used it to his advantage and flipped the table over, making him being on top of the blond instead, still holding his hand while his other is on his neck. While his knee pushes down on Bakugo's other arm.

Even without looking Izuku can hear the foot shuffling closer to him. He then let out a dangerously, cold tone that immediately halted the footstep. "Take one more step, and I'll snap this bastard's wrist or neck. Your choice."

Emerald eyes stared at the crimson eyes for the third time. The shock that was expressed in the red quickly faded into frustration. "You fucking-"

"Shut up," Izuku growled back, trying to steady his breathing and the pain that is already taken over his legs. Izuku can see his victim's vein-popping once more. "If you got the guts, then fuckin' make me asshole."

Izuku's eyes narrowed in distaste. This guy really needs to shut up.

To where before Izuku can say anything, a sense of danger creeping into his brain that Izuku immediately jumped away from the spot and towards the side. It was several clothes extending out before pulling it back in. To where he found himself staring at a tall, messy looking haired adult.

Another one? Izuku couldn't believe himself, he eyed the man carefully. This person is older than-

Then the sound of crackling ice came once more, making Izuku quickly sidestepping away from the ice itself. He tries but his legs no longer respond to his thinking and falls. Pain surging into his body due to the impact. Without a single break, Izuku's entire body was pressed down, with his right wrist being restrained to his back to where he can't help but let out a scream of pain. His voice resounded in the forest, to where he can feel the pressure lessen on his body and wrist in surprise. 

Blurriness is all he can see with his vision as the voices are being blocked. Everything was like a slow motion.Then, as if everything was quiet came running a familiar voice that made Izuku's blood raging alive.

"Let him go!" There standing several feet away from him was Eri. His beloved little sister tears streaming down her face, as her hand holding tightly on her little red skirt. All his sight was on her, and her alone that he completely blocked the two other female adults that stand beside

"Eri…" Izuku softly muttered out, to where Izuku shoved off the adult above him the moment the weight was even more lessen. Izuku scooped himself up despite his body crumpling in the state. Eri starts running towards him, pulling away from the adults grasp. Izuku has trouble standing up at first but kept pushing himself.

"Eri, Eri, Eri." Like a mindless zombie, he is, that he kept chanting her name, limping towards her dragging his right leg to her. His left arm reaching forward. "Eri."

The distance gets closer, as Eri reached out both of her hands at him. Then finally, to which felt like an eternity her tiny hands wrapped tightly around his waist. To where Izuku slumped down to one of his knees, pulling her closer to his chest. To where he wished that this is the only time she can crush him to death.

"Deku! Deku! Deku!" Eri buried her head to his neck, crying out loudly. Repeatedly chanting his name.

Despite the pain, Izuku can feel the happiness sinking into his bones. Forgetting everything that the pain has given him. He can't believe it, she's finally in his arms. Warmth, safe, and sound.

"Deku! Deku!"

He's drifting. The world is coming to a blur, to where he wasn't sure if it's the water in his eyes. But he did know was that random images seemed to float aimlessly around in the pool of his thoughts, as though they were being blown viciously by a hurricane.


The voice is getting dimmer, as he can feel his body sway. He can't keep focus, as like the whole world simply melted into low resolution. Blinking in and out again and again, to where he felt his head leaning forward and slumped. He lost it, as the only thing he can feel is his heavy head retreated into a wallowing blackness, and the sound of a desperate cry coming from his girl.

She's….safe. That was the last thing before he finally blacked out.

Chapter Text


We're all in the same game, just different levels. 

Dealing with the same hell, just different devils. 

 The scream was primal. It had a raw intensity to it that told of urgency, of desperate need telling them that this little girl's mind is completely lost in absolute fear. Her breathing was ragged, gasped and the strength left her legs as she sank to her knees not caring the dirt or mud that dirty her cute, little red skirt nor the grit that dug into her knees. Her trembling hands reached out to grab to something, anything that is in front of her. The tainted white shirt as she dug her nails into it. Shaking it, as the clothes wrinkled beneath her grasp. Completely overcome by the wave of her emotions, tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down her face, raining down onto the parched soil, as all her hope was washed away in those salty tears. As much as she tried to believe and hold it in, the pain in her heart burst out like an uproar from her throat in the form of another scream. "DEKU!"

Her cries are like the pain was still an opened wound that is unable to bandage itself up.

"Crap." Denki cursed out, as he turns to Katsuki. "Did you really have to beat him to a pulp?"

Katsuki snarled back. "Are you deaf or something?! I told you I didn't even land a fuckin' hit on him!"

"Except for the fact you grabbed his neck," Shoto commented, giving out the fact that Katsuki did matter, in fact, touch the boy.

"So you did hit him!"

Katsuki turned with his face directly aiming at Denki. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, and hard as if Denki for just a single moment believe his eyes can burn him to ash. Katsuki swallowed his anger down his dry throat and growled. "I grabbed, ass face. Didn't you learn in your elementary school the difference between a grab and a hit?!"

"You also did step on him." Shoto continued, adding more fuel to the blazing fire that there is already is. Ruby eyes snapped to Shoto, gritted his teeth.

"Shut it, halfie!" He continued." And for the record, no matter what I fuckin' did, I-"

"Enough!" The voice was like a slow-burning fuse. A slow burn, ready to explode in a matter of time. Aizawa is not having any more commotion that is already confusing his brain. "I don't care what you did for now. Bakugo," Aizawa called out, causing Katsuki to shift his body and facing him wearing that same facial expression-anger. "Was he the only one you saw?"

Katsuki shoved both of his hands into his pocket to hide his white knuckle that he was clenching. "Yeah."

Ebony gaze scanned the area around his students. The forest was dark and foreboding, as his eyes flickered over the thick, dark trucks of the trees that rose steadily into the sky. It branches interlocking with its neighbors like a giant's arms linked together protecting the area from the inside out. The trees were densely packed together, leaving just enough space to allow anyone to maneuver towards them. Even with the luminous pearl hanging up on the night sky, did barely anything to reveal what the darkness was hiding. Ebony eyes glanced around for any sign of life. Just anything. To the left, then right, Right then to the left.


This doesn't make sense. Aizawa glanced around once more. That kid is clearly injured by- 


A single voice brimming with urgency snapped his thoughts away and directed away from his students. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Mandalay and Pixie Bob, who's been trying to calm down the little girl are slowly backing up in caution. The small brown horn that is poking out from the right side of the little girl's forehead grew and burned brightly with white flames consuming the fallen boy. While the girl was tensed. Her eyes stared blankly at the fallen boy or something in wide, frightening eyes. Cold sweat was showering all over her forehead, making her shine at the darkest night. She wasn't screaming anymore, as her tiny lips were shut, zip closed tightly but didn't conceal the wary expression. The flames continued to dance around the boy, as her horn continues to grow.

"Woah," Mina watched in astonishment. "Is that...her quirk?"

"Yo Todoroki," Denki scooting towards Shoto, also watching in awe. "Do- do you think your flames can also do that?"

Shoto without a doubt is speechless. The flames grew and leaped into the night, of a living wall of white. It's like the flames itself is alive, refused to be contained, condemned to die into ashes, a tame fire-never. The flames sparked but never separated into tiny firecrackers. It just swims like a whole piece around them.

Taking immediate action, Aizawa closed his before opening them again revealing a bright, crimson color in replacement. The moment his eyes opened, the flames flickered as it immediately extinguished into nothingness. As the girl's eyes widen, as beads of tears drops. Her eyesight blurred, as everything became fuzzy. The sound, the taste, and the smell. Everything was gone, as her consciousness was floating through an empty space filled with thick static. Yet through the inky space, her heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in her ears, alongside footsteps rushing towards her. But she didn't care for none of that. As her eyes sights on, solely on the boy before her. Then, everything smothered into darkness- into nothingness, as she passed into the oblivion of unconsciousness, right beside the fallen boy, while the sweat of beads slides off her face and onto the ground.

 He has to wake up. He needs to wake up.

The sound of the gravel crunching is coming in closer to him. The approaching footsteps are chaotically spaced, no rhythm at all. Then there came another crunch, this time lighter and slower as if the maker of the noise was trying to be quieter, careful. But it was also due to this action, Izuku was able to determine that there are footsteps. Light, tentative, with a slight sound of heels clinging against the gravel and soil.

Two female. Izuku mentally noted, eyes still shut. Steadying his breathing, and the beating of his heart. How long was I passed out?

Then the next thing he knew, was a presence beside him, also a voice that is clearly unfamiliar.

"This boy's wounds are almost completely healed."

"What?!" A pause. "Is it because due to this little girl's quirk?"

"It could be."

Quirk? Little girl? Then a click. There wasn't pain throbbing in his body, like his limbs being torn apart, shredded and broken. In fact, it was pieced together as if the pain was never there in the first place. She used?!

In terror, emerald eyes snapped open, heart pounding while his mind was clearly focusing on one thing-Eri. However, he didn't expect to be meet the color of crystallized blue staring down on him. Acting on instinct, Izuku's left hand reached out and tighten the hold against the blond looking cat. Her breathing hitched, clearly surprised by Izuku's action he pushes himself up; sitting upright.

"Pixie Bob!"

Izuku pressed his hold tighter to where he uses his body as a weight to shift the balance, slamming Pixie Bob to her side, landing on her back jumping onto his feet. Emerald eyes glanced to the right, to where the second kitten lays. To where his focus was quickly shifted away to the cloth dashing straight at him. Izuku quickly lessens away his hold and jumped backward, by using his feet as a propeller to do a backflip. His hands touched the dirt ground before his feet found its way back to the floor. Once it did, emerald eyes shot up to meet ebony eyes.

"Who are you kid?"

Izuku stayed silence. He doesn't need to answer back the question that is directed to him. Especially any information regarding him and Eri. He doesn't need to obligate unless it's necessary. After all, who gives out information to a stranger or enemy just based on that single question alone? The answer-none.

Emerald eyes then directed to a sole person that is currently laying on the floor, His eyes narrowed in distaste before shifting back to the man. While Pixie Bob coughs slightly as she holds her throat getting up from the ground.

Three adults, and nineteen-

A presence from behind quickly made Izuku stopped his thoughts and jumped forward, twisting his body to get an idea who was attacking him. Rocks, dust, and dirt fly in the air, as it was a fist that made upon that contact. A cat fist. Emerald eyes traveled upwards and found himself eyeing a transgender man. Izuku's body fully turned to where his back was faced against the three other adults. His feet made contact with the ground once more, slightly sliding, as his left hand was placed onto the ground acting like friction.

"What is your purpose of being here?" The transgender man growled.

Izuku then regained his footing, as he raises up slowly. Scratch that. Make that four adults, and nineteen students- with five students' quirk identified.

"I asked you a question, boy!" With those words, the transgender man dashed forward with his paws manifest with sharp claws. Izuku raised his right hand to only be restricted by a single cloth that is wrapped tightly around his wrist. Emerald eyes snapped to the owner, as the man was giving a hard tug, causing Izuku to slide under the feet. Piling dirt below from his mark. These clothes are tough.

Izuku pulled back, but not equally as strong, but that didn't mean that he's giving up. Then at the corner of Izuku's eyes, a fist came into his view, coming in close. Izuku quickly sucks breath and hold as he then used all his strength from his right arm and pulled. This better not break!

During the pull, Izuku can feel the shift of the weight from the cloth to where he managed to have the cloth diagonally across his chest, to where he then feels pull from the other side of the cloth. The first came close, but not close enough to make direct contact against Izuku's chest, to where the fist made contact with the cloth instead.

The transgender man widen on that impact and action. To where Izuku quickly uses this chance before his breath runs out, he lifted his left hand and swiped it across the man's face. Dust, soil, and tiny rocks fly across the man's eyes. Izuku managed to grab hold some during his landing. To where the man quickly shut his eyes, and Izuku uses that chance to let go of his breath. Causing the pull of the cloth to be stronger than expected, but it was good enough to where using the cloth as a source of force causing Izuku to shift to the right, Izuku used that same force and brought his left leg up and smashed it against the man's head. The man clearly felt the impact was smashed onto the ground, while Izuku's leg was throbbing in pain causing him to tumble to the ground, missed his footling balance.


Pixie-bob and the red cat yelled at the transgender man, as Izuku tries to stand up. But without catching a single break, Izuku felt a gush of wind flowing towards him. His eyes shot up, to only be sudden knocked up even higher for his eyes to view the starry night. An aching pain coursing through his shin. His pupils glance down to see the owner of the cloth knee him right under his chin before he can even react. But that doesn't mean he can't move.

With his right wrist all restraint, Izuku twirled around the cloth even more and pulled straight towards him. But the force pulled back, but that was all Izuku needed. Having the cloth tighten, and not stretchy like a normal cloth was, Izuku uses that as a support for him from the gravity from completely pulling him down, Then he twisted his body, with his left hand placed onto the floor and raised his right leg and aimed right towards the man's right cheek.


Barely his leg was just a tad bit short to fully execute that movement. But he didn't stop there. If one of his attacks missed, then he just needs to connect it with his other leg.

 Aizawa undoubtedly can see that this boy is fast. Fast reaction and quick thinking. Something that isn't unusual for some people to have- if being trained.

The moment the boy raised his legs to aim at him, Aizawa slightly pull back his head back completely missed his attack. Then without a break, a second leg came. The heels on the shoe nearly grazed his skin right between his eyes. The second attack was closer than the first. With the shoes out of his view, the next thing he saw was dust, and soil flying straight at him.

And hell, it freaking hurt.

"Damn it!" Aizawa cursed out, as particles from the earth slipped into his sight. To where he quickly rubbed his eyes by using his left. Trying to get the dust off of him.



Then a crunch of a footstep, make him quickly directed all his available senses to his current surrounding. Something flew pass, almost touching his skin under his eye. Then another wind, to where Aizawa has to backflipped out of the way, loosening his cloth around the boy, and continued to scrub his eyes.

During the process, rapid footstep starts to approaching as his eyes blinked several times to get a clear view. The blurriness was starting to dim as he can see the boy charging him abruptly stopped by an all too familiar voice- Bakugo Katsuki.


 Emerald eyes widen, as he directed his attention to the voice. His muscles are frozen in place but filled with such tingling pressure that wanted him to act anything to make it feel empty- leaving from his body. His eyes are popped open so hard, that he couldn't blink if he wanted and nor breath. His heart is pounding in his chest, but he desperately needs to steady it. Because right now, any stupid action that Izuku takes can endanger or rather anger the explosive boy anymore that cause him to touch Eri's face with his glowing, orange palm.

"I won't do anything reckless now, would you," Bakugo stated, causing Izuku to shift his entire body and attention to him.

"Bakugo stop that!" Shouted the round-cheeked girl, clearly angry by his action.

"Shut it round cheek!" His gaze then met emerald. "Got your attention?"

"Bakugo-kun, enough of that. It's clearly not a hero like!"

"You're making it seems like we're villains instead, kero."

"Yeah, Bakugo!" The red-haired boy commented, completely agreeing to the frog-like girl. "That's totally unmanly!" 

"Shut up you fuckin' extras! At least I got his attention, didn't I?!"

"But isn't there supposed to be a better way to handle this?" The ponytailed girl questioned at this bizarre situation.

During this conversation, Izuku picked up something that caught his ear. Hero and villain. And judging at what the glasses boy was saying, clearly, these people are heroes.

"Oi," Bakugo calls out once more, grabbing Izuku's attention. "So, what's going to be?"


There wasn't going to be anything.  

Nothing was coming to mind to Izuku, as his sole attention was on the blond and his sister. However, there was one thing that Izuku can try. His right hand twitched slightly. His mind is debating. Should I use it?

"Hey, jackass! We ain't get all day!"

Should I risk it or should I-

"W-what is this?!" A frantic panic erupted from heavy tension. To where many eyes including Izuku can see a bright pink glow was surrounding Pixie-Bob completely and pulling her away from them. To where emerald eyes landed on two more unknown members that decided to join this unpeaceful field.

"I didn't expect them to be all crowded together. This complicated the plans more than we have expected." The voice chimed in from transgender woman holding a giant block wrapped in cloth with it placed against Pixie-Bob's head on the side, as crimson blood leaks out.

Panic raises, especially from the grape boy taking steps back slowly, as his face melted to horror. ""Wh-why…?"

"But at least you got the pet cats out of the way." The reptile man spoke clearly satisfy with at least some outcome.

Then, a smell. A smell of something burning traveled to Izuku's nose. A rotten smell mixed with a rich, oak natural smell. Izuku's eyes then directed to the scene behind the two new intruders, to where he can see a ghastly, blue grin tearing through the verdant forest. Unfettered flames, devouring hungrily, licking and lapping at the coppice, twisting and swaying in a dance without rhythm. Black smoke raises. To were another thing caught his eyes. A purple mist hugged the earth, swallowing up the tree branches that are arched in the night sky. Smothering the greens of the leaves, the grasses, and the underbrush. It leached out their color, turning everything to the lavender.

"I..I thought there's only this guy here!" The grape boy pointed at Izuku. "So why?! Why are there villains here?!"

Villains? Emerald eyes stare carefully at the two unfamiliar people. The one that holds the giant block, has a quite a wide, muscular build. While the reptile man has bright green scales for skin, faced like a lizard. Not to also mention a handle of a possibly a sword on his back covered in cloths, and a katana sheath on his waist.

Frontal type. Izuku concluded. Clearly not the ones that are responsible for the flames and the mist. Meaning that- "There's more." Izuku said out loud, pretty clear for everyone to hear despite the raging flames that are consuming the forest.

All attention directed to Izuku, clearly even the villains. "Oh~ someone is observant, pretty boy."

Izuku stayed silence. Two frontiers against three adults and nineteen students. Coming out with only two can only mean two thing-confidence or distraction. What should I do? Emerald eyes then glanced back to where Bakugo instead of his palm against Eri's face, he was protecting her with his arms blocking the villains. Izuku clearly didn't like this, but he just needs to deal with it for now. At least now that he can be sure that Bakugo wouldn't be doing any harm to his sister. For now, side with the students.

"Spinner's my name," The reptile introduce, clearly Izuku didn't understand the benefit from that, as the sound of footstep shuffles around from his right ear.

While Izuku eyed the villain and his surrounding. Nothing, just plain dust, dirt, and rocks. Not a single thing he can use to attack or defend. Need a weapon or something.

Spinner then reached to his back and grabbed a handle and slash it forward. Revealing a very curious sword as the cloth that was once wrapped around revealed itself. The sword which is made of several knives, daggers, kukris, hatchets, and many other blades, and it would appear to be held together by chains and belts. "And I am here to make Stain's dreams come true!"

Emerald eyes landed on a prized gold. As the corner of his lips curled into a wicked smile. Gold mine.

Now with his prize on sight, Izuku just need to get his hands on those weapons. His target: Spinner. 



Chapter Text

Protecting someone means giving them a place to belong. 

A place, where they can be happy

Katsuki clicked his tongue in frustration. Just as I thought we might be able to have a chat with this fucker, another problem shows up. Ruby eyes glanced behind, to where the little girl's condition isn't getting any better; the short breathes escaping from her lips, and flush that washed onto her face. Clearly, the girl has a fever. Side effects?

"You, Bakugo was it?" The curly green-Deku- or so the girl calls him, directed his words to Katsuki, making him quirked a brow. Deku glanced behind to meet his red eyes. His eyes were every hue of the forest, rimmed cooly with moss but there is a bitterly cold and humid feeling there- an enchanting combination. A feeling that Katsuki didn't know that someone can make it- warmth yet cold. Emerald eyes snapped away. "You better protect her like your life depends on it."

It wasn't soft for starters, as those words were more like a command to Katsuki's ears. His eyes twitched. "Hah?!"

But Deku completely ignores him and walked beside Tiger, who's clearly enraged since Pixie-Bob's beauty might be ruined by the attack that those two villains have caused.

"I'll help," Deku stated not giving anyone a single chance to rebuff, as he rolled his left wrist with his right hand grasping on it. 

This fucker! Katsuki screamed inside his head, in agitation by Deku's actions.

"Why, boy?" Tiger asked, certainly curious of Deku's change of hostility.

".....Is there a reason to protect?" Deku answered like it's the most obvious thing worldwide. But Tiger clearly does not buy it to where he looked back slightly at Katsuki, who's snickering every chance he got while carefully holding the little girl in his arms. Similarity, other students came rushing to his side. He must mean his little girl.

"But," Deku continued, making Tiger's eyes focus on him. "If Bakugo failed to protect her, I will not hesitate to stab you in the back." A threat. It was a clear threat for Tiger to hear, as to show that it wasn't a joke, to begin with. Especially with the tone that brims nothing but a feeling of the cold knife pressing against his neck. This boy is not an ordinary boy that's for sure. What Deku said, was clear enough for Katsuki to hear. It completely makes his blood raged. "You-"

Then before he can finally retort, a hand slapped across his mouth making him shoved his words down his throat forcing him to swallow it down to the pit of his stomach. Ruby eyes glared at the hand before trailing it back up to the owner- Eijiro Kirishima. "Shut it, bro!" To where Eijiro replied back with a nervous chuckle. "You can leave her to us, man!"

Katsuki reached out his left hand and pry away his classmate's hand. "Shitty hair what's the big idea?!"

"The big idea is that Kirishima-kun is trying to raise our survival chances. " Momo replied, glaring slightly at Katsuki, making his eyes to snap at her. Momo continued. "Clearly as that boy stated, there are more than those two villains. But the thing is, we don't know how many there are. And right now with his sister in your hand that boy wouldn't do anything reckless much less attacking us. And based on his skills that we saw, he knows how to fight well and along with his fast thinking. Having him on our side is a huge asset." 

"Oh, fuc-"

"Yaoyorozu is correct," Aizawa stated, looking around cautiously for any attack while Tiger and Deku deal with the villains. "That boy's instinct is clearly better than any one of you." Praise; that's a sign. Aizawa is the type of adult that stands out cold, stern, and apathetic. Yet for him to praise a someone first hand, especially they just meet proves that that boy has indeed some skill. Ruby eyes directed to Deku and Tiger. Currently, now, Tiger is fighting with the muscular build villain, while Deku is repeatedly dodging the sword that Spinner is swinging; Mandalay was trying to help Pixie-Bob.

"Instinct?" Denki questioned, like unable to wrapped that in his head. "Are you guys talking about like the animal?"

"Waitwaitwaitwait! Are you saying that that boy thinks like an animal?!" Mina questioned, joining in Denki's shock.

Katsuki clicked his tongue. "No, dumbass. He's saying that Deku uses instinct that is similar to an animal that enhances his ability to navigate his body and mind."


"You call him Deku?" Uraraka questioned, tilting her head slightly. Katsuki eyed her, as he can feel all eyes were on him.

"His little girl called him that no? Might as well use it, instead of just using boy this and boy that. Total waste of fucking breath."

"Speaking of the girl, kero." Tsuyu then directed all attention to the little girl that is held in Katsuki's arms. "How is she?"

Momo placed her right hand onto the girl's forehead, to where she quickly pulls away from the contact of the heat that is burning her fingertip. "Not good. Her temperature is rising dramatically."

"Then what should we do?" Kyoka questioned.

Momo then turns to Shoto. "Todoroki-kun. If you don't mind can you create a block of ice?"

Without even a need to question, Shoto obligated as Momo then rolled up her left sleeve to where her skin begins to glow in pink. To where then a cloth that is the size of a hand appears from her skin, as she then placed the ice block onto the cloth and wrapped around it before placing on top of the girl's head. "For now, all I can do is to try to maintain her temperature. Well for the rest I-"

"Boy!" With a single voice, all attention directed to Mandalay who called out in shrill panic, while holding Pixie-Bob. To where the sight was unbelievable.


Deep crimson blood came flowing out of the flesh; thick and strong flowing between the thousand blades that Spinner was holding.

"Amazing!" Was Spinner's reaction upon seeing the Deku extending his right arm out as a shield to protect Malandy and Pixie-Bob when Spinner changed his targets away from Deku. The blade cuts in deeper, dying his white shirt but that didn't change the fact that more blood was gushing out from the wounds from thousands of blades pressing against his arms. "You, what's your name?!" Spinner has this wicked smile plastered on his face, to where Deku just remained silent. But the slight shaking of his injured arms told everyone that he can't hold onto any longer.

"Aizawa-sensei!" Even without his student's calling out, Aizawa was already in the move to his hand was grasping his cloth. However, before Aizawa can do anything, the air was suddenly rented by the sound of breaking glasses to where millions of knives broken into puzzle pieces danced in the sky with drops of blood as well.


"Don't act surprised." Deku breathes out with his left knuckled bleeding from punching the knives. "With those knives gathering together, it's just asking to be hit."

Mandalay's eyes then landed on Deku's left hand twitching slightly probably due to the pain from the knives. And what was surprising to her was that he was able to shatter his blades into pieces with his punch. Her eyes are completely affixed to the boy in front of her, to where the boy kneeled down and grabbed one of the daggers in his right hand. Meanwhile a shard of the blade on his left to where he clutches tightly around it, resulting blood to cake around it. "Boy, you're-"

"Miss," Deku calls out. "If you're going to just sit there and hug your friend, then I suggest you to move." Deku walked towards Spinner placing himself between Spinner and the two cats. "I doubt that I will be able to protect you the second time."

While Spinner tosses his broken sword onto the ground; he licked his lips. "You are good, tell me what is your name?"

"Did that boy just-"

"Protect her, yeah!" Kirishima cheered; finishing Mashirao's sentence. "I told ya he would be a great help!"

"You didn't tell me shit, shitty hair," Katsuki argued, as his gaze directed towards Deku. Among the eyes of many, it would seem that Deku protected the two heroes. But in Katsuki's mind, there's a different reason. Deku protected them because he had to. Why? His sister is in his hand, and if Deku messed one thing up, Deku would believe that Katsuki would injure the girl. Basically, there's a reason for him to protect the two pro-heroes.

"Not going to answer?" Spinner asked, anticipating for Deku's answer to the only fall to silence.

Mandalay huggles Pixie-Bob closer to her chest, to where Deku then raised up his right hand and pulled on his red necktie and unravel it around his neck before holding it out to the pro-hero. Malandy stares at the tie that is dangling between the middle and index finger that is littered with tiny scars. While his ring and pinky held the handle of the knife. "Use it to tie it around your friend's head. After that, move."

To Mandalay, his words are equal to the forest itself that are highly represented by the color of his hair and eyes. The forest that held the arms clothed in greens of every palate and none with the verdant hues; thick and old with every trace of the roots twisted deep in the mother earth to have it still protecting, cradling the beings that held dear to it. It was a forest of peace, but the tone that caked around it clearly defines the word divergent. It held no warmth that welcomed Mandalay nor her friend. As if the forest itself that shows the promising spring has quickly diminished by the cold wind that was just passing by. Deku then turned and looked at Mandalay with his eyes. The same emerald eyes that were seen by Katsuki- bitterly cold, but there was also something else in there as well. A very dark color, like a void. A dark void that consumes everything, leaving not a single trace of anything behind-empty. "Do you intend to have your friend bleed or not?"

Mandalay couldn't help but just wonder with curiosity but also held a small sympathy towards Deku. Why does this boy look so...empty?

 "No targets in sight," Spoke a man wearing a red-eyed goggle, peering over a wrecked car that is completely topped over with bullets plummeted completely outside the shell, with fragments of glass littered around like flowers trying to decorate the care with its everlasting beauty. "They couldn't have gone far." Red eyes then stare at the trails that its victim has left, venturing deeper into woods.

"Sir," a voice calls out to man, causing him to focus his attention to his comrade wearing the same visual attire and goggles as him. To where both of his hands holds an assault rifle tightly around his grip. "We have a problem."

Crimson eyes darted up to the sky, to where the stars are forcibly covered by thick, ebony smoke with the vibrant sea of sapphire dancing below. A familiar, blue flames. Crimson eyes then darted back to his comrade and command. "Contact our leader, and tell them that Shigaraki's men are here. We await our orders then." The comrade nodded before retreating back to several other men guarding, searching, and investigating the area around for any source of clues that their targets have left with them.

Crimson eyes stare back at the raging flames.

What's wrong with her? Izuku's eyebrow knitted together, confused by the expression that the red cat has given him. Confusion mixed with bitter concern that Izuku found it distasteful. Why is she-

"Hey! Don't take your eyes off of me!" An annoying voice spilled into Izuku's thoughts, to where emerald eyes quickly snapped to Spinner whose holds a katana in both of his hands and slashes forward. In reaction, Izuku that held the knife twirled between his fingers allowing the blade to point towards the ground. In the process, the red tie slips between his fingers, as the chilling wind carries it away through the battlefield. As the katana continues to slash downward, Izuku brought both of his blades upward in a diagonal formation.

The blades clash with the metal sing.

Izuku groan with sharp pain with the blade in his left hand dug into his flesh even more than it had intended. It hurts, but it's also the pain that made Izuku realized that he's struggling, fighting, protecting, and most of all-alive. The weight presses hard against his. Izuku then bends both of his arms allowing Spinner to press forward. But using that as a force, Izuku lifted his arms as high as he can with all the remaining strength in his arms and lifted the blades upwards to where the katana's blade left his blades and now in the air. While staying in position, Izuku twisted around his body bringing up his right leg and kicked right in Spinner's stomach; causing him to stumble back and slightly arching forward probably feeling the pain from Izuku's kick.

Then without giving a single chance for Spinner to breathe and take hold his breathing, Izuku dashed forward. He held the blade to the side. The wind blows to where the knife was like a mythical object that can slice the wind itself.

Drawing it closer and closer.

Then in a split second when the distance is close enough, Izuku threw his knife that was once held in his right.

 "Don't breathe in the smoke!" Itsuka shouted out of warning when her fellow teammate-Juzo Honenuki- collapsed to the ground. "It's poisonous!"

In time reaction, she activated her quirk; enlarging her palm and completely wrapping around Yui to secure her from breathing in too much of the purple smoke. Quickly she then enlarges her other hand and wrapped around her friend. She looked at her fallen teammate. I'll come back for you, I promise!

And with the promise, Itsuka with Yui in her hand begins to navigate the labyrinth forest surrounded by toxic smoke like a blanket of heavy blizzard showering down her every direction. A fraction of a second is all there to it for Itsuka to see the familiar hues of green before eaten away by the smoke once more. Itsuka is holding her breath while using her shoulder as a support to try to at least breath is available air.

Can't see! Itsuka cries, as her eyes scan around her area to only be covered but nothing but purple smoke.

"Sir." A voice brought back the man wearing red goggles away from the sky and directed to his comrade. His comrade spoke. "The order still stands."

The man nodded and reached to his earpiece. But before he can do it, his comrade spoke again "Also, they're coming."

Crimson eyes stare at his comrade in shock, before regaining his composure and walked away with his right hand lifted in the air signaling them to move out. Then pressing his fingers against his ears. "Orders remain the same. I repeat the orders remain the same. " His footsteps marched into the woods, to where the darkness creeps onto his suit. The darkness is their favorite food, enveloping them in their arms protecting, and concealing its kind. The leaves crunch beneath his heels as the twigs snaps. The wind calls the bringer of death to his other ear.

"By the name of Overhaul, bring back Eri and D. without failure."

[Yes sir!] Was the reply to his ears, before darkness enveloped him and his comrade to where only the crimson eyes shine within the abyss.

The hunt has begun.

Chapter Text

An endless trouble, is an endless dream

He lay down in the bush, it gave him the best cover. Mother nature made the best camouflage, but so did the darkness that easily bends along with his suit. He moved into the prone position, looking through his scope with his goggles revealing the night clear as day. Yet even with his sight, there wasn’t a single being in sight. Let alone his target. He switched his position, heading a bit to the left and duck for safety. He did the same procedure again and again. Nothing. 

This smoke! In the smoke, there is no way to know which direction to go. The usual landmarks were hidden behind the purple swirled so densely. Even with Itsuka’s hand were placed before her very eyes, it was little more than a crude outline of a hand mostly erased by the smoke. She can feel her blood cool, and her skin sweats. This is bad! I can’t see anyone!

Disorientation is a given, and the danger is the killer. The world is being erased around her, and she’d be with it if she doesn’t get out of this smoke or finding help. But she can’t scream. Her lips need to be sealed tight, if not she will be erased by the smoke along with her friend. Continuing forward is the only choice she got, and so she continued to advance through smoke. She prays that she can at least see someone that can get her and her friend to safety. It was only a little few, more minutes, that she heard a snap of a twig break. She halted her movement and gazed to her right. The twigs snap more, like the rustling of the leaves shook. She squinted her eyes, to where a fluid black outline emerged with the smoke- a silhouette. 

Itsuka was a relief to see someone in the smoke. A tiny smile played on her lips. Just as she was about to let her voice sang, she stopped. There wasn’t simply one silhouette, but three. Three silhouettes with each having bright crimson eyes looking towards her direction. 

Those are not from our school! Itsuka zipped her lips and begins to shift around her feet. To where she hears a metal sound. A sound so familiar that she can hear it daily rather it's in school, media, and TV shows. A gun.

A shot rings out.

The bullet flies out the chamber and into the air with great elegance despite the smoke surrounding it. The bullet aims for the target beyond the shooter push through the smoke with great speed; gaining less distance than it was before.


The world rushes by a blur. Her perception of time distorted, everything slowed down until there were nothing, only her and the smoke surrounding her, swallowing her whole. Then the pain comes next. It goes by fast, yet slow, almost suspended. Then impact. She can feel her bones crashing onto the ground as her hands loosen its hold. Her eyes opened in shock, as blood suspended in the air. It isn’t her blood, it’s her comrade, her friend, and her classmate- Tetsutetsu Tetsutesu- with his right arm with his blue sleeve soaked in his blood; radiating outward. And his metal skin pierced with a bullet.

“Tetsutetsu!” Her scream echoed in the forest, clear enough for anyone in the forest to hear. She doesn’t care if she inhales the smoke anymore, because right now her friend is wounded. “Are you okay?”

“ ‘m fine.” He slurs a bit, holding up to his wounded arm, to where the metal completely disappears from his body. His eyes widen in shock. My quirk- His breathing stops, to where something cold was pressed against his head. “Two individuals spotted.”

Itsuka’s eyes peered behind, as her eyes met the crimson eyes with a gun pointed at her friend’s back of the head. To where other crimson eyes came into her field of vision. The person that has a gunpoint on her friend was smaller than the others had barely met the same height requirement but is just as muscular as any other by his attire.

“They don’t seem like Shigaraki’s men.” A different voice muffled behind their mask. But there is a Scottish accent behind it.

“A third party.” A rough voice calls out. “Knock them out, they aren’t worth our time.”

The shorter man nodded and raised it’s a pistol in the air and crashing down in full force. But before the hilt of the gun hits Tetsutetsu, Itsuka flipped over as the hilt only managed to touch the boy’s hair rolling them away creating a safe distance between the group and her. Then immediately, she placed herself in front of her wounded friend. Her right hand covering her mouth, as the other used to shield.

“Nice reaction girl,” The Scottish voice replied, a bit genuine impressed by Itsuka’s movement. He then lifted up his gun- an assault rifle. “ But are you faster than a bullet?”

Her heart thumped in her chest. Adrenaline floods in her system, it pumps and beats like it’s trying to escape. She would actually think her heart will explode, to where her body wants to either run fast for safety far away from these groups, but here she stands remaining in her spot. Beads of sweat trickling down her brow, waiting for something just anything to happen. Whether it’s the bullet flying towards her, or someone coming to the rescue, just anything. She prays for her comrade’s safety, let alone hers.

“Kendo…” Her friend speaks, with a groan of pain that brought terror to her ears.

“Tets-” She whispers in her voice, but to only be shut off by his dominant ones.

“Don’t get hit by those bullets.” He gritted through his teeth, as she wore a puzzled expression. “I can’t use my quirk.” And that was all Itsuka needed to know before her ears caught the noise of another gunshot.


The blood blooms within his skin, to where the blade’s edge layered by its color. Sliding as goes to the very edge of the blade as it drips. The small droplets falling soundlessly onto the dirty ground, soaking it up creating a small immense circle of rot.

“Spinner!” His partner yelled as he watches Spinner holding of Deku’s left hand to where the blade managed to graze Spinner’s right cheek. But his attention quickly drifted back to Tiger, constantly punching her

“Woah,” Eijiro watched by the sidelines. “Man, he’s fast.”

Even Katsuki has to admit it. Deku is indeed fast. The moment Deku released his knife from the right, it shot straight towards Spinner. Spinner’s eyes was only in contact with the knife as he shifted his body to the left, to where that was also the exact moment Deku dashed straight up and aim with his left blade with precision and managed to graze it on Spinner’s right cheek to moment his eyes caught on Deku’s blade cutting it closes. With the blade missed, Deku tried a different tactic slashing horizontally to only be caught by Spinner’s blade holding it vertically. When that fails, Deku clenched his right fist and punched. Much less to his surprised Spinner blocked it.

“Eraserhead!” A call reached out, to where Mandalay holds Pixie-Bob’s arm around her shoulder; walking towards them. Aizawa immediately acted and helped to carry Pixie-Bob. “Get her treated, I’m going to help the boy and tell everyone about our current situation.”

“Before that,” Aizawa calls out, carefully holding Pixie-Bob in his arms. “I’m not sure what’s going on with Vlad and his students, but they could be in danger. So pass on this message first. Everyone in Class B, in the name of the pro-hero, Eraserhead, you are granted permission to engage in combat!” His words are heavy but held the confidence and trust. The confidence that is hard-won yet deep, anchored from the bottom of his heart to which grows; purging to which was born from fear. And in this rawness, in this absolute unpredictable, and vulnerable situation, Aizawa can only be confident that everyone is going to make it out safe and injured. To where the trust then puts out. His angry eyes are held with pain to where he can only believe that the kids right here and Vlad's kids are safe; their usage of quirk can be the guidance to their safety.

“But Aizawa-sensei,” Momo chirped in, wearing a concerned face. “What about us? Can we also engage in battle?” Aizawa carrying Pixie-Bob in his arms, his lips parted but was quickly shut out by some of his students.

“Battle?!” Mineta couldn’t believe in his ears of what Momo just asked. He didn’t want to anyway. He has already, more like barely survived the first nightmare from the USJ attack, and now Momo asked Aizawa to engage is like literally dragging him to a second nightmare. His brain to where is filled with horrific image covered his mind, and now he was seeing something his eyes won’t ever be able to erase. The absolute horror almost paralyzed him, and the more he thought, the more he wanted to run. He nearly screamed. “Why do we need to engage in battle?! With Aizawa-sensei and the pro-heroes here, we don’t need to fight!”

His words spilled like a fountain, drowning his nearby classmates with his words. Denki agreed to his words. “Yeah. I mean we even have Deku on our side. I doubt that we need to fight the villains…..right?” Insecurity left his tone and voice from his lips. Even without looking, everyone knew that his face is planted by worry.

“Are you dumb or is it because you used your quirk too much dunce face?” Katsuki spatted.

“I know what you guys are saying, but the thing is…. I think Yaoyorozu-chan is right.” Ochaco holding the helm of her shirt, trying to ease her nervousness as much as her words terrified her more than anyone in the group. “We need to know if we can also use our quirk for battle. In case…” Her eyes darted away. “You know….”

