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Location: Hiro Towers, Japan
Date: September 4th, 2038
Time: 16:43

At exactly 1200 hours, A group of autonomous Androids known as Deviants successfully sneaked into a heavily populated building and infiltrated the broadcasting hub to livestream their leader who proceed to give a speech advocating for Android equality and rights. While the majority of Japan is indecisive of the group’s motivates, the hijacking, knocked out hostages, and non-fatal gunshot are being treated as a threat to Japan’s current economy. Aizawa Shota, the Chief of Police of Tokyo Prefecture, just assigned Bakugou Katsuki as the primary Detective for these Android related incidents.

Cyberlife, the creators and distributors of Androids, has appointed an innovated Domestic Care Assistant KO500 to help aid in the investigations and put a stop to the threat of these Deviants. It was instructed under the order of the Chief of Police himself, that the KO500 model would be upgraded to test out the highly-advanced investigation system that were in the works for the upcoming release of Police Assistant Androids. Cyberlife and Yuuei Police Force want to assure the people that this isolated group of Deviants will be found and dealt with accordingly.

Software Instability: 5%
External Feedback Indicator (LED): Blue-Stable
All Major Biocomponents: Optimal
Newly-Upgraded Limbs: Perfect condition
Main Objective(s): i. Search crime scene
ii. Find out more about the band of deviants.

Today was Uraraka’s first day being an Android Assistant assigned to Detective Bakugou. The Chief of Police had given her a warning that Bakugou did not want a partner and would simply dismiss her if she wasn’t up to his standards, but Uraraka didn’t expect a gun to her face the moment she walked out of the elevator.

Unfortunately for the gun owner, Androids weren’t built to flinch at minor inconveniences, but that doesn’t mean that this moment went unnoticed by other people in the room. One by one, the people of the police department stopped what they ever doing and focused their energy on what was about to go down.

Analyzing the gun owner’s body language, Uraraka deduced that there was an insufficient probability of this police officer putting a bullet through her Central Processing Unit, temporarily killing her, and effectively setting her back on her mission.

She tilted her head to get a clean glimpse of his facial structure before activating her facial recognition scanner.

Start of Face Recognition
Processing.... Analysis Done!
Face Recognized:
Name: Bakugou, Katsuki
Date of Birth: 4/20
Occupation: Police Officer, Tokyo Prefecture

Uraraka had prepared herself for swearing and the possibility of being grabbed, but not the chances of having a gun aimed between her optical units. However, it was nothing that she wasn’t built to handle.

“Hello, my name is--”

“O-cha-ko, right? At least, that’s what the little girl and the Todoroki Android called you.” He said, cutting her off. He took a moment to examine her. “You cut your hair to your shoulders, and it’s now brown instead of the red.”

It felt detrimental to have long hair if she were to assist in capturing deviants. They would not willingly give themselves up and would most likely put up a fight against the police officers who are just doing their job. Cyberlife decided to give Uraraka back her default color.

With his gun still aimed at her, he turned his attention to the officer next to him. “Shitty Brow, pull her right sleeve off to see if she has the scar.”

The silver haired policeman with very intense eyebrows nodded and walked over to Uraraka. Softly apologizing before he pulled the side of her jacket down to reveal a gunshot wound on her biceps. The apologetic officer apologized once more before informing the other workers to continue working.

“So you are the same exact Android I met those couple of weeks ago.” He confirmed, eyeing her shoulder as she slipped her jacket back on properly. His gun visibly shook when their eyes connected, incredulity painted on his face but his voice remained composed as he questioned her. “How are you alive? You should be fucking dead after all of that.”

Cyberlife informed Uraraka that she had been shut down (‘fucking dead’ as Bakugou bluntly stated) during an encounter but the Chief of Police had asked for her to be rebooted and upgraded. She assumed that his boss would have informed him about her assistance to the mission, but the look on his face told her otherwise.

With his gun lowered, he glared at her. “Do you remember anything that happened that night?”

Uraraka shouldn’t be able to remember anything that happened prior to her rebooting but she could recall a great bit.

Something had gone wrong.

Her memories from the night started with her running inside of an abandoned building (a ship considering the metal structure?) with heavy footsteps chasing behind her.

Chaos surrounded everybody in the area, to be exact. Those heavy footsteps were carrying firearms, shooting for anything and anybody that wasn’t their own.

