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My Hero Academia: The Irreplaceable Family

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Destiny is all about the choices we make and the choices we take

He is way past the speed limit. But, that is the least concern in Izuku's mind, with the onslaught of the bullets sized raindrops thundering onto the back of his window car.

Izuku gritted his teeth in annoyance, as he steps his foot onto the petal more. The engine roars, as he quickly swirled his steering wheel, skidding out widely around the corners, the tires squeal with friction rubbing onto the rubber. His entire sight is on the road, watching out for any abnormal curves that the mountain roads have hidden out. The engine has already pushed to the limit, over 100 km/ph, however, that didn't seem too out chase his pursuers just by the glance on his front mirror, and the constant gunshot plumping his car.

A tiny squeak leaked out, like a mouse quivering by his side. Her trembling hands clutching her long, silvered hair. Her eyes widen in fear, as her heart was racing, and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and waiting desperately for this to be over. A choked cry forced itself up her throat, and she felt a drop down her cheek. She couldn't breathe and just let her body overtaken by fear.

"Eri!" Izuku called out, trying to get her attention, and wanted to even whisper sweet, honey words to calm the fragile doll beside him, strapped tightly by the seat belt. But this isn't the time for it. He needs her to snap out of this situation quickly before her power will go out of control once more. "Eri! Listen to me-"

His words were quickly cut short, the tension of the car was abruptly slammed them to the side. Eri let out a shrilling scream that was absolutely deafening to Izuku's ears. Nerve-wracking and adrenaline pumping in his body, as he quickly turns his steering wheel to the left, to prevent the car to tip over like a seesaw. To where his emerald eyes glanced to the left and meet an assault rifle.

In a split second, Izuku right hand reached over Eri and slammed her head down, while doing the same process, with his other hand still on the wheels. Bullets rained upon them both, shattering the window into fragment pieces piercing into Izuku's white shirt, where crimson soon to dye. Eri screamed once more.

"Get down!"

The bullet hits not only the window but also shooting on the door. Some of the bullets even hit the wing mirror, hacking it off. Izuku's eyes then looked at the rearview, to where another black car was behind them. To where a person wearing the same googled eye, climb out slightly from the window aiming another assault rifle at them. Izuku then ducks his head deeper to avoid the bullets that will probably penetrate through from the back window. And it did. The window cracked and shatters, even more, then Izuku quickly stepped onto his brake with much force than he has anticipated.

The black car from his left is now currently in front of him, as Izuku's car rammed back against the second black car from behind. Then step his foot into the petal once more. The black car became unbalanced due to the impact and drifted slightly. To where Izuku pulled out a 9mm pistol under his black suit jacket and aimed at the black car. He pulled the trigger without hesitation.

One shot landed on the shooter perfectly where his forehead was, as the body went limp. His partner by the side dragged the body inward, as the assault rifle escaped from the shooter's grasp and tumbling onto the head speed road. The second shot landed onto the black colored windshield, not making a single dent. Izuku pulled the trigger the third time hoping that it will work. Instead of the bullets ripping the windshield that Izuku would have liked, it's more of the windshield deflected the bullets instead.

Seeing that, Izuku clicked his tongue in annoyance and shifted his aim at somewhere else-the tires. The fourth shot rang out, as a bullet from Izuku's gun puncture the material of the tire like nothing, as the air seeps out like a tiny puff of smoke. The driver from the black car drifted to the iron railings on the road, crashing into it as he couldn't maintain the balance anymore. Smoke rises from the crash.

With one of the cars taken down, the second black car that was in front didn't waste its time and start shooting them. Bullets cracking the windshield completely covering Izuku's iron sight with cracked glass. Eri screamed once more with both of her hands covering her ears, wanting to block out the sound of raining gunfire.

Izuku then calmly placed his right hand still holding the gun on top of his left that is controlling the wheel. Using it to stabilize his movement, to where he then pulls the trigger. The fifth bullet shatters his own windshield, crumbling away like flakes of snow. With the sight clear, the shooter pulled his trigger. Many bullets scrapped his car, as Izuku's eyes lined up with his iron sight from the gun and aimed a headshot on the shooter. The shooter once more went limp, as someone else's from the car tries to pull their partner inward. Taking the chance, Izuku stepped onto his petal and rammed against the car in front. As the shaken force reverberating the black car off balance and exposed their frontal tire completely for Izuku's sixth shot ringing out.


