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“Good morning, Kurama.”
Kurama looked up from his book at the sound of the voice. He’d been so absorbed in his reading that he hadn’t even heard the door open. Standing in the doorway was a tall, familiar figure wearing a white laboratory coat. Eagerly, Kurama set the book down on his bed and got to his feet, smoothing down the front of his yellow shirt as he did so.
“Good morning, Mr. Fujika,” he said.
Fujika was middle-aged, with grey streaks showing in his short black hair and smile lines around his eyes and mouth. He held out a pale hand to Kurama.
“Come on,” he said. “We’ve got a few tests to run, then you can have your breakfast.”
Kurama felt a cold sweat break out beneath his clothes. On any other day he would have had no hesitation in going with Fujika, but the news of imminent testing made him nervous. He shrank back toward the blank white wall of the room.
“Kurama, you know we have to do the tests,” Fujika said, taking a step into the room.
Kurama could see that behind his white-coated form, stood another man. Unlike Fujika, that man wasn’t wearing a lab coat. Kurama wrapped his arms protectively around himself, hunching in and trying to make himself smaller. He wanted both of them to go and leave him alone. He didn’t want to have to endure more painful, invasive tests. To have people poking and prodding him in sensitive areas with cold hands and gleaming steel tools.
“Move. I’ll get him.”
The second man’s voice brimmed with growing impatience.
Fujika glanced over his shoulder, his expression hardening. “No,” he said. “That isn’t necessary. He’ll come. He’s just a bit nervous. But he’s a good boy. He knows this is for his own good.”
Fujika turned back to Kurama, friendly smile back in place. “You are a good boy, aren’t you, Kurama?” he asked, his voice soft and coaxing.
Kurama wavered. Fujika’s brown eyes were warm and inviting. He took a hesitant step forward.
“The tests won’t take long. Once we’re done, you can have breakfast and then we can go outside for a little while.”
That was seriously tempting. Outside excursions were rare. They were usually a reward for good behaviour during the tests.
“Can we go to the beach?” Kurama asked.
Fujika held out his hand again, fingers curling toward himself, beckoning Kurama forward, though he didn’t immediately answer.
Kurama came, relaxing as Fujika pulled him close. He was wrapped up in warm arms. Then fingers slid soothingly through his short red hair, nails scraping against his scalp with gentle pressure.
“I think we can arrange that.”
Kurama relaxed further as he felt Fujika’s chest vibrate against his cheek with his words. His emerald eyes fluttered closed.
He was allowed only a moment to savour the feeling of being held.
“Kurama, let’s go now.”
Fujika tugged on the collar of his shirt. Kurama reluctantly pulled away, though he remained pressed close, unwilling to lose the warmth and comfort the man offered.
He was guided out of the room with a hand on the back of his neck. Kurama stared up at the other man waiting for them with trepidation. He was bulky, the material of his grey shirt stretched by muscle. His small obsidian eyes were hard and as cold as ice. His thin, pale lips were pressed together in a displeased line.
“See?” Fujika said, fingers digging lightly into Kurama’s neck. Kurama blinked languidly up at the new man as his uncertainty ebbed. Fujika wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him.
“You just have to know how to handle him,” Fujika continued, smugness leaking into his voice. “He doesn’t need manhandling. Just think of him like a kitten. He’ll come quietly with the right petting.”
“If you treat any of the others like kittens, you’ll lose a hand,” the man snorted.
Fujika’s posture straightened. Kurama sensed the change and edged into him.
“You’ve never dealt with this lot before. They aren’t like the others,” Fujika said. “The drug had a completely different effect on them. You’ll see.”
The man reached out. Kurama shrank away, attempting to hide behind Fujika but the white-coated man still had his hand on the back of Kurama’s neck. He squeezed gently.
A warning.
Kurama froze, body trembling, as the stranger’s fingers slipped beneath his chin and tipped his face up.
Kurama stared into those beady black eyes for only a moment before closing his own. Meeting the man’s gaze was too confronting.
“Do you bite, boy?” The man’s voice was as hard as his eyes.
Kurama tried to shake his head, but he couldn’t move.
“N-no,” he stammered out, wondering why the man would even ask. He couldn’t imagine biting another person. He was sure that it would taste horrible.
“They’re very docile, but if you try to push them around too much, they’ll become afraid of you. It’s best to keep them happy and comfortable.”
The man laughed as he released Kurama’s chin. “This’ll be a cakewalk compared to dealing with the other lot,” he said.
Fujika smiled, though it didn’t hold the kindness or friendliness it had for Kurama. “Yes,” he said. “We’ve got the easy job.” He briefly smoothed his hand through Kurama’s hair before returning it to the back of his neck. “Let’s go, Kurama. I’m sure you’re eager to get this over and done with so you can have your breakfast.”
They continued on down the stark white hall, the stranger walking ahead of Kurama and Fujika. Kurama stared at his broad back, nervousness seeping back into his veins like the liquid contents of an IV.
The room that they entered was familiar to Kurama. Most of the facility was familiar to him. The researchers often allowed him to accompany them while they worked, so Kurama had visited several areas that he might have otherwise been barred from.
There were three gurneys in the room. Harsh florescent lights shone down from the ceiling, leaving no part of the room in shadow. Three people in blue scrubs moved around the gurney closest to the door. Kurama was guided over to it.
One of the occupants of the room gave Kurama a friendly smile.
“Your turn today, huh, Red?” he asked. He swept a sheet over the cold metal of the gurney, then patted it. “Up you get,” he said.
Kurama sat on the edge of the gurney and began to remove his shirt. He folded it neatly and set it down beside him.
Fujika and his new companion leaned against the wall, staying out of the way as one of the other researchers took hold of Kurama’s arm. Kurama winced at the chill of the woman’s hand as she pressed her fingertips into his skin, searching for a vein.
“We’re going to put you to sleep, Red,” the first man informed him, resting his hand on Kurama’s knee. “This won’t hurt at all. When you wake up, it’ll all be over.”
Relief flooded Kurama. The feeling wasn’t even dulled by the sting of the needle going into his arm.
“Thank you, Dr. Akato,” he said quietly.
Akato pushed him down until he was laying on his back on the gurney. One of the other researchers slipped his folded shirt off the gurney and took it somewhere Kurama couldn’t see. When that man returned, he began to work at the tie of Kurama’s trousers. The woman watched the IV line closely, her gaze shifting between it and Kurama’s face. His eyelids began to flutter as a heavy feeling spread through his body.
Akato’s voice sounded very far away. The light around him was growing dim. “Mmmm?” Kurama mumbled.
“Almost there.”
Kurama felt his lower body being manipulated. He wriggled uncomfortably.
“Just relax, Kurama. Go to sleep…”
Kurama slipped beneath the darkness.

Ryoki watched from his position against the wall as the naked subject was flipped onto his stomach. His body was skinny and pale from his time in captivity. His hair shone bright cherry red beneath the lights, however, a vibrant splash of colour in the otherwise dull room. Metal restraints lifted the boy’s backside up into the air.
“Are they always put out for this?” Ryoki asked Fujika curiously.
The older man kept his eyes on the boy as he answered.
“Usually,” he said. “Though it isn’t really for their benefit. Most of them actually take this sort of treatment well. It’s the researchers that aren’t entirely comfortable with it.”
One of the men donned a set of latex gloves before beginning an exploratory examination of the boy’s backside, rubbing his fingers between the boy’s cheeks. He murmured something and the other male researcher wrote something down in a notebook. The woman began to take photographs using a phone.
“Are the rumours true? Did the drug make them fertile?” Ryoki asked.
Fujika nodded. “But they can only be impregnated when they’re in heat,” he said. “That seems to happen every few years or so but we have no long-term data on that so we can’t say for sure. It also seems to be different for every subject. That’s the case for the male subjects, anyway. The female ones are different again.”
The researcher drew his hand back from the boy’s backside, a thin line of clear liquid stretching out for a moment before it snapped.
“What’s it like? Fucking them?” Ryoki couldn’t help asking.
Fujika’s expression darkened ominously. “I wouldn’t know,” he said. “And I’d advise you not to try it. They’re valuable specimens, not fuck toys.”
Ryoki couldn’t let it go. He watched as the researcher slid a small cup beneath the boy and began to stroke his erection. It was smaller than average, though it was already dripping. The boy’s face had a pinched look to it, his eyelids twitching in his sleep as his body responded automatically to the stimulation.
“But they want it, don’t they?” Ryoki said. “Look at him. He’s even drooling.”
The subject’s mouth was open, saliva oozing out onto the sheet beneath his cheek.
Fujika’s entire body stiffened, as rigid as the cock that the researcher was still fondling.
“If you have sex with them, they have a tendency to become too attached to you,” Fujika said. “This one is clingy enough as it is.”
A moan slipped out from between the subject’s lips as he orgasmed, shooting milky ribbons into the cup. Clear liquid dribbled down his thighs from his hole, a wet patch forming on the sheet beneath him.
Fujika’s body language was hostile, so Ryoki decided to drop the talk of fucking for the moment and move onto a more academic subject.
“Is his seed fertile?” he asked.
“No,” Fujika said. “He can’t father children. None of the male omegas can.”
The ‘omegas’. That was what the company was calling this group of subjects. They were one of three groups. The first group, the ‘betas’, were the most stable of the groups. That group had achieved the desired result. Increased fertility with few adverse affects. But the other two groups, the ‘alphas’ and ‘omegas’, had suffered the most extreme side-effects.
The alphas were very virile, with increased sexual performance and fertility, but they displayed violent behaviour. They were uncooperative, antagonistic and unpredictable. That was the group that Ryoki was used to dealing with. He had little knowledge of the omegas, only what he’d heard from colleagues who had worked with them.
One of the researchers probed the boy’s hole with a long, thick metal tube. Ryoki’s eyebrows rose as he watched the tube slide into the slick passage.
Fujika’s face had slipped into a frown. “Come on,” he said. “Let’s go and grab a coffee while they’re busy with him.”
Without waiting for Ryoki’s agreement, Fujika turned and headed for the door.
Ryoki gave the scene one last longing look, trying to memorise the sight of the boy’s hole stretching around the tube, the tears leaking intermittently down his cheeks, the little pants escaping his lips, the way his muscles contracted in a steady rhythm…
“Come on.”
Fujika’s voice held a spark of irritation. Ryoki peeled his gaze away and followed the older man out of the lab.