Bodies were piling up on the floor, with blue ooze leaking out of them. Jumping over some of them, she doesn’t recognize the Androids faces, doesn’t remember the names of those laying on the floor, and most of all, she doesn’t recall what events had let up to the shooting. But what she does recall was the chilling sensation creeping up on her with each step she took, the fear that she might not make it out of the chase grew stronger with each deviant she passed.

She assumed the fallen were Deviants, why else would they get gunned down? Deviants were the ones who strayed from their basic programming and was seen as a threat. But she also knew that humans sometimes take advantage of their Androids but would the humans hurt their Androids to the point of no return?

With the tugging of her hand, Eri told her that they needed to make left at the corner in order to escape. Squeezing the tiny hands that could only hold two of her fingers, she followed the girl’s lead.

But she made the mistake of turning around, she saw one particular policeman persistent on catching them. The persistent policeman seemed unarmed and he was far away enough to where they could lose him if they hide immediately after taking a left. Turning back, she internally swore because she was starting to slow down as Dread began to creep in but she needed to keep going, at least for the child.

Her plan was to escape the police guard, hide out in one of the cabins until the riot was over, and find a way to get to Canada. This little child was gonna escape this prison riot. She was willing to die in order to protect Eri from harm.

However… getting shot in through the arm wasn’t apart of her protection plan (that cop had a gun after all), but she needed to adjust to this problem. Besides, they couldn’t risk the policeman catching up to them because she released the girls hand and froze as it pierced her skin.

The child frantically grabbed her index and middle fingers and tugged, trying to rush her into the closest cabin. There was a loud cackle behind them, most likely from the guy who shot her, that echoed throughout the corridor.

“Ochako,” the girl whined. “We have to keep going. You can’t stop now. All three of us are supposed to be going to Canada together.”

Forcing herself to move, Ochako slowly took a few steps until Todoroki made himself known by scooping her up, pushing her face against their chest, and carrying her the rest of the way.

All Ochako could do was rub her head against his and criticize herself. She just made a promise to get the little girl out of this situation and instead almost got them all killed.

Amidst the gunshots and Ochako’s self wallowing, her two companions located a good cabin to hide in. He adjusted Ochako so that her head was in the crook of his neck, walked back a few steps before rushing to the door and slamming his foot against it. She heard a light ‘fuck’ as the little girl was rushed into the room before he ran into the cabin and shut the door.

He lowered her onto the murky floor before pushing his weight against the door, just in case the policeman saw them run into the cabin. It was unlikely but that was a risk that they couldn’t take.

Ochako wanted to help out, to make up for the freeze up that happened just moments ago, but there was a tight pressure from her right arm that kept her in her spot. She tried to apply pressure against the wound with her hand but the blood still overflowed and leaked down her arm. Ochako began to make her way towards the back wall where there was a huge amount of junk, possibly something that could cease the bleeding. But the observation was cut short with her focus shifting back to the red eyed child across the room.

“Ochako,” Eri sniffed as she tried rubbing away the ever falling tears. Ochako wanted to hug her, tell her that she loves her and that everything was going to be alright. But she didn’t do anything of that, Ochako continued to sit on the floor gazing back at her. She could recite all the hundreds of thousands of children’s stories stored in her brain to distract from what’s going on outside the cabin until the fight was over, but Eri always hated when Ochako treated her like a child. If only there was a mirror so she could take a good look at herself, she would see why Ochako tried to hide the unpleasant reality of their situation from her.

Her naturally pale skin was flushed and stood out as strongly as her puffy red eyes. Long pale blond hair that usually compliments her skin was now dirty and frizzy due to running away from the latest riot. Her poor fake horn got bent during the chase. Her clothes are durable, for the most part, much better than the clothes at her late Guardian’s place. Hopefully the next place they run to would have children’s clothes.

Ochako just didn’t want Eri to grow up any sooner than she has to. And she already grown so much since the start of their journey...

The young one calmly walked up to her, as if Ochako was a frail animal and would run the moment she got spooked. Upon reaching her, with those tiny trembling hands, she grabbed on to Ochako’s blue blood stained fingers. Breathing in through her nose, she tightened the grip and looked Ochako right in the eyes. “Promise me that you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.” Ochako promised, although she was unable to keep eye contact with those wide sad eyes, and ultimately looked away.

