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You Cant Stop A Love Like Ours

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Isn’t it confusing how ones life can change in the blink of an eye. How enemies can go to lovers, how the most beloved can end up alone. The idea of fairytales surround our minds with the most unique ideas of love and affection. But in this life there are no fairytales. Beauty got killed by the beast. There are no dwarves to run away to in the middle of the forest. There is no Prince Charming riding valiantly on his noble steed to save the damsel in distress. No, in this life we must save ourselves. 

Life has a funny way of showing that it cares. We go through it never really knowing where we will go next or what will happen. And for many of the group of “Earths Mightiest Heroes” this was most certainly the case. They were a dysfunctional team, made up of two assassins, two super-soldiers, one genius, one angry Green Giant, a Demi-god, a witch  and finally another ex military man. 

However, no matter how dysfunctional this family of eleven truly were, some had even managed to find love within the chaos. Natasha, fearless assassin and female Alpha had found love in Beta, Bruce Banner, a shy genius with a love of biology and all things science. 

Omega, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes had been found by his best friend two years ago shortly after the battle of New York and since then had been in a loving relationship with his Alpha, Sam Wilson. The two had originally hated each other nevertheless it had only taken the pair a mere 2 months of arguing and one heat from Bucky for the two to put aside their differences and bond, forming one of the greatest love story’s Steve had ever seen.

Tony, while he hadn’t found solace in a romantic partner, had a son, Peter Benjamin Stark who had been born out of wedlock and a drunken one night stand 16 years ago. Peter was like his father in every single way. He was a science nerd and loved helping his father around in the lab. At the age of 15 he had been bitten by a radioactive spider when visiting a lab on a school trip and now took the persona of Spiderman. Despite not being a full Avenger, he often went on patrol around the neighbourhood. 

Steve Rogers, however well his story starts here. Exactly two and a half years after the Man Out Of Time awoke from his 70 year sleep in the Antarctic. Watch as he finds a different kind of love in a world full of hatred and war and watch how that love will also become his destruction.