“Like as Deku mentioned before, kero.” Tsuyu begins to help Ochaco filling the words for her. “We are not sure how many villains are still lurking in the area.”

“Not to mention we don’t even know what is the villain’s objective this time,” Shoto spoke next, completely agreeing with the Momo’s course of direction.

“Objective?” Toru questioned.

“All Might is not here,” Katsuki clarified, raising more question mark than it is needed. He clicked his tongue before clarifying any further than he wanted to. “If you fucks remembered, back in the USJ the villain attack because they targeted All Might. But since All Might isn’t here-”

“That means that they must come here for a different reason!” Eijiro finishes Katsuki’s sentence, as like he has gotten the idea of what the explosive blond was talking.

“Don’t interrupt me, shitty hair!” Katsuki growled, making Eijiro quickly clasp his hands together and apologize. It was also due to the growl, that Katsuki felt a shift of weight in his arms. Crimson eyes darted down, to where he can see the little girl’s eyes starts to flutter open. Her soft, weakly voice calls out. “D..e...ku..?”

Crimson eyes stare down on the little girl, meeting up with her hazy red eyes. His eyes then darted back to Deku to where he immediately pulled back his head and smashed it against his entire face. “ For a villain, you talk too much.” Spinner tumbles back, immediately letting go of Deku’s hands; holding his face with his right speaking again.

“For a hero, you sure don’t hesitate.” Silence was Deku’s response before dashing forward once more. He slashes horizontally to where Spinner quickly leaned back. Deku gives a chase. While Mandalay backed Deku up from his sides.

“De..ku….” The little girl’s voice calls out, grabbing Katsuki’s attention along with everyone else’s.

“She’s awake!” Mina cheered upon seeing the little girl’s consciousness is back to her body. “Hey, little girl!”

“Deku….” The girl calls out once more, but this time she asked for something different. “…?” Everyone looked at each other at that question, to where they don’t even know how to reply. Words or rather thoughts weren’t forming in their minds.

“He’s fine.” There is kindness in his words, a gentleness. To where everyone’s eyes including Aizawa would need to direct their attention to the voice to make sure that it is the correct person that was speaking-Katsuki. To his tone, was a calm sea, dancing birdsong, and the new buds of spring. It’s an utter shock for everyone to hear it from his mouth.

“I’m..happy…” The girl spoke once more to where she can feel the heaviness of her eyelids. But despite all of that, a tiny smile placed on her lips. It’s a smile that is brimming one of happiness, growing much as a spring flower opens. It’s a smile that means so much more than her words, let alone as the fever flushes over her pale skin. But one thing for sure in everyone’s eyes, the smile is genuinely beautiful to see. Then her eyes shut, as Katsuki can feel her body relaxes.

“Wow, Bakugo-kun.” Ochaco was the first to snap out of the daze. “I didn’t know-”

"Finish that sentence, and I’ll make sure you’ll never look at yourself in the mirror again.” Katsuki barks back in a low tone that makes sure he doesn’t wake up the girl again. Ochaco lightly whimpered, before ducking behind Tsuyu from the explosive blond’s anger. Crimson eyes then darted to the rest of his classmates. “That goes the same for every single one of you fucks, got it?”

“But bro-” Eijiro quickly choked back his words, once crimson eyes met his. He nodded quickly. “Got it.”

“Bakugo-kun! Don’t threaten your classmates!” Tenya spoke with his chopping motion in the air. While Katsuki just replied with his usual shutdowns.

“Right,” Momo inquired, redirecting the topic on hand. “So, what you think Aizawa-sensei?”

Aizawa was currently now tending Pixie-Bob’s injuries with the help Mashirao, Kyoka, and Koji. Aizawa stood up from his kneeling and talked. “I was getting to that before someone interrupted me.”

“So the answer?”


“So this is where you are.” All attention snapped to where the voices chimed in from. A person that wears dark, orange attire with a top hat, and a cane stares down from a branch of a tree. “Here I thought that I was going to run a show without our main guest of honor.”

“Is that?!”

Taking immediate action, Aizawa grabbed his cloth and propel it towards the third villain that has suddenly made its entrance. But before the clothes even reached towards the magician looking villain, a hand reached out and grabbed the clothes, tugging it forcibly. To where everyone’s eyes widen in disbelief. Because standing right in front of them, is a monster that they all knew too well- a nomu with six arms that protrude from its back, each having a construction tool coming out of it, to where his normal arms were grabbing the cloths.

“A nomu?!”

A shrill of panic caused Izuku to glanced back, so did Mandalay. As their eyes widen in shock.

“What are on earth is that?!” Mandalay shouted.

The monster is a predator, even Izuku can tell. Its frontal eyes covered by a shiny, purple helmet that exposed its brain with two red visors; his teeth sharper than arrows itself was chewing on a metal gag. The most defining features besides that were the six arms that protrude from its back with four arms holding a chainsaw, and two in other construction tools. While it’s original two hands were holding onto Eraserhead cloth. In the corner of Izuku’s eyes, he caught the color of dark yellow sticking out behind the leaves and trucks. His eyes narrowed, but couldn’t really see anything except the color.

“That’s a nomu.” Spinner spilled out the name like nothing, directing Izuku’s eyes back at him. Nomu?

“Nomu? An artificial human?” Mandalay questioned with her shocking tone.

“Seems like the heroes intel, aren’t as bad as they seem. Especially with the police on their side.”  

“You villains are sick!”

“Sick? Us?” Spinner scoff. “It should be you heroes that are sick!” Izuku can feel his words dripping with hatred; an abomination. “ Heroes are titles reserved for those who perform truly great feats. Yet you all, are underserved, just money worshipers. You guys aren’t heroes, you are liars, tainted ones that need to be purged!”

Spinner immediately jumped hight into the air with his katana aiming straight at Mandalay. Mandalay quickly jumped backward, as the katana stopped at the last second almost touching the ground. The moment Spinner’s toes landed on the ground, he pushes himself forward with his katana aiming straight at Mandalay. Izuku feet shifted with his shoes rubbing against the rocks, grit, and soil, he swiftly placed himself between Mandalay and Spinner as the tip of the katana clashes on with Izuku’s broken blade. 

"Get out of my way.” Spinner growled out. “I need to purge those unworthy-”

Then a sound cracked into the air as loud as thunder but without the raw power of a storm. In comparison, they were tiny and small. Izuku held the object long enough to know what it is when he heard one- a gunshot. They were tiny and small, coming from one direction only-the forest from his right that is engulfed in a sea of smoke and flames. Emerald eyes glanced to the right, a surge of questions raises above from the depths. Don't panic. It can be anyone- the villains, the heroes, or the students. It doesn't mean that they are coming. Unconsciously, he held the blade tighter in his palms. He wasn’t sure if it was the pain from his hand that is tearing his skin, or was the pain that lies inside of his heart-the pain of fear.

“Seems like Mustard got some prey in his hands.” Spinner spoke, as another gunshot rings in the distance, lighter than the first gunshot. “Trigger happy too.”

Trigger happy-no. The sound was different. The first one sounds heavier; the second sounds a bit lighter. There are two guns being fired. One is the villain, the other is-

A burst of intensifying pain and stinging washed over Izuku. It’s exquisite and debilitating even for him that he has experienced for his entire life. It was the worst sensation, being punched through his tissues, muscles, and bones. It felt exactly like it. His right leg buckles beneath him collapsing onto his knee.

“What the hell?” Spinner questioned with confusion taking a step back from Izuku.


With his right hand, Izuku clutches onto his right calf, as blood is oozing out between his fingers. He gently peeled his hands away from his calf, to let his eyes see the wound itself. It ripped apart his pants like nothing, giving a good insight into the entry wound that is dead onto his calf. Perfection is what Izuku saw- a professional hit, no doubt. Not mention, he can see the silver bullet craving deep into his flesh.

He was shot.

The wind blew through, carrying a crimson tie across the battlefield. With the smoke and flames still dancing beneath its tail gliding across the starry night. To where it softly landed onto the fresh grass beside a dark-colored shoe. A hand that is patched with gnarled wrinkled purple reached out and took hold of the tie.

“Darn Dabi, yer taking interest in junk too?” Twice commented, as his next words brim with curiosity. “What is it?”

His ocean eyes, so full of life yet so uncertain with his flames flickering, as he replied. “It’s a tie. A simple red tie.” His hand clenches around it, as blue flames devoured the object in his hand. “Send me out, Twice.”

“Send more fodder, leave it to me!” Twice said with his right hand flicking Dabi off, while his left hand giving him a thumbs up. Dabi couldn’t care less about Twice’s comment, as his eyes drifted to the starry night above. He felt cold, and not even his fire can bring out the warmth to comfort him. The color red sinks into his brain.

Chapter Text

~We're all Mad here~

 In this forest, the men walked like the way a gas fills a jar; despite how a few of them, there are, all the space will be taken to remove any source of opening upon their formation. One in front, two on sides, and one on the back- four in total.

The utter blackness of nighttime in the woods is quiet, clear, and noticeable. The trees would be black trunks against a bluish charcoal sky, and the path would become the deepest brown, and the moonlight would bleach the stones in it. But even with the silvery rays, it would not penetrate the dense smoke and canopy above. They were already too far in, to turn back, the twilight they had mistaken for the night had passed rapidly-no blacker in a coffin and piled with dirt. The darkness pressed in on them from all sides, and their feet kept moving sinking it to the damp earth of late spring and settled in to wait for dawn. To even feel more protected, their hands gripped tightly around their assault rifles.

For only a few minutes of walking, a noise buzzing in static engulfed them capturing their brain and attention. [This is Phi come in]

"This is Gamma, what's the situation?" The one that replied was coming from the front. He has a sweet southern accent that made the words much smoother.

[We have lost contact with Zeta]

"What?!" A surprising shock slip out of his comrade. "How is that-"

"Was it Shigaraki's men?" The southern man question calmly cutting off his comrade's abrupt voice.

[We are unable to identify the cause for the time being. For now, focus on your mission and do not let down your guards. I'll contact you again.]

"Roger that." The southern man replied back, biting back the dread that creeps over him like an icy chill, numbing his brain. He's concern. Zeta is a group that consist of three rouges, excel in stealth and combat. Highly experienced fighters that come to par with target's skills, and with Zeta's group missing their chance of success has decreased. Things don't seem very high in their favors. He turned to his group before continued walking "Keep your distance close, ears peeled, and eyes sharp." 

The irritated man clicked his tongue, while the other two nodded in response. With the new profound information, all the men brought up their assault rifles near their sight, and their index finger on the trigger; ready to shoot down anything that their eyes see. Quietly with their feet hitting the ground, stealthily approaching their path forward. Scanning around their area like a hawk, try to nitpick anything that they can see with their goggles. So far nothing.

Or so it seems.


A single chilling voice broke through their defense. Landing straight in the center of the formation, "I never thought that I would see you cuties again!" Sickling, and blood-chilling that sends a signal to all their brains.

Swiftly, the Southern man turned his upper body to his left with his legs following along; still keeping his iron sight and trigger finger. He turns, as the next thing he knew was his gun made a solid contact of a blade causing his hand that is holding the gun raised in the air. His right leg forcefully taking a step back. Two fatal mistakes, as to where his sight caught on the shining metal reflecting onto his goggles and took a deep stab onto his left shoulder. While he can feel a hand gripped tightly on his right, as the force of the person pushes down, down, and down. All the way till his back hits the hard soiled of mother earth, as his grip on the gun slides across far away from his hand. He groans in pain, as the blade sinks even deeper than ever, as the impact came along.

"Don't shoot!" Ordered the irradiated man, holding his left hand out to prevent the other two accidentally shooting his comrade. But their iron sight has never left the predator that has shown itself.

The Southern man grunts in pain once more, gritting his teeth. The blade that once sunken its teeth, was roughly pulled out. He can feel the person sitting on his stomach, as its other hand still kept on his other shoulder.

"Now that's a pretty color." The voice giggles clearly delighted what it has seen. "Normally, I'd suck it out directly from the cut to get even more. And thanks to this machine it will just start sucking the moment I stick it in." A sigh. "I want to sticks it in." A fit of giggles, but slowly dies down as crimson eyes darted upward; as the silver rays gently hit strands of blond hair. The voice continues, as the enthusiastic tone was replaced by a bit of anger. "But, as much I love to try this machine out, you are unworthy of it." The silver rays open the curtains slowly.

Blond ash hair tied up into two messy buns that have wild strands sticking out. Her anger raises, yet despite that, the voice kept its excitement. "Me, Dabi-chan, Tomura-chan, and Kurogiri-chan, were all looking for you cuties and Overhaul for soooo long~!"

Petitte, fair skinned, and wears a high school uniform- an oversized beige cardigan with a rather long him and cuffs and a dark blue skirt which is paired with a red scarf that is tied loosely beneath a pipped black mask. "And here you are." A smile to where the southern man doesn't even know if the smile can get any wider.

The blade glints as the moonlight shine on it. Holding it up above the air, to only be slammed down onto his shoulder once more. A fresh new wound. Her face draws close, as her smile drops and eyes of the gold dim. "Where.Is.He?" She says it, nice and slow, loud and clear for those around her and him to hear her demand. All the men knew who that girl is. Of course, they knew- she is part of Shigaraki's men- Himiko Toga.

Footsteps approach quickly, as he can see one of his men raises its assault rifle high in the air and smack it forcefully onto Toga's temple, sending her flying towards his right to where her shifts as flipped and landed onto her toes perfectly away from him and his men. Her hands gliding onto the soil to slow down her friction movement. With the safe distance away from him, all three of his comrade's eyes were sent on the target, and their index fingers on pulled. Rapid bullets released from its chamber, hundreds-possibility thousands in total-of bullets traveling through the air. Propelling itself forward in max speed. Toga lifted her head, as her golden dead fish eyes stare straight ahead.

"How uncute."

Using her right leg extended outward a bit, she swiftly turns to gather the soils against her front shoe and kicked it straight up as she stood up. Dust, soil, and tiny rocks covered the sky and her. She smiles widely, slightly giggling before the curtains fall. The bullets plummeted through. The southern man pushes himself up using his elbows carefully standing up as he grabs the knife that plunges deep in his shoulder and pulls it out. The blade was drenched in his color, as he then tosses it to the ground; placed his right hand onto his wound and rolled.

As rounds of bullets continue, one of the comrades hold his hand up in the air, signal to stop. The silent sound of the leaves gently rustling and the rocks gliding across the ground. The curtains fall gently with the wind gliding away. The moment it did, only the ground, bushes, trees, and the bullet holes that penetrated the trees and ground are revealed.

Toga is nowhere in sight. Not even her body.

"Stay on your gua-"

Not able to catch his comrade's last words, the southern man felt a presence behind and chilling bloodlust. Immediately, he turned as his eyes caught the sight of a knife dashing towards him. In reaction, he tilted his head to the right as the blade graze his cheek. But nowhere did that faze his next action of hooking the slim arm that is holding the knife using his left arm pulling the enemy forward and using his right elbow smashing hard against Toga's cheek. And with the right hand gripping tightly on the back of the beige cardigan, he pushes the girl down hard, bringing his right knee and crash it against the Toga's stomach. 




He can hear Toga choking on air every time, causing her to bend over. He then easily took hold grabbing the back of her neck with his right hand and turned her around still holding her other arm and to where her body slants and starts to lean towards the ground. Letting go of her neck, he raised his fist and aimed.

But before he can do it, Toga quickly placed her free hand flat onto the ground and lifted up her right feet up in the air, and kicked him on the cheek with the heel of her shoe. The contact connected but didn't release the hold of his grip. There was a pain, but not strong enough to faze him.

He looked down at Toga. Blood bleeding on the side of her lips, and bruised on her cheek. Yet somehow she still has that smile on her face. She sighs and drops her leg and hand. Landing on the ground, as guns pointed at her.

"Hey, do you know what love is? Do you have a type?" She asked out of nowhere with curiosity. 

No reply.

"I have a type. I mean I love tattered guys reeking in blood. That's why I always carve people up in the end. Wanting to be like them, dressing up like them, but that was never enough. It was also the point that I literally want to become like them. It was addicting," Her words spill so deliciously sweet that makes the men's blood run until their flesh is ghostly cold, filled with displeasure. "I always wanted more. I wanted to be loved and loved by all. And that's when I met him. He gives me the love that I crave, that I desire! I want to be like him, I want to become him! But before any of that can happen- you took him away from me, from us!"

Just as her words scream with pure hatred, a pain burst felt from the man's left leg. He looked down immediately and saw Toga sticking a cylinder piercing into his suit and skin. Blood can be seen to be drawn out and into the tube. Quickly the man lifted his right feet and kicked her head, as he rolled away and the cylinder was brutally pulled out from his leg. She rolled few feet away from him, the man fires their guns from her right side. She quickly pulls herself up to jump to her feet and jumped as high as she can backward gaining some distance between them. 

When she lands, her eyes shift upwards as she brings her right hand that still holds the knife away from her, as she sticks out her thumb and presses it against where the blood that is leaking and swiped it across her lips. Giving her a deep crimson color on her lips, lightly licking her lips and the corner curls upward. Intoxicating and dangerous. She stood up and asked nicely and sweetly. "I don't feel like dying, but I do want some answers. Care to give me some?"

"Back off girl. You don't mess with us and we don't mess with you. Got it?" The irritated man barks. 

She hums lightly before she replied. "That's not a good at all. And here I thought we both can get away with no scratches. Oh, wait, that already happened!" She giggles.

"Himiko Toga," the southern man calls out grabbing her attention. " This won't end nicely. And you're clearly outnumbered what makes you think that this situation is going to be in your favor?" 

"Outnumbered?" She giggles once more, smiling widely. "Whoever said that I was outnumbered?"

Right as her words fell from her lips, several disorganized blade shots behind her implanting itself onto the ground. Several blades were aiming at the men, to where the men have to use their guns as a shield and broke easily in half and swiftly dodge before the blades shot through them. The southern man danced around, dodging the incoming blades.

To where the blades stiffen itself, as shadows loom over them. They looked up and saw an unrecognizable man wearing a straitjacket that only leaves his mouth exposed. And following the blade it came from his mouth-precisely his teeth.

"Fishy!" Toga cheered at her comrade in delight.

"Show me...your flesh…."

" I would love to get to know more of you~" Toga then redirected her words to the men smiling with her crimson lips. The men looked at each other and nodded. Two men took out their pistol as the irritated man grab a knife that is hidden in his boots, while the southern man picked up the knife that he tossed away before. "Now we're even." 

Two versus one. This would be a tough fight indeed. 

Chapter Text

Everything happens for a reason, 

You just need to see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, and voice it

To get a better picture. 

This must be a sick joke. A joke that doesn’t shake his soul and brings out a laugh from Izuku’s lips. What a cruel world. “Seems like fate is just not in my favor.” He mumbles out; staring at the silver bullet. Emerald eyes then glanced to the far side to his right, to where the bullet must have traveled to punctured his calf. But the question that he doesn’t get to figure out is, where?

He didn’t hear a gunshot in the distance, which means that the person that shot him has a silencer equipped. And judging by the bullet wound, it created a rather large opening wound with clean cuts missing his bones aiming his calf purposely to first immobile his walking ability. They could have shot his leg where his bones perfectly are, fracturing them to make it even harder for him to move, or even aim for his head where he won’t know what hit him. But they didn’t which means this event can be something good or awfully bad. But this event also proves one thing- Izuku is still valuable to him. But what about Eri?

Immediately, his eyes directed back without shifting his head ignoring Mandalay’s and Spinner’s presence. Eri still being held by Bakugo with his two arms and legs, doesn’t seem like he is wounded. Good, good. Izuku mentally noted directing his eyes back to the front. They haven’t pulled a trigger on him, yet, that means they couldn’t see her. Good enough for now.

He sterns his gaze. They haven’t made another shot yet. His eyes look around the area. Trees and bushes surrounding his area with a single building possibility in the middle of  it, and a mountain high and far away from him. Two possible area- the forest and the mountain. But judging by the accuracy and the wound, I have a sniper on my tail. He lowered his gaze and couldn’t help himself let out a helpless chuckle. He couldn’t even hear Mandalay calling out to him in concern. If he has sent a sniper, then that means that the entire Ghost is here. He licked his lips, and closed his eyes and hold his breath.

He could feel his heartbeat, every single pound in his chest. Not through his ears that was occupied by the voices around him ; drowning it out. This great pounding, the pressure; every beat, he couldn’t hear it, but instead , he can feel it. This pressure urges the words, this horrible pressure of beating, pulsing, thumping he held and breath out and in again; hold.

One thump.

Two thump.

Two heartbeats; close to him that signifies that it isn’t his-Spinner's and Mandalay's. He needs to listen carefully.

One thump.

Two thump.

Three thump.

Four thump.

Five thump.

Nope. Those heartbeats belong to the heroes, villains, and students. He opened his eyes and exhale through his nose. They aren’t close enough. That means the sniper nor the rest of the Ghost are within the range. He breathes once more. He wasn’t able to detect the sniper position nor the other Ghost around. But what he can do, is to lure them out; r isky but worthy. He has already narrowed the pinpoint section of where one of the Ghost is located to the right of his. Now, he just to lure the sniper to aim another shot so he can have a general idea of the position. But the question is how?

The sniper aimed his calf to immobilize his walking ability. Then that means they didn’t want him to walk anywhere further than he needs to be. They need him in this precise location. The location he is in is where the Ghost is going to pick him and Eri up. That’s all he needs. He reached out his right hand and lightly pushed Mandalay behind him. “Move.”

“What?” Mandalay ignored his arm and went in front of Izuku instead of blocking his view. Emerald eyes set on sight with earthly brown. “I can’t just go! You’re injured clearly got shot-”

Without thinking Izuku reached out and grab Mandalay’s neck from behind and pulled her close to him. Face to face, eye to eye, nose to nose. “Look here, Miss.”

Her breath hitched. “If it weren’t that boy holding my sister’s life, I wouldn’t give a damn about you.” He can feel her heart beating rapidly from her neck. “If he didn’t put my sister in harm, then I wouldn’t either to you.” Brown eyes traveled away from him and looked behind him. He tightened his hold on her neck to where her eyes snapped back to him. “So move.”

Her expression is readable. It’s like his words sank into her heart, just as her expression sinks within it. Her eyes and mouth were frozen open in an expression of stunned surprise. As if his words are like a bomb that just exploded right in her face. He doesn’t get it. Why so surprised? Are my words that shocked? Because there’s nothing to be surprised about his words. Nothing at all, to where he clearly doesn’t get it. His words and actions are all meant for one purpose only-Eri. They don’t mean anything else, because it never meant to. 


Emerald eyes narrowed at her. She steels herself and repeats it for him to hear it again. “No.”

Izuku parted his lips to voice out but shut it as she continued to talk. “I am a hero and my duty is to protect not to run. If I can’t protect a boy that is clearly injured in front of me from villains, then I am truly unworthy to become a hero.”

“What?” Izuku mumbled out. Duty, hero, villain, protect? What kind of mind is this Miss having? “Look, miss, I don’t care about what you think or your duty is. What I need you to do right now, is-”

“To get to safety.” She finished his words clearly knows what Izuku wanted, but her action did the opposite. She turned while Izuku still held her neck and placed her arms out, kind of like shielding him. “And that’s not happening. I know that you are doing this for your sister, but I am a hero. I don’t become one to run. I become one to save.” Her words alone meant she’s serious. She’s staying.

He tightens his grip on her neck once more. “Move.”

She stood her ground, as emerald eyes can see her hands slightly shaking and her pulse increasing. She will not move, and that’s final.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

Emerald eyes snapped back to the voice that calls out to him. As he met face to face with the students staring at him widen in shock. Probably because of his actions. Izuku opened his lips and let the words run. But before he could, he felt a shift of his grip and a force that instantly ripped out of his hold of the neck. Emerald eyes shifted back to the front, as his view blossomed into crimson flying in the air and woman that he was holding falling to the side.

A hysterical cry ripped through the forest, as Izuku’s hands moved grabbed onto her before her body fully hits the ground. The first thing that he saw on her body, was an injury on her right arm.  

A bullet wound.



Then in a distant, an explosion was heard coming from the mountain. Blue flames danced can be seen eating the mountain itself. Izuku swallowed thickly, as groaning of pain can be heard from Mandalay’s lips. He looked down at her then at Bakugo holding his sister. Crimson eyes can be seen of birthing with absolute rage. He mumbled out. “You should of just listen to me.” Fate just seems not to be in Izuku’s favor.

His stare is uncomfortable. Crimson eyes narrowed, rigid, cold and hard. There was no trace of tears, not in his eyes or in the track marks on his face. The fire in his eyes is the rage that burns hot and dies fast. An inferno that Izuku is smart enough to know not to walk straight ahead to it.

How am I suppose to do this? Izuku thinks to himself. His eyes glanced down to the wound. His mind is reeling with thoughts. He knows Ghost like the back of his hand, to where it didn't quite make sense to him. Why shoot her? There's no purpose of shooting her, nor benefit.They don't shoot unless there's an order or a purpose. So why? But before any sudden movement was made, something hits the ground with cling and rolled. Emerald eyes traveled to where the sound is to where it landed beside his feet- a stun grenade.

His mind sent reeling, unable to comprehend or process for just a second, to were immediately held Mandalay close to his chest and jumped just using his left foot and jumped as far away from position. The small device filled with a mixture of magnesium powder and mercury fulminate. The blast didn’t just deafen Izuku, it shuddered the right through him as if trying to rip out his heart. The light from the ignited mercury burned, as it was so blinding that even closing his eyes made no difference.

All his ears can hear is the constant ringing the disgusting smell of the smoke engulfing his surrounding. He swallowed down his saliva and shakes his head. With Mandalay below him unconsciousness, his left arm wrapped around her head, as he uses his right hand and hit his head hard. His vision is blinking back and forth. White smoke he can see where in the amidst a silhouette- crimson eyes.

He hit his head again. Vision all fuzzy, cannot make even make out if the crimson eyes were really a thing or not. He hit his head once more. And when he looked up.


What seems to feel like only five seconds of blinding, turns to a whole minute of the worst-case scenario. There is tightness in his throat. He wants to breathe, but his lungs are not working. He can only breathe in the shaky breathes and the stinky mercury that is tainting the air.

He swallowed and clicked his tongue. “Funny,... meeting you here.” Emerald eyes quickly glanced his right and then left, to where it seems there's isn't anymore silhouette coming forth. He's alone? 

“Shut up.” was the replied coming from a man holding a pistol right between his eye. “You should be glad the Boss still wanted you after that stupid stun that you pulled.”

"...Or else?" 

“I won’t even hesitate to pull a bullet in your brain.” There is clearly heat in his voice just by his words flooding out because Izuku knows that the man that is standing before him is hurt; deeply wounded.

“Still mad as a dog. Never did get a treat in the end, I suppose.” Izuku replied back to the threat slipping out his left hand that still holds the blade. The man saw the motion and pressed the gun hard on his forehead.

"Don’t do anything funny, cause I can do it right now!”

Izuku chuckled but instead turned into a cough. “No, you can’t. You can’t afford to betray him. Killing me is the breaking the rules. You and I know that. You can’t go against his orders. You didn’t even tend to shoot me, the moment you saw me. So what makes you think can shoot me now?”

He feels the gun shaking against his skin, whether it’s fear or rage, it doesn’t matter to him. Because before he even let the man speak once more, he flicked his blade into the air. Despite the smoke, he can slightly see the man tilting up, eyeing the blade. Taking the chance, his left hand swiftly pushed away the barrel of the pistol to where a shot rings out. The gunshot reached his ears like a violent alarm. A noise that heralded death and destruction, broke through the smoke surrounding him. The gunshot was too close to his ears, ringing in his head completely eating away all his senses. He blinked.


And again.

He tilted his head to the side and blinked. The noise didn’t stop. But somehow, probably due to all the experience he has he moved. Pressing hard onto his right leg caused ripples of pain exploding into his brain. But he kept going pushing. Despite his heart rate comes down almost a hundred beats per minute. He kept pushing. Despite his head ringing nonsense, he kept pushing. Despite everything, he kept moving forward. He’s trained for this. He has experienced this so much that he has lost count. Even if his mind is shut down, his body will be the one that will continue to fight and move forward . His only choice is to go forward . There’s no backward, side , but only the front. That’s the path he has decided on.

Ignoring the pain that is constantly sending into his brain like ticking bomb, he jumped as hard and high as he can and smash his right palm straight at the man’s chin. Knocking his head up , causing him to lose his grip on his pistol and tumbles back. While Izuku falls forward, both of his hands are placed onto the ground to prevent himself from smashing to the floor. He let out several breaths.

In and out, in and out.

To where the noise is starting to slow and fading. Just as he was able to catch his breath, pairs of arms wrapped around his neck and head holding him tight. Immediately Izuku’s hand reached out to the arm that held his neck, trying to pry it away. The air around him is devoid of oxygen. He can’t breathe right, too short. His ribs heave up and down but no benefit comes. Dizziness, as his vision, swims like ocean waves.

“You should’ve just taken the easy way. You just have to make everything hard don’t you?” The man growled from behind, as the smoke starts to clear. With his right-hand dug deep into his suit, a left hand reached towards the ground. Hands shuffling around the leaves, twigs, soil, and pebbles.


Then his hand felt something metal and sharp. His fingers brushing against the material. Come on! His fingers touch the tip, as the hold comes in tighter and tighter. He curled his fingers, as the motion of the blade draws closer. Darkness is closing in, and all he can do is hang on. C’mon!

He curled his fingers inwards, to where he scrabbled for the blade that is held in his palm. Using his fingers only he managed to hold the blade upward regardless of ending cutting himself in the progress. With the tight hold, he didn’t hesitate and use all his strength and stabbed back as hard and forcefully.

The blade didn’t make contact .

To where the hold of the man’s arm was like ripped away from his neck and head. Allowing his lungs to quickly and desperately to make them function normally again. His own right hand gripped his neck and eyes traveled to the right side of him. To where the man is being plummeted with a monster on top. The monster that Spinner called him-Nomu.

It kept smashing and smashing, till crimson blooms once more. The Nomu then stops and turns around with the splatter of blood decorating onto his mint skin. It stood up from the man and walks and reached out towards Izuku.

“Get away from it!”

He doesn't know who shouted, but the words sinks into his ears but his body didn't react. He couldn’t. The hand draws closer and closer to him, as his vision was engulfed by the monster. Crushed to the bones of the dust like he would expected because compare him to the Nomu, he's just a mere ant. But instead, it touched him. It kneel down in front of him, and its hand touching his cheek. 

Gently it touched him, caress his cheek as emerald eyes widen.

A single tear slide down from its cheek, with its eyes hidden away from the violet helmet. It followed by another one, and another one, until soon a steady stream of silver tears flowed its way down to his mint skinned cheek. It opened its mouth and let out a silent cry. Out of complete reverence, the things of the world stilled to listen. Like a budding flower it started, slow and gentle but it rose to a wail that tore through the sky and forest. Its cry is equal to the ten of thousands of voices sorrowing out, to the ends of the world it can travel- land, sea, forest, and valleys. It didn’t care, to where the song of the monster can be listened loud and clear for everyone that is in the forest to hear its miserable, deafening song.

Izuku just stares. His brain formulated no thoughts other than to register that he is shocked. Because this being in front of him is crying. Crying and crying for god knows what. God knows what this creature is. But one thing that Izuku knows for sure is that its touch can only be described in one word.


Chapter Text

 Sometimes the questions are complicated, 

and the answers are simple 

 What. The. Fuck? That is the first thing Katsuki’s mind questioned when the scene unfolds right before his very eyes. What the fuck?!

His mind is a surging perplexity, and the cries still rage on with the song of the deafening muse which is swaying its victims with its voice by hiding away its minty skin by the voice alone. But the disguise that it is trying to hide, has never once worked on Katsuki and his classmate. They all knew what monster it is hiding beneath the skin of a human.

“Dude,” Eijiro is the first to break the silence, as he swallowed down his salvia and let his tongue taste his lips and the warm breeze. “Am I...uh.” Eijiro has seen Nomus before everyone in the Class 1-A has seen Nomus back when they were all under an attack in the USJ. The first time when they all landed their eyes on it, it triggers the amygdala- the primitive part of the brain for processing fear- gets involved. It would then takes one of the two options, empathy and calmness or flight and fight. And during that situation, it sets an alarmed that reveals the concerned for their own safety and the teachers. It brought out aggression, societal problems, and reduced creative intelligence. But that didn’t stop their bravery and become a hero that protects and save their classmate and teachers. To them, Nomu is the meaning of fear and courage.

However, the Nomu that now stands before them, shows a sign of weakness that none would of ever thought of. The Nomu is completely broken , shattered really; robbed early of the tape and glue that are necessary to put it back together. Whether or not the Nomu has a heart- and if it did- it’s like poorly stapled shut and is beating hard but without purpose. It’s minty skin stretched across its aching muscles like a worn canvas. Its focus is completely devoted to Deku that it almost seems like a lost man at sea, desperate and starving for some reason to live and able to see him so alive. Desperate for a memory, good, warm, welcoming, one that Deku can give in the Nomu’s eyes.

Then, it smiles. It’s difficult to process at the Nomu’s smile that is soft but contagious. It had stained its lips with its saliva drooling off its chin despite the metal gap. Not once has ever Class 1-A has seen its smile, not since the attack from the USJ, nor when Katsuki, Tenya, and Shoto during the Hosu City. So there is something about the way it smiled; the way butterflies seemed to escape from the bit of Class 1-A’s stomach and the way the moon toppled down from the night sky; made a home right there as if the scene itself is perfectly normal. It’s a life that the students see as a repair, not destruction.

“You got eyes to don’t you Shitty Hair,” Katsuki barked with no heat intended; captivated by the work of art that lays before him under the silver light. “Then you better start using them, cause this ain’t a damn illusion.”

“But that’s…”

“Impossible, right?” Shoto steps into the conversation completing Ochaco’s sentence . “Based on what we learned so far, Nomu seized to have any emotions and are considered mindless fighters.”

“Yet this one seems a bit...weird,” Momo added on to Shoto’s statement. She placed her right hand under her chin, and her left acting as a holder for her right elbow. She thinks. For a Nomu to act like this, must be a reason. Nomu is part of the villain’s fighter , yet somehow knows Deku. Her eyes then traveled to Deku, whose frozen by his spot. Yet it doesn’t seem like Deku knows the Nomu.

“That doesn’t answer to why the Nomu is acting like this,” Denki stated, as to be more curious and cautious about the Nomu’s action.

“Well, maybe he can be a villain.” All eyes were directed to Mineta. All attention and focus are on him as if he’d been speaking a language that they all couldn’t understand. That moment his words slipped, is the moment when the seed of doubt begins to plant the seed of doubt.


Panic is a five letter word, two syllables, but very easily triggered, It ’s a like an alarm that sounds an ear-splitting wail; rose to the peak, again and again , undulating like a wave and all the while ringing the student’s brain out like a sponge.

“I mean I could be possible!” Mineta screamed at the top of his lungs in defense. He then pointed at the girl that Katsuki is holding. “It’s totally suspicious of how he and the girl managed to get into our camping location! It’s reasonable to think it like that, not to mention the Nomu is acting like-”

“No.” Words are tools, as a way to communicate. Yet this single word falls off of Momo’s lips that stucks confidence in her heart. Now all eyes directed to her.

“What do you mean by that, Yaoyorozou-chan?” Ochaco questioned her friend’s word. “Are you saying that Deku-kun and his little sister might not be part of the villain?”

Instead of answering first, Momo bowed first for apologizing for her outburst then proceed to her explanation. “While it is true that we don’t know how Deku-kun and his little sister stumbled upon this place, however, there can be a different explanation to why the Nomu is acting like this.”

“And that would be, kero?”

“For now, I can’t make any possible statement. However, even if Mineta-kun’s words are true that Deku-kun is indeed a villain, I can definitely say that he will not attack us. Especially with Bakugo-kun holding his sister.”

“How can you be so sure..?” Denki questioned, standing in between the border safety and doubt.

“Because he values his sister, dipshit. He even dares to threaten me if I didn’t protect his girl. If you still can’t see that, then you need to get your eyes fucking’ checked. ” Katsuki barked without any heat, as his eyes linger on the girl in his arms. She is curling deeper into his chest, to where it must be the heat that Katsuki is emitting that must be soothing to her touch. He can’t tell, but he didn’t bother to shove her away and just let her do whatever she wants for now.

“Well, well. This certainly was not expected.” This was supposed to be easy. It’s a simple solo mission to do. Get in, achieve the goal, and the get out. But somehow, there’s more than one path that lays in front of him that does not propose his performance as willingly as it would. It nearly enrages him, if it weren’t for his mind becomes a spinning top filling with questions rather than solutions yet most directed the obvious. Who is this boy?

Looking at the boy, the first thing he saw is the sole color that defines him-green. Like the forest canopy that reveals more shades than the whiskers on a fox, and every one of them is green. Probably because of the moonlight and the shroud of darkness that is already eating away their light, it created the deepest green of mid-summer leaves, every one an efficient factory for making sugar dances on his head. Every shade, every hue comes falls the green that brings a memory of the transient beauty of the crimson and golds tumble in the newly frigid winds. Staring at the color reveals a familiarity to Atsuhiro-Mr.Compress- that he just can’t shake, not a memory per se but an echo that calls his intuition despite the boy has never appeared in the U.A. festival nor were there any data file that was given to. Especially that color green sticks like a bomb in his head.

It takes a second or two for the astonishing scene to sink it, even though it is right before Atsuhiro very eyes , larger than life. But even so, he still needs to complete his job, capture Bakugo Katsuki. He faced spotting his target to which is easily identified by his sharp features and arrogant scowl. But something else caught his attention, the girl that he is carrying. Her hair is a kind of translucent white. It was not greyish or creamy nor blonde. It’s absolutely white like the deep sliver of a moon, emitting a buttermilk glow that signifies that she is the moon while the other is the planet that she tries to bring light to the darkness. Quite a unique girl that he also never seen in the U.A festival and in the data files.

Two unknown individuals, minus the dead guy that got smashed to oblivion. He slightly hums to himself. Two special guests have joined. Might as well take the boy with me if I had the chance. Dabi or Tomura would sure love to get to know about this boy and the Nomu’s relationship. “This is going to be a speculator performance.”

“What is speculator is how stupid you are!”

A sudden voice appears directly from below to where immediately Atsuhiro became face to face with a pro hero, Eraserhead.

The engine roars.

The wind pushes on the van to no avail . It’s going forward and nothing but a blessed tragedy can change that. The tires make its monotonous hiss over the crisp of the rocks on the mountain roads and the air that makes its way through the filters is meadowsweet. All around through the tinted windows are the deep dark forest that booms into northern lights. The driver fiddles with the radio as it burst the crow’s ears with static. There’s not even a single voice that is being transmitted through. The static is a timing bomb for the crows as it grows stronger and stronger. And the views become closer.  This ride and this car lead the crows to find their purpose of use that it is somewhere at the end of this road, their answer to their calling is answered.