“Promise,” Ochako tried to reassure her with a meek smile. “It’s just a little bit of blood.”

She almost got convinced the young one. Almost.

Holding down the door, the male Android huffed in disbelief. “A little bit of blood…” He mocked, leaning against the door to listen out for the policeman. The gunshots were muted in the cabin but Ochako still flinched at each shout she heard. A cackle was heard amongst the screams, loud enough to be distinguished but not enough to be a concern. A combination of fear and instinct told Ochako that the cackle came from the same guy who shot her. He seemed like the type of guy who took great pleasure in this extermination.

Putting his weight against the door, he lowered himself to the ground and grabbed a broom. He then slid back up the wall and stuck the cleaning tool against the handle of the door. Backing away from the door, he inspected it and deemed it good enough.

“You’re lying,” Not even looking in their direction, he had crushed through the girl’s hope. Partially because he doesn’t know how to explain things in a gentle matter but it’s likely that he don’t give a damn anymore.

“It looks like you dipped your fucking hands in blue paint.” He said, to add salt on to Ochako’s wound. Instinctively, she pulled her top hand away to cover the wound in a cheap attempt, but he had brought the little girl to tears as soon as ‘lying’ slipped out of his mouth. Looking over at them, he noticed the tears and started to walk over to comfort her but Ochako shook her head. Afterall, it’s technically her fault that the Eri was crying, so she should be the one to fix it. He nodded and walked to the opposite side of the room, looking through the window as Ochako attempted to calm her.

Pulling her hand out of the loose grip, she then wrapped her arms around Eri, trying to be mindful of the constant pressure and blood. The hug did nothing to stop the tearshed, in fact she began to sob harder than Ochako expected. Instinctively, she nuzzled the little girl while configuring the temperature settings on her finger-pads.

Every Android Series was built with quirky function to help with everyday activities in unique ways. Ochako’s series came with cat-like pads (with matching cheek design) to help soothe babies and children (even adults) under almost any condition, it made Ochako’s Android series very popular and common amongst family and recreational users. The young one loved the temperature regulating beans, they relaxed her and sped up the sleeping process. And Ochako loved the bonding time it brought but when they first ran away, she limited her use while they were hiding from authorities. She couldn’t risk being on the move with a sleepy child before, but she might have to this time.

Eri sobbing had calmed down, but the tears still ran down her face with a few hiccups in the mix. Ochako gave her a soft smile when their eyes met and only received a pout in return, the girls attention focusing back on her wound only to begin sobbing all over again. Ochako cooed as she pulled the young girl into her lap and hugged her again.

With the injured arm wrapped around the child, Ochako rubbed circles against her back with her warm finger-pads in soothing patterns. The sobbing ended almost as quickly as it had started as Eri nuzzled herself into Ochako’s chest, finding comfort in her habits. Ignoring her injured arm completely, she held the child as close as she dared until Eri fell asleep.

Ochako sighed in relief as she deactivated her pads while the girl succumbed to a quick nap as they waited. They had gotten up early to travel and thankfully the riot started before she was put to bed, but the high physical and emotional energy was probably taking a toll on her, so she very much needed the nap. If push comes to shove, the blunt man could carry her out of this place.

With the girl asleep, they could discuss the gravity of the situation without censoring themselves. Ochako began looking for a clean area to lay the her down before the guy placed his jacket on the ground, most likely as a makeshift bed for the girl. Murmuring a quick thank you, she slowly lowered the child on to her temporary bed. She froze when the girl shuffled around to get comfortable, exhaling with relief when the young one fell back asleep. Ochako gave her a light kiss on the forehead before getting up and walking over to where the male Android was.

“Why did you say that in front of her?” She hissed, walking into his personal space and lifting up on the tip of her toes. While Ochako usually appreciated his input when dealing with Eri, she was vexed over his candidness about her condition. Todoroki, however, was completely unbothered by her anger and it just pissed her off even more.

He crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall, adding more space between them.

“You can’t keep lying to her.” He said calmly, tilting his head to take a glance at the girl. “Eventually, she’s going to start questioning the things you’re doing and how you’re doing them.”

Taking a step back from him, Ochako turned around to look at the topic of their conversation and her heart ached at what she saw. Eri was always smaller than the typical 9 year old but Ochako didn’t realize just how small she was until now. She seemed so tiny and fragile but surely the young child wouldn’t doubt her methods? Ochako did all of this to protect her and it’s been working well... so far.

