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How a superhero learns to fly (every day, every hour, turn the pain into power)

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Midoriya Hisashi and Inko are a lovely couple. They have a picture perfect marriage, good jobs and a love for the storybooks. Mitsuki constantly teases her friend about the Midoriya’s ‘puppy love’, and Inko just blushes and waves her off. “Oi! When are you two going to get busy and have some kids? My little Katsuki could use a best friend~!” Mitsuki jokes, patting her swollen stomach.

“Suki!” Inko scolds, face a bright red amidst her green locks. “Don’t joke like that!”

Mitsuki ignores the greenette and throws her head back laughing. “Aw, come on! Think about it! Hisashi would love to have a little troublemaker running around.”

“Yes, but he would be a terrible father,” Inko replies with a straight face.

Mitsuki cocks an eyebrow. “How so?”

“The man would spoil our child rotten.”

“But at least he’ll love them.”

Inko snorts, sipping on her tea. “I suppose.” “Speaking of Hisashi, where is he?”

A frown pulls at Inko’s lips and she looks to the clock-Mitsuki’s not wrong. Hisashi should’ve been home an hour ago. “I don’t know...maybe he was held up at work?”

Several phone calls later, Hisashi has yet to pick the phone. Worry begins to gnaw at Inko’s heart. “I don’t know what’s wrong, Mitsuki. H-he always calls if he’s going to be late.”

“Hey, hey,” Mitsuki soothes. “He probably just forgot to charge his phone. Hisashi’s been pretty scatterbrained lately, huh?” She laughs at her own statement in an attempt to ease Inko’s nerves.

Shaky laughter slides from Inko’s lips, but she smiles. “I suppose you’re right.”

“You know I always am,” Mitsuki teases. “All that worrying is going to make you an old lady.” She brings the tips of her fingers to either side of her nose and traces ‘wrinkles’ across her skin. “Old Lady Inko, they’ll say.”

This time, Inko explodes with laughter and the two friends shift back into casual conversation and playful banter. Inko’s phone rings and Mitsuki beams proudly. “See? I bet that’s him right now!”

Inko rolls her eyes at the blonde woman across from her and answers the phone. “Hello?”

The small smile falls from her lips and she listens to the person on the other end in silence.

The lighthearted air about the two friends dies. By the end of the call, Inko’s still and bleary eyed. “Thank you,” she says stiffly and hangs up.

Mitsuki tries to think of how to break the screaming silence between the pair. “Inko-”

“That was the police,” Inko interrupts, drained and numb. “Hisashi was killed in a hit and run.”

Midoriya Hisashi’s funeral is a quiet affair. Not many people attend, but not many people are invited. Inko only wants their closest friends at his actual funeral, so the Bakugous are there, along with Hisashi’s old college buddies and some of his co-workers that he hangs out with outside of work.

Used to hang out with , Inko corrects herself, bitterly.

She feels Mitsuki place her hand on her shoulder and pull her close into a tight hug. “It’ll be alright.”

When the funeral service is over, Mitsuki tries to invite Inko over, but Inko politely declines. She unlocks the door to her apartment, and is greeted with the dim, depressing emptiness of it. A few steps in takes her to Hisashi’s mess on the coffee table. Inhaling shakily, she moves it to the side and sits on the sofa. The apartment never felt so lonely. Finally, all the emotions she’s been holding in for the past two weeks catches up with her and she breaks down sobbing.

For the first time in a long time, Midoriya Inko feels truly alone.

“Midoriya-san, I-I don’t suggest going in there. The boy has been through a very stressful situation, and he’s v-very volatile-Ma’am! Wait!” Inko ignores the social worker’s frantic calls and opens the door.

A tiny, lean figure darts to the corner of the room farthest from the door and closest to the window. The boy is young with large green eyes and tanned skin spattered with freckles. He’s constantly shifting and twitching, like he’s preparing for her to strike.

Inko makes sure to keep her distance. “Hey there. My name is Midoriya Inko. What’s your’s?” As expected, he doesn’t answer.

The social worker’s boss walks in and sighs, waving the frantic woman off. “I am Fujiko Ike. I apologize for Hamada-san’s behaviour, but this is one of our special cases.” She flips a few papers up on her clipboard. “His name is Miyata Isamu. He’s been on quite the journey to get here.”

“What happened?”

Fujiko sighs. “Have you heard of Santuario City?” “Oh, yes, the one in the Americas?” Fujiko nods with hints of disdain pulling her lips downward. “He came from….there. Originally, we thought he had family over here, but it turned out to be an error on file, so now, he’s here.”

Inko’s heart goes out to the boy in the corner. He hasn’t moved since she entered the room, and his eyes are still held wide open with terror. She sighs sadly and shakes her head before she sits down where she is. “So, Miyata-kun, what’s your favourite colour?”

With a slight smile, Fujiko turns on her heel and shuts the door behind her with a click.

It takes several months before Isamu warms up to her, but when he does, he bubbles and chatters like a little bird. Inko learns about Hiroshi, the other boy Isamu came over with, who has been adopted by his aunt in Musutafu. The way that Isamu speaks of the other boy kind and with a love normally found between brothers. Isamu reminds Inko so much of Hisashi in unexpected ways. Both had this loveable, somewhat dorky cheer and a friendliness that extended to all, even if Isamu’s is, understandably, more restrained. Isamu finds a place in her heart and makes his home there, and before she knows it, Inko’s signing his adoption papers.

The first time Inko takes Isamu home, he’s wary to enter the house and lingers by the door for a bit. With learned patience, Inko leads him inside and shows him around.

She carries him with his tiny arms looped around her neck. He’s small for eleven, but doesn’t object to being carried by his new mother, however childish it may seem.

“And this-” She shifts him and opens his door. “Is going to be your room!”

Isamu tugs on her shirt and Inko puts him down. He stares at the relatively empty room. “I know it’s not much right now, but you can decorate it as you like.”

Isamu grabs Inko’s hand and smiles at her. “Heroes.”

Inko chuckles and ruffles the young boy’s dark hair. “Yes. As many heroes as your want. And maybe some pretty colors.”

“Maybe….red? Blue…..” He begins muttering to himself.

Inko turns to leave, but Isamu reaches out and catches her hand. “Midoriya-san?”

Inko chuckles. “I told you to call me Inko, Isamu.”

“C-can I dye my hair?”

This causes Inko to raise her eyebrow. “What colour?”

With a lock of his wild, curly hair in hand, he beams at her. “Green.”


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Miyata Isamu gets his name changed soon after his adoption. Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Inko's beloved son. It has a nicer ring to it than Miyata Isamu does. His new name doesn't carry the same heavy weight as his hold one. He likes loves it.

He dyes his hair green and smiles more. The transition into his new life is fairly smooth. He takes dance lessons and gymnastics. Inko lets him watch hero fights and he religiously documents every single detail he notices. At night, when he’s tired, Inko tucks him in, reads him a story and kisses him on the forehead. His room has been decorated with various cartoon characters and heroes and it’s painted pastel green and blue. Before leaving the room, she turns on his All Might nightlight.

“I love you, Izuku.” She’ll say.

And “I love you, Inko-san.” He’ll whisper back.

She smiles at him and closes the door. Many things have changed since she adopted Izuku. For one, Shinsou Hitoshi, the boy Izuku came over with, becomes a fixture in her life. His aunts, Iwaya-Shinsou Minami and Iwaya-Shinsou Inori bring him over several times a week, despite Inori’s busy work schedule as a detective and Minami’s as a lawyer.

There’s a knock at the door.

“Toshi!” Izuku races toward the door at top speed as Inko giggles.

“Izuku! Slow down!” She opens the door and the two boys fly into each others’ arms. “You two are adorable,” Minami coos.

Inori’s phone beeps. She sighs and pecks her wife on the cheek. “I’ve gotta go, love.” She turns to Inko and smiles. “Just wanted to say hi.”

Minami hugs her. “Have a good day, baby.”

Inori kisses her wife on the cheek again before leaving. “Well come in, come in!” Inko ushers Minami in. She sits her down at her table and starts pouring tea so they can catch up. “Now, how have you been?”

Hitoshi and Izuku are already playing in his room. “My moms say I have to start school soon,” Hitoshi mutters as Izuku pulls out his hero action figures.

This causes the other boy to pause. “....Inko-san says the same thing….”

The pair fall into a pensive silence, action figures forgotten. “I-I mean...we’re not back home, so, it should be different?” Izuku doesn’t reply. “Do you think they’ll let us go to the same school?” Hitoshi asks

They stare at each other for a second before leaping to their feet. This is a brilliant idea. “MOM!”


With April, comes the beginning of their sixth grade year. It doesn’t take much to get their mothers to agree to let them attend school together.

“Are you ready, Toshi?”

“More ready than you are,” the purple haired boy snarks, flicking Izuku.

Izuku frowns. “Hey! I am perfectly ready.”

“Every school supply you have is All Might themed.”

“I’ll have you know that All Might supplies were cheaper!” He grumbles.

“Mm. Right.”

Izuku runs his finger through Hitoshi’s wild hair, tugging into a short braid. The boy shifts. “Hold still!”

“You never let me do your hair.”

“That’s because you’re terrible at it.”

Hitoshi fake gasps. “I resent these accusations!”

Izuku giggles. “You’re so weird.”

“Fuck off.”

“Inko-san! Hitoshi said a curse word.”

Hitoshi’s heart drops in his chest as Inko leans back in her chair, just enough to meet his eyes. “Go, Hitoshi.”

“D-do I have to?”

“Yes. Go apologize to the No-Cussing Doll and put two hundred yen in the swear jar.”


“Go on.”

With a defeated sigh, he walks to the corner where an old fashioned doll that looks straight out of a horror movie sits next to a half full glass jar. He gulps.

“I think half the money in there is yours,” Izuku notes when Hitoshi comes back.

“Shut up,” he grouches.

“Okay, boys, you need to go to school.” Inko stands and begins ushering them out the door. “I’m driving you, so let’s go. I can’t be late for work.”

The boys hurriedly gather their things and leave. “We should watch The Japanese-American Hero next time you sleepover!” Izuku insists.

“No! We should watch Unseen Heroes! I heard they’ve got someone to play Eraserhead!”

“Keep moving, boys.”

Inko herds them into her car and drives to school. “Minami says that you can come over after school, Izuku, so she’s going to pick you up, m’kay?”


“We’re watching Unseen Heroes at my house.”

“Fine, but only because Eraserhead is awesome.”

“You think all heroes are awesome.”

“Not all of them-!”

Hitoshi looks his friend in the eyes. “Name one you don’t like.”

Izuku blanks and Hitoshi bursts out laughing.

Inko parks the car. “We’re here.” She turns around. “Izuku, do you have your stuffed toy?”

Izuku nods, hugging an All Might plushie close to his chest. The two are almost out of the car when she calls (rather loudly, Hitoshi thinks), “Hitoshi, do you have your-”

Hitoshi’s ears burn pink. “Yep! Got it! Thanks Inko-san!” He darts away from the car, pulling Izuku behind him.

She chuckles. “Bye boys!”

When Hitoshi stops dragging Izuku, the greenette turns to him, confused. “What’s so bad about having an Eraserhead doll?”

“Because it’s embarrassing!” Hitoshi whines. “No one else is going to have stuffed animals.”

“They’re not animals. They’re hero plushies. And your mom spent forever trying to find  an Eraserhead for you.”

“I know, but, I feel like I shouldn't need it. We’re not at home, so...We’re safe.”

“I don’t know about you, but I like having mine around. It makes me feel extra safe.”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes. “Oh, please. You’d carry an All Might plushie around even if you didn’t need it.”

They arrive at the door of their class. “You ready?” Izuku asks. He inhales and exhales in slow, deliberate breaths. “As I’ll ever be.”

The class is in chaos. Kids are running around, screeching at the top of their lungs. Izuku closes the door and spins around on his heel. “Well, that was enough school for me. What do you think? Enough school? Yep, let’s go home!” The greenette’s movements are nervous and his grip on his All Might plushie has tightened.

“Come on you coward.” Hitoshi rolls his eyes and latches onto Izuku’s collar, dragging him after him into the classroom.

In hindsight, Hitoshi wishes he had gone with Izuku. At first, school doesn’t seem so bad. The kids are nice enough, the teacher doesn’t seem to hate them on sight; it’s been great. Then the teacher asks everyone to stand up, say their name, a little snippet about their lives and, of course, their quirk .

It always comes down to quirks.

“Brainwashing,” the teacher repeats, face becoming paler by the minute.

He just gruffly nods and sits down, ignoring the stares he draws or the whispers gathering around him. Absentmindedly, he holds onto his stuffed Eraserhead underneath his desk, cheeks burning with embarrassment. “W-why don’t we move on.” The teacher tries for a smile and points to Izuku. “You. Why don’t you go next?”

Izuku stands up, his All Might plushie resting on his desk and says with an unusual amount of confidence, “My name is Midoriya Izuku and I’m eleven years old. I like heroes! All Might’s my favourite! And I do dance and gymnastics. I live with” Hitoshi doesn’t miss how Izuku hesitates when referring to Inko as his mother. “-and we’re thinking of getting a pet and-” Okinawa-sensei makes the ‘wrap it up’ sign with her hands. “Oh! My quirk is Shapeshifting!”

Okinawa-sensei cocks an eyebrow. “Oh? What kind of things can you turn into?”

“Anything! Watch!” Before the class’ eyes, Izuku shifts into Okinawa, his hair becoming just a bit shorter and black, his eyes shrinking and turning a cool brown, and growing taller. His freckles sunk into his skin and faded; even his clothes change to match Okinawa-sensei’s blue ones. He smiles at her through her own face. “See Okinawa-sensei?”

The teacher, even a bit paler than before, but nonetheless impressed, purses her lips into a smile and claps. “That’s very good, Izuku, but don’t forget: no quirk usage at school.”

Within an instant, the real Midoriya Izuku is back in his seat, chin resting on the head of his All Might plushie. “Sorry, sensei.”

She nods and addresses the next person.

At lunch, he and Izuku decide to sit together. This wards off some of Izuku’s potential friends who are more wary of Hitoshi, but Izuku ignores them entirely. “Hey! Izuku! Do you want to sit with us?” A boy with roses for hair offers. He throws a thumb behind him.

“Sure! Can Toshi come?”


Izuku nudges Hitoshi with his shoulder. “Yeah, he’s my best friend.” Izuku’s smiling, but Hitoshi can see the animosity and venom lurking behind it.

The rose haired boy becomes nervous. “Oh, well, n-not really. Cause there’s only room for one, so...yeah. Maybe-we-can-sit-together-tomorrow,bye!” He zips off before the pair can get a word in.

“Are you sure?” Hitoshi takes a bite of the katsudon Inko had packed for them. “You can go. It’s fine, really.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Izuku turns and beams at him; flashing one of his famously sunny smiles. “I was serious; you are my best friend, Toshi. I wouldn’t trade you for the world.”

Hitoshi turns away, cheeks red. “Too bright…” He says under his breath.

Izuku knits his eyebrow together in concern. “Huh? Toshi? Are you feeling alright?”

“Yep. Fine.”

“Are you sure-”


“You’re face is really red.”

Hitoshi buries his head in his hands, mumbling, “Shut up, Izuku. I’m fine.”

“Hey! Losers!” The loud blonde kid drops his bento box onto the table. “I’m sitting here now too.”

“O-okay?” “You’re Bakugou! The one with the explosions!” Izuku gushes. “Your quirk is amazing!”

“I’m amazing,” the brash boys corrects. “The best! I’m going to be the Number One Hero!”

“That’s awesome! Do you really think you can do it?”