“The latest update that was transmitted from Ghost, was that Izuku and Eri were last seen in the Beast’s Forest.” Hari reviewed the information to the rest of the crows that are settling within the nest of the car. “We have also received the information of Shigaraki’s men are within the area as we speak.”

Then a hysterical laugh erupted, followed by a single hiccup. All eyes turn towards Deidoro taking a sip from the bottle of alcohol. “oldt you that brapt isn'lt trust worthy, stuidp!” [ Told you that brat isn’t trustworthy, stupid]. He laughed away, as each word were slurred from his drink. “should kof klledi that brat when we had the chance. but no!” [ Should have killed that brat when we had the chance, but no!] He brings the bottle to his lips and take a swing before settling it back down again.

“stupid Overhawol ogt tactahed to the little buynn and before he knew BAM! And now he wants him back, not jto moientn halive. gi hdon't get it. if it wree me, I'll juvst kill hizm on the kspot. ” [Stupid Overhaul got attached to the little bunny, and before he knew BAM! And now he wants him back, not to mention alive. I don't get it. If it were me, I'll just kill him on the spot.]

Every word stung only fueling the fire that burned inside of the crows. Every violated phrase was like gasoline to it, as the crows first began to clench and jaw rooted. They are boiling with the explosion, but his comrade-Shin Nemoto- chose to remain his voice as warm and calm as possible. “You better shut it. As a member of the Eighth, you should know why Overhaul still wanted him. So speak anything ill or question Overhaul’s intention, I’ll have you thrown out of this car.”

Deidoro looked at Shin once more and tipped his drink. The sour and vile taste slipped into his mouth. Nullifying him, stealing away reality in favor of fantasy. He came to lust after it like no other, the strong tonic becoming his only ‘cure’. He chugged and chugged, to let his mouth burst with his addiction before he finally replied as he licked his lips savoring every bit of the lustful taste. “Whatever.” He leans back and drinks once more.

His words rocked every mind of the crows, leaving it moving in foreign ways. Ways that Shin have become unaccustomed to the years before. The words are an echo, but one with the power to tear down walls that many crows have built high and deep. In the needs of their Boss- to be wanted, to be needed, and to be loved. Yet here the crows stand walking towards the direction of bringing back a crow that was once theirs has finally walked away. In their world emotions, this strong is considered suspicious, and Shin has more priorities to think about than the health of his and comrade’s heart and mind. He needs to think of a plan to make sure that the blue jay bird is kept within the cage.

“Cut the bullcrap about Overhole already!” Kendo is barely swallowing that anger when it was a fire-seed and forgot to drink something cool. And so it grew in his belly until it came out as hot as any dragon has ever flamed. The fire burnt the words to raw, to where the attack fails to frustrate his teammates. Yet, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed with the inferno that can’t seem to contain itself by his comrade’s eyes. “I’m itching for a fight! When are we getting there?!”

Kendo has a master. For it controls every inch of him, his body, soul, and mind. It hurts him if he stayed for too long, to where he starts to feel weak, his body aches and he would struggle to act rationally. The fear of going insane. But it is also that feeling that changes him into the most sickening people that he can’t help but love for it-thrive for it and feel the thrill of it- the energy and happiness it can bring out the happy chemicals in his brain. It’s his addiction, the thirst for battle.

“Calm yourself, Kendo. We’ll get ther-”

“Calm?Calm?!” Kendo’s bubbling flames burst as he stood up from his seat. Causing the car’s weight to shift like an unbalanced seesaw. The driver in front has to quickly shift his gear and turned the wheel all the way to the left to resist the car being tipped over.

“Kendo!” Yu raised his level of voice slightly to get Kendo’s attention. But being a hot head as Kendo is, his skull is as thick as a boulder. “We will get there in due time. For now, sit or else the whole car is going to be tipped over!”

Kendo replied with a sneering growl and didn’t comply with Yu’s words. Shin steps in with his usual calming voice. “Enough of your childish emotions. Continued to let yourself act like that, and you will become a burden to us.”

“Burden?!” Kendo’s rage held all the power of a wildfire, to where Shin, Yu, Hari, and Deidoro can practically see the flames roaring in his eyes, ready to ignite everything that he came in contact. “I’ll show you burden!”

He took one step, as the car shifts again. The air is so brittle that it can snap any moment. Their faces are unreadable probably due to the mask that shows no fear, no invitational smirk. Just staring, with their eyes flickering between Kendo and Shin, is like watching a fight that has been a choreographed dance of destruction for so long, tearing their group apart once more ever since Deku’s little stun.

Then the car screeched to a stop, as the driver announcement breaks the silence and the tension apart just by mere words alone.

“We’re here.”

Chapter Text

Life is full of unfairness 

It’s chaos in Izuku’s head. His memories are a blank space, like a soft beige wall bereft of photographs. But it kept persisting, dormant until a trigger and then panic would start soft at first. His chest becomes a little tighter, breathing more difficult, and he’s craving solitude. In between the Nomu’s smile and cries, it’s mesmerizing that deeply pulls the strings in his heart in all sorts of directions that are both comforting, yet also weird. The voice, the action, the emotions are spiders that are crawling on his skin sending a signal to his brain.

And it’s not a good one.

Out of instinct, he slapped the Nomu’s hands away. The slap was as loud as a clap, with its minty skin lightly smeared with Izuku’s blood on the left hand. The surge of the uncomfortable feeling traveled in his veins but never made it to his facial muscles or skin. His complexion remained pale and matt, and his eyes steady. He let out an understated sigh and steady breaths that clearly betrays his shoulders hopping quickly on his body. His voice stuck in his throat, as another expression graves on the Nomu. The tears continued to flow unchecked down to its chin and dripped from its chin. It didn’t cry out or wail, but it kneels there as still as a statue while the scope of its loss swept over it. And the hand simply lingers in the air, unable to know what to do-unable to touch and unable to swing it back to its side. The smile drops.

Izuku swallowed down his saliva with the words that he wanted to say. But the unexplainable actions that the Nomu revealed stunned Izuku way more than he expected, that he barely registered the sound of the rolling canister coming in closer and closer.

“Your objective, numbers, and positions. Spill it.” Eraserhead demanded with no second to waste by straggling Atsuhiro with ease. He can feel the weight on his back, as his mask is being scrapped against the dirt hard by the pressure of the pro-hero is putting. Not, to mention his right arm is being restricted by the hero’s knee and the tight cloth binding around his arms and his chest. The tips of his right hand can be lightly grazed against the hero’s clothing. He can touch him, but not fully.

“A magician never reveals one’s secret.”

Then, his vision was shot up and then quickly descended back to the ground; hard. To where he believes he can hear the crack of his mask withering.

“You’re left arm’s next. Let’s do this rationally.” Eraserhead continues, tightening his grip on Atsuhiro’s left wrist. “If I get as far as your legs, it’ll be a hassle for the arresting officers.”

The tide has changed, and the favor isn’t going to be in Atsuhiro and his comrade. Where in the world is Dabi?!   His mind panics, but he managed to keep up his poker mask always the critical rule for a magician. He chuckles and answered, “Now where’s the surprise in that?” His wrist tightness, feeling the pressure of the strength caging in against his sleeve, flesh, and finally his bones. He is prepared to embrace the pain that the Eraserhead shall bring upon his shoulder and arm. So, he waited.

And waited.

Nothing came, expected for the sizzling sound that quickly dies off. To where the smell of vinegar and caustic lingers in the air. The only information he managed to receive is the surprised tone of voice that Eraserhead emits from his mouth.


 Smoke fills in the air.

The monochrome color coated around Deku and the Nomu like nothing, swallowing them whole as the smoke gets bigger and bigger.

“Wha? What’s going on?!” In a complete shock that Mina expressed, tiny explosive burst in vivid colors among the grey smoke follows by a loud shriek which tore through the students like a great shard of glass. And in seconds, Deku carrying Mandalay in his arms exposed from the smoke from the right side, with the trails following his movement. His eyes are his sword and shield staring at the smoke with agitation, and a new wound appeared on its right cheek. The look was brief before emerald eyes set on Class 1-A’s direction.

“Hey!” His voice is loud and demanding that it capture everyone’s attention. The moment it did, Deku took his right foot forward, his eyes slightly twitches revealing his gritted teeth and sucks a breath and hold before swinging back his arm and toss the unconscious Mandalay into the air like she barely weighted anything then quickly twists his body around to face the smoke.

Katsuki takes a step forward but is reminded that his hands are already filled. To where two students rushed in from both of his sides to help catch their pro-hero, Eijiro and Tenya.



The moment that Deku turned, another person masked with a crimson goggled eye and a black suit burst from the smoke holding a dual blade knife with a hardwood handle.

It strikes.

The knife met the flesh, soft and pudgy that made a dissatisfying squish as the blade sink deep that it penetrated through Deku’s left palm cutting through his muscles, nerves, and bones. Blood gushing out of his palm, like a fountain.

Deku ’s right leg buckled beneath him, causing him to lose his balance and has to place his right hand onto the ground to prevent going any further down with the knife pressing harder and harder towards his face. Katsuki clicked his tongue. “Round face.”


“Don’t drop her.”

In a second, Katsuki lightly and gently as possible that he can ever manage, toss Eri in Ochaco’s arms. “W-wait! Bakugo-”

Her words left her lips but didn’t manage to reached Katsuki’s ears; propelling himself forward in maximum speed straight to where Deku is. While for Ochaco, she safely managed to catch Eri in her arms despite scrambling herself to catch the girl to prevent dropping her to the ground, head first. She let out a sigh that she has been holding, in relief. Seriously?!  “Bakugo!”

The tip of the knife is just barely even touching his left eye, obstructing his view partial but still managed to see the familiar face-Ghost.

The Ghost twisted the blade in its hands, all the while sinking it deeper and deeper. His skin is tearing to shreds as the knife rotated, bringing out the music to the Ghost’s ears of his muscles and nerves being gouged growing louder. Then, without warning, the Ghost jerked the blade all the way into Izuku’s palm , until the shiny metal had disappeared inside of Izuku, and the black handle is pushing against his broken skin.

The searing fiery burst pulsated around the wound, intensifying with each dragging step, jarring and brutal with the knife digging deeper into his skin. With each step the pain amplified, the bloody muscle quivered but not strong enough to send Izuku’s mind at the edge tempted into sweet oblivion.

“You guys..sure are persistent..” Izuku has to bite his inner cheek to prevent any weakness in cracking his mask. Thick blood flowing freely from the wound, gushed out in all directions creating scarlet color dying his whiten sleeve even more.


The silence is a poison to them both, for in that void of sound the shallowness of their conversation is laid bare. It is also due to the mask that the Ghost is wearing, that Izuku can't easily read its expression. However, it did reveal a hint of overbearing emotion through the strike of the knife. An emotion that Ghost shouldn’t have.


A woman ’s voice, crackling and broken as the words produced. Izuku’s eyes widen slightly. “Why?”

Like a broken record, the woman repeated her words with each step adding more and more pressure despite the blade has already sunk deep. “WHY?!”

The word is loud and clear, as the Ghost is trying to seek an answer that only Izuku can give. Her shout is twisted and distorted mixed with fire lancing around Izuku’s neck strangling him to where he can feel the desire; the desire to hate. The Ghost is intoxicated with emotion. She’s truly deeply hurt. As Izuku can imagine rivers of tears brimming with heavy salt is shedding behind the plain, dark mask.

“I-” The moment Izuku’s words slipped, a hand connected to the Ghost’s face followed by an explosion.


Her ears popped by the explosion, to where the force knocks her back releasing her grip on the handle of the knife; stumbling bit backward. The burnt smell of the clothing crisp into the night. She can definitely be sure that half of her mask is blown to oblivion. Then, in a brink of a second, she felt a hit under her chin knocking her vision straight up looking at the monochrome smoke and the sky. She placed her right hand under her chin as her left crystallized eyes stare at Deku, with his left leg hangs straight up in the air using his right hand as a support on the ground, before bringing it back down and stood up slowly with the blade still connected to his left. She barely even registered the ash blond boy standing beside her target.

Looking at him, makes her heart ached. Before she even realized it, she had come to look at nostalgic photographs swimming in her head. These painful memories are just the same as nightmares. They vanished, and reappear. Replaying over and over , driving her insane. She can still remember the words, that he told everyone that burst with immense hope and determination. His voice had soothed her ears and everyone else’s that day, resonating so deeply with everything that Ghost is, echoing the beautiful lyrics that were his song. To only be crushed at the moment they have all reached out, fingers extended to have the hope and choice of kindness and love to dye out.

Everything is a lie.

And what hides behind the lies are the truths that failed to get to the light. What lies behind, is the oath that once trusted, used, manipulated, and broken.

“A woman?” The ash blond boy questioned with the glanced looking up and down with his crimson iris.

Deku who’s eyes never once left meeting hers, draws a thin line on his lips. “For all that is worth.” She spoke, with her voice quivering, feeling her cheeks growing hotter by the passing second and the tears continue to roll. “Does anything meant nothing to you?”

The very minute , second or moment when the Ghost received the information of capturing Deku, doubt shoots through her like piercing arrow destroying resistance. Doubt at Deku’s actions doubts at his choice of betraying their Boss if it is worth as much like his very own life. Worry grew like corrupted, malicious and perfidy tree. Its branches twisted but the seed that is left in the group is wormed and grow no matter how large and terrifying the darkness is. It endured like a small pebble to last infinitely. There is hope inside of her, that Deku is still the same and didn’t mean to betray them all- betray his loved ones and his so-called family.

She stares at him intensely, as the shriek of the unknown monster from behind continues with the thundering bullet decreases. He reached towards the handle of the knife and slowly pulls out while repeating the phrase.

“For all... that is worth,” She can hear the slight groan of the pain dripping in his voice. With the blade fully pulls out, with the metal drenched in his blood he tosses it to the ground and reached behind his back. But she is too absorb on concentrating his words to fail to anticipate his next action.

She inhaled a trembling breath, sweat accumulating on her skin; icy cold. Then she falls backward as the world falls with her. The pain doesn’t burn like fire, as it had been quick and easy. Fading her body to an icy numbness. Black filled the edges of her vision and the only thing she could hear is her own heartbeat. Her breath came in ragged, shallow gasps. Seconds passed, as she lay there.

So this is his answer. This is his choice. Laughable, stupid and most all it brings and taught her that hope is just an illusion. Something that never existed in the beginning. But even so, she still believed in him. I’m so stupid.

She closed her eyes, dreaming in a world where despair and suffering bring no such thing. Her fragile, human heartbeat one last time before death rips her away from the vicious world.

“For all that is worth, they mean nothing to me.” And there stands Deku holding a 9mm pistol with smoke releasing from the barrel in his right hand aiming straight at the woman that once stood in the position not far away from him and the ash-blond boy widen in complete shock.

Then several voices scream in absolute terror came behind Deku and Katsuki.


[ Why ]

unogagoye  e ogosehyewao?

[Why did you hit me?]

zego nm e umyi u nDonec?

[ Do you not recognize me?]



tMyMM yMseMammsst

[          ]


Chapter Text

I kept fighting for someone

But till now

I have no idea of whom I am fighting for

Fire is the most beautiful weapon of all. It shines with all its glory while raging on its hunger on its victim. It’s like an animal to be precise, approaching its prey with its snarls and bites. Then, with a mere second, everything would be gone burnt to crisp as their existence is never there at first. And to Dabi, that is the best and worst weapon that has ever gifted to him.

“Pathetic.” His words held a different feeling of a fire can bring. There’s no warmth, no beauty, and neither shows the hospitality to the Ghost that he’s currently holding with his piercing red glaring in between his fingers. “I figured that in our previous encountered, you guys would at least put up a decent fight. But, what a shame.”

His eyes roamed to his masterpiece that he has created. His flames clenched onto the lifeless Ghost, continuing to quench its hunger. The more it consumes, the bigger it grew surrounding his area labeling his domain. The trees crackling like tiny fireworks before quickly die out, as the smoke arises from their ashes.

“Tell me something, “ he pulls the one remaining Ghost closer to him, eyeing the piercing red half burnt to reveal another color underneath-hazel. “Since you, trash is here, that must mean those freaks are here too, ya?”

The Ghost didn’t reply, to his only action is to narrow its eyes on Dabi’s. “Not very talkative, huh? Figures. Dogs will always be dogs no matter the odds or evens.” And with those words, he brought up his left hand that has a firm grip on the Ghost’s face and slammed down onto the ground hard, with the burst of his power engulfing the Ghost entirely-perishing it from existence. 

“Between a dog and trash, I would much prefer for you to be kindle to my flames.” His hands slide off the burning corpse and walk towards the edge of the small cliff with the fire dances gracefully behind him.

He can see the forest stretch, as eyes can see with his flames continues to burn. But something caught his eyes. A thick, grey smoke emerged from the middle to where there rests an open area of a large building; the purple mist gradually decreasing by the passing moment. His eyes narrowed at the sight. Is the new kid having trouble?

With the Ghost lingering around, the chances of completing the mission might be difficult; not difficult for the newcomers, but for Toga and himself. The Ghost won’t attack everyone unless necessary or given orders to. But despite knowing this, Dabi went on a little fight with them disregarding his mission of supposedly to hold back the pro-heroes. Ironically, they are nowhere to be seen, as his eyes then caught the sight of glowing crimson that catches his attention during his walk. The moment he saw them, he was unsure if it's a pro-hero wandering in the forest as well. But, thanks to the light of the moon, that wasn’t the case. His eyes are then set on the new prey that has trapped itself in the forest along with him currently. And that's what went on for a couple minute or so, following the trails of the Ghost, even more, to lead him even deeper into the nighty forest and up to this mountain. It’s pretty far from where I should be heading to, crisis. He brought up his left hand and racks it through his black hair. He has abandoned his current mission to take up these Ghost.  Well, at least if this mission did fail, I can tell Tomura that I toasted some Ghost. Maybe then he’ll get off my case. 

A small smile plays on his lips just by thinking the childish tantrum that Tomura can cause, and how Kurogiri will always try to calm things down. Sometimes, things never changed. His eyes then traveled to the night sky. The breeze below warm, mixed with the summer’s hottest days, and his own fiery heat. The starry night looms above him, pretty enough to ignite the heart of any child but not him; for his heart, hasn’t beaten alive ever since six years ago. “You must be laughing at me right?”

There isn’t anyone standing beside and behind him. His eyes completely focus on the stars glistening and hung by invisible strings that just refuse the stars to fall. “Agreeing to this type of plan, when the success chance is just fifty. But hey, it is Tomura that I’m talking about, annoying as that brat is.” His head drops back down, letting out a silent sigh.

“Things hasn’t been the same ever since you left. And I,” A pause for a quick second, and let his words run in his mind instead. I don’t even know. “Pathetic isn’t it?” His voice grows lower. “For once, I let myself be drowned in the brat’s plan and have myself stuck in this situation.” He paused before continuing. “I’ll visit you again, once this crappy job is over. I’ll bring the crazy girl over too.”

No reply, as there is only the howling wind breezing against his tattered coat. “I know, no need to remind me.”

And with those last words, he let himself tipping his body forward, allowing his vision of the world gets distorted. He falls, for his wings has long been burned to ashes. The only choice he has is to fall, not to aim, not to climb. But to fall. Because there is n’t anything to aim higher too. For that, he is now trapped in the cage of iron bars and the only way to push forward is to wait and fall along with the cage.


The more Dabi walks, the more trees it peers into his line of vision. The sharp snap of the twigs and the rustling of the leaves travel to his ears. Truth to be, Dabi is getting sick of seeing the same surrounding wherever he went. Then, a smell struck his nose. A metallic pungency that reveals a festering scent comes close, but not quite there to make the odor heavy.

Blood. With quicken steps, he follows the scent growing stronger by each step. It went on for about a minute, as he then heard a chaotic, fits of giggle that he knew too well. Pairing with the sweetest voice, but to him, it’s annoying.

“Poke. Poke. Poke.” There in the middle of the bloodshed with the bodies scattered across the dirt ground decorated with single bright color-red. And there, kneel Toga caked with what seems like dried blood coating around her body like she is the canvas herself. She wields a crimson knife in her right hand and continues using the very tip of the blade to poke the lifeless body of the Ghost. Each poke creates a new fountain of blood to pool underneath her and the body.

“Poke, poke, pok-” In an instant, Toga turns her head around, dropping her frantic smile and shoots out her crimson knife. It made solid contact, on the tree that is with Dabi tilting his head to the right side crossing his arms.

“Watch where you’re throwing it.”

“Oh! Dabi-chan!” Her smile grows back onto her face, showing off her perfectly white teeth and the razor-sharp fangs both top and bottom. She stood up, jumping up slightly upon seeing Dabi and begins to walk towards him. “You’re picking me up?” Her tone never changes, filled with excitement like a child that has just finished playing her beloved toys and can’t wait to see her loved ones.

“Not really,” Dabi answers casually, pulling out the knife from the truck using his right hand, by simply just grabbing the handle from behind. He pulled it a bit hard, for the blade to detach itself, and chips of wood falling off. He eyes the blade a bit, to where the blade only managed to reflect a portion of him before looking back at Toga; who’s slightly puffing out her cheeks.

“Chill it crazy,” Dabi said, walking towards her and smoothly twirl the knife between his fingers, allowing the handle of the knife directing to Toga, while the blade directing it to him instead. “Why are you here? DId you managed to get some blood from the U.A. students?”

“Nope!” She said it, popping the letter ‘p’, as she gracefully took the knife holding it close . “I didn’t see any kittens around, but I did find them instead! Had an amazing conversation!”

“Right…” Dabi continued. “Seems like this mission, isn’t going smoothly as Tomura thought.”

“Aw~ Lame, Dabi-chan is sad!” She giggles, letting her emotions running high as usual.

“Shut it.” Dabi snaps, without any real heat in it to where he got a good look at the girls’ face-smeared with blood splattering marks. He sighs, as he then grabs the edges of his own coat kneeling a bit down at Toga’s level and gently wipe the blood off of her face. Toga didn’t resist, proudly and openly reveal her face to him. “After this, let’s pay him a visit.”

Toga gasp not in shock, but in excitement. “I get to wear pretty dresses?!” Hops around like a bunny and doesn’t know when to stop. “I’m so happy! I’m gonna be so cute!”

Dabi felt the urge to roll his eyes but didn’t actually do it. “Stop hopping.” Toga immediately complied, as Dabi carefully wipe the blood off. Not completely, but not highly visible to see. After that, he let go of his coat, dropping it back to his side and stood up fully. His eyes then scanned around the area. “You really went all out on them.”

Toga hums and follows Dabi’s direction. “Oh, that? I didn’t. Fishy did all the work, I basically did the talk.”

“Fishy?” She must mean Moonfish. Dabi questioned Toga’s skill of giving people’s nickname.


“Where’s he’s now?”

“Well, he went ahead! One of them escaped and run in that direction!” Toga clarified pointing to the right side of her.

That is the direction that I’m heading. He then focuses his attention on Toga. “And you stayed here?”

“Yup! I was having fun!”

Fun. What a dangerous yet simple word especially to her. Because in Dabi’s eyes insanity stole into her mind like a deranged thief, taking what was important to her and added new dangerous ideas to make her life spark more than she already is. Those ideas are once she would have dismissed as bizarre started to grow deep roots, cascading out of control. Luring her further and further from the self that she once knew until she was in too deep that she can no longer recognize that forest around her. The path twisted and turned out of sight and dense as a trunk she tries to follow Dabi from behind walking towards the same direction as he is. Each step she trod, creates a new path that formed an inescapable maze; a prison without walls.

Dabi sighs, as he can sense the presence of Toga following him. “ Why are you following me?

“What? I’m bored~”

“I thought you said you were having fun.”

“Was. Was~, Dabi-chan.” She purposely drags out the ‘s’ to indicate that feeling she has before diminished. “Besides, I was able to get one piece of information out of the kitten that I was talking too.”

As for as Dabi understand how Ghost is, their lips are tightly sealed; for their loyalty to their Boss, are absolute. So it is shocking to him that Toga is able to get information, while he couldn’t.

He stopped his movement, looking at Toga with a smile creeping onto her lips. “That is?”

She parted her deep, crimson lips with both of her hands behind her back and answered.

“H-h-h-h-h” Denki stammered the first letter of the word getting repeated several times before he can finally spit out the entire phrase. “He shot her!” His right index finger shaking furiously, as at the same time he drags his legs back a couple step.

“Oh my...god.” Momo placed her hands over her lips, as her ebony eyes dilated slightly.

“Kero.” For that is the only word that Tsuyu can squeak out backing up slightly as well.

Bewildered with the blood drained away from each and every one of the Class 1-A’ s face. Their brain desperately scrambling to make sense of it all, rendering speechless for the half while the other is gibbering nonsense unable to comprehend what had just occurred with their mouth opened and shutting like a goldfish.

And just like that, time seems to have paused for the hero course student. For over their course of experience, not even a full year have they never, ever seen an incident like this. Sure, that these students experienced fear, struggle, challenges, and most of all injuries, but for human life to just got shot like in a blink of an eye, just made the student realized how quickly death can be fallen to anyone precisely despite the time and place. And not even Katsuki can quickly wrap his head around seeing murder first hand.

He kept eyeing the 9mm pistol, still smoking from the barrel. And stare is all he can do, as Deku lowers the gun. He wasn’t sure what is he supposed to feel in three seconds that this scene has created. But what he does know, is the rage that takes place in his heart and mind.

“Oi!” With those words falls from his lips, his right hand instinctively reached towards Deku’s face; as emerald eyes looked to his left. Yet instead of able to feel the skin of the contact, his wrist was knocked to the side by Deku’s left wrist with his blast completely missed . Emerald eyes narrowed at Katsuki’s action, capturing his complete attention.

“What’s the big idea, you fuck?!” Raw with anger is all directed to Deku, whose barely even fazed by his heat. Instead, emerald eyes are looking directly at Katsuki’s, as if he’s searching for something.

“I can say the same for you.”

Perfectly calm, is what Katsuki first noticed. To where that is the first alert in his head. This guy!

Emerald eyes narrowed even more , as his lips pressed into a thin line when he scanned Katsuki up and down. To where his eyes then traveled behind Katsuki. Crimson eyes followed Deku’s line of sight and meet the speechless Class 1-A’s student, who flinched upon seeing Deku; especially Ochaco.

Immediately, Katsuki uses his left hand to aim at Deku. “I'll kill you, you bastard! You are not going anywhere near them!”

With his left-hand sparks in fireworks, Deku immediately and harshly snapped Katsuki’s right wrist away from his own hand. Swiftly, Deku’s left hand snatched Katsuki’s left wrist completely directing his aim lower than Katsuki’s original aim should be. Then, the moment the second blast went off, Deku steps inward, invading Katsuki’s space and placed the 9mm pistol right under Katsuki’s chin. Forcing him to stop all his movement, and also his head a bit upward and had to use only his eyes to glare below to met Deku’s. “And who are you, to make that choice for me?”

The barrel of the gun still has a slight heat due to being previously fired. But other than that, is the chilling sound of the metal clanking in his ears.


Panic can be heard from his classmates, as emerald eyes looked directly behind him once more then to met his. Katsuki should experience fear. But all he did was pushing his face closer with the gun following his every movement. Katsuki believes that nothing in his face betrayed his fear, as it is a mask of defiance and surety. He snarled, taking a step forward as his right hand hooked onto Deku’s neck. While he can hear the metal of the gun tighten. “The name’s Bakugo fucking Katsuki! The hero that will even suppress the number one-All Might! That’s who I am, you fuck!”

Deku blinks at Katsuki’s outburst of introduction.

He tightens his grip on Deku’s neck. He scowled “And I dare you to fuckin’ even try to take a step forward. Will you be fast enough to pull the trigger, or I will be even faster at exploding your neck. Your choice.”

Deku blinks at Katsuki's threat. 

“Target?” Dabi questioned at Toga’s information when she spilled that the Ghost is currently hunting down someone or a group. “Ya sure?”

“Are you doubting me, Dabi-chan~?” Toga asked innocently, adding a bit of a fierce of shock leaning her upper body forward and eyeing her comrade. His eyes met Toga’s before looking forward once more. For Overhaul to sent out the entire Ghost into this forest, must mean that whoever this person or group is important to him. “No.”

Toga then rushed forward a few steps ahead and paused, bowing slightly as her eyes looked at Dabi’s blue eyes. “Really~?”

At times like this, Dabi just wanted to keep on walking. Ignoring Toga’s existence and kept going on his way. But, he didn’t. Instead, he lifted his left hand and flicked Toga’s forehead.

“Ow~” Toga winced, placing both of her hands that are smeared with dry blood on the spot that Dabi hits before he kept continue walking along the path. 

“Stop spouting useless things, when you already know the answer.” And with those words left Dabi's lips, Toga giggles before joining him on the side once more.


Chapter Text

Nobody is born to be either a hero or a villain.

It’s the decision that shapes who we truly are

The city is a vast, intricate labyrinth of noisy streets, and alleys. He can hear the incessant honking of the vehicles even before able to know that it's stuck in traffic. The impatient businessmen who simply finally be able to escape from the clustered office, mothers who had to buy groceries facing the puzzling challenge of navigating through the crowds of parents and children; even some elderly who had stopped at the local bakery to get rice cake or two before leaving to their journey home with or without their champions. But none of matters to Tomura sitting crisscrossed before of the tombstone beneath a giant tree with lively green leaves; hiding his views from the glistening stars shining above, but didn’t fully cover the casting moonlight.

“Almost everyone is thinking, ‘it’s no skin off my back' ." He scoffs. “No, they’re not even thinking about that.” He observes the sea of lights that is simply swimming below him to the right, that aloof judgment with no strings. To him, those lights are like stars shone as sugar split over black marble, glistening in the sun welcoming anyone with the sight that appears like magic. It is a sign that shows hope for everyone, new tenders, business proposals, celebration, happiness, and most of the love. It disgusted him.

“No matter where someone tries to kill someone else for whatever reason, those guys will just keep on smiling thoughtlessly and going on living. And once the night is over, the world will have forgotten about you. What’s up with that?” He questioned, seeking for an answer that he hoped he would get. “Not only have the world has forgotten about you, but you’ll also just become a side story.”

He paused.

“Just like you.”

His right hand reached towards the tombstone, and gently touching the carve; carefully not to place all five of his fingers simply allowing his index and thumb gliding over the carved words. “You annoys me. Just go and disappear whenever you wanted.” His crimson eyes moved slower, each time his fingers grazed over the text. It was like, he wanted to keep the words inside his head afraid that it would simply vanish; forgotten.

“I really don’t like you.” Hate is the devil’s path that is filled with its ash-strewn surface without a single footprint left on its trail that is once walked. Always left with the temptation to walk is the platter of logical and compelling reasons, ones that boost the ego and frame false-heroes. There is no prize worth the corruption of any soul, as hate, brings only pain and the cycle of destruction. But that is different from Tomura. Hate is the meaning of longing. For his words were meek and quiet, causing an ache that comes and goes; always returning in quiet moments after he finished his talk. It felt raw dulling his senses and goals allowing the brain to redirect, reinvest the energy elsewhere- to where he is now talking to a gravestone.


The clock ticks, as the time, dissolve itself like shapeless rain. The pearl still lifts her head high with the tiny jewels enveloping her beauty in the darkness, dragging along the sky. And there, still sits Tomura in his same position with his arms resting on his knees allowing his hands to drop inwards of his crisscrossed legs.

Behind him, a swirl of purple fog manifest. “There you are, Tomura Shigaraki.”

“Kurogiri.” Tomura lifted his right index finger and scratches his neck that is hidden under the black hoodie. He doesn’t even need to turn around to see who it is, and can be recognized by the voice alone.

“It’s time for you to head back, the night will soon pass.”

He knows. Times doesn’t stop for anyone, it kept moving forward. But that’s the thing, his time has long come to a stop. “Kurogiri, what do you think he’ll say about my game plan?” He continues to talk, with his downcast, crimson eyes on the grave ignoring Kurogiri’s words. “ It’s been RPG [role-playing game] up until now. With only half decent equipment, I went and charged at the final boss at level one. But we should've been playing this like a sim.”

He continues to let his words run, not even noticing to give Kurogiri a chance to answer him back with the question. “One where I’m the player, moving units around and breaking through to higher ranks. For that, we gonna put some cracks in this super-powered society. It doesn’t matter whether or not the Vanguard Action Squad succeeds or fails, the plain fact that they made a move there will intimate the heroes.”

It was right out of the same old playbook- dehumanize, destabilized, antagonize- an easy solution- always war. Even a chessboard was a status symbol, fashioned from granite and polished to perfection. The villains are the black artistically arranged, each differeddifferent, but a complementary hue of brown, grey, or ebony. The white is the heroes, everything from snowy to creamy with streaks and dots of color. They are also the first to make the move with their pawns setting them into a labyrinth of the forest. While Tomura is patiently waiting for his opponent, fingered a black pawn. This game is a fight not for his or the villain’s life, but it is the start of the revolution against the heroes. It’s only the beginning.

“Disposable pawns then.”

Tomura scoffs ruefully. “Don’t be stupid! Do I look like such a cruel guy?” He continues. “Their strengths the real deal. He even said it himself about those two brats.”

“What about the newcomers?”

“Like a game, they have to test out their strengths against the mini-bosses. They’re all heading in different directions, but each can be a reliable comrade.” Tomura then reached inside his pockets and pulls out a photograph holding it with just between his right index finger and thumb, “This society's bound hand and foot by all its damn rules. And we’re not the only ones feeling suppressed. So yeah, I’m hoping they succeed.” He smiled. “I think he’ll like him too when he joined our side, Kurogiri.”

He held the photograph up towards the sky, allowing the silver moonlight casting onto it; revealing Bakugo Katsuki cuffed and chained like an absolute mad dog.

 Izuku hates him. Well, hate is too strong of a word, but that definitely expresses his honest feelings about the current mad dog that is grabbing his neck and wanted to snap it in half. Not to mention, also wanting to give him a first-degree burn. Izuku can only curse at his bad luck that brings him into his bizarre position.

“Where’s your off button.” Izuku simply let his mouth run, without even thinking of the consequences that an angry tiger can bring. Not to mention, Bakugo introduced himself to follow up with a threat. Izuku finds that both impressive, and utterly stupid. But, there is one thing that Izuku doesn’t understand; his actions. Why is he threatening me?  His actions came from saving Izuku to three-sixty hostile, right after he shot the Ghost.

Bloodshed is as barbaric as it was stupid. It was as evil and cruel. There are thoughts that can come with reasons to kill like they are the devil’s siren. But for Izuku, he’s not tempted by the muse. He’s tempted by love instead.

“Listen, bitch,” Bakugo growled. “Before you start messing with me with your smartass mouth, I-”

Having to hear enough of the Bakugo’s voice, Izuku twirled his gun downward and reposition his aim directly at his lips; pressing the mizzle firm onto him, resulting him to shut up.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

One shout of panic reached Izuku's ears, but he didn’t react to it. As all his attention focuses on Bakugo’s readable rage. “There’s your off button.”

“Knock it off!”

“He’s going to kill him!”


Once more, another voice traveled to Izuku’s ears but didn’t pay much attention. He pressed the muzzle more onto Bakugo’s lips, “Listen here, Tiger.” Bakugo’s right eyebrow twitched. “I don’t care what is your game of both threatening and attacking me, but I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger if needed.”

He continues, as he steps in closer towards Bakugo with only the gun creating a wall between them. “And if you think your quirk is faster than me pulling the trigger,” His thumb pressed down at the hammer of the pistol, giving a click. “Shall we test that theory out? Cause I know for a fact that whatever happens, the bullet will go through your thick-”

A loud shriek erupted, cutting through Izuku’s words and draws his attention to his right where the smoke still held high with its color. His eyes caught the sight of several firecrackers booming in the dark, followed by several footsteps. Without even a second has passed, a Ghost emerged in the smoke looking over its shoulder before looking forward again. Crimson eyes met emerald, as Izuku swiftly redirected his gunpoint towards the ghost and fired.

He missed.

Rather, he was forced to miss as Bakugo’s right hand that should be on his neck is now pressing down the barrel of his gun; aiming at the ground instead. Emerald eyes widen in shock, as Bakugo growled through his teeth. “Over my dead body".

This guy! Then, another click of a metal directed Izuku’s attention, to where the barrel of the Ghost’s assault rifle sparks with fire. The bullet silence through the wind like nothing and kept on pushing forward against the wind and gravity; directly aiming at Izuku’s right eye. And before, he knew, crimson blooms in the night sky.

The bullet made a hit.


The blood flows thinly over the skin, where the bullet made contact specifically on the Nomu’s back.

“What?” Izuku unconsciously mumbles out with the Nomu bringing out it's all six hands protruding out on its back and wrapping around both Izuku and Bakugo without leaving a gap between the arms and fingers to let anything pass through. The Nomu then tilted its head left and right around Izuku as if to ensure that he didn’t get a single scratch.

The tension of the body that Izuku can see is lowered, as more of its hidden eyes saw no injuries. That is until it laid its eyes on Izuku’s right leg that is punctured by a silver bullet. Its shoulder went tensed, revealing its whiten teeth, and many fists clutch tightly.

Then, it roared.

The shout made Izuku’s hair strand stand up on the back of his neck. It is the loudest, most piercing scream that he had ever heard. It sounded like- no exactly- a roar of anger simply rushing through its blood. Even Izuku can tell, that the Nomu is mad.

Then, it closed.

Its head immediately snapped behind it, clenching its teeth at the Ghost that isn’t fazed by its anger. Instead, it brought the assault rifle up near its crimson eyes and took a step back. And soon, several other Ghost appeared with the smoke vanished. Totaling four Ghost and three presumably either dead or unconscious on the ground, while the other stands in a clear view for Izuku to see.

Without missing a beat, Izuku draws his gun once more but isn’t as fast the Nomu immediately went charging towards the Ghost with its back turned to Izuku; causing his eyes to widen, as all the Ghost took their aim and fired.

Its wounds are healed? As then an object caught his eye; the copper bullet laying on the dirt ground. Regeneration?

“Shoot it! Shoot it down!” One of the Ghosts ordered, loud and clear for everyone in the perimeter to hear.

The bullet shells are golden, scattered like the seeds of destruction oblivious to the blood that seeps over the ground already congealing and becoming brown. Following along, are sets of bullets dropping from the Nomu’s body and entered the eternal slumber on the mother earth and didn’t stop the Nomu to continued to advance. It did cause the Ghost to retreat each step and distance the Nomu has gained.

Having to focus on the scene, Izuku nearly failed to feel an attack approaching him rapidly. Due to Bakugo’s firm grip on the gun, Izuku let go on the gun itself, and swiftly just using his hands like a grapple and turned with his emerald eyes following along. His right hand immediately made contact with warmth and the acceleration of the heartbeat simply by the tips of his fingers. He kept his hold on the neck, to prevent the boy to take another step forward and backward. “You guys really love to sneak attack me.” Red. That is the first color that bore into his eyes. Spiky, red hair like the flames that are dancing on his head unfazed by the breeze. 