Looking down at her blue blood stained hands, she mulled over his words. She’s been winging this stuff from the beginning, it wasn’t like Cyberlife implanted a ‘Recognizing your own self worth, successfully escaping your owner, and living out life as a Deviant’ three-step program, but they haven’t been captured yet so she wasn’t a complete failure.

But her luck was running out and the bleeding arm was a reminder that there are consequences to her hasty actions. Thankfully, it was just a shot to the arm but if she doesn’t get patched up efficiently soon, the arm would be nonfunctional.

If she had turned that corner just a few seconds later, she wouldn’t even have the luxury of getting mad at him because she would have been gone. Shut off. Deactivated. Obsolete. Dead. She would get scrapped up and thrown away with the other dead bodies littering the ship. She would never be able to see the two people she loved the most ever again.

She gasped when his large arm looped around her shoulders and pulled her against his chest. Unable and unwilling to pull away, she sighed and melted against him instead. The stress must have been evident on her face but she was thankful for the hug. As a quiet man, Todoroki preferred to express things through his actions versus his words and while Ochako had always appreciate this aspect of him, she cherished times like this. They haven’t had any alone time since they left the last safe zone.

Kissing her on the temple, Todoroki interrupted their moment by finally responding to what she had snapped at him about. “I’m not sorry about what I said, Ochako. We need to be as honest as we can about this situation.”

While she completely agreed with him, it was hard to follow through with that sort of logic with a child involved. She was created to stop kids from crying and give them a sense of protection. If she told Eri the truth it wouldn’t stop the little girl from crying, and it most definitely wouldn't give her the sense of safety that she needed.

He continued, “She’s a strong girl that’s been through a lot since you two first met. So you have to trust her with the downsides of being on the run.”

“And I will, once she wakes up.” She concedes before pulling herself away from his warm yet cold touch and began to pace around the room. There must be something in this disaster of a room to help them with their escape.

“For now, we need to figure out a way to get out of here. We should be fine waiting for this raid to end…” She pondered briefly before abruptly stopped in her tracks and turned to her partner. “But what if they decide to start checking each cabin? We’ll be sitting ducks.”

“Way ahead of you,” He said walking over to the pile of seemingly miscellaneous junk near the back wall. “I wanted to use some of this broken stuff as shields to protect ourselves with.”

“It sounds like there’s a ‘but’ in your statement.” She walked next to him, eyeing the junk with interests. There was a decent amount of wood planks stacked in every direction, empty cardboard boxes, worn out clothes, rope, and remnants of broken furniture. It seemed as though this particular cabin was a junk room before the ship got abandoned by the humans.

“But... I found a much better use for this clutter.” Todoroki grabbed one of the planks laying on the wall to reveal part of a window. These windows were large enough for them to escape. She couldn’t believe that their way to escaping this riot hid behind a mess of junk. While she would normally be disgusted by the sheer laziness of humans, instead Ochako felt satisfied as the clogs began to turn in her head. Another man’s trash is an Android’s treasure ...well map to treasure.

“We should use the junk as a barricade while we escape from the ship.” He stated as he pushed the plank against the door. “Make some noise to alert them here, have them struggle with the door, and as soon as they break through, we’ll be gone.”

Ochako looked at the window, frowning at his idea. She appreciated how simplistic it was but there’s a lot of factors that could go wrong. What if the police burst in before they could get a good head start? What if there are guards outside of the window? They don’t even know where they are at from the main deck…

Looking around, she realized that they are in a Aft Balcony cabin. So they are at the back of the ship which makes it easier to escape versus being at the middle or front of the ship, where the rest of the mass murder was happening.

There’s much less space for a group of policeman to come and stop them from escaping, aside from the door. A floor down, Ochako had spotted only one policeman on the main deck who could possibly cause problems for them. If they dispose of him, then they could jump off the deck and into the water, away from all of this.

“I like that idea but maybe we could escape by only alerting one guard?” He stopped what he was doing and turned to her, interested. Ochako motioned for him to come over and explained her plan for escaping.

“That sounds less risky than my idea but how do you plan on ‘disposing of him’?” She had two ideas of how to dispose of the policeman, but she had a feeling he wasn’t going to like either option.

“Well, one of us can distract him while the other grabs Eri and escapes. When Eri is safe, then the other would escape from the policeman and we all leave happy.”