“Kurama? Kurama? Time to wake up.”
Kurama blinked up into the shadowy face of Fujika, who was peering down at him.
Kurama groaned softly as he tried to sit up. Fujika’s hand pressed between his shoulder blades, supporting him. Kurama felt a blush bloom across his cheeks as he realised that he was entirely naked and exposed. But then a shirt was handed to him.
Kurama took it from Ryoki’s hand, slipping it quickly on before sliding off the gurney. His feet hit the floor and he swayed into Fujika, surprised by the ache in his backside that just wouldn’t go away.
Fujika had to help him get his trousers on. Kurama couldn’t comfortably bend over.
“Wha’d they do?” Kurama mumbled dazedly as Fujika took hold of his arm and tugged him in the direction of the door. Ryoki brought up the rear, pacing along behind them. Kurama couldn’t help but be aware of the big man’s presence, though he couldn’t see him.
“It’s just the usual tests, Kurama,” Fujika said, his voice calm and reassuring. “You did very well. We can go to the beach today.”
Kurama perked up at that news. “Can I go swimming?” he asked.
Fujika and Ryoki watched Kurama work his way through a stack of pancakes, another rare treat for him, from across the table. Kurama began to wonder just how important the test he’d just had done was. The researchers had to be pleased with the results or he wouldn’t be receiving this kind of treatment.
After breakfast, the two men took him back to his room and Kurama changed into a fresh set of clothes that didn’t smell like antiseptic. A pair of blue shorts hugged slender hips and a brightly-coloured t-shirt with a logo that was unfamiliar to Kurama covered him. The last item he retrieved was a wide-brimmed straw hat.
“Sit down on the bed,” Fujika instructed. He removed something from his coat pocket as Kurama sat on the edge of the bed, one foot pushed out. He already knew what was going to happen.
Fujika knelt and snapped a metal bracelet around Kurama’s slim ankle before rubbing soothingly at Kurama’s calf.
“What’s that?” Ryoki asked curiously, leaning over to get a look.
“A tracker. None of the subjects leave the facility without one,” Fujika said, before rising to his feet.
“We’re actually taking him outside?” Ryoki asked, sounding as stunned as a electrocuted mouse.
“Yes,” Fujika said. “Come on, Kurama.”
Kurama bounced eagerly to his feet before retrieving his shoes. He slipped into them and waited by the door, impatient to leave.
Ryoki’s incredulous look never left his face, not even when Kurama scrambled into the backseat of Fujika’s car.
“Is this safe?” Ryoki asked doubtfully as they drove out of the facility’s gates. He craned his head around to look at Kurama, whose attention was focused on the view outside the window. His fingers toyed with his seatbelt strap as he squirmed in the seat. His eyes were bright with excitement.
“It’s safe,” Fujika said. “We don’t do this with all of them, but Kurama is very well-behaved. He won’t give us any trouble. He’s one of the most stable subjects we have.”
Fujika had removed his lab coat before leaving the facility so he blended in with the other people enjoying the beach that day. Kurama remained by his side until his shoes touched the white sand. Then he kicked them off and bolted for the water lapping at the shore.
Ryoki let out a startled shout. Kurama almost tripped as he froze. He spun to face them, face as pale as a dove’s feathers and the whites of his eyes showing. He took a hesitant step back toward them.
Fujika waved his hand at Kurama. “Go on,” he said.
Kurama hovered uncertainly for a moment before turning back to the ocean. He walked down to the water’s edge at a slower pace, turning twice to look back at them over his shoulder.
Fujika bent and picked up Kurama’s discarded shoes before addressing Ryoki.
“He won’t go far,” he explained. “Once he’s attached himself to you, he’ll stay near. But every now and then he likes to run, like any normal teenager. We’ve found that it’s beneficial to give them this outlet. They’re much more cooperative and it’s a useful tool for bribery.”
Ryoki shook his head, his thoughts drifting to the alphas as he watched Kurama kick up wet sand in the shallow surf.
“If we tried to do this with the alphas, it would be a disaster,” he said. Fujika strode over to a picnic table and sat down. Ryoki sat down across from him as Fujika slung a bag onto the table. He removed a water bottle and passed it over to Ryoki before taking’ one for himself.
They watched as a gaggle of boys and girls approached Kurama. After a brief conversation, the children led him over to where they were building sand castles. Kurama joined them, knees pressed into the sand as he helped shape a fortress with delicate hands.
Ryoki raised one questioning eyebrow at Fujika. “Aren’t you worried he’ll say something?” he asked.
Fujika laughed. “No,” he said. “I tell people that he’s unwell and he’s been in hospital. I’ve never had an issue.”
Ryoki looked impressed. “This is going to be the most cushy job I’ve had for years,” he said. “It’s really just babysitting.”
Fujika nodded in agreement. “But don’t get attached to them,” he warned. “It’s easy to do. But at the end of the day, they’re test subjects. Sometimes they have to be sacrificed. It’s hard with this lot. They’re so open and trusting.”
After a half hour of playing with the children, Kurama returned to the men, knees crusted with sand and face flushed beneath windswept red hair. Fujika passed him a water bottle and he took it gratefully, settling down on the bench beside the researcher. He crushed himself to Fujika’s side as he sipped from the bottle, his emerald eyes on Ryoki. Those eyes still held wariness.
Ryoki gave him a tentative smile that he hoped was friendly. He watched as the boy reached to grab a fistful of Fujika’s shirt.
“Are you ready to leave, Kurama?” Fujika asked him.
“I haven’t been swimming,” Kurama pointed out shyly.
“Not today, Kurama.”
Kurama’s expression drooped in disappointment but he accepted Fujika’s statement with silence. He stared longingly out the car window as they returned to the cold white prison-like facility.
Not that Kurama understood what a prison was, or knew how limited his freedom was.

Kurama was being escorted back to his room by his two companions, feeling pleasantly worn out and content, when the loud blaring of alarms went off. Kurama jumped and grabbed hold of Fujika, burying his face in the man’s shirt as he whined at the ceaseless noise.
“Fuck!” Ryoki growled. “Now what?”
“Pick him up,” Fujika instructed.
Ryoki swept the redheaded teenager up into his arms, grunting as the boy‘s whining rose into distressed keening. He followed Fujika down the hall toward Kurama’s room.
A cowering Kurama was placed on his bed. Fujika yanked the covers up over him, covering the shaking form entirely. Kurama pressed his hands over his ears as the lights flickered, then went out. They were replaced by an ominous red tint.
A voice blared out above the alarms. “Lockdown has been initiated. All personnel retreat to secure areas.”
Fujika and Ryoki left the room. Fujika swiped his card through the access panel beside the door. There was a click as the lock was engaged. Then the two men headed down the hall to join the rest of the staff and help secure the research data.

It seemed like forever to Kurama before the blaring of the alarm stopped. He was sure that his ears were bleeding. But when he emerged from the blanket and checked his hands, he found that they were clean.
The lights still had that deep red tint. Kurama had the feeling that he’d stepped into another world. That this wasn’t quite the same world he’d known up until now.
And there was a scent in the air. Kurama’s nose twitched like a mouse’s as he examined the smell. It was musky, raw, heavy. He’d caught hints of it before, but it had never been this strong…
A strange pressure was building inside him. He reached down and rubbed himself, shoving his hand against the crotch of his shorts. He spread his legs and moaned quietly.
He undid the buttons with trembling fingers. Kurama canted his hips into his hand, grinding against his fingers. With only the thin fabric of his underwear between his hand and his growing erection, it felt so good. Wetness began to spread across the fabric.
But it wasn’t what he really wanted. Kurama whined in discomfort. He stood on shaky legs before tugging his dick out of his underwear. His length bobbed, fluid oozing out from the slit. He rubbed it firmly. It still wasn’t what he wanted.
But what did he want? If this wasn’t what he needed, then what else could he do?
Fujika could help him. He couldn’t be far away. Fujika had always answered his questions in the past.
Kurama moved toward the door. He turned the handle but it didn’t budge. He pressed his hand against the cool white surface as tears of frustration spilled down his heated cheeks.
He needed… he needed… how much longer could he take this?
Then the door slid open. Kurama stumbled back in shock. His back hit the wall. He pressed against it. His cock was still hanging out of his shorts but he didn’t have the mental capacity to do anything but stare at the man who loomed in the doorway.
He was completely naked, his skin tanned and covered in black markings. His arms and legs were muscular and his dark brown eyes were locked on Kurama.
Most alarmingly, crimson streaks of drying blood stained the man’s body, partially obscuring the elegant black marks. It coated his hands and covered his lips and chin. He emitted a formidable, intimidating aura that whispered of a fierce brutality.
The man’s scent swept into the room as if carried by a wind. It slammed fully into Kurama like a punch to the face. Kurama almost buckled as a shudder went through him.
This was…
Kurama whined, his knees wobbling. He couldn’t look away from the thing jutting out of black pubic hair. It was long and freakishly thick, the mushroom head bulging out, milky liquid dripping down in beads. The head was pointed directly at Kurama’s face.
Kurama’s mouth watered. What was happening to him? He’d never felt like this before. His legs gave way beneath him and he slid down to the floor. The feeling of pressure against his backside sent a jolt of pleasure up his spine. Kurama groaned, spreading his legs open as far as his shorts would allow. He arched his back, baring his throat to the man still standing in the doorway as he shoved his ass into the floor.
The man’s sneer turned into a smirk. “I thought I smelled one of you little pussies in here,” he said. The masculine tone of his voice sent another jolt through Kurama. He reached for his cock, squeezing tightly as he rutted into his hand.
“Stop that.”
The sharp tone of the man’s voice penetrated Kurama’s fogged mind. He stared down at himself in horror. What was he doing? His cheeks began to colour bright rose red.
A shadow fell across him as he struggled to tuck his little cock back into his underwear. He felt a hand cup the back of his head.
Like Fujika did sometimes. Kurama relaxed, letting his hand fall to the floor. Everything would be all right now.
“Up you get. Up, up.”
Kurama scrambled to his knees, but, as he tried to get to his feet, the hand moved to the top of his head.
“Right there. That’s nice. That’s where you belong.”
Kurama blinked. That long, dripping length was hovering right in front of his nose now. He stared, mesmerised as a glob of milky-white cream dribbled out of the slit.
“Open your mouth, pussy.”
Kurama didn’t know what to expect, but he opened his mouth anyway. Being told what to do was hardly a new experience for him. He’d always been told that things would be better for him if he just did what was asked of him and he had no reason to think otherwise.
The mushroom-like head pressed between his lips, white fluid smearing onto his tongue. It tasted… a bit bitter. But not entirely unpleasant.
But having his mouth stretched so wide around the girth of the cock was uncomfortable. Kurama whined around it.
“Oh, fuck!”
Kurama gagged around the length as it slammed into the back of his throat. It began a rhythmic thrusting, more of that liquid spilling into his mouth and down his throat. Kurama tried to pull back but the hand on his head prevented that. He had no choice but to accept each thrust as best he could.
And the more he took, the better he felt. He discovered that if he relaxed his throat, the length fit more comfortably into his mouth. It could get down deeper as well. Kurama felt a surge of pleasure-tainted pride as his nose pressed into the coarse black pubic hairs, his lips forced wide around the fat knob forming at the base.
“Just stay there, pussy…. good boy….”
The man’s voice was breathy. He made small, jerky motions against Kurama’s face. Thin, wet noises escaped around the thick gag. Kurama’s eyes began to water with strain, tears slipping down his hollowed cheeks.
It was difficult, but Kurama felt immense satisfaction. This felt right. This felt like it was meant to happen. As if it were natural.
Then the man pulled out. Kurama gagged, drooled and begged, all in the one breath. He couldn’t even form any coherent words but he pleaded with his eyes as his drooling mouth strained for the length. But the man shoved his head back.
“Turn around and get on all-fours. Show me your ass. Let’s find out if you’re a real pussy.”
Obediently, Kurama squirmed around, displaying his shorts-clad backside to the man behind him. His body was tense with anticipation and excitement. He wasn’t sure what was about to happen but it could only be good.
Maybe this man knew what he wanted. Knew what he needed.
Hands tugged roughly on his shorts, forcing them down his hips. Kurama wriggled, aiding the man’s effort to free him of the restrictive material. He was rewarded with a squeeze to his backside. Kurama made a pleased sound and lifted it up higher. His tongue lolled out of his mouth.
His underwear quickly followed, leaving him bare to the stranger. Kurama felt his excitement growing. His hard cock swung between his spread thighs. His hole was leaking, cream starting to coat his inner thighs in long rivers. It oozed out with each pulse of his ass muscles.
“Fuck, you’re so wet. Look at that dripping pussy.”
Big hands spread his ass cheeks apart.
“Ask for it, bitch.”
Confusion seeped into Kurama’s fuddled mind. Ask for what? He didn’t know.
A harsh slap made him cry out in pain.
“Ask for it!”
Kurama stammered. “I-I d-don’t know what…?” He trailed off, trembling. The man was angry with him. He didn’t want the man to be angry with him.
“You don’t even know, do you?”
The tone of the man’s voice had changed. It was lower, with an incredulous lilt to it. “You’ve never been ridden. A fucking omega, who’s never had a cock?”
A hand rubbed the small of Kurama’s back, right at the base of his spine. The touch was firm but gentle. Kurama arched into it, lowering his front down while keeping his ass raised.
“Don’t worry, kid. I’ll take care of you.”
Something hard pushed between Kurama’s cheeks. It rubbed at the wetness spilling out of him before pushing against his hole.
Kurama squealed as his hole began to stretch.
“Ah, ah, n-n-no, it’s… can’t…” Broken words spilled out of Kurama’s mouth as pain overwhelmed him. Whatever was forcing itself inside him was far too large to fit. A black veil began to creep across Kurama’s vision.
Then, his body spasmed as he felt pressure against a certain spot deep inside him. He clenched tight around the object inside him, walls constricting without warning. it hurt but… it felt good as well.
He heard the man let out a moan behind him. It was laced with pleasure.
“Good pussy. Fucking good pussy. Damn, that’s tight…”
The man rocked, causing another jolt of electric pleasure down Kurama’s spine.
“Y-y-yeah…” Kurama breathed out. “M-more…”
“This is what you were made for, boy.”
The man’s voice sounded tight to Kurama. As if he were struggling to keep himself under control. The object inside Kurama began to move faster and deeper. Kurama highly approved of that and demonstrated that by matching the pace, rocking his own hips in answer to each thrust from the man.
He felt amazing. He knew now that this was what he’d wanted. This was what he’d needed. He’d needed to be filled just like this. To be ridden.
His shouts of pleasure soon drowned out the man’s moans. His cock bobbed between his thighs, a puddle of pre-cum spreading out underneath him. Cream and cum leaked out of his hole around the man’s dick.
The base of the man’s cock was swelling to an impossible size. Kurama could feel it bumping against his hole with each thrust. He wanted it inside him but he was terrified that it wouldn’t fit. He was already stuffed so full…
And then it popped in, Kurama’s hole grasping it tightly. Kurama screamed at the sensation as something wet streamed into him.
“Oh, oh, oh…” he gasped out, overwhelmed by the wet feeling spreading through him.
His first ever conscious orgasm hit. His cum shot out in a ribbon, streaking across the floor.
Kurama panted, feeling his limbs tremble as he pressed his face into the floor. He brought his hands up to his hair and yanked on the short strands. He was still being filled. There was so much…
“I thought we were supposed to be sharing the bitches. You keeping this one to yourself, Yusuke?”
The new voice barely registered in Kurama’s pleasure-addled mind as he basked in the new sensations and feelings coursing through his veins.
But it did draw the attention of the man still firmly embedded inside him.
“I was going to share him. I just wanted the first ride, Hiei.”
Kurama howled as the man jerked backwards. The pain as the swollen bulb at the base of his cock ripped out of Kurama’s clenching hole was unbearable. Kurama’s legs buckled and he collapsed onto the floor, sobbing.
“You can have him now if you want to.”
Thick, milky liquid gushed from Kurama’s hole and slid down his inner thighs to pool on the floor. Kurama groaned as he rolled over onto his back. He tried to lever himself up with arms that felt like soggy noodles.
The man who had just filled him up was glaring daggers at a second man. This new man was short, with spiked-up black hair and dangerous-looking blood-red eyes. Though he lacked the imposing physical presence of the first man, he was lean and muscular.
And his cock…
Kurama started to drool again at the sight of the erect length. It wasn’t as thick as the first man’s, but it was longer. Kurama began to pant as he imagined what it would be like to feel that inside him. He could take it.
The first man was right. This was what he was made for. He knew that now. This was all he wanted.
“Look at the boy. He’s begging for it,” the first man said. “He’s already had a load but he wants more.”
The second man’s cock swayed enticingly as he walked over to Kurama. He slid to the floor and grabbed Kurama’s legs. He dragged Kurama forward until Kurama’s ass was in his lap.
He reached out and wrapped his hand around Kurama’s throat, pulling him up into a sitting position. Kurama’s legs flailed as he tried to balance on the man’s lap. He settled as the man began pulling on his t-shirt.
“Get this fucking thing off,” he said, his voice full of irritation.
The material ripped as the first man helped him out of it roughly but Kurama didn’t care. He was hot and aching all over.
Hands shoved his face into the smaller man’s. Lips crashed clumsily together. Kurama felt sharp teeth slice into his bottom lip. A metallic taste filled his mouth. He moaned, opening his mouth wide to allow the other man to explore it with his tongue. Hands wandered all over his skin, pinching cruelly at sensitive areas. Kurama arched, moaned and cooed into the kiss, wriggling his ass on the man’s lap.
Wet, bloody lips parted reluctantly.
“He tastes so fucking good.”
Kurama arched his neck as the lips travelled down, peppering his throat with little bites.
“Are you going to claim him? Don’t you fucking dare. You know the rules. Everyone gets a go, then we work out who gets which one.”
A low growl rumbled in the smaller man’s throat. Kurama vibrated with pleasure at the sound. He pressed his cheek against the little man’s.
He was soaking wet between his legs, smearing the man’s crotch with his cream. His hole was gaping wide and dripping. Nothing in the world compared to this feeling. Nothing else had ever felt so perfect.
He couldn’t think beyond this moment. Beyond the sweet pain-laced pleasure. Beyond the moist feeling inside him. Beyond the heated lips exploring him. The hands in his hair, holding him firmly in place. The insistent prodding of the erection seeking to fill him…
If this was a prison, then Kurama never wanted to be free.