“Do anything and I’ll snap your friend’s neck,” Emerald eyes looked to the corner of his right eye and leveled with the devil. "Tiger".

There’s a certain level of tiredness that equates to insanity; for Aizawa, it’s the children and mostly the children. For once, he would like to temporarily dislocate his spirit from his body and could ask God to take him out for simply a short while letting his soul go wherever souls go. But, he can’t.

Because in his eyes, there is no God.

“Kirishima!” Mina shouted, in panic just about to rush in, Aizawa steps in and placed his arm before her. “Sensei!”

“Don’t let your emotions take control, Ashino,” Aizawa said firmly. “It’s already troublesome for those two act according to on their own. I don’t need another idiotic child rushing in asking for death.”

“Then what do you suggest we do-”

“Instead of focusing on what’s happening now, think about what you guys can do to improve our situation.” He is careful with the words that he chooses to spill out of his mouth because words are medicine and weapons; they unite and divide. But for Aizawa, he wanted to use the words to make his students think about their limit. They are a hero in training, but they are not exactly a full-fledged hero. They are still a child; a child that represents the future generations. The rest of the Class 1-A heard his words and looked at each other. Before giving their teacher, a firm nodded. “Yes, Aizawa-sensei!”

The worst thing that anyone can be, is a coward, to the self, to others, and to Mother Earth. For the coward will sacrifice anything to save the physical self, even for emotional death; they are willing to become a monster. To let the dark-self live where their true-self once did. Nobody can blame that feeling to betray out of fear. Because that’s the same eyes that Aizawa can see in the student’s eyes. But there is also a determination that made them all stay on the road that is empathetic and compassionate love and fraternity with a determination that will take death over failures. His students have the spirit of a child, yet there is the nobility of a true hero, always protective and selflessness.

Aizawa smirked at the sight of his students, before focusing on the issue of two problematic children at hand-scratch that- make that three. He placed his goggles on his eyes, then placed his hands onto his cloths, and charged. There are still so many questions that dwelled in Aizawa’s mind about this situation. First is the question- How did that boy find this place? A coincidence? Or was our information once more leaked?

In the attack on the USJ, there have been discussions among the teachers that they might be a possibility of a traitor lurking in the shadows. But, Nezu quickly dismisses which idea not wanting to create swords among each other. But, if that boy didn’t get here through intel and this event is simply a coincidence, which doesn’t explain how the villains are actually here. Only the teachers and the staff of the U. A knows about the location. So how? And the answer to his own question is there is a traitor among the walls of U.A. And that would be the worst nightmare. 


“Just as Aizawa-sensei had said, for now, we need to do what we can!” Tenya expresses, carefully carrying Mandalay over towards the rest of his class. “And that is, to help treat the injuries first! That is part of a heroes’ job as well!”

Momo took a deep breath, and exhale through her lips. Her heart is hammering, but she kept her gait casual with no hint of hesitation. But her mind flickers back to the moment death is placed before her eyes. The angel of death comes for the wicked, for those who hurt others with cold indifference. It comes with fingers of knives to slice out the eyes that watched the horror and pain with such callous mind. And when it stands before the greedy , the false, the mortal who crave power, blades ready; tell its victim not to ask for pity because mercy means death. All the angel did is give a one-way ticket to face God. But, seeing that death can easily come and goes, it questioned rather is death truly be a choice that is wrong and right to the heroes. Death has so many meanings but held one purpose.

And to Momo, she knows that death is absolute, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to twist it.

“Lilda-kun is right!” She turned and directed her gaze to her classmates. “For now, treat the ones that are injured. Jiro-chan and Shoji-kun scout the area to see or hear if there are anyone that within our perimeter. And the rest of you, if there are any enemy, be prepared to fight as you depend on it!”

Momo is a natural born leader. She listened more than she spoke, but when she did speak, it was with the kind of even paced certainty that people listen to. She’s not afraid to quick to judge, but she is also always considered every angle first and above all compassionate about her ways. She is the glue that held her class together, now and forever through the life of a hero.

 There is an explosion in her brain-, the good sort- the type that carry more possibilities than she can ever be conscious of. Hundreds of ideas buzzing of electricity; she could feel it. It’s the calling card of thrills and adventure, of paths awaiting her feet. Whatever is ahead could be a great challenge, and there could be tears, but it is her adventure to take. The ideas would come, probably when she least expected it, so she danced with joy on the tips of her shoes and smiled.

“I can’t wait~ I can’t wait~” Toga happily sings, as her body flowed in dance as if her happiness and words are spoken through her body. But for was n’t for her personality, her sensuality would have burst through into the most vibrant picture of a beautiful soul. “Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute~” She giggles to herself at the end, bring up both her hands like a fist covering her lips.

Out of anyone, I get myself caught with her. Dabi thinks to himself, mentally shaking his head and sigh.

“Toga,” Dabi calls out, causing the frantic girl to stop her movement and turns her attention attention to him. “ What do you think, he’ll say about this plan that ugly has made?”

A pause.

In Toga’s mind, thoughts would be an inverse explosion, crazy chaotic turns, and twists of light coming together to simply one idea, to just one word. “Stupid.”

In Dabi’s triumph, he smirked-s simply a small pouting of the lips; a narrowing of the eyes and a tilting of the head. It is so subtle, which Toga couldn’t help but let her lips curled upwards. Then, he let out a breathless chuckle. “Yeah, he’ll say something like that.”

“Tomura-chan targets Bakugo-chan because he thinks that he can sway him to join our side. To him, that’s stupid. He doesn’t think anyone is born to join sides, there is no good or evil. To him, we are fighting our own kind". 

“Own kind, huh,” Dabi repeats the last word. It felt raw when he said it. “Our own kind that places a hierarchy based on quirks. Our own kind that determines whether we are heroes or villains- our lives.” His left hand then touched his scarred face. “He used to pissed me off with those words, bringing up bad memories because of it.” Truths are the treason of the empire of lies. The lies that swirled around the society, suffocating the empty shape within the villains; stealing their breath. “But it is also because of his words that allows me to trust people once more.”

Toga smiled. “He has that effect on people. He has ways with his words.”

“Wished that ugly has the same effect,” Dabi commented. “But that’s clearly impossible.”

“Of course not! If Tomura-chan becomes like him, I would stab him a million times as needed!” Toga exclaimed, pumping her fist up and down. “Nobody can replace him!”

“Freak,” Dabi commented.

“Hey! That is so uncut-”

Then, a snap of a twig immediately drops their conversation and quickly placed their backs on each other. Eyes scanning their area for anything. Trees, bushes, dirt, and twigs. Nothing novel, as silence continues to pass. Then, a rustling of a bush diverted their attention to the left.

“I didn’t expect us to meet so soon.”

Dabi’s and Toga’s eyes widen over-familiarity of the voice that washed over them.

“How long has it been? Six years since that fight?”

There is no way that these two can forget this voice.

“I guess even trash like us, have fate that placed us together once more.” The casting moonlight shines downward, with a single foot exposed in the darkness. Each step it took made the darkness shrink back to where it belongs. Revealing a bald, muscular man with shadowed eyes and no hair on his face or head which wears a simple medical mask that covers over his mouth.

“Hello again, Dabi and Himiko Toga.”

The moment when the man presented itself in the silver light, the anger in both of Dabi’s and Toga’s eyes were revealed with pain beneath it.  For Dabi, the fires of fury and hatred were smoldered in the small narrowed eyes as he weighed the pros and cons of the various and creative means available to him. As for Toga, her anger is a silent huntress looming in the night, ready to strike when anyone least expects it. She reached towards her thigh and grabbed on the knife. But the moment she did, it disappeared.

Her eyes snapped to her right hands that know clench nothing but air before redirecting back to the maniacal laughter. The moonlight revealed another man beside the first. A lean, young man with light, almond-shaped eyes with a beak-shaped plague mask holding the knife that Toga was holding on a lean, young man's right hand.

“Hojo Yu and Toya Setsuno!” Dabi gritted his teeth, as Toga’s eyes shimmered away with no light exposing her liveliness.

Hojo bowed before Dabi and Toya. “It’s a pleasure to me-”

Without letting Hojo finished his sentence, Dabi lifted his left arm and unleash his fury judgment on them. The blue flames dance with anger, as it propels forward with immense heat. Hojo’s eyes saw the brilliant blues before the entire flames consume him.

“I’ll burn you to ashes!” Dabi announced with no sign of his anger diminishing. The blue flames burn like a temper that equals Dabi’s. The air smells and tastes like bonfire while the position of where Hojo and Toya stand glows with vibrant blues beneath the smoky winds.

The gate continues to swirl even after Tomura has entered to return to their hideout. Kurogiri now stands alone before the grave. “Good evening, please forgive our audacity for not being here all at once. Wherever you are, up in the sky, I hope you give us your blessing upon our goal. Once this mission is over, I’ll try my best and bring everyone here-together- as we used too. For now, I deeply apologize. We’ll come over once more.”

This loneliness is a vice on Kurogiri’s heart, squeezing with just enough pressure to be a constant pain. It kills him daily just slightly little more, taking that was once his inner light and replacing it with darkness that overshadows each moment. It is the fuel of his nightmare, whenever he stands before the grave.

“Until then,” he bowed before completely disappearing with the purple gate, “Midoriya Izuku.”

Chapter Text

They say keep your friends close, 

and your enemies closer

The forest that was once alive, burns with colors that Toga hasn't seen for an eternity. The flares possess a trinket of life mixed with absolute wraths. The wood is fast to ashes, and the vinyl siding is sliding down like chocolate in the summer heat. The trees with their lively canopy now became a lifeless stick of charcoal. The unfettered light illuminates the scorched ground, emitting the smell of burning lingers. The smoke rises up towards the night, as being carried to the right by the wind over the thousand seas of the forest; raining down dirty ash like anti-snow.

A sword thickly covered with a brilliant gem delicately slashed vertically at the flames, revealing Hojo with his crystallized left arm. With the gap created, Setsuno charged forward twirling the knife which was once Toga's between his fingers and shot forward. Immediately, Toga jumps in, snatching another knife beside her thigh and slash diagonally; perfectly deflecting the thrown knife, bouncing in the air. But the moment it did, she realized Setsuno was nowhere before her but has already jumped into the sky with his sheath katana in position ready to slash her down vertically. Immediately, on her reflex, she bends her back backward with her hands touching the ground, while kicking the handle of the knife that she deflected before, as it propels itself diagonally towards Setsuno.

Setsuno quickly changes the position of his katana and slash is horizontally, but he failed to notice another incoming knife ripped the side of his plague mask, causing it to fall slightly off his cheeks when he tilted his head at the last second to his right. With Setsuno landed back onto the ground, Toga didn't waste a single second and charged with her knife at her right. With the distance closing in, she held the blade, even, a perfect undaunted horizon leveling with her nose and strike; aiming at Setsuno's right eye. Quickly, Setsuno placed his sheath katana before him- horizontally- completely blocking Toga's attack, as the tips of her knife shattered like glass.

Golden eyes met the ebony's, with Setsuno's sheath acting as a wall blocking everything below Toga and his expression. Toga's eyes shaded the sky possessed from dawn until dusk. Her pupils have exploded to fill so much of her eye, as now in death they are lifeless and cold.

"Stand down, Toya." Hojo begins, causing ebony eyes to look at his right. "We are not here for a fight."

Toya looked back at Toga before he let out a grin that she can easily see thanks to his mask slightly falling. A grin that is wide, open, showing his over-whitened teeth-something seems amusing to him- as he then forcibly knocked up his sheath in the air, causing Toga's right hand to follow along. The second it did, Toya twisted his body lifting his right leg shoved, it deep against Toga's stomach; knocking her back. Pain is what Toga felt when the impact hit as if her internal organs were being ripped, pulled, and crushed against Toya's forces that it gives her an unsettling feeling bubbling in her stomach.

Her feet drag against the soil, tumbling backward to where she couldn't find her footing before a pair of arms gently wrapped around her body, and her back hitting against the familiar warmth. She coughed, as saliva drips from the corner of her lips. Her eyes were focusing on the dirt ground, before glaring upward towards Toya holding his katana, resting against his shoulders stilling having that toothy grin.

"Long time no see, y'all. " Toya greeted, with each of his words dripping with his disgusting happy tone.

Toga gritted her teeth, baring her fangs against her prey. "I'm gonna stab you! I'm stabbing you!"

Toya giggles frantically." Show me what garbage of an excuse I am with your skill, To-"

Flames danced forward. It grew hot and filled the air with its wrath and fury, as it eats away any possible oxygen that is trailing before Setsuno; wanting and trying to suffocate him. It refused to be contained, condemned to die to ashes. Not, until it serves its purpose, and so, it chases. With the flames of inferno coming in fast, Setsuno dodges to his right into a roll.

"Don't dodge," Dabi stated, with his left arm raised into the air straight at Setsuno. "Since your garbage, at least, you can do is becoming my kindling and burn to ashes."

"I would believe that as garbage, we cannot grant your request." Hojo joins in, standing in front and slightly towards the right of his comrade. "Even us, have an honor and pride which we serve to our leader."

Dabi scoff. "Honor? Pride? Where was that when you backstabbed us?!"

"Backstabbing is a fitting word for us garbage is it not?" Toya chuckles through his teeth.

Toga knows a knife when she sees it. She also understands that there are two joy- one is soft and mellow warming and goes to the core, help to form links between the body and souls; make the person feel at home in their skin. It helps people to love more strongly, to feel connected, and do what is right. While, the other is a high, more akin to overeating sugar, comes fast and brings on impulsiveness and indifference to others- hollow and beyond recognition. She cast her eyes upwards, as her heart beat a little faster to see her two enemies. With the flames danced around them, it fits perfectly for the upcoming action, for her inner peace was long shattered, and she had a score to settle.

For every great thing she does, there is always one thing that she craves for. It isn't power or wealth, but something so simple- love. To be trapped and be lost is both joyful and painful to bare. But for Toga, she can because insanity is her gift, that sunk her into new realities with graceful ease then some mundane life. A true delusion is a fixed false belief that gains traction, like a tire on the road; it drives a person in different directions often erratic and toward disaster. But hers, is more like a glorious ferris wheel, taking her to new fantastic views of life. She loves it, she loves it and loves it. But what's more, is that she loved the life that she previously had, before she became lost in a labyrinth maze in her head.

"..Dabi-chan…." Toga's face moved a little too slowly as if she was taking in the surroundings more than anyone else. Then, she grinned like a Cheshire cat, with her lips so wide, as if she wanted to eat her prey whole.

And, she does.

"Let's kill them."

The bullet had done more damage than a blade would. The wound looked nothing like he'd be expect from his extensive crime drama viewing. Instead of a neat reddened hole, it was oozing with dark congealing blood, traveling like a thin river down Mandalay's injured arm.

"How-how do we even get the bullet out?!" Denki exclaims, feeling the need to move almost without end. In the moment of his words, his eyes would subconsciously dart to his teacher-Aizawa- whose quickly gaining distance towards Deku, and his two, classmate- Eijiro and Katsuki. "An-and shouldn't we help Aizawa-sensei as well?"

"For what?" Shoto questioned Denki's attention. "That Deku guy is not going to attack us when Uraraka has his little sister. "

"He's a murderer! Didn't you see?!" Mineta joins in, utterly frustrated of how oblivious Shoto can be.

"Yeah! That means he's part of the League of Villains!" Denki continues with the flow of his words without taking a moment to stop and take a breather. "I mean sure, Bakugo attacked him first but it was because he shot a person! He's clearly a murderer! A villain! S-so shouldn't weack-"

His words were quickly cut off, as a sharp sting followed by a high pitch ringing exploding in his left ear; causing him immediately to clamp up his words. His eyes then turn the source, a familiar ear jack.

"You're a guy, aren't you? Stop complaining!" Kyoka shouted with irritation in her words, as one of her ear jacks are plunged into the ground, and her right hand pushing her ear inwards with her palm trying to muffle out the outer sounds.

"But-!" Mineta's words were quickly cut off by Tenya's.

"We need to trust Aizawa-sensei. He is a teacher from the U.A. High School, and an expert hero. If we can't even trust our teacher to handle his side of the situation, then what kind of students are we?" In Tenya's words, the students' of Class 1-A feel safe, because they aren't simply words. Tenya has always been on their side, daily ever since they all meet in U. A. He knows the faults of fear consuming, anger raging, and anxious raising within his classmate- friends- because he experienced it himself when Stain crushed his brother. He wouldn't even stand and be here but for was n't for his classmate- Katsuki and Shoto- giving him a new light to be who he wanted to be. A hero likes his brother. And in return, he wanted to do the same for his classmate and the newfound friend. He'll be there to listen, defend, understand, and encourage. He'll be the one, that any student can trust.

The weight lifted from Denki's shoulder- a little- as if an overly large child had simply leaped off after a satisfying piggyback ride. But it seems like the after effect took a toll on his body, as there is still some dissatisfaction dwelling in his heart. But he needs to be on the same page, as everyone else. "You're right, sorry." Even if his heart disagrees, if it improves their survival chances against the villains and the unknown group, he'll do what is told.

"We were attacked by the League of Villains before, and we lived." Kyoka continues. "So what's the point of worrying about this now?! If we lived once, then we can definitely live again! So suck it up!" To Denki, even though her words seem harsh and all, but it is her words that are telling his panic, and the uneasiness to shut up. It's difficult, but it did quell down. He doesn't know how she did it so effortlessly, but he couldn't be more grateful to have her by his side whenever he needed assistance.

With her words, Denki raised both his palms and slapped his face hard. Mineta flinched by the sudden action. The reddened stain deepens Denki's skin color, but enough to let him focus on the task on hand. And that does what he can for his classmate. "Okay, what do you guys need?"

While Mineta is still having a slight doubt clouding over his sight, he still chooses to cooperate. "Okay, okay! We just need to get the bullet out right?! Let's do this then!"


There are few pointers that Aizawa noticed about Deku. The kid is a skilled fighter, but with uneven power. Why? Is that his quirk? If so, then his quirk is very similar to that idiot's- a temporary strengthening.-but not long. Limitation?

With the distance closing in, Aizawa gripped onto his cloth tightly. But before he even shot it forwards, Deku took action first. With quickness, Deku pulled Eijiro towards him, as turning him around along with him and placed him before Deku exactly like a shield. To where his right hand that is originally grabbing his neck is holding his head towards their right, while Deku's left hand is placed like a gun right under Eijiro's chin with his index finger pressing in hard. Eijiro's breath hitched.

"Don't move." Aizawa's footsteps stop abruptly. "That goes for you as well." Emerald eyes looked to his right, to where Katsuki's right palm is directly near his face. "Hotshot." 

Katsuki curses. "The name's not Hotshot, you bastard!" Emerald eyes looked away from crimson eyes and met Aizawa's.

"Don't ignore me!"

"Bakugo!" Aizawa shouted with his firm voice. "Stand down. You're not helping the situation to me or Kirishima."

Katsuki snickered annoying, before setting his hands back down to his sides. But kept a keen eye on Deku for any movement that he can strike and suspicion movement.

"Now then, seems like I got both of your attention," Deku continued, slightly glancing back to where the Nomu is fighting off the Ghost from behind. "This isn't a great spot or position to talk, but I would like to do things peacefully."


Peacefully? Aizawa couldn't help but take a notes on the sudden word that Deku has magically spoken from his mouth. " In what ways are your actions peaceful?"

"Then in what ways were you and your student's actions heroic?" Izuku countered. "We're basically standing on the same page,-both using violence the very moment we met each other. So what gives you the right to even questioning my actions?"

"Sharp tongue," Aizawa commented. It is human to feel the light and the dark. It is human to have a full range of emotions-a full tool kit. All those feelings are normal and useful depending on the situations that people find themselves in. But apparently, his student's used their emotions into violence. And Deku can only return those emotions with an also equal amount of violence to counter. Truly, a flaw in himself and his students.

"Thank you, but I would like to cut the chit chat short." Izuku stated, pressing his index finger into Eijiro's chin, "So what's your answer? I only take yes."

It's a gamble, but that's the only choice Izuku can make. He is running out of time, and he needs to get out of this situation fast. With the Ghost already finding his location, he wouldn't even dare to imagine what will happen if the Eight Precepts of Death also came. The longer, he stays, the higher the risk for both them. He prays that he simply doesn't need to use any more violence as necessary; prays that Eraserhead will say yes.

And, he did. "Fine."

Izuku can only let out a silent relief on the answer he had hoped for. "Good. Now I would like all four of us retreating back to where your students are, while this Nomu is distracting some friends of mine."

He can see Eraserhead paused in thought, for not speaking anything. But what is difficult to see is his eyes being covered by his golden goggles with the lines obstructing the hero's views. Now, that let a ponder in Izuku's thought. Is his quirk related to his eyes? But another possibility caught his eyes- the cloth. Or is it something related to manipulation?

"Tweezers." Momo requested. "I need tweezers to pull out the bullet." Momo carefully inspects the bullet wound on the arm and pushing a little wider to see the silver bullet.

"Can't you make one, kero?" Tsuyu asked.

"No," Momo replied, head tilting down in shame. " I haven't learned the materials yet. Even my book is back at the house. I'm deeply sorry."

"Then should we go back and see if there's any first aid kit?" Hanta suggests.

"No!" Momo immediately replied. "Doing that, we will be separated. We still don't know how many enemies are still out there, and being separated is the worst option there is."

"Uh...How so?" Denki questioned, scratching his head.

"If Kyoka-chan and Shoji-kun did catch anything approaching us fast, not only our most of your teachers are down, and if students are separated, we won't have the upper hand at defending ourselves." Momo continues, as her eyes went to Ochaco. "Not to mention, we can't also put civilians in danger." Several eyes directed to Ochaco, who's still carrying her in her arms.

"Civilian? What civilian?" Mineta pointed his finger at Deku's little sister. "Since her brother is clearly a villain, then that makes her a villain as well!"

"Hey!" Ochaco barked. "Don't jump to conclusions just yet! She's just a little girl!"

"Little girl or not, if she is part of the murderer's comrade, then she is a villain as well!"

"How dare you?!" Ochaco is never the one that argued with her first, but her words packed a powerful punch. "I can't believe you Mineta-kun. She's only a little girl, who's clearly harmless."

"Just because she seems harmless now, that doesn't mean that she ain't a killer like her-"

"You done?" A single voice shatters the heated tension between the two students, as all eyes directed to the source- Deku with his right hand on the back of Eijiro's neck, and Aizawa-sensei slightly on the right front side of him, and Katsuki opposite glaring daggers not only at the students but also at Deku.


"Another word from your mouth, and you won't be able to see the daylight the next time you opened your eyes." Deku threatens, as he then shoved Eijiro in front causing him to tumble a few steps forward and grabbing his neck to soothe the pain that Deku has put on him.

Mineta quickly uses both his hands and covered his mouth, shoving back down his saliva, and the words down to the pit of his stomach. Emerald eyes then sight his sight on Ochaco, before taking a gentle step to ease the pain of his right calf. But, he is once again blocked by Katsuki standing in front of him, glaring him down.


"Make me." Katsuki growled.

The air is so brittle that it can snap any second. Everyone is looking at those two, waiting and unsure of what shall happen. While Aizawa-sensei can only let out a tired sigh on them. As for Ochaco, she can feel the fear in her chest waiting to take over. It simply sits there like an angry ball propelling her towards anxiety that she just doesn't need. Perhaps, it only wants to warn and protect her from Deku, but clearly, now he isn't a threat at all.

"I-" Ochaco chokes on her first syllable, as she then swallowed and took a breather. "It's okay Bakugo. It's his sister after all. Of course, he would want her back." She explains as she forces herself to drag her feet towards Deku slowly. The walk should have taken like five seconds maximum, but to her, it felt like hours has passed. Each step she walks, it decreases the distance between her and Deku, . As she walked past Katsuk, his crimson eyes will follow her every movement.

Then, she stops.

Auburn eyes met emeralds, as she then reached out her arms allowing Deku to carefully and gently picking Eri back into his arms. Emerald eyes only focus on the little girl, as much to Ochaco and everyone's surprises- his lips lifted upward, allowing to show his teeth were perfectly aligned. The warm glow his happiness gives when his sister is back in his arms. He gently placed his forehead on hers, and quietly whispers to only Katsuki, Ochaco, and Aizawa could hear.

"I got you."

And as if those words were like a magical spell that broke a curse, the little princess slowly opened her eyes and calls out for her brother. "Deku..?"

Chapter Text

We simply can't see the world as it is. 

The world people see is nothing more than how our brains translate it. 

In other words, it's 'subjective'. 

The voice is unexpected. It is spoken with a low agreeable trace of huskiness and so much warmth than anyone had expected.

Deku cradled Eri closer, and soothe the side of her silver hair gently as possible using his right hand. "I'm here, sweetie. I'm here." His lips stretched into a smile but didn't quite reach his emerald eyes. They were lit with sadness and uneasiness. But all seem to vanish, as Eri slowly and reluctantly blinked-twice- as her eyes went to focus. She simply stares, as if her brain is taking him in; struggling to comprehend that the person before her isn't some illusion or dream that she had. Her brain can't formulate a thought, at least not of any language. But, her action is all it needs for her to make sure that the person before her, is indeed real.

Eri threw her arms around him. "Deku!"

The hug is a simple gesture- affection, perhaps the indestructible bonds between the brother and sister. The arms that held him, were little, yet strong. The warmth of his body meets Eri's, giving her hope that he'll be by her side whenever she's awake or not- just like he always did before. It soothed her than anyone had ever expected, as Eri snuggled her head at the muzzle of Deku's neck, with her tiny hands clenching tightly on the stained white shirt and the dirty vest.

Deku must readjust his hands to hold Eri properly. His right-hand clasp around Eri's lower back, the other strokes her silver hair. With each soft touch, Katsuki can see the little girl quivering with the collar of Deku's shirt soaked with water. Deku held her in silence.

"Um...Is she okay?" Ochaco approaches, with her fingers intertwined with one another before her.

Deku didn't reply, instead, something caught his attention. Emerald eyes immediately snapped back, shifting his body sideways for his eyes to narrow at the scene before him. Aizawa stood before his class with his right hand grasping on one of the cloth.

"Aizawa-sensei?" Ochaco asked as Aizawa placed his left hand out as a barrier that prevents any of his student approaching.

"Stay back."

"Is something wro-" Words caught at Eijiro's throat, as his voice trails off slowly like his words are unwilling to take flight. There is a shock in his eyes, widen like it's most horrific thing he has ever laid his eyes on.

The stench of blood blanketing that air in a choking aroma. No one, not even the teachers can get used to it. It pulls the strings in them, allowing the scene to hit the students like waves. It surely also didn't help that the wind whipped around the smell even further into their nostrils. The bodies lay like ghoulish mannequins, lifeless and scattered.

It is a complete massacre.

Kyoka backstepped from the scene. Each steps her stomach tightness and ache all the more. She kept swallowing, and her throat kept clenching, but despite what, she could not stop the warm feeling rising through her chest. She could taste it at the buckled of her mouth. Constance buckled over. She quickly turned the other direction, as a warm, cloudy cream colored liquid spills from her lips. Mezo quickly reached out and patted the back of her back slightly and start soothing her back. "You alright?"

"Just gimme-" She coughs frequently. The image simply seems to burn deep in her mind that just refuses to let go.

Kyoka isn't the one that has the sickening feeling.

"I think I'm gonna throw up," Denki started, with his face morphed to a pale sickening color covering his mouth. The others are more speechless than allowing words and thoughts to form inside their brain; Katsuki is one of them. Waves of heat coursing through his blood, a cold sweat glistened in his gaunt features even he is shaking in the inside.

But he is different.

He kept a steady eye, as he gently placed his left hand on Eri's head preventing her to see anything that is going on.

The minty, Nomu stands before him.

The scarlet blood that is oozing down the skin in thick droplets is quickened to black in the July heat. The blood flows so freely as it coated it's' fingers like caramel over an apple, expect there are no golden browns. Mindlessly, it stood before it took its action.

It knelt.

With its right knee out and the other flat; both its hands balled into a fist, as its knuckle meets the tainted ground and its head lowered. What stood before him, isn't a human rather a sword. A sword formed within the orange torched flames danced warmly within the cool steel, and it am not afraid to sink its fangs on anyone. And what stands before him, isn't a sword; rather, it's a shield. Rusted and scratched, forged in fiery heat before setting in cold water. What stands before Deku, is a knight swore to protect and slay for its King. 

"What's going on here?" The mud and grit have become enmeshed with raw pink flesh and is spotted with blood. There is a cut on his left arm. And what stands before the entire group, is the pro hero- Wild, Wild Pussycat- Tiger. 


"The other two villains got away," Tiger informed, as Mina carefully inspects his arm. "The moment the smoke occurred, they disappeared. And the next thing I knew, I was stuck in the crossfire."

"We still haven't got any information out of them," Aizawa added.

"Not even the one you captured?"

Aizawa shifted his position sideways, and stuffed his hands in his pant's pocket as his eyes directed to Mr. Compress; still tied having Fumikage and Shoto stand guard. "Haven't spoken a single word. Loyalty runs thick even in villains."

"Then what about those two?"

Aizawa then redirected his gaze to his left, as there sits Deku leaning against the side of the house that students and teachers were temporarily living while holding Eri sits on his lap with her back facing towards Aizawa. The Nomu, on the other hand, stands before them, more to the left like standing on guard. "Not a clue," Aizawa stated. " But, one thing for sure is that the Nomu knows them."

"So they are part of the villain then?"

"That is what I'm unsure of," Aizawa answers, leaving Tiger to a confuse state allowing him to continue. "The other villain didn't know him. When they first encountered, none of them seem to know each other. That is when the Nomu came."

"What if it's an act?"

"If so, then what's the purpose?" His eyes never left Deku as he rips part of his right pants as a cloth to bandage around his injured leg. And after that is done, he wipes the blood off using his shirt and unravels his right hand that is currently holding probably the bullet. He then looked at her and cupped her cheeks. His eyes are softened, and his lips are moving slowly to ensure that Eri can understand. "To get close to us? Information? Attack us when our guard is down?" He shakes his head slightly. "It doesn't make sense." Because if it would, then he would be doing actions that interact with us, not to his little girl. All his attention is focusing on her. He couldn't care less about us.

"If he's not with the villains, then who is he?"

"It's too soon to disregard those two as villains. Especially the boy", He paused. "He did shoot someone."

"Who?" Tiger asked all high alert the danger the boy can bring.

"Not one of us, nor the villain. It would seem that it's his pursuer. One of those that Nomu obliterated."

"Can we say for sure that he won't be any danger to the students?"

"As long as we don't touch his little girl. His priority is all on her." But, I can't say for sure about the students that currently made contact with him with violence. His eyes then landed on Bakugo grouped along with Ejiro and Denki.

Meanwhile, Mina is in a complete daze. She couldn't focus at all at the wound that she volunteered herself to be taken on on. Her head is a complete mess about what her teachers talking about Deku. Questions and questions overflow inside her head like literally trying to drown. So, Deku is bad? Good? What does it make him when he shot the person then? Villain? Clearly a murderer, but, but- Her brain is mentally screaming right now. 

And speaking of screaming, a single voice catches all attention in Class 1-A.

It's Eri.

"No, no, no, no, no!" The scream is primal. It had a raw intensity to it that told of urgency, which says the expression of a mind lost in absolute fear. A desperate need to be held and loved.

"Listen to me, sweet-"

"No!" All it comes back are the scream of a precious child, that soul at sea, that a brain in pain.

"I know it's hard-"

"I finally got you back!" As much as she tried to hold it in, the pain came out like an uproar from her throat as a silent scream. The beads of water started falling down one after another, without a sign of stopping. The muffled sobs wracked against her chest. "I-I fin-alu g-ot y--you back.."

Izuku opens his lips, but his voice isn't being reached through. He closed his lips and tried again. He reached out once more, touching her cheek and caress it; wiping away the tears. " You are stronger than this. I know that." He starts off slow. "But sweetie, you got to understand." He took a deep breath and spoke for the third time.

"I can't run."

He continues, licking his lips. "They got my calf, and I can't run like I used to. I can only walk, not to mention even trying to walk straight. Not to mention my quirk-." He sighed. "With my inability, I can't get you to safety. I can't protect you."

Izuku can see Eri's little hand balled into a fist clenching her red dress. "But...but who's going to protect you..?" Her eyes lowered, not even wanting to make direct eye contact with Izuku.

Others have emotional scars, but not Izuku. He's still bleeding because his heart is too strong; too independent to where his emotions are simply a wet concrete-loose. There is no anger, joy, resentment, or sadness when Eri said those words. "I'm strong. I can protect myself."

Eri shakes her head. "That's what you said last time, it didn't work out."

Last... time?  Izuku thinks to himself, as his fingers are escaping from her cheeks. I say that?  Emerald eyes trail downward, to where his eyes then landed on the bloody knee that is darkened. She's hurt.

Immediately, Izuku brings his right sleeve towards his mouth and bites on it hard and pulled. The cloth rips off easily like its nothing, as Izuku continues the motion as the cloth reached all the way to his shoulder. With the cloth unravel, Izuku's right arm is fully exposed to the summer heat, and several curious eyes sending to his way that Izuku can care less about. He carefully brings the cloth and placed it around her knee in a log cabin style. He did the same to his other sleeve and wrapped it on the other knee.

After that was done, Izuku looked at Eri once more. Dirt is smeared across her cheek and forehead. Her red dress caked with dried mud and droplets of darkening blood, there is never a moment when dust. "Look at me, sweetie."

Eri shakes her head.

Izuku let out a sigh. "Look, I don't know what I said before, it's different now."

"How is it different?" She finally looks at him. "You 're leaving me again. "

"I'm not-"

"Yes, you are!" She repeats her words; meekly. "You are."

It is more than a cry. It is a desolate sobbing that comes from a child drain of all hope. Her tears mingled with her words, and her gasping wail kept within. The pain that flowed from her is as palpable as the frigid wind.

Izuku stays silent.

"I don't like it." She shakes her head. "I don't. I hate it. I hate it!"

Eri sucked at the air like it had suddenly become thick and is not almost too difficult to draw in. She became deaf to the soothing words from Izuku's lips.

"Please….." she begs quietly, broken. "Please don't leave me again."

He doesn't know what to do. His brain is dominated by a voice- one is as negative and dark as a demon- shakes with fear, as it advises against Eri's words. You will fail to protect her. You will lose her... The voice is right. Izuku will lose Eri, he is failing. He didn't listen.

He didn't listen to the voice.

He reaches out his hand once more touching her cheek forcing her to look at him and placed his forehead against hers. He closes his eyes and sighs. "You are as stubborn as a mule."


Izuku let out a soft chuckle. "It's nothing." Emerald eyes met crimson. "We're staying together."

Her smile is one of Izuku's happiness growing, up to a spring flower opens. He can see how it came from deep inside to light her eyes and spread into every part of her. When Izuku's words left him, her body relaxes.

"However," Izuku stated. "If anything happens, you gonna run, got it?"

Her smile falters into a thin line.

"Sweetie, please." Izuku implore. "I can endure anything they threw at me, but I can't bear to see anything happen to you. So please."

The silence lay on his skin like a poison; seeping into his blood killing slowly as Eri didn't answer. The silence is like a gaping void, need to be filled with sounds, words, anything. It's truly poisonous, cruelly underscoring how vapid their conversation has become. It seeped into their every pore, slowly paralyzing them from either speech or movement.

"Is everything alright here?"

A voice chimes in, breaking the silence as emerald eyes cast behind Eri and meet the pro-hero-Eraserhead. The hero is giving Izuku a stern look. "Something you need?"

Eraserhead's eyes narrowed. "Your girl was screaming and crying."


"What do you mean and?"

"Do your heroes tend to poke your nose in every business that they came across?"

"Preferably I wouldn't. But as a hero, we need to make sure everyone is safe." Eraserhead answers, growing a slightly bit impatient with Izuku.

"From what exactly?" Izuku questioned. "Our own kind?"

As if Izuku's words were a foreign language, Eraserhead is trying to comprehend what he simply said. Izuku continues. "You seem to be a logical person, rather than the hothead that I spoke with, But I believe you understand this, you and I are no different from one another. Those students behind you, are no different than the villains."

Eraserhead's stare is intentionally cold. His face somehow lacked the mobility others had. His eyes rested on the emerald eyes, as Izuku stares back head on. "All men are equal to begin with, but they weren't created to be, why is that?"

A pause.

"You said this yourself, as a hero you need to make sure everyone is safe. But, where were the heroes, when we needed help?" Izuku continues, as Eri gripped onto the edges of her dress. " Where were the heroes, when were suffering at the hands of my creator?"

A silent reply.

Izuku scoffs lightly. "Of course, the hero can't poke their noses at every single person in the universe, because that's impossible. So what makes you think that you can poke into our's?"

Izuku then uses the wall as a supportive mechanism to push himself upward, and limb towards Eraserhead while still holding Eri in his arms. He stares at him, as he comes to a good distance between him. Eri hugs Izuku tightly on the neck.

"You are no hero."

The first thing that Aizawa laid his eyes on, is the scars littered on both Deku's arms. The scar is like a washed out fishbone, the evidence of long ago injuries. The cicatrix on his arms is broad and rough, and Aizawa can tell that whatever caused the old wound was blunt and injury had never been stitched or treated. Not, to mention the bite marks that resemble something with sharp teeth dug into his skin leaving the unsightly scars mostly on his wrist. He doesn't need to see it anymore, as he can clearly tell that this boy before him, has been suffering a lot and have been trying to do his best for his girl.

He takes out both of his hands fro his pocket and bow. "Sorry."

Deku's eyes widen by the sudden word that spills from Aizawa's mouth and action.

"Must be hard, huh."

Emerald eyes look away from his contact, pressing into a thin line. He then redirected his gaze on him once more before walking to the direction of the forest. " We don't need your sympathy." As Deku continues walking, Aizawa can see Eri peek up from Deku's shoulder meeting, his eyes before setting it back to where it originally is hiding; while the Nomu follows behind.  However, his road is quickly blocked by two new student-Yuga and Lida- one a quivering cat, and the other a solidify statue.

"Even though I'm sorry of what happens to you, I can't have you leave under my radar," Aizawa explains, as Deku slowly turns his head back, and look at him. "You have committed murder, and that needs to be justified by law accordingly."

"Murder?" Deku questions. "In what ways is my actions get to be called murder?"

Is this brat serious? Aizawa is having a mental break down by the obvious question that can be answered in most simplify formed.

"You shot someone!" Denki exclaim. "How's that not murder?"

"In your eyes, maybe it is. " His eyes directed to Denki, and on mere eye contact, he shut his mouth.

"Oh yeah? Then, what would you fuckin' call it genius?" Katsuki joins in next to Denki, matching his glare with Deku's.

"Its survival, idiot." 

And, chaos ensued.