He missed the shot.

Izuku pulled his trigger again and again, as the seventh and eighth shot was almost touching it. Then comes the ninth, as the tires exploded into a puff of air completely making the black car drifted right in front of Izuku. Without even a second thought, Izuku rammed the car with his full force, causing the black car to jump few feet off the ground covering Izuku's sight. The car tipping over in the sky, scraping the top edges of Izuku's cars only creating sparks of flames. To were then it started to toppling down, flipping and turning. To where the moment the car was cleared away, Izuku's widen in surprise. A curve.

Izuku fastens making his feet stop onto the brakes once more, turning his wheels desperately. The car screeched, as smoke can be seen to arise from his tire. However, that doesn't seem to stop the distance between the rails and the car from coming a split second close. Unable to stop, Izuku quickly unbuckles his own seat belt and reached out to the fragile girl.

"Eri!" He yelled like a booming bark, but that doesn't seem too shaken the shivering girl out of her stand. She can't move. Without a single second left to spear, he unbuckled her seat belt and wrapped his muscular arms around her body bringing her close to his chest, To where the car busted the rails opened like nothing before Izuku can feel the gravity pulling himself downward along with Eri in his arms. He bared his teeth, and tightening his hold, with his back against the front clinging onto the girl as his life depends on it. The car flies on the dead of gunning night before gravity starts to do it's work and pulling it downward.

Izuku can feel his entire body being lifted off the car, as the wind got colder and colder, with the trees rustling almost against his ear and the singing of the glass shards around him. Then like a wrecking ball it came, the car crashed into thousands of trees. His bones, muscles, joints, and organs felt like they were being crumpled and smashed. He kept his mouth shut, but he felt like his lungs are burning inside of him. His torso and head smashed against the car, knocking the air out of him, while his arms are still tight around the girl refusing to let her go if anything was prying his hands opened. Then just like that, the car hits the cold, dead ground, topping it over as the tires rolls.

Izuku's consciousness is flickering back and forth. His vision kept flashing from bitter darkness to blinding white light. He can taste the coppery blood pooling into his mouth, and the blood dripping from his head. He wasn't even sure if he's awake or not, but the buzzing noise and the sound of something rippling, sizzling, and the muffled cry made him believe, just so everlasting believe that he was alive. His heart thumping against his ribcage, to where he looked down on the crying girl laying on top of him, with his arms still wrapped around.

"E..r..i." His voice was broken and weak. He wasn't even sure if that's his own voice, to begin with. He then pushes himself up, to where he can feel the aching and the cracks in his bones. Each crack felt like rocks were burrowing into his skin, as he sucked in a cramped air, letting his lungs caving in and out as he exhaled. His body won't move. "E..r..i.." He called out once more, as his vision starts to swim. Fading and waking, fading and waking. His body is screaming to go to sleep, letting his eyes sleep. But he can't. He and the girl is not completely safe yet.

Eri was clenching her tiny hands against the ebony vest, to where her shivering hands can be seen. Izuku knows that Eri is scared right now. Scratch it, she is more than scared at this instance. However, he needs her to move. Move away from the car, because he can smell smoke, and hear the brief sound of the liquid pouring-gasoline.

"Eri…" Izuku choked out, with his right hand softly shaking her. ".m...move... You need to...move out of"

His breathing is getting shallower and shallower, to where he wasn't even sure how long he can even stay awake. He needs to get the girl out of the car. But the only reply he got was silence and the same sound.

"Eri…" He called out once more, to where the girl only replied as she shakes her head against his clothes. The girl is not budgeting. She is too stricken with fear, and this is not the best time to be. And so, Izuku does what he can with his energy.

"Eri...Eri….my sweet little sister….." He sweetly calls out, His voice is getting more lower, each time he speaks. " My adorable sister. Listen to me...I want you, to climb out of this car, alright? It's fine. After that….let's...let's go somewhere...away from here…...alright?"

"B-but...D-de-" Her eyes are all swallowed by thick water when looking at Izuku. Her hiccups are overtaking her speech. Izuku smiled and gently soothing her hair.