“Of course!”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes. He knows the high regard in which Izuku (and Hitoshi himself, really) holds All Might after what they’ve been through-the countless nights spent praying instead of sleeping for a hero-for All Might, really-to save them, even when they knew he was halfway across the globe and couldn’t be bothered with two little orphan boys; the quiet whispers of ‘I am here’ in the foreboding darkness of the Quirk Shelter, knowing that any day could be their last.

Hitoshi shakes himself from his depressing thoughts and listens in on the conversation.

“I want to be a hero too,” Izuku adds, taking a bite of his food. “All Might’s an inspiration.”

“Tch. You’ll never surpass me, nerd!” The boastful blonde puffs out his chest like a bird. “But you can be my sidekick!”

Izuku frowns, tilting his head ever so slightly. “Thanks, but I’d like to be my own hero.”

The blonde’s expression is deeply offended for a second before arrogance smothers it. Confidence oozes from his very being. “Whatever, just remember you passed up the opportunity of a lifetime when I’m big.”

“Sure, Kacchan. I’ll do that.” Bakugou gives Izuku a questioning expression.

There it is. Hitoshi rolls his eyes once more, trying to hide his smile. Izuku has always been the social one between the two of them. He manages to make friends wherever he goes, even in the most unlikely of situations.

Really, it’s not a surprise that Izuku has managed to get so close to Hitoshi, no matter how many times he has tried to keep him at arm’s length. Izuku’s like that; the friend you don’t know you need until you have him.

And then, you never want to let him go.

He smiles again, only to be nudged by Izuku. “Toshi? You’re doing that thing with your face that you don’t normally do.”

Of course, that’s not to say you won’t smack him upside the head when he deserves it.


Hitoshi frowns when he sees Inko come to collect them from pickup. “I thought Mom was picking us up.”

Inko waves him off with a reassuring smile. “She had to run out for something real quick, so she asked me to drop you two off at her house. Now, come on, and don’t forget, Izuku, you can’t stay the night. You’ve got dance this evening-”

“Inko? I haven’t seen you in months!” Mitsuki is careful to avoid the mention of Hisashi’s death. Truthfully, her friend has been distant since then and Mitsuki feels like she’s been a terrible friend, leaving her to battle her loneliness own her own. Logically she knows that Inko’s an emotional woman, and if it ever really does get to be too much, she will come to her and Mitsuki will welcome her with open arms.

That to say, she’s surprised (pleasantly) when she sees Inko at pickup, toting two boys around. “Oh! Mitsuki! And Katsuki! Hello dear.”

The eleven year old waves back. “Hi Auntie Inko.”

“So! Who are these cuties?” Mitsuki wags a finger at Izuku and Hitoshi. “They’re absolutely adorable. Are they yours?”

“Oh, no, not both of them. This is Izuku, my son, and this-” She pushes Hitoshi forward so that Mitsuki can get a better look at him. “-is Hitoshi, his best friend. It’s my turn to pick them up.”

Mitsuki feels a bit put off that Inko has neglected this to her prior to their meeting, ( Dammit, Inko, these are the things you tell your best friend-! ) but she swipes the emotion away. Inko deserves to be happy, and happy she is.

“Well, now our sons can be best friends too, right?” Katsuki mutters something under his breath and shuffles his feet. She smacks him in the head, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to snap him the fuck out of it. “Katsuki! Say something!”

“The fuck was that for?!” “You’re being rude!” “The raccoon didn’t say anything!” He points to Hitoshi (who scowls), but that earns him another smack. “Be nice!”

“I am being nice! Quit it!”

“Where the fuck are your manners?!” Inko sighs, shaking her head. Mitsuki hasn’t changed a bit. After chatting, she bids Mitsuki and her son goodbye takes the two boys over to Hitoshi’s house.

Minami’s just gotten in. “Sorry for the mess, I was just wrapping a case up and didn’t have a chance to tidy up at all.” She gestures for them to come in. “Hitoshi mentioned that you guys wanted to watch Unseen Heroes, so I picked it up for you two.”

“Alright! Eraserhead!” Hitoshi practically sparkles.

“Speaking of Eraserhead, how did the doll work out?” Minami runs her fingers over the top of Hitoshi’s braided hair. “You didn’t need it did you?”

The boy shrugs. “Not today. Everything was pretty okay, I guess.”

“And what about you, Izuku? Your All Might doll?”

“He’s awesome, but...I guess I didn’t need him today. But, I think I’ll keep him either way.” He adds the last part on hurriedly.

“Well that’s fine too.” She smiles at them. “Now, I have some paperwork to fill out, so you two run along and go watch your movie, alright? And Izuku, don’t forget your mother’s picking you up at six thirty for dance, m’kay?”

“Yes Minami-san.”

Hitoshi takes hold of the boy’s wrist and drags him toward the TV. “Come on! We gotta watch it now!”

“And I’m the hero nerd,” Izuku huffs, grinning at Hitoshi as he switches the TV on.


Minami can hear the boys shouting at the TV from her office. She sighs, lips in a fond smile and shakes her head. She can catch snippets of what they’re saying.

“.....not accurate!”

“The goggles are the wrong colour!”


“Featherweight’s….don’t… like her!”


“NO! ERASERHEAD WOULD NEVER DO THAT!” That’s undoubtedly Hitoshi.

There’s a beat of blessed, blessed silence before:

“WHERE IS HIS CAPTURE WEAPON?!” The boys’ united cry of absolute outrage can be heard loud and clear. “HE DOESN’T USE GUNS!”

When she comes down, she takes one look at the boys’ faces (the faces of angry fans caused by a terrible movie) and makes a mental note to not get Unseen Heroes again.

Hitoshi and Izuku spend the rest of the latter’s time there griping about what’s wrong with the movie, how the director must’ve been high, etc., etc.


Chapter Text

In school, everyone has those ‘labels’ they go by.

The athlete.

The plastic.

The bully.

The nerd.

What is Hitoshi?

Hitoshi is the mind control freak.

Izuku is the copycat creep who’s probably under Hitoshi’s quirk.

Katsuki is the one who will blow anyone who so much breathes a wrong word about his friends into the stratosphere.

His explosions aren’t powerful enough to blast someone into the stratosphere yet , as Izuku so delicately points out.


But when they are, he will, heroics be damned.

The odd pair usually get along fine when in Katsuki’s company, because no one’s willing to mess with them while the blonde is watching.

Of course, he can’t always be there.


Izuku is currently sitting in the principal’s office for God-knows-what. The secretary is a nice enough man; so it’s not all bad, and the office decor is tasteful for an elementary principal.

But he’d rather not be here if he had a choice.

He doesn’t even know what happened!

All he knows about it is that someone got in trouble, they blamed Izuku and now he’s here. Him, who has done literally nothing, is probably about to take the fall for whatever the screaming kid next to him did.

The principal isn’t a….mean person, so to say, but she’s definitely not as nice or fair minded as her secretary.

“So, Midoriya, do you know why you’re here?”


The kid next to him interrupts. “I told you it was him! He used his quirk!”


“Midoriya, I’m sure you understand this is a very serious situation.”

Izuku calls upon the patience that carried him through Santuario City’s Purge.

Breathe in,

Breathe out,

Don’t give them the satisfaction.

“Ma’am, what are you talking about? I don’t know what happened.”

She sits back in her seat, lips pursed. “Sully claims that you used your quirk, stole two thousand yen from the teacher’s desk and then blamed him.”

He blinks.


“I didn’t.”

“Y-yes he did!”

“No, I didn’t.”
Sully stands up, chubby cheeks red with emotion. “YES HE DID!”

“Alright enough!” The principal snaps angrily.


Both fall silent at her outburst. She glares at them and takes a moment to recompose herself. “This is a serious situation,” she repeats, voice tight. “And I will not accept it. Midoriya, I don’t know why you think this is okay-”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t-”

“Quiet! You-” A knock to the door interrupts her. “Who is it?!”

The secretary walks in with both Bakugou and Shinsou trailing behind him. He smiles at the principal, seemingly immune to her temper. “Oh, sorry to interrupt you, Principal Kungo, but these two said that they have something to tell you about the...situation.” His expression is tinted with self satisfaction, like he’s daring her to object to the boys’ testimonies.

She gives in, shooting him a deadly glare. “Fine.”

Shinsou matches the woman’s expression while Bakugou lets off a string of profanities with the story.

“Deku couldn’t have done it! He was with me and Okinawa-sensei! We were cleaning the class!”

The principal purses her lips, but looks a little flustered. “Dek-er, Midoriya, is this true?”

“Yes Kungo-san.”

The boy sitting beside him suddenly becomes very, very nervous. “H-he’s lying-”

“No he fuckin’ ain’t you little bitch!”

“Bakugou, please watch your language.” Kungo turns to Sully. “Sully, this is a very grave matter. I’m going to have to call your parents.”

Sully bursts into tears. Kungo sighs, waving her hand at Izuku to dismiss him. “Midoriya, I’m sorry. You may go.” As she reaches for the phone, ignoring Sully’s tearful pleas, Izuku hops off the chair and leaves the office.

“Thanks Kacchan!”

“Don’t worry, Deku! No one’s gonna mess with you while I’m around!”

“And that’s why you’re number one,” Izuku giggles.

Katsuki punches his fist in the air. “Damn straight! And don’t either of you nerds forget it!”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes. “Trust me. We can’t.”

Katsuki whirls to face him and glares. “You wanna go motherfucker?!”

With a straight face, Hitoshi says, “I have fucked no mothers.”

Katsuki loses it and Hitoshi spends the rest of the period running away from the blonde.

The bell rings and they go back to class until the day is over. As they’re packing up, someone throws two balled up papers at Izuku and Hitoshi’s heads.

Rolling his eyes, Izuku unfolds it and reads the writing.

Ur creepy.

Kill urself, freak.

An take that oher freak to hell wit u.

With a frown, Izuku glances up to see who threw it, but the class is almost entirely empty at that point.


Hitoshi scowls and tears the paper to shreds, muttering under his breath.

“Forget about them. Let’s go Toshi.” Izuku shoulders his bag.
Hitoshi does the same and crosses the room towards his friend. “Hey, Izu,” he says in a whispery voice. “When are you gonna tell him?”

Izuku blinks innocently. “Tell him what. There’s nothing to tell.”

Hitoshi narrows his eyes. “Izu.”

Izuku holds his friend’s gaze and they stay there for a bit. The greenette’s face is perfectly blank, uncharacteristically so. But Hitoshi knows his friend too well. Still, after the staring contest, he lets it go. With a sigh he says, “You don’t have to tell him, but, it’s not like back home. Katsuki-”

“You nerds are so fuckin’ slow!” The blonde in question enters the room with a huff. “What’s the hold up?”
The greenette brightens. “Nothing!” Izuku chirps and skips to Katsuki’s side. He flashes a deceptively bright smile towards the indigo haired boy. “C’mon Toshi! We’re going to the hero shop!”
Hitoshi lingers by Izuku’s desk for just a moment before he gives in. The look on his face reads ‘We’ll talk about this later’. “Whatever.”

“Tch. Who shoved their foot up your ass?” Katsuki snorts.

“The same one that makes you wear your pants around your ankles,” Hitoshi fires back with a smirk.
“It’s a fashion choice!”

“Sure it is. Could you not find any belts?”

“Fuckin’ fight me! I will blow you to pieces!” Bakugou’s hand glows threateningly.

“No thanks. Contrary to belief, I actually have an interest in living.”

The sparks in his hand die out. “Coulda fooled me,” he snorts in amusement.

The three friends leave the school grounds. It’s about a five minute walk to the hero shop; a store with the latest hero merch and comics.

Originally, Izuku is the first one to find it, and he keeps it a secret for a few weeks before Toshi and Kacchan find out. ‘Like a dragon with his hoard’, Hitoshi teases.


Ms. Yukino smiles at the boys who enter her shop. They all greet her in various ways; Izuku beams, Hitoshi waves and Katsuki…..glances at her and nods.

Eh. That’s as polite as he’ll get.

“Heya kids! How’s life treatin’ ya?”

“Fine,” Toshi calls from the Unknown Heroes section. “Did Tsukino dump you yet?”

Yukino Hiyori huffs. “You are so rude! I will have you know that I am capable of being in a relationship for a very long time!”

“ did he?”


“Don’t worry Ms. Yukino! You’re young. I’m sure you’ll find someone else!” Izuku chimes in from the All Might section.

“Thanks, kid.”

Katsuki, who is also in the All Might section, calls, “Do you want me to nuke his ass?”

Did Hiyori mention Katsuki is her favourite?

She leans on the counter, adjusts her glasses and smiles at him. “I’d love that, kid. Think ya can avoid gettin’ caught?”

“Hell yeah! I’m a fuckin’ ninja!” To emphasize his point, he lets off a rather loud explosion, rattling the action figures on the shelves. Other store customers look at him in annoyance.

“Right, because you’re so subtle,” Hitoshi drawls, rolling his eyes.


“Calm down, you angry Pomeranian. It’s a joke.”

Yukino’s smile strains just a touch. It’s going to be one of those days.

Don’t get her wrong! She loves her boys-well, they’re not actually her’s, but she’s unofficially adopted them and will not be giving them back, but back to the point-they (read: Bakugou Katsuki) tend to get a little loud and bother the other customers.

“Hey, Izu, ya mind gettin’ yer friends?” She throws a thumb in their direction. “They’re affectin’ my business.”

He gives her a thumbs-up and a bright smile. She feels like she’s been touched by the sun. The boy walks over two his friends, smiles even brighter, and then proceeds to knock their heads together.


Katsuki directs his anger towards a new target. “What the hell Deku?!”

His smile begins to seem passive aggressive as he begins dealing with them. Yukino’s just learned to roll with it at this point. Midoriya Izuku has a smile for everything. He’s got a resting smile, a fake smile, a bitter smile, a reassuring smile, a you-have-exactly-three-seconds-to-run-before-I-tear-out-your-throat smile, but she digresses. Izuku’s a smile-y child, and he balances the dynamic he’s got going with Katsuki and Hitoshi.

Katsuki may be a little rough around the edges, and Hitoshi is less than social with others, but all in all, they’re good boys.

She smiles as they buy a few things and leave.

They’re great boys.

“‘Scuse me.”

She snaps her attention back to the present. Right! Customers! Focus!

“Yes, how can I-” Yukino’s blood runs cold. The customer’s finger is a gun, with his thumb being the trigger.

She almost wants to laugh-it’s like the finger guns little kids point at each other.

And now it’s going to kill her.

“Pay up bitch.”


A scream goes up in the store. Izuku turns around at the sound of a loud pop. The trio begins to approach the store again when a man bursts out the doors and shoves them to the side. “Out of the way brats!”

“It’s a robbery!” Hitoshi whips out his phone to call the heroes.

Izuku rushes into the store. “Ms. Yukino? Ms. Yukino?” He’s pushing his way through the swarm of customers flooding out of the store in a panic. “Ms. Yukino-” He stops short at the door.

Yukino Hiyori is slumped over the counter, blood pooling under her face.
She’s not moving.

Izuku sees red.

“Hey! Deku, where are you going?!”


Saito Yuudai thinks he’s in the clear. He’s got the money, and no one’s on his tail.

At least, that’s what he thinks until this shrimpy kid comes out of nowhere, eyes glowing.

Yuudai doesn’t have time for this! “Sorry, kid. ‘S nothin’ personal.” He takes aim-somewhere painful, but not deadly if the boy gets help soon. The kid’s young, so he’s gonna let him slide.

Then, it’s gone.

His quirk is gone.

He can’t feel it anywhere-there’s no familiar tug of a bullet about to be fired-there’s just nothing.