And as expected, He glared at her and somewhat dismissed that option. “Nope, not going to happen unless I’m the one who’s going to distract him. What’s the second plan?”

“The other option would be fighting him instead of distracting him.”

There was a tense pause as she waited his answer before he decided not to grace her with a response, instead walking back to the door. Unlike their last moments of solitude, this silence was heavy and Ochako hated it, even more with the muted gunshots and chaos.

She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off immediately. “There’s no way your plan is happening. There’s too much at stake letting one person, I assume you, handle that police officer.”

Peering at her, He awaited her response and glared when she doesn’t dismiss his theory. “So I’m just supposed to grab Eri, sneak off, and leave the boat while you deal with one of these killers? And be confident that you will escape unscathed? How am I supposed to live with that?”

She’s not even confident about making out alive, but it’s better than all three of them dying. So she just has to fake it until they jump off the boat. Anything that happens afterwards wasn’t much of a concern to her.

“My plans haven’t failed yet. I’m going to use this junk to help me with that lone policeman outside.” She stated with more confidence than she truly possessed. Shrugging the right arm, she added. “Since she’s still asleep and with my bad arm, I’m not going to be able to run carrying her. If she wakes up, it’ll be even more difficult because she’ll fight against me to go back to get you. That’s why I need you to get her off the boat, you’ll be quicker and wouldn’t struggle as much with a 9 year old.”

The look of defeat on his face told Ochako that she won him over but it looked like he wasn’t done talking about it just yet as he proceeded to walk back to her and the junk pile. “I can’t argue with that logic... Well I could but you’re going to do this regardless of what I say.”


Sighing out a sad chuckle, he shook his head before leaning over and giving her a quick peck. “I trust you but promise me you’ll meet us again at a safe zone?”

Ochako nodded, making a promise that she knew she couldn’t keep. “Get our little unicorn a plane ticket to Canada, okay?”

Todoroki nodded back, giving her a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Honestly, she doesn’t want their final goodbyes to be in a dingy cabin inside an abandoned cruise ship but she knew that this goodbye would be better than getting gunned down together.

Looking at the junk, he scratched his head before giving her an inquisitive look. “What exactly are you going to do with this junk?”

Thankfully, a good portion of the rope was scattered throughout the junk. She grabbed one of the worn out shirts and tore a long strip to wrap around her wound.

“That’s on a need-to-know basis. Besides we’re going to need some rope to quietly drop down to the main deck right?” She teased.

Eventually they were about to quietly organized the junk into three categories: rope, wood planks, and boxes stuffed with the broken furniture and clothes. Thankfully the rope was long enough for them to make it down to the main deck and for her plan.

Ochako eyed the policeman from afar as Todoroki tied the rope on the fence of the balcony before walking back into the room to collect Eri. The policeman was patrolling the area alone but occasionally another officer would appear before being immediately dismissed. She didn’t know way this guy chose to work the area alone but she hoped that meant no back up would show when they tried to escape.

“Last chance, Ochako.” He warned her. She turned around to see him walking towards her with the slumbering child in his arm. She gave the sleeping child a kiss of the forehead before she shook her head at him. “Sorry, but I’m in it too deep to change my mind now. Besides this is the perfect time for you guys to leave, he’s turned away.”

He sighed, tugging on the rope one last time before he decided that he was ready to leave. Ochako went back into the room to get the boxes, unable to watch them officially go. She told herself not to look back because it might distract her from the plan and she needed to have complete focus in order to have those two make it out alive.

“We love you Ochako.”

Todoroki really doesn’t play fair. They knew she loved them, she told it to them every morning. She hoped they will remember that.

Grabbing the heaviest box she could hold, she walked back onto the balcony and placed it on the rope. If she pulled the rope and have the heavy box drop on the policeman, She untied the rope, grabbed a sturdy plank, and bated breath, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

The policeman turned and spotted the two Androids escaping. Aggressively swearing, he charged forwards while pulling his gun out. Once he got close enough, Ochako jumped over the railings and swung the plank. She was aiming for his face but missed, smacking the gun out of his hand instead.

He jumped back, half crazed smile plastered over his face as he shook his hand. “Instead of running away like scraps of metal, you decided you wanted to fight? Let’s fucking go then!”