"I…" He starts, as he swallowed thickly chugging down the rusty taste of his blood. "I'll be..fine. Now...climb on top of me and through...the windshield. I'm right...behind you..."

Eri was hesitating. She doesn't want to leave, especially she's seeing the blood that is basically caking her dear brother. But the soothing of his voice was reassuring her that he'll follow her next the moment she's out. But there a hesitation, because of concern of his body. But nevertheless, Eri obeyed, as she pushed herself off of Izuku and carefully not to force too much weight on him. However, the moment Eri started to shift, Izuku let out a groan of pain, Eri panicked. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry! I'm sor-"

"Eri, it's..alright. Continue." He lied. He's not alright. Every time Eri moves, the pain throbs in his guts, deep and warm, definitely not in a nice way. He knows that Eri is on the surface of his body, where her hands are barely digging into his flesh. But every time she moves her hand and feet to climb further up, it's like her hand is digging deep into his chest, squeezing his organs to the brink that it might explode. He sucked a breath through his gritted teeth and hold to prevent any more noise that can startle his sister.

What seems like minutes feels like hours, as Izuku is trapped in agony. His hazy eyes kept close to his sister, and will always call out to be careful with any glass that can cut her. And once she's fully out, she quickly turned to where her brother is staying lying in the same position.


Izuku breathed in and out, in and out before answering. "In a minute." He swallowed and braced himself for the upcoming pain that will definitely size up his entire body. It's now or never.

With the determination in the set, Izuku flipped his body. Immense pain surging through him like electricity vulnerating him in shock so much that his complexion is whitened ash. He bit his tongue to prevent any screaming leaving his mouth. His hands balled into a fist, with his nails digging into his palms. Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

"D-Deku?" The shivering sound from his sister knocked his chants into crumbles. This isn't the time for this! He then started to crawl, each crawl he pushed himself forward using his feet. He doesn't care if the shards of glass are cutting his shirt and skin. The only priority is to get out of this car and take Eri to safety.

Seconds turn to a minute, as Izuku finally was out of the car, as he scrambled to his feet. He gently hissed, as he can feel the bones in his legs crackling.

Eri then stepped forward, fidgeting. "C-can I..?"

Izuku eyed Eri, before shaking his head. "No. Don't use it on me. I' fine." He breathes out, blinking rapidly wanting his vision to clear from the constant blanking out. He then grabbed Eri in his arms, wincing a little before fully having Eri sitting on his arms, as she carefully wrapping her arms around Izuku's neck. He lightly breathes out, before forcing his legs to walk.

"Let's...get out of here…." His words were soothing, but the aching pain that's behind those words are not. Eri tightens her hold, as she watches the view of the car that they were once before getting smaller and smaller soon surrounded by trees.

Trees, trees, trees, and more trees.

No matter where Izuku wanders, there are always trees surrounding them. His vision is swimming, and he needs to get out of this labyrinth fast with Eri in his arms. His legs were limping as he walks, and his breathing is unstable in Eri's ears. Being in a forest is not a good place to be in especially with him injured and weak and with darkness caving in.

But it was the sound of creaking twigs snaps created by nature to serve as a reminder that things can be much, much worse if he decides to linger. Especially when the forest is like an orchestra playing in his mind, enchanting symphony after another. The leaves danced to an unheard beat, whispering songs to the breeze that passed through. It's lullabying him to sleep, where his legs interlocked and stumbled. In one swift motion, he grabbed Eri and shifted her towards his chest, as his back slammed onto the thick, oak tree. That impact nearly cracked his spine, as it knocked an air out of him.

"Deku!" Eri whimpered out, worried that his injuries are getting far worse if this continued on. Izuku then let his body slide down on his back as his chest rising and falling. He's going to past out, and it's already amazing of how far he has already walked.

"Y-you need me-medical-"

"Shh…" Izuku gently shushing her, as his right-hand petting Eri's head. "It's..alright. I'll be fine. Just….gimme a second, sweetie." It's no use. His eyes are barely giving him a clear focus, as it turns to pixelated images. Stay focus! C'mon!

"Deku?" Eri's voice is barely registering in his mind, but he still answered by giving her a hummed that he's awake.