The boy winces, but his green eyes remain ice cold. Yuudai’s eyes wander to the boy’s hand and he sees it.

He sees his quirk.

He lunges at the freak only to quickly be restrained by a man in his fucking pajamas. The boy’s hard look drops into one of wonder. “Eraserhead!”

Surprise overtakes the hero for a moment. “You alright, kid?”


Yuudai struggles.

“Give him his quirk back.”

The stars in the boy’s eyes dim. “He’ll hurt someone with it.”

“No he won’t, but you have to give it back.”

There’s more to the exchange; the brat does give him his damned quirk back, but it disappears instantly.

“What the hell are you playin’ at-”

The hero delivers a quick chop to the back of his head and drops him.

Yuudai passes out.

Damn….that kid……..

Aizawa’s shift doesn’t start for a few hours, but he’s in the area when the call goes out, so, what the hell?

He happens to be passing an alley when he catches sight of a kid, eleven at most, staring down a man who’s easily twice his size.

He intervenes and is surprised when the kid knows his hero name. The green haired boy is using his quirk on the man, whatever that may be, but the man matches the description of the criminal, so Aizawa’s gonna leave him be.

For now.

He drops down from the fire escape and checks on the criminal.

Out cold.


Aizawa secures the criminal and calls it in.

Then, he goes to deal with the kid. “Unlicensed quirk usage is illegal,” he says. “You could get in a lot of trouble for what you just did.”

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s just….” The kid burst into tears.


He rolls his eyes and sighs before closing the gap between himself and the crying boy. As a first year teacher, he has already dealt with plenty of sobbing children. “Don’t do it again, ‘kay?”

“I-I’m sorry, it-t’s just, that he killed Ms. Yukino. Sh-he was so nice…..”

That’s not good.

“He’ll get what he deserves, kid,” Aizawa promises softly. “I promise.” He takes a knee so that he’s eye-level with the freckled boy. “What’s your name?”

“M-Midoriya Izuku, Eraserhead-san.” He brightens, despite his sniffles. “You’re a really cool h-hero! My friend really likes you! Could I have your autograph?”

Someone wants my autograph?

As an underground hero, Aizawa has accepted that he would not have fans. The point of his existence is to remain unknown and to help from the shadows. But, there before him, is a kid, asking for an autograph for his friend.

“Sure kid. But first, let’s go talk with some of my police friends. That alright?”


Chapter Text

Izuku’s head is throbbing by the time he leaves the police station. He’d gotten off with a warning-and he’s lucky. One offence and UA is a pipe dream.

Eraserhead signs Hitoshi and Izuku’s notebook while lightly chastising them for not standing by to call the heroes.

Well, chastising Izuku , at least.

Izuku also has an appointment with a therapist, because apparently, seeing a dead body is, well , potentially traumatizing.

Been there, done that.

He sighs and focuses on rubbing small circles against his temples. It’s been a long day. “Deku!”

….aaannd it’s about to get longer.

Kacchan is by his side in an instant. “What the fuck were you thinking going after that shitty bastard? Fuck, did he hurt you? If he fuckin’ touched you Imma fuckin’ blow him to fuckin’-”

“You are banned from saying ‘fuck’ for the rest of the day, Kacchan,” Izuku replies tiredly. “But I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

He rolls his eyes. “Yes, because you give me absolutely fuck-” Izuku’s eyes harden. “-absolutely nothing to worry about you little shit.”

Izuku smiles. “Sorry.”

“Yeah, no you’re not.”

Hitoshi materializes behind Izuku and smacks him on the head. “You’re an idiot.”


Inko appears next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, boys, but Izuku and I have to go.”

Gently, she guides him to the car. “I used my quirk,” he mumbles from the backseat.

“Which one?”

He rubs absentmindedly at the scar near his thumb. “The real one.”

Inko purses her lips. “Do you want to get some quirk suppressants?”


The drive to the hospital is quiet. Inko focuses on the road while her adopted son stares blankly out the window, feeling drained.

“We can have katsudon for dinner tonight,” Inko tries.

Izuku makes a noncommittal sound. She glances in the rearview mirror. “You know, the hair dye’s wearing out. We could try a new colour?”

“No. I like green.”

“Do you want me to dye it?”


She sighs and parks at the hospital. “We’re here.”


“Name?” The receptionist asks, entering her into the log.

“Midoriya Inko.”

“Patient’s name?”

She squeezes Izuku’s hand. “Midoriya Izuku.”

“Reason for visit?”

“Quirk suppressants.”

The receptionist pauses and glances up. “Suppressants? But he’s so young.”

Inko draws her lips into a tight frown. “His quirk is bothering him.”

“Well, that’s natural, are you sure this is what he needs?”

“Yes, I-”

“Quirk suppressants can harm young children. Really, I don’t think it’s good for him.”

Mama bear mode activated.

“If you are preventing my son from receiving the help he needs, I will personally be speaking to your supervisor,” Inko snaps.
“Now, ma’am,” the receptionist begins.

“No, don’t ‘ma’am’ me, and don’t you dare accuse me of not knowing what is best for my son.”


“I’ll take over for you, Karen. Why don’t you take a break?” The older man smiles calmly, but it’s clear he’s not suggesting anything.

‘Karen’ frowns. “I was just trying to-”

“I know, Karen. Now, why don’t you let me handle this?” Gently, he guides her away while Karen mutters incessantly to herself.

The old man sighs. “I’m sorry about that. She means well, really, it’s just….”

“She needs to mind her own business.”

He chuckles. “I know. We both live in the International District-we’re neighbours, and Dear Lord above, the things-well, never mind that. What is the reason for your visit?”

“Quirk suppressants.”

He nods in understanding. “Trouble with your quirk, son?”

Izuku peeks out from behind Inko and bobs his head ‘yes’. The new receptionist grins at him. “Alright then. Take a seat and we’ll call you.”

Inko smiles at him. “Thank you, sir.” And she guides her son to a chair in the waiting room.

The lights in the waiting room only aggravate his headache. Inko runs a hand through his tangled hair. “Take a nap, Izu. I’ll wake you up when the doctor comes.”

Without protesting, Izuku closes his eyes and leans into his caretaker, her familiar perfume filling his nostrils.

He knows he’s safe.


Becauses she is here.


Catalina tangles her gnarled fingers through his black curls. “Sleep, young one. We are safe for now.”

Izuku listens to the cries downstairs. “Cata, what happened?” His thoughts are hazy and his head is sore.

She sighs and strokes his head that’s nestled in her lap. “Protestors, mi pequeño pajarito. Sleep now. Your head was hurt.”

Groggily, Izuku raises a hand to the side of his head and the tips of his fingers come back red. “What-”

“Shh.” She hushes him and moves his hand back down to his side. “Don’t disturb the bandages, pajarito. You need to heal.”

His eyelids flutter. Catalina smells sweet and smokey; like burning hickory wood.

Yes…..sleep sounds nice….
He drifts off.


Waking up from one of his few good memories of Santuario isn’t pleasant, especially when his headache’s returned with a vengeance.
It does make sense, of course. He hasn’t exercised his quirk in awhile, but that doesn’t make the backlash any better.

“Izuku,” Inko says softly, nudging him with her shoulder. “Come on.”

He nods mutely and zombie-walks after her towards the doctor’s office. A young woman with red hair and glasses is waiting for them. “I’m Doctor Akane Hikari.” She pauses a moment to look at her clipboard, her statuesque demeanor not shifting.

Izuku doesn’t like her.

“You must be Midoriya Izuku. You need quirk suppressants.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Inko says. “My son has a powerful quirk, and, well, sometimes it can be a bit much for him.”
“Yes, that’s typical of children with strong quirks,” Dr. Akane replies flatly. She circles around to the medicine cabinet. “Your son’s quirk-” The doctor freezes in her steps and silence hangs in the examination room for a moment. Akane’s stone expression slip.

“What about my son’s quirk?” Inko prods gently, though her expression is cold.

The doctor quickly gets a hold of herself. “Apologies. I misread the file.”

Inko accepts this. Dr. Akane picks a small medication bottle off of the shelf and walks towards the Midoriyas. “These are very strong quirk suppressants for people with powerful quirks. You should only need one a day, but never take more than two. They should take away all physical issues caused by the quirk. Since this is your first dose of these, you may feel a bit lightheaded, but that should stop once you get used to them. Call me when you need a refill, as you cannot get these in a pharmacy.” She scribbles something down on her clipboard. “Feel free to call this number if you have any concerns or symptoms persist. This is my personal phone number, so only call if it is very serious. Have a good day. Martin will give you the forms you need to fill out.”
Without another word, Dr. Akane exits the room and clicks the door shut behind her. Inko spends the next ten minutes doing paperwork for Izuku’s medication. “You can take them when we get home, okay?”

“Okay, Inko.”

She smiles at him.

When she’s done, they wave goodbye to the nice receptionist and exit the lobby, passing a man in a grey trench coat on the way out. Izuku waves to him. The man blinks in surprise before returning the gesture.

Izuku smiles the entire way to the car, not once letting go of Inko’s hand.

“Can we have katsudon tonight?”

The green haired woman beams at her son. “Yes, Izu, we can.”


Tsukauchi Naomasa has a day off.
Well, he had a day off.

Honestly, is it too much to ask for one day- one day! -where something dangerous doesn’t happen and doesn’t involve him?


Akane Hikari calls him, and she never calls, so he knows it’s important.

But damn, this?

He waves to a kid with his mom on the way in. The kid’s cute-freckles, curls, big eyes and a bright smile. Naomasa can’t deny that he smiles back.

Akane’s office is down a long corridor in the very back. He knocks on the door with the plate bearing her name. “Come in.”

Akane has a file open on her desk. “Detective Tsukauchi.”

He tips his hat to her. “Doctor.”

“There’s been an incident,” she continues, motioning for him to sit down and close the door.

He snorts. “Thought so.”

“This is serious.”

“So serious you couldn’t tell me over the phone.”

She narrows her violet eyes. “This potentially has to do with…. him .”

If Naomasa had been drinking, then he would’ve spittaked. “I know this may be unethical, and I may be wrong, but I have a new patient by the name of Midoriya Izuku. He came in with his mother for quirk suppressants.” Naomasa flips open his notebook and starts writing. “He’s eleven years old and lives with his mother, Midoriya Inko.”

He stops. “What does an elementary kid have to do with…..” The detective glances around quickly before quietly finishing, “.... him .”

“Midoriya Izuku’s quirk is that he can take quirks away and use them himself.”

Naomasa’s pen hits the ground. “What do we know about this kid?”

Akane sighs and flips through Midoriya’s file. “Reasonably healthy, named changed after he was adopted by Midoriya Inko from-” She pauses, a frown spreading across her lips.

“From where?” Naomasa prompts.

“Santuario City.” The doctor massages her weary eyes. “Before you ask; yes The Santuario City.”

Naomasa sits still with shock. Santuario City has made big waves in the world’s headlines a few years ago. The quirk riots and ‘cleansing’ horrifies many, and an operation to remove all the quirked people from Santuario City and to relocate them to safety. All the quirked population is removed.

Or, so they think.

Just last year it’s discovered that there are still more quirked individuals in Santuario and another removal is conducted. The news runs shots of mangled bodies and murders of people with quirks by the quirkless. It makes him sick to his stomach to even think about it-but to live through that? To be afraid that you’ll be dragged out into the street and beaten to death?

That’s unbelievable, especially for a kid.

Naomasa picks up his pen and puts his coat back on. “Thank you, Doctor Akane. I’ll look into this.”

She nods, lips tight, and he leaves hastily.

He’s got a lot to do.


Toshinori is bone-tired after only two hours of hero work. It’s only been two years since his injury, but it pains him to see how limited he is now. Once, he was All Might, the number one hero who could topple mountains with a punch, and now he can barely maintain his All Might form for a few hours without coughing blood.


He strains another trademark smile for a quick picture with a fan before he booms a laugh and dashes off.

An empty alley is the perfect place to deflate and cough up a lung. After wiping the blood from his lips, he notices two people in the mouth of the alley staring at him.


The little boy rushes forward. “Are you okay?”

Toshinori wheezes before forcing another smile. “Yes, I am-Agh!” Blood spurts over his lips and his chest tightens. The blonde clutches at his shirt and leans against the wall.

The boy turns and beckons the woman Toshinori assumes is his mother to come closer. “Inko! Inko, there’s something wrong with him!”

There is indeed, young one.

Toshinori holds up a hand and tries once more for a smile. “No, no, I’m….fine.”

The woman is quick to her son’s side. “Do you need an ambulance, sir?”

“N-no, as I said I’m-” Coughs rattle his bones and blood stains his hand. The coughs bring him to his knees and persist.

Before he knows it, his vision is becoming spotty.

Ah….I overexerted myself again…..Naomasa will be upset…..

As his consciousness fades, he catches snippets of the conversation between the mother and her child.

“....can we….?”

“....” Cue the woman’s sigh. “…”

No, he thinks faintly, but his lips refuse to produce sound.

“ hospital….”

Another sigh. “Just this once….”


The boy’s name rings in his ears as Toshinori falls limp against the ground.


Consciousness comes to Toshinori in pieces. When he becomes aware, he blinks and then closes his eyes again with an exhausted sigh. He doesn't want to wake up yet. Sleep hangs heavy in his limbs, anchoring him to the blue couch.


Blue couch?

He doesn’t own a blue couch; the couch he owns is much bigger than this-and….is this a Present Mic blanket?

Toshinori sits up bolt right and nearly slams heads with the blurry outline of a tiny boy with green hair. The boy squeaks and tumbles over, but Toshinori grabs the front of his shirt to stop him from hitting his head against the table. They stare at each other for a moment. “.....hi?” The greenette’s voice is soft.

“Hello,” Toshinori replies slowly, setting the boy down with practiced gentleness. “Is your mother around?”

He nods and disappears into what looks like an office room. The freckled child returns with his mother, a short, slim woman with green hair in her thirties. She bears a striking resemblance to his late mentor, so much so that he has to carefully gauge his reaction. “Oh, you’re awake now.”

“I...yes. Can you tell me what happened?” Toshinori swings his leg over the side of the couch.

“Well, we found you in an alley, you passed out, and I wanted to take you to the hospital, but-” She smiles down at her son, her expression a mix of fondness and exasperation, “Izuku insisted that we bring you here so he could heal you.”

Toshinori blinks. “I’m sorry, heal ?”

The woman nudges ‘Izuku’ and he holds his hands out for the hero to see. Sure enough, Izuku’s palms are glowing with a warm, radiant light. Intrigued, Toshinori leans forward, drawn to the light. “This is his quirk?”

Izuku’s mother hesitates. “Well, not exactly-

“You were hurt real bad, so, I wanted to help,” Izuku interrupts a little too quickly before he flashes a million-watt smile. “Cause that’s what heroes do.”

The blonde smiles at the young child. In Izuku's voice voice, Toshinori can detect hints of an accent he can’t place. Before he can dwell on it for too long, the woman interrupts his thoughts. “Would you like to stay for dinner?” 

“Oh, I don’t want to be a burden-”

“No, no, I insist,” she says and he, being the weak willed man he is, gives in. “Izuku, why don’t you show our guest where the bathroom is so that he can get cleaned up?”

“Okay Inko.” Izuku walks towards a hall and motions for Toshinori to follow him.

It strikes Toshinori that Izuku calls his mother-at least, Toshinori had assumed the woman is his mother-by her given name. No titles like ‘Aunt’ or ‘Grandma’ (not that she looks that old), no honorifics, just Inko.


He follows Izuku. “This is the bathroom,” Izuku says and quickly leaves Toshinori to give him privacy.