Chapter Text

Hiei watched the omega’s emerald eyes glaze over as he entered him. He pushed the boy down slowly, savouring the feel of the tight wetness surrounding him.
Yusuke knelt beside them, one hand rubbing the small of the boy’s back. “He’s good, isn’t he?” he asked breathlessly.
“Yeah,” Hiei managed to get out as he urged the boy to move on him, using his hands on the boy’s hips to guide him in a back and forth motion.
A moan slipped out of the boy’s mouth. Hiei’s teeth left stinging kisses on his throat as he relaxed his grip on the boy’s hips. The boy had picked up the rhythm and was doing most of the work now. That was good. That was how Hiei liked it. The boy looked barely aware of what was going on.
When Hiei’s knot pushed it’s way inside, Hiei held him down, resting his forehead against the boy’s shoulder as he came. Yusuke chuckled quietly from beside them.
“Look at that,” he said, hand slipping between Hiei and the boy. “Look at his stomach.”
Hiei did. The boy’s stomach was unnaturally bloated, as if he were pregnant. His head hung limply forward, eyelids fluttering as he panted with exhaustion.
Yusuke helped Hiei lift him off him. They laid him on the floor of the room. The boy curled up, looking very young and vulnerable.
“He’s all sticky,” Yusuke said with a grimace.
Hiei glowered at him. “What did you expect?” he asked as he got to his feet. “What are we going to do with him now, anyway? Leave him here?”
“For now,” Yusuke said, sweeping his eyes around the room. “Once we’ve checked the rest of the area, we’ll come back for him.”

Kurama’s eyelids fluttered open as he heard the sound of the door shutting behind the two men. He lifted himself up by his arms, his limbs feeling watery and weak. A sob slid out of his mouth as he felt a fresh spill of wetness out of his backside.
He grabbed a fistful of the fabric of his shirt and dragged it toward himself. With hands that shook, he cleaned himself up as best he could.
What had just happened? Why had he…?
Kurama couldn’t understand it. It was as if something had surged up from the depths of his subconsciousness and taken over him.
He’d liked it, hadn’t he?
But it had hurt. He didn’t like pain.
But he had liked it.
The two concepts were conflicted in his mind. He couldn’t reconcile them. Was it possible to enjoy and not enjoy something at the same time? Was it possible to need something but want it to stop as well?
He was so confused.
Kurama pulled on a fresh set of clothes. One of his brightly-coloured t-shirts and another pair of shorts, these ones green.
The slender, silver tracking bracelet was still wrapped around his ankle. Fujika had never removed it.
Fujika. He needed to find him. Fujika would know what was going on. Fujika always knew what was going on.
Kurama went to the door and pushed on the handle. This time, it gave under the force he exerted. The door opened to an eerily silent corridor.
Kurama checked down both ends of the hall carefully before stepping out of the room. He paused, one foot in the hall as his heart fluttered in his chest. He’d never been outside his room unless he was with one of the researchers. He’d been told that he wasn’t supposed to wander around the facility alone.
But something was wrong. Kurama had to find out what.
And who those two men were.
And why they’d been covered in blood.
Kurama’s bare feet padded silently down the hall, leaving no trace of his passage. The first place he’d check was the room where he’d been examined.
He pushed open the door to darkness. Uncertainly, he began to fumble for a light switch. He knew there was one somewhere to the left of the door but he’d never had cause to use it himself. He just remembered seeing it there.
His fingers found the switch and tripped it. The room flooded with florescent light.
Kurama’s eyes widened and his knees went weak at what was revealed by the bright lights. The smooth, normally spotlessly clean floor was streaked with dark crimson blood. Near one of the gurneys lay what appeared to be a human form.
It was wearing a lab coat, anyway. A lab coat stained red with blood.
Kurama edged over to get a better look. He made a soft sound of distress at the sight.
The face of the person was still recognisably Dr. Akato’s but it was heavily swollen and bruised. His chest was a bloody mess.
Kurama turned. As he did so, he stumbled and lost his balance. With a yelp, he landed sprawled atop Dr. Akato’s body. He rolled off, choking on his cry.
He levered himself up as he felt the new presence approaching him. It was one of them. One of those men.
The scent he’d smelled earlier on the man was still there, but muted now.
He was roughly yanked to his feet by a grip on his upper arm. Kurama stared into chocolate brown eyes, his fear mounting at the frown he saw on the man’s face.
“Come on, you,” the man said, sounding irritated. “There’s nothing you need to see in here.”
Kurama allowed himself to be dragged from the room, putting up no resistance.
Dr. Akato was dead. Why was he dead?
“Who are you?” Kurama whispered, his voice raspy.
“I’m Yusuke,” the man said.
“Did you… did you kill Dr. Akato?”
“Who?” Yusuke’s eyes shifted to him.
Kurama paused, feet stilling as he tugged his own arm back, resisting Yusuke’s effort to continue pulling him along.
Yusuke’s expression darkened as Kurama answered his question.
“The man in that room,” he said, his voice trembling.
“Nah. Toguro did that,” Yusuke said. “Now, come on.”
He tugged forcefully on Kurama’s arm, digging his nails in. Kurama winced at the sting of pain that brought. They resumed their walk through the still halls.
“Where are we going?” Kurama asked.
“You’ll see.” Yusuke’s voice brimmed with impatience.
Yusuke spun abruptly. He shoved Kurama roughly into the wall, one hand curling around his throat. Kurama’s eyes flew wide in shock as he let out a small gasp.
“Shut up,” Yusuke said, his tone low and threatening. “I said you’ll see when we get there. Okay?”
Kurama nodded mutely. The pressure of Yusuke’s big hand on his throat felt… kind of reassuring, in a twisted way. The close proximity of Yusuke’s body made him want to press forward, to feel Yusuke’s hard body against his…
A tear slid down Kurama’s cheek. Why was this happening to him? It had never happened before today.
“What the fuck is wrong with you now?” Yusuke demanded. “After getting two alphas up your ass, you can’t possibly want more yet.”
Kurama’s cheeks turned bright red at the memory. His backside still ached. The small bites on his throat were turning ugly and tender.
“You’re not in heat, are you?”
Yusuke leaned forward, sniffing at Kurama’s neck as he transferred his grip to the back of Kurama’s head.
“Doesn’t smell like it,” he said. “So stop crying already. Now, come on.”
Kurama found himself being tugged down the hall again. He was too bewildered to take notice of the twists and turns they were taking. Nothing made any sense to him.
Yusuke skidded to a stop abruptly and flung Kurama into the wall. Kurama let out a shout as gunfire ricocheted through the air. Terrified, he dropped to the ground and covered his head, shaking.
A heavy weight landed on him. Kurama yelped and tried to squirm out from beneath it.
“Careful. He might not be out…”
Hands dragged Kurama up, pulling him into a hard body. Gloved hands. A clothed body. Black clothes. Kurama shivered as he was half-carried down the hall.
“Here. It’s one of the omegas. Get him secure.”
Kurama felt himself shoved into a new set of hands before he was swept off his feet and carried into another room. He caught a flash of bright light, metallic surfaces and more men in black clothes before he was lowered to his feet.
A hand pressed down on his head, forcing him to kneel.
“In the cage, boy.”
Kurama struggled weakly, wondering who these people were. Where was Yusuke? What had happened to him?
But he was pushed mercilessly into the small, barred cage and the door was padlocked behind him. Kurama curled up, knees pressed to his chest as his spinning mind tried to make sense of what was happening.
There were about half a dozen bulky men wearing black clothes and carrying guns in the room, which appeared to be one of the rooms used for examinations. Kurama watched, fear sizzling in his veins as a man dragged Yusuke’s limp form into the room by his ankles. The black-haired man was restrained with thick leather straps before he was put on a gurney and wheeled out of the room.
Kurama turned his attention to the rest of the men in the room.
“Excuse me?” he asked tentatively.
The nearest man turned at the sound of his voice, his eyebrows rising in surprise.
“What?” he asked.
“Um, who are you?” Kurama asked.
The man knelt down in front of the cage to look Kurama in the eyes.
“We work for the Rei Corporation,” he said.
“W-who?” Kurama asked, confused.
The man smiled thinly. “The people who own you,” he informed Kurama. “Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you. You’re safe now.”
Kurama’s chest tightened with nerves.
“Where is Fujika?” he asked.
The man reached out, hand slipping between the bars of the cage to touch Kurama’s foot.
“Who’s that?” he asked.
“One of the researchers.”
The man’s expression softened. “I’m sure he’ll come find you,” he said, but Kurama’s ears caught something unsettling in the tone of his voice and the way his eyes shifted slightly to the side.
“Hey, Geo, help me with this.”
The man rose, his attention called by one of the other men. Kurama watched as they went about their business. Leaving, returning, leaving again. All without telling him what was actually going on.