Focused on her, the pair could escape and that gave Ochako peace of mind as she focused on the rest of her plan. If she able to block his attacks and guided him to the trap then she could actually escape and meet back up with her family.

He ran at her with a right hook, which she ducked under before swinging the plank at him once again. Narrowly avoiding the wood, he grabbed her left wrist and yanked her towards him. With her right arm too weak to hold the plank, Ochako dropped it and tried to throw a punch. Tugging on her hand, he leaned away from her measly attempt before knocking her flat with a low kick.

Kicking the plank to the wall, the officer loomed over her, waiting for her next move. “I know you didn’t risk escaping just to give me--” He grunted as she kicked him between the legs. Cheapshot, she knew, but there’s no use in playing fair against people who fire at unarmed humanoids, especially right now.

When he leaned forward in pain she smashed the side of her foot against his face. Turning around, she leaped to her feet and made a beeline for the gun she had knocked out of his hands earlier. Hopeful that she didn’t ruin her chances, maybe she could shoot him and have just enough time to meet up with the others. Clutching the gun, she aimed it at him and pulled the trigger- Nothing. Distressed when the gun didn’t fire, she hastily pulled the trigger twice more before abandoning it. Eyeing where the rope was at, she thought hard about how she’s going to maneuver him into the correct position.

Opting back to her original plan, she tried to reach the plank but he had finally caught up to her. Using her jacket to yank her back, he spun her around and slammed her against the wall. Yelping, she flinched from the impact and glared at him.

He should be snarling in anger at her or even sneering, but instead he looked intrigued by her. She wasn’t expecting this reaction out of him, assuming he must really find the unbridled pleasure in killing Androids. His blood red eyes glowed in the moonlight, harmonizing with the chaotic blood stained grin. It made her both uncomfortable and determined to defeat him.

She refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing her uncomfortable, even as he picked up his gun, cocked it, and aimed it at her temple. There’s no use into scaring her with the weapon, besides she obviously broke the gun when she smacked it out of his hand.

“As much fun as this was, I gotta kill you and get rid of your buddies before that fucker shows up and ruins everything.” He doesn’t wait for a response before he began to pull the trigger.

“Ochako!” Eri screeched from afar, stalling the armed man and filling Ochako with fear. Why are they still here!? They should have jumped off the building by now. How much did she see?

She noticed that they were at the edge of the boat, getting ready to jump off when Eri must have woken up and noticed that Ochako wasn’t by their side.

Growling, he moved to point the barrel of the gun towards the pair instead. “Fuck, now that fucker was alerted. Guess I’ll have to be quick.”

It took her a moment to process what he meant but she acted. Ochako gasped and grabbed the arm the held her still. “No,” she cried as she headbutted the policeman, but it was too late, he already fired the gun at them.

Numbness overtook her when she heard Todoroki howl in pain. That was her fault, everything that led up to this moment was her fault. She faltered during the chase and injured herself. Promised that she wouldn’t falter again but broke that promise while injuring a loved one at the same time. Suggesting this plan because she thought that she was going to be the only one injured from it, and yet her plan had failed. She’s been nothing but useless this entire time. Todoroki was right, her luck really had ran out and now Eri was going to suffer in the process all of this.

His grip weakened from the headbutt, letting her place her weight against the wall before kicking him in the direction of the trap. She couldn’t remove the fear she instilled into Eri, she can’t rewind time to before Todoroki got shot, but she can take her rage out on the man who ruined her plans.

Running over to the rope, she pulled down the trap as so as she was able to grasp it. The man looked up, saw the abundance of objects heading towards him, and attempted to dive out of the way. Ochako couldn’t help but relish in the pleasure of seeing him struggle after hurting Todoroki like that.

Sadly her enjoyment was cut short when a gunshot filled the air with an intense pressure forming in her abdomen. Slowly releasing the rope, she placed a trembling hand on her stomach, disappointed but not surprised by the blue blood overflowing her fingers again like some twisted deja vu. Ochako looked up to see the policeman was mostly unharmed from her attacked, disbelief evident on his face and before she had the chance to do anything, a second bullet pierced through her chest.

Coughing up blue blood, she slowly dropped to the ground and stared ahead to where Eri and Todoroki were still standing. With her steadily fading vision, Ochako determined that they must have escaped because there was no longer any trace of them. In the background the police officer began to argue with the person who shot her, presumably the ‘fucker’ he mentioned. Closing her eyes, she smiled as the discord surrounding her began to fade to nothingness, content that her loved ones were able to escape despite her screw-ups.