Staring in the mirror, Toshinori notices he feels different. The weight on his chest isn’t as heavy; still present, but somehow, lighter?
He lifts his shirt and nearly spits blood, but finds only a few specks come forth. His scar is smaller and less pronounced. Toshinori’s jaw drops.

Dr. Akane, one of the best doctors in the world-top ranked!-has said that what she’s done is the best that can be done for him, but here he is with a less severe injury.

He races out of the bathroom and into the kitchen where Izuku is writing. Inko sashays around the kitchen, cooking and singing. She notices him instantly. “Something wrong?”

Toshinori wants to ask a million questions, find out what’s going on, know just how Izuku could help someone so beyond help, but he just clicks his jaw shut and says, “Oh, no. Sorry.”

Inko nods and hums. Izuku looks up. “Do you wanna see my room?”

Despite the situation, Toshinori wants to chuckle. “If it’s fine with your mother.”

“Oh, no problem. Dinner should be done in a few minutes, Mr…..?”

Toshinori blinks. “Oh. Yagi. Yagi Toshinori. And you are…?”

She shakes her head. “Where are my manners? I’m Midoriya Inko. This is my son, Izuku.”
Izuku tugs on his hand, trying to pull him in the direction of his room. Toshinori glances between Inko and Izuku. She discreetly motions for him to go and he lets the young boy lead him away.


Young Midoriya’s room is…..interesting.

Well, it shouldn’t be surprising-most children around his age are interested in heroics. Heroes are more like superstars nowadays than law enforcement, but still, this is a bit excessive. Izuku has merchandise of just about every pro-hero known to man somewhere in his room, but he has a clear favourite: All Might.

Toshinori actually stops in the door and hides his face with his hands. All these years of hero work and he still can’t face a young fan.

How embarrassing.

“I like heroes,” Izuku says.


“Yes, I, uh, noticed, Young Midoriya. Your room is decorated with them.”

“All Might is my favourite.”

“I gathered as much.”

Izuku then proceeds to introduce him to every hero. It’s cute. What’s a little less cute is when Young Midoriya runs off a list of all their strengths, weaknesses and ways to beat them, all of which are startlingly accurate. With all honesty, it’s frightening to hear an eleven-year old talk about how to severely injure a pro-hero to the point of retirement or disability, but that aside, Young Midoriya proves himself to be as kind and sweet as he is highly intelligent. Inko-san calls them for dinner and he leaves that night (after reassuring Inko many times that he can take care of himself and will be fine getting home) happy and full for once in a long time.

Until he checks his phone, that is.

Tsukauchi Naomasa

65 unread messages

13 missed calls

….oh boy.

Chapter Text

“So,” Toshinori says, wiping the blood from his lips. “What you’re saying is-”

“One of Dr. Akane’s patients, Midoriya Izuku, has a quirk like him and they may be related,” Tsukauchi repeats, passing his friend a tissue. “Where were you yesterday? I was calling you for hours.”

“Ah...nothing. I forgot my phone,” he lies. “And it was dead.”

“Oh.” Tsukauchi nods but it’s obvious he doesn’t believe him.

His quirk. Of course. Toshinori mentally kicks himself for that. “Do you want to tell me where you really were?”

“.....I have the feeling you won’t take it well.”

The detective sighs and leans back in his chair. “Toshi, I promise I won’t be mad.”

“...I have a feeling you won’t be able to keep that promise, old friend.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

The hero and detective sit in silence for a moment. “Very well, Tsukauchi,” Toshinori says slowly. “I ran out of time.”

Tsukauchi shakes his head, but doesn’t seem any more disappointed than usual. “Did anyone see?”

“...they saw the aftereffect, but I don’t think they saw me as All Might first.”

The detective sighs and rubs his eyes. “What did you do?”

“I, uh, passed out.”

“ passed out,” Tsukauchi repeats in disbelief.

“Ah, yes. And they took me back to their house.”


“It was fine! I had dinner with them and then I got to my phone.”

“Jesus Christ, Toshi!” Tsukauchi starts pacing the room furiously.

“You said you wouldn’t be mad, old friend,” Toshinori reminds him.

“Well how do you expect me not to be mad?!” He snaps.

“I don't. That's why I didn't want to tell you.”

“How much do they know? Did they ask you anything? Who are they?”

Toshinori sighs. “Ah, this is the part I fear you will like least.”

The weary detective barks a short laugh. “Oh, I seriously doubt that.”

“Midoriya Inko and her son Midoriya Izuku found me,” he answers and watches the detective freeze. He can see the gears in his friend’s head turn slowly.


“I said-”

“Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me, that, not only did a civilian see you in your true form, but the kid who saw you also might be related to the worst person to ever live?!”

“ essence, yes.”

“Oh God.” He flops back down on the couch. “Oh. My. God.”

“While it does seem like a sticky situation, the boy is quite a sweet child. He has a great interest in becoming a hero, and-”

“How do you know this all wasn’t just an act?”

“...I beg your pardon?”

“How do you know they weren’t just warming you up to them and aren’t planning anything?”

Toshinori shakes his head. “Old friend, I think you may be a bit paranoid. All For One is dead.” A dangerous glint passes through the blonde’s eyes as his hand finds its way to his wound. “And he will stay that way. I doubt he has anything to do with Young Midoriya.”

Tsukauchi blinks and the intensity fades from Toshinori’s eyes. “Apologies.”

“Young Midoriya, huh?” Tsukauchi repeats. “You’re already attached.” The detective sighs and covers his face while he leans into the couch. “This could be very, very, very bad.”

“Or it couldn’t be,” Toshinori pipes up.

“You’re too optimistic, Toshi.”

“And you, my friend, are too much of the opposite.”

Tsukauchi snorts. “It’s my job to be. We need to pay the Midoriyas a visit.”

The hero shakes his head. “I suppose, but I don’t believe it’s necessary.”

Tsukauchi reaches for his coat and hat as he stands. “Let’s get going before it’s too late.”

They take Tsukauchi’s car to the Midoriyas’ small apartment. It’s almost evening and the sun is beginning to sink in the sky. Despite that, Young Midoriya is playing out front with another boy. They’ve got capes tied around their necks and the former has a notebook with him. The pair are chatting animatedly. Toshinori feels bad to break up their fun.

Tsukauchi climbs out of the car and tips his hat towards the two boys. “I’m Detective Tsukauchi,” he introduces, flashing his badge. “I’m looking for a Midoriya Inko.”

Both boys fall silent, their cheerful expressions turning wary and dangerous. “Why do you need to see her?” The purple haired boy asks, suspicious.

“We just need to talk to her,” Tsukauchi replies patiently. “Do you know where she is?”

“It’s not my business.”

Tsukauchi sighs. “But-”

“Is that Pencil-Pusher Tsukauchi Naomasa?” Detective Iwaya-Shinsou Inori makes her way down to the parking lot, smiling.

“Oh my dear God,” Tsukauchi breathes.

“Not quite,” Inori teases. “But it’s been awhile. You’ve been skipping Happy Hour with the squad.”

“Yes, because I’ve got work to do,” he answers flatly.

“And that’s why you’re Pencil-Pusher.”

He rolls his eyes. “Great.”

“So, why are you here?”

“I’m looking for the Midoriyas.”

Inori smiles. “Well, that’s Izuku-” She points to the curly haired boy. “And Inko’s upstairs talking to my wife.” He nods. “You about to go?” She sighs. “Yeah, we gotta head out.” She ruffles her son’s hair. “C’mon, squirt. Go tell Mom it’s time to go.”

“But-” The kid whines.

“Get goin’, Hitoshi,” she says and gives him a nudge towards the stairs leading up to the apartment.

Hitoshi groans, but obeys. Ten minutes later, the Iwaya-Shinsou family says their goodbyes and leaves. Midoriya Inko invites them in and Izuku is excited to show Toshinori the new additions to his notebook.

Tsukauchi sits down with Midoriya Inko, who provides tea. “So, detective, why the sudden visit?” She takes a sip of her tea. “I don’t recall anything bad happening recently.”

“You adopted your son, Miyata Isamu about ten months ago from Santuario City, Mexico, right?”

“I did.” She nods.

“We have a reason to believe that your son-Izuku-may be related to a very dangerous villain. When I was reviewing his file, I couldn’t find many documents on him from Santuario. Do you know why that is?”

Inko sighs and sets her tea aside. “It’s part of the reason Izuku’s adoption was so difficult. His records were destroyed in Santuario during the Third Great Fire and by the time most were recreated, it was discovered that he had a quirk. No one kept up with him after that.”

“Has he mentioned any relatives-parents names?”

The woman hesitates, pursing her lips together. Her green eyes become darker than before. “Izuku doesn’t like talking about….that place, as I’m sure you understand. He won’t call me ‘Mom’ or anything like that. When I asked him why, do you know what he said? He said, ‘Mommy is a bad person. She hates me. You don’t.’” She pauses, and briefly wipes at her eyes. “Sorry.”

He shakes his head. “No, no, don’t worry about it.”

“But, detective, Izuku is the sweetest child. He’s adjusting to normal life, he’s got friends. Honestly, I can’t bring myself to believe that he’s related to anyone bad. But, if he is, I don’t think he knows. Dtective, Izuku is a good boy. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

A sigh escapes Tsukauchi’s lips. “Right. If you don’t mind, I have a few questions about yesterday.”

“Oh, of course.” She nods.

The detective flips open his notebook. Maybe this kid isn’t so dangerous after all.


Toshinori stares at the page before him, hands trembling. In Young Midoriya’s notebook is a detailed sketch of All Might, a list of strengths and weaknesses beside him. The weaknesses category has his injury listed with multiple bullet points underneath on how to exploit the weak point. His quirk type, which was originally deemed an ‘enhancer’, has been changed to ‘transformation??’ with a note explaining his theories.

“My boy,” he says slowly. “You-”

“I’m not going to show anyone,” Izuku replies, a strange new glint in his eyes that Toshinori doesn’t like. “I just wanted to know if it was accurate. I guess it is.”

Izuku takes the book and tears the pages about All Might out. “Just so you know, Inko didn’t see you deflate, so only I know.” “H-how-” Toshinori feels blood crawling up his throat. His heart is slamming into his ribs, trying to break out of his chest. A cold dread grips him, because the boy knows. Warm blood drips from his lips and he chokes for a few seconds before he gets this feeling under control.

Izuku, humming like they’re discussing the weather, ignites the paper with his bare hands and the papers curl as they blacken. The tiny pieces turn to ash and Izuku blows them away very calmly, despite the fact that his hands are now an angry red. “You’re my favourite hero, after all. I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

Toshinori sits down. If he doesn’t, he’ll probably fall over. “You-”

The intense aura around Izuku fades as the boy turns sheepish. “I-I don’t mean to scare you. Sorry if I did.”

The hero takes another minute to collect himself. “No, no, my boy, it’s...I wasn’t….It’s just a lot to take in.”

“Are you mad?” The way the question is phrased is so innocent, with no trace of fear. Young Midoriya’s face is a perfect blank picture, yet Yagi can feel those green eyes staring into his soul.

He sighs, letting all tension and apprehension leave his body. “No, my boy. I am not. I promise you that. Why don’t we talk about something else?”

Izuku nods.

Toshinori relaxes as the boy begins recounting hero fights he has seen recently. He’s glad that Tsukauchi was so wrong about Izuku.

There’s no way this boy is related to him.

After all, he's long gone.

(Oh, All Might, you are so naive.)

(҉I҉ ҉n҉e҉v҉e҉r҉ ҉l҉e҉f҉t҉)҉


Chapter Text

Izuku lays on his bed, staring at the tiny flames dancing across his fingers. The heat is light enough that it doesn’t burn him, but he hasn’t worked on his heat resistance in a while.


“U-use my quirk?”

Catalina nods, eyes hard with urgency. “Buri loses control when he’s afraid. We cannot have that now. We need to move. Isamu, take his quirk.” Her voice is stern, but quiet for fear of who may be lurking just outside the door. Isamu stares at Buri, curled on the floor, rocking himself back and forth and whispering frantically to himself. Flames dance across his body and in his eyes. Isamu leans down and places his hand on the older boy’s back. Buri gives him a small smile in return as he feels his quirk leave him. “I promise I’ll give it right back once we’re done moving.”

Isamu never gets the chance.

The mob appears out of nowhere and they get ahold of Buri. They must’ve taken him for older, with his tall, lanky frame, but they still deliver their judgement on the boy. They throw him to the ground and begin stomping on him and throwing things at him. His agonized screams ring out, but he has no quirk to defend himself with. The sound of his bones crunching is audible. Blood coats the ground and the shoes of the mob.

Isamu can’t do anything but look on in utter horror. Buri dies because he has a quirk.

A quirk that Isamu took.

Buri dies, quirkless, because of Isamu.


“Izuku! You’re going to be late for school!”

Inko’s voice lifts him from his memories and the flames die out on his fingertips. “Coming Inko!”

As he passes the All Might posters on his wall, he thinks back to the events of the past few days. Admittedly, Izuku had been disappointed when he first saw All Might in his true form. He had imagined the hero as an infallible god, but he now knows that to be false. It doesn’t make sense to believe All Might is any less human than Izuku himself, but he still holds on to that childlike admiration of All Might, the hero who can topple mountains with a single punch.

All Might, the god.

Instead, he has Yagi Toshinori, and he doesn’t know how to feel about it. All Might-the hero everyone trusts to be strong has such a cripplling weakness.

He supposes it makes sense. All Might is (disappointingly) human like the rest of the world.

(But, oh, isn’t his quirk beautiful?)

Inko waits by the door, wringing her hands. “Are you sure that you want to go to school? You’ve had a stressful few days. If you want to take another day off, I’ll understand-”

“No, I’m good.” He flashes a bright smile. “Plus, I can’t fall behind!”

She laughs and smooths his hair out. “Oh, Izuku. You’re really too good for this world. Hitoshi and Katsuki are waiting outside for you. Don’t keep them.”

“Bye Inko!”

“Have a great day, Izuku.”

He smiles and leaves. Hitoshi and Kacchan are waiting in front of the apartment building. “C’mon nerd!” Kacchan shouts impatiently. “We ain’t got all day!”

“Coming! Coming!” Izuku races down the steps and waves eagerly to his friends.

They walk to school, chatting a lot about nothing until they get to the school gates. The kids who would normally ignore them (or at least Izuku and Hitoshi) stare at them with awe. As they approach, the sea of kids parts before them, like they’re gods. Whispers follow them as they make their way to the classroom, but they’re not the kind of things people usually say.

“I heard Midoriya chased down the villain all by himself!”

“They saw the lady get shot!”

“I heard Shinsou called the heroes and he got thanked personally!”

“Did you know Bakugou blew the villain up and Midoriya finished him off!”


“So cool.”

“I can’t believe they met the heroes! They even got autographs!”

“I heard that Midoriya fought the villain so hard that they both got put in the hospital!”

“Is that why he has a bandaid on his nose?”

“Definitely! The villain tried to shoot him, but he dodged!”

Izuku taps the pink bandage on his nose. He’d accidentally walked into a wall a few days ago and cut it, but he isn’t going to be the one to tell them that.

It’s funny how the kids at their school flip like a switch. For Bakugou, it’s not too different; just more praise than usual. Izuku and Hitoshi, however, are suddenly popular. The kids who usually spend time tripping them up in the halls or stealing their books when they think they’re not looking are kissing up to them and telling them what great heroes they’re going to be, etc. etc. Even the teachers are nicer.

Honestly, it disgusts Izuku how quickly people are willing to change, but then again, they’re only people.


All For One keeps a steady hand on Tomura’s shoulder. The teen shrugs him off. “I can do it myself!”