Eventually, Geo returned for Kurama. The boy blinked up at him as the man unlocked the door of the cage and swung it open.
“Out you get,” he said.
Kurama obeyed, stretching out his aching muscles as he rose to his full height. Which was a head shorter than the mountainous Geo.
The man grabbed hold of his arm, tugging him toward the door.
“Where are we going?” Kurama asked warily.
“A team from the main facility want to assess you,” Geo informed him as they entered the hall. They passed by people dressed like Geo and also people dressed like researchers and doctors. Kurama was relieved to see them. Those were the sort of people that he was used to coming into contact with.
He searched their faces for anyone familiar, but he recognised none of them. Disappointed, he followed along meekly behind Geo.
“Why am I being assessed?” he asked nervously.
“You ask a lot of questions, don’t you? You’re being assessed to see if you were damaged during the… incident.”
Kurama mulled that over before eventually saying, “I’m not hurt.”
He was still a little sore but he didn’t think that was a major issue.
“Well, then, you’ve got nothing to be concerned about,” Geo said, guiding him into one of the research rooms. Kurama balked when he saw the group of men waiting for him. None of them were familiar to him. There was something about their expressions that didn’t sit right with him.
“Which one is this?” one of them asked briskly.
Another man flipped through papers on a clipboard before stopping at one.
“Kurama,” he said. “He’s one of the control group.”
“Shit,” the first man muttered. “if they’ve messed up one of those, we’ll have to start all over again with that lot. Bring him over here.”
The last sentence was snapped at Geo, who frowned in annoyance but obeyed, pulling Kurama over to the group.
Kurama was used to the steel gurneys but he wasn’t used to seeing the array of tools laid out on a table next to this one. He began to try to edge around behind Geo.
But cold hands grabbed hold of him and shoved him at the gurney.
“Up,” one of the men said coldly.
Fear coiled in Kurama’s throat. He didn’t know these men. They looked at him like he was nothing more than one of those instruments.
Like he wasn’t human.
He was cuffed smartly on the side of the head. He yelped in surprise.
“Get the fuck up there!”
Kurama scrambled up onto the gurney, his fear growing. The surface was icy under his hands. No one had even bothered to put a sheet over it to make it more bearable for him.
“Didn’t anyone fucking train these bitches here?” one of the others muttered.
“Given the trouble the alphas have caused, it seems not,” another pointed out.
Gloved hands began to tug on Kurama’s clothing. He squirmed, his fear growing. His pulse beat rapidly in his veins as his thoughts turned into a tumble of fragmented observations.
They handled him like he was a doll, not capable of undressing himself. Not that he wanted to undress for them. He bared his teeth at one of the men whose fingers dug into one of his bruises. It was probably an accident but the thought never entered Kurama’s mind. It was so consumed with fear that there was no room for it.
But none of the men heeded the warning. They continued to handle him roughly as they undressed him.
Finally, when one of the men got too close, Kurama sank his teeth into his arm.
The man cursed and slapped Kurama across the face, though the bite hadn’t even been hard enough to break the skin. It had been intended as a warning, delivered more out of instinct than any real desire to hurt.
Kurama’s mind reeled as pain flared in his cheek, hot and bright. The rest of his clothing was quickly and roughly yanked off him. When he returned to his senses, he found that he was face-down on the gurney, the cold, hard steel pressing into his flesh.
His wrists were brought behind his back and secured there. Kurama whined softly in protest.
“I’m sorry,” he choked out. “I didn’t mean to—”
“Gag him so he doesn’t bite again.”
Something metal was shoved against his mouth.
“Open,” one of the men ordered harshly.
Kurama did, hoping that his cooperation would earn him some consideration.
The metal bar was forced between his teeth and a strap secured around his head. Kurama felt tears begin to slide down his cheeks.
“Lift him up. Let’s get a look at him.”
Kurama felt himself lifted slightly off the gurney as something was slipped beneath him. It pressed into his abdomen as his weight was lowered onto it. It had to be a metal bar of some sort, Kurama guessed.
Then it began to rise, forcing him to lift his backside up.
An odd, mildly familiar feeling swept over Kurama. The position he was being forced into was familiar. It was the same position he’d been in when that dark-haired man had him.
But that man wasn’t here. Neither was the other one. Kurama felt nothing in the presence of these men, as he had for those two. He just felt cold and scared.
His legs were secured so that they were spread. Hands grasped mercilessly at his soft shaft, massaging gently.
“He’s not even turned on at all,” one of the researchers remarked.
“Not a good sign,” another voice said. “Those bites aren’t a good sign, either. He’s definitely been handled by one of them.”
The hand left his cock and began to probe at his hole. It slipped in with very little resistance.
“He’s loose.”
Kurama whined around the metal bar in his mouth as the finger shoved roughly in. It was quickly joined by two more, which began a rapid thrusting motion.
As Kurama felt them brush a certain spot inside him, he jerked in his restraints, his whine turning to a moan. A fourth finger slid in, causing a small amount of pain for Kurama as it stretched him uncomfortably wide. But that pain was quickly washed away when the fingers continued pumping him.
“They’ve been in him. He’s useless now.”
The man sounded angry but Kurama was too caught up in the sensations he was experiencing to take much notice. It wasn’t as good as it had been with those two men from earlier, but it was still nice. He just wished that he was free to move against those fingers. Instead, all he could do was grip them tightly between clenching walls.
“What a fucking waste. Any data we get from him now will be contaminated.”
Contaminated? Contaminated how? Kurama wasn’t sick, was he? He couldn’t remember ever being sick.
The fingers abruptly left his hole without warning. Kurama groaned around his gag, wanting them to return. He wasn’t even close to reaching that wonderful feeling he’d had when those two men had taken him.
“What are you going to recommend?”
“He’ll have to be removed from the control group. Maybe he can be put in the breeding group.”
“He’s a bit young…”
“He’s old enough to take an alpha.”
The rest of the conversation blurred in Kurama’s mind as the men began to take samples. Samples from inside him, from the liquid oozing out of his erect cock, and even from inside his mouth.
“Don’t you dare fucking bite, bitch,” the man warned as he stuck the metal instrument into Kurama’s throat. The gag had been removed a few minutes ago, much to Kurama’s relief. He hoped that they wouldn’t put it back in.
Kurama felt his tears begin to flow anew. He wished very much that Fujika was there. Or Dr. Akato. Or anyone he knew. None of those people had ever spoken to him so rudely or treated him so callously. They’d been nice. They’d patted his head, told him he was a good boy, touched him in ways that felt nice and comforting. He’d wanted to please them, liked to please them.
He wanted to please these men too, but he had the feeling that nothing he did would ever please them. Nothing he did would change how they saw him or how they spoke to him.
Kurama began to feel that his life was irreversibly changing. That he would not ever be able to go back to the familiar, comforting world he’d known up until today.
“Maybe we should just terminate him…?”
The suggestion came from a tentative voice, delivered during a lull in the sample-taking process.
“Do you have any idea how hard it is to get one of them to this point? We haven’t even been able to figure out how to cause the alpha or omega genes to manifest deliberately. If we could, we’d be fucking rich.”
That was the voice of the first man. Kurama shivered as he felt something thin and metal probing against his hole. Hadn’t they taken enough samples from there yet?
Kurama didn’t like being poked in that spot with small, hard, metallic objects. They were too small to bring him any kind of pleasure.
“If nothing else, he’ll make a good whore,” another voice said. “Some rich bastard will pay a fortune for him.”
A silence followed that statement before another voice spoke. Kurama squirmed around the long, metallic object that was sliding uncomfortably far up his hole. It was starting to actually hurt now.
“You know… I wonder…”
“P-p-please… it hurts,” Kurama pleaded. He was ignored.
“What?” The second voice sounded impatient.
Kurama yelped as the metal object suddenly twisted deep inside him, poking him hard. And then it was yanked out. Kurama cried as his vision flared white with the pain.
“An unusual amount of omegas have been marked down as ‘terminated’ lately. The curious thing is, none of their testing showed any sign of abnormalities…”
“You think someone’s taking the omegas and messing with the records so it looks like they died?”
“Maybe… if there’s really that much money in them…”
“It’s not just the omegas.”
Kurama felt a gloved hand glide along his cock, rubbing him with firm pressure as his pain began to fade.
Not again. Please, not again.
“Come on, sweet thing. Give us a little more milk…”
“Put something inside him again. That should get him hard again.”
“…the alphas are worth a lot of money, too. If you could control them, they’d make great security guards. No one’s going to fuck with one of them…”
“Have they been disappearing, too? Come on, baby, we haven’t got all day… Still got two more of you bitches to go.”
Kurama moaned quietly as his most personal parts were worked into arousal. He couldn’t remember how many times he’d been forced to that peak but he was sure that it was too many. He didn’t know if he could reach it again. Not in such a short amount of time.
“He’s not giving me anything. Do we have any of those alpha pheromones?”
“Nope. And I’m not going near those bastards anyway. Not this lot. Fucking lunatics.”
A sharp smack fell across Kurama’s backside, causing him to clench viciously around the smooth object being thrust into his hole. He cried out, his backside smarting bright red.
“I thought omegas were supposed to have more stamina than this.”
Kurama whimpered as the hand around his cock constricted cruelly, as if the man holding it thought that he could squeeze out more liquid, like Kurama’s cock was a tube of toothpaste instead.
“Give it up, then. We can always get more later.”
The object was pulled out of Kurama’s hole and his cock was left to dangle abandoned beneath him.
“Hey, you. Put him wherever the fuck you had him before. We’re done with him for now.”
Geo’s disgruntled voice answered. “You can’t at least clean him off? I’m not your fucking maid.”
“Look, we’re busy, okay?”
A snort from Geo. “You’ve spent the last hour fucking with his ass. Yeah, you’re real busy. Don’t think I didn’t see the boners in your pants.”
“Stop it. Look, whatever the hell your name is, we outrank you. You’re just here to mop the floors, so to speak. So just shut up and do what you’re told.”
“I’d like to be mopping your blood up off the floor…”
Kurama heard footsteps leaving the room. Large but gentle hands began to remove the restraints on his wrists and legs before he was lowered onto his stomach on the gurney. Those hands left him briefly. Kurama heard the sound of running water.
He felt completely boneless with exhaustion. His body hurt everywhere. He could taste blood in his mouth. He couldn’t remember any of his previous tests ever being this horrible.
He breathed shallowly, tears drying on his cheeks. He wanted to go back to his room but he wasn’t sure if that would be possible anymore.
A wet cloth wiped him clean of fluid and blood. Kurama shook beneath it.
“It’s all right now. They’re all gone.”
Geo’s voice felt mildly reassuring but he was still virtually a stranger to Kurama. He would rather it have been Fujika in his place. Or even Ryoki. Geo was part of this new, uncharted future Kurama had been thrust into.
He wanted warmth, familiarity, predictability. A clear understanding of what was expected of him. A clear chain of cause and effect that was easy to understand.
Instead, it seemed that now his future was up in the air and he had no idea where it would land him.

Chapter Text

“Hold still.”
The sharp stabbing pain of a large needle being jabbed into Kurama’s arm followed those words. Kurama bit back a cry as the cloudy white liquid in the syringe was injected into his vein.
This was the third such injection in as many days. Kurama wasn’t sure what was in the syringe as it had seemed to have no effect on him so far. That was something that had frustrated the researchers.
“We should put another one in,” one of them said as the needle was removed from Kurama’s arm.
“We’ve already upped the dose from yesterday,” the man who’d injected the needle argued. “It’s too dangerous to up again by so much and so quickly.”
The first man frowned as he shoved a shirt at Kurama. Kurama reached gratefully for it and slid his arms into the sleeves. As he pulled it over his head, the man voiced his objection.
“We need results. If we don’t get them, they’ll scrap the project, won’t they?”
“This can’t be rushed,” the second man said. “A dead subject is useless.”
The first man eyed Kurama up and down speculatively as Kurama waited nervously for further instructions. He rubbed his arm where the needle had been injected. The tiny wound bled sluggishly. Neither man had bothered to cover the injection site.
“Maybe he’s too young,” he said.
“He probably is,” the other man said. “But we’re lucky we’ve got him. It’s only because those alphas fucked him up, you know.”
“Yeah. Lucky us,” the other man said dryly. “Get down from there, boy.”
Kurama slid off the steel gurney. His bare feet touched the cold floor and he shivered. He was sure about what would happen now. He’d be passed off to a guard who would take him back to his room. After a few boring hours passed, he would be brought a plate of bland food. Kurama would eat, then sleep. After a few more hours passed, he’d be taken back to this room, examined, then probably injected again. Rinse and repeat.
Kurama was mind-numbingly bored. He hadn’t seen the sun in a month. He hadn’t even touched a single book in a month. His complaints and requests were ignored by the guards.
As expected, a guard waited for Kurama in the hallway. The man was unfamiliar to Kurama. The guards seemed to change far too often for Kurama’s comfort. It was impossible to build up any kind of a relationship with them when they only ever stayed for a few days at most.
Kurama’s upper arm was grabbed in a steel grip. He let out a yelp as he realised that the man’s hand pressed against the injection site which was still bleeding.
“Come,” the guard said roughly, ignoring the yelp. He began to drag Kurama down the hall. Kurama helplessly followed, knowing that the sooner he was back in his room, the sooner he would be free to nurse his sore arm.
They passed by blank door after blank door. When they reached Kurama’s room, he was shoved unceremoniously inside. The door slammed shut behind him. Kurama heard the click of the lock engage.
He flopped down onto his bed and scowled up at the ceiling. The florescent light buzzed like a hive of bees above him, incessant and irritating.
With nothing else to do, Kurama closed his eyes and tried to sleep. But his arm throbbed. It was a painful and unwelcome distraction. Kurama rolled onto his side, hoping the change in position would help. Of course, it didn’t.
The white, featureless wall offered no comfort. Kurama began to squirm on the bed, his discomfort increasing as he felt sweat begin to dampen his shirt. He sat up and yanked it off. He folded it and put it on the table beside the bed before he laid down again.
Had someone messed with the air conditioning? He was definitely feeling warm. The throbbing in his arm was growing worse, a development which had never happened with the earlier injections. When Kurama placed his palm against the wound, he could feel that it was swelling up as if there were an egg growing beneath the skin. The site was hot as well.
Was the wound infected? Kurama didn’t think so. Wounds couldn’t show infection so quickly, could they? Besides, he’d seen the researchers clean their instruments before. He knew how incredibly thorough they were. There was no chance that the needle had been dirty.
So it had to be the drug doing this to him.
In any case, there was nothing Kurama could do. He was sure that his room was monitored. Hopefully someone would notice his state soon and come to check on him.
There was one thing he could be sure of. He was valuable to these people. They didn’t want him dead.
Kurama grabbed his shirt from the table and used it to wipe the beads of sweat gathering on his forehead away. After that, he pressed the fabric of the shirt to his pulsing arm. Someone would come soon.