Eri is panicking again. Her emotions are going bankrupt, with pools of tears sliding down on her, dirtied cheek. Izuku's right hand touched her cheek gently, wiping off the tears and dirt to avoid ruining her pretty face. Just as Izuku was about to say something to soothe her emotions, the ground rumbles.

A creature that shapes from Earth itself- a beast emerged from the trees stands in front of his eyes. The beast growls, setting its unseen eyes on him. The beast lifted its enormous claws and without a single hesitation slammed right towards where Izuku is.Ignoring the pain that is screaming inside of him, Izuku held Eri tight to his chest and using his legs as a propeller to dodge the claws before crashing down on the position Izuku was in before. Piles of rocks, dirt, and sand fly through the air, as Izuku rolled with Eri still in his arms before his back was once again smashed onto an oak tree. He then shifted himself upwards, sitting upright then using his legs as the bones cracking beneath him to push himself against the tree to stand up.

His eyes glared at the hideous being in front of him. The hell?

Eri shifted her head to look behind her, to where her eyes met the beast. The beast growls once more, before stomping its way towards them. Eri curled up even further into Izuku.

"This is the worst case scenario," Izuku mumbled under his breath. The thing in front of him is not a human, but Izuku isn't sure if it's an animal or not. He doesn't have enough information to understand what is this beast in front of him. But Izuku does know one thing, the beast is slow.

With that in mind, Izuku mutter in Eri's hair allowing only for her to hear his voice. "Hold on tight Eri, We're running."

Before Izuku even let a single sound slipped from her mouth, he ran. His curly greens bouncing on each step he takes, as sweat rolled down his skin in thick, salty beads. Eri can hear his heart throbbing in acceleration forming rapid music. Izuku didn't know where he was nor did he know where he was heading. He had no idea what time it was either. All he knew was he had to keep running forward. Not stopping for anything.

Just as Izuku thought he has created a safe distance from the beast behind by just taking a glance away, the suddenly feel a gash of wind as his eyes directed back to the front. An incoming claw appeared in front of him, to where he quickly hurled his entire chest forward, dodge rolling the claw out of the way where both of his hands placed around Eri to prevent any possible damage harm to her. In a beat after the dodge roll, Izuku quickly returns to his run.

He looked back, to where now there are two beasts appearing trailing after him. There's more?!

Acting like a cue, the leaves rustled harshly to Izuku looked up. Another one of the beasts expects this time it's flying soaring down with its mighty wings dashing straight towards Izuku.

Dragon?! Izuku quickly jumped out of the way, to where he can hear his bones breaking. The dragon-like beast clashes down onto the ground completely missed as bits of crumbling rocks falls off of its body due to the impact.

Izuku's eye's narrows, continuing his run. Someone is controlling them. With that thought, emerald eyes scanned around the area for any kind of person nearby. However, it's either due to the lack of light or either because of his vision all he can see is nothing but his sight flickering in and out of the darkness.

However, that didn't stop him from running. He kept his legs moving, despite his heart beats frantically, and a jarring pain shoots to the thigh to knee then to the ankle. The sound of the twigs snaps underneath his shoes, as the dying leaves flying around him either from him due to the run or from the dragon-like beast from behind. Then, what Izuku didn't expect was to find himself tripping when trying to jump over a trunk that lies dead on his path. Due to this, his legs tumbled, as his arms weren't holding onto Eri anymore, as she herself was flying away from his grasp. During at the same time, the dragon-like beast opened its claws diving straight at her. Izuku reached his right hand as Eri reached back. Completely ignoring the crackling of his joints, the bleeding from his arms due to the cuts and bruises, all his eyes are on the sole girl that he desperately wanted to protect and held her in his arms.

Izuku's fingers touched Eri's to where he can feel the slightest warmth. Their pinkies intertwined, to only to have the warmth quickly pulled away as Izuku's eyes widen by the event before him. Eri is flying higher and higher towards the sky carried away by the dragon-like beast.

Adrenaline flooded into Izuku's system like it's on an intravenous drip- right into his blood at a full pelt. His heart exploded, and his eyes widen, letting in every ounce of the light that the darkness can give. His adrenaline surges so fast, to the point Izuku almost vomited. He can taste the saliva thickening in his mouth into a rancid paste. He screamed. "ERI!"

