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A Miraculous Mix-Up

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“Well,” Adrien said as he tossed down the controller on the desk in front of him, “as much as I enjoy getting my assed kicked by you in Mecha Strike, I really do need to get home,” he said as he stretched his arms up.

Marinette giggled beside him, “coward,” she said teasingly, winking at him.

“I am not a coward, I just need to preserve my dignity.” Adrien stood up and stretched again, “I can’t have my girlfriend knowing I’m terrible at video games.”

Marinette giggled again, putting down her controller and standing up, “Oh, she knows…” she said lazily, as she wrapped her arms around him, and giving him a gentle kiss on the lips.

Adrien returned the kiss, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her in close, she grinned into the kiss, “are you sure you want to leave…Chaton?” she said teasingly.

Adrien sighed, and put his forehead against hers, “no…but it’s getting close to midnight and my father has Nathalie check up on me before she heads to bed.”

Marinette frowned, “I can see why Nino has such an issue with that man…” she said stepping away, “doesn’t he trust you?” she asked sighing.

Adrien giggled, “well to be fair, I did sneak out to go to my girlfriend’s house.”

Marinette rolled her eyes, but smiled, “still, if he gave you more freedom, then you wouldn’t have to sneak out, you could just walk out the door and say, ‘Papa, I’m off to visit my girlfriend for a couple hours at her house and get my ass kicked at Mecha Strike because I don’t know how to play, be back by curfew!’”

Adrien snorted and looked around for Plagg, “because that would go over so well, wouldn’t it.” He sighed, “I wish I could tell everyone about us, but my father would throw a fit if he found out I had a girlfriend…” he trailed off.

“Because I’m such a distraction?” she said rolling her eyes, “we’ve been dating for a month and you haven’t exactly missed anything important.”

Adrien sighed, and kissed her cheek, “I know, I’m sorry, once I tell him, we can go public…err as public as you want to go anyway.”

Marinette sighed and went to go sit down on her chaise lounge, “I want us not to hide our relationship, but also like, not be hounded by everyone.”

Adrien nodded, “I know, My Lady…” he trailed off, wondering where the hell his kwami got off to, “do you have any cheese by any chance?” he asked Marinette.

Marinette nodded, “Yea I started to keep some in my top right drawer of my vanity,” she said pointing, and watching Adrien as he walked over, and found his kwami, she giggled as she overheard him reprimanding Plagg for eating all the cheese, but a moment and flash of green light magic later she had Chat Noir standing in her room.

“Come on,” she said standing up, and leading up toward her balcony, “I’ll see you off.”

“Thank you, My Lady,” he said as they reached the rooftop. They stood there for a moment enjoying the scenery. “I really should be going.” He said as he moved to perch him self on top of her railing, taking hold of his baton.

Marinette stood on her tip-toes, pulling him down to give him another kiss. It wasn’t chaste by any means, she treaded her fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss, she felt one of his hands go to her waist pulling her in closer. Slowly she pulled herself away, “I love you,” she whispered breathlessly.

“I love you too,” he said back, just out of breath as she was, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Marinette nodded, “see you.”

With one last kiss to her cheek, Chat gave her his signature wave, before leaping off her balcony and onto the rooftops toward his house while Marinette watched him disappear into the distance, once he was out of sight, she turned back and headed back inside to her room.

Neither noticed the photographer that happened to be at the right place, at the right time, just on the sidewalk below her balcony.


Marinette groaned as she turned over on her stomach, putting a pillow over her head. It felt like she had just fallen asleep and her phone was already dinging at her, “what time is it?” she mumbled through the pillow.

“Three in the morning,” she heard Tikki answer her, then her phone dinged again, indicating that she got a text. “I think Alya is trying to get a hold of you Marinette.”

“Why the hell is she trying to get a hold of me at three in the fucking morning?” Marinette said rolling back over and sitting up, ignoring the Kwami’s look of disdain she gives whenever Marinette curses. She rubbed her eyes and switched on her light over her bed and grabbed her phone.

