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Back to the Isle

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Dragonhall School-2years before Auradon


Hiding. Everyday it was just hiding. Either from his crazy ass mother or his crazy ass "best friend". Who the hell even calls himself the best friend of the person they are bullying on a daily basis since the first time they met? Yeah a psychopath and that is exactly what Harry Hook is. Hell, even the adults were afraid of this 14 year ols boy.

But either way he was hiding again from his so called best friend. It was currently lunch time and even though Carlos never fancied the tasteless grey stuff they got on a daily basis , it was definitly more than he would get at home. Something he'd rather not miss but here he was. Sitting in a corner behind the grand staircase and listening to every footstep that walked by.

Harry waited right at the door of his last class before lunch and as soon as the bell rang and the mass of students rushed to the dinning room, Carlos had to run. The sight of the sharp hook greeting him for some ''fun' as Harry loved to elaborate his teasing and hurting of Carlos made him bolt directly into the other direction. Running and running until he couldn't anymore and had to hide.

Now sitting here and waiting for the break to be over so he could skip his last class to run and hide from what was to come after school, he reflected on his day and how it went far too smoothly up to this point.

Mal and Jay were actually nice this when they had to head to school together instead of teasing him like always. Classes were fine. And he hadn't had any problems with any other kid til the Harry incident. Now everything only could go downhill again.

Deeply buried in his thoughts he nearly yelped when footsteps were now aproaching him. "Pup? Are ye here?" Called out a far too smooth voice for the psychotic mind behind it. "Pup. Come on. We have to go get lunch. Ye can' go hungry back to class."

The voice and footsteps were closing in and soon a pretty brunette head were looking directly at Carlos in his hiding spot. "Found ye! Now come on!" Draging the smaller boy with a rough hand out of his hiding spot the young pirate grinned maniacly. "From what were ye hiding pup? Now come. I'm hungry and ye know I can be mean if I'm hungry." Still grinning he began tugging the much smaller boy bbehind him as the bell signalling the end of lunch  stopped them.

Anger flooded the young pirate. "Great just great. We meet after school pup. At the chip shop. Don't be late for our fun especially now that because of ye I missed my meal." 

Carlos shivered as the sharp point of the metal hook was caressing his cheek and neck drawing small droplets of blood which the pirate liked off of him with his typical grin. 

"Don't be late, puppy." Now after kissing the smaller ones cheek and giving one of his significant bows he left without looking back back at the anxious wreck he left behind. Completely sure to meet him in the afternoon due to Carlos not daring to not follow an obvious order.