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Bunnyribbit week 2018 (made in 2019)

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When you work in overwatch, you learn a lot about cultural differences.
In Brazil PDA was common, whenever you met someone you'd hug and kiss their cheeks. Apparently this level of PDA wasn't as normal in other places. Lúcio remembered when he and everyone else first arrived at Gibraltar, things were awkward as hell.
He remembered how he was unsure about whether to hug or shake peoples hands, it ended up depending on who he was talking to. Tracer, Mei, and surprisingly McCree were all cool with hugs. He never tried to hug 76 though, that man radiated 'don't fuck with me' vibes 24/7.
He learned even more cultural differences when he befriended and later began dating one Hana Song.
The first time he came across one of these moments was during one of Hana's gaming streams. She had invited him on the stream, at one point he leaned his head on her shoulder, he felt her tense up and he immediately moved off, not touching her for the rest of the stream.
"Hey, did me leaning on you make you uncomfortable?"
"No! Well, no, I was just surprised. I mean, we haven't known each other that long." she replied, moving to pack up the mics and streaming equipment.
"No, I'm sorry. I should've asked before I did that." he said, unclipping his mic and handing it to her. "Probably cultural differences, ya know?" she nodded, smiling softly as she took the mic from him. That was the moment he began falling for her.
After she got the courage to ask him out, because lord knows he didn't have the balls to do it himself. He could lean on her and she wouldn't jump or tense up. He was slow testing the waters, seeing when what was appropriate. Generally in public the rule was at max holding hands. Around friends and family they could lean on each other and light pecks on the cheek were good. Most everything else was in private or very close friends. The one time those rules were forgotten though, was when dancing. The first time they went to one of the overwatch dances, normally ran by either Angela or Reinhardt to promote team spirit, he was shocked. He knew Hana had taken dance lessons before her gaming career took off, but he had not expected her to be so wild. She dances everything, pop songs to classical.
Which is why when he woke up to her running out of the room, he grabbed his phone and walked after her. He didn't bother looking around, he knew where she went when the nightmares got this bad. He turned into the common room, seeing her curled up form on the gaming couch. The sight broke his heart.
He began playing a soft cover of Rockabye on his phone, gently sitting next to Hana and tentatively reaching out. She didn't flinch away from his touch so he wrapped his arms around her and slowly pulled her into his lap. He doesn't know how long they sat like that, but they went through several songs. The music changed once more, by then she had calmed down, but still clung to him like a lifeline, as if without him she'd tumble back down her rabbit hole.
The song shifted to Galway girl. She lifted herself a bit, smiling at him. He picked her up bridal style before setting her on the ground, then wrapping one arm around her waist and the other taking her hand. She laughed but placed her arm on his shoulder and gave his hand a small squeez. The began swaying and moving in time to the song, the beat chasing the nightmares and horrors away.