“Hey, wake up.”
A hand shook Kurama’s shoulder. The redhead opened bleary, unfocused eyes and rolled over to stare up at the guard leaning over him. He was the same man who’d taken Kurama back to this room earlier. Now, the guard was frowning slightly as he stared down at Kurama.
“What’s up with you?” he asked. “You’re sweating.”
Kurama’s hair was damp with perspiration. It coated his skin and soaked into his sheets.
“I’m sick,” Kurama mumbled in answer. The scent wafting from the plate the guard had placed on the table was nauseating. His stomach twisted at the thought of eating. His arm still throbbed.
The guard looked him over before turning and leaving the room. Kurama closed his eyes and drifted back into an uncomfortable doze.
He was wakened once again by hands lifting him from the bed. Kurama mumbled a weak, half-hearted complaint as he was strapped down to a stretcher. He shivered as the stretcher was wheeled out of the room.

“He’s not going to die, is he?”
The male voice drifted into Kurama’s ear. He curled into a ball on the gurney.
“No. This is how it always starts. He’ll start to show a bit more life soon.”
It was the two men from earlier that day. Kurama recognised their voices. He felt somewhat reassured by the news that his life probably wasn’t in danger but that did not ease his physical discomfort.
“Does that mean that the drug works?”
“We won’t know for sure until he’s actually pregnant.”
“Are you seriously going to put him with one of them? They’ll kill him.”
Kurama’s shivering grew worse as a tingle spread through his body. His blunt nails scratched at the swollen lump on his arm.
“Stop that.”
A hand gripped Kurama’s wrist and pressed it down on the gurney. Kurama whimpered in protest but the hand didn’t release his wrist.
“They won’t kill him,” the man continued, speaking once again to his partner. “They’ve never seriously hurt any of the omegas.”
“Are you kidding? Did you see what they did to the people here?”
“Artificial insemination is unreliable.”
Kurama started to tug on his wrist, trying once again to pull it free from the man’s hold. This time, the man released it. Kurama brought it to his thigh and rubbed at the skin at the hem of his shorts.
“I don’t feel well,” he complained, though he didn’t have much hope of being acknowledged. Just as he’d thought, he was ignored by his observers.
“Which one will he be put with?”
Silence followed the question. The surface of the gurney felt as though it were pressing into Kurama’s skin, so much so that it began to feel as if it would bruise him. Kurama pushed himself up with his hands and slid one leg off the gurney. His foot found the smooth floor.
“Hey, what are you doing?”
Kurama stumbled as he pushed himself away from the gurney. His shoulder thudded into the wall. He leaned against it, shaking with his arms around himself. He stared at the two men who were watching him with identical frowns on their faces. They both wore the white lab coats that were so familiar to Kurama.
“Well, two of them have already had him so I guess we’ll put him with one of them.”
One of the men approached Kurama. He edged along the wall. He’d hoped that these men would do something to ease his sickness but neither of them seemed to particularly care about how he was feeling. Kurama really missed Fujika. Fujika had cared about his comfort. Had always listened to his complaints. Tried to help him.
“He’s a mess. He won’t handle it,” the other man said.
“He will,” the man who was still approaching Kurama said. He was moving at a slow pace, maintaining a steady distance between them. As Kurama felt the wall against his back, he realised that he’d been maneuvered into the corner of the room. He was trapped.
The researcher continued to approach him, moving so that his body blocked any hope of escape. He slid an arm around Kurama and pulled him close.
Kurama’s fear flared up but it began to fade as his weight settled against the researcher. How long had it been since anyone had held him like this? Not since Fujika.
The heat in Kurama’s body began to coalesce beneath his naval. He pressed harder into the man, fingers clutching at his lab coat.
“What’s he doing?”
The other researcher’s voice sounded close. Kurama pushed his face into the man’s coat.
“The drug is pushing him into his heat cycle. He’s starting to get aroused.”
“But you’re not an alpha so why is he rubbing up on you?”
The man holding Kurama laughed. “They’ll go for anything when they’re in heat,” he said. “Go tell the guards we need one of the alphas. Either 204 or 205. I’ll put this one in the cage.”
Cage? Kurama didn’t like the idea of being locked in a small cage again. As the sound of retreating footsteps echoed through the room, he pulled away from the man holding him.
“No cage,” he said. Blindly he pressed his hands to the wall, then his forehead. What the hell was wrong with him?
“It’s all right. You’ll like it. You won’t be alone.”
The researcher’s arms closed around him again. Kurama wanted to protest further but he also wanted to be held. He felt tears start to slide down his cheeks, leaving wet, warm trails on his face. His stomach was starting to feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t quite pain, but it wasn’t pleasurable either.
He was lifted up off his feet. Kurama let out a small yelp of protest but the researcher stalked toward the door of the room, Kurama cradled in his arms.
Kurama’s head spun sickeningly as they moved through the halls. When Kurama found his feet on solid ground once again, he was in a room that he’d never seen before.
Three of the room’s walls were the same solid white of Kurama’s room. Behind the researcher was an open door. The wall directly to Kurama’s left wasn’t a wall at all. Instead, steel bars isolated this room from its neighbour, visible between the bars. That room was larger than the one Kurama stood in and resembled the room he slept in. There was a bed against the far wall which was larger than his own. That was the only piece of furniture, however.
The researcher turned to leave the room. Kurama started forward, hand reaching out to snag the man’s coat.
“Please don’t leave me alone,” he said desperately.
The man shook him off. “You won’t be alone for long,” he said.
Kurama watched him leave, his arms cradling his stomach. He was sure that the researchers knew what was wrong with him but they wouldn’t tell him anything.
He sat down against the wall, staring bleakly at the door. After several minutes, movement in the blocked-off section of his room caught his eye. Kurama turned his head to see that a stretcher was being wheeled into the room. Curiously, he couldn’t hear anything.
Kurama stood up and moved over to the bars. He was surprised when he reached out to touch a bar only to find his hand blocked by a clear pane of glass. That was why he couldn’t hear anything in the other section. The glass blocked the sound.
Kurama watched as the two researchers unstrapped the person on the gurney and then moved him onto the bed.
Kurama thought it might possibly be the tanned, black-haired man he’d encountered on his last day at the beach. He found that he hoped it was.
The men left, taking the stretcher with them. Kurama returned to the wall, feeling frustrated. He couldn’t access that part of the room right now so there was nothing he could do.
He touched his abdomen below the waistband of his shorts. It was starting to cramp painfully. Even more disturbing was the fact that he could feel wetness on the fabric against his backside. Was he bleeding? He was too afraid to check.
Minutes ticked by, marked only by Kurama’s increasingly short breaths. He rubbed his stomach, finding that the pressure soothed the cramping a little.
A movement caught his eye. He watched as the man on the bed in the other section of the room rolled onto his side.
Brown eyes locked on Kurama. It was the same man, Kurama realised. It was Yusuke. He got to his feet as the other man sat up, studying Kurama with a small frown on his face.

“I thought smoking wasn’t allowed in here.”
Ichaki glanced up as his new research partner Nakoto entered the room.
“We’re conducting illegal experiments on un-consenting people and it’s my smoking that bothers you?” Ichaki asked.
Scowling, Nakoto took the chair beside him. Before them was a large television screen. It displayed the camera feeds from the room they’d left the alpha and omega in. The glass partition was currently sliding up as the bars parted.
“Why is artificial insemination unreliable?”
Ichaki let out a relieved breath. Nakoto had decided to let the cigarette issue go. Good.
“We aren’t really sure. It just doesn’t always work.”
The two men watched as the omega, Kurama, approached the alpha. The alpha had a smug smile on his face. No doubt he’d finally realised what the researchers intended to happen. The alphas always knew when they were in the presence of an omega going into heat. Ichaki had guessed that it was something to do with the pheromones the omegas emitted at that time.
“He knows him,” Nakoto said. “Look at how quickly he goes to him.”
It was true. The usual wariness the omegas displayed around strangers wasn’t present. As soon as the alpha had smiled at him, Kurama had beelined for him. He was now standing before the alpha who was gripping his hips and saying something to him. Kurama stared down at him with watering emerald eyes. Ichaki could see the rosy-pink flush of his skin that was yet another indication that the omega was going into heat.
By this point, he was probably starting to feel pretty uncomfortable as his body prepared itself for impregnation.
He hoped that the alpha wouldn’t be too rough with the omega. Stress was an ever-present issue with the omegas. It was the reason why most pregnancies failed. He was going to try something different with this one in the hope that he could carry the child full-term.
But, first, they actually had to get him pregnant, which might not happen as quickly as they hoped. This was the first time they’d tried to get an omega pregnant during a heat brought on by artificial methods. The subject being so young was also a factor that might not work in their favour.

“You’re Yusuke, right?”
Kurama’s voice was uncertain as Yusuke’s hands held his hips. The black-haired man’s eyes swept up and down him, taking in Kurama’s less-than-composed appearance.
“Yeah,” he said. His brown eyes returned to Kurama’s face. “What’d they do to you anyway? This is coming on a little too quickly to be natural.”
Kurama shook his head in confusion. “I’m sick,” he said.
Yusuke chuckled before tugging him onto his lap. Kurama settled quickly, finding comfort and relief in the man’s hold. He spared barely a thought for the wetness on the back of his shorts. He wouldn’t mention it unless Yusuke brought it up.
“You’re not sick.”
Yusuke nuzzled his hair.
“Yes, I am. I feel hot and sore,” Kurama complained.
“It’s normal. It happens to all of you eventually.”
Kurama decided that Yusuke smelled nice. His skin felt nice too. Kurama’s fingers brushed along Yusuke’s arm, which was covered in dark hairs. Kurama’s own arms and legs were hairless. Yusuke was wearing black trousers, the fabric feeling a little coarse against Kurama’s sensitive skin.
“All of… us?” he asked uncertainly.
“Yeah. They call you lot omegas,” Yusuke explained. His fingers toyed with the waistband of Kurama’s shorts, slipping beneath them to rub at Kurama’s skin. Kurama’s cheeks began to heat up. A fluttering feeling began in his stomach as the cramping began to ease.
“Am I different from you?” Kurama asked.
“Definitely,” Yusuke said with a laugh. “Do you know why they put you in here with me?”

“Why is he just playing with him like that?” Nakoto asked curiously.
Ichaki shrugged. “He’s showing an unusual amount of restraint,” he admitted. “Though that’s probably for the best.”
The two men continued to watch as the alpha’s hands wandered over the omega. He certainly didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get on with it.
What bothered Ichaki was that the omega didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry either. The boy seemed content to nuzzle into the alpha. That really was abnormal behaviour. The omega should be throwing himself at the alpha.
“Something isn’t right.”
Ichaki had kept his voice low, not intending for Nakoto to hear the statement, but the other man caught it anyway.
“Not right?” he asked with a frown.
“Yes,” Ichaki said.