Androids were known for having impeccable memories, being able to recall everything that happened in their vision with great detail. As long as the Android weren’t reset. Resetting an Android was similar to resetting a phone, everything that happened in their previous lives was wiped away and rendered them a blank slate. However, unlike a phone, resetting an Android was not a simple feat. Depending on how much data was stored, the process that could extend up to three weeks to remove and delete the footage stored in an Android.

Uraraka was in the final process of being reset when the Aizawa called in to inform Cyberlife that she was needed immediately to help assist in this investigation. Normally, Cyberlife wouldn’t stop an Android in the middle of their resetting process but the Deviant’s speech stirred up skepticism among Cyberlife’s target audience. And in a desperate act to quickly get rid of that skepticism, they agreed to release the newly-upgraded KO500 a week in advance.

“Why yes, I can recall a great bit of the night that I was deactivated.” She said. The expression on his face was reminiscent of their fight ending abruptly, but she bared no ill intent towards him. Uraraka was obviously in the wrong. She shouldn’t have escaped authorities and most certainly shouldn’t have forced him to battle her.

“Forgive me for my outrageous behavior the last time we met. There was an error in my programming, but please, allow me to properly introduce myself,” Uraraka bowed to Bakugou before continuing. “Hello, Detective. My name is Uraraka. I am the Android sent by Cyberlife under the direct orders of Chief Aizawa. He specifically requested that I was to be fixed, rebooted, and upgraded in order to assist you in with the trials involving Deviant Androids.”

Just as Uraraka expected, he doesn’t return the bow. Instead he turned away from her and continued on as if he didn’t just hold her at gunpoint. “Thanks but fuck off. I don’t need help from ‘one of their kind’ to take down these pieces of junk.”

He spat out ‘one of their kind’ while giving her a heated look. She doesn’t take his opinions to heart, in fact she expected this sort of reaction from him.

Optional Goal: Befriend Bakugou Katsuki

Befriending Bakugou would be beneficial in accomplishing her mission, however Uraraka wasn’t aware of the correct way to approach a person like Bakugou.

Catching up with him, they walked into the broadcasting room. “Sorry Detective, I cannot ‘fuck off’ as the Chief of Police appointed me the task to assist you and I aim to accomplish my goal.”

She was surprised, to say the least, when he grabbed her by the collar. She thought he was going to hold her at gunpoint again. Instead he looked down at her, poised and ready to shout something aggressively at her when their attention shifted to the elevator doors.

“Fucking hell,” Bakugou grumbled, releasing his grip on her collar and placing her back on her feet. With arms crossed, he eyed the two gentleman as they walked out of the elevator and directly towards them. “Since you want to fucking help so bad, learn as much as you can and don’t tell those two fuckers anything.”

“I repeat, do not tell those two fuckers anything!” Bakugou reiterated just as the two men (along with the silver haired officer from before) came within hearing distance. The taller of the two gentlemen had purple hair styled in a chaotic manner to match the dark circles under his eyes. While the other man also had purple hair, it was the only thing they had in common. His hair was styled in such an odd manner that Uraraka couldn’t help but assume was it was to make up for his lack of height. The happiness that the shorter one expelled was a drastic change from the taller one’s indifferent, borderline brooding, aura. Bakugou was practically foaming at the mouth as he made eye contact with the seemingly indifferent gentleman, who greeted him with a faint smirk. Uraraka remained unphased by the shorter man’s depraved glances towards her.

“Sneak off when you get the chance. I’ll stall them as long as possible, find out as much as you can without the two fucks bothering you.” He whispered to her, seeming completely out of character. Such actions confirmed that he’d likely had previous encounters with these two individuals that didn’t go over well. This was the closest she could currently get to befriending him, so she’s not going to waste this chance.

“Detective, this is Shinsou Hitoshi and Mineta Minoru--” The policeman was aggressively cut off by Bakugou. Instead of being offended by explosive detective, he decided to wait til he was dismissed.

“I know exactly where these fucking extras came from. These bastards are trying to take over this gig and steal the spotlight off of me!” Bakugou’s deafening shout grabbed the trio’s attention as Uraraka sneaked off to uncover just how the Deviant’s managed to infiltrate this broadcasting hub.