To where the moment his body slammed onto the ground, twigs crackled in his ears followed by the leaves crunching. He scrambled to his feet and started the chase. His sight didn't leave the dragon-like beast, never once taken it off. Never once his eyes taken away from his sister in the claws of the beast sobbing, as her tears are like glistening stars. However, the beast flies even faster, to were branches of trees are blocking his line of sight.

Eri! Eri! Eri! Eri! Er- Izuku's mind was so focused on getting the girl back, he barely registering an explosive sound ringing closer and closer to him.


Before Izuku knew what was going on, a hand reached out emitting orange light to where Izuku quickly tilted his head to the left, shifting his body weight. Good thing he did, because the next thing he knew an explosion occurred right where his face was originally placed in.

During the shift, emerald eyes met crimson. Acting on pure instinct, Izuku reached out his right hand grabbing hold onto the ash blond's wrist pulling him more forward towards the direction and slammed him down onto the ground with his other arm placing on his upper back, while his left knee is on his lower back.

"The hell?" Izuku questioned, as the blond grunted in pain with his body slammed forcefully onto the hard, dirt soil, knocking the air out of him, causing him to take a breather to make his lungs stabled once more.

Before Izuku can even process what's going on, the air suddenly became colder. The sound of ice crackling in his ears, to where he quickly jumped backward letting go of the blond. Turns out, waves of the glacier-like ice stretched across the field creating a barrier between him and the boy.

Izuku glanced his eyes to the right, meeting a heterochromia eyes-grey on the right side and turquoise on the left. His right foot was extended out, and below his shoes were the traces of the same ice that created the waves of the glacier.

"Explosive and ice?" Izuku questioned, to where his feet landed back onto the ground, harshly. Electrically pain shot through him, causing him to fell to his knees.

"Don't go rushing in carelessly into anything!" The heterochromia boy shouted, probably furious upon the explosive blond's actions.

Izuku let out some shaky breaths, before glancing back up towards the two boys that suddenly attacked him. Questions are flooding into his mind, like a labyrinth, but quickly pushed it back to where he remembers he doesn't have time for this. Izuku glanced up in the sky, to where the dragon-like beast no longers in the sky.

"Damn it!" Izuku cursed out, and start running once more towards the direction that he hoped the dragon-like beast was heading towards. Izuku can hear the explosive yell and shouts from behind him, but he couldn't care less. He needs to find the beast, where his eyes are glued to the sky.

It was then another yell came across.


A leg is coming in full power straight towards him, to where Izuku quickly bent his backward, sliding across the soiled floor, then into a dodge roll and into a run once more. Izuku glanced back to where he sees a boy with glasses looking a bit surprised before snapping his attention at Izuku once more.

Another one? Izuku ponders. First is the blond, then is the ice boy, then the glasses. Judging by their actions alone-

"There must be more!" Izuku states, as then a piece of white tape tightly wrapped around his left wrist. Izuku stopped his movement, to where the tape tugs forcefully dragging Izuku's feet pulling him backward. Izuku is gritting his teeth in annoyance, to where in the distance behind him, he can see the three boys he had encountered rushing towards him.

"You got some fuckin' guts ignoring me, huh asshole?!" The explosive boy shouts as he's using both of his hands propelling himself forward, faster than the other two running behind him. The glasses boy didn't seem to give up the race, to where he also seemed to use the full extent of his legs. While the icy boy was running behind in third place.

Izuku is short on time. Emerald eyes glanced to the direction where the tape was coming from, high above from one the shadowy trees.

"Flat face, you better not letting this bastard go!" The blond is coming in closer and closer, by the passing second.

"It's Sero!"

With the blond coming in close, the tightening grip on Izuku's wrist, Izuku sucks a breath and hold. He immediately reached out his right arm and grab the tape. The moment the blond was close enough, Izuku using all his muscles and pulled down the tape towards the direction where the blond is coming. Izuku can feel a shift from the weight of the moment coming from the tape alone, to where the person-Sero- was falling down straight towards the blond. It was also at that moment where Izuku felt his left wrist lessen from pressure and begins to run once more, completely ignoring what happened to the people in the back. All he heard was a second explosion and tons of shouting. Before another explosion occurred.