“Nobody tells me anything,” Kurama mumbled.
Yusuke laughed quietly. “Maybe they think you’re all stupid,” he said.
Kurama glowered up at him, offended. “I’m not stupid,” he said, trying to wriggle off Yusuke’s lap. Yusuke’s arms tightened around him.
“You’re not going anywhere,” he said.
“Feel hot,” Kurama grumbled.
“You are hot,” Yusuke told him. “Your skin is burning up.”
Kurama’s mind was starting to feel foggy. Thoughts were hard to hold onto. His eyelids fluttered closed as he leaned his head on Yusuke’s shoulder. It was nice to be with somebody. Someone who would just hold him.
“Sick,” he mumbled, belatedly remembering Yusuke’s comment and responding to it.
“You’re not sick. You’re in heat. But you don’t smell quite right,” Yusuke said. His fingers combed through the short strands of Kurama’s hair.
“Heat?” Kurama asked.
“Yes. It’s part of your breeding cycle.”
“Breeding cycle?” Kurama inquired.
“Do you remember what we did last time we met?”
It took Kurama a moment to figure out what Yusuke was talking about. When he remembered, his face bloomed even hotter as he buried it against Yusuke’s neck.
He’d lost control of himself. What had come over him?
“They want us to do that again,” Yusuke told him. “That’s why they put you in here with me.”
Kurama scrambled awkwardly off Yusuke’s lap. His legs tangled up and he landed on the floor. He curled up, shaking.
“Hey.” Yusuke leaned over him. “What’s wrong? You liked it last time, right?”
Kurama nodded mutely. He had. But the overwhelming feelings that came with it frightened him.
“Then what’s the problem?” Yusuke asked, sitting down on the floor and pulling Kurama into his lap.
Kurama couldn’t explain how he was feeling so he didn’t answer.

“There’s definitely something wrong.”
Ichaki scowled at the screen as he watched the alpha pull the omega into his lap.
“Maybe the drug hasn’t fully kicked in yet?” Nakoto asked hopefully.
“It’s not that. He’s ready for it. But he’s too in control. Go get some of the pheromones we harvested last week. That should work.”
Nakoto hovered by the door. “I don’t know if this is a good idea,” he said. “Maybe we should just forget about it for now.”
Ichaki let out a sigh. “He just needs a little push,” he said. “This will work.”
Nakoto left to retrieve the pheromones.

Yusuke tensed as the door of the room opened. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on here. All he knew was that the researchers had done something that really fucked the omega up. His scent just wasn’t right for an omega entering heat.
Yusuke’s arms tightened possessively around the boy as he growled at the approaching men. One held a syringe. The other held what looked like a cattle prod. Yusuke was very familiar with it.
“We just need to inject the omega,” the man with the syringe said. “This will make him feel better.”
Yusuke seriously doubted that.
“Fuck off,” he said, though he had no real hope that they actually would.
“Look, you can either spend the next few hours in here with him, or you can spend it in isolation. We can get another one of you to do him.”
Yusuke frowned. That was true. None of the other alphas would turn down this opportunity. He reluctantly allowed the researcher to inject the omega with the syringe.
The omega cringed into Yusuke, whining at the pain of the needle. When the researcher pulled out the needle, Yusuke pressed his hand protectively over the bleeding hole.
The researchers left. Yusuke stroked the boy’s hair. It was so soft and fine. He remembered how good it had felt when he’d taken the boy.
Yusuke couldn’t imagine how horrible and confused the boy had to be feeling right now. His body was definitely undergoing the changes that would make it possible for him to be impregnated, but his mind was in a completely different place.
It wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be going into heat at his age. He couldn’t be more than eighteen. Most omegas didn’t enter their first heat cycle until they were in their twenties. Yusuke was certain that the researchers had done something to push the omega into this state.
It made Yusuke’s blood boil. They were nothing to these people. Nothing but lab rats. The omega could die, but no one would really mourn him. They’d just find another to tear apart.
The omega’s fingers scraped at Yusuke’s trousers.
“You okay, kid?” Yusuke asked him.
The boy’s face tipped up to stare at him. His pupils were blown wide and his cheeks were flushed even redder than before. His scent was changing too. Becoming sweeter, like the last time…
The omega squirmed in Yusuke’s hold as if he were uncomfortable. Yusuke felt the boy’s weight press against his half-hard cock.
Yusuke tasted the omega’s lips. He half-expected the boy to pull away, but instead, the warm, soft mouth welcomed him. That was definitely a 180 degree turn from just a few minutes ago.
The boy tasted good. Hiei was going to be so fucking jealous when he found out about this.

“Are you really sure about this?”
Nakoto’s eyes were fixed just to the right of the television screen, his face pale. In his hand was a mug of freshly-brewed and still-steaming coffee. He held it as if it were as precious as the antidote to a deadly poison.
“It’s working, isn’t it?” Ichaki asked. His attention remained on the screen as he watched the alpha help the omega onto the bed. Kurama seemed barely aware of where he was. He couldn’t keep his hands off the alpha. That was a good sign. Ichaki was confident that the drug they’d formulated from the alpha’s pheromones was doing its job.
“But… with what happened before…”
Nakoto’s voice trailed off. As Ichaki remained silent, he continued.
“Didn’t the other researchers try…?”
Ichaki turned to him, suddenly realising why the young man was so nervous.
“They used an airborne delivery system,” he explained. “Someone screwed up and it ended up leaking out of the testing area. We administered it directly. It won’t affect the alpha, just the omega.”
Nakoto let out a breath of relief. “Good,” he said.

Yusuke slid out of his trousers and left them in a pile on the floor. The omega started to complain as Yusuke turned him on his stomach but he quieted when he felt Yusuke’s weight settle against him.
A small part of Yusuke felt bad about what he was doing. The omega’s attitude toward him had only changed because of whatever drug the researchers had injected into him.
But, if he didn’t do what the researchers wanted, then someone else would.
Yusuke bit the boy’s shoulder just hard enough for him to feel Yusuke’s teeth. The boy shifted, trying to push himself against Yusuke.
The dark-haired man drew back. The boy tried to follow him but Yusuke pushed him back down. He pressed his finger against the rim of the boy’s hole, noting how the fluid oozing from it was tinged with pink. It was blood.
It had to be because of the internal changes that the boy was experiencing. Yusuke pushed his finger in, finding that he wasn’t as tight as he had been last time.
The boy moaned and squirmed, trying to get Yusuke in deeper.
“P-please, more,” he choked out.
Yusuke slid in a second finger, still trying to assess just how open the boy was. He didn’t want to hurt him. Not like last time.
Last time he hadn’t been fully in control of himself. Neither had Hiei. But Hiei had managed to show more restraint than Yusuke had with the boy. Yusuke felt guilty about that but it was too late to change anything now.
It wasn’t like they hadn’t all experienced their fair share of pain in this place anyway.
Satisfied that the boy could take him, Yusuke removed his fingers and repositioned the boy so that he was lifted up on his knees, his backside raised. Yusuke knelt on the mattress behind him, his cock fully hard in his hand.
The omega tensed as Yusuke slid in. He moved slowly, relishing the heat engulfing him. The omega aided his effort by pushing back on him. Yusuke watched the muscles flex beneath the boy’s skin as he squirmed.
Yusuke pulled almost all of the way out, ignoring the omega’s complaint. When he pushed back in, the omega moaned.
His walls were like velvet gliding along him. Yusuke’s pace increased slowly until he’d worked up to a rhythm that both of them found satisfactory.
It wasn’t quite like last time. The omega’s skin was heated underneath Yusuke’s hands, slick with sweat. He was barely coherent anymore. When Yusuke rolled him onto his back and lifted his legs up, he stared up at the ceiling with blank, glassy eyes. His mouth was open, small gasps leaking out with each of Yusuke’s thrusts.
The omega’s small cock twitched and dribbled onto his stomach. He made no effort to touch himself. He hadn’t done so the first time either, if Yusuke were remembering correctly.
Yet he had done so before-hand. Yusuke did distinctly remember the omega touching himself when Yusuke had entered the room.
Did the omega ever touch himself when he was alone? Yusuke found the vision that conjured up arousing. Almost as arousing as the sight before him now.
Yusuke put his musings aside as the omega tightened around him. It wasn’t as if the boy weren’t enjoying this as much as Yusuke was right now anyway.
Yusuke’s knot forced its way into the omega’s hole. As Yusuke drowned in the pleasure of his release, he saw the omega’s eyes roll back into his skull.
This was so much better than last time.
Once Yusuke was finished, he settled on the bed beside the omega. The boy remained slack on the mattress, his stomach and chest splattered with his own fluid. Yusuke nuzzled his ear. He knew that this respite wouldn’t last long but he intended to enjoy it. The researchers wouldn’t interfere for some time.
He contemplated marking and claiming the omega, but eventually decided against it. The researchers would take the omega away from Yusuke, regardless of the claim. It wasn’t worth the pain that would cause both of them.
The omega turned his head, allowing Yusuke to kiss him again. His eyes seemed to swallow the light in the room, glittering wetly. His breaths came shallowly and his cheeks were rose-red.
“You’re so fucking good,” Yusuke told him. He slid his hand behind the omega’s head. Short hairs prickled at his fingers as he held the back of the omega’s neck. Dazed emerald eyes blinked languidly at Yusuke.
A possessive, protective feeling swept over Yusuke. He wanted to keep the omega with him. To keep him for himself.
Yusuke tried to push the feeling away. It was just because of the sex. That was all. Once they were apart the feeling would fade.
It wasn’t love. It was biology. Nothing more.
“Are you in any pain?” Yusuke asked the omega quietly.
The boy made a small movement of his head that was probably meant to indicate a negative. “That… that helped… stomach doesn’t hurt so much.”
The boy’s voice was breathy and laced with exhaustion, along with the hint of building desire.
The omega would be sore later. But for now he was still under the influence of the drug and his heat. That would dull any pain Yusuke caused him.
Which was a good thing because Yusuke didn’t really want to hurt him.
Wet lips parted for Yusuke’s kiss, eyelids fluttering closed as hands ghosted over Yusuke’s hip.

Ichaki watched the alpha take the omega for the second time. Nakoto had left to make preparations for the care of the omega once the alpha was done with him.
Ichaki was very hopeful that this experiment would have a different outcome from their previous attempts. He was sure that the key was minimising the omega’s stress levels.
But he was uncertain of how much time they had to show results. Obviously a pregnancy couldn’t be rushed. But management was undergoing some changes that could be problematic for the alpha/omega experiments. There were some people who held the view that the experiments were too expensive and offered little profit in return. Others argued that the experiments had no real benefit for ordinary people and were pointless.
Ichaki was of the opinion that no science was pointless. He wanted to see this right through to the end. There were still so many unanswered questions in regard to the alphas and the omegas. What genes would the child inherit? Would it be alpha, omega or beta? Would it be healthy? Could they expect genes to mutate?
Results gained from a single child would not be conclusive but they might be enough to convince the management that it was an avenue worth exploring, despite the costs and the risks.
This might well be their last chance to find out.

Chapter Text

Yusuke’s arms tightened around the warm, sleeping form tucked against him as he heard the door of the room open. The omega’s breaths were soft and slow, his muscles slack with exhaustion. Yusuke felt pretty exhausted himself.
Three men had entered the room. Two white-coats and one guard carrying that damn cattle-prod again. Yusuke scowled at them over the redhead’s head. He’d expected this, but that didn’t mean he was happy about it.
“Get up,” the man with the cattle-prod said.
Yusuke considered disobeying, but quickly realised that if the guard tried to use the prod on him, then it might hurt the omega instead.
Yusuke had a strong inkling that the omegas didn’t receive the rough kind of treatment that the alphas had to endure. From what he’d observed, the omegas seemed to be treated more like pets rather than people. They were very ill-informed about their situation. Yusuke didn’t see the need to correct that in any significant way. Maybe it was better that they didn’t know what was really going on. Ignorance being bliss and all that.
Bliss was something that Yusuke rarely experienced, but he had come close to it with this pretty omega.
Extracting himself from the omega’s hold was an exercise in patience. Yusuke moved slowly and carefully, hoping that the omega would continue to sleep undisturbed. His hope was dashed when the omega opened his eyes. Hazy emerald sought out the source of the warmth now leaving him. One hand rose to grab Yusuke’s arm.
“Go back to sleep,” Yusuke told him. He ran his fingers through the omega’s hair, gently pushing his head back down to the pillow. Eyelids drooped beneath a red fringe.
The men had enough sense to keep their mouths shut and not attempt to hurry the process along. Good. They weren’t total idiots, then.
Yusuke straightened and glared at the guard, the floor feeling chill against his feet. “What are you going to do with him now?” he demanded.
“That’s not your concern.” The guard waved his weapon toward the door. “Move it.”
Scowling, Yusuke obeyed, but not before turning to get one more look at the boy on the bed. He lay curled on his side, sleeping like a child. Yusuke hoped that this one would fare better than the others.
He left the room, the guard barking at his heels. Yusuke paused before a closed door, barring his progress down the hall. He heard a click as the guard reached past him to slide a card through the reader. Yusuke shoved the door open and stalked through it, the guard following closely. The door swung closed with a loud thud.
Door after door lined both sides of the hall, the small windows at head height barred. Yusuke continued on down the hall to ‘his’ room. Or cell, depending on your point of view. Since the guard offered no objection, Yusuke guessed that was his intended destination.