The older man nods and steps back, not once contesting the fact. “Of course you can. Go ahead, Tomura.”

Shigaraki stalks toward the hero hanging from the ceiling by her wrists. Sculptor, the Shape Hero glares at the blue-haired male through swollen eyes. “You know, this is quite an astounding quirk you have,” All For One states, letting his hand shape itself into various forms. “Moldable, I believe it’s called? Very useful.” “You bastard,” she spits and Shigaraki grabs her arm with all five fingers.

“Don’t talk to Sensei like that,” he hisses through her screams. Pieces of her arm turn to dust as she thrashes, but nothing can get her out of Shigaraki's grip.

“No, I believe it’s warranted, Tomura. I did just take something dear to her.”

Shigaraki scowls and takes his hand away. The muscles are visible where her skin used to hide it and blood soaks the wound and parts of her hero costume that weren’t already bloodstained. “Doctor, did you want her for anything?” All For One asks Tsubasa.

“Hm.” The doctor pauses a moment to look Sculptor up and down, stroking his mustache thoughtfully before shaking his head. “No. You’ve already taken her quirk and she’s in bad shape. It would be annoying to try and keep her alive.”

Sculptor’s heart drops. All For One taps Shigaraki on the shoulder. “Alright, then Tomura. Go ahead.”

The hero’s last memory was of a hand reaching for her face.

Shigaraki recoils in disgust at the mess he’s made. What's left of Sculptor is hanging from the ceiling, dripping with blood. “Do you think she’ll be missed, Sensei?” Kurogiri asks, preparing a warp gate.

All For One looks over what remains of Sculptor (which isn’t much) and looks back to the man of mist. “Perhaps. But they’re just people. They’ll move on and find another hero to fawn over eventually.” The man waves his hand as he begins walking down the hall. “Warp her out of here. It doesn’t matter where, just so long as she’s found.”

The bartender bows and the body disappears. If Kurogiri had human skin, he would have goosebumps from how loosely his master talked about life, or how his charge complained of the hero’s blood on his hands. But he doesn’t have human skin, and he arguably doesn’t have a human heart. With a sigh, he cleans his charge’s hands of the crimson smears and begins cleaning his bar, as per usual.

He knew what he would be getting into when he signed up for this, and has yet to regret it.


Izuku has really terrible luck. Well, maybe terrible isn’t the word for it. Gruesome. He has gruesome luck. There. That works.

Toshi, Kacchan and Izuku are walking by an alley when a portal opens and a bloody stump falls out with a semi-familiar costume clinging to the corpse. It’s funny to think that they wouldn’t be seeing this if they hadn’t decided to take the back route to Kacchan’s house.

Toshi calls the heroes and Kacchan looks around, trying to make sure ‘the shitbag who did this isn’t lurking like some fucking creep’. While they do what they do, Izuku kneels by the body, wiping some of the blood away with the corner of his jacket. On what he assumes is the chest, there is a familiar crest. Where had he seen it?



This is Sculptor’s costume. She’s been gone for a few days. As a local hero, there have been few headlines on her absence, assuming that she had clocked out for a shift and taken a few days off. Her agency hasn’t been releasing statements, likely to not worry the public with the fact that Sculptor is in fact missing.

Well, she was missing.

Her face isn’t recognizable anymore. It’s just a mess of half formed, decayed holes crusted with blood. Her arm hangs by a string to the mangled mess of her body.

It’s a shame really.

Izuku’s mind begins to drift, distant cries of Santuario swimming through his thoughts. The familiar numb feeling he had acquired to block out the horrors settles back in.

“Izu, Izu, c’mon.” Toshi’s voice guides him gently back. His brother friend places a hand on his shoulder, trying to focus just on Izuku’s face and not the body laying beside him. “We probably need to answer questions.”

Izuku grips his hand a little tighter and nods. “Alright,” he says quietly, saying a quick prayer for the murdered hero.

Together, they step out of the alleyway. The wail of police sirens screams in their ears, steadily growing louder as the authorities approach. They arrive, tape off the scene and call in a forensic team. Riding in a police car (bar being arrested) used to be on Izuku’s bucket list, but after doing it twice in a week, the wish has lost it’s magic. He knows they’ll call his mom, she’ll worry and come right to the station, demanding to see her son. When she does get to see him, she’ll wrap him in a hug, fight tears and lightly scold him for not being safe. It won’t embarrass him.

He could use a hug, anyway.


Tsukauchi takes one look at the case and dials Toshinori. “Toshi, Sculptor’s been found dead.”

There’s silence on the other end of the phone for a moment before the hero speaks. “What do you need me to do?”

“Come in,” Tsukauchi says.

“Why, if I may ask?”

“Because Sculptor was found quirkless and Midoriya Izuku is involved.”

There’s another pause before Toshinori says he’ll be there soon and hangs up. Tsukauchi stares at the phone for a moment, an uneasy feeling brewing in his stomach. He opens the secret case file he has on the boy and looks through it briefly. Midoriya Izuku’s smiling picture stares back at him.

He knows something’s up.

And he’s damn sure that there is more to this boy than what they’re seeing.

Is All For One really back? 

Or did he leave behind a successor to carry on his work?


“Yagi-san?” “Inko-san?”

The two adults are surprised to see each other, but Toshinori should’ve known that Inko would be there. Her son found Sculptor’s body, after all. She purses her lips into a smile, trying to hide her obvious worry. “Helping with work for All Might?” She asks.

He opens the door and holds it for her. When in his true form, Toshinori claims to be a secretary for All Might. It’s good that she’s keeping up the facade. “Yes, yes. All Might heard Sculptor’s body may have been found.” The short woman tenses at the mention of the deceased hero, but doesn’t comment on her. “I just need to see Izuku. Do you think I could go back there?”

Toshinori nods. “I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure the detectives will be understanding.”


“What do you mean she can’t come back to see her son?” Toshinori hisses, closing the door.

“Sculptor, the hero who very obviously had a quirk, was found mutilated and quirkless, Toshi! That leaves two very bad options. One, Midoriya Izuku did it, or at least took her quirk. Two-” Tsukauchi’s face darkens. “-All For One is back.”

“He’s dead,” Toshinori bites out, punctuating every syllable.

“Okay, sure, let’s say he’s dead. That makes Midoriya a person of interest in the murder!” Tsukauchi almost shouts.

“He’s a boy! Not even a teenager, Tsukauchi! When would he find the time to commit such a crime?!”

The detective throws his hands up in the air. “I don’t know! We haven’t gotten the estimated time of death.”

"Maybe there was a mistake! She is dead, it could be hard to identify the quirk factor! Maybe the murdered had a quirk that destroyed it!"

Tsukauchi shakes his head. "Sure, maybe. But we have to consider every angle."

“You’re serious about this.” Toshinori drops his head into his bony hands. “Dear God, Tsukauchi-”

“There was a nine year old who offed half his town just outside of Kyoto. You want to tell me that kids aren’t capable of taking someone’s life?” He goes behind his desk and drops a thick stack of folders. “I have dozens of case files. Prove me wrong. Kids aren’t capable of killing.”

The argument briefly pauses as the hero looks at the pile of cases on Tsukauchi's desk. “You can’t question him without his mother’s consent,” Toshinori says softly.

“He wants to help, so she’ll agree,” Tsukauchi argues. “Even if it’s not him, somewhere out there, someone killed Sculptor, took her quirk and dumped her body for some elementary kids to find. Either way, we’re looking for a killer.”


Chapter Text

Naomasa and Midoriya Izuku stare at each other in silence. The detective taps his pencil against the table, trying to figure out the boy before him. He knows it’s unlikely the boy has anything to do with All For One, but there’s this nagging feeling Naomasa can’t shake. Maybe it’s the sharp way he dissects people with only his eyes or how undisturbed he is by death, but Tsukauchi knows something isn’t right.

Then again, this boy did survive Santuario. Some of his more peculiar mannerisms could be attributed to that. 

“How did you find the body?”

“It fell out of a portal,” Midoriya says.


“Portal?” Naomasa repeats.

“There was this big swirling black and purple hole, and a dead body fell out of it, so yeah, portal,” Midoriya replies.

“Okay, portal,” Naomasa sighs, writing it down. “What happened next?” Midoriya goes on to explain everything he can remember about before he found the body and after. Tsukauchi writes everything he says down, adding a ‘true’ or ‘false’ beside it. His quirk doesn’t indicate any lies, so it all must be true. With a sigh, he takes his notepad and tells Midoriya that he’ll be back.

Twenty minutes or so later, Naomasa returns with a fresh pad of paper. “Everything you told us checked out, but we noticed there’s something missing from your file. With your mother’s permission, we would like you to record all the quirks you currently have and who you got them from.” Naomasa slides the pad of paper and the pen over to the boy. “Take your time.”

He leans back in his chair and waits.

Izuku stares at the paper hesitantly. He begins to write something, before stopping and  muttering to himself. His hands tremble and he fights the stinging in his eyes. He loses and tears begin rolling down his freckled cheeks.”

“Do you need to take a break?” Tsukauchi asks, suddenly concerned.

Of course he’s concerned-you just started crying out of nowhere.

“Y-yeah,” he says shakily, his voice hovering just above a whisper. “I need a break.”

Tsukauchi nods and asks if he needs anything. Izuku tells the detective that he needs a minute. Tsukauchi obliges and exits the room, giving Izuku a moment to fall apart on his own.

Why now? He’s been using...their quirks more often these days. He used Makaela’s quirk to heal All Might, Catalina’s quirk to catch up to Ms. Yukino’s killer, Buri’s quirk to burn his notes on All Might-he’s even been using Armina’s shapeshifting in play.

So why is it so hard to think about them now?

Most had been thankful for Izuku to take their quirks in Santuario; they had begged him to, pleaded with him.

He takes a deep breath and begins to write down the quirks and their former owners.

Sun's Breath- Buri

Shapeshift- Armina

Heal- Makaela

Short range teleport-

He hesitates again, trying to steady his breathing in spite of the tears running down his face. Izuku chokes down another sob and writes ‘Catalina’ next to the quirk. 

After a few minutes of staring at the shaky handwritten list, Izuku decides to go look for the detective. He collects himself, dries his eyes and takes a few deep breaths.

Picking up the list, Izuku leaves the room in search of the detective.

“Naomasa, I’m sure he’s not related to All For One. Young Midoriya is a wonderful boy,” he hears All Might say.

“I’ll get back to you once we check out all the quirks he’s taken.” Tsukauchi’s reply causes Izuku to stop. 

His body goes cold.


“Toshi, I don’t know what fantasy world you live in, but we have to be safe. Even if All For One isn’t still around, we don’t know what little schemes he could’ve made before he died to end you .”

Izuku reaches the door on stiff legs. His eyes are cold and hurt. “Naomasa-” All Might falls silent upon seeing him. “Young Midoriya, what are you doing here?”

Tsukauchi whips his head toward the door where Izuku stands, eyes wide. “How much did you hear?”

“I….have my list,” Izuku says quietly. “I’ll-I’ll go.”

He puts it on the side table by the door and quickly walks away. It’s not long before he hears the fast falling footsteps of someone behind him. Instinct tells him to run and not look back, but he forces himself to slow down and glance back. All Might hurries to catch up with the boy, taking long strides with his rail-thin legs to get to him. “Young Midoriya! Please wait!”

Izuku stops entirely. “All Might?”

Several heads turn. “Call me by my civilian name when I’m in this form,” All Might whispers.

“Ah-of course, Yagi-sama.”

“Oh, no, none of that,” All Might says, waving his hands. “You don’t need to use honorifics. You may call me Toshinori, if you wish.”

“Yagi-san,” Izuku replies, somewhat stubbornly.

“Ah, I assume that’s as far as I will get.” All Might sighs. “Young Midoriya, may we talk?”

“I think Inko was going to scold me and take me home after this,” Izuku answers.

The honest response shocks a laugh out of the skeletal god of a man. It’s hard to believe that the strength to topple buildings with a single punch is contained in those bony fingers. Izuku smiles slightly at the warm feeling of All Might’s quirk, letting it calm him down some. The quirk seems bigger than the man himself; a bright sun that consumes the lean man and outshines him. The great man is hardly visible in all the light wrapped around him.

It’s burning him.

Izuku frowns.

“-and, so, I thought you deserve an explanation. There’s a restaurant nearby with privacy booths. If you and your mother are fine with it, I would like to talk to you.”

“I….” Izuku hesitates. “I’ll ask Inko.”

Inko is sitting out front on a bench, worried. “Izuku!” She says. “I’m so glad you’re okay! When Detective Tsukauchi called me and asked me to come in, I thought something terrible had happened!” She wraps him in a tight, secure hug.

He wants to stay in her arms, safe forever. “I’m okay, Inko-”

“Don’t you ever scare me like that again!”

“It wasn’t my fault-”

“If this happens one more time, so help me, I’ll wrap you in bubble wrap and lock you in your room for the rest of your life!”

Izuku blinks and pulls away. “You can’t do that,” he replies, staring at her.

She puts her hands on her hips. “You want to find out?” 

He honestly can’t tell if she is joking or not, but knowing Inko, Izuku isn’t going to chance it. “No.”

“Thought so.” She shakes her head. “Ready to go home, Izuku?”

“Yeah, um, about that.” Inko narrows her eyes. “Izuku-”

“It’s not bad!” He cuts in quickly. “I promise!”

“You’re not being detained, are you?”

“Nononono! Nothing like that. It’s-Yagi-san wants to talk to me.” Inko flicks her sharp gaze over towards the lanky man in the corner and then back to her son. “About what?” She says in a normal tone, but if the look in her eyes is anything to go by, she’s calculating how much of her quirk she would need to use to extract a vital internal organ.

“Uh...about...someone they think I’m related to.” His voice is soft, and he doesn’t quite meet her eyes when he says it.

“The villain?” Inko assumes, her voice disapproving. “Izuku, you’re not-”

“I want to hear what they...think they know,” he says, the last part noticeably softer than the first. "Please? I...don't want them digging into Santuario all over again."

Inko sits and looks at her son for a long time. She’s never pushed him to talk about Santuario; Izuku tends to get this haunted look in his eyes and shut down when she tries. Whatever information Izuku offers up is all that she asks for, and Inko never bothers him about it more than that. 

But she knows she should.

Izuku talks about how Santuario affects him sometimes, but he never tells them what happened. They’ve moved through several therapists, just because Izuku refused to talk to them. Hitoshi and Izuku finally land on one and share the therapist, but Mr. Uuda has never been able to get past the surface. Both boys went through Hell and that’s why they’re so close; their bond has been forged in the hottest fire and it’s unbreakable. But every once in awhile, something will happen and the boys will instantly make eye contact with each other and just know . Without a word spoken between them, they think the exact same thing and how it scarred them.

So for Izuku to want to hear about something that reminds him of home, it’s more than surprising. 

She sighs. “Okay. That’s fine. Where are you going?”

“He said there’s this restaurant nearby,” Izuku replies.

“We’re going to talk about this when we get home, Izuku.”

Izuku stare at her and opens his mouth to protest, but at the look in her eyes, he snaps his jaw shut and turns away. “Alright.”

She runs a hand through his curls, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “I love you, Izuku.” “I love you too, Inko.”

“Now go on. Don’t keep Mr. Yagi waiting. And tell him to bring you back home by six.”


The restaurant All Might had referred to is a fairly nice American dinner. The booths have high walls, allowing a conversation to go on without anyone listening in. All Might flags down a waiter and acquires a corner booth in the very back of the restaurant. The waiter smiles and nods at All Might who grins back and thanks the waiter, using his name. The hero must be a regular here to know the staff this well.