GURL YOU BETTER NOT BE ASLEEP Marinette wrinkled her nose in confusion, why wouldn’t she be asleep? Heck why was Alya even awake and texting her?

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T TELL ME, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TELL ME THESE THINGS. Tell Alya what? the only thing she was keeping from her, was her dating Adrien, but she couldn’t have figured that out.

Do you think I can get an interview? Why would Alya want an interview?


WAKE UP, YOU NEED TO GIVE ME ALL THE JUICY DETAILS, OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE. Marinette sighed, it was time to answer because Alya wouldn’t leave her alone unless she did. She decided whatever this was, it was better if she called rather than just send a text.

“GURL TELL ME EVERYTHING, TELL ME EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU KEPT THIS FROM ME.” Alya shouted on the other end, making Marinette pull the phone away from her ear.

Marinette for her part decided to play dumb and not know what Alya was talking about, just in case she wasn’t talking about Adrien, “Alya it’s three in the morning, what is this all about?”

“Oh no, no, don’t play dumb missy, you know what this is all about, I was sent the picture just a few hours ago, oh boy, it’s steamy…why didn’t you tell me?” Alya said with excitement, Marinette could hear her typing on her computer and she didn’t sound the least bit tired. Steamy though, a steamy picture…she and Adrien weren’t ones for PDA, especially since they haven’t gone public yet.

“What picture Alya?” she said rubbing her face, Alya may be wide awake and on three cups of coffee, but she was tired and wanted to go back to bed.

“Uh the one of you and Chat Noir making out on your balcony.” Alya said matter-of-factly, “It’s on the Ladyblog now.”

Marinette didn’t need coffee now, she was wide awake at Alya’s words, and was climbing down off her bed and to her computer, “What?” she asked, horrified.

“I can’t believe you’re dating Chat Noir, and you didn’t even bother to tell me.” Alya said tsking.

“I’m not…” Marinette said as she logged on to the Ladyblog, and stopped talking, I mean technically she was dating Chat Noir… but she only wanted to be known for dating Adrien, dating just his superhero side would complicate things far too much.

Then she saw the picture, right before he left her house earlier. They were lip-locked, his hand on her waist as she stood on her tip-toes, her fingers tangled in his hair. It was a picture of a very passionate kiss. “Oh my god.” She said, covering her hand over her mouth. “Who saw this and took a picture?” she asked her friend.

Alya sighed, “you know that Adrien fanboy …uh Wayhem?” she started, Marinette hummed, because she knew him, “well apparently he thinks that Adrien sneaks out at night, and was on the prowl to look for him, instead he found this and sent to me, and I still can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” Alya said, “Come on, I need details.”

“There really isn’t much to say…” Marinette trailed off, because there wasn’t, and she really wanted to talk to Adrien first.

Marinette could almost hear Alya rolling her eyes at her, “sure, sure, how long have you been seeing each other?”

“Alya it’s late…” Marinette trailed off, “can’t we talk about this later?”

She heard Alya tsk again, “fine…fine…but we ARE going to talk about this.” She said, “I would love to get an interview with him though…” she said trailing off, “and another with Ladybug too, maybe you can have him ask her.”

“I don’t think Ladybug has too much to say about Chat’s love life.” Marinette lied. 'Ladybug is too busy FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT RIGHT NOW,' Marinette thought to herself.

“Well, you never know, it’s been looking pretty promising between the two of them lately, like she’s not rejecting him any more…even flirting back…come on you know, you read the blog!” Alya explained.

Marinette put her head on her desk and tried her best not to repeating bang it against it. As hard as she tried to separate herself and Ladybug, and her relationship with Adrien, and Ladybug’s relationship with Chat, she guessed she didn’t do that stellar of a job. So, now it looked like that she stole Chat from Ladybug. Everyone was going to hate her.

“Uh gurl are you okay?” Alya asked on the other end.

