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Shepard lost

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A flash of red light and heat filled her face sucking the air from her throat leaving her breathless. A hiss of air came from one of the vents of the helmet filling the space between the faceplate and her face with crisp recycled air.

Through the slit in the face plate she saw the Normandy being torn apart the dirty yellow beam from the unknown ship. As it almost seemed over the drive core blew completely destroying the ship. Small bits of shrapnel and debris collided and pinged of her suit. The slight ringing in her ears started to fade slowly but surely it stopped all together and now all she could hear was her jagged breath and a very faint drilling noise.

She began to relax for a moment while she thought of  escape plan hopefully her crew could see that she was floating there in the big black nothing of space.

That drilling noise was getting louder now she cocked her head as if she knew what its from. then suddenly air was pulled from her suit again “fuck” she growled, trying to patch the leak but to no avail her air gauge dropping lower and lower. Now that noise like someone drilling through wood right next to ears now, but still getting louder and louder and as the planet grew closer and closer.

Now she was struggling to gain any air as the gauge dropped to zero. As she took her last breaths the searing heat was overwhelming. She was burning up she realized “burning up in atmo what a way to go” she thought as her vision started to lose colour and black creeping in the sides as well, the grey colour of the ground rushing up to meet her but all she could do was smile.




She woke with a gasp a sense of deja vu creped in as she looked around and saw lab equipment heart monitor, and other machines, it looked a lot like the lab, she woke when she was resurrected, except for the fact she could see stars and a massive planet which in her mind looked a lot like earth. She tried to move but her limbs refused entirely, they were sore and incredibly stiff, her head was pounding and it felt like it had split open and all of its contents removed and a boiling hot stone as put in its place. Her side ached for some reason but most of all she felt in her words “crispy”

A small hiss came from ahead as a figure came up from the floor and started to walk towards her. Shepard had no idea where she was even if she did she couldn’t do much about that so she played dead.

The figure was a turian female who was wearing a long white coat “so she’s a doctor then” shepard thought but she kept still with her eyes half closed, she decided to see what this doctor will do.

The turian approached and walked to one of the monitors and pulled out a datapad and started to type then moved to the next monitor but squinted and moved closer to the screen. “thats odd”. she muttered the pulled back and activated her omni-tool “doctor sorry to interrupt but there something weird is happening to the EGG and now has returned to normal” the doctor said with a confused tone, a voice crackled back “I'm on my way”. The doctor put away the omni-tool and came closer to her and then sat in the chair. The searing hot heat in her skull and the increasing in pain also. Shepard was trained to resist and cope with pain during her N7 training but this was on a whole new level, 13 times higher and her resistance was wearing thin.

Another hiss and the doctor stood up as another figure entered the massive room asari this time. Shepard couldn't focus on both the pain and the conversation so she took the pain trying to hold it back, but it was like a dam that was overflowing, it kept increasing and increasing until the mental barrier she had, had burst and  she screamed out in pain and then black out.



As Liara approached the turian doctor who she had forgotten her name who pointed to the EEG and liara saw that the levels had dropped to normal, but her hopes that had started to grow was crushed as  the levels started to rise again. She looked over to the human clamped on to a spended panel, but the most heartbreaking thing for her was the thick socket like device that was crammed into back of her head.

Shepard’s face started to screw up as if she was in pain then asari rushed over “Jane can you hear me” Shepards face grew tighter and tighter then her eyes flew open and a blood curdling scream was let out. After a few seconds she stopped and sagged against the claps which then released her. She fell to the ground but liara caught her but she wasn’t strong enough to hold her and brought her to the ground.

The turian doctor was wide eyed looking at Shepard “did you see that?” she said in disbelief,”what” Liara said stroking Janes head and slowly rocking it back and forth, “her eye’s” she swallowed “they were black”

A soft moan came from liara’s lap they both looked down and saw the human stirring. the famous rich green eyes fluttered open but then went wide as they locked onto the asari and turian above her, “Jane?” Liara said softly

Both Liara and the turian unprepared for the biotic pulse from the women who scrambled up and moved unsteadily away as fast as she could. “Jane!” Liara called out trying to get to her feet but her head was spinning from the pulse.

Liara saw that Shepard was going for the lift so reluctantly she threw out a stasis and froze Jane on the spot. both the turian and the asari reach the frozen specter. the doctor pulled out a needle with sedatives just in case. “Shepard?” Liara asked but the looking the eyes of the strongest person she knew in the galaxy she saw only fear “p-p-ple-ase let me go” came a whimper from the women.

With a nod to the turian, Liara droped the stasis and the doctor injected Shepard with the sedatives. Shepard slumped to floor once again. Liara was in shock the only thing that she could do was  look over what was left of the stronest person she had ever met.


“what did they do to you?”