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A Quiet Night (Tsubaki Makoto X Reader X Shinonome Eisuke)

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A Quiet Night (Tsubaki Makoto X Reader X Shinonome Eisuke)

Written by: Missing-Nins




A quiet night at Sakuragi wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. So indulged in creating a new song, by the time you realized again, it was already long past midnight. Slowly tiptoeing out of the soundproof room as to not wake anyone else up, you stealthily head up to your room on the second floor. It was quiet, oh so quiet , the only noise other than your own breathing is the sound of crickets under the moonlit night. Just a few steps away from the door, you reached out to grab the handle--- when suddenly your vision was stolen away.




Hands over your eyes, and his husky whisper in your ears, you could feel your body shivering as your breath hitched in your throat.




His hand left your eyes and moved down to gently cupped your face as his thumb gently trace along your lower lips.


“...What are you… doing here?”


Without given an answer, Makoto leaned in for a kiss. A quick short kiss that ended well too soon leaving you yearning for more.





Just a few step away stood Eisuke, his prince charming smile nowhere to be seen. He watches as Makoto circled his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.


“Didn’t I told you to wait for me?”