 Toga held the knife, twisting it in the moonlight as if it could slice up the light. The coldness of the blade only steadied her resolve. It pulled away from the heat from her clasping fingers, and they blanched in response. The knife is one perfect piece of steel, the sharp cutting edge morphing into the smooth handle in a way that reminded her of the dorsal fin on the sharks, despite the tip being damaged. Her expression exaggerated by the dark shadows around her golden eyes. She can already see her prey in a pool of darkening blood, and her face split into a grin that arched in a sickly, cute way, never making it to her almost sunken eyes. She raised her knife that is glimmering ominously in the pale moonlight- cold and ruthless, a weapon without kindness- pointing straight as Toya. "He's mine."


Before Hojo can even spill out his second word, Toya raised his arm that is holding his katana before his comrade. "Hold it, Hojo. Can't you see? She just declared a fight against me! A trash!" A grin spread over his mouth, wide and open. "It would be such a disgrace for not accepting it."

"Our mission is not-"

"Shh, shh, shh." Toya shushed his partner. "Can you hear it?" The inferno had ebbed to nothingness. The silence was pure as the crackling fire, and the snap of the twigs eaten and consumed to ashes. The fire rages, but there is nothing else reaching to Toga and Dabi's ears expect for the crackling fire.

"The sound of the angels." With those words, Toya slowly unsheathed his katana; dragging his blade out letting it coming out alive, shining under the silver ray. The blade is sharp and dangerous, and have been wanting to sink its fangs ever since it has been created. With a swift motion, Toya slashes his blade vertically in the air and announced with enthusiasm. "Shall we?"

Toga gripped her handle tighter and dashed to her right as Toya follows along.


"Eyes over here," Dabi stated, as he lifted his left hand, and a burst of embers leaped from his skin and propel itself towards Hojo in high speed. Quickly Hojo raised his right arm formed into a crystallized sword and slashed the flames vertically apart. "You're with me."


He strikes.

Toya charges dragging his katana with only his right hand up horizontally, as Toga quickly placed her right foot back and leaned her upper body back. The tip of his blade barely cuts her skin but managed to get the tips of her frontal hair. As the Toya finishes his first slash, he leans in towards Toga and using the back handle of his katana and smashed it across Toga's right cheek. She quickly loses balance with her footing.  Her feet crisscrossing one another, as if she was simply a newborn that learned how to walk and continues to stumble backward without stopping. And when she did gain her footing, her eyes snapped back to the front.

Toya is nowhere to be seen.

Immediately, Toga snapped her eyes behind as there stands Toya gripping her armed hand pulling it back and twist it. As that was insufficient, with Toga's right-hand restraints, Toya lifts up his right foot and aimed directly at the back of her knee. Time seems to slow down when Toga is falling. In the seconds, it took her to reach the ground she knew it shall hurt.

Toya sits atop Toga and leans down next to her left ear as she lays there struggling desperately. "Quit struggling."

She didn't listen.

Toya snickers, then let his lips curled into a devilish smile. He leans down and whispers into Toga's ears. The words flow out so naturally that Toga almost didn't quite catch it. All her movement stops, her pupils dilated, and her mouth quivers into waves.

[I love you, Himiko Toga.]

Those words were only spoken to one, specific people that she holds dear. The final words before he said his goodbyes to her, and other family members.

Toya on the other hand laughs. "Yes! That's the expression I want to see! The despair, the anger, the sadness! Everything!"


"Huh? Toya cocked his head to the side. "What did you say?"

"Kill you.."


"I'll kill you!" Toga forcibly turns her body, causing Toya to balance and shifted his entire weight to the left. And in that same moment, Toga brings her right elbow and smashed it directly at his face. The moment he got off, Toga rolled her body to the opposite side and stood on her feet still gripping on her knife.

Toya, on the other hand, laughs, as his palm covers his eyes and let it drop. His eyes wrinkled upwards. "Seems like I stabbed a nerve."

Toga buries the front of her right foot deep into the soil, as she pushes herself and charged. With the distance close enough, she aims her knife forward straight where Toya's left eye is.

She missed.

Toya shifted his body to the side. His eyes kept an eye on the direction on the blade, to where Toga then switched to horizontal followed by a diagonal slash.

He invaded them all.

But, she didn't stop her attack.

With her third attack misses, she added the fourth and slash him again.

It didn't contact.

The fifth attack, Toga aimed vertically once more, as Toya slips his hand under his mask and pulls out a knife that is equally small as Toga and blocked her attack. Immediately, Toya lifted his right leg and aimed at Toga's stomach once more. Saliva pours from her mouth, but she gritted her teeth and slash upwards. Blood flows into the air like fallen red petals, as Toga stumbles back. She gasped for air, as Toga then reaches his left injured hand to his back and pulls out a tiny pistol.

He aimed directly at her, and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Two shots rang out but missed her as Toga starts running to her left.

Two more shots rang out. One missed but other scraped against her blade. The moment the bullet ski off, she threw it all her might believe that his eyesight will only be on that single object.

He did.

As Toya is busy focusing on the knife that she threw, she charged straight at him. To where when he tilted his head to the right with the knife flying pass, but his sight hasn't come to the front just yet Toga reaches her right hand, clenching tightly on Toya's light orange tie and pulled him forward- smashing her head into his face, letting go of his knife.

As the contact is made, Toga let go as Toya's head is flung backward. Blood drips from his nose, as he then brought up his left hand and aimed. But Toga is faster, by bringing her right arm as a guard near her ear. Toya's wrist made contact with her, and the gun fires.

Totally misses, with the bright orange light shining behind Toga. With his shot finished, Toga reached to his pistol, turning it upside down with the barrel aiming at his stomach with Toya's trigger finger still on it.

And pulled.

Toya's eyes widen, as he drops the pistol to the ground and walked backward holding his bullet wound. "Impressive."

Toya's back hits the tree and slumps down, while Toga gets another knife from her patch and twirls it around her fingers. Each step she took is slow, announcing death is coming for Toya. But he couldn't care less. "C' mon, kill me. I know you want to. After all, we did take him away from you!"

Toga raised her knife and strikes.

It landed.

It landed beside him. The blade sunk deep into the truck, as Toga reaches his tie and pulled him close. "Where is he?! Where is Overhaul?!"

Toya scoff then turned into laughter. "Loyalty runs thick in our family."

"Say it!"

"You should just kill me instead." But before Toga spoke another word, Toya continued. "But, I guess I can let you on a little something. A present from us to you villains."

Present?  Toga thinks to herself.

Toya grinned, as he spoke his words. "We were thinking of giving you this present once we have him under control. But seems like we have tossed that plan out."

"What are you talking about?"

"He's alive, ya know."


"Oh c' mon, you know." Toya leans in, as their eyes stare at each other. "That boy is alive. That Midoriya boy. "

She froze, as Toya couldn't help but laugh under the bloody, treacherous moon.

Chapter Text

Some make way for the unexpected,
Beginnings, middle, and end.
It goes in different directions

Hate colors the soul. It spreads throughout the entire system, shutting down all other feelings and become central to life. The wave of ill thoughts' comes with vengeance, and brings all the negative energy that he can muster is thrown into his mind; poisoning it. Hate and enmity welled in his heart, fury burning him up. His violence is his words and actions. All Class 1-A knows including the teachers. He is a;ways a ticking time bomb. Any provocation, despite how small or significant, his temper blows; exactly like his quirk.

"Bakubro!" Eijiro screams, as he restraints Katsuki's arms from behind, preventing him to even let his quirk coming in close to use against Deku. "Chill!"

"Shut it shitty hair!", Katsuki erupts, snapping his jaws at him. "I'm killing this guy! Get the fuck off of me!"

"Hell nah!" Eijiro replies quickly. "Look we can totally talk this through!"

"Not a fucking chance! Every fucking time he speaks it irritates me to the damn bone!" Katsuki argues back, snapping his eyes at Deku who is the least paying attention to what's happening and instead is focusing on Eri. " Hey! Don't fucking ignore me!"

Deku sigh, before he speaks still not looking at Katsuki's direction. "I thought you wanted me to shut up. So I did what you asked." Emerald eyes met fiery crimson's. " By totally ignoring you."

Katsuki forehead ticks with boiling magma. "Why you!" He lungs forward, but Eijiro pulls him back in even.


Aizawa let out a tired sigh, bringing his right hand and squeezing the bridge of his nose. Give me a break. "Knock it off, Bakugo. I don't need your childish tantrum this moment."

Katsuki snaps his eyes at Aizawa, gritting his teeth with his crimson eyes darkened with anger. Aizawa narrows his eyes, as Katsuki looks away from the eye contact and clicks his tongue; shrugging Eijiro off him and walking the opposite direction where Deku is, brushing past his classmates whose still helping Mandalay's injuries, while stuffing his hands in his pant pocket; Eijiro follows behind him.

"You really need to control your temper bro." Eijiro ruffs his hair, walking not too near getting burned, but not far away; a pretty good distance.

"Fuck you." Katsuki spats. "And why the fuck are you following me?"

"Look, I know how you feel but calm down." He answers back, didn't even bother answering the second question that Katsuki threw at him. "Your temper isn't going to help anyone in this situation."

"Situation?" Katsuki repeats, stopping in his tracks and turns to Eijiro with a snarl. " Currently now, we don't know fucking jack shit. With the villains here, means that they clearly know that we were fucking heading to this location. Then all of a sudden, that extra pop out of fucking nowhere and have a Nomu by its side. We are clearly at a disadvantage here, just like at USJ!"

Eijiro sighs, dropping his gaze and balling his fist tightly. "You're right…"

"Of course I am!"

"But!" Eijiro perks up, gazing at Katsuki head on. "We don't need to make an enemy out of anyone we see here. We can still have the advantage if we do this right."

Katsuki raised a brow, trying to make sense of what Eijiro is suggesting. Don't need to make an enemy out of anyone we see? What is this shitty hair- His thoughts were then cut. The enemies the students are up against are the villain, and yet there is an unexpected guest that got mixed into it. An unexpected guest that doesn't seem to be a villain nor a hero. His lips were pressed into a thin line, as the thought clicked. "You can't be fucking serious."

Eijiro swallowed.

"You want us to allied with that asshole?!"

Ochaco who seemed to catch up with the conversation, spoke joining Eijiro's side. "Why not?"

"Why the fuck are we?" Katsuki argues. " And who the fuck let you join into our conversation?!"

"Uraraka is right." Shoto joins in next, as Katsuki sets his gaze on him. "With him with us, there is a higher chance-"

"We don't need him!" Katsuki growled. "There's no way in hell I'm going to get help from that bastard."

"But Bakugo, just like you said we clearly don't know anything about our situation. Not even the villain's purpose, and their numbers." Ejiro continues. "I know you don't like him, but this will only be a one-time thing."

"Oh yeah?" Katsuki replies. " Then good luck convincing him then, cause I don't think he'll agree to this bullshit."

Ochaco took a step forward, puffing out her chest and spoke. "You'll never know until you try."

"That's why I fucking said good luck didn't I, round face?" Katsuki spats, and turn to leave not wanting to hear any more of the discussion.

"Bakugo!" Eijiro calls out, jogging towards Katsuki.

"Shut it!" Katsuki snaps, causing Eijiro to halt immediately as all eyes were directed to those two expect for Deku, whose eyes lingers at the students before him. "Not. Another. Word." He spoke each word slowly, as Eijiro can feel the heat radiating off him. And with that, Katsuki took the direction somewhat away from the group, giving him air to breathe and time to cool off.

Eijiro stood back, as he raked through his hair with his right hand; watching the lone wolf's silhouette getting smaller. Why is he so pissed?


"Move," Deku demanded facing Yuga and Tenya with his back facing at Aizawa's gaze. "I will not repeat myself twice."

Fear sits on Yuga like a pillow over his mouth and nose, but there is enough air to get by allowing his body to keep functioning, but it's crippling still. He stays silent and shakes his head furiously. "N-no can do, monsieur." He can talk, smile, and act like he always does, but his inside is dying slowly.

"I am Class 1-A's representative!" Tenya exclaim. "It is my job to make sure everyone is safe, and you have just committed a deed that cannot be erased! You must be judged properly!"

"Judged?" Deku scoff. "Exactly who is going to judge me? The nineteenth students? The pro heroes? Or possibility the villains that you captured? Because from what I've seen, you no privilege to even say about judging, let alone my actions."

Deku took a step forward, as Yuga unconsciously steps back, and Tenya swallows as a trickle of sweat slides down on his head. "I don't like to repeat myself, but I'll say this again," Deku took another step forward. "Move."

"And I don't like to repeat myself either, brat," Aizawa spoke, as emerald eyes cast to the corner. "You are not leaving."

Deku placed his right leg back and shifts his body sideways to see Aizawa, as emerald eyes darkened by the light.

"You'll stay with us, until-" Aizawa stops, as his eyes widen.

A mist with silent steps. His eyes fell on Deku, as his heart is drenched by the fear that did not throw any longer. Everything fades into the abyss. Emerald eyes struck at his core as if he can see his beating heart and is burning him with no hesitation, as thousands of souls emerged in the mist. All eyes are only on him.

He felt numb. 

Eyes struggling to move, as Deku's face, is covered by his hair but not his striking eyes twisting through Aizawa's vision-paralyzed in fear.


He felt his breath being taken, as he immediately blinked. His right-hand reaches to the side of his head as thick beads of sweat trickle down. Katsuki, Shoto, Eijiro, Tsysuui, and Ochaco stares at Aizawa with a concerned look.

"You…" Aizawa spoke trying to catch his breath. How many did this boy kill?!

Bloodlust. That's what Aizawa felt when Deku looked at him. But that isn't the only thing, countless souls wanders in the mist whether it's old or young- innocent or guilty; Aizawa felt sickened by the number of bloodsheds that Deku had already spilled.

"Oi, the fuck you did to our teacher?!" Katsuki barks, hands already clenching and emitted tiny sparks.

Emerald eyes narrow. "I'll do the same to you and your students, and I won't hesitate if you continue to piss me off with your stupid demands."

The truth is, in the beginning, Aizawa didn't think about it. When his eyes laid on him first, he just looked fragile boy wounded with injuries. He is suspicious that able to find this location that U. A. students supposed to train as a secret after at the mall with Bakugo Katsuki. However, things turn to slight worse to worse as he gets to know more about the mystery guest- Deku.

This boy is dangerous. Aizawa grips on his cloth, taking a stance. "You and I are going to have a talk."

Deku's left ears then perk up, causing his eyes to shift to the left instead.

Emerald eyes shut away from the light, and took a deep breath and held.

"Deku?" Eri cast a worried look at Izuku gazing off at the direction that is not towards the hero.

One thump.

A footstep is approaching. It sounded like someone who has not learned to walk quietly, and instead relies on the verge to muffle their steps. Each footfall is chaotically spaced from the last, no rhythm at all. Whoever it is, is likely scared. This person is even threatened by someone or something else.

One thump

Two thumps.

Emerald eyes snapped opened. Two?! But I only heard one footstep approaching-

"Someone incoming!" Shoji quickly assesses, with one of his duplicated arms forming as an ear, eye, and mouth, as Jiro is still trying to calm down her sickening feeling.

As if that is a cue, a Ghost burst from the bushes that Izuku is looking at. The Ghost is like a walking scarecrow more than a man and all lop-sided. It's half torn mask bears congealed blood, and its clothes are an utter mess with a sharp tear which is inflicted by a sharp weapon. The Ghost then limbs forward still holding its assault rifle.

Eri squeaks near Izuku's ear, allowing him to hold her tighter in his arms. He cooed. "Don't look, sweetie." As obeying his words, Eri snuggles at his neck gripping tighter around him. Emerald eyes, narrow at the wounded Ghost. Someone attacks the Ghost? Who? The other heroes, and villains? But that's impossible, no one should be able to know the Ghost's existence, much given a reason to attack. So why?

"D…" The Ghost calls out, as the blood still runs. "D…"

The Ghost calls out, exactly as a ghost would. He walked unusually slow, dropping his assault rifle to the ground uncaring if he lost his weapon. Each step he walks, ore blood soon to pool like pathway solely created simply to meet the end is his goal mission.

The Ghost's, left hand reached out, caked in nothing but crimson as it shakes badly. A small sob worked its way out of his throat, as emerald eyes not taking off his hands. "Why…? Why is it that... things get a turn to this way…?"

The distance got closer, as Izuku can see the Ghost's fingertips closing in, "What a sick joke...isn't it, D..?"

The hand balled into a fist, as it hits gently at Izuku's left shoulder before the Ghost leans forward brushing past Izuku and landed on the ground; lifeless.

Izuku swallows, blinking several times as his hands clenched tightly on Eri's clothes. He whispered so quietly as Eri is the only one able to hear. "Sorry, partner."

Eri's eyes widen, as it glosses by water and closed her eyes.

Immediately, several white blades shot forward from the direction the Ghost originally came from coming in drastically fast at Izuku. His left hand placed above Eri's, he accidentally took a step back too hard for his right leg's liking, buckling his balance. As the blade continuous with rapid speed, and pierces, its flesh.

The Nomu's flesh with all its six arms placed in front, as the blades retracted back into the darkness.

"Nomu.." Izuku spoke in slight shock, kneeling with her right knee up.

"Deku, are you okay?" Eri meekly asked, pulling away from his neck.

"I'm fine," Izuku replies, reassuring Eri's worries as he continues.

That is a new voice chimes in.

"Show me... your flesh..!" A figure dressed in all black dances in the sky, before it unleashed several other blades onto the trees, lifting the figure upside down revealing an unknown person that Izuku never met before.

So, that's why I didn't hear the second footstep. He was navigating in the sky. Izuku eyed the unknown guest, as another answer came to mind. Same direction, and wounds that inflicted by sharp weapons. So, he was the one hurting the Ghost.

"Moonfish!" The once sealed villain-Mr. Compress-finally broke its own spell.

Moonfish, so that guy knows him. A villain huh. However why does a villian attack the Ghost?  Emerald eyes scan around his surroundings. Currently, at the two pro heroes and every Class 1-A's eyes are fixed onto the new uninvited guest. He clicked his tongue. As much, I would like to get a piece of him myself, for now, I must take Eri far from here.

He carefully stood up, as he leans into Eri's silver hair and whispers. "Hang on."

Without a moment to hesitate, Izuku opens his mouth and took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose. And took off a starting run towards a direction that is slightly more to Yuga's left.

Lilda spotted him first, as he calls out after him. "Wait, you-!"

Izuku clicked his tongue, as his eyes then spotted the Nomu. I have yet to test this but, if it's willing to protect me, will it listen to me as well?  Izuku doesn't have time to hesitate.

"Nomu!" Izuku shouts, loud and clear for everyone to hear. The Nomu perks up. "Delay them!" 

The Nomu responded as he placed itself in between Izuku and his two pursuers. The Nomu shrieks, as he continues to run.

It worked. 

"You're lying!"

There is something in that shout, a pain behind. The anger is nothing, but a shield for pain scared for her desperate life. She breathed in slow, catching her breath.

"Lying?" Toya asked solemnly. "What purpose would that even gain for me?"

A silent reply.

"But still, why are you suggesting I'm lying in the first place? Shouldn't you be happy to hear that he's alive?",

Another silent reply.

"Oh wait! You can't!" She gripped the tie harder, as he laughs his head off thinking everything is a joke. "I totally forgot about that!"

An invisible hand clasp over Toga's mouth; an equally ghostly hypodermic of adrenaline pierces his heart, unloading in an instant. Tension grew in her face and limbs, as her mind replaying the last words that her beloved family said to her once.

[I love you, Himiko Toga]

Her breathing became more rapid, more shallow. Her ribs heaving as if bound by ropes, straining to inflate her lungs.

"Ah! I know now. It's because of that isn't it?" Toya continues, holding his biggest smile ever. "That's why you said I was lying, not believing me!"

[I love you, Dabi]

Her head is a carousel of fears spinning out of control, each pushing her mind into blackness. In these moments before "her" hurricane, she understood the drug addict, the alcoholic... anything to stop the primal surge. She wanted to run, she needs to freeze.

"Ohoho~ What's wrong? Did I said something that I shouldn't?" Toya continues. "Did I struck a nerve?"

[I love you, Kurogiri]

Her lips quiver into waves, head lowering as her eyes set on the ground.

"It makes sense! It make sense!"

"You're being so uncute..." She hissed. 

[I love you, Tomura Shigaraki]

"Why?" Toya asked, leaning into Toga's space, as she can feel his voice consuming her from the inside out. "Are you too afraid to admit it?"

A silent reply.

[I love you...]

"Then, then I shall say it for you?! Will you feel better if I do it?! Will you be happy?!"

A silent reply.

"It will make you happy, won't it?! " He continues. "After all, it is you guys, the League of Villains that murdered him in the first place!"

[My precious family]

Painful memories are the same as a nightmare. Hot and unbearable, that she wishes that everything is fake, but also. Izuku…. Izuku…... Izuku…. Izuku!!!!

She screams. "Shut. Up!" 

She grip on the knife once more that stuck on its truck and pulled high into the air. "It's all his fault. Everything is all his fault." 

Toya chuckles and said. "But who was the one that ended him?" 

And that is enough for Toga to strike down her hatred towards him. But, in the admist of her rage, she failed to noticed groups of crimson eyes glows in the darkness just behind her. Toya smiled once more, and whispers. "The Angels are here."


Dabi stops, as the scream is clear and loud enough for him to hear and cast his eyes to the direction of the painful voice. Toga!

"You must be pretty confident with your skills to look away."

By the time that he looked back, it was already too late as Hojo struck him at the side of his left stomach with his crystallized sword cracking his rib cage, and the powerful force sending aches to his internal organs.

Shoot! Dabi curses, as bearing the pain of the attack as he is later flung across the air and smashed against a tree truck, collapsing to his knees and with his left hand on the ground, and the other for his injured stomach. This is  about as much damage I can take, huh?

"Seems like Setsuno told her the news."

Dabi's eyes snapped back to Hojo gazing at the direction where Toga's voice was. News? "What did you freaks did to her?!"

Hojo looks back at him, as he deactivated his quirk with his crystals disappearing like tiny snowflakes. "Just a small gift from Overhaul to you Villains. Think of it as a reunion gift." 

A gift? There's no way it is simply that gift that simple. Dabi thinks to himself.

"Whether you guys, believe it or not, depends on you." He then turns and walked towards the direction opposite where Toga and Toya are. "You should go find the girl, and I can reassure you that Setsuno has no intention of harming her."


However, Hojo didn't wait as he continues to walk into the darkness surrounding the blue flames. All Dabi could do is grit his teeth, as his body is refusing to take another stance. He struggles to even managed to pull himself up from the ground. Toga! I must get to her-!

But his limit is up.

Chapter Text

If you can't find a reason to fight,
Then you shouldn't be fighting

The Nomu growls, protruding his arms out and steps closer to Tenya and Yuga. But before the arms can even touch them the slightest, cloths shots forward and wrapped tightly on the arms; redistricting any slight movements it had towards the two students. 

Tenya recognizes the cloth, as his eyes traveled to the owner. “Aizawa-sensei!”

So that brat just has to go and do it.  Aizawa struggles to keep hold the strength that the Nomu has been putting up with. But for the Nomu to actually listen to that boy, which means he actually has some connection with the villains. But, Aizawa then cast his eyes to the left where the two villains are. Why did that boy actually help us? 

Then, a blast. An explosion to be more precise; as a blur of ash blond flies pass. Bakugo?!

“Moonfish!” Mr. Compress yelled. “Ignore the others, get the target first!”  

“I have to follow… I have to do my job…” Moonfish sings loudly in sorrowful waves.

Target? Aizawa took noticed of the villain’s words, as then several blades dashed towards Katsuki’s direction. The sounds of the blades piercing through the wind immediately caught Katsuki’s ears. His right hand swiftly placed in front of him, as his hands emitted an orange light creating an explosion to propel himself backward; safety dodging the attack and landed on his feet a few feet back 

“The fuck?!” Katsuki curses, snapping his eyes towards Moonfish. “Alright you fuck, you want to play then I’ll play with you!” Both of his hands are already emitting in tiny fireworks. 

Seeing the attack, Aizawa widens in realization as the dots connected. Their target is...Bakugo?! "Bakugo, don't engage in combat!"

But, it's already too late, as Katsuki is already propelling himself towards the villain. 

The forest is impenetrably thick, despite the smoke still ravaging on. Below his feet, are only the browned remnants of branches that have been fallen in recent winds. Izuku made ways through the skinny trucks that grew tall as if it's racing for the sunlight once the night has passed. In these places, it's so densely clumped that Izuku must alter his path because whenever he tries to run to a specific direction, it would always make him seem that he's running in circles instead of getting anywhere out of the forest. As the more he runs, the more of his vision is swirling from the lack of oxygen that he has by holding his breath.

His legs aren't functioning the way he wanted, as it then interlocks within one another and crashed onto the tree truck towards his left-nearly- for his fast reaction of placing his left hand out first touching the truck. He wheezes as his burning lungs gasp for air for the longest time he has been holding. His wounded leg felt numb, unsteady and painful. He felt uncomfortable by how the sensation in coursing through his body. He breathes in and out, and the pain is not subsiding.

He then felt his clothes tighten slightly on his right shoulder. Emerald eyes directed to Eri. Her vermillion eyes are set on a sheen of water, and tension builds behind them. Izuku brings his left hand and touches her right cheek. " It's okay. I'm strong to remember?"

Eri shakes her head slowly, still allowing Izuku's hand on contact with her cheek. "You keep saying that, but you're not. Let's go back, to where the umm…..nice people are."

Go back. That's like asking time to rewind itself to where everything first happened when Eri first called him by the name he doesn't recognize-Deku- as her eyes glimmered with watery tears and felt as if the world was about to crumble. She drops down on her knees and screams with all her might. She sobbed and tears flowed like water rushing down a waterfall and the only time she'd stop was to fill her lungs with dirtied air in the dark room. The cry from her is what Izuku would never, ever wanted to hear. There's no point in going back, there's only forward, and he'll walk till the day he can't anymore.

He shakes his head replying to Eri's request. "I don't trust them,"

"So.,.they're bad people?"

"No," Izuku replies. " But they're not good either." She wore a puzzled expression, tilting her head to the side.

"They seem nice, but not the mean guy that kept yelling at you."

Mean guy? Izuku paused in search of the person that describes the description, a blond, spiky haired boy came to mind. "Ah, you mean Tiger?"


Izuku nodded. " His features are sharp similar to an animal, and his personality is like a bomb, so it may me think of a tiger. Cute, but dangerous, dontcha' think?"

Eri sweat drops at Izuku's words.

"If I remember correctly, I believe his real name is" he retracted his left hand and placed under his chin. "Bakugo Katsuki?"

"Bak-u-go... K-a-ts-" Eri tries to pronounce, but couldn't get the ‘su' sound correctly. Eri tilts her head once more. She frowns.

Izuku chuckles at Eri's struggle, as she puffed out her cheek. His left hand then gently placed on her head soothing her, "It's okay, you'll get it one day."

Then, a single flash met Izuku's eyes, as his ears caught singing of a blade. In instinct, his left arm wrapped around Eri's head and used his right footing to propel him to the side away from the tree. The momentum he did, caused the muscle in his right calf to tear to the bone. Excruciating as the pain is, his mind is occupied by the original spot he was before.

The tree was cut clean in horizontal, as the body falls.

Izuku managed to land with his left foot, but when his right touches the ground, his weight shifts backward and hit the tree.

Izuku groans, as the impact is harder than he expected. Emerald eyes scanned upward as it met the twenty-three inch of steel of an ivory handle katana. A Ghost with a katana.

"Alpha," Izuku said, using the tree to maintain his balance. " Seems like he really went all out on capturing us." Then, Izukuk's ear twitched.

The Alpha Ghost with its right hand gripping his weapon, slash in the air horizontally, shaking off any dirt that stains the blade before sliding back to the sheath. And begins to walk forward. "Stand up straight." He spoke with perfect Japanese.

"Oh? So it's your turn to command me?" Izuku questioned, as his left hand stuffed into his left pant pocket.

"I won't hesitate to strike you down," The Alpha Ghost replies. " But for old times sake, surrender, and repent."

"Repent?" Izuku questions the unusual word, as he couldn't help but chuckle looking down on the ground. "Where did you even learn that word?" His smile drops, as he looked backup to the Ghost. " Want me to surrender? I have better advice for you, if you can cut my legs off, then we'll talk surrendering."

The Alpha Ghost gripped tightly on the katana's buttcap. "You think you can win against me, without a weapon?"

"Weapon?" Izuku tilted his head to the side, lifting his left hand upholding the tape that he managed to save from the first encounter of the hero's student, " Who needs one when this is all I need?"



"If you think a measly tape is going to take me down, then you're dead wrong."

"Please," Izuku said jokingly, "Anything can become a weapon, as long as one uses it right." 

The Alpha Ghost then gripped his katana handle and draws, while Izuku holds Eri tighter with his other arm, as the tape flows freely in the wind. Time dissolves in the ashes, shapeless, tasteless, and senseless. But never a moment does it stop moving forward. In that moment, that quietness-stillness- became icy drops onto already cold skin.

Then, gunshots come thick like winter hail. Tiny projectiles cutting through the heavy air, oblivious to its purpose. Fifty assault and twenty rifles, with a total of seventy shots, broke out the night. Each one rips into something, be it inanimate, spilling tree sap, branches or leaves, it burns with equal unfeeling when the trigger is pulled. A rush of anger.

The seventy bullets rush to Izuku, as he brings Eri to his chest and used his arms as a shield around her. He gritted his teeth and didn't even take a breath as he steps with his right foot down hard behind him. Blood caked his cloth, as it pools down his leg. He can feel the liquid traveling down, and the pain bursting. But that is the least concern in his mind. He swings his right foot right into the air and over, allowing his body to shift along with it to make the dirt that he gathers at the tip to wash over him and Eri like a wave.

The bullet aims for the target beyond the shooter. As it pushes through the air with great speed, it gains less distance than it was before. Until that moment, when it strikes the location and all prevails. Blood soon follows, bursting into the air like nothing and into petals as it splatters onto the soiled ground. The shots ring in short bursts, skirmishes measured in minutes rather than hours. It would nearly seem like, it became the soundtrack to the forest's muse.

The swirling brown blur of dust remains, as the bullets finally came to an end. The remains of the Ghost appear behind the Alpha from, as begins to march forward with their guns ready in position. Six Ghost stands before Izuku's location forming like a semi-circle followed by another six following closely behind with the Alpha Ghost stands further away. Dust and smoke lines at the atmosphere, to only is disintegrated in nothing but bullet holes of the tree and ground.

Izuku and Eri are nowhere to be seen.

"Everyone stay in high ale-"

One Ghost that stands in the middle that is talking, was cut off with his back bend forward slightly with Izuku standing atop him. He wasn't wearing the black vest anymore, to which he has already torn it into two simple cloths. One bounded around Eri's eyes, and the other bonded on his left wrist attached to Eri's right wrist, securing that he and she won't separate despite what happens next. Blood drips on him both his arms and one of his left cheek. Emerald eyes looked up and met several eyes of his former partners.


Before a command is spoken, Izuku opened his right hand, as a loose tap is revealed. With one swing motions , Izuku target's the Ghost towards his left having its assault rifle in position. The tape flies with great efficiency as it attaches itself with the gun. The moment it did, Izuku swings his arm back, pulling the gun forcibly out of the Ghost hand. The gun flies around him, as it smashes the Ghost in his right, and three in the back. 

However, the three Ghost didn't lose their guns. With the firm pull, the tape acts like a rebound bringing the gun towards him as he grabs it one handle. His right index finger already on the trigger. He aims the gun down and pulled.

Right at the back of the Ghost's head, there's no way he missed. A bullet shell escapes from the ejection port and clatters to the ground.

"Shoot him!"

As the body leans forward, Izuku uses the body like a propeller and jumps back into a flip.

Sparks fly towards his direction, cutting his skin more as the bullet scraps against him, and tattering his remaining clothes. He brought Eri near his chest and placed his left hand on her head as he brings the rear sight close to his right eye.

One. Two. Three. Four. Izuku counts in his head, at the nearest Ghost that is currently in front of him, and pulls.

The first shot is a miss.

The recoil of the gun placing in the air with nothing to hold against, nearly made the gun smashed into his face instead. When he first pulled the trigger, it was easy due able to pull the gun near his target. But definitely not in mid-air.

This is why I prefer pistols or knives! Izuku curses, as he clicked his tongue. Only a few, more seconds till he landed on the ground with surrounding forces, and he needed to think of something fast. He pulls the rear sight away from his eyes and anime sideways, loosely at the targets before him.

He fires.

Rapid bullets, showers from the sky and towards the Ghosts. Five, six, seven, eight bullets soon turn to twenty. Shots were easily missed, scraping against the Ghost's attire, but two weren't lucky enough to sustain injuries on one arm and a leg.

And before, he knew, the ground is coming in as fast as the bullet he has wasted. He landed on the ground hard with the force of gravity doing its job, and not to mention the injury on his leg. He shuts his lips tight, suppressing a scream from the wound.

A chill crawls on his spine, as he can feel the burning intention coming right at him. He tilted the assault rifle to the side laying on his arm, and push the magazine out. As it falls, Izuku lifts up his right leg and kicks the magazine like soccer to the direction of the remaining eight Ghost; smashing against one's rifle missing it's shot. Continuing with his motion, he then turns and placed the rifle in the air horizontally as it came in contact with a steel blade. Izuku struggles to maintain to push back the blade.

Then, an incoming pain.

His insides are in chaos- a mess- something is hurting him from the outside in. His eyes then traveled to the source, as there is a knife is sinking deep on the side of his stomach, drenching his buttoned shirt crimson once more. His eyes follow the owner, as it landed on a single Ghost that isn't armed.

Emerald eyes widen by the sound a several clicks behind him.

Immediately, Izuku opened his lips and held. With all his strength, he swings his right arm back, pushing the heaviness of the blade away from him. With his arm still in the air and holding the gun, he switches his attention to the second Ghost beside him. He let go of the gun, but not the tape.

"Fire!" One of the Ghost commands. Gunshots once more ring out.

The gun with the tape attached swings around the Ghost's neck coming back around to Izuku's hand; and pulls. The Ghost stumbles towards him, as Izuku finally let go of his breath and placed his back against the Ghost's chest, and Eri before Izuku's, as he uses the Ghost as a shield.

The bullet hits the Ghost with extreme precision, as it tore effortlessly through the soft tissue and attire, allowing the arteries to split. It splattered onto Izuku's face and coating the ground in slick thick blood.


The Ghost commanded but didn't quite reach the Alpha Ghost already in a position with his katana raising in the air. Emerald eyes snapped up, and opened his lips once more and held; as he brings the meat shield over his shoulder and into the blade. However, the Alpha Ghost took noticed and stopped his strike releasing his katana held, as the blade tips downward before he grips tightly onto it once more. He opened his arms catching his dead comrade safely.

Seizing this chance, Izuku quickly placed his right leg forward as a support, before lifting his left leg up and twist his body around; with the heel of his shoe smashing directly at the Alpha Ghost's right cheek. The Alpha's legs stumble backward, interlocking its footing. Izuku moves forward, but the right leg won't budge, as a bullet penetrates through.

He falls.


Within the motion, he quickly flipped his body with Eri being atop him, as his back crashes to the ground. He then immediately rolls to his right, evading several bullets plummeting through. In seconds, he quickly rose to the tips of his feet and jumps back, with the incoming bullets slaughtering through. With his intention focusing on the seven Ghost, the Alpha strikes from behind. Emerald eyes snapped to the back, as the incoming blade has already drawn near. He quickly pulls the tape as the gun slides across the ground and into the air bumping into the tiny rocks; into the direction of the blade.

It clashed, forcing the aim of the blade off, but still managed to cut him right above his left eye.

Blood pools over his left vision forcing him to close one of his visions. But didn't stop his next motion of twisting his body and kick the wrist of the Alpha's right hand, causing him to let go of his katana. In swift motion with his right leg meeting the ground, he lifted his left leg and connected at the cheek of the Alpha's and grab hold of the katana, and danced once more turning his body around and slashed the Alpha diagonally across his chest.

The cut is sharp enough to cut the flesh as it posed no resistance. At once, a fountain of red came from the wound, the ebb, and flow in time with a terrifying heart killing the Alpha all faster. The remaining Ghost stood to watch as the Alpha bled with his blood mingled with the gravel and taking on an earthy hue, and falls.

Seven...more to- A direct hit, right behind his back.


Then, came showering ten more bullets, as he's forced to drop his weapon, and knelt onto the ground cradling Eri to his chest, as he endures the showering of the bullets. Each bullet purposely missed his vital points but is still painful to feel his brain bursting like bubbles. Seconds turned to minutes to hours and felt like an eternity before the gunshot stops follow by several footsteps.

"E..ri…" He spoke weakly, but enough to reach her ears. "R..un…."

A small gasp escaped from her lips. "N-no! I can't-"

"R..un," he repeats., as he unties the bound of the cloth between him and her. "And don't look back."


"I'm strong, remember?" Izuku stated, but only made Eri shake her head furiously, as she reached her blindfold but Izuku stopped her.

"Then why are you telling to run?"

He couldn't answer her, after all, he is nearly at his limit. "When I give you the signal, run."

The dark blindfold soon drenched in water. "No, we're staying to together!"

"No." He quickly rebuffed, as Izuku touched her left cheek. "I'll definitely... come..back to you... So please." Even with his one vision, he can see Eri clenching tightly on her red skirt.


The footsteps came to an end, as the clicks of the gun are simply right behind him. The katana he dropped his simply right beside him.

"D. No, code name 129, "A female Ghost response. " and subject Eri, by the name of Overhaul, we are ordered to take you back."

Izuku let out a breathless chuckle. "Please, I believe you all heard what I said to Alpha," His fingers escape from Eri's cheek, and to his side. His fingertips graze the handle of the katana before he held it firmly in his grasp. He twisted his body, as his left hand went and clenched tightly on the knife that is stuck with his stomach and pulls it out. "If you want me to surrender, you better cut off my legs!"

His katana blade met the neck of the female Ghost and slashed down allowing blood to pour once more, and stabbed the Ghost right in the chest pushing the half dead and alive Ghost back.

"Run, Eri!"

The blindfold falls. Her eyes shifted to the side and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. She closes her eyes, as it dripped from her eyelids and slide down her cheeks. She bit her lip tightly to try to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth; her heart sinks.

She turned and ran.

One of the Ghost notices and took aim at Eri's left leg. Emerald eyes snapped to the direction to the Ghost that is the furthest away from him. He gripped on the small knife and threw it hard straight and center at the Ghost's head, it falls.

A shot is fired.

Eri yelped, but the bullet missed her, as she brings her hand to cover her ears as she runs.

Another shot is fired, penetrating Izuku's left shoulder easily, but is insufficient to take him down just yet. Two Ghosts took their actions running towards the direction where Eri is. Izuku gritted his teeth, and runs towards the direction placing him between the two Ghost and slashed horizontally with his blade.

The Ghost jumps to the side low enough to not get their heads chopped off, as crimson eyes landed on Izuku blood-soaked, as he uses his katana and drew a thin line on the ground, announcing. "Just try to step forward, and I'll cut you in half!"

