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As far as I've known, I have always been a 'night owl'. Something about languishing all day in the hot sun does not appeal to me; I would always prefer to bathe in the glow of the milky moon. As the sky darkens, I put my duties to rest and enjoy the serenity that can only be found in these small hours.

I walk slowly through the green grass, the flowers glistening at me with their tiny droplets of water. A cool breeze passes me by, as the heat wears off for another night. Fireflies gather around the river, their warm lights radiating. Their presence is yet another indication that summer has arrived. Summer…

It hardly feels like a year, since I moved here. Something of a celebrity on my first day, I was welcomed by a small bunch of villagers. There is a saying about people who have greatness thrust upon them. Admittedly, I questioned the motives of these animals as they named me their mayor. Word is that my predecessor was a beloved creature. From that, I knew I had much to live up to. Over the months, many challenges have been bestowed upon me. But with the bad, comes the good.

As I cross the plaza, I see standing proudly against the darkness the tree that had been planted on the day of my arrival.

I planted this tree.

It has grown so tall, its many branches stretching out to new opportunities, the tree itself still rising towards new heights. A weakling no more. How sweet it is, to imagine that this very plant reflects my success as mayor. I like to think that I have done this town justice.

Continuing my stroll, I pass the many houses, all dim as the villagers prepare themselves for sleep. Sometimes, I will encounter one, as they too embrace the ordinance I have in place. Their response is always a positive one. The population is always expanding – what once was a cosy little community is now thriving. Vivacious, and full of variety. Of course, the thought does cross my mind now and then. The thought of other humans. I fail to recall the last time I have seen the face of another human like me. But as I think of those I have befriended here, and those I have grown close to, any doubts circling in the back of my mind are washed away with the tide.

I come to a halt by the yellow bench built by the cliff's edge. My first public works project. Sitting on it, I allow myself to gaze out towards the endless ocean. Now it truly is just me and the moon. The atmosphere soothes me. In this moment, I can finally be at peace as the sound of waves overlapping allays my fears. Soon, a new day shall begin, and it will be a mystery, just like the rest. The excitement of such an adventure never ends, and although clichéd to say such a thing, it is the satisfying truth.

I spend many minutes of this tranquil hour reflecting on the bench, until my reverie is broken. The town hall's clock chimes midnight. A new day has begun.