Izuku then brought his left wrist in front of him, to where the tape on his wrist is still there. Izuku tugged on the tape, to where it is surprisingly sturdy and untearable. He can definitely put this into good use, as to where Izuku starts to unravel the tape, as he continued to run.

Emerald eyes glanced side to side completely on guard to where the next possible person would appear. And never would he excepted was person crashing down from the sky, completely making him jump backward in caution. The moment he did, he can hear the same explosive shout ringing in his ears.

Izuku's eyes glanced back, before returning his sight back to a boy with spiky red hair, smiling in excitement while his words were directing to someone else. "That was so manly, Uraraka, Tsuyu!"

Izuku raised a brow. Uraraka? Tsuyu? There's more?

"Woah man," The boy with crimson hair eyes widen. "You're all bloody, did Bakugo did you in?"

Bakugo? Izuku ponders, as a loud raging voice bursting through his direction.

"You fucking asshole! Where you think you're going?!"

Izuku clocked his tongue in annoyance, before charging towards the boy in front of him spinning like he's dancing as he raised his left feet with momentum and swings it towards him. However, Izuku's eyes widen, and shoved back his scream, feeling his bones are crumbling even more. The boy with crimson hair held up his arms to completely blocking his kicks, yet there was almost something else- his skin was like made out of rocks. It's hard.

"Wow man, that is some kick!" There it is again, excitement in this boy's tone, to where Izuku didn't waste a beat as he then twisted his body, even more, to let his right leg raise and smash it once more at the same position. The boy's weight shifted back a bit, but that didn't seem to do any good. Because now, both of his legs are even more pain than before.

Izuku then fell onto one of his knees and holding onto where the pain is located. The boy in front of him looked a bit concerned and reached out. "Hey man, are you okay?"

Izuku glanced up, to where the boy looked concern. Now, Izuku is confused. Wasn't he supposed to attack me?

But his questions are catch short, to where the back of his neck can feel a radiated heat. Without even glancing back, Izuku knew who it is-the explosive blond. His rough hand was on his neck, emitting heat like a threatening gesture. It would seem as if Izuku was too focus on the thought and pain to noticed the blond coming up behind him.

"Bakugo, I don't think that's necessary." The crimson boy commented.

"Shut it, shitty hair." Bakugo snarled, having a bad temper. Izuku can feel his crimson glare on his back. "Now if I were you, I would not fuckin' move a damn muscle. That is if you still wanted to have your neck intact."

Izuku swallowed complying to the blond, not moving a single bit.

"Bakugo-kun!" Another voice chimed in, to where Izuku was familiar with the voice. It was the boy with glasses. Izuku can't see him, with his back turned and still on one of his knees. But Izuku knows that every boy he encountered so far, is behind him.

The glasses boy continued. "That is not a very hero-like, Put down your hand!"


The adrenaline in his body is slowing down, to where the pain is slowly creeping up onto his body. He sucked a breath before exhaling it through his lips.

Eri. Izuku thinks to himself, before biting down his bottom lip hard to where he didn't even know blood was leaking out of his cut. Eri. Eri. Eri.

"Hey man, stop biting! You're bleeding!" The crimson-haired boy shouting out, a bit terrified at the blood oozing out on Izuku's lips. Upon the shout, Izuku can feel the hands around his neck lessen, to where he quickly sucked a breath and hold. Izuku grabbed the hand behind him and twist, to where Bakugo's eyes widen, as crimson mets emerald eyes.

In a split second, he pulled the blond towards him and twist his body, pulling his left knee and kneed him in the shin, to where Izuku let go of his arm as he stumbled back a bit, cursing out on the pain. Without a delay, Izuku took out the tape that he has been saving, and unraveled itself and dashed straight towards the crimson haired boy. The boy hardens it's skin once more to brace for an impact for any Izuku's attack. However he didn't expect was to find tape tightening around his neck, as Izuku flipped his entire body above the boy, and pulling him downward. To where the boy almost choked to death, having his back slammed onto the ground.

"Kirishima!" Sero and the icy boy shouted in panic. To where the icy boy placed his feet forward, like waves of the glacier-like ice rushing towards Izuku once more. Izuku then ripped the tape off of Kirishima's neck and jumped backward to where he exhaled through his lips before start running once more. Shutting out the panicked concern to their campaigns.