Forty-two minutes. That's how long Izuku can hold out against the six Ghost, before his body completely shuts down.

Chapter Text

To move forward,
‘Separation' is inevitable

If hatred is visible in the air, then it would be drenched in crimson. The sudden movement from Katsuki alerted the villain's senses and directed his attention to him. This is a fight that has been choreographed a dance of destruction that no one can ever avoid.

One explosion emitted from both his hands quickly shortens the distance between him and his prey. But, several jigsawed looking blades shot forward towards Katsuki. Two grazed against his ash-blond hair from his right, while three completely missed his left portion. Crimson eyes glanced to the blade that is closest to him, as his eyes were redirected to front nearly failed to notice the distance of the other two blades coming straight at him.

The sound of crackling ice reached his ears, as his entire frontal view is shield by thick glacier-like ice. Immediately, his right hand was placed before him, emitting a second explosion to avoid crashing into the ice. Safely, he landed back on the ground, with the one of the blades stuck deep into the ice, as the other bounces off and redirecting it's aimed towards Momo who had a pink handkerchief in hand trying to apply direct pressure on the bullet wound but hasn't like the corner of her eye, the blade caught her attention.

"Damn it!"

"Momo-chan!" Tsuyu calls out and already extending her tongue towards her classmates. However, her reach is a second too late, as the blades have already gaining towards the vice president, as she widens her eyes in shock.

It connected, as the blood dances in the sky once more.

"Kirishima-kun!" Momo shouted in panic of what should be a calling of death to her, has been avoided due to her classmate rushing in; currently, now, Eijiro with his hardening arms was able to successfully block the incoming attack, but is still able to scrap against his skin, creating crimson to leak from the wound.

Hard! Eijiro gritted his teeth, as he looked at the perfect diagonal cut that the blade has created on his right arm. He then revealed his toothy grin to Momo, signifying that he can continue, protect, and fight. "I'm fine, Vice Prez! Continue working on what you need, I'll make sure that none of those blades land a hair on my friends!"

"But! Your wound!"

"It's just a scratch! Don't worry about it!"

Don't worry about it? How could I not? Momo questioned herself, as she can see the crimson dripping off his skin and into the soiled ground. She bit her bottom lip, before walking towards, reaching out a pink handkerchief and gently grab her classmate wounded arm; wrapping around the wound. "If you're going to protect me, at least protect yourself first, got it!"

Eijiro blinks before only smiled at her words, and replied with a thumb up. "Got it, thanks!"

"Don't go rushing carelessly into anything!" Shoto shouted, raising his temper at Katsuki's actions. "Did you not hear Aizawa-sensei? He told you not to engage in combat!"

" I don't give a damn what anyone says!" Katsuki rushes to his right, giving him a clear view of Moonfish before him. "I'm already fucking pissed about that shitty bastard-"

The blade that has penetrated deep into the ice enlarged itself into two, with one nearly struck Katsuki, if he hasn't quickly tilted his head back to evade it. Shoto follows up, as he unleashed another wave of gigantic ice, towards Moonfish. Immediately, the blades bend to the right, navigating the wielder away from the spiky ice. The wielder then redirected its blade towards Shoto's ice using like support to push him higher and away from the spikes even more, before he retracted them once more, hiding behind the thick leaves of the trees.

Shoto clicked his tongue. "He's good at using the terrain with his quirk." "Even though he just looks like some scrawny small fry!" Katsuki regains his balanced, and face the villain before him, that appears above the icy leaves using his blades as support to levitate him in the air. "You bastard!"

Katsuki is already emitting his explosion from his right palm, but before he can even take a single step forward several cloths wrapped bound his torso, arms, and legs and immediately he was dragged back by forces and soon found himself landing before Aizawa, pulling the cloth. While pro-hero Tiger is trying to wrestle with the Nomu in replace of the cloths, staying away from the student as much as possible.

"What the actual fuck?!"

"Watch your language" Aizawa snapped back, glaring displeasingly at Katsuki. ". Not only did you ignore my orders, but your actions got your classmate hurt. Keep up with your foolishness, and you'll have to deal with me."

Katsuki clicked his tongue and growled. " I got it, and let me out of this fucking thing already!"

Aizawa pulled the cloths tighter, refraining Katsuki to get out of the bonds and grabs his attention. As well, like every other student around them. "You will not be fighting this fight."

Katsuki raised his brow in confusion.

"Your the villain's target," Aizawa's words fall through the air like a hail for what it really is, a heavy and hard, as it landed on each of every student's brains, setting off firecrackers which nearly lead them dumbfounded, with cold sweat, wild-eyed, and most of bewildered. While Katsuki's eyes widen by the news.


Aizawa's words resounded in Momo's head, as she couldn't help but directed her attention to her classmate-Bakugo Katsuki. Momo doesn't interact with him much, mainly due to his personality but never once she would exclude him as a classmate and friend. After all Katsuki is the pillar of a victory that inspires his classmate to push forward to their limit and wins over any situation. And now, hearing that one of the villain's targets is her classmate, she couldn't help but be anxious about the news. She wanted to help, but she doesn't know how.

"Are you worried, kero?" Tsuyu asked, squatting beside Momo as her eyes shifts to Tsuyu then looking down. "Don't worry, Baku-chan is strong. We also have two pro teachers here, kero."

Momo shakes her head. "No- I mean yes, that I'm worried for Bakugo-kun's safety, but…" Her voice trails off, as Tsuyu's eyes traveled down to Momo's shivering hands that are tightly gripping on the edges of her t-shirt. She looked up and can see Momo's eyebrows furrowed together, and eyes kept looking at the ground instead. Tsuyu can tell that Momo is once more discouraged and anxious.

Tsuyu did the only action she could, placing her hand above Momo's, allowing her eyes to look directly back at her. "You're putting a face, kero. That's unlike you." Tsuyu continues. "I know that your feeling powerless at this moment, but remember Aizawa-sensei's words, focus on improving the situation first, think about the rest later."

"Tsu…" She's right, I can't keep on dwelling on what's going to happen, I should be focusing on what's happening right this instance! Momo then raised both her hands and slapped her cheeks hard, giving some classmate quite a shock.


"Thank you, Tsu!" Momo's ebony eyes glow confidently looking at Tsuyu, who smiled in return. Then, without a moment of hesitation, Momo grabbed one of the broken knives that Deku has shattered from Spinner's weapons on the floor and pulled the edges of her shirt, tearing right into it, as she then gives a nice pull. Making her t-shirt, looking like a crop top, revealing her smooth looking skin.

Momo then stopped her movement and looked up. Hanta, Denki, Minoru, Ojiro, Tsuyu, and Ochaco stares at Momo, with the boys having a light flush on their cheeks. Momo tilted her head to the side and questioned. "Something the matter?"

"Damn, Yaoyorozu." Mineta begins, having a little grin on his lips. "I didn't think you were that type of-" Before his words were even near finished, Tsuyu uses her tongue and give him a quick hit on the cheek to shut him up of what he's going to say.

"Sero-kun!" Momo calls out, grabbing his attention, as she begins wrapping the cloth on the wound carefully. " I need tape this instance!"

"Uh, yes, yes!" Hanta replies already walking towards Momo, with his elbow already emitting tape for her to use.


"I would much rather have you avoid much interaction with the villains and combat, but that is impossible, especially with someone like you, am I right, a problem child?" Aizawa questioned, with the crimson iris meeting his. "So I have another job for you."

Crimson eyes narrowed at Aizawa's words, as he continues. "That boy with his little girl, I need you to bring them back."

Katsuki widens his eyes, before shouted. "Hah?! Why the fuck-"

"I have some questions regarding that boy and his girl. It is a stupid idea especially that you are one of the villain's objective, however, I also do believe that you will have a higher chance of safety if you're with that boy."

"Won't the success chance be higher if I stayed with you and everyone else?"

"As I said, it's a stupid idea. But you and everyone here know that since we all saw it." Aizawa continues. " That boy can control Nomu."

Nomu, an artificial human that holds several quirks in resulted in them to become mindless puppets serving under the villain's grasp. When Class 1-A first encountered the Nomu in USJ, it was utterly unexpected. The power to rival the number one pro hero- All Might- that severely wounded him and nearly escaping death if it weren't for Katsuki and the other's jumping in to help.

The Nomu back then listens to that fucking hand freak, and now that shitty bastard that popped out of nowhere. And since we are unsure of how many villains are still lurking in the location, including the Nomus. And if we ever did find another Nomu, it would be difficult to hold them all back. He wants Deku to control the Nomu when the time comes- a sword and a shield. Katsuki silently thinks to himself, trying to piece the puzzle that is missing the bigger picture. " But what if he's a villain as well? Won't that make me walk right into a fucking death trap?"

"Tiger and I talked about this, but you are a smartass and have the most interaction with him," Aizawa stated, as he released Katsuki from his cloth. "Does he look like a villain to you?"

Katsuki swipes off the last cloth on his arm, before taking in the question Aizawa has thrown at him. Villain? Hell no, they are far from it.

Katsuki clearly remembers the look on Deku when he first saw him-anxious, desperate, and cautious- sitting on his actions, and words. There is also an empty feel emitted from him, masking it with a normal human emotion when interacting with the Class 1-A, teacher, and villain. All expect when he encountered the Ghost and his little girl Eri. No, especially his sister that his mask falters.

Katsuki remembers the look on Deku when he held his sister again, it's like watching the winter being melted away by the warmth of the spring and bringing music and life into the world of death. Seeing them together is like Deku's whole life is being filled by nothing but love; an irreplaceable love between the two that cannot be separated- a sibling bond. 

His focus is only on his sister, barely on the villains or me. No, he wouldn't even take a fucking look at me because I'm not important. If he is a villain, his attention would be on me. Katsuki concluded in his head. But he didn't.

Katsuki then felt a weight on his head, to where his eyes looked up to see Aizawa ruffling his hair before letting go. "Since you already have your answer, then go. Take some of your friends with you. Don't care who, but as long you all don't crawl back dead then I'm fine with whichever." Aizawa then took a step forward towards Moonfish, as he was busy dancing with Shoto. "But remember this Bakugo,"

Crimson eyes focus on him, as Aizawa continues. "If this plan fails, that means that your life would be in danger. I can shoulder the consequences, but I want to ask you this, " Aizawa placed his golden goggles on his eyes, as his hair starts to levitate with his crimson eyes meeting Katsuki's. "Are you prepared?"

Katsuki pounded his fist together, emitting a tiny explosion as his lips curled into a devilish grin, hiding a cold sweat that is visibly seen on his forehead. "What the fuck do you think? I have a bone to pick with that guy first and foremost after he said all those shitty nonsense!"

Aizawa in return, directed his gaze forward before he charged towards Moonfish. "Then, I'll leave it to you!"

"You don't need to tell me twice." Katsuki gaze then set his eyes on Eijiro. "Oi shitty hair!"


She ran, feet kissing the land with every passing second. Tears blinding her sight simply refusing to fall, as she repeatedly blinks allowing her vision to focus. But, darkness is the only thing that welcomed her. It robs her senses away and replaces it with fear. No one is around or even next to her. Reality strikes her fast, as for the second time she's all alone again in darkness.

She kept her momentum, which is until her right leg gets caught by a twig that her pace slows, and her body falls. The world rushes by in a blur, as the wind in her face made it impossible to breathe. Then, impact.

Face first, Eri crashed onto the ground. Leaves flutter around her, as it then slowly descends back to the ground. She pushes herself up, as dirt and leaves smears on her reddened face. She sniffs, as she uses the back of her right hand to wipe away the dirt, tears, and the leaves. Unknowingly to her, it barely did anything; it simply made it worse. Emotions swirls, as each new wave is a hot trail of agony as slim and bare that makes her shoulder rake through her frame. Desperation and fear crawl under her skin, and a deep emptiness filled her heart as the sentiments brewed over and boiled past the seams she could no longer hold together. Breathing hitched, as she continues to wipe away her tears that is drowning herself in.

"Deku... Deku…" Eri chants. She wants him, by her side once more. The taste of loneliness is familiar to her. Without him, she is a tree that stuck forever in winter, bereft of leaves and shivering under a blanket of frost. Her world is cold, lifeless beyond a rebirth of spring. Once again, she is trapped in a world of eternal frost. "Deku…"

With her helpless cry singing in the labyrinth, several noises forced itself to her ears. The sound of snapping twigs. Immediately, she froze.

There is a crunch of gravel behind her-not the kind of continuous noise- the defined short crunch of a footstep. The darkness pressed in on her, as she fought the urge to turn around. Eri slowly brings down her hands from her face, and grip on the edges of her red dress tightly by the passing second. Then, there came another crunch, this time, lighter and slower as if the maker of the noise is trying to be quieter. Followed by distant voices, with their words which she can hardly make it out due to the possible distance between them and her.

Someone is here…. Eri thinks to herself, nervously she looks to the corner of her eye; trying to look back, but lacks enough courage to move her head to look.

"A-..u sure.. sh- ar-..nd..e?"

"... she and D., separated from-.. another. She couldn't...far."

Two men, and the name D. That is enough information to set alarms in her mind. No one calls Deku, D., expect for the Ghost squad from Overhaul. After all, D. is the name that every Ghost recognize as the leader of the pack.

Hurriedly, Eri pushes herself up, and scrambled to a nearby tree and crouched in the darkness. The night is warm, but her blood is icy, and her muscles tense. She brings both her hands together towards her chest and held tightly. She prays for every second of the moment-eternity- that the Ghost will not pass by. Her hammered and her brain is short-circuiting with anxious thoughts.

But the voices only grew closer.

"Currently..., with... Alpha Group;... wounded..."

"... he's still fighting?.. thought Overhaul made a strict... that no harm brings to him or the Subject. "

"No harm specifically to the Subject. Not to D., We are asked to wound him, not kill him if he ever resisted."

Once again, fear founded her. It spoke to her in its cackling voice, making her legs go weak, and her stomach to lurch, and her heart to ache. Eyes widened, breaths ragged and harsh. Her hands trembled below her lips, teeth knitted together to stifle a single sound emitting from her. She'd hear it coming, the soft susurration of its footsteps is the same as a threatening whisper. A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat, and immediately before a single sound is emitted, both her hands clasped over her lips.

The reason is that they are right behind her.

"And he did, a stupid move even from him." The Ghost has a southern accent, as he paused before continuing with a slight temper seething through his words. "What a disgrace, how did this even happen?"

"From what I heard, D., have committed a taboo." The second voice has a much more of a gentle, cool flow with his words.

Another pause, before the southern accent Ghost continued. "Are you serious? D, broke the law? Why? What for?!"

"Calm your horses." The second Ghost snapped. "It is unclear nor stated if he did it."

"But there is evidence for it, is there not?"

A third pause. "A corpse was found. According to the cause of death, it was shot right in the left temple of its head."


"No one saw what it looked like, not even a peak. The Eighth was already there before anyone of us, covering the subject with a white sheet. But it can tell that it is a test subject that Overhaul has cooked up." The second Ghost voice continues. "After all, it was found in the basement."

"Wait, does that mean-"

"Yes, D. ignored Overhual's rule and went to the basement that no one other than the Boss and the Eight Precepts of Death can enter." The second Ghost continued with his next words a tint of disappointment revealing in his words. "Of course, it is only rumors but the existence of the corpse proves it."

"But why would he kill the subject? He shouldn't have any motive."

"Who knows, D. is a mystery, to begin with. No one can understand him, except for the little princess."

The accent Ghost sigh, "Like two peas in a pod, they never separate from one another, except when D., have an assignment. What got her to be attached to D. anyway?"

"Who knows.That little girl barely speaks in front of us. We never did try to get close to her, wasn't part of our job.", The second Ghost scans around. "Doesn't seem like our little princess is here. Let's continue further down then, she couldn't run too far ahead in this darkness."

"Yes sir, lead the way."

The tension that had kept Eri still for the past two minutes melted into nothing, when the whispers of the footsteps echo away from her ears. She can feel the sweat drench her skin and the thumping of her heart against her chest. Her fingers that are curled into a tight fist with her nails digging into her palm were released by the passing moment. She can't hear her rapid breathing, but she can feel the oxygen flooding in and out of her lungs. Hesitantly, she peeked out behind the tree, as she sees that the two Ghost before her is nowhere in sight.

Wait, two? A sudden realization struck Eri in the head, hard like a wrecking ball. The most common rule about Ghost is that whenever they are separate, always stay in a group of three despite which squad they are from. And what Eri had seen, so far, is two Ghost. Where are the other-

Eri quickly snapped her head back, as her eyes met contact with vibrant red. 

"Well, well, well." Like dripping honey, and smooth like butter, the voice nearly enchanted Eri's ears with her voice. But it is eyes that brought her back to a nightmare reality."Seems like our little girl is here after all."

Then, something caught Eri's eyes on the waist of the female Ghost. Ivory carved handle attached to a blade that is twenty-three inches sheath in a black coating. What Eri has encountered, is a second Alpha of the Ghost squad.

Eri is in trouble.


"So what makes you tick?" The Alpha questioned, tilting her head to her left and placing her chin on her left palm.

Eri looked up to meet the Alpha in the eye. She was not expecting a question. She was more or less expected the Alpha grabbed her without question and reported to the other Ghost within the area.

"I'm curious." The Alpha continues, not taking an eye off on Eri even a second. "D. is the most loyal Ghost out of everyone in the squad to Overhaul. But ever since he met you, he changed. So what makes you tick, that anyone couldn't?"

Eri stayed silent.

The Alpha hummed slightly in response to Eri's silent reply. "Still not talkative to us, huh. Oh well," The Alpha stood up from her squat and looks down at Eri. "I thought I could at least gain something from you, what a bummer." She then placed her left hand against her left ear and stated.

"This is Alpha, Code 02. I have Subject Eri."

Trapped; no way out. Eri's eyes search for something, anything rocks, twigs, an opening- anything to escape the grasp of the Alpha before her. But, there were no none and only darkness meets her eyes. Her road is already coming to an end; a perfect prison cube which she cannot escape from. She's going back to the nightmare that she once escaped.

Like a book, each page of Eri's memories is engraved with pain and blood. No windows, locked doors, and no way out. Every minute, second is torture. She can hear the clock ticking by, as it penetrates the stillness of the air. Then, the clock meets its end, she'll have to face another round of pain that drowns her soul and tears. Spring represented her, but the hibiscus no longer blooms. The red slowly faded, as the petals fall each passing day and into nothingness. Her world dims into winter.

But it was also during that time, that Deku showed her a book. She remembered staring at the pictures, the blanket of white embedded across the land which Deku called it to snow. She thought it is pretty. Then, as time continues, she learned more about the outside world that she couldn't step foot in. She wanted to see, feel, taste, hear, and smell the places that she hasn't been in. She knew it was a foolish idea, a fantasy idea but Deku speaks differently.

[Summer festivals, sweet apple treats, skies filled with bridges of rainbows when it rained, I'll take you there. That I promise you no matter how many times I will try, I will take you there!]

When Eri met Deku again, he barely remembers the promise. She doesn't care about it anymore, as long as he is by her side, she's happy. And now, he's not. When they separated, Eri was conflicted. The feeling of suffocation like, her lungs is caving in. She's scared. But, what she is more scared, is losing Deku once more.

Fear is a trickster that loves to prey on the innocence. It confuses one's mind, poisoning it with its blood, but it also creates a flow that makes one's mind clear as day. And now, that's what Eri's sees. Her only thought her mind can generate is a single life-changing word.


Adrenaline floods into her system, it pumps and beats like it's trying to escape. And before she even realizes what she is doing, she's already on the run; pushing aside the Alpha and continue forward.


Eri can hear the Alpha shouting behind her in both surprise and frustration. But that is the least in her mind, as she continues running not even dare to look back. Her breath came in small spurts, hot and nervous. At her side, her fingers curled into sweaty fists and swinging forward as if it would make her go faster. Behind her, she could hear the sole footstep of the Alpha.

Then, a gunshot.

The bullet missed simply right above her head and connected to a tree. Her heart jumped by the sound, as her legs interlocked one another, and her face came crashing face flat onto the ground.

"What the flying fuck are you doing?! We are here to take her alive, without a single wound on her!"

"Relax man, I thought it would just scare her to stop running. I purposely missed the shot."

Eri shakily pushes herself up, with the leaves and dirt smears on her face once more. She froze on the spot, unable to move like her entire body is being placed in a wintry field.

"Well, you better keep your finger trigger off! If she had a single wound on her, we couldn't bear the consequences!"

"Alright, man, chill."

Two Ghost, the same ones that Eri was hiding from emerge themselves from the darkness from Eri's right side.

"You took a shot?" This time, it's the Alpha's voice coming in. The only difference is that there's a hostile tone dripping in every word. "Are you-"

"Relax, there's no blood anywhere. All I did was aiming at a tree and it stopped her." It's the Ghost with the accent.

"But if it did-"

"But it didn't. So chill." The Ghost with the accent immediately breaks the second Ghost's words."Let's hurry up and take her already before she took off. Will you do the honor, Alpha?"

The Alpha clicked her tongue. "I'll let you off this time, but if you ever pull that crap again, I won't hesitate to strike you down. Is that clear?"

"Yes, madam."

Pale, icy teeth snarling down on Eri's spine preventing her to move a single spot. As the approaching footsteps of the Alpha's whispers closer and closer to ear. Sweat dripped from her cheek, as her breathing is completely out of consistency.

The clock ticks and Eri still hasn't made a single move. Then, a hand touched her shoulder and pulled her off the ground. As if the moment the hand touches, it brought back her senses, she struggles against the hold; shooting her right leg out but her movements were far too slow. Hands moving from her waist, the Alpha seized her arms, trapping them to her side. She pulled her further and further away from her position, as her eyes throbbing in fear. With her legs unable to do much, and her hands restricted. She couldn't do anything but watch.

[I promise you no matter how many times I will try, I will take you there!]

A remembrance of Deku's words, her eyes glimmer in water. A single promise that starts it all, a single promise that reveals the secrets, a single promise that brought two individuals together, and finally, a single promise that has yet to be fulfilled. In her eyes, the road can never be built, an impossible dream, but even so, she yearns for it. It is the treasure, the bond between Eri and Deku.

She screams. "DEKU!!!!"

One, two, and three times did an explosion went off. To where she then felt a strong arm pulling her forward, pressing her into the smell of cinnamon and spice. The arm wrapped around her waist, as Eri melts into his warmth giving her flutters in her stomach. Her eyes looked up and see a familiar ash blond boy.


"Get your hands off of her, you fucking pedo's!"

[If I remember correctly, I believe his real name is- Bakugo Katsuki]

Eri couldn't help but put her tiny hands on Bakugo's chest and gripping it tightly on his black tank top; as she shed numerous tears. For once, in a desperate situation, she sees the road being continued building on.

Chapter Text

Caught in the crossfire of a silent scream,
Where one man's nightmare, is another man's dream.

Time is ticking.

Izuku's heart rate is coming down almost twenty beats per minute. The pain commands his attention, as it does not sit quietly in the background like a garish wallpaper. It cows his brain into meek submission demanding a solution that he cannot provide. The feeling is like uninvited claws crawling on his bones-chaotic, random- without a single break that Izuku cannot formulate a thought.  

His head is pounding, every cell in his body is screaming for oxygen- to breathe, live, to survive-to keep on fighting. And that's what Izuku knows best- spilling blood. Emerald eyes locked onto the Ghost before him, hazily. Two Ghost on either side of him, only being a few feet back on the line that Izuku drew on the ground. One stands in the middle, as the last three forms like a semi-circle behind it. 

"Cut us down?" A Ghost with a heavy German accent chuckle, with a mixture of a mocking tone. He steps forward with the assault rifle slightly lowered, but the iron sight still rests upon Izuku's body. "With your current injuries, what can you even-"

Emerald eyes glanced to the Ghost in the middle. The color of his eyes glows virescent, masking the hues of the forest, surrounded by dark moss. It is the kind of earthy green that revives the grass after a cruel, unforgiving winter. Interwoven shades hiding the chaotic nature- dangerous- a wildfire, reckless, and undeniably untamed. 

"If your so confident...," Izuku breathes taking in as much oxygen as possible, as he slashed his katana midway vertically pointing at the six Ghost before him. "Then take a step right up,... and I'll show you what exactly I can do even with these injuries."  

The Ghost tilts their head slightly, giving each other an eye before directing their attention back to him. All of the Ghost then raised their guns, as the same Ghost replied dropping his arrogant tone. "No, thank you." 

"Oh..?" Izuku breathes, as the air around him is thickening with the heavy sweat mixed into the air. The walls are closing in, and the darkness is sending an invitation that Izuku could not resist. He parted his lips. "Then you wouldn't mind if I come to you first then?" 


The moment Izuku finished his words, he placed his heavily injured leg in front and pressed hard on the toes. Blood gushed with sickening determination from the Izuku's legs as if his own heart sought to pump it from his body. His fingers clamped around the handle of the katana; tightly, despite the sweat and the blood that is already coating it. He parted his lips and held. 

And all it takes is a split second as a swirl of a brown blur of dust took Izuku's position. Crimson eyes, instantly look to their side in the inner circle, as their stands Izuku pressing the blade against the very neck of one of the Ghost. 


The summer bloom has cried so many petals onto the still-warm earth; the last vestiges of the mother earth's beauty waiting for a precocious gust carrying each petal, thick and heavy, lies on the soiled, ground of fresh summer grass. And so, does a desperate cry rings out as the gun clatters to the ground. The Ghost held his hand to the slash, but no matter how much pressure he applied, the blood had still gushed between his fingers and oozing under his hand. Before long, the Ghost falls as if the weight of its own body can no more support the heaviness of the gravity. 

"I'm running a bit out of time…." Izuku calmly stated, as his emerald eyes glanced to the rest of the five Ghost, as a single drip of the crimson blood sliding down on his right cheek. "So would you be kindly….to just drop dead, partners." 

The bright red, quickly darkening taking on a brownish hue, as the earth taking in another offer. Instantly, all five Ghost turned their guns at Izuku, trigger ready to execute. With all the guns pointing at him, Izuku didn't falter from the sight, rather spoke in a melancholy tone.  "What a pity.." 


Gunshots rented into the air so loud, that the noise reverberated in Izuku's ears. The bullets are domed, shaped to fly fast by the push of the chambers giving them maximum damage to any flesh it made contact with. The bullets surrounded Izuku in every direction, masking any holes that he can get through.

Then, Izuku falls, downward-squatting down-, allowing the bullets tearing his shirt and scraping against his skin, as the bullet continues with its direction; nearly hitting the Ghost instead. And the moment, their formation crumbles and their guns lowered, Izuku once more pressed hard against his toes and propel himself forward towards his prey in front of him. He raised his blade in the air and slashed. 

But it didn't connect. 

The Ghost is quicker with placing its assault rifle diagonally in front of his head. Izuku eyes narrowed in distaste. Izuku's ear then perked up, as the rushing footsteps easily catch his ears from behind- two to be exact- coming from both of his sides. Quickly, Izuku pushes his blades up forcing the assault rifle doing the same making the Ghost exposing his body, as his legs stumbled backward. Taking the chance, Izuku lets go of his grip on the katana allowing the blade to aim downward instead. And the moment it did, he grips on the handle once more and slashes horizontally behind him. 

His blade came to a stop. 

As it made contact with a Ghost's knife on his right side. Emerald eyes widen, by the contact. Knife?! When did they-  

Emerald eyes then snapped to his left, as the other Ghost is already in the air raising its knife aiming the pointy edge at him- at his blinded left eye. Shoot!  

The knife met Izuku's flesh, penetrate easily through his left palm that Izuku raised immediately as a shield to protect his eye. But unknown to him, the moment he raised his left hand, the Ghost behind him raised his gunpoint directly at Izuku's back and fired. 

 A direct hit. 

The force of the bullet knocked the air out of Izuku, causing his body to lean forward and made contact with another impact of the Ghost raising their legs and smashed right into Izuku's face. Incidentally, Izuku let go of the grip of his katana, while at the same time his left palm was forcibly pulled out by the knife, as his body falls backward. 

The katana clatters to the ground, at the same time Izuku's back smashed onto the hard soiled. The impact made Izuku scream in agony, with the bullets pressing in harder into his wounds. Every part of his body is a mess, chaos with the pain never ceased to disappear. But, Izuku didn't care, as he pushes himself up from the ground staggeringly standing up. He turned his head to the side a bit and spits out drops of blood that is giving him a foul taste of iron. 

"It's game over, D." The Ghost with the bloody knife in its hand spoke. "If you continue with this foolishness, you'll only get yourself killed. Come back with us, and we'll negotiate with the Boss to lessen your punishment. Whatever your doing, isn't worth it." 

Izuku let out a breathless chuckle. "Then tell me your entire life have ever seen a flower bloom in the sky?" 

The Ghost looked at each other confusedly, before a different Ghost spoke up. "What are you talking about?" 

"Fireworks…"Izuku stated. "They are called fireworks. They appear in the summer….where festivals gather with delic-..ious treats." 



"And apparently...I made a promise that I don't even remember making…"

"Promise? fireworks?" The same Ghost asked in disbelief. "Don't tell me that all this bullshit that you pulled is for that little bitc-l?!"

Emerald eyes shot up at the Ghost. "Watch...your mouth." Behind the words, were his eyes holding total anger, something more intense than a normal thought and Izuku clenched jaw is never a good sign for the Ghost, as that is a sign for his anger.

 And one thing that the Ghost knows, is to never anger their former leader. 

"Whatever is your reason be," Another Ghost spoke up with his voice dripping with authority. "That doesn't change the fact that you betrayed us and the Boss. If you still value your life D., surrender and repent." 

"Surrender? Repent?" Izuku slowly says the words like they are not the same language as his. "Have you guys grown soft when I'm not in charge? Because I'll say this, again and again, if I have too." 

He straightened himself, as he balled both of his hands tightly into a fist and took a stance. "If you guys want to make me surrender, you better cut off both my legs. Then we'll talk!" 

Izuku continues. "And I promise you, underestimate me will not end kindly for you just because of my injuries."

One of the Ghost snickers. "You have around fifteen bullets plummeting in your body, what makes you think that you'll defeat all five of us?"

Izuku grins. "No need to worry, after all before my body shuts down, I'm dragging you all down with me!"

It burns. 

The pain isn't as sharp as needlepoint or a knife. It just burns on her face, like someone just dumped entire boiling water onto her. Everything feels scalded, as her perspective tips upwards, with the heavy smell of burnt fabric. 


Part of her mask was burned, revealing her dark chocolate eyes glancing down meeting pairs of crimson eyes glaring at her. Instantly, she placed her right leg back stabilizing her balance, as her right-hand reaches to handle and slashed horizontally in front of her. 


Her blade chipped slightly on the edges upon contact of what it seems to be flesh, but hard as a rock of an arm. Her eyes narrowed upon the contact before she jumped a few steps back to create a safe distance between the unknown enemy. Her eyes landed on her chipped edges then to red, spiky-haired boy-Eijiro Kirishima- with his arm perfectly in shape without a single wound. 

 "Shitty hair!" 

Quirk? The Alpha processes her thoughts, as more guests came to the show: Ochaco Uaraka, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Lilda, Shoto Todoroki, and Mezo Shoji. Great, more guest shows up. 

"We didn't receive any information about additional party lurking in this location." The Alpha continues, carefully eyeing the seven guest in front of her. "However, it would be great if you didn't explode my face, boy." 

"I exploded whoever the fuck I liked, bitch." Katsuki barks back.

A foul mouth with an explosive quirk, and a boy with a hardening quirk. The Alpha processed, as two of her comrades stood in front of her having their guns ready in position, but the Alpha raised her left hand to signal the other Ghost to lower their weapons. 

"Look," The Alpha continued. "I don't know what you saw, but it wasn't like anything you imagined. The little girl is our Boss's daughter, and she's throwing a little fit and just refused to come home. We were just ordered to take her home. So if you would please and kindly hand over the girl, we then can just go our separate ways without any trouble." 

Soon after the Alpha stated her request, she can see Eri retreating herself furthermore into Katsuki's warmth. She can just imagine her expression- watery eyes enlarged, and her lips quiver into waves of the salty ocean-  and her limbs trembled, as she gripped Katsuki's shirt tightly making it wrinkled by her force.

Eri's little action, caused Katsuki to avert his attention to the little girl. "Hey, Glasses," 


With no words being expressed, Katsuki gently shoved Eri into Tenya's arm, before redirecting his attention back at the Alpha. "Take her to Aizawa-sensei will ya."

"Wait, I-" 

 "What are you-" The Alpha begins, only to be cut off by Katsuki's booming voice. 

"That wasn't a request, dumbass." Katsuki clarified. "You are the fastest out of everyone else, meaning that you can take her to where the pro-heroes are quicker. I'm not confident about my ability to protect her, especially I don't know who the fuck we are up against. The best bet that I can think of now, is for her to go back to where the pros are." 

Pro..hero? The Alpha took notice of Katsuki's words. So that means, these kids are their assistance? But why are there heroes in this location?  Surely it made this situation a lot more difficult as it should be. 

"If you got it, then go already four-eyes!" Katsuki barks, as the very moment he took a step forward, Eri reaches out and grasp tightly at the back of Katsuki's shirt refusing to let go. This immediately caused Katsuki to refocus his attention back to the little girl that is on the brink of crying.

 "D...D..D-Deku…" Eri stutters out, with her hands shivering with fear. " him…" 

This is bad. Atsuhiro- Mr.Compress- scans around the current situation that stands before him. In his eyes, pro hero Eraserhead managed to secure Moonfish with his binding cloths and wrapping the binds to cover his mouth to prevent him to continue to use his quirk. While the other hand, student Sato and Ojiro are helping with Tiger fending off the Nomu. The Nomu for some reason is not striking back, just dodging any attacks the heroes are throwing at him. With Moonfish down, the target is gone, and Dabi nowhere to be seen, this plan is not going to be a guaranteed of a one hundred percent success.    

He scanned around his surrounding with Tokoyami and Sero currently stand guard by his side. While the rest of the other students are each giving the position to see if any more surprises are lurking in the forest. 

For now, I need to find a way to escape from this situation and at least catch up to the target. I can easily get out of these bindings, but how can I escape from here exactly? Atsuhiro ponders. My quirk can not benefit my situation, what else can I-

He stops, as he then realized something critical. Quirk?  His eyes then glanced towards Tokoyami. Wasn't his quirk related something about shadows? 

Just like a flicker, the opened eyes of a child that she reached out her fingers extended to call for help. He can see the ember within her, burning just slightly against the cold howl of the wind.

Katsuki looked at Eri for a brief second. ‘Let go, you little brat." 

Instead of a reply, Eri shakes her head furiously upon Katsuki's request and didn't let go of her grasp on Katsuki's shirt. Katsuki clicked his tongue, as he placed his left hand on her head; rustling her silver hair. "If you don't let go, how can I go help your brother?" 

With Katsuki's words, the tight grasp on his shirt loosens allowing Katsuki to pull away from her grasp. He then directed his focus to Tenya. "The fuck you waiting for, four eyes? Get going!"

Tenya bites his inner cheek. This is something that we should be leaving this to the pros, not for us minors to go against! But-  His eyes traveled to Eri. Her mouth hangs open trying to speak, but only engulfed by her sobbing cries. To her dismay, even with her tears runs dry, her voice crackles helplessly in his touch. His face turned from passive to serious as he looked at the six classmates before him. "You six better not get yourself injured you hear! I'll call for more backup, hold them off until I come back! Is that clear?!" 

 "You got it, Lida-kun!" Ochaco replied, giving him a thumbs-up before Tenya cradled Eri to his chest, and already twisting his body to the direction where the lodge is. 

In alert, the Alpha commanded raised her left hand. "Shoot him! Don't let him get away!"  

Guns were soon raised, as the triggers pulled without hesitation. The gunshots cracked into the air, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"No, you don't!"

A sound of crackling ice came next. The moment when the bullet gains closer to Tenya, a wall of glacier-like ice came in front of the view, perfectly shielding Tenya from the incoming bullets. 

"Ice?" Chocolate eyes follow to the source, landing upon Shoto.  



An immediate shout from above draws the Alpha's attention above her. To where Katsuki is reaching out his right arm with his palm glowing in orange. Instantly the Alpha raised her katana, and the moment she did she jumps up towards Katsuki instead.

Startled by the Alpha's sudden charge, Katsuki quickly emitted one explosion from his right palm, allowing him to keep afloat in the air then aiming his left palm to his right, emitting a second explosion. Flipping his body to the left, completely missing the blade that slashed horizontally right where his stomach is.  

"That was fucking-" 

Never once did the chocolate eyes left Katsuki, as the moment he dodged her attack the Alpha swings her blade once more towards his direction. To where halfway through her swing, she let go of her grip, causing the katana acting similar to a knife throw straight at him.


Shoto clicked his tongue, as stomps out his right leg emitting the similar ice structure.

A gunshot then rings out.

A bullet directly aiming at his head, propelling itself faster and closer towards him. His eyes caught the sight of the bullet but are a second too late as the next thing anybody knows is the color they are all familiar with.



The blood drips, as the earth took the liking of another offer. All expect that this time, the offering is not dead. 

"Thanks, Tsuyu," Shoto stated, as his body is being lifted in the air by Asui's tongue wrapping around his torso, with her tongue grazed by the bullet. "But your tongue-"

"No need to worry, kero." 

"Fuck this shit," Katsuki growled, as he tilted his head to the right purposely allowing the blade to bypass him, but still managed to cut his left cheek. With the blade halfway out of his sight, his right hand reach across his chest, grabbed the handle at the same time having his left palm placed to his right emitting the fourth explosion causing him to be able to twist his body around and swung the katana with force before letting it go, once his eyes came meeting once more with the Alpha Ghost. 

"Oh?" The Alpha amusingly hummed, as the blade strikes right next to her; missing her completely, as Katsuki safely landed back on the ground.

Crimson eyes glare in front of him, as he noticed that the two Ghost beside the Alpha tossed away their assault rifle clattering to the ground, and reached out beside their back what seems like a pistol. 

"They switch their guns." Shoto pointed out.

"I can see that, dip shit. But the question is, why?" 

"Why?" Eijiro questioned. "Is it because they ran out of bullets?" 

 "With only a few rounds of shots?" Ochaco added on. 

 "Well, they could be shooting at the little girl the whole time before we got here-"

"In front of you, incoming!" Mezo's words rented in the air, causing everyone to tense and focus their eyes right in front of them, with the three Ghost charging straight ahead. Two Ghost aimed their pistols and pulled. 

Two shots were fired, as the bullets completely bypassed Katsuki, as the two Ghost did the same. 

"What?!" Crimson iris glanced to his sides, taking his eyes off the Alpha in front of him.

"Bakugo, behind you!"

A presence creeps onto the back of his neck, as instinctively, his right palm reaches across his chest directing his palm to the enemy, twisting his body at the same time. 

But he didn't activate his quirk, because there's no one behind him.

His eyes widen by the sight, as then a voice creeps up behind his ear. "Where exactly are you looking at?" 

His head snapped back, to only came across a barrel of a gun pointed right between his eyes and pulled. 