The waiter brings them menus and takes their orders for drinks before he leaves. “Get whatever you want, Young Midoriya,” All Might says. “It’s on me.”

“I-I couldn’t,” Izuku stammers. “I-”

“I insist!” The man chuckles, glancing back down at his menu.

Izuku tries to focus on his menu, his mind racing ahead of him. Even if he’s been disappointed with All Might’s humanity, it’s still All Might.

Oh my god im having lunch with allmighticantbelieveitwhatdoidowhatdoidoactnatural Whatsnatural????

The boy looks up and sees All Might bowing his head. “Al-eh, Yagi-san?” Izuku says, concerned.

The man doesn’t look up, keeping his head bowed. “Yagi-san? Are you alright?”

At that moment, Izuku notices the quivering of All Might’s shoulders and the poorly masked gasps for breath.

Ah , Izuku realizes belatedly. He’s laughing.

Izuku must’ve said all that aloud. He buries his face in his hands, his cheeks scarlet.

“My boy,” All Might booms. “You are quite flattering. Most children your age would not be so excited to spend time with an old-timer like me.”

Izuku’s jaw hangs open. “But, you’re-you’re….” He sweeps his eyes around the restaurant and leans in. “ You know.

“You talk quite a lot, don’t you?” All Might winces at his tone. The words came out harsher than he meant them to.

Izuku sinks back in his seat. “I-uh…sorry.”

“I apologize, that didn’t come out right,” All Might says.

“It’s fine.”

They sit in silence until the waiter comes back for their orders. Izuku gets a small plate; he doesn’t want to ruin his appetite, but he's even more surprised when All Might orders a similar portion. “Don’t you need to eat more?” Izuku asks. “For your quirk and...other form?”

“Well, you know of my injury, but for a long time, this was all I could eat. But, after you healed me, I went to my doctor and she said it would be okay to introduce more foods. I’m trying to get used to being able to eat appetizing food again.” He chuckles at the last part. 

Izuku smiles a bit. Soon, the waiter comes with their food.

“So, Young Midoriya, about the case, first off, I do want you to understand that Tsukauchi has nothing against you, nor do I, but there was a villain, the one who caused this injury-” All Might gestures to his side. “-that had the same quirk as you do.” Ice runs through Izuku’s veins, but he listens to All Might’s story of two brothers and their quirks. He listens to All Might explain how One For All has been passed down for generations and that All Might is the eighth holder. The hero recounts All For One’s scheming and his demise to the young boy, who listens with rapt attention.

“So...Detective Tsukauchi thinks I’m related to that villain?” Izuku asks at the end of the long tale.


“ you?”

“No, no my boy,” All Might says. “All For One was a cold heartless monster incapable of caring for anyone but himself. There is no chance that anyone like that had a family. He is gone, and he’s going to stay that way.” The sudden new serious tone the conversation has taken causes a pause. All Might raises his head. “Now, Young Midoriya, I know you want to get into UA, don’t you?”

“Yes! More than anything!” Izuku beams at the hero.

“I would like to train you for the entrance exam,” All Might suggests. “If you don’t mind.”

Izuku spends the rest of the time excitedly chatting with the Symbol of Peace about preparation for UA. 

(He also makes a mental note to see if anyone’s willing to give up a familial search quirk, because there’s a nagging suspicion in his mind about a certain member of his family.)


Chapter Text

After they finish talking at the diner, All Might stands up, pays for the meal and they exit the restaurant. “I’ll walk you home,” All Might offers.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that-” Izuku says quickly, shaking his head. “I can take the bus-”

“I insist,” All Might interrupts with certainty.

The young boy looks up at the Symbol of Peace with small stars in his eyes. The giant’s eyes are dark and shadowy, yet kind. The warm stir of his quirk makes the greenette feel safer. Protected.

“Alright.” And Izuku leaves it at that, allowing the hero to escort him home.

They talk about a lot of nothing the way there; ‘shooting the breeze’ as some may call it. As poor as Izuku’s small talk abilities are, he finds it easy to talk to All Might. The man is eager, if a bit awkward, and pleasant. His jokes are terrible, but Izuku finds himself laughing at them either way.

Izuku’s disappointed when his apartment comes into view.


Inko is sitting at the dinner table when All Might drops Izuku at home. She’s smiling, but the slight shift of her posture and twiddling of her thumbs betray her nervousness. He takes a deep breath and sits down. “H-hey Inko.”

She smiles. “How was it, Izuku?”

“ was fun. I ate there, and I’m not really hungry, so-” He begins to stand up, but Inko catches his arm. 

“Izuku,” she says softly, eyes pleading. “Please?”

They hold each other’s gaze for a few minutes until he sighs and sits back down. “I...I really don’t like talking about this,” Izuku says softly. “I know Toshi’s talked about it and his moms know what happened to him,’s really hard to talk to me.” His voice catches at the end. “I, um….I was born in the international district of Santuario. My parents were Miyata Akari and Eiichi, and, uh, they’re both quirkless. Most of the city was. Is. Most of the city is.” Izuku inhales sharply. “Why did I say that, you know that, I-”

“Izuku, it’s okay,” she tells him, placing her hand over his. “Take your time.”

“I...I-” He swallows, choking back tears. “I didn’t get my quirk when I was four. I remember Mo-Akari and Eiichi being really happy about that. They had a party, and invited friends...a lot of people did that when people turned up quirkless, so it wasn’t uncommon, I guess. I...didn’t tell them, but I was kinda disappointed when my quirk didn’t come? I mean, I knew not everyone loved quirks, but I always thought they were these beautiful things. When I got older, I understood how dangerous it was to have a quirk. All the quirked people tended to band together and travel in packs. The police always turned a blind-eye to quirked murders and all, but...when I was around six, I got my quirk. All my life I had walked around and seen certain people with these lights in them. Most people didn’t have them, but I realized they were quirks when I saw a quirked murder and watched their light….their light, it, well...died.” “Oh baby.” She squeezes his hand, horror clear on her face.

“It’s okay. I saw a lot of that stuff. But, I, uh, made the mistake of asking my parents about the lights. At first, they thought there was something wrong with me, and I guess there was just not the way they thought, and they took me to the doctor. I tested positive for a curs-quirk....My parents didn’t say anything on the drive home. My...Eiichi wouldn’t look at me and Akari looked really mad. They sent me to bed when I got home. I could hear them arguing over what to do with me. A-akari wanted to kill me and my dad- Eiichi wanted to take me to a quirk orphanage. Eiichi suggested a quirk factor removal, but Akari said she’d just as soon kill me, because, well...those had such a low success rate and even then there was brain damage.” He takes a shaky breath. “Um...That was, uh, right before the Third Great Fire. That one was caused by a quirked individual, named, uh, Buri. It wasn’t another fire set by the quirkless to flush the quirked that got out of control. That’s how the other two started.”

Inko knit her eyebrows together. “Why would he do that?”

“I-it was an accident!” Izuku quickly says. “It wasn’t uncommon for a quirked individual not to have control of their quirk! There was no quirk training, or counseling and B-buri was scared. He was...he never…Buri was older than me, maybe eleven when it happened...uh, he never really got his quirk under control.” Because he died hangs in the air. The words are caught in Izuku’s throat, sticking in their place until it’s almost painful to try and say them. 

“Do you need to take a break?” Inko says softly.

Yes. “No….no, I need to do this all at once.” “...did you get your fire quirk from Buri?”

“...yes.” She squeezes his hand again, tighter this time and waits for him to continue. “He died, Inko. We, the cur-quirked were moving and he just couldn’t control it so Catalina told me to take his quirk but a mob caught up to us and killed him and he couldnt defend himself because i took his quirk-” He begins a tearful ramble, breaking down until he is only sobbing and gasping for air. Inko moves around the table and wraps her arms around him tightly. “Shh, shh. It’s okay. Breathe. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 out. Good.” She rubs circles in his back and lets him keep crying, whispering calming words to him.

“I’m sorry,” he sobs. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” she repeats quietly, holding her son in her tight embrace. “What happened to you?”

“They...the house. The house was on fire. Mom passed my bedroom and...there was so much smoke. She looked at me-I know she saw me.” He hiccups, gripping onto his mother’s pink sweater. “And she locked the door.” Inko gasps. Izuku doesn’t need to see her face to know she’s infuriated. Ignoring his mother’s silent anger, he continues crying.

He falls asleep in her arms like that. Once she realizes this, Inko carries him to his room and puts him to bed. As she tucks him in, Inko stares at her son’s tear-stained cheeks and puffiness around his eyes. Her heart aches for him. She wants to do something about it all, but she can’t. The feeling of utter helplessness in the face of Izuku’s suffering crushes her. Pressing a kiss to his forehead, she quietly leaves the room, lingering in the doorway for a few moments before closing it with a click.

(They agree to not talk about Santuario after that.)

The next morning, Izuku, eager to move on, asks Inko about All Might’s offer first thing. She says it’s alright and suggests involving Kacchan and Hitoshi if the hero agreed.

Inko can barely get a word in edgewise as her son sprints out the door, shouting for Kacchan to come out. 

Once he gets Katsuki to agree (the blonde slams the door in his face, but it’s the same thing) he gets Toshi on the phone.

“Waitwaitwait-you got a hero to train you?” Hitoshi says incredulously before pausing . “Of course you did. Why am I surprised?”

“C’mon, Toshi! It’ll be great for UA!” “The exam is four years away. We have time.”

“So let’s get ready early! Plus Ultra!” Izuku pumps his fist in the air. “It’ll be like back home! Y’know, when we used to play heroes and train our quirks?” “’re making it sound a lot more fun than it was,” Hitoshi replies. Izuku doesn’t miss the bitter note in his brother’s friend’s voice.

It’s true that Catalina had them play those games to distract them from what had really been going on. They’d make pretend they were pro-heroes while fires raged in the distance and people died.

The smile briefly falls from Izuku’s face before he picks it back up and makes it even brighter. “But it was still fun! You can’t deny that you loved being Eraserhead!”

“Shut up!”

“Haha! I knew you loved it!”

“Izu, I swear to God-”

“So? Yes? Pleasepleaseplease?” Izuku jumps around, putting on a pleading face like Hitoshi is actually there talking to him. Hitoshi sighs. “’re doing the face, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Is it working?” The greenette waits with bated breath for Hitoshi’s answer.

“....fine.” “YES!” “Ow! Stop yelling!” Izuku and Hitoshi talk a little longer before Inko tells Izuku he has to go to bed. The young boy brushes his teeth, thinking nothing of Santuario or the quirks he’s taken.

He’s much too excited for tomorrow.


Catalina smiles, clapping her hands as the young quirked children play. Isamu, a boy she rescued from a burning house. 

With a small frown, she looks over at Buri, the young boy with tan skin and tousled dark hair who started the fire. He’s sitting off towards the edge of the group, staring at the small flames dancing across his palm. She has known the young boy for some time now; an introverted child with a bitter outlook on the world and little trust for anyone. It had taken her awhile to get Buri to trust her, but now that she has, Catalina has a better understanding of him.

And she knows that he fears someone.

She knows that he fears Miyata Isamu, the boy who took his quirk the day of the Third Great Fire.

Catalina looks back to the ravenette running around with the other children, babbling happily. It’s hard to believe such a small boy could be so powerful-so dangerous.

To be honest, 

Catalina fears him too.


Chapter Text

Early the next morning, Izuku and two other boys stand on Dagobah Beach’s shores, dressed for a workout. Toshinori is a bit startled to see three boys (when he was only planning on training one to be his successor) but after Izuku explains, he agrees to train them all, because who can say no to that face?

Toshinori has them start with warm-up exercises before announcing that they’ll be cleaning the beach. Their initial reaction is a blank stare, then reluctant movement to the trash bags and gloves in the back of Toshinori’s pickup truck.

“Uh...Yagi-sensei?” The purple haired boy- Shinsou, he thinks -asks.

“Yes, Young Shinsou?”

“Uh, no offense or anything, but why are we cleaning out the dump?”

“None taken, my boy! In fact, I’m having you clean the dump as hero training because it will build up your muscles and give you a sense of what being a hero truly is.”

“ up...trash?”

“Yes! Heroes nowadays are only concerned with stopping villain fights and looking flashy, but not too long ago, heroes also did a great deal of volunteer work!”

“Oh,” Shinsou says, picking up a full diaper with a disgusted look. “ Wonderful .”

“Yes!” Toshinori agrees, taking a full step back. “And it’s good for character!”

Hitoshi groans and tosses the diaper in the trash bag. “Great.”

“Aw, c’mon, Hi-chan!” Izuku chirps. “It’s not that bad.”

“I hate when you call me that.”

“I know.”

“Keep moving boys!” All Might calls, clapping his hands together. “We’ll want this section of the beach cleared by next March!”

They all resume the task of dragging trash to the pickup truck and bagging what they can. Izuku and Kacchan work hand in hand to drag a rusty metal frame from the sand. The blonde pauses a moment, his eyes lingering on a distinct mark on Izuku’s neck, partially hidden by his collar. “What is-” He begins, reaching out.

Instinctively, Izuku smacks his hand away, slamming his hand over the mark. They stare at each other in silence, both wide eyed.

“Whatever,” Kacchan finally huffs, storming off with his hands shoved into his pockets.

Izuku doesn’t miss the hurt in his friend’s ruby eyes. Hitoshi shoots the greenette an empathetic look, rubbing absentmindedly at the similar mark on his neck.

The same thought runs through both their minds as they turn back to their work. ‘Don’t think about it too much.’


All Might returns with lunch for the group and has them take a break. It’s a little after twelve, so they’re all more than ready to stop. Izuku apologizes to Kacchan.

“Tch. I don’t care if you’re all sensitive or some shit about some weird mark or tattoo or whatever. Just don’t go joining any yakuza before I kick your sorry ass at UA.”

Not a tattoo....a brand.

Izuku pauses before chuckling. “I won’t, Kacchan.”

A water bottle is chucked at his head. “Damn nerd! I told you to stop calling me about that!”

“Sorry Kacc-”

Another is thrown. “DON’T FINISH THAT SENTENCE.”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes. “Idiots,” he announces, pointing at them.

Izuku and Kacchan make eye contact. “Truce?”


“Mutual declaration of war?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Wait, what are you guys-SONOFA-”

And that is how All Might returns to Hitoshi buried under a pile of sand with a sock stuffed in his mouth. Kacchan and Izuku proudly stand in front.

Yagi’s jaw hangs open, at a complete loss. “Boys…no.”

“BOYS YES!” Kacchan roars, punching the air.

Izuku meekly begins to dig Hitoshi out, removing the sock from his mouth. “No,” Hitoshi says, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. “Leave me.”


“I have been welcoming Death for years. This is how I want it to come.”



“Young Bakugou, language!”

Izuku rolls his eyes and jokingly threatens to use Buri’s quirk to encase Hitoshi in glass. With dead eyes, Hitoshi looks right at Izuku. “Do it, coward.”

Yagi rushes over at the mere sight of fire on Izuku’s fingertips. The boy almost looks serious. “Young Midoriya!”

All three boys make eye contact before they burst into fits of laughter. 

Yagi stares at them, wondering what he’s gotten himself into with all this ‘successor’ business.

Tsukauchi stares at the file in front of him. Midoriya Izuku. Everything the boy’s said has checked out as true. There’s been no reason to doubt him, but this feeling…

He shakes his head. No evidence has surfaced to show that Midoriya has a bad bone in his body. He’s just a kid trying to move on, and all Tsukauchi has done is hold him back.

Toshinori’s right….

He’s got to let it go. It’s time to stop looking over his shoulder for something that won’t ever come.

Tsukauchi puts the file through the shredder and doesn’t look back once.

