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The Last Demigod

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Bang, bang, bang. The bull pushed through trees, trying to get at me. It kept coming, not willing to stop until I became its dinner. It was what, the fourth time I had encountered this bull, the first when I was twelve, around six years ago. I continued to run through the forest, my pets with me. Blackjack, my pegasus, was flying over the bull, kicking it whenever he could. My hellhound, Mrs. O'leary, was running alongside me, occasionally shadow traveling behind the bull, scratching or biting it. "Blackjack, Mrs. O'leary, come!" I shouted. "I got a plan"

Mrs. O'leary came back, running at a steady pace alongside me. "I hope this one is actually good and works," Blackjack neighed. "Last time with the Empoisia, you got shocked by the illusions and we had to save your sorry butt."

"I defeated this guy before you ever met me! And Blackjack, I need to ride you. Mrs. O'leary, I want you to stay right below us on the ground."

"Ok, boss." He flew over to me, keeping pace. I jumped on a few seconds later. As I kicked, he knew exactly where I wanted to go. "Are you serious? Right above the bull, just out of reach? They are getting more powerful, you know."

"Shush, Blackjack. I'm concentrating." Holding on with only my feet, I began to dig my ballpoint pen, Riptide, out of my pocket. Got it. As I uncapped it, it sprang out into a full-length celestial bronze sword. This was Riptide. Holding it with my right hand, I began to aim. It had to be perfect or I would miss the back. We were both moving creatures. "Fly right above him. I'm going to need you to drop me on his back. Once I stab him, you need to be ready for me to jump right back on."

"Are you sure boss?" he asked me nervously.

"I'll be fine. And don't call me boss!" I shouted as I dropped off. Thankfully, I was communicating with Blackjack, so it made almost no sound. It wouldn't have mattered much anyway though, as the bull was hard of hearing and had bad eyesight. He tracked by smell. Hopefully, by being on top of him, he will be confused by all the different smells, along with not being able to reach me. Taking Riptide, I plunged it into his furry backside, through the ribcage, into the heart. "Blackjack now!"

He dived, heading right toward me. I jumped, landing on his back. He flew up and fast, Mrs. O'leary following. "Is he dead, boss?"

"Think so. Plus we are getting out of here. Riptide will come back eventually. Hopefully, where we go next, there is food. Cause I'm getting hungry. Now shadow travel us out of here Mrs. O'leary!" As I spoke, Blackjack partially landed on Mrs. O'leary so we would travel with her.

"I hope there are donuts there!"

"Donuts are bad for your health, and you are already too hyper," I scolded him. "NO!"

The world started to spin, and all went black. We shot through the air, space and time before the world stopped spinning and became bright again. None of us had any clue where we were. If Blackjack knew, he would have already begun to talk my ear off. And I didn't recognize it either. If only Annabeth was here.

It was my seventeenth birthday. I was sleeping in the Poseidon cabin the night before. At midnight, twelve am, when my birthday started, I awoke with a thump. The camp was gone, my friends with it. I was lying in a plain, old strawberry patch. I somehow found my car, Paul's old Prius. Driving home to the apartment, everything was usual. When I went home I asked my mom if she knew who my dad was. She had no clue it was Poseidon. Thanks to this surprising information, I traveled to the Empire State Building. I asked the guy for the 600th floor. He looked at me like I was crazy. But when he looked up, I saw that it was a different guy. So I went outside and looked up. Olympus wasn't there. Due to this new, scary information, I looked up records of people on a library computer. Both Annabeth and her cousin didn't exist. Neither did any other einherjar or demigod. I also visited the Kanes. Surprisingly, they were a whole family, and not a magical one. Carter and Sadie somehow forgot about Zia and Walt. I also visited Sam. She had no clue about the Norse other than from books. She also didn't have powers. Blitzen and Hearthstone's store had also disappeared, leaving me to find out that the other eight worlds had disconnected from us. But I also had found the monsters were still here, and more powerful than ever. Thankfully, Mrs. O'leary and Blackjack were still around though. I also still had a whole arsenal of gold, silver, bronze, iron, steel, and ivory. Special weapons and materials from all four religions. I retained my powers as well. For some reason, when everyone disappeared, I was left with a backpack and bandanna. That backpack could hold anything, and whatever was in there would stay the same till I took it out. I could hold infinite things, and what I wanted would always be at the top. But everything had to be manually put in there. It came with weapons and armor. No food. The bandanna was like the hunters' tents. That was it. It was a place to sleep, plus, Blackjack and Mrs. O'leary could fit too. Three days after my birthday, I left. I did not want my mortal family dragged into a world they didn't know about. So after putting all of my things into the backpack, tying the bandanna around my head, I took off with the pegasus and hellhound.

We took off, Mrs. O'leary at my side, pretending to be my dog and that we were on a walk. Blackjack took to the sky, staying near, but hidden in the clouds. As we walked around randomly, I ended up in a dead end. We were cornered.

Two people appeared, both in black. The woman had been following us the whole time. I knew about that. I didn't know about the man though, who had jumped down from the roof of the buildings nearby. "That man has been tracking you, boss."

"A little late, Blackjack."

"Why are you talking like a horse?" the woman asked, moving closer. "Do you have a contact? An earpiece? Close or near?"

"Depends if you call a flying horse named Blackjack a contact," I retorted. I know I shouldn't have told her that. But I had a feeling it would work out. And that it was necessary. "I have known him since I was thirteen. My only other accomplice is my dog, Mrs. O'leary. She has been mine since her previous owner died when I was fourteen. And I'm eighteen." I gestured at Mrs. O'leary. "Blackjack, you can come down now."

'You neighed again."

"You sure boss. They look dangerous."

"Yes, I'm sure. Come." Blackjack flew down from the clouds.

"Impossible," the woman whispered in awe. "The horse is as black as a pitch dark night or a black hole, and has wings."

"Not impossible, Widow. You weren't around for what went down in New Mexico as you were to busy with Stark," the man told her. I wonder what that means.