Then in the distance, he can see some kind of building, to where the further he goes the wider the view, but also the fussy the vision. His pace then starts to slow, as what stands before him was a total of fourteen people. All in ready standing before him.

"Is that him?!" A grape looking boy shouted quivering in fear pointing his finger at Izuku. "He totally looked like a murderer!"

"W-where's Bakugo and the others?!" Shouted in complete panic coming from a boy with yellow hair with black stripes.

"It would seem that he outdid them, kero." Answered a frog looking girl, sticking out its tongue as she speaks.

"What?!" Exclaim in shrill panic coming from a girl with pink skin, face completely mortified. "Even with our top two students?!"

Students? Izuku thought to himself, blinking rapidly trying to focus and taking in the appearance of the people in front of him. But no matter how many times he blinked, his vision isn't getting any clearer. "So these are students….."

He wasn't sure if he actually said it out loud, but the words that spilled like a fountain from the grape boy confirmed his suspicion. "Mina why did you say that?! You doomed us all!"

Emerald eyes scanned to the voices, as then a girl with a ponytail stepped forward to where Izuku's eyes directed to her. He can tell that she's nervous, just by the one her hand is placed in front of her chest and the slight breathing he hears. Izuku can tell, she's protecting her campaigns, trying to put up a brave front.

Emerald eyes then scanned over the other people. Each has fear and worried expression smeared across their faces. However, no matter where he looked, he didn't see Eri. Panic arises from his chest, making him a bit harder to breathe like his lungs won't unfold itself to have a taste of the air.

"H-hey." A voice calls out to him, to where emerald eyes glanced to where the voice was coming from. A girl with round cheeks. "Are...are you alright?"

Izuku doesn't get it. Clearly, these people in front of him are friends with the people that he encountered, yet why haven't they attack him and asked the same question that the crimson haired boy did before? He's so confused, that the more he thinks, the more the labyrinth creates drowning him in his thoughts. Faint noises of argument can be heard, but Izuku wasn't even registering it. He then let out a shaky breath, as it was loud, hoarse, and also a tone like a lost child calling out. "Eri."

All argument stopped, as all eyes directed to him. "Eri. H-have you have seen my little sister?"

Izuku couldn't make out what their expression is. As if they weren't expecting that kind of a question. Izuku wanted to call out again but soon knocked the thought away, as the same irritating voice calls out.

"You fucking piece of shit!"

Izuku looked to his right, and see an incoming hand extended out to where he quickly jumped to the right to avoid the explosion blasting on his face. Then came along the crackling ice and the tape shoot straight at him, to where he tried to dodge but his legs are already overextending to its limit that he can't help but crashed onto the ground. Knocking his head against the surface, making the surrounding noise buzzing in his ears. He groans in pain, as he pushes himself upwards to where a foot landed straight on his chest. His vision blinking in and out again looked up to where Bakugo was crackling fireworks in his palms.

"No more shitty tricks asshole." Raspy breathing emitted from Izuku's lips. And before he does anything else the same round-cheeked girl stepped forward yelling at the blond.

"Bakugo enough!"

Izuku can see a vein popping on his head as he shouted back. "Hah?!"

The round-cheeked girl didn't seem to back down from his roar and continued. "He's clearly injured, and he isn't any threat!"

Bakugo snarled. "Fuck you round cheeks. He's totally a fucking threat! He knocked me down and shitty hair almost choked to death thanks to this guy!"

Small gasp can be heard, as then later became a tower of question.

"He has thrown you down?!"

"Oh my god is Kirishima okay?!"

"He's totally a murderer then! Look how bloody he is!"

Voices erupted and shoving it into Izuku's ears. Voices soon become inaudible for him to understand. All expect the explosive boy that shouts loud and clear.

"Shut it dunce face! And for the record, I didn't even land a single hit on him!"

After a moment of a short silence, more question begins to throw at the explosive boy. Izuku can't take it anymore. He doesn't have time for this, as he then begins to shift, as to where Bakugo pressed his feet firmly on his doubled chested vest, dirty it even more, and hurting his injuries.

"Don't move." He let out a low growl, as Izuku winced in pain.