A shot is fired.

As the bullet missed by a hair of the ash-blond locks with Katsuki bending his back backward, and managed to extend out his right palm and emitted a blast before he has to place out his left hand on the ground and flip; creating a distance between him and the Alpha. 

That blast is a direct hit to her face.  

How the fuck did she-  Without a break to process, the next thing Katsuki knew is his vision blasted right into the night sky; with the pain throbbing under his chin. Crimson eyes glared down, as he landed on the Alpha charred from the explosion with bits more of the mask eaten away revealing a strikingly psychotic smile.

His back slammed into a tree, as instantly reach out his right hand as a knife plunged into his palm without mercy and stucks onto the tree trunk, with the blood oozing thinly from the wound. Quickly he reached out his left hand, as it came to a stop as the Alpha gunpoint the pistol right on his forehead. 


"Don't move!" The Alpha barks. "Or else my fingers might slip." 

Her warning immediately puts a halt on the movement on the rest of the students, as the two Ghost raises their pistols towards them. Her gaze then directed to the crimson irises. "Let's have a little talk, shall we heroes?" 


Fast! This chick is undoubtedly fast, not to mention able to erase her presence in a split second! Katsuki thinks to himself, gritting his teeth with the throbbing pain of his right palm. 

Then, there was laughter. A cruel, mocking laugh erupted from the Alpha's lips. "I'm not fast if that's what you are thinking." 

Katsuki is slightly taken back at the Alpha's words.

"I mean, it's written all over your face. The Alpha chuckles. "If you're gonna talk about fast, then you should see D., instead. His speed is what call we call genuinely fast matched with his quirks." 

D? Is she talking about Deku?

"Of course, D., tend to be...quiet about it, never understood him. I mean he can easily take you heroes in just snap of his fingers."

"What the fuck are you blabbering about?" Katsuki growls. 

"Oh? I thought I specifically made myself clear and wanted to talk." The Alpha answered. "I am speaking in Japanese, am I not?" 


That's what Katsuki is sensing from the Alpha Ghost, talking in a way as if Katsuki knew what she was saying. It's like watching a delusional person, talking in an illogical way that never makes sense.    

"But let's pass on that nonsense, for now, what I'm curious about is what makes you tick?" 

Crimson eyes narrowed at the Alpha's words, as she continues without a pause. " Is it because it is your duty as a hero that you purposely miss your aim? Or were you scared of killing someone for the first time?" 

"Hah?! What kind of dumbass question is that?" 

"Dumb?" The Alpha tilts her head to the side. "How is it dumb? We won't hesitate to strike you guys down, so why are you being merciful?" 

"Not everything needs to end in bloodshed," Ochaco spoke up, from behind. "That's not how this world works!" 

"Then how does it work?" The Alpha questioned snapping her gaze to meet with the shaking auburn eyes. "Those who are gifted are being valued. Those who are not, are left by society like trash. Those like us, need to fight their way up the ladder, to prove worthy of their life. You said the world does not work in bloodshed, then what is the meaning of having a hero and a villain in the society?!" 

 "The heroes job is to protect and bring peace to the world." Shoto straightforwardly replied. "Protect from the villains doing their evil deeds against the harmless-" 

"Protect?" The Alpha laughs at Shoto's words. "Protect what? Protect how? Do you heroes ever consider the fact that ever since the existence of quirks, quirkless people are being excluded, discriminated against, and beaten? Do you heroes ever considered the very fact that to subdue the villains that you go against you still need to fight with violence?! It is also you so call heroes that breed the evil and good within the society!" 

A silence reply.

"Fighting violence with violence, I don't see why you heroes need to hesitate to strike us down! At least, not when D., did. He never hesitates whether we were once his comrades, friends, and family. He doesn't give a shit about anything but that little bitch of his sister! Somehow, that pisses me off." 

"And?" Katsuki hissed. "For the past minutes, all I have been able to listen is to your stupidity.This world is fucked up, and you don't get anything you wanted. But how about you grow a pair of balls and start doing something about it instead of being fucking jealous against the little girl, for Deku only able to give his affection to her?! All I see is you pathetically crying over some bastard that doesn't love you back!"

"Love? Jealous?" The way the Alpha said the words, sounded foreign in Katsuki's ears. "Is that what this feeling is? This disgusting feeling that is bubbling in the pit of my stomach?!" Anger raises from her tone that last second she spoke.

"No wonder the Eighth., said emotions are nothing but trivial beings that only gets in the way of people's goals. Because now, that's exactly what happened to D, blinded by emotion for his love for that girl made him change so much."

Crimson eyes widen at the crooked smile lingers on the Alpha's lips with corners stretched up to her chocolate eyes. Her sickening honey-like voice erupts into six chilling words that made Katsuki's skin shivers.   

"He needs to be reset, again!" 

Reset? Human, are beings that are overridden by emotions and love for one another and things. It breaks them, as they fall so deep into a pit of grief and mourning. They are primitive and mysterious with able to achieve impossible dreams into reality. A growth of imperfection being- that's human. But the word that the Alpha asked made Katsuki wonders. How can a human reset? 

The Alpha holds the gun tightly against her grasp, placed her index finger on the trigger. " I should really thank you, for your words. I know what I should do! I must-"

Then a gunshot, follow by a bloom of vermilion petals. 

Katsuki watches the Alpha right in front of his very eyes falls to his right with the splattering of blood erupting from the side of her head. His eyes wander to a lush of wild green hair drenched in absolute crimson from head to toe, with his left hand armed with a katana and his right-hand holds a 9mm pistol with the barrel still smoking from the shot-Deku. 



Right after the shot, Deku looked at his gun before tossing it aside as he steps forward towards the direction of the two Ghost. Immediately the Ghost pointed their guns at Deku and pulled. 

Meanwhile, at the very same time, Deku lifted his right hand and snapped his fingers. And just like that, in a blink of an eye blood pools on the Ghost's neck, as Deku is already behind with his katana dripping in blood. 

The two Ghost falls, by the time Deku give the katana a good slash in the air causing the blood to forcibly come off the blade itself and onto the soiled ground. He tilted his head to the side, revealing the same lustrous green to the students. Expect something is missing- his eyes have already lost the light.

And before anyone knew, he falls. 

The ghastly blue grin, tearing through the verdant woodland. Unfettered flames, devouring hungrily licking and lapping at the trees, twisting and swaying in a dance without rhythm. Blacked ashes, charred nature, and unsettled souls snatched in the brink of its eyes.  The fire tainted the earth black, stripping the trees of its virescent beauty, leaving their gaunt, skeletal remains rooted in the barren soil. The forest screams, and seems to reach out to the sky like pallid, gnarled hands; desperate to latch on to the realm of the living again.       

"The Ghost has reported Izuku and Eri are currently separated. " Shin begins, holding a cane in front of him with both of his hands on top as his eyes lingered upon the monstrous fire. "I'll be heading to the northern area, paying a visit to our little bunny." He turned his body to his right, holding the shaft of the cane, already creating a small distance between him and Hari, who sits on the edge of a cliff with only his right leg dangling in the air, as his armrest upon this left leg.

"Head to the south-eastern section, Alpha 02 is within that area with Eri." Shin continues. "I'll leave her to you, Chronos." And with the final words, Shin continues with his walk- shoulders back, eyes always looking forward- onto the mountain path that is parched as the flora, the tired mud forming small dirty clouds as Shin made his way down the narrow slope. 

"Understood." That is his final words, before he allows his body to fall with gravity.

Chapter Text

A road is long because it fills the peaks with twists and turns,
Something that fate can't even handle.


Red blood is nothing like the movie blood, just as real death is nothing like movie death. No amount of horror can prepare the student for seeing the life ebb from another, the hopelessness, tearing at the soul that is departing of the other. 

"Jesus man." Eijiro's words were so low, that it barely seemed that his voice was even spoken up in the dark, bloody silence. His eyes kept focusing on the painted ground with the bloody trail couldn't be less obvious. The trail of blood in the forest floor- reddish-brown drops- that can be easily seen just being next to the lifeless Ghost. 

They lie like dolls over the grass. The life that had dwelt within them has gone, and what is left is the abandoned shells left to rot in the open. He couldn't help but stare at the blood with a trickle of fear creeping up onto him. It made him realize how easily life can be taken away, how easy it is to die. His skin crawls just by the thought. 


He swallows. 


A gentle, familiar voice made him shudder just like a cold wind snapping him awake. A beat of sweat dripped down his face, as he helplessly looked to the direction to Ochaco, with her eyes showed the kind of gentle concern. She laid her right hand lightly on his shoulder, and just left her hand there; continue to speak with a soft voice that he felt that her words calmed him more by the way it was said than the actual words. 

 "Are you alright?"

Words clogged in his throat, unable to leave his lips as it only leaves with a stuttering mess. "Uh..I-um..uh." Unconsciously, his eyes wander to the ground and meeting with the disturbing red. "I-"

 Then, pain. 

A harmless one, that nearly knocked off his balance just by the force smacking on the back of his head. He winced, as his eyes immediately shut tight and his right hand reaching behind his spiky red soothing the pain. 

"Stop looking at it jackass!"

His holler reverberated in Eijiro's ears like a clap of thunder, that made his eyes looked in contact with ruby reds. 

"Baku-" He stops.

His eyes travel down to Katsuki's hands drenched with the oozing red liquid as clear as rubies. The rubies floated down his hands like a perfidy treasure or a curse. He couldn't take his eyes away.

"Oi. " A growl escaped from Katsuki's lips, with his piercing red staring straight at his own red eyes. "What did I just-"

"Um...I uh." He raised his left hand and pointed to the opposite direction, his smile cracked. "I'll go check if there's..uh any- I mean I'll...uh. Just call me if you need anything." 

Not waiting for Katsuki to reply, Eijiro is already walking off to the direction with each step like a heavyweight dragging him down. 

Katsuki parted his lips but closed it. 

"You worried about him?" Ochaco chimes up beside him, already holding out a white-colored handkerchief in her hand, and without hesitation, she took his injured hand and start wrapping around it. 

"Who the fuck says I'm worried?" Crimson eyes eyed the shivering hands that are trying its hardest to wrap the cloth around his hands. 

"Your face says so." Ochaco swallowed before looking directly at Katsuki with her eyes dilating slightly. "I'm gonna go check on him," Her eyes blinked, as she finally finished wrapping the cloth around his right palm. "Go see if others need you for anything." 

 Normally, Katsuki would've barked back, but this time he held. The reason is simple enough for everyone in the situation to understand. It's not a wave of predictable anger or pain, it's the ‘random'. It preys on the mind, torturing, elevation primal fear, and decreasing logic and self-control. Fear is a demon that these heroes has yet known how to slay.  

Katsuki looks at the direction of where Ochaco is heading, her silhouette gradually gets smaller, as she walks up to Ejiro.


She spoke, putting out a gentle smile that she can to help at least ease the uneasiness that she can see dwelling in her classmate's heart. Eijiro cast his sight to his right. His smile falters when he spoke. "Yo."

"What's the matter?" 

Ruby eyes cast a glance towards Ochaco before directing down to the ground. He opened his lips, to only be closed. Ochaco sees the struggle that Eijiro is putting out. She raised her left hand and gently touch his shoulder. 

"Look, whatever you're feeling I believe everyone is feeling the same."

"I..know that. But it's just," He looks at his right hand, as shakes slightly. "When that guy-Deku- came us...I felt...scared."

Ochaco stays silent, as Eijiro continues. "When I saw him, I froze. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't think, I couldn't-no, I didn't do anything and watched. I could've done something, but I didn't and watch him kill them off. For a hero and a man I am, I felt pathetic-"

"No!" Ochaco joins in immediately, grabbing Eijiro's hand clasping in hers. "It might sound strange coming from me, but I think you are an amazing hero!  Everything we did so far, combat training, rescue training, and then basic training you were always energetic, positive, and encouraging others to do their best! I know that-" 

Eijiro couldn't help but just let out a chuckle at Ochaco words.


"Sorry, just" Eijiro played a small smile on his plays. "Thanks." 

Ochaco smiles back. 

"Can I ask you something?" 

She nodded, permitting him to continue. " you do it? To be strong at a time like this?" 

Auburn eyes cast down. "It's especially at a time like this, I need to be calm."

Eijiro's eyes cast down to his hands, as he can see and feel Ochaco tensing against the shaking of her hands desperately trying to suppress for a few more minutes so that the fear that threatens to engulf her will only behold off. She's scared. She's even more scared than I am, yet here I am acting all pathetic and unmanly. She's..strong. 


His words were quickly cut off by a booming bark that made Eijiro and Ochaco jumped like scared rabbits. The holler of the voice is a pure shaken roar.

"What the fuck?!"


With this many injuries, it's a miracle how he even got here in the first place. Shoto thinks to himself, as his eyes traveled to Deku's back. The bullet wound is a mess as if he'd been hit with several pounds of firearms all at once. "Injuries like these can easily knock people-even heroes- out, it's amazing how he even made it here."

 "This is terrible, kero." Tsuyu commented, as her hands just linger in the air barely knew where to even start treating the wound. "Clearly whoever did this did not even hesitate." 

"This is fucked up," Katsuki growls, as he squatted beside Deku who's still breathing clearly by the movement of his shoulders, by just barely minimum. Without proper aid, we can't start treating his wounds. Acting recklessly to pull out each bullet is giving this guy a death wish. What can we do? 

"What's the matter?" Ochaco and Eijiro rushed to the group, as they came to an immediate stop upon the scene. Deku with his back fully exposed with his white t-shirt drenched in crimson. Revealing several bullet wounds digging into his skin as the liquid covers of what it seems like a hundred silvery pink snakes.

"Jesus man, what the hell?!" Eijiro spoke with much of a shock that Ochaco is putting on. "Is-is he even-"

"He's alive, dipshit."

"But not for long." Shoto continued. "We need to figure out a way to treat his wounds."

"But with nothing in possession, we don't know-how. We can't take out the bullet without proper equipment." Mezo stated. 

"That only put his life even more at risk, kero." Tsuyu continued. "For now we need to stop his bleeding-"

Without a second thought, Ochaco rips her pink outerwear, as all eyes watched her movement shredding, tearing the shirt into cloths. "At the very least-!"


It is the kind of brilliant white that would make a new snow look grey. The kind of white that sears into one's eyes, and making them temporarily blind. But if one looks closely, the color white, in reality, just blossoms instead. 

The blossom opens as if each flower is a book, a book that has more sculpted than written, the ink infusing into the petals to give them their soft glow. It is a tale of eons passed, of the loving care of the soils, the rain and the sun, a tale of insects, the soil bacteria and fungi. And yet, for all of that, it blooms a fraction of a beautiful flower that gives Izuku absolutely- 


The emptiness is always there. It's like a void- a dark one- that always eats and left with the only color-white- no color, no beauty, and no warmth. Emerald eyes look at the fragments of the flowers, a vibrancy from the petals that beneath it all is a crystalline cocoon concealing- freezing its life- preventing time to move forward. 

He hates it. 

The silence to his soul, as he is the autumn leaves under the frost. The feeling of the chill in his blood, coldness bringing the synapses of his brain to a still. Part of it is a pain, yet one that he can endure, one that he can sleep through the night after night without the anesthesia of false hope. 

He wanted something. Something is missing and he doesn't understand what. And the world that he's living now, is the proof of an emptiness that is eating from the inside out. It's always been that way, ever since he opened his eyes and met his Creator. 

Emptiness is a terrifying thing. 


His eyes lazily rolled open, glazed over with the remnants of green- a perfect color to describe- like the shades of the deepest of the mid-summer leaves that forms the morning dew drops emerged in beautiful nature. But within the beauty is the shades of midnight black like a rich velvet blanket mixing along with the colors like it's meant to be.   

 "Yo..'r a..a..e!"

A voice as soft as a kitten, and as radiant as a sunset spoke out to him but his ears didn't catch on to the words. The voice continues to speak with kindness, as Izuku closes his eyes and brings his right hand to his face. That is not the voice of a Ghost. 

He groaned slightly and mumbled. "Where am..I?" The mere words that he spoke, made his tongue felt like a desert. 

"You're with us, the U.A. students, kero." 

U.A.? Students? Kero?  "What-?" He peels off his palm as his vision remains unfocused. It only takes a brief second as he came face to face with Asui staring down at him. Instantly his eyes widen and sat up with a burning pain coursing throughout his entire body. He winced, bringing his right arm to his torso, to only stop to find that he's shirtless with only a pink cloth wrapping around his body instead.

His chest is finally exposed with a roman numeral 129 [CXXIX] imprinted on his left collar bone. Not to mention his old injuries were heavily revealed like tiny snakes slithering on his body leaving behind its heavy imprints. There is also a large, diagonal scar right above his stomach for visible eyes to see. 

Emerald eyes narrowed at the sight. 

"You shouldn't start moving too much, kero." Asui spoke up beside him, causing his eyes to glance to her. "We only bandaged you to stop the bleeding, but couldn't get the bullets out. So you should at least-"

Izuku didn't bother to hear the rest of the words, as he forces himself to stand up. He places his right hand onto the ground and just by trying pushing himself up. His muscles pulled, as he can feel the bullet digging in deeper into his body. His complexion nearly ashen, brightening his lustrous greens. He sucks in a breath and held. 

And pushed. 

His bones rattling and crackling in his ears, but he didn't pay attention to it. Blood is seeping into the cloths, as Asui reached out to him. But before her hand can even touch him, his body turns and his left hand instantly grabbed her wrist tightly.

He can hear her breathing hitched by the contact, as his emerald eyes are darkening by his hair. Slowly he speaks out, with his mouth running like a desert wind. "Don't. Touch. Me." 

Her eyes say it all-confused and concern- that she just let words spill into his ears. "Are you-"

"Hey, man knock it off!" A familiar voice chimes in, making Izuku glance to the left watching as Kirishima taking a step forward. "No need for the hostility! We aren't here to harm you!"  

"He's right, so please let go…" Uraraka added on, with her hands balled into a fist by the side with cold sweat dripping on her forehead. 

Emerald eyes looked down at his hands that grasp against Asui before he loosens his grip allowing the warmth easily slip past his fingers. He turned his body around, as just as he steps his right foot pain shot through him like a truck. 

He falls. 

He body tilted forward, as he lost control of his movement. He gritted his teeth waiting for impact, but it never came. Instead, a strong smell of cinnamon and spice smashed against his face, as his hands grab onto whatever his hands came across- a black shirt. Emerald eyes immediately shot up, meeting with crimson eyes glaring him down. 

"The fuck you think you're doing?"

His hands touch Izuku's shoulder, with warmth seeping into his being. The heat from his fingers creeps into his consciousness, swiftly Izuku pulls back pushing away from Bakugo's touch and stumbles a few feet back, as his eyes glance at the six students before him. What are they..doing here? 

"You shouldn't move too much, you're still heavily-"

"Eri." Izuku shot out a single word that quickly shut down Shoji's sentence. Eri should be going to this direction, yet by the devil's luck, I stumbled back into these people's hands. Emerald eyes cast to the lifeless Ghost on the ground. If the Ghost is here, that must mean they have encountered Eri, or else it makes no sense for these people to engage in combat or for the Ghost either. 

"If you're..looking for her, she's safe with Iida-kun." Emerald eyes snapped up and met the auburn color. "He's taking her back to where the teachers are, so..she's safe."   

Safe? No, she's far from it. If she's not out of the woods, there's no way she's safe. Processing his thoughts, Izuku snickers, and wobbles towards the corpses of his comrade. He knelt beside the Alpha corpse, as he reaches out his right hand and caresses the cheeks. 


"What are you doing?" 

Izuku didn't reply, as his eyes glanced down on the body. His hands traveled to the waist of the corpse and pull out a hand grenade-precisely a flash grenade. Only one? . His eyes then travel to a 9mm pistol and grab it without a thought. His left hand grabs the frame of the pistol and slide it back as he looks down at the ejection port. 

It's loaded with a silver bullet. 

They really are going all out. At least the good thing is that these bullets are only temporary. Pretty ineffective against Ghost, but still packs a punch like a regular bullet.  He lets go, as he puts the pistol tugging in the back of his pants. Should at least get the ammunition while I'm at it. 

 "Umm..what are you-"

"Do you ever stop talking?" Izuku questions out of the blue, that puts Uraraka in her tracks. 


Izuku sigh. "Look I'm grateful that you helped my sister, and me even. But I need you to shut your lips for a quick second, can you do that?"


"Wow," Kirishima commented, putting up an awkward smile. "That's like trying to be rude, and nice at the same time." 

"This bastard." 

"Uraraka was only worried about your health, " Todoroki clarified. "With that much pain, you won't-"

"Pain?" Emerald eyes looked behind him and staring at the heterochromia eyes. "As long as my body can still walk, it means nothing and shouldn't be any of your concern, split head." 


"Dude, this guy reminds me of you." Kirishima cast a glance at Bakugo, who only gives him back a menacing glare.  

"Fuck you, he's nothing like me!" 

"I don't know your name, don't even bother telling me." Izuku continues. "I don't want any sorts of connections to these so-called ‘heroes'." 

"Too fucking bad, asshole!" Bakugo barks. "We were asked by Aizawa-sensei to take you back with us. Your little girl is already on her way with four eyes, so you have to come with us either fucking way whether you like it or not!" 

 Izuku hates to admit it, but Bakugo is right. Eri is his everything, and he does not leave without her. However, there is one thing that Izuku hates the most is using Eri as a shield to force Izuku to do their bidding. Emerald eyes glare at the bursting rubies in Bakugo's eyes. "You get some guts to use my sister to threaten me, tiger. I would've smacked you but that would consider as an animal abuse won't it?" 

Izuku just stares at the two students- Uraraka and Kirishima- with their mouth hung with lips slightly parted and eyes were wide as they could stretch. While Asui and Todorki stand beside eyes blinking at the scene before him. Meanwhile, Shouji is just staying absolutely silent. All expect Bakugo who's temple starts twitching angrily, as his anger is a like a silent hunter looming in the night and strikes down hard, and fast. 

"You're. Dead!" 

 Her eyes linger at the forest. The forest that eaten away the scene where she is originally is. The thick, old trees surrounding her with only the moonlight and the wildfire breaks through the cracks, lightening up the darkness before her; as Iida carries her with the crunch of the fallen leaves and twigs that stands in his way. 

The further the distance, the more Eri holds tightly onto Iida's shirt in her small fist. Deku…

Iida senses Eri's distress, as he tries to calm her down. "It's alright, Bakugou and the others would help out your brother. They aren't the U.A. students for nothing!" 


"It's a High School purposely give students the training to become full-fledged heroes! U.A. is one of the best of the best to give their excellent training to us. Of course, I don't doubt that they will have trouble with these newly encountered enemies, but they should know how to take care of themselves."  

Heroes? Eri has heard of the words several times, but she never thinks much of it because she's always sticking to Deku's side. She wanted to believe in Iida's words, but the only problem is, all Ghost are trained under Deku, and his type of training is never suited for her heart. Because blood is always spilled, and fear of failure is the curse that binds in their hearts. 

"We're here!"

Iida's words cause Eri's eyes to drag away and looked in front. The familiar lodge came into her view. 

"Aizawa-sens-" Iida's words were immediately cut off, as he watches the scene before him. The pro hero- Eraserhead- is restraining Tokoyami with his quirk activated, with half of the forest destroyed with the trucks fallen with the edges seems like it has been torn, ripped.  

In alert, Iida speaks out. "What happened? Why is Aizawa-sensei-"

"Tokoyami-kun's quirk went out of control." Yaoyorozu quickly jumps in to fill in the situation to the school president. 

"Out of control? But how?" 

"One of the villains were able to get out of Aizawa-sensei's bindings and knocked Tokoyami into the forest. And before anyone knew, his quirk activated, and his dark shadow refuses to listen to any of the words he's saying. It turns into a beast that was just lashing out with attacks indiscriminately. Aizawa-sensei has to step in." Yaoyorozu explains. 

"Then the villain?"

Yaoyorozu looked down, crossing her arms in a disappointed and having a shameful look. ‘He got away when we're completely focusing on Tokoyami-kun."

"Then that means-"

"Yes," Yaoyorozu look up at Iida's, with her eyes with fear. "He's after Bakugo-kun." 

 "Since we don't know how many villains or the other enemies are.."Shoto begins, "It is still quite a possibility that we can get suddenly ambushed." 

 "But Shoji has the ability to detect enemies!" Ochaco suggested.

"And Todoroki-chan got his freezing ability and my frog ability kero." Tsuyu added. "What's more if the villain requires close combat we have Kirishima-chan with his hardening and Ochako with her gravity." 

 "Then all that left is to have Bakugo walk in the middle," Shoto concludes.

"What the hell is this you prick?! And you, fuck face, " Katsuki barks, as Eijiro is desperately trying to retrain Katsuki from taking a step towards Deku who's crossing his arms and is staring at the night sky looking at the promising of life in the darkness shining brightly. "When this is all fucking over, I'll kill you! Ya, hear?!" 


"Don't ignore me, you shit head!" 

Deku sigh, as he glanced his eyes to the crimson irises. "I'm not ignoring you. I am simply giving you time to reflect on what an idiot you are being."

A tick mark appears on Katsuki's forehead. "Hah?!" 

"Listen to yourself would you?" Deku continued. "Your friends here are doing their best to come up with a formation to at least what I'm getting is protecting you from danger. But your temper is getting the best out of you, and all you wanted is to blast my face off. The more I see it, the more an idiot you are being without concerning the worries of your friends. Having friends like these…, are very hard to come by." 

His speech now laid a thick silence on each of their skin-mostly Katsuki's- like a poison; tainting his brain- no- everyone else as well. 

 "So if you are done with your tantrum, shall we get going already?" 


Amazing. That is the first thought Ochaco's brain thinks when Deku finished his words. Currently, now the group is taking a shortcut with Katsuki walking in the middle with his teeth gritted together, looking very displeased. While she and Kirishima are walking in front side by side of Katsuki with Mezo and Deku in front. Tsuyu and Shoto are both walking behind Katsuki closely. I haven't seen anyone can put up with Bakugo beside Kirishima. 

Auburn eyes glanced towards Deku. The once pink cloth has now tainted with crimson liquid, but the aura that he gives off reveals to him that he is a leader who's also a servant. He is an enigma-not like that of a book where words are so plainly written out and flow from pages to pages, but of a books that are torn, frayed, and indecipherable. 

"Spill it." Deku blurted out. "It's already difficult to concentrate with one eye that is burning holes in my back, I don't need another."

"Huh? But I'm not-"

His words are easily directing to her, that she couldn't help but let out an awkward chuckle.  "No, he's talking to me. Sorry."



"You must have at least something in your mind to keep staring at me." 

"Oh," Ochaco let out another chuckle, scratching the back of her neck. "It's just that, I thought you're pretty..uh cool to put up with Bakugo and all."

"The fuck you say round face?!" 

"Well, it is true that only Kirishima-chan and Todoroki-chan could put up with Bakugo-chan's outburst, kero."

"I do?." Shoto asked. 

"Shut up all of you will ya?!" 

Deku didn't reply, as the chatter continues. 

"I mean, at first it was pretty difficult," Eijiro said, thinking back when he first tried to approach him all he got was the entrance to a lion's den. "But as you get to spend more time with him, he ain't half bad!" 

"What do you mean I'm ain't half bad?!" Katsuki growls. "I have the best motherfucking personality on the damn planet!" 

"No." Shoto immediate reply. "It's the worst." 

"Shut it halfie! No one asked for your opinion!"

"If only Bakugo-chan can be nicer, I think everyone can approach him with ease, kero." Tsuyu commented. "I kind of understand why Deku called you tiger." 

Katsuki gritted his teeth and burst out roaring. "Enough with that shitty nickname!" 

"Oh!" Eijiro then joins in, like a light bulb suddenly turned on. "I get it now. Yes, in fact, you do-"

Before Eijiro can even finish, Katsuki reached out his left hand and grabbed his face shutting him up. "Shut. Up." 

"But tiger's are cu-"

The piercing glare from Katsuki quickly made Eijiro choke up his words and swallow down to the pit of his stomach. "Y-yes, sir." 

Ochaco giggles at the interaction, as her eyes, glance to Deku who hasn't spoken a single word. "Dek-"

"Drop it." He breathes out as if he has been holding his breath. 


"If you are trying to get to know me, you shouldn't." He continues. "It wouldn't benefit you or anyone else in your group."

"Is that a warning?" Eijiro asked as everyone in the group stopped their tracks.

"No," Deku turns his head slowly, with his right hand reaching for the pistol behind him, and aimed right at Katsuki. 


"It's advice." Deku continues, with no warmth in his tone. His eyes narrowed and said. "Duck."

He pulled his trigger. 


With Deku's words, Katsuki swiftly jumped to the side, and unknown to him and everyone else someone was behind them- a villain that once introduced himself as- Mr.Compass. The bullet made a direct hit on the villain's forehead, however, thanks to mask it was wearing the bullet only hit that instead, breaking it in half. With the fallen mask, Mr.Compress quickly jumps a few steps away as Deku remains his iron sight on him.

"You have a sharp sense, kid." Mr, Compress complimented.

"Thank you," Deku answers back, walking a few steps forward. "You're not half bad trying to sneak up on us." 

"Yet somehow you still managed to detect me." Mr. Compress said amusingly. "Care to spill your secrets?" 

Deku didn't reply, as Eijiro and Shoto step forward, with the rest trying to protect Katsuki. 

Without a single sound, he swoops up from behind us? What quirk does he have? Shoto thinks to himself. 

 "You know, you can join us. Someone with your talent no need to be at the heroes side. Not when we have a stage where you can shine brighter!" Mr. Compress then cast a glance at Katsuki. "And him as well of course." 

 Deku raised a brow.

"All we're doing is telling these people who have rigid values that- ‘that's not the only way to look at things ‘- we simply wanted to make a-"

A shot is fired, with the bullet traveling easily towards Mr. Compress, as he quickly tilted his head to the side to miss the incoming bullet. 

Then several shots are fired right after the first. Mr, Compress has to quickly evade all the bullets and backtrack into the forestry night. 

 "Deku..?" Ochaco squeaks out his name, watching as the barrel of his gun smoking from the trigger he pulled. He didn't even think and just start shooting!   

"You talk too much for someone that tries to sneak behind us," Deku stated straightforwardly.

"Oh?" The forest speaks with an amusing tone. "Sorry about that then. I was originally an entertainer after all. It's a bad habit. But I would say, as a hero you didn't hit to pull the trigger." 

Deku stays silent, as his eyes scan around the surrounding. 

"But what a shame indeed." 

 A voice calls out from behind, as emerald eyes quickly snapped back and pointed the sight behind him to Tsuyu and Shoji.


He fires. 

The single bullet travels into the air, hitting absolutely nothing the moment when the two students jump away. 

"Truly a shame." The voice pops wide open when all eyes directed to the single tree where Mr.Compress is twirling a marble between his fingers. "I was hoping to also take away with my magic, as well."

As well? Eijiro's eyes widen, as he immediately searches around. "Bakugo's gone!" 

All eyes expect Deku looked around, as the empty field consists of only five U.A students and one outsider. 


"Give him back!" Eijiro screams with fury burns with each word that slip past his lips.

"Give him back?" Mr.Compress amusingly repeats. "That's a strange choice of words. Bakugo doesn't belong to anyone. He is his own person, you damn egotist!" 

"Move!" Shoto yelled as he steps forward with his right leg, emitting large glacier-like ice directly to the villain. However, it wasn't fast enough, as the villain easily jumps into the air.

"You bastard! You can't just take him!" Ochaco screams, with equal fury burning inside of her.

"Uraraka, calm down!" 

 Shoto clicked his tongue, as he runs forward emitting another but this time a much bigger glacier-like ice towards Mr.Compress. However, with ease, Mr. Compress easily dodge Shoto's attack hiding behind it before remerge. 

"My apologies, all I do is deceive and run away, but that's what I'm good for!" He chuckles at his words. "Like I'd really want to fight with some hero cadets, right?" And with those words, his right hand reached to his ear and announced. "First strike team! The target has been successfully collected! I'm sorry to cut your fun short, but this concludes our mission! As planned, you have five minutes to rendezvous at the ‘collection point'. 

"‘Concludes our mission', you say…"


"Like hell, I'd let you! There's no way you're getting away!" Shoto shouts as Deku watched his eyes. His words rented the air, of what was once a peaceful conversation became polluted with rage. The U.A. students tense. When Mr. Compress got hold of Katsuki and starts announcing about ‘collection point', it only leaving the student's ire and fear worse; longer-lasting.  

Bakugo Katsuki is captured.

 Izuku knew. 

The anger is nothing but a shield for pain a desperate shout, a desperate reach for the impossible against the flickering light that is deemed to vanish.  Emerald eyes glanced to the direction of Mr. Compress, which he easily maneuver through the air.

"Damn it!" Todoroki cursed out, as he watches Mr. Compress leaping off the trees allowing him to easily gain distance between him and the heroes. He starts running after him. "He's fast, that masked face!"  

 "If only Iida were here." Urararka spoke out, as Izuku watches their movement to the villain. 

He's using the trees to help him maneuver in the air in the great distance, and compare to running on the ground, they'll never catch up. Izuku processes, as the heroes are already a few feet in front of him, as his eyes narrows. With this pace, the villain might as well getaway. They all should know that, and yet they haven't given up. Normally if this is a mission from him….

Izuku shakes his head and mumbled to himself. "No point in thinking about it too much." I shouldn't care about these heroes, but since they did bandage my wounds and helped Eri, I should pay off the debt. Izuku has one particular policy that he always follows: those that helped him or Eri, he would in return repay with any request- whether it is to become a shield or a sword, and he'll always accomplish the task no matter the difficulty. 

He sighs, as he opened his eyes and held his breath. He then placed his right foot behind him, and pressing against his toes and charged. In an instant, Izuku stops his track once he found himself in front of the five students.



 He can feel more liquid pouring out from his wounds, but his attention focuses on the students instead.
"Stop running. You're wasting your breath for nothing." Right as his words spilled, he can see several eyes widen in shock by his words. 


His words were quickly cut off, as his vision was quickly knocked to the side. Emerald eyes glanced to the front as he sees Kirishima enraged with his right fist out. 

 Izuku just got punched. 



Izuku stumbles back, as the foul taste of blood covers his tongue that he has to spit it out. Izuku wipes the blood off of his lips with the back of his left hand, as his eyes made contact with the crimson eyes, building its anger are his pain. There were no traces of tears, not in his eyes or track marks on his reddening face. Kirishima's eyes are enough to tell Izuku the whole story- he's enraged. 

"How could you?!"  His temper was on a hair-trigger. His words are flying into a rage, yelling, saliva spitting out with each jagged word. "What do you mean nothing?! Bakugo is not just nothing! You might not know him, but he's a friend, a comrade, a classmate to all of us!  It is unmanly to even think about abandoning one's friend- that is not what a hero- I- wanted to be! That's just being a coward!" If you're a man then you should be able to understand this!" 


"If you're going to just be on our way, then leave! Because I'm going after him! My hand can still reach!" 

There is something about a fragment of warmth that each word flows out of his mouth made Izuku feels like summer rays amid the cold winter wind. He can see Kirishima balling his fist, and starts running past him. He clicked his tongue, as his right hand reached out grabbing his collar. 

"Hey! Let me-"

"I never once said to give up on him," Izuku said calmly, as he continues. "I was going to saying that there's a better way to catch up than what you are doing, before you start being violent with me."

"Huh?" His temper dies down, as each student stares at Izuku with his words continued to flow out.

"I'll just cut to the chase. You, the brown-haired girl your quirk has something related to do with gravity right?" 

 Uraraka nodded. "Yes..but how did you-"

 "Make these boys float." Izuku continued, as his eyes directed to Asui. "You're quirk is similar to a frog if I remember correctly that should mean you have at tongue of a frog. That means that when the boys are floating, you can use your tongue to throw them with all your strength. Throw them hard as you can, and they'll be able to fly towards him at high speed." 

Emerald eyes then glance to Shoji. "And since your arms look like wings, you can use it to guide their trajectory." 

 He then glanced to Uraraka. "Since I don't know how your quirk works, so you have to estimate the distance to him and deactivate it when the time is right."  

"I's like a human rocket," Shoji commented. 

"You- how did you" Shoto spoke up next. 

 "If you have time for chit chat, then I believe you guys are confident that you'll bring your comrade back?" Izuku then continues, "If you don't, then let's start with the plan already." 

Izuku always listen. Even if it may look like when he's looking somewhere else, he always listens to the conversation before him. Just like when the U.A. students were discussing their formation when thinking of a way to safely escorting Bakugo. 


Everyone got into position right after Izuku's words. Just as Asui sticks out her tongue and wrapped around the three boys, Kirishima spoke up. ‘Um...I-"

"Save it. Now isn't a good time for being a chatterbox." Izuku quickly cuts into his words, causing Eijiro to lowered his head. Uraraka then steps forward placing her hand onto the boys, as they were then levitated up into the air. 

"Go ahead. Tsuyu."

With Uraraka's signal, Tsuyu whipped her head back as she states. "You have to save him, okay?" 

The very moment when she finishes, she threw the boys forward with as much force as possible and release them all exactly like a human rocket.  

"I hope it works," Uraraka commented.

Izuku stares at the boys, with Shouji holding onto Todoroki's wrist and holding Kirishima tightly as they fly through the sky. Whether or not it works all depends on their luck. However, With that thought, Izuku starts walking towards a path. 

That is until Uraraka calls out to him. "Deku-kun!" 

He tilted his head to the side, with his both of his hands in his pant pocket.

"Um...I just wanted to say…"She immediately bowed right after she finished fidgeting her fingers. "Sor-"

"Don't." Izuku jumps in and continued walking. "I did what I did, and it's not that guy's fault in the first place, and I'm not the type to get easily mad just from get a punch from the face."

"Where are you going, kero?" 

Izuku didn't reply, as he continued down the direction that's not toward the lodge where Eri is. Instead, it's the path where the collection point is. From what I have seen so far, it would seem they need more than just luck on their side. Izuku never fails to repay a debt, and he intends to keep it that way. 

 She walks. 

 She couldn't believe that she let down her guard and allowed one of the Ghost to snuck up behind her; knocking her out. And the next moment she knew, is that Toya and the Ghost were nowhere in sight. After regaining her balance, she tried to go back where Dabi is, but the only thing she saw was a puddle of a viscous, muddy liquid. That is the first clue that she realized Dabi was a clone based on Twice's quirk. It also gives her the clue that the original Dabi doesn't know that there are Ghost and the Eight lurking around the forest. Himiko couldn't help but feel distasteful by the fact, and before long a voice calls her out.   

"There you are, crazy lady." Golden eyes looked to the direction where there stands Dabi, Twice, Spinner, and Magne. Dabi continued. "Did you get any blood? How many people's worth?" 

Instead of answering. Himiko staggers forward and hugged Dabi tightly against her hold. Dabi raised a brow, but still wrapped his arm around her back and gently rubbing her back. He asked. "What's wrong?" 