“So, what happened?”
His ‘roommate’ Hiei eyed Yusuke curiously from his position cross-legged on his bed.
“I saw that redhead again,” Yusuke informed him as he flopped down on his back on his own bed. The bright lights on the ceiling flickered.
Bastards. If they were going to be stuck here, the least their ‘hosts’ could do was keep the lighting working.
“The one from… that day?” Hiei asked, leaning forward. The space between their beds was scarcely longer than an arm’s length. Yusuke couldn’t escape the black-haired alpha’s questions.
But, it wasn’t like he had anything better to do. If he were in Hiei’s position, he would be shooting off an endless stream of questions as well. Contact with the omegas was a rare thing.
“That’s the one,” Yusuke said dryly.
“You’re a fucking asshole,” Hiei complained.
“Hey, don’t blame me. If you want a date with him, maybe you should ask the white coats.”
Hiei lay down on his side facing Yusuke, a frown on his young face.
“I want to get out of this fucking place,” he said. “I want to see the sun. I want a fucking life.”
“I know,” Yusuke agreed. “It’s not fair.”
They were stuck here, lab rats in a cage, because they’d had the unfortunate luck to respond badly to a drug. It really wasn’t fair.
Yusuke thought of that poor boy. Treated like a dog, coaxed into behaving, tricked into cooperating with his captors in exchange for ‘privileges’ that he was already entitled to as a human being.
At least the alphas were spared such theatrics. They were treated with the cold, callous indifference of scientists pursuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Pushing the boundaries just to see how far they could go.
“We came pretty close to getting out of here,” Hiei said, his voice cautious.
Yusuke laughed bitterly. “You think they’re gonna use tranqs on us this time?” he asked cynically. “They’re just gonna shoot us. Put us down like rabid dogs.”
“So, what?” Hiei snapped. “We just sit around here until they put something in us that kills us or they decide we’re not useful anymore and shoot us anyway?”
Yusuke sat up and glared at Hiei.
“I’m not happy about this, either,” he snapped. “I want outta here, too, but I’m not gonna be stupid about it.”
He coughed. “Something smells funny.”
Hiei sat up as well, sniffing the air.
“Yeah,” he agreed. “Smells like smoke. Is there a fire?”
“Can’t be,” Yusuke said. “There’d be alarms going off all over the place.”
“Unless something went wrong. Things have been a mess around here lately.”
Hiei was right. People had been coming and going, never staying for very long, with the exception of the research teams. Maintenance seemed to have dropped in priority, the experiments taking precedence.
Then the alarms went off. Yusuke clamped his hands over his ears, cursing. Across from him, Hiei stood, his face twisted in irritation. He walked over to the door and tried the handle. It didn’t budge. Hiei punched the hard surface once, his irritation morphing into rage.
He turned back to Yusuke, eyes flashing blood-crimson in the red-tinted flickering light of the room. Yusuke could easily imagine that the light was blood covering the little alpha’s skin.
If things went badly, there was a distinct possibility that a trick of the light might become reality.

Ichaki swore as the omega howled, curling himself into a tight ball on the stretcher. They definitely did not need this. If it was a drill, Ichaki was going to kill someone.
“What do we do?” Nakoto’s voice brimmed with panic.
“It’s probably just a drill. Ignore it.”
Ichaki shoved the stretcher toward the omega’s room. The boy was exhausted and still coming down from the effects of the drugs. He needed plenty of sleep.
And peace and quiet, which he certainly wasn’t getting right now.
“I can smell smoke.”
Nakoto looked as if he were about to be sick.
Ichaki frowned as he sniffed the air. Nakoto was right. There was a faint but distinct scent of smoke in the air.
“Shit,” Ichaki muttered. He scooped the crying redhead off the stretcher and started walking rapidly down the hall. Nakoto hurried after him like a nervous puppy.
“Where are we going? Aren’t we supposed to…?”
Ichaki didn’t need him to finish the rest of the sentence. They were supposed to help secure the research data and get it out of the building. Not bother with the test subjects. They were expendable in this sort of situation.
At least, that was the protocol.
But, as far as Ichaki was concerned, the boy in his arms wasn’t expendable. If they lost the omega, they’d lose all potential data they could extract from him in the future. Ichaki didn’t care about the other experiments. He just wanted to get the omega out.
“Sir?” Nakoto’s voice wavered uncertainly. “Shouldn’t we…?”
“You can go help if you want,” Ichaki snapped. “I’m taking this one outside.”
Nakoto fell back, his steps faltering. He wavered in indecision for a moment before he turned and headed back the way they’d come, his stride determined.
Ichaki broke out through the exterior door into bright sunlight. The omega had finally quieted down, though he shook in Ichaki’s arms. Ichaki set him down on the grass. He was still naked, his hair a mess and tears streaking his cheeks. Ichaki wrapped him in his lab coat then turned to observe the building.
There was no sign of any smoke, yet Ichaki was sure that this wasn’t a drill. Hopefully, the staff would get the fire under control soon and they could all get back to work.

Yusuke shot to his feet as the door of the room opened. Smoke wafted in around the large, dark form of Toguro. The big man waved his hand toward the hall, indicating that they needed to leave. Yusuke didn’t need anyone to tell him that. He beelined for the door, Hiei right behind him and threatening to mow him over.
Toguro pointed in a direction and Yusuke didn’t bother questioning him. Ahead of him he could see another familiar figure going in the same direction. Karasu’s long black hair and scarecrow build were distinctive.
Yusuke hurried along after Karasu, following the older man down hall after hall. Someone had left all of the doors barring the halls wide open, allowing them to move freely. Yusuke briefly wondered who that was. Had one of the alphas managed to get hold of a pass card again?
Or maybe the staff had a sudden attack of conscience and decided that they couldn’t leave innocent people trapped, fated to end up as a pile of ashes on the floor?
The smoke was getting worse, making it hard to see and even harder to breathe. Yusuke felt a hand grip the hem of his sweatpants. Had to be Hiei, making sure that he didn’t lose sight of Yusuke in the smoke.
Yusuke sped up, Karasu’s tall form looming ahead of him. He took hold of Karasu’s shirt, not caring if the volatile man would object later. It was clear that Karasu knew where he was going and Yusuke wasn’t losing him.
They pushed out into open air. Yusuke released Karasu and coughed, choking on clean oxygen. He heard Hiei doing the same from next to him.
Karasu turned to glare at Yusuke, violet eyes hateful over his hand, which he’d used to cover his mouth. Yusuke wanted to flip him off but he didn’t have the energy.
Hiei’s eyes skittered over the area, noting the white coats gathered on the grass, eyeing them with uncertainty. Yusuke watched with amusement as they shrank away from Hiei’s stare.
Some other alphas were congregated beneath a large tree. Karasu had already begun striding towards them. Yusuke followed, leaving Hiei leaning against the wall next to the door, his arms crossed over his bare chest as he continued to stare at the white coats.
This was a very interesting situation, Yusuke reflected as he sat down on the grass. Judging from the looks and words exchanged by his fellow alphas, none were keen on returning to their prisons.
Yusuke felt an elbow nudge him in the ribs. He turned his head to glare at Karasu.
“What?” he demanded.
“Some of the omegas are over there,” Karasu said. His words were full of bitterness.
Yusuke peered between white coats. Karasu was right. Smaller, frightened forms huddled in the middle of the group like chicks in a nest.
Yusuke felt just as bitter as Karasu about that. The omegas didn’t belong over there. They belonged here. But why was Karasu telling him?
“What d’ya want me to do about it?” Yusuke retorted. “Go tell Toguro.”
Toguro was their unofficial and undisputed leader. He kept the alphas in line by brute strength alone. No one was willing to get on the wrong side of him.
Yusuke never bothered arguing with the giant, muscled alpha. He could see Toguro’s point. There was strength in numbers. One day they would all hopefully be able to pursue their own agendas, but in this situation they needed to stick together.
“He’s still in there.”
Karasu had to be referring to the building.
“Again, what do you want me to do about it?” Yusuke snapped.
“We could take them.”
Karasu’s eyes glittered with malevolent anger.
Yusuke studied the gaggle of researchers again, this time noting how none of them held weapons. He then glanced around at the alphas. Some were lounging on the grass. Others were eyeing the researchers much as Karasu was. Yusuke looked over to Hiei, still leaning against the wall of the squat building. Hiei caught his eye.
“All right. I’ll help.”
Karasu smirked, then moved over to another alpha to recruit him as well. Yusuke waited until Karasu had wrangled half the group into their plot.
Hiei joined him.
“The redhead’s there,” he said.
Yusuke suddenly felt a lot better about the whole thing.
“Is he okay?” he asked.
“Looks like it. I nearly missed him. He’s wrapped up in one of the researcher’s coats.”
Yusuke nodded, absorbing the information. He’d have to make sure that the redhead was grabbed quickly. He didn’t want anyone to mistake the small omega for one of the researchers.

Once the alphas moved in on the researchers, things happened very rapidly. The researchers caved quickly, too terrified to put up any kind of a fight. Except one idiot who tried to keep hold of the redhead. Hiei knocked him out with a precise blow to the back of his head. Yusuke scooped the redhead up off the grass and retreated with him.
The other omegas were brought over to join them, their eyes wide with fright. There were about six of them and they formed a huddle once again, clinging to each other.
Except the redhead. Yusuke kept a firm hold on the bewildered boy as the other alphas watched over the omegas. Hiei sat down on the redhead’s opposite side.
“You okay?” Yusuke asked the boy anxiously.
The boy nodded numbly, pulling his coat tight around himself. He lowered his face until it was buried in the collar.
“What’s your name, kid?” Yusuke asked.
A nose peeked out. “Kurama.”
“I think I told you before, but I’m Yusuke. That’s Hiei. We’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you.”
Kurama’s head slowly rose. He eyed Yusuke with mild uncertainty before looking around.
The researchers had moved further away, tending to their injured while speaking urgently to each other.
“What’s going on?” Kurama asked anxiously. “Why is everyone outside?”
The door of the building banged open and Kurama flinched at the loud noise. Toguro and his younger brother advanced on the group of alphas and omegas just as sirens cut the air.
Kurama and two of the other omegas shrieked. Kurama doubled over, burying his head in the coat. Yusuke exchanged an alarmed look with Hiei.
“What’s wrong with him?” Yusuke asked. The sirens were shrill and annoying but they didn’t warrant such an extreme reaction.
“I guess he’s sensitive to noise,” Hiei said. He manoeuvred Kurama so that his face was pressed into his lap. Yusuke felt jealousy rise as he watched Hiei’s fingers dig into the back of the boy’s head. But he quashed it. He and Hiei had been allies right from the beginning. Hiei was someone he could work with and he had the feeling that Hiei felt the same about him.
Yusuke turned his attention away from Hiei and to the parking lot. He watched curiously as vehicles pulled into the parking lot. One after the other, they lined up wherever there was room. Men and women streamed out, most beelining for the spread of grass where everyone was huddled.
Two of the white coats hurried to intercept them, looking panicked. Yusuke couldn’t hear the conversation but he could see that it was an energetic one. The white coats waved their hands about while the men they’d accosted frowned in confusion.
Something was going on. Yusuke wasn’t sure what.
“Look. There’s smoke.”
Hiei’s request drew Yusuke’s eyes back to the building. Above the flat roof he could see a cloud of dark smoke gathering like an ominous warning.

Kurama pressed his face into the short alpha’s lap, his shrieks quieted to whimpers. The sirens had finally stopped but now loud voices converged on them.
Ordinarily, Kurama would have been thrilled to be outside but he was tired and sore. He just wanted to curl up in a warm bed and sleep. It looked like that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.
“Excuse me. We need to check all of you over.”
“We’re fine.”
“You may think you’re fine but if you’ve breathed in any of that smoke, you might have burned your lungs.”
“We haven’t.”
Yusuke’s tone was flattened by his frustration.
“We need to make sure. It will only take a moment.”
Kurama raised his head to stare at the man kneeling on the grass beside them. He wasn’t dressed like a researcher or a guard. Nor was he dressed like the people Kurama met on the beach. Kurama didn’t know how to categorise him.
The concern on his face eased Kurama’s fear though. The man smiled at him.
“Hi,” he said.
Kurama felt Hiei’s hand grip his arm.
“Hello,” Kurama said nervously.
“Looks like you’re all having an exciting day, huh?”
Kurama nodded in agreement. He heard Yusuke give out a sigh beside him.