Four years fly by quickly for the group as they train. Not a year after they start, Dagobah Beach can once again be enjoyed on clear shores. It becomes a popular tourist spot. Shinsou develops his own fighting style, due to him not having an offensive quirk.

Izuku picks up a few quirks here and there (all legally) by posting ads for permanent help with quirk trouble. At Tsukauchi’s advice, he stresses that there is a 100% return policy. In the four years that pass, the detective doesn’t become a regular, but when Izuku does see him, he’s friendly. Izuku doesn’t miss the brief hesitation in Tsukauchi’s eyes whenever he shows off a new quirk, but Izuku’s learned to ignore it. The detective will always be jumpy, just as Izuku will never be completely honest.

That day Tsukauchi asked him to write down all his quirks, he left one out.

Enhanced senses.

It’s not wildly powerful or noticeable, but it’s the only one that Izuku doesn’t know who it came from. He’s certain he hasn’t stolen it, but its origins have always been fuzzy.

Not that he would ever steal a quirk! Well, not without provocation. (Armina’s shapeshifting quirk hadn’t exactly been a gift, but she’d been threatening to expose the whole group.)

By far, though, his favourite quirk has been All Might’s. The honor and weight that comes with being the Symbol of Peace’s successor isn’t something taken lightly, and Izuku doesn’t intend to.

But, God , does it feel good to take that quirk for a spin. Sure, it has a bad habit of sometimes breaking his bones, but he’s mostly got that under control now. He can’t afford to wait around and try and figure things out. Izuku has a legacy to carry.

Don’t think about that now, Izuku reminds himself as he stands at the gates of UA. This day is four years in the making and no one will ruin it.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku walks towards his future with his two brothers best friends at his side and the Sun’s quirk in his soul, warming him through and through.

Almost burning him.


Shigaraki Tomura knows his sensei is a world-class strategy gamer. No one can beat the game once he’s rigged it. Sensei never loses. Never. He has unlimited lives and health potions.

But this doesn’t make sense to Shigaraki. A photo of a green-haired boy lays on the bar. “Kurogiri, who is this?”

The mist-man shrugs and continues with his cleaning. “I do not know, Shigaraki.”

“He’s very important.” Sensei’s low voice emanates from the TV speaker. “He will be a crucial part of my plan this year.”

Kurogiri leans over to take a closer look at the boy. “He doesn’t look like much.”

All For One laughs. “Looks don’t make the man, Kurogiri.”

“Sensei,” Shigaraki rasps, tearing the skin from his neck in bloody scratches. “This NPC....he’s not even a big boss, so why?”

All For One glances at the photo of Miyata Isamu, taken through the window of a car. “Shigaraki, have I ever told you about my home country?”


“Well then. Two hundred years ago, there were two brothers-”

Shigaraki sits in awe at All For One’s tale of how he manipulated his hometown into rising against quirks and heroes.

By the end of it, Miyata Isamu isn’t an NPC.

He’s a god-tier boss.

Shigaraki can’t wait to turn him to ash.

In Santuario City, Akari and Eiichi return from a doctor’s appointment with their son. They’re relieved at the diagnosis. Their son is just like he should be. (Though Akari doesn’t understand why he’s been so quiet. This is a great day.)

Akari strokes her son’s head, smiling proudly. Quirkless. Perfect. “Mommy, why are quirks so bad?” Isamu asks, staring up at her with his large green eyes.

“Well, Isamu,” she says, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “Your great-great-great-great grandfather is a very smart man.” Akari plucks him from the ground, letting him rest his head on her chest. “When quirks came around, he saw the dangers they posed to society, and promised to reform the world by bearing the weight all on his own. He killed off all the people with quirks in town and took his movement worldwide.” Her eyes sparkle. “Quirks are curses, honey. Our family will be the one to erase them from existence. Forever. Those who use their quirks will soon kill us all. We need to strike first.”

“That man...what happened to him?” Isamu asks, strangely reserved. “He’s dead, right?”

“Oh, sweetie,” she laughs, running her fingers through her son’s perfect curly locks. 

Quirkless, something whispers in her ear. He's quirkless.

“He never died.”

Chapter Text

The three friends shuffle into the auditorium, ready for the test. 

This is it. The day of the exam. Deep breaths, Hitoshi, Izuku mentally tells his friend.

You’re one to talk, Hitoshi fires back. These tests are going to be easy for you.

You’ll do fine.

So your quirk is taking quirks , Kacchan cuts in, still processing their conversation from this morning.


And All Might gave you his fucking quirk, which you couldn’t take, but now have because you’re his successor or some shit.


Of course. Why am I not surprised?

You’re not mad?

The hell? I will still kick your ass, Deku. Quirks or no quirks.

Izuku smiles. I’m counting on it, Kacchan.

Tch. You losers better not use this creepy telepathy quirk to cheat on this exam.

Wouldn’t dream of it.

You insult me.

“The test begins now,” Cementoss (It’s Cementoss! So cool!-Shut up nerd!) announces. “You have four hours. Start.”

The Hero Course’s written exam, Izuku thinks, isn’t all that hard. There are some general education questions, but there are also ones about moral dilemmas, favourite heroes and situations that heroes might face.

Izuku isn’t the first to finish by any stretch, but when he hands his test in, he feels very confident that he’s done well.

Once everyone is done, Cementoss leaves and Present Mic ( Oh my gosh it’s Present Mic!!!! - I SAID SHUT UP!)

“Everybody say HEEEYYYYY!” Izuku stands up. “Hey!”

A few other examinees look at him in annoyance (Toshi just rolls his eyes) but he could care less. Present Mic is solidly in his top ten, maybe even top five, favourites heroes, so he’s not going to waste an opportunity to interact with him.

A fond expression passes over the hero’s lips. “Thanks examinee 7391!”

( Can I get his autograph after this? Maybe if I hurry I can catch up with him! And Cementoss, of Eraserhead here? -Shut. The. Hell. Up. -Could you two be a little quieter? I’m trying to listen. - Fuck off. -Sorry. )

“Excuse me! I have a question!” A blue-haired boy stands up, arm shooting in the air. “You say there are three robots, but the sheet clearly states there are four! Surely UA would not make such a mistake as this. And you-!” He whirls around to glare at Izuku. Izuku steadily returns his gaze. “You’ve been muttering the entire time! If you’re not going to take this exam seriously, then leave!”

(Kacchan and Hitoshi get a nice idea of what Izuku would say to the boy if he was less polite.)

People snicker. “Alright, alright! Thank you examinee 7111! The fourth robot is a fluke! It’s worth zero points and you should avoid it!” 

(I’m gonna blow it up anyway. -Kacchan, why? )

The hero explains more about the exam and then sends the entire group to various testing grounds. “Guess we won’t be taking the exam together,” Izuku says.

“Whatever. I’ll still beat you losers.” Kacchan stalks off.

“Toshi? Don’t you have to go?” Izuku waves his hand in front of the taller boy’s face.

Hitoshi scowls at the ground. “I’m never getting into UA. I can’t destroy robots with my quirk.”

“Yes you can,” Izuku says, brushing his fingers against his friend’s hand. “Remember the first Rebellion Brawl in Santuario?”

Hitoshi stands up straighter. “Yeah.”

“Here. Borrow my gloves. I don’t want you cutting your hands up again.”

Hitoshi takes them and walks off, confident that he will pass.

Izuku smiles and then gets ready for his own exam.


In their respect testing grounds, Izuku, Hitoshi and Katsuki are the first off when the signal is given, leaving the rest of the examinees in their dust.


Izuku runs into the first robot and uses Short Circuit, a quirk he got from his ad, to take out the two-pointer and the other five robots in the street. 16 points.

A wicked smile spreads on his lips. 

Bring it.


Hitoshi bashes yet another robot’s head in with an iron wrought bar he had gotten from a hole in a building. He had been planning on trying to tear the head apart with his bare hands, but admittedly, this is working better.

14 points.


Katsuki blows any robot that even thinks of coming close to him to hell. He smiles, riding the thrill that comes with exploding something that annoys him. 17 points, he thinks as a robot’s head goes up in brilliant flame.

Oh this is, fun .


Nezu claps his paws in delight, manic glee shining in his eyes. “We have quite a diverse group of examinees this year, don’t we?”

Aizawa grunts, glaring at the screens. “Sho’s just upset he had to get up early for this,” Yamada amends, patting the ravenette on the head.

“Don’t patronize me.” Aizawa smacks the hand away.

“Don’t be so mean, Sho~!” Yamada clings to his friend, much to the latter’s annoyance.

“Look at this one,” Kayama says, pointing to the shot of a boy with wild indigo hair. “This kid’s vicious .”

“I don’t see him using a quirk,” Snipe comments. “Maybe he doesn’t have a physical quirk,” Aizawa snaps.

“That examinee is….” Nezu taps a few buttons. “Shinsou Hitoshi, quirk Brainwashing. He’s already accumulated 34 points.”

“Well that one’s a shooin.” Kayama points to an aggressive blonde haired boy.

“Bakugou Katsuki, 42 points.”

“Extra points for creative quirk use.” Ectoplasm points to a girl with a brown bob. It seems that she has some sort of levitation or gravity quirk.

“Good mobility.” Kayama gestures to a girl with frog-like physiology. 

The staff watches for a few more minutes. “Two minutes remaining!” Mic announces.

“Well then!” Nezu claps again. “Now would be a good time to release the Zero-Pointer!”

Gleefully, he hits the bright red button.


Hitoshi thinks he’s doing pretty well, until he feels the ground shake. Whirling around, a giant metal figure fills his vision. Hitoshi drops the makeshift weapon in his hand. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!”

The massive robot takes another step forward and he bolts, dragging an injured participant behind him. He grits his teeth, biting back several curses.


Katsuki might like a good fight, but he’s not stupid enough to take on a five story hunk of metal. With a scowl, he turns and blasts off in a different direction, searching for more robots.

Only an idiot would take that thing on.



“It’s going to be okay,” Izuku told the Gravity Girl before he fires One For All up. It feels amazing. Suddenly, he’s filled with new energy. The power courses in his veins and thrums beneath his skin. A smile spreads across his face..

Leaping into the air, he draws his fist back in preparation for the strike. “SMASH!”


The UA staff watches in awe as a small boy demolishes the Zero-Pointer with a single punch. Just as he deals the blow, the boy begins to plummet and the staff breaks out into a frenzy.

Then, he simply disappears.

The exam ends and two teachers-Eraserhead and Present Mic-rush out of the room.

Had they just witnessed the death of a student?

All Might sits there, trying to slow his heart rate.

Young Midoriya...will you ever stop giving me heart attacks?


“Are you okay?” Izuku asks the girl who’d introduced herself as Uraraka. 

“I’m...I’m fine,” she replies. “My ankle really hurts though.” A wince emphasizes her point.

“I...I could help with that if you want,” he offers.

Uraraka looks at him skeptically. “...what do you mean?”

“I have a healing quirk.”

The girl’s eyes widen. “ You just destroyed that huge robot!”

“It’s complicated.” Mumbled Izuku as he places his hand on her ankle.

She watches in amazement at the soft glowing light radiating from the boy’s palm. The pain in her ankle fades until it’s little more than a dull ache. “That’s….” He draws back immediately, like he’s expecting to be stricken. “ cool!” 

A brief expression of surprise passes over the freckled boy’s face, but it’s quickly covered by a smile and easy indifference. His eyes are shining, though. “Oh...uh, thanks.”

“I should be thanking you, …………what's your name?”

“My name’s Midoriya Izuku,” he says, rubbing the back of his head. “But...I really don’t mind what you call me.”

Cute! She thinks.

The quick falling of feet alerts her to the pair of heroes approaching them. “Are you little listeners alright?” Present Mic asks.

Midoriya stares at both heroes with stars in his eyes, obviously trying to contain his excitement. “Y-yeah,” he manages, green eyes still wide.

The hero Uraraka doesn’t recognize huffs and buries his face in his scarves. “You little listeners should visit Recovery Girl just to be sure,” Present Mic says. “Let me show you the way.”

Izuku helps her to the infirmary, even though she insists that she can walk.

But at the sweet boy’s insistence, she figures it’s alright.

Hopefully they’ll both get in.


After getting checked out by Recovery Girl, Izuku catches up with his friends. "Guys!"

Kacchan flicks his forehead. Hard. "I heard you and your stupid ass took the fucking Zero-Pointer on."


He flicks him again. "Damn idiot."

Izuku rolls his eyes and turns to Toshi. "How'd you do?"

"Fine, I guess." The taller male shrugs. "Won't know until we get our results."
"No matter what, we'll all be heroes!" Izuku promises them.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi and Izuku remember the first time they’d been forced to defend themselves and it had resulted in death.

Hitoshi had killed someone with his hands; the man had been attempting things. Hitoshi had grabbed whatever was nearby and struck as hard as he could.

Izuku had ripped a quirk from his attacker too suddenly, killing the woman where she stood.

Neither are all that willing to talk about it, and there’s no real reason to. They both know that it wasn’t their fault, but they made a choice.

A choice they have sworn never to make again.

So, both boys wake up ready to face the day. They are UA Hero students and will become pro-heroes.

(Not to make up for what they’ve done, how they’ve lived, but to prove that they are good and to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel.)

“Toshi!” Izuku smiles and wraps his arms around his taller brother. (Anyone who says Hitoshi isn’t his brother can fight him.)

The boy sighs, knowing the power of Izuku’s grip and how he is not going to let go. “You’re a child,” he says instead of complaining. Izuku’s response is to bury his face in Hitoshi’s chest and hum. Hitoshi sighs again (two sighs already; that’s a great start to the morning.) He rubs the greenette’s head. “Good morning to you too, Izu.”


“Oh,” Hitoshi drawls, tone dry. “Great. The Pomeranian's here.”

“Fuck off!” Kacchan bristles, the burnt caramel scent of nitroglycerin wafting to Izuku’s nose.

“Careful Kacchan,” he warns. “Auntie just bought that uniform. She’d be mad if you ruined it.”

“You fuck off too!”

Izuku peeks out from his comfortable perch, flashing a green eye at Kacchan. “Mm. No.”

The blonde fumes, but doesn’t push it. “Whatever.”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes. “Whipped.”


“Just did.”

“Tch-! Whatever!” Kacchan storms past and shoves the door of their homeroom open, slamming it behind him as he enters the classroom.

The pair stand there a minute, watching the door for any movement. Finally, Hitoshi breaks the silence. “So, are we gonna go in, or-”

“Carry me,” Izuku mutters.

Hitoshi sighs again (three!). “You’re an oversized koala bear.” Still, the boy slings one arm around Izuku and half-drags him into the class.

There aren’t many people there; it’s early and it’s the first day of school, so that’s to be expected.

A girl with long black hair pulled back into a high ponytail scrolls through her phone, looking disinterested with what’s going on at the moment. Izuku would wave, but he’s preoccupied bothering the hell out of Toshi and Kacchan.

People trickle in and are met with the strange sight of Izuku attempting to climb his brother. Hitoshi tries to shake him off, but he has a death grip on the boy’s uniform. “Izuku, I am not a tree-!”

Some people laugh. Others give them funny looks. Kacchan curses them out. You know, normal stuff.

The door opens with a loud crack, frame trembling under the force. In the doorway lies a yellow…..slug.

Hitoshi gasps and drops Izuku. Only then does the greenette realize who it is. Eraserhead.

“It took you eight seconds to quiet down,” the hero gripes. “That’s too long. You are all irrational.” As he talks, he unzips himself from the sleeping bag and sucks a juice pouch dry. “Put on your gym uniforms and meet me on the field.”