Himiko buried her face to Dabi's warmth, despite the heaviness in her stomach that doesn't seem to be quelled down. He sunk into the warmth, snuggling into his touch.
"I don't feel so good."

 "Aw~Why aren't you look sadder?" Twice cooed, as his demeanor changes. "Did something happen to you?!" 

But Himiko didn't answer, just grasping Dabi's coat tightly making his eyes narrowed. It was only a second passed that Himiko let her words slipped. "He said that he's alive…."

"Who are you-" Dabi suddenly stops talking, as the next moment came is a loud crashing sound along with an angry shout with three U.A. students standing on top of Mr. Compress.

 "Give Bakugo back!" 


"Mister" Dabi begins, as he lifts his left hand from Toga's back and aimed at the student's before him. "Dodge."

 "Roger!" Mr. Compress body then starts glowing blue, as that is a cue for Dabi to sent out a painful raid of flames towards them. 

"Idiot! That's cold!" Twice commented, as Himiko just stares at the forestry night not even paying attention to the three student hero before her. 

With the flames coming in close, all three of them dodged with Todoroki unharmed, but not for Kirishima and Shojji each receiving slight burns. They both wince by the pain.

"Kirishima, Shoji!"

"Faces from Shigaraki's kill list!" Twice exclaims, as he dives right towards Todoroki, with his right hand reaching towards his measuring tape. He only managed to pull out halfway before Todoroki shoots out a wave of ice underneath causing Twice to jump back. "That's hot!"

"That boy is not here." Spinner commented, watching from the sideline, standing next to Himiko. 

"Boy? What boy?" 

"There's this new boy that the U.A. has that wasn't on Shigaraki's list." Spinner explained. "That boy is strong, and have a good sense of justice. He didn't hesitate to protect, truly makes him a hero that fits Stain's legacy!" 

Himiko hums, as she watches Magne and Twice holding off Kirishima and Todoroki, while Mr. Compress deactivated his quirk and regain his usual size. "I can't believe you flew so far to chase after me. What marvelous thoughts take flight!" Mr. Compress narrated, as he dusts himself. 

Dabi raised a brow. "What happens to your mask?" 

"Oh, a pity I guess you can say." Mr. Compress replied, walking towards Dabi. "A boy managed to detect me when I was sneaking up to capture the target and pulled his gun without a second thought"


"Why yes!" Mr. Compress exclaim with a cherry tone. "He is an interesting contestant, that wasn't on any of Shigaraki's list. I must say, it's a real shame that I didn't manage to capture him."

Dabi hummed. If he wasn't on Shigaraki's list, then that must mean that his boy never appears in front of the U.A. Sports Festival or at USJ. A transfer student from a different school? "For the boy to be able to detect you, he must have sharp senses." 

"Exactly!" Mr. Compress chirped. "But too bad that that boy seems to think I was a chatterbox to even want to hear my deal. I mean I am an entertainer after all." 

Dabi rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. So where's Bakugo then?"    

"Of course, he's right-?!" Mr. Compress reached to his right pocket, as he came to a stop tilting his head confused.

"Todoroki, Kirishima! We're running!" Shouji exclaimed. " I'm sure now based on what he just did- I don't know what your quirk is, but those things you were flaunting at us earlier- in your right pocket are Bakugo isn't it, entertainer?" Soon as Shouji finished his words, he extended out his right hand that was clutching tightly before unravels itself to a single marble.

"Shoji, my man!" 

"Ho, ho, ho!" Mr, Compress laughs, clapping his hands in delight. "In that short period, you- well done- six arms! You're good at feeling around!" 

With his remarks, the Kirishima and Shoji immediately start running. Todoroki soon joins after he creates a wall of the glaciers like ice tall and thick enough to hold out Twice and Magne.  

Dabi groan, as he curses out. "You idiot!" Just as Dabi raised his left arm, Mr. Compress holds out his right to stop Dabi's attack.

"No, wait."

With the marble in their possession, the three U.A. students run towards the forestry as their steps came into an immediate halt with a shadow peeking out behind the tree- the minty Nomu. 

 "A Nomu!" Shoto yells, as he quickly changes his direction yelling behind his other two classmates to follow him to the left. "This way!" 

Without even a few feet away, the purple mist suddenly appeared right in front of them, causing their steps to stutter to an abrupt halt. Three of them looked up, with their stomach sinking. 

"T-this guy.."

"..was at USJ.."

"The warp..!"

"It has been five minutes since the signal," Kurogiri stated, as each villain has a warp beside them. "Let us go, Dabi." 

Each villain disappears behind the closed curtains, expect for Himiko still staring in the forestry, and the Nomu standing still.  

"Wait. Our goal is not yet-"

"Oh, that? They seemed so happy that they rushed here," Mr. Compress begins, as he slowly lifts his left hand grasping something tightly. "So I thought I can give them a present." 

As the three U.A. students turned to look at the direction of Mr. Compress, their eyes widen as his clenched hand unravel to marble with Bakugo Katsuki reflecting in it. Mr. Compress continued. "It's a habit, one of the basics of magic, especially when I flaunt something it's because there's something I don't want you to see." He then gives the marble to Dabi, as he took it with a smirk on his lips. 

"N-No way…!" 

Then with a snap of the magician's fingers, the marbles that Shouji once held turns back into shards of ice.

 "My ice?!" 

"That's right!" The magician's eyes narrow with pleasure that his show is turning out perfect. "During the freezing attack, I prepared dummies and put them in my right pocket." 

"Damn it!" Kirishima shouts as he starts running back towards where Mr. Compress is standing, along with his two comrades. 

"If you discover that what was in my right hand was in my right pocket, then, of course, you'd rush happily over!" Mr. Compress narrates the finale of his show. 

"Nice job, mister," Dabi said as he continued with his right hand extended. "Release it. At the very least let have the heroes say their goodbyes." 

"Very well." His comrade agrees, chuckling amusingly as he snapped his fingers. The very moment he snaps, the marble changes and revealed Bakugo in Dabi's grasp. 

Dabi can see it. 

The pit of their beautiful world, crumbling with each step the heroes take to reach towards their friend. The walls that they cannot scale over, as the light is at the other side being millions of miles away with their fingers extended desperately clinging onto the hope that is still there. But with their distance gaining, Dabi slowly let the warp consumes him. 

And that's when he saw it- the dying ember- the fear, the desperation that brings the winds to a cold howl extinguishing the very last light.

"BAKUGO!" Kirishima, Shoji, and Todoroki all call out with their hands extended, but it never reached. 

 "..Don't come, you fucks!" 

 The crushing hope. 

 Then, a gunshot. 

A silver bullet easily penetrated through the Dabi's arm, instantly releasing his hold on Bakugo's neck. Giving his prey an immediate chance to activate his quirk, and propelled himself away from the purple wrap and predator's hand. 



And within the midst of darkness, a voice chimes up eagerly gasping for breath as a footstep out from behind the darkness and into the light. 

 "Seems like I made it in time." 

Dabi paused, as Himiko's eyes widen by the familiar of the voice. That voice?!  

Lush of wild green hair steps out, along with the forestry of untamed eyes glaring displeasingly at the scene before him; holding a 9mm pistol with the barrel smoking from the previous shot. 

"Wha..." Kurogiri severely shook, as he stood in awestruck before the familiar boy in front of him. 

" For a hero, you guys have terrible luck." 

"That's him! That's the boy I was talking about before!" Mr, Compress stated. 

 The boy raised a brow. "Ah, the chatterbox." 


 The very moment the boy steps out from the darkness, Himiko's brain struggles to comprehend that he isn't one of the pictures that she kept beside her bed, that he is real. Her brain can't formulate a thought, at least not one based in any language, and if she doesn't touch him any time soon, she'll believe that the person in front of her will disappear by the passing seconds. 

 And, so she ran.

 [He's alive ya' know, that Midoriya boy

How the ground between her and the boy is erased instantly, as she'll ever recall with Toya's voice ringing in her head. One moment they were apart, and the next she threw herself into his arms. The warmth of his body meets her cold skin, giving her hope and reality that he is indeed real. While the boy's arms were awkwardly placed in the air, glancing down at Himiko. 

"Izu-chan! Izu-chan! Izu-chan!" With each soft touch, her tears fell as she cradled her face into the crook of his neck taking a breather on his smell of a strong metallic iron of blood. She couldn't care less, as the boy that dreamed-wished- to see is right in front of her eyes, emitting warmth.

Dabi who's holding his injured arm widen by the sight of the boy. The familiar greens that he hasn't seen for ages now stood right in front of his very eyes as the calls of Mr. Compress became deafening in his ears. Everything seemed slow as if the first time for just this particular moment, fate wanted Dabi to take in the person that he has missed. 

"This...This cannot be!" Kurogiri struggles to find the words, with the image processing in his mind. "H-how? How is this even possible?!" His voice cracks. "I-I'm not..not dream-ing...?"

"I-Izuku…?" He mumbles ever so quietly, as he realized that the boy in front of him, Himiko, and Kurogiri is real. Izuku is real and has not yet faded from Himiko's touch. 

"Shoot, the target-"

"Forget him." Dabi weakly stated, as his words didn't catch to Mr. Compress's ears. "Get him instead!"  


His ocean eyes snapped to Mr.Compress, as he was slightly taken back by the look on Dabi's face, with his complexion white as chalk. His eyes and mouth were frozen white open in an expression of stunned shock. The panic, the desperation, and something much more. 

"Get Izuku!"


Izuku Midoriya is alive in front of their eyes. And unknown to the parties before them, in the shadows, lies a single crow watching the event. The voice speaks. "Our little bunny has made contact with the League of Villains, I repeat, our bunny has made contact with the villains." 

Chapter Text

We're all in the same game;

Just different levels, dealing with the same hell;

Just different devils.

In her embrace, the world stopped still on its axis. For the most part, she kept his head buried in the crook of his neck, with her blonde hair covering his right vision. Her chest rising and falling against his, with her wrapped him in a warm swaddle of his arms, clenching tightly against her hold, that the pressure she did creep the pain into his nerve. 


"He says...that you were alive." The muffled sobs wracked against her chest, as the water continued to fall without a sign of stopping. Her voice cracks, with her desperate screams. "I-Izu-chan! Izu-chan!"

She pulls away from the embrace, yet her touch still lingers on his cold, scarred skin. The pearl-shaped tears rolling down her cheeks from wide, luminous eyes leaving the smears and streaks from her reddened face. Her right-hand strips from his arm and gently reach to his face, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry…" 

The word, ‘sad' might sound childish, like something flimsy, something one should be able to cast off with a happy reflection or a smile. But the meaning of ‘sad' is nothing of sort. It sits inside like a germ seed of depression, just waiting for the right conditions to grow, to send out roots to choke the hope out in someone's heart. Because each word that fell, the silence, the stutter, sits inside Izuku as if he is supposed to feel something-anything- but nothing came to mind. 

Before her hands can even reach out to him, he held her wrist tightly against his hold. Emerald eyes narrowed, at her wide golden eyes. "You have..the wrong person." 

As if his words were a curse, Izuku can see how she's one more blow away from breaking. It's like the news passed through her like a hurricane, and everything she holds dear lays in the ruins, as she struggles to maintain her composure. Her shoulders slumped, with her eyes searching for something in his. Izuku blinked his eyes, as he pulls away from her touch.

But Toga never had the intention of letting Izuku escape from her grasp. She held. "But, you're Izuku are you not?!"  

Emerald eyes widen, by Toga's devastated scream. "How-?"

A warp then suddenly opens right next to Izuku's head, as his emerald eyes glanced to the right with his sight blocked by a hand covered in leather red peered into his view. The hand got closer, as at the corner of the emerald eyes, he caught something in the air. 

A small metallic device flies in the air, that instantly catches the emerald eyes. Then, a gunshot, with a bullet piercing through the device, like a burst of heavy, thick smoke that showers like confetti engulfing the scene. 


Izuku clicked his tongue, as then a shot rings out with the burst of tiny fireworks crackling in the air, You gotta be kidding me! His eyes scan in the area, as every surrounding, color, and smell were dulled by the smoke, as a bullet flies pass grazing his right cheek leaving its heat streaks on his skin.

Then came along the second that penetrates to the ground next to his right foot. The third and fourth bullet completely misses him, as the fifth scrapped his arms. Are they- The sixth bullet flies easily, as Izuku tilted his head to the left. Blind shooting?! Emerald eyes narrowed. His feet dance across the ground, interlocking and shifting his body weight to dodge the incoming bullets that are plummeting through.

Six shots burst from the smoke, aiming directly at him. Immediately he bends his upper body back, with the immense pain coursing inside of him that made him remember the previous injuries that he had. 

He loses his balance. 

Crap! Quickly Izuku placed his right hand onto the ground with the gun still in hand and allows the motion of his body to go with the flow. He kicks up his right leg first, as the left follows next flipping his body. With his current position, two incoming bullets have already gain distance to his location. This is bad!

The bullet didn't connect. 

As it barely missed, bypassing his neck. His foot is then brought back on the ground as Izuku quickly jumped a few steps back and tries to take a good look at his surroundings. But what he got was a cold metal pressing against his skin, icy, signaling that it hasn't been used for a while despite the smell of the gunpowder emitting from it. It is also because of its familiarity that Izuku knows that he isn't allowed to move a single muscle. 

An FN semi-automatic pistol is pressed against his right temple. 

"The plan has changed." He bared his fangs out the shooter. "Is that by your orders, or by him, Shin Nemoto?" 

Nemoto stayed silent, with his right hand holding the gun, as the other holds his cane. "....What, you afraid of dying?" Like an echo that drums his heart, Nemoto's words easily flow inside of his mind grasping his heart. 

"Ah, wait! What you're actually afraid is- Eri isn't?" Nemoto continues. "This is why emotions are unnecessary. What is there to worry about when she has already experienced it first hand?"

Izuku parted his lips, as he gritted his teeth biting his tongue.  

"Death comes to everyone someday, it's meaningless to even worry." He continues, pressing the gun harder on his temple. "Of course, you should know that better than anyone when you shunned her away first."

His left hand balled into a fist, as the pressure whiten his bloody knuckles. 

"You chose to ignore her when she cries for your help. You chose it, not because you don't know her but because you never cared." He continues to sing his curse lullaby. "So what gives you the privilege to even-"   

He swings. 

As strong and fast he could, Izuku brings his gun and aimed towards Nemoto. But before he can, Nemoto blocked with his left hand holding the cane, as Izuku's wrist smashed hard against the metal. 

The trigger pulled, as the shot missed.

"Even help her? Save her?" He continues. "You're just using Eri as a tool to ease the emptiness that-" 

Izuku raises his left leg and swings high, aiming towards Nemoto's head. But, it's either the smoke that left trials behind his movement or his injuries are slowing down his movement, Nemoto easily brings his armed hand next to his head; completely blocking Izuku's attack.  

"Did I strike a nerve?" Nemoto chuckles behind his mask, as his tone quickly dies. "I don't see why you're special to him. I'm special, who's different from the other sacrificial fodder, and you. I'm more needed, more important to him than you will ever be. We will walk forward together! And share the joy of accomplishing-" 

Izuku let down his foot, as he then turns his entire body to the right, Nemoto caught on Izuku's motion, as he pulls the trigger. 

A single shot is fired.

It was a miss.

Resulted from Izuku using his gun to hit Nemoto's gun away from his face that he barely comes out alive. With Nemoto's gun away, Izuku places his between his forehead. 

He pulls.

But the bullet didn't connect, as Nemoto did the same and swiped his pistol away leaving Izuku out opened for his pistol to aim. He fired, but Izuku swiftly ducked his head, and uses his left hand and hit Nemoto's gun from below, resulting Nemoto's armed hand lingering the air. 

Izuku retakes his stance and pulls the trigger. 

Nemoto leaned back, tilting his head slightly to the left with the bullet scraping against his mask. He placed his right foot back, stabilizing his balance as his left hand that holds the cane, with the tip aiming at Izuku. 

Emerald eyes widen, as Nemoto fires. 

The bullet traveled towards him in a very short distance, that forces Izuku bringing his gun like a shield allowing the bullet hitting its frame instead with tiny firecrackers blooming in the smoke.

The moment when Izuku took cover, Nemoto placed down his pistol and fired. Izuku falls, twisting his body to the left, as he kicked up his right foot right into Nemoto's gun; hard. 

 He loses his grip.

With the momentum of the twist, Izuku quickly brings his pistol around facing Nemoto and pulls the trigger.



Emerald eyes widen by the sound, as not a single bullet travels through the barrel. It is a deafening sound to Izuku that reminds him of the consequence of not double-checking the ammunition before coming into the collection point. 

Crap! With the gravity doing its job, Izuku crashes into the ground slamming his right shoulder onto the soil, as he swiftly rolls away from Nemoto who picked up his pistol from the ground and starts shooting.

With the bullets hitting the ground, dust flies with the heavy thick smoke as Izuku quickly jumps to his feet and ran. A sweet click from the ejection port, the empty magazine hits the ground, as an incoming bullet licked right off of it. With his left hand reached to his back pocket and pulls out a magazine and slides it easily into the weaponry giving it a quick slide the chamber back giving Izuku a satisfying click. 

He directed his gun towards Nemoto but didn't pull the trigger. The smoke covers heavily in his emerald sight. He clicked his tongue. I need to get out of this smoke!

He runs. 

His feet kissing against the plummeted ground and runs towards the opposite direction where Nemoto is. He doesn't give an eye to the bullets that are scaring him in the process and kept running. The smoke burns in his eyes, causing his emeralds to shrink as the farther he runs.

He puts both of his arms in a criss-cross formation, as he continued to charge and before he knew, he is already out of the disaster and into another. 

"What the fuc-?!"


Bakugo Katsuki charges before him, with both of his palm placing behind him to give him the boost. But needless to say, both of them did not expect each other to appear behind the smoke. Bakugo quickly puts a brake on his speed, placing one in front but directly below Izuku to prevent accidental harm.

However, Izuku did not have a brake to press, as his momentum didn't slow down either; causing him to crash into Bakugo, tumbling forward as they quickly came to a stop with the friction easing the movement. 

"Let me go! Let me go!"

There is something in that shout, a pain behind it that Dabi understands very well. He watched Himiko's hands outstretched towards the smoke, with the booming crackers erupting insight. With his left arm, Dabi wrapped around Himiko's waist and kept dragging her back from her desperate reach.


The nails dug into his skin, hard, as she tries to pry away the only restriction. "Dabi, please! He's right there! I can't lose him again!" 

"Toga listen!" Dabi shouting louder than her words, trying to make her listen. "Control yourself!"

"But, but!"

"I know! I know!" Even Dabi cannot believe his eyes when he laid his eyes on the familiar boy. But the question here is, how? How did the person that once died, came back alive? "We'll get him! We'll definitely get him back!" His gaze then directed towards Kurogiri. "Kurogiri, contact-"

"Oho, so you'll get him back you say?" A voice, so familiar that it rings the unpleasant memories back in their hearts and mind; strangling them.

"Wha?!" Dabi immediately snapped his eyes towards the smoke, as there emerges Shin Nemoto, with his cane in the left hand and a pistol on his right. 

"Greetings, League of Villains."


"What are the members of the Cleanser doing here?" 

Cleanser? Atsuhiro- Mr. Compress- snapped his eyes towards Nemoto. As in, the Eightfold Cleanser?!

Kurogiri didn't waste a single second, as he spread its mist looming over Nemoto. The scent of anger can easily be detected. "What are you doing here?" 

Nemoto tilted his head to the left, shrugging his shoulders. "I only came here to say hi and bringing you all a present along the way, is that wrong of me?"


"What, you guys should all be smiling and everything, after all," Nemoto continued with his little speech, that quickly sends a chill down the villain's spin. A chill that soon boils down to impenetrable shock.

"It took quite a lot of work, to create him."


"The boy that you met, he is the first, successful replica of the boy-Izuku Midoriya."

"Jesus fucking.. christ." 


A soft groan reaches to his left ear, that made his skin crawl that his ruby eyes leered towards his left while trying to push himself up using his elbow. Green invaded his sight, with the shades of the deepest green matching the darkening red. The body above him shifts, as he sees Deku bringing up his left hand and touching his forehead slightly, probably trying to shake the throbbing pain in his head. 


Eijiro and the rest came rushing towards Katsuki and Deku, to only hear the usual bark from their friend. "How long do you plan on sitting on top of me?" 

Deku is on top of him, with his right hand using as a support leg on the ground beside his left arm, while his legs are placed beside his stomach. His face is close to his, as Katsuki can see the freckles that dusted like stars across his cheeks just below his forestry eyes, especially his snowy skin making it more visible up close. Emerald eyes glanced down, as their eye contact met. 

And for the first time in Katsuki's life, the forestry that is meant to be alive looks dead when he took a few minutes to look at him. Neither of them pulled away, that is until the approaching footsteps from his comrade, caught Deku's attention. 

"Are you two-"

With no signal, gunshots were fired traveling towards Deku and Katsuki.

The gunshots are loud, sharp and steady for everyone in the perimeter to hear. Shoto quickly takes his right foot forward activating his ice quirk with the chilly wind seeping into the air. But the crackling ice stopped, as his eyes landed on the minty Nomu standing in front of the targets, taking in the bullet that shredded into its skin. 

The Nomu barely let out a single muffle, as the bullet was pushed out from his body and onto the ground with the soft jingle reaching Deku's ears. 

Crimson eyes snapped his eyes directly behind Deku, to see three Ghost emerging from the smoke with their assault rifle in position.

"Nomu." Deku begins, with his tone dropping in an icy tone that can even compare to Shoto's ice. "Don't let anyone of them get past you."

An order is a command. A chain of words that bounded the heart and mind, trapping them in their control. But words that Deku said, is different. His is more of a request.


With Deku's words, the Nomu let out a shriek. It tore through the U.A. students like a great shard of glass. Each student's eyes were widened following with their pulse quicken with their hearts thudding like a rock rattling in a box. It creeps onto their skin, eating away the everlasting courage that they have; turning it into fear. 

The Nomu charged. 

As if that was a cue, Katsuki feels the weight shifted above him with Deku pushing up with his knees. Each careful movement, Deku let out a shaky breath, before steady himself.

"Let's start running, shall we?"


The forest is undoubtedly thick.

In their mind the trees are black trucks against the bluish charcoal sky, the path has become the deepest brown and the moonlight is bleach the stones within it. With the moon tonight, it's difficult to have the silvery rays penetrate the dense canopy and the raging smoke from the bluish hell. 

"Thanks." Eijiro is the first to break the chilling silence that has fallen upon the group after their few minutes of running away from the collection point. "For ..helping us even though I lashed out on you in the beginning." 

"I never even asked you extras to help me in the first place!" Katsuki immediately countered. "You guys were the one that quickly jumped into the gun." 

"But you still went along with it."

"Fuck you, half and half." Katsuki spats. "I didn't even have a say in all that!" 

"You did, you were cursing."

"That doesn't fucking count, dumbass."

Shoto tilted his head to the left. "It doesn't? Your mouth was moving and all, so I figured it did. "

"Drop dead, asshole."


"That wasn't for you-"

"Bro chill." Eijiro quickly jumped into the argument before it descended anywhere deeper than it has already been cooking. While looking back, his eyes traveled to Deku who hasn't spoken a single word yet, as his emerald eyes are cast down to the ground. He bit his inner cheek. I hope he's not mad at me for punching him earlier.

"Shut up, hair for brains!" Katsuki continued with his usual demeanor. "And look in front of you, you don't have eyes in the back of your head!"

 "Aw, are you worried about me bro?" He let out a cheeky grin.

"You fucking wish," Katsuki argued. "Your brain is already shitty, and I don't need you to crack your head if you slipped and drop your idiocy even further down." 

He is worried about his language. Eijiro kept his same plastering smile and replied. "Thanks, bro."

"Shut it." Katsuki then directed his gaze to the right." And, you. What the fuck is your relationship with the villains?" 

Silence is Deku's reply, laying in thick over the unanswered question, thicker than the uneasy tension in the atmosphere. Unsettled eyes glanced to Deku, who's emeralds aren't even looking at them, but rather at the ground.

"Oi, I'm talking to you-"

"Think of me as you like, I doubt that you'll get any answers out of me," Deku answered, as his eyes still won't make any contact with the U.A. students.

"Why is that?" Shoto asked, eyeing Deku carefully. 

Deku lifted his head, making his eyes looking at the starry nights above. "Some questions are best left unanswered. " Unknown to the rest, the moment when Deku looked up at the starry night his ears twitched slightly as he caught the slightest sound of distant gunfire.

She didn't know how long she has been closing her eyes. But there is one thing that she can be certain of is the soft-spoken voice calling out to her. "Hey, you okay?"

Though her eyes are slowly opening, her heart is still pounding, mind empty. It was as if a hypodermic of adrenaline has been emptied into her carotid. She strains into the utter darkness as her breathing rate beginning to steady. 

Her vision first came to a low resolution, due to the stubborn waters that refuse to shed. With her eyes lingering up, she sees the color-black. His hair is black, the kind that is worn and beaten of an over-washed cloth. He looked at her, with his black eyes drilling into her crimson ones. She couldn't help but think that someone with such dark eyes has so much light in them, It reminded her of a beautiful thing called ‘stars'- one that Deku used to tell her. 

In reply, Eri slowly nodded, but still keeping her lips shut. 


She can feel his arms gently soothing her with his touch. His embrace is warm, and his big, strong arms seemed very protective in her eyes when wrapped around her frail body. No one but Deku, can touch her and protect her- for once in her life- somebody else is there for her.

"Mind telling me what is the meaning of this?" 

Crimson eyes look up to try to look at the person's eyes, but he wasn't looking at her anymore. He's looking at someone else; someone that is not the villains, or the U.A. students and teachers. 

But one of her's- Hari Kurono- Chronostasis standing several few away, with his 357 magnum gun smoking hot from the first shot that missed Eri completely, due to Aizawa managed to get her in time. 

"That mask…" The black eyes narrowed. "What brings the Yakuza here?" 

Chrono didn't reply, as he redirected his gun at Eri and pulled the trigger.


Immediately, Eri can feel Aizawa's hands shifted bringing her closer to his chest, with his right hand on top of her head. He quickly jumped to the side, as the second bullet hits the soiled ground, gathering dust into the air. 

"Your making this more difficult than it should, Eraserhead," Chrono stated, as he never once lowered his gun. "Drop the girl." 

"And you must be an idiot thinking that I'll just comply."

Chronos cocked his head to the side. "Then let's do this the hard way." He lifted his left hand and snapped his fingers. Instantly, shadows dropped from the trees and landed perfectly with the clattering of the metals, as Eri's eyes met countless, glowing rubies surrounding their area each with their assault rifles ready. 

She swallows.

"Wha?! Where did they come from?!" Mineta shouts loudly, as his voice can ever take looking at the Ghost with his hands trembling by his side.

"This doesn't look good." Yaoyorozu slowly stood up from her position and cautiously took a look around. 

"B-but how?!" Jiro exclaimed, lost and confused as she slowly takes few steps back against the gunpoint that the Ghost has almost pressed onto her forehead. "I..I didn't hear anyone!" 

"This," Denki swallows. "This is going a bit overboard."

"What should we do?" Ashido questioned, as she kept in close to Sero side.

"H-hell should I know." Sero continued. "Heck, I doubt anyone knows at this point!"

"Everybody stay calm!" Iida shouted, despite the cold sweat dripping on his forehead. "As a hero, we need to stay calm!"

Aizawa clicked his tongue.

"Choose," Chrono stated, tilting his gun to the side, pointing at the U.A. student and the other injuries grabbing Eri's and Aizawa's attention. "And no, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to her." 

 "..what?" Aizawa's eyes glanced down, as Eri's met Chronos. 

"Choose, Eri." He pointed his guns towards the hostage. "Those children that caught up in this situation." He pointed the gun back at her. "Or you, returning to us along with Izuku."

She swallows. 

The grip on the white cloth around Aizawa tightening in her hold. She's like a ball of tangled yarn. It's a complete, utter mess. That mess feels endless and at most times unyielding. She doesn't know what to do.

"Shoot them."

Crimson eyes widen at the single order, immediately she parted her lips and scream. "Wai-"

But she seconds too late.

A single shot is fired, with the color crimson decorating into the sky; what came next is a deafening scream.


Her watery eyes enlarged and the hairs on the nape of her neck bristled. A gaggle of goose pimples laminated her frigid, naked skin. She tried to scream, but the inside of her mouth lacked any moisture and a croak was all that issued from her gape.


"Your arm!"

"Sero, quickly, tape! Tape!"

Crimson eyes couldn't falter away from Chronos, as he continued to speak. "Time is ticking Eri. The next one won't be as lucky for that Pro Hero taking a hit for his students." 

She breathed in and out, but the air won't enter her lungs, She's starving for it, for her heart raced at a tremendous speed and her lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. She kept silent for what felt like an eternity was only a few seconds. The satisfaction of safety is nothing but a distant memory, and an invisible force is crushing her from every possible direction. Each passing second, fear submerged into her making a permanent mark on her heart. She wished this is just her mind playing tricks to her, and that she's still by Deku's side just sleeping. She just needs to wake up- 

She lowered her head; softly and quietly she pleaded. " down…" 

She can feel the stare from pro hero, and his arms still tightening around her body. "I'm not-"

"Please!" Crimson eyes lifted up from her head, as her eyes are filled with the silvery tears. Each tear she slides from her cheek, leaving noticeable marks. "I-I-...I need to..back.."

Those beautiful eyes that Eri sees, widens by her words. "Please….l-let go.." I don't want to see people hurt anymore. With hesitation, Aizawa pulled her close to his chest and whisper something in her ears that she couldn't help but brings both of her hands and tightly grip on his shirt and nodded.

And with that, he set Eri back on the ground. Eri slowly lifted her head and took a step forward. 


And another.


And another.


And she walked. She walked as her hair fluttered in the air, her clothes clung to her body and her hands clenched together in front of her. Few more teardrops appeared in the corner of her eyes, but that never stopped her from anything.

 I'm sorry.

 Her hands trembled, as she touched her chest. That's when she remembered, swiftly she turns and faced one of the U. A, students. Chronos tilted his head. 

 She ran to the nearby girl- Mina Ashido- and gently she took off is a silver looking pocket watch made into a necklace. Swiftly she grabbed Ashido's hand and placed the pocket watch on her palm. 

"I-if..if you see Deku...give this to him." She swallows. "And..I'm so..rry." 

With her final message, she turned her head before Ashido reached out to grab her. "Wait-!" But her path is immediately blocked off by a Ghost point an assault rifle at her. Slowly she puts her hand down and watched a helpless girl escape from her grasp. 

With her quicken steps, she made it beside Chronos as her eyes just refused to look up at him. "Are you sure that you should be leaving that behind? Wasn't that a precious present from Izuku?"

"It's fine…." Eri replied, as she kept her head low and continued walking without looking back. She needs to wake up; wake up-this foolish imagination, and accept the inescapable reality. 

She can't escape. 

Time dissolved faster than Katsuki and the rest can ever run. Salty droplets flow down each and every single one's face like soft summer rain, dripping onto the mother earth. They would love to regain their breaths, but Deku that is currently in front of them all doesn't think so. 

The very moment his eyes looked into the sky, it was as if something snapped inside of him and started bolting towards the path before him. The formation is already forgotten and the next thing anyone knew, is to run after the wounded boy. 

In Katsuki's eyes, it's like an animal that just refused to stay calm. 

"Wait, dude,"  Eijiro wheezes out, desperately trying to catch his breath. "Where-what's the rush?" 

Deku didn't answer and continued to run. It was only a brief second that emerald eyes shot up to the sky that he opened his lips and took a deep breath; held. Blood seeps more into the cloth that has already lost its original color. With one step, Deku is already several feet away from them. 


"He's fast!" Shoto commented. "Is that his quirk?"

A quirk that increases one's speed? A little similar to the four eyes in our class. Katsuki mentally noted as he increased his pace as well Crimson eyes looked behind Deku's back unable to reveal his expression. But, he still can sense something- anxious riding on his shoulders, with his quicken steps straight towards one destination- the lodge. Did something happen?

Before long, the infinite dark faltered away, as it revealed a light that is pleasantly comforting to the U.A student. But how dead, were they wrong as the showered light revealed something much more unpleasant surprise. 


"What's wrong-"

"Where is she?!" Deku immediately shouted with all his might, despite the shortage of breath that he can manage to cut into Shoto's words. None were able to reply to his answer, as Deku shouted once more- nice and slow. "Where. Is. She.?" 

Every word stung only fueling the fire that burned inside of him. Every phrase is like gasoline to it, with his fist-shaking as the clattering of the gun in his hand, and his jaw rooted into place. 

Tenya is the first to step up and bowed before Deku. "We...We are deeply sorry. We couldn' her or protect her...We" He swallows, closing his eyes. "We, are sorry." 

"What is the-" Eijiro nervously looked around, trying to understand the situation. The more he looked the more he understood. The pro-hero Tiger has another injured with Momo treating to do her best to treat it. Ochaco and Tsuyu managed to make it back to the camp, and trying to comfort the student, as they looked helpless ashamed with themselves because two people were missing,

Eri and Aizawa.

"Sorry…?" Deku growled out. "Sorry didn't change anything-!"

"I know it doesn't!" Tenya kept his footing. "Even, even I am truly ashamed of myself. Unable to protect the person that stands right of me, Everyone feels the same. Aizawa is currently chasing after the pursuers, and he might be able to-"

"Shut it!"

The air is then suddenly rented by the sound of breaking glass, coming from the lodges. The glass was cracked into a thousand fluttering fragments falling onto the ground, It showered the area with its thousand knives laying beside Deku's feet. There were also cracks forming along the walls of the lodge-like it's going to break; collapse. 

Emerald eyes glanced to the side, looking at its creation. Iida is forced to look up, as he did, his brain stutters for a moment, and his eyes taken in on the unusual color that dwells into Deku's right eye. His usual forestry darkens, as it has been replaced by a brilliant red of sun, like flames fanned by the breeze giving its radiant glow. 

He parted his lips, but immediately shuts and took several short breaths, closing his eyes before reopening his once more. As the crimson color started to fade. He took in one last breath before recomposing himself. "Sorry. But please zip your lips for now, or else I'll have to break your throat if you continue." 

Everyone watched, as Deku breathes with his chest rising and falling with the qualities of a lullaby. The night turned quiet with his threat, before finally what the student sensed is his anger dissipating. 

Mina slowly took a step forward, with the pocket she held clenched tightly on her palm. "Um.."

With her tiny squeak of a voice, Deku eyes snapped open and glanced to her. With the mere contact, Mina shivers against the air that is released from. Cold, like a wintery season like a blade pressing against her skin. Her hands trembled but still kept her hold as she reaches out the item to him. "She...She told me to givethistoyou! [give this to you!]"

She can see his eyes glanced down to her palm, as his eyes widen in surprise. Without hesitation, Deku lifted his left hand out and took the pocket watch. Like a prized possession, Deku held the watch like his dear life depends on it.

"Thank you."

Mina at first thought she heard it wrong. The soft-spoken voice yet still brimming with a little heat in his words felt reassuring, and determined. He continued. "How long were they gone?" 


"About ten to twenty minutes," Mashiro answered swiftly, coming into Mina's rescue.

Right after his words, Deku turned and placed the watch behind his pants pocket and walked towards the direction. "Thank you, and you, class representative was it?"

Iida shoots up and replied standing straight. "Yes!" How did he- Then, Iida remembered that he had once introduced himself to Deku before when he and Yuga were blocking his pathway.

"Sorry for lashing out."


Unexpectedly, Iida or rather anyone was expecting an apology from him. His brain failed to work for a brief second before quickly answering back. "Don't worry about it! For now, I insist that you-"

Deku didn't hear, as he continued to walk forward, slightly limping during the process and with one gun in hand. His scarred, bloody back facing towards them, immediately tell them that he's deeply wounded, and yet, even so, he looked confident, prideful keeping his eyes and posture straight, as he continued walking, not stopping for anything.

What they are seeing right now, is not a hero or a villain. Not a civilian either, but a survivor of a battlefield- a soldier preparing to risk anything to get the one he loves back. Then, a questioned appeared inside of Iida's mind. If a hero represents justice, and a villain represents evil. Then what does he represent in this situation?

The force of a good and evil, Deku is the only person that stands in between. Honorable might it seem, fearful might it look, but one thing for sure that in everyone's mind is that the boy in front of them is not a monster, not a hero, not a villain, not anything else but just a boy that wanted to take back his little sister.

"Wait!" Eijiro is the first to step up, reaching out to Deku. "You're gonna get her back right?!"

Deku didn't reply.

Eijiro bit his lips and shouted. "Then let us help!"

He paused and turned his head to face towards Eijiro. "..what…?"

"Your hand can still reach, isn't it! That's why you're going!" Eijiro takes a step forward, he clenched his chest desperately trying to convey his words.

"Kirishima, what are you saying?!" Iida countered. "This is something we should leave to the pros! We should trust Aizawa-sensei! This isn't the place for us to act, you idiot!"

" I know that!" Eijiro shouted back. "But can't you see?! No matter what we say, Deku is going to get his sister back dead or alive. He won't care about his injuries, and much as push himself! The moment when Bakugo was captured, my heart dropped! And yet it was Deku that was able to save him from the villains!"

Eijiro's face mottled into crimson, and his eyes popped. His words were spat out with the ferocity and the rapidity of machine gunfire. " There is someone right in front of us that need our help! I can't just turn a blind eye for those in need! If I don't do anything to at least help him, I don't want to be a hero or a man anymore!" 

"Kirishima, calm down." Denki chimed up, trying to ease the anger but it isn't going so well. "It's fine to feel strongly about things, but this time-" 

"Iida is correct." Tsuyu added on, agreeing on what Tenya is trying to say. 

"It's too early for you all to go against that group," Tiger stated. "What you up against is a whole other level. Even if you guys do go, there is a minimum chance of you all come back alive. For now, sit tight and wait for Easerhead's further order, and the rest of the heroes that are coming to this location." 

"Iida, all of you, are correct. I know that. But!" Eijiro continued directing his eye contact to Deku's. "If Deku's hand can still reach to his sister, then we can go save her! Save Eri!"

"You guys are still under my watch, and if you decided to break the laws, it will be considered as a violation, then there is a great consequence ahead," Tiger added on. "This isn't a place for you students to act and handle."


"Enough!" Tiger snapped, brining in the tension down. He directed his gaze to the Deku. "And you, you shouldn't be moving with those injuries and if you also intend to go chase after; using your quirks, it also is considered breaking the law."

Deku blinked his eyes, before turning back to his original direction and continued to walk.

"Wait, boy!" Tiger calls out. "If you continued to disobey my orders, you will be deemed as-"

Deku didn't stop, and continued walking towards the dark forestry lands, as the calls of Eijiro came deafening in his ears.


Black clouds sprawl across the sky, billowing in from the west, as their brassy glare drains the color from the trees. The air grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating the U.A. student and heroes. The scent of rain is trailing behind, as for a moment, everything stopped and even the wind holds its breath, as a low rumble hollered in the sky.

A storm is brewing.