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Nautiscarader's Avatar prompts

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- Why do they all have to be in red? - Korra growled, throwing another dress over the couch.
- Well, red *is* Fire Nation's official colour, Korra...

Mako stood up, after removing the said dress from his face it was thrown on, and stepped to help his girlfriend. Korra might have been an Avatar, but she admitted she wasn't the best when it came to choosing stylish clothes. Asami would have probably helped them, and she could name all possible shades of red, but alas, the two were left to each other with the conundrum.

Just when she put on another burgundy dress with a low cut, he gently grabbed her shoulders, placing a few kisses on her neck, which seemed to calm her a bit.

- And besides, I think you look stunning in red...

Korra let out a soft moan, watching Mako's hands in the mirror, wandering down her waist. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, giving him more area to caress, and as she did so, Mako sat onto the edge of the couch's back, inviting Korra into his laps. His grip on her waist became a bit stronger, and as he pulled her onto him, Korra definitely felt his arousal tracing against her almost-exposed bum.

- Mhm... Mako... - she moaned, her hands blindly trying to find anything to hold on to. usually, she'd turn around, but with the mirror in front of them it felt too good opportunity to let it pass on.
- Actually, I think the dress could be a bit shorter...

Mako murmured against her skin, his hands slowly rolled the edge of the dress up an inch or two. Korra shivered when she felt his fingers trace her thighs. A moment later another kiss warmed her up, just as her dress was lifted up again, slowly exposing her panties.

- Yeah, afraid I can't go like that... - she moaned.
- Why not? Those are red, aren't they?

She was about to answer him with another playful banter, when suddenly, Korra felt her arms were pulled to her back. His strong hand closed around hers. A few moments later, the texture of his skin was replaced with delicate satin of the large bow that was a part of the dress until Korra tore it off, judging by the looks itself. And just when she thought it was over, his right one dived into her crimson red panties, making her close her legs around him almost automatically.

- I know what you'd like to wear... - he huffed - A red scarf tied around your wrist while I fuck you from behind, am I right? That's one kind of rope you wouldn't be able to burn...
- Ma... Mako!

Korra writhed in place, experiencing first traces of Mako's fingers on her clit. And at the same moment, he pulled her against him, and dragged the thin strip of material aside, letting Korra feel his throbbing cock between her thighs.

Though she could easily get out of the lock, the Avatar let Mako dominate her, and watched his cock slide back and forth between her soaking wet lips. Under his slow, but synchronised moves, the strap of her dress fell down, exposing her breasts, that now bounced together with the rest of her body. With his other hand free as well, Mako closed his fingers around her left nipple, massaging her mounds, while he peppered her neck with kiss after kiss.

Korra wondered how long will Mako tease her, and at the same time when she thought about it, Mako unceremoniously slid himself inside her, gently bending her down, just as her body arched back under the pleasure. In the mirror, the Avatar could see her face torn with pleasure each time Mako filled her to the brim, his rough and powerful thrusts still accompanied by the delicate caresses of his hands.

Left on his mercy, Korra's body bounced back and forth, her legs slowly giving up to the pleasure burning in her loins. She was grateful they were in their apartment, giving her chance to be unblushingly open by screaming his name without any consequences.

But Mako didn't want to hear her scream. There was something better he wanted to witness, and he was determined to perform admirably to see it happen. He knew she was close; her hips jittered and quivered around his cock, and her voice broke and shook, giving him warnings about her oncoming orgasm. In the end, it wasn't his massive length pushing deep into her pussy, but just his thumb flickering her bundle of nerves that made it.

Korra threw her head back, and soon the air above her was filled with flames shooting out of her mouth, just as her orgasm consumed her. And as she was expending the energy that was building in her loins in the most spectacular way possible, Mako heard his name cried into the stream of flames, and that has pushed him over his edge.

When her orgasm subsided, Korra's body became limp, dangling on Mako's cock, still burrowing himself inside her every second or so. She wished she could bask in the afterglow, but as she heard his grunts behind her, Korra regained just enough conciousness to give him one vitally important piece of information.

- N-Not inside!

Mako pulled out, and when Korra though he'd let her go, his grip tightened, she heard him groan, and she felt a familiar feeling of warmth flooding between her bum and her dress. Only then he eased his grip on her, though by that time Korra expected this, as she gently fell to the pile of tried dresses beneath her.

She looked up at her tried, but content boyfriend, slowly sliding to the ground to join her in a long, soothing kiss.

- You know, I change my mind. - he spoke suddenly - I think you look best in white...

He smirked, pointing to her back, and the ruined, cum-stained dress. A moment later Korra burned it with a single touch, and leapt into his arm for more fashion consultations.