“But, what about the ceremony?” Uraraka asks.

“As a hero you will have no time for such frivolities. Now get ready or you’re expelled.” The door is closed the same way it was opened.

No one waits around to see if he’s kidding.


Shouta sweeps his gaze over the new batch of students. There are some interesting ones; Todoroki Shouto, son of Endeavor, Iida Tenya, second son of the Iida family, Yaoyorozu Momo, daughter of the Yaoyorozu clan; but they’ll still have to prove themselves if they want to stay in his class.

“A test,” Ashido croaks, looking paler than before.

“A quirk apprehension test,” he confirms with a nod. “To test the upper limits of your abilities.”

The additional information sparks interest in the class. “This is gonna be fun!” Kaminari whispers.

“Fun?” Aizawa repeats. “You think heroics is fun ?” Silence sweeps the students. “Well, if this is so fun, then let’s make it more interesting; whoever gets last place will be expelled.”

Outrage and fear meets his statement. Shouta smiles. “So let’s get started.”


Izuku nudges Hitoshi and gives him a small smile. “You’ll be fine.”

Hitoshi returns the look.

When they’d first arrived in Japan, the adjustment had been hard, not just because of the different culture, but because of the quirk standards. In Santuario, if you had a quirk, it was considered a dangerous, powerful weapon that needed to be destroyed. Here, not only is it the norm, but there are many more quirks, and each of them are put into categories. Powerful, weak, useless, villainous. (Hitoshi’s falls under the latter and Izuku’s is a mix of the first and last.)

While Toshi’s quirk is powerful in its own right, it’s not very useful without another person. Still, Izuku has faith that he will do well.


The test begins with a short sprint. Shouta watches as his students scramble to prove themselves. Yaoyorozu creates a motorcycle, Iida uses his engines, Bakugou flies forward with explosions and Aoyama propels himself by his Navel Laser. Good.

Shinsou, the student with the non physical quirk Aizawa had been keeping his eye on, steps up to the line. He feels a twinge of empathy for the boy. Shinsou will have to work twice as hard to be able to stand on equal ground with his peers. His quirk isn’t infallible; once someone figures it out, they’ll go to great lengths to avoid talking to him.

But watching the exam footage...yes, he has potential. Aizawa has already decided not to expel him.

The same can’t be said for anyone else. Especially the Midoriya boy-did he destroy the robot to show his power or to save Uraraka? Was it an act to be seen or did it just happen to be caught on camera? He already had more than enough points to pass, so why waste his time? Was it really out of the goodness of his heart or was it a farce?

Only time will tell.

The murder of ‘Ms. Yukine’ had left a mark on Shouta’s memory as he recalls the boy’s tearful sobbing, but if he went after her killer for solely revenge, that’s something to be concerned about. Midoriya Izuku could’ve very well gotten himself killed, even if it was out of good intentions. Shouta has no space for such recklessness in his class.

He blows a whistle, announcing the start of the race. The students-Shinsou, Tokoyami, Hagakure, Tsuyu and Satou-take off. (Hagakure takes off her gym uniform and cuts through the field, but he did say they could use their quirks, so he doesn’t call her out when she takes first.) Shinsou actually surprises him with the speed he takes off with. The boy runs like his life depends on it, reaching the other side just ahead of Tsuyu in second place. Shouta crooks an impressed eyebrow as he calls for the next group of students. Midoriya takes first, appearing at the finish line not five seconds later.

This test is too easy for him. It doesn’t feel like he’s trying.

Shouta grits his teeth and shouts for the next group.


Hitoshi stares at the softball in his hands. “Hurry up, Shinsou,” Eraserhead orders.

He took a deep breath. “Izu!”

“Yes-” The boy goes still, eyes glassy and body tense.

Hitoshi ignores the looks his peers give him. (Monster, monster-) “Take this softball and throw it as far as you can.”

Robotically, Izuku walks to the circle, takes the ball and fires up One For All, catapulting the ball into the distance. Hitoshi, still guarded and ready to defend his quirk usage, turns to Eraserhead (he’s not like the other teachers, right?). “How far did it go?”

Eraserhead doesn’t look the least be disturbed. “826.9 meters. Good use of your resources. Step back.”

He stays there for a moment, frozen, because did his favourite hero of all just give him positive feedback? Hitoshi could die right here and be happy.


"S-sorry.” He turns to Izuku. “Flick yourself in the forehead.”

His brother obliges and slips from the control of his quirk. His annoyingly bright smile appears. “How’d you do, Toshi?”

“You’ll find out,” he replies, walking back to join his class.

Izuku sticks his tongue out at him. (He pretends not to notice how some people lean away from him.) “Dude! That was awesome!” Kaminari says, coming out of nowhere. “You too Midoriya! But, Shinsou, my dude, your quirk is so cool! Hey! Hey! Use your quirk on me-”

“Kaminari. Please save your harrassment for after the test,” Aizawa snaps.

The boy quickly quiets down with a “Yes, sensei”.

Hitoshi stares at the whirlwind blond, blinking owlishly as his brain tries to process everything. “Hey,” he says softly as Sero steps up to the circle. “Thanks. For what you said.”

Kaminari gives him a strange look. “No problem dude,” he replies. “You literally saved my ass in the exam. I’m gonna be your best friend in the world.”

(Hitoshi pretends he doesn’t see Izuku staring Kaminari down in silent challenge. Izuku will never let his place as Hitoshi’s best friend go without a fight, and Hitoshi is aware Kaminari will lose if he tries to go toe-to-toe with Izuku. As long as there’s no body to hide afterward, they’ll be fine.)

Katsuki does well, showing off both his explosive quirk and anger when he hurtles the ball into the horizon. He scores less than Hitoshi did (he is not happy about that) and stalks back to his spot.

“Midoriya Izuku.” Izuku steps up to the plate, even gaze alternating between Eraserhead and the ball. “Hurry up.”

The man’s tone holds a bite Hitoshi didn’t notice earlier.

Huh. Odd.


Izuku’s beginning to get the feeling that Eraserhead doesn’t like him-doesn’t think highly of him at the very least. He knows if he scores higher or lower than what Hitoshi got, then the man will accuse him of either not trying when Hitoshi ordered him to or not trying now.

His arm throbs distantly, still a little bruised from use of One For All.

He’ll have to work on that.

Taking a deep breath, he fires up 6% of All Might’s quirk and pitches it into the distance. “How far?” He asks.

“825.7 meters. Step back.” 

Well, it’s got to be close enough. He’s actually trying, but Eraserhead doesn’t seem convinced. As long as he doesn’t get last place, right?

His arm aches as he settles down beside Hitoshi.

He’s not going to come in last. He’s fought too hard to be here; to be a hero; and he’ll be damned if someone tries to take that away from him.


Eraserhead posts the scores; Yaoyorozu took first place, then Izuku, then Todoroki, then Kacchan, then Tsuyu, then Hitoshi, etc. Izuku lets out a sigh of relief as Hagakure breaks down crying. Feeling bad for her, he tries to comfort her, speaking of General Education or transferring to Shikestu, because “they’d be stupid not to take someone with as cool a quirk as you have!”

“It was a logical ruse,” Eraserhead announces. “No one’s getting expelled.”

As the class reacts to this news (Hagakure almost takes his head off with her flailing) Izuku narrows his eyes, inspecting his teacher carefully.

Eraserhead is a cool hero, yeah, but…..

Izuku isn’t so sure he likes him as a teacher. He doesn't trust him.

“We’re going back in,” he orders and walks off without another word.

The class scrambles to follow him. Reluctantly, Izuku joins them.

Chapter Text

“Very well done, Young Midoriya,” Toshinori says, rustling the boy’s green hair.  “Not many students survive their first day in 1-A.”

Midoriya still frowns. “I don’t think Eraserhead likes me.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Why is that?”

Midoriya simply shrugs. “I just don’t think he does.”

“Perhaps you just reminded him of someone he didn’t like,” Toshinori offers.

The boy hums and they continue to walk across the beach. Ever since Midoriya and his friends cleaned it up, Dagobah Beach has become a tourist hotspot. It’s nice seeing this place restored to its former glory- and he’s getting off track again.

Toshinori glances back at his successor, fighting a proud grin. The idea that Midoriya was ever related in any way to All For One seems ridiculous. The boy has a literal heart of gold and a passion for helping others that are matched by none. His capacity for good is the polar opposite to All For One’s evil nature.

“Hey, you said you were going to be teaching at UA-”
“Yes! Yes.” Toshinori nods. “Foundational Heroics.”

“...have you taught before?”
He frowns at the skepticism on Midoriya’s face. “I’m sure it will be fine, my boy,” he assures his successor, just a bit hurt. He’s not so incompetent that he couldn’t teach a classroom of children without incident.

Toshinori isn’t that irresponsible.

“Try not to show any blatant favoritism,” Aizawa grumbles as Toshinori passes by him. “And if any students are killed, Shuzenji will have your head.”

He stumbles and spits blood at the statement. “F-favoritism?!”
“For Midoriya. It’s obvious,” the man replies matter-of-factly while sipping his coffee. “And it’s an illogical trait to have as a teacher, so stop it.”

Fruitlessly, Toshinori tries to recover some dignity. “Aizawa, there must be some misunderstanding-”
“Tch.” The man tucks a file under his arm and leaves the teachers’ lounge.

Toshinori sighs; he hasn’t been as popular among his co-workers as he had originally hoped.

He straightens himself up. No matter. He is a teacher now and he has a heroics class to teach.

What could go wrong?


The answer is everything.

Everything can go wrong.

When Young Bakugou and Young Midoriya are put on opposite teams, Toshinori doesn’t think much of it. They’re close and he doesn’t see anything going terribly wrong. It’s a competition between good friends.

The fight starts off well enough and Young Midoriya has the blond restrained. Then, Young Bakugou's support weapon that Toshinori himself had signed off on malfunctions.

It's not long before all hell breaks loose.


“I’m gonna blow your face off, Deku!” Kacchan taunts with a wild grin.

Izuku braces himself, telling him that this is simulated and Kacchan is his friend. He manages to smile back, though he’s not nearly as excited about ‘letting loose’.

If he can just focus on using their quirks and not his quirk, this will be fine.

Izuku nimbly dodges a large precise blast from Kacchan and teleports behind the blonde. Jerking his friend forward, he slams his knee into his lower back. Kacchan folds like a table under the force with a grunt.

They end up wrestling for a few minutes before Izuku slams him to the floor and pins him with his knee against Kacchan’s back. With one hand, Izuku ties the capture tape around Kacchan’s wrists and he’s declared ‘captured’. 

He takes one second to glance down and he sees Kacchan’s cracked grenade leaking liquid. The broken trigger is sparking.

“Deku! Get down!” Kacchan’s body slams into his.


From the control room, 1-A watches as the entire second-floor bursts into flames and the floors above it fall like building blocks.

“Call for help!” All Might orders before dashing to the scene.

Blood pounds in his ears and his heart is lodged in his throat.

Please let them all be okay.


Ochako opens her eyes to pain. Her ears are buzzing distantly; a faint ringing that’s interfering with everything else. Her lip stings like it’s been busted and her left wrist protests at the weight she puts on it when she tries to rise.

It’s about then she realizes she can’t move or feel her right leg. Ochako tries to pull herself forward, but can’t get the leg in question to budge.

Okay. she’s stuck.

Panic starts to build and she swallows thickly, blinking away tears. She’s a hero, dammit. She can’t afford to cry now.

Despite the pain, Ochako looks around, searching for an escape or another body. “Iida! Iida, are you here?”

Nothing. Ochako tries to paw her way forward, but only gains a little ground. “Iida! Deku! Bakugou!”

A near-inaudible groan softly makes known its owner. “Iida?” It has to be; he was the only person in the room with her when the building fell. “Iida are you okay?”
No answer, but Ochako can’t hear anyone moving. Not good.

Hissing as she goes up one knee, Ochako tries to find Iida. Her eyes land on his unmoving form, buried under a pile of rubble. “Are you okay?”
Her earpiece crackles to life. “Young Uraraka! Are you alright?”
“A-All Might!” She’d forgotten the pro in her frantic state. They’re going to be fine; UA won’t let them die.

But Deku and Bakugou were lower on the building when it fell.

She can only hope and pray.

“Iida! Uraraka! Are you down there?”
Her heart skips a beat. Aizawa-sensei! “We’re here!”


Katsuki glares at Deku, a faintly warm light emitting from the greenette’s palms. What little light there is shines through the half cavern they’re in, revealing the wound in Deku’s side. It’s obvious he’s wasting his quirk on Katsuki.
“Stop it!” He hisses, swatting his hand away for what must be the twelfth time.

Patiently, Deku reaches out again to heal the mangled mess of his entire left side. “You’re hurt.”
“You’re bleeding out, idiot!”

Deku bites his lips like he’s getting annoyed. “I’m fine-”
“You have a fucking pipe in your stomach! Use your damn quirk on yourself!”
He sighs. “You know it doesn’t work like that.”

“Then stop wasting your stamina on me!”  Katsuki manages to push him away with his good arm despite the pain. “There are pro-heroes out there and we’re not going to die here!”


“ don’t know that Kacchan.” Deku’s voice is quiet and shaky. “We-” He stops.

“I hear something,” he whispers, crawling over the uneven ground. “I think someone’s above us.”

There’s a scraping sound above. “Is anyone down here?”
Thank God.

“Yeah! We’re down here!” Katsuki shouts.

For a moment, there’s quiet again and Katsuki thinks they can’t hear him.

“Young Bakugou! Is that you?” All Might’s familiar voice booms.

“It’s me! Deku’s here with me!”
“Are either of you injured?”
“Yeah; Deku’s got a pipe in his stomach.”
“What about you?”
“Busted on one side, but I can move.”

“Hang on!” Aizawa says. “Cementoss is going to create a tunnel, so stay where you are.”
Katsuki huffs, rolling his head over his shoulder. “Hear that Deku? We’re fine.”

“Yeah Kacchan. I heard.” Despite the coherency of the statement, Deku sounds fuzzy; like he isn’t lucid.
Katsuki frowns and moves himself over a bit. “Deku,” he snaps.

“Hmm?” Definitely sleepy.
“Dammit! This is why you shouldn’t have used your quirk!” He could throttle Deku. Actually, he might once he has use of both of his hands.

Katsuki can imagine the weak smile on Deku’s lips. “We’ll be fine, Kacchan.”
The ground shakes. They brace themselves for more rubble. (Katsuki quietly resigns himself to his end.)

A hole opens that leads out. Natural and artificial light floods into the space, casting a grey visibility over the makeshift cavern. Katsuki casts a glance towards Deku and sees what little of the greenette’s injury he can manage. 

Deku is pinned to the ground, not a foot away from Katsuki, by the pipe driven through his side. Besides that obvious injury, he looks to be in decent shape. “Kacchan,” Deku rasps. “Your...your head.”

He raises a hand to the back of his head and feels something wet and….mushy? “How the fuck did you see that? It’s dark,” he bites.

“Kacchan…’s really bright,” Deku replies slowly. “They have a flashlight right there.” He points next to Katsuki. “Aizawa-sensei just left to get another hero. Remember?”


No he doesn’t.
“That’s not funny, Deku,” he growls.

“I-I’m not joking-!” Deku protests weakly, coughing.

Aizawa’s boots scrape against the tunnel as he slides down followed by Midnight. They have a quick conversation before they grab Katsuki’s gently and hoist him into the air. “W-get Deku!” Katsuki tries to struggle, but his body feels heavier than it did earlier.

“They need someone to remove the pipe,” Midnight explains in an uncharacteristically soft voice. “We’re going to get someone to look at your head. Everything will be okay.”