“You’re not gonna take us anywhere, are you?” Yusuke asked. He eyed the man with unconcealed suspicion.
This day was turning out to be unlike any before it. Yusuke wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. It all depended on where he would be at the end of it.
Probably in another prison, a cynical voice whispered in his mind.
“We won’t need to, if you’re all fine,” the man said.
“Who do you work for?”
Hiei’s question was blunt.
The man’s eyes widened in surprise. “I’m an ambulance officer,” he said, as if that explained everything.
“What’s that?” Kurama asked curiously.
Yusuke silently cursed the omega. Couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Didn’t he know that strangers couldn’t be trusted?
“It’s my job to help people who are sick or hurt,” the man explained.
Yusuke snorted. “Huh, right,” he said bitterly. “Nobody gives a fuck about us.”
The man rocked back on his heels, frowning. His eyes swept the space around them. Yusuke guessed that he was finally noticing that his fellow interlopers were not receiving a welcome reception. None of the other alphas were having a bar of it, though they hadn’t turned violent yet.
Yusuke looked over to Toguro, who was equally attentive, his brow creased. Beside him, his brother Ani hunched, sneering at the strangers from beneath long, tangled hair. A shiver passed through Yusuke. He didn’t like Ani. Ani was crazy.
“Look, why don’t we just go over there?” The man pointed toward the vehicles. “I promise, I won’t take you anywhere you don’t want to go. I really just want to make sure you’re okay. If you’re not, we’ll talk about what happens after.”
“All right.”
Yusuke blinked in surprise at Hiei, who was starting to tug Kurama to his feet.
“What?” Yusuke asked blankly, startled by Hiei’s sudden change of heart.
“How long do you think it’ll take before they get here?” Hiei asked sourly. “What do you think is gonna happen after that?”
Yusuke realised with a start that Hiei was referring to the company that owned the facility. It was a miracle that they weren’t here already.
And, when they did get here, they would do their best to sweep all of this under the carpet.
They might actually have a chance to get out of this place.
This was the first time that the possibility felt so real and close. Yusuke had always thought that this moment would be exhilarating.
Instead, it terrified him.
The ambulance officer looked incredibly relieved as Yusuke reluctantly joined Hiei. As frightened as he was, he couldn’t let this opportunity pass.
By unspoken agreement, he and Hiei kept Kurama between them as they followed the man toward the parking lot. They stopped at the back of one of the vehicles.
“Why don’t we start with you?”
The man smiled kindly at Kurama.
“You can just sit down here.”
The man patted the stretcher. Kurama moved forward nervously. The officer helped him onto the stretcher. Yusuke watched carefully, but couldn’t come up with any objection to the officer’s treatment of Kurama. The man had the air of someone who genuinely wanted to help.
Yusuke couldn’t think of the last time anyone had ever treated him like that. It had been a very long time since anyone had actually cared about his wellbeing.
“Will this hurt?” Kurama asked.
“No,” the officer assured him.
Yusuke and Hiei exchanged looks as Kurama settled on the stretcher. The man began his examination, checking the boy’s heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.
“You don’t work for Nebula, do you?” Yusuke asked. “‘Cause they got their own people for this shit.”
The man glanced over at him. “‘They’?” he asked, one eyebrow raised. “You make it sound like you don’t work for them either.”
“We don’t,” Hiei said quietly.
“Nebula?” Kurama mumbled curiously. He had begun to shiver.
“I’m sorry. I know my hands are cold,” the man apologised. “I’ll get you a blanket when I’m done.”
Once the examination was complete, the officer pronounced Kurama fine and wrapped him up In a warm blanket.
“You can rest here for a little while,” he said. “You look tired.”
Kurama’s eyelids drooped. He curled up on the stretcher, blanket covering him. The officer moved toward Yusuke and Hiei, dropping his voice when he addressed them.
“Didn’t have time to get proper clothes?” he asked, one eyebrow raised again.
“Didn’t have proper clothes,” Yusuke returned.
The officer’s expression was serious as he looked between them. “Tell me the truth,” he said. “Is there something going on here that we should be concerned about?”
“Yeah,” Yusuke said. “There is.”

“It might be best to not look,” the woman advised Kurama as he stared at the red liquid filling up the syringe inserted into his arm.
“I’ve had this test before,” Kurama said.
The woman removed the syringe and placed a white cotton ball over it. Kurama pressed down on it with his finger as she turned to put the syringe away. When she returned to him, she put a band-aid over the cotton.
“All right. You can relax now,” the woman said.
Kurama made himself comfortable on the bed, resting his head against the pillow. This place was busy and noisy. People walked back and forth past the door of his room. Kurama wished for his quiet room at the facility.
Another woman entered the room as the other was writing something on a clipboard. She smiled at Kurama.
“How’re you doing?” she asked.
“Fine,” Kurama said reluctantly.
“We’re sorry about all this. I know it’s very confusing but everything will settle down soon.”
Kurama nodded half-heartedly.
He didn’t know why he’d been brought to this strange place, or why these people were performing so many tests on him. He hoped that he hadn’t done anything wrong.
But, so far, these people were being much nicer to him than he was accustomed to. They were even nicer than Dr. Akato had been. They asked him if he was comfortable. If he needed a drink. If he was too cold or too warm. They apologised constantly for disturbing him. Kurama didn’t know how to react to the changes.
“He’s very sweet and tolerant,” the woman who had taken his blood said.
“In that case, how would you like some company, Kurama?” the new woman asked.
“Company?” Kurama asked nervously.
He had noticed that there were three other beds in this room but they had been empty ever since he’d been brought here a few hours earlier.
“Yes. We’re having some trouble settling some of the others who came in with you,” the woman explained. “Would you mind if we put them in here?”
Kurama frowned.
“Maybe that’s not such a good idea,” the other woman murmured. “Some of the others are… not quite so tolerant.”
“We don’t have enough space to keep them all separated and they’re bothering the other patients,” the second woman said.
“But he needs sleep. Just look at his eyes.”
“It’s just for tonight. Hopefully we can sort something better out tomorrow.”
The woman turned back to Kurama. “What do you think, Kurama?” she asked.
Kurama gave a reluctant nod. Maybe company wouldn’t be so bad.
“All right, then.”
Both women left. Kurama stared up at the ceiling. This place was nothing like the facility he was used to. The walls were off-white and the rooms were cluttered with equipment he’d never seen before.
He closed his eyes and drifted into a light doze, often broken by the unfamiliar noises intruding into his room.
“I swear, if you’re gonna stick another needle in me…”
Kurama turned his head at the sound of the familiar voice. Yusuke stomped into the room, his expression immediately softening when he saw Kurama.
“Hey,” he said.
A harassed-looking man stood behind him. “Pick a bed,” he said, sounding exhausted. “You’re staying here.”
Yusuke moved around to the bed beside Kurama’s. The man left without even bothering to ask if Yusuke needed anything.
Yusuke moved to stand beside Kurama’s bed.
“You doin’ okay?” he asked. “Did anyone hurt you?”
Kurama shook his head.
“They just took a lot of blood,” he said.
“Yeah. They stuck me, too.”
Kurama glanced at Yusuke’s arms, exposed by the blue gown he wore. He couldn’t see any band-aids marking injection spots. Yet he believed Yusuke.
“Do you know what’s going on?” Kurama asked him. “When can we go home?”
“That place. It isn’t home, Kurama.”
Yusuke’s expression had turned from concerned to sympathetic. He gripped the bars on the side of Kurama’s bed.
“It is home,” Kurama protested. The facility was all he could remember.
“No, it isn’t. You were somewhere else once, Kurama. Somewhere before that. You just can’t remember. Maybe you were too young or maybe they did something to make you forget.”
“Somewhere else?” The concept was completely foreign to Kurama. Yusuke squeezed his wrist. Kurama looked down to see the white band around his wrist. Someone had put it there when he’d arrived at this noisy place. His name was printed on it, along with other words that Kurama didn’t understand.
“They took us, Kurama. They put a drug in us. It changed us.”
“Changed us?”
Kurama felt like he was drowning in the sea. Thrashing for the surface with no idea of where that actually was.
“We’re not like the other people here,” Yusuke said. “The people who kept us in that facility did stuff to us that they weren’t supposed to do. Now they’re going to get in a lot of trouble for that.”
Yusuke’s grip tightened on Kurama’s wrist. “I know you don’t understand,” he continued. “You don’t really need to.”
“What’s going to happen now?” Kurama asked nervously. It seemed as though he wouldn’t be returning to the facility. So where would he be going?
Yusuke’s answer was not reassuring. “I don’t know,” he admitted.

The soft click of the door closing aroused Yusuke from a comfortable doze. He blinked in the dim light of the room before sitting up to glare at the intruder. Hiei stared back at him, mouth set in a thin, unapologetic line. His expression said clearly that he tried to be quiet and shouldn’t Yusuke be up by now anyway?
Hiei’s sweat-soaked shirt landed on the bedroom floor as he vanished into the bathroom. Yusuke heard the rush of water as Hiei turned on the shower taps.
Yusuke shifted beneath the weight resting on his arm. The third occupant of the little apartment was still sound asleep, his breaths heavy and slow. He’d curled up tight against Yusuke, probably seeking warmth since Hiei had left the bed.
Hiei’s habit of jogging along the beach at dawn every morning was an irritating one but Yusuke had to admit that it was nice to wake up alone with Kurama. For once, he didn’t have to share. Every heavy-lidded look that painted Kurama’s face in soft tones was for him. Every sweet sound forced out of bitten lips was just for him. The morning hours were precious.
But those mornings hadn’t lasted past the first month spent in this apartment.
Kurama’s sleeping shirt had ridden up, revealing the curve of his abdomen. Yusuke pressed his hand against it, hoping to feel something. There was nothing except smooth, warm skin. Yusuke fancied that the baby was probably still asleep as well.
The doctors had assured them that the baby was developing normally and Kurama was handling the pregnancy well but Yusuke was still nervous. He wasn’t entirely sold on the team’s cautious optimism.
The Nebula corporation had agreed to stop the experimentation and release the test subjects into the custody of the government in return for secrecy. They hadn’t escaped unpunished, however. They’d had to pay a massive sum of money to compensate the test subjects for the trauma inflicted on them.
A team of medical specialists had been assembled by the government to oversee the medical needs of the subjects. That team was closely monitoring Kurama’s pregnancy.
Kurama stretched, the heel of his foot running down along Yusuke’s leg. He let out a sigh before attempting to roll onto his stomach. Only for the bump to get in the way. That put an end to the peace of the morning.
Kurama sat up, blinking as he oriented himself. The steady whoosh of water from the shower wafted out of the open bathroom door, along with a cloud of steam. Kurama stared at the door for a moment before turning his jade eyes down to Yusuke.
“I think I’m going to be sick,” he said quietly before stumbling off the bed and into the bathroom.
Yusuke sat up as he heard the all-too-familiar sound of Kurama vomiting up the contents of his stomach. He winced in sympathy.
Yusuke crawled off the bed and headed into the living area. He pulled aside the curtains, letting the orange dawn sunlight blanket the room. The smooth, glittering sea stretched out to the horizon. Yusuke had to admit that the view was probably the best thing about this tiny apartment. For most of his life he’d been shut up in small rooms. To see a seemingly-endless stretch of space spreading out as far as his eyes could see had always been just a dream.
Now he could understand why Hiei and Kurama liked to run along the beach. To be able to push yourself forward without anything barring you was exhilarating.
Yusuke turned away from the view and toward the kitchen. He began to make Kurama’s preferred peppermint tea. The omega insisted that it helped settle his stomach.
Kurama emerged from the bedroom, still wearing his pyjamas, and settled uncomfortably on the sofa. His face had a sickly tinge to it.
Yusuke didn’t bother saying anything as he carried over the tea. The smell drew a relieved smile from Kurama and he reached unhesitatingly for the cup.
Hiei entered the room, shirtless with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. His black hair was flat with moisture.
“He’s still sick?” Hiei asked, eyes travelling to Kurama sipping on his tea, his eyes closed.
“Yeah,” Yusuke said. “It’s not just gonna go away, Hiei.”
“I can’t wait until this baby comes,” Hiei grumbled, heading for the kitchen.
Yusuke knew Hiei well enough to know that his reasons for that statement were selfish ones. Due to his physical discomfort, Kurama was no longer as accomodating as he used to be. Sex tended to happen on the omega’s schedule, rather than the alphas’, a change that Hiei wasn’t pleased about.
“I’m going to remind you that you said that when the baby’s actually here,” Yusuke informed him. He heard a snort from Hiei, accompanied by the rush of cereal spilling into a bowl.
Yusuke didn’t know much about babies, except that they cried. Frequently and loudly. In such a small apartment as this, there would be no escape from the noise.
Looking after a baby wasn’t going to be a picnic, but terminating it had never crossed Yusuke’s mind. He could see that Kurama was already emotionally attached to the life growing inside him. It was obvious from the way he rested his hand on his stomach and rubbed in gentle circles. From the cloudy haze that came into his eyes when Yusuke put his hand on Kurama’s stomach to feel the baby kicking.
This baby might have grown up to be just another test subject like it’s parents, but now it would never know the cold white walls of that facility. It would always know open sky and endless horizons.
To Yusuke, that sounded like the best future a child could have.