Izuku let out a shaky breath. The adrenaline is almost gone from his body, and he needs to make a move fast. But the weight on his chest is barely making it possible. So Izuku then slumped back onto the ground with the curls covering his eyes. His chest rising slowly.

"You finally gave up, huh?" Bakugo leaned forward emitting his crackling explosion close to his face to intimidate Izuku. However, instead of imitation, it did the complete opposite. Izuku sucked in a breath and held it once more before his right hand reached and grabbed Bakugo's explosive hand pulling him towards him. As he can see crimson eyes widen in surprise, as well as everyone else. The pull was fast, to where Izuku leaned forward, as he can feel the blond's breathing tickling on his lips and the smell of cinnamon and spice traveling to his noise. And just as the moment was close enough, Izuku used it to his advantage and flipped the table over, making him being on top of the blond instead, still holding his hand while his other is on his neck. While his knee pushes down on Bakugo's other arm.

Even without looking Izuku can hear the foot shuffling closer to him. He then let out a dangerously, cold tone that immediately halted the footstep. "Take one more step, and I'll snap this bastard's wrist or neck. Your choice."

Emerald eyes stared at the crimson eyes for the third time. The shock that was expressed in the red quickly faded into frustration. "You fucking-"

"Shut up," Izuku growled back, trying to steady his breathing and the pain that is already taken over his legs. Izuku can see his victim's vein-popping once more. "If you got the guts, then fuckin' make me asshole."

Izuku's eyes narrowed in distaste. This guy really needs to shut up.

To where before Izuku can say anything, a sense of danger creeping into his brain that Izuku immediately jumped away from the spot and towards the side. It was several clothes extending out before pulling it back in. To where he found himself staring at a tall, messy looking haired adult.

Another one? Izuku couldn't believe himself, he eyed the man carefully. This person is older than-

Then the sound of crackling ice came once more, making Izuku quickly sidestepping away from the ice itself. He tries but his legs no longer respond to his thinking and falls. Pain surging into his body due to the impact. Without a single break, Izuku's entire body was pressed down, with his right wrist being restrained to his back to where he can't help but let out a scream of pain. His voice resounded in the forest, to where he can feel the pressure lessen on his body and wrist in surprise. 

Blurriness is all he can see with his vision as the voices are being blocked. Everything was like a slow motion.Then, as if everything was quiet came running a familiar voice that made Izuku's blood raging alive.

"Let him go!" There standing several feet away from him was Eri. His beloved little sister tears streaming down her face, as her hand holding tightly on her little red skirt. All his sight was on her, and her alone that he completely blocked the two other female adults that stand beside

"Eri…" Izuku softly muttered out, to where Izuku shoved off the adult above him the moment the weight was even more lessen. Izuku scooped himself up despite his body crumpling in the state. Eri starts running towards him, pulling away from the adults grasp. Izuku has trouble standing up at first but kept pushing himself.

"Eri, Eri, Eri." Like a mindless zombie, he is, that he kept chanting her name, limping towards her dragging his right leg to her. His left arm reaching forward. "Eri."

The distance gets closer, as Eri reached out both of her hands at him. Then finally, to which felt like an eternity her tiny hands wrapped tightly around his waist. To where Izuku slumped down to one of his knees, pulling her closer to his chest. To where he wished that this is the only time she can crush him to death.

"Deku! Deku! Deku!" Eri buried her head to his neck, crying out loudly. Repeatedly chanting his name.

Despite the pain, Izuku can feel the happiness sinking into his bones. Forgetting everything that the pain has given him. He can't believe it, she's finally in his arms. Warmth, safe, and sound.

"Deku! Deku!"

He's drifting. The world is coming to a blur, to where he wasn't sure if it's the water in his eyes. But he did know was that random images seemed to float aimlessly around in the pool of his thoughts, as though they were being blown viciously by a hurricane.


The voice is getting dimmer, as he can feel his body sway. He can't keep focus, as like the whole world simply melted into low resolution. Blinking in and out again and again, to where he felt his head leaning forward and slumped. He lost it, as the only thing he can feel is his heavy head retreated into a wallowing blackness, and the sound of a desperate cry coming from his girl.

She's….safe. That was the last thing before he finally blacked out.