“Yea, I’m just having a minor stroke, that’s all.” Marinette said, thinking of how she is going to handle this as Ladybug, and as Marinette and how is Adrien going to deal with all this.

Alya laughed, she was used to Marinette’s dramatics, “Anyway, so I take that this means you are finally over Adrien?”

Well, shit. Thought Marinette. “Listen,” she said to her friend, “I have to get going…” Marinette didn’t want to deal with this, not now.

“Wait, wait, wait…one last thing.” Alya said.

Marinette sighed, “What?”

“Do you know his secret identity?” she asked her, excitement in her voice, “do you know Ladybug’s?”

Marinette gave a little laugh, “Alya, they are secret identities for a reason, they have to remain a secret.” She said, “I’ll see you at school.”

Alya gave a long sigh, “fine, fine see you, and we are going to talk about this.”

“I know Alya…” Marinette said trailing off, “Good night.”

“Good night.” And with that the two teenage girls hung up.

Marinette groaned as she put down her phone, rubbing her temples before rubbing her eyes. She was tired, but her mind was buzzing too much to actually get any kind of sleep.
“You really should have been more careful Marinette…” Tikki said as she looked at the photograph still displayed on her computer.

“I know…” Marinette whined, “urg I’m in huge trouble, aren’t I?”

Tikki sighed, “I’m sorry Marinette.”

Marinette sighed turning off her computer, and headed back toward bed, hoping that this is just a story that stays on the Ladyblog and she wouldn’t have to deal with it in the morning.


The Next Morning

Adrien hurried down the stairs while his father’s assistant walked beside him giving him a rundown of his activities for the day.

“Chinese after school today, followed by a reshoot at 5, your father didn’t like how the set came out and wants them redone.” Nathalie rattled off.

“Alright, Nathalie.” Already feeling tired from the day, he couldn’t wait until the day he was able to live his own life. He walked into the dining room where he expected his breakfast to be waiting for him. It was, and so apparently was his father. “Father? What are you doing here?” he asked, surprised, he has gotten all to used to eating his meals alone when he was at home. He looked at Nathalie who, if she was surprised, her face wasn't giving it away, she gave him a small smile before turning and walking away.

“Well considering that I live here, Adrien.” Gabriel said looking up from the paper, “sit down and eat Adrien.”

“Yes, father…” Adrien said taking up his seat and started to eat his half of grapefruit. It was never enough, what he had at home, so he couldn’t wait to get to school, because no doubt Marinette would have a pastry or two for him. He was so lucky to be dating her.

“Adrien, that Marinette girl,” Gabriel started to say causing Adrien to nearly choke on his fruit, was his father reading his mind now?

“Get yourself together Adrien,” his father said with grit, “Marinette, she’s the inspiring designer in your class, right?”

“Um, yes father.” Adrien said, his voice a little squeaky from choking, and he took a drink of water, wondering what he was getting at.

Gabriel gave his son a look, but ignored his son’s behavior for the moment, “did you know that she and Chat Noir were dating?”

Adrien choked on his water, spitting it everywhere, “What?” he asked his voice high and squeaky.

“Honestly Adrien, what the matter with you today?” Gabriel said, putting down the paper and Adrien was able to see the front page.

The picture of him-as Chat Noir- on Marinette’s balcony sharing their goodbye kiss
Above the picture read the headline
Chat Noir Finds Love! But Does This Mean Ladybug is Heartbroken?

‘Oh no, oh no, oh no.’ Adrien thought to himself.

“Adrien?” Gabriel asked is son, “Did you know?”

“Um…no, I had no idea.” Adrien lied.


The Bakery

“Marinette!” Sabine called for her daughter, “come on down please, your father and I want to talk to you before you leave for school.”

Marinette groaned, she got a fitful night’s sleep, she slowly got up, and quickly got dressed before making her way down her bedroom stairs to where her parents were waiting for her in their family kitchen.

He parents stood at the counter, the morning paper displayed out.

“Oh, fuck me with a chainsaw,” Marinette cursed as she read the headline.