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Family Secrets: Familiar

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My past has been bitter but in the past ten minutes, it's been even worse.

“What do you mean she’s not dead?!” Donnie yelled at the man running the burial grounds. Raph was right behind him yelling at the man.

I sat on the chair in the waiting room gripping the car keys. Since I have been rescued from my past home I have been learning more and more about emotions. I know how to be sad, but any other emotion confuses me. I have dedicated my life to studying at New York University. The government is paying for my education since they put my mother and me in a bad home. The lady they made us stay with chained me to the dining room table and drugged my mother who is only ten years older than me.

“Should she be hearing this?” I hear Raph ask Donnie. Both of them looked back at me and I stared at them. “We will be back in the morning. You make sure your here!” Raph yelled and grabbed my arm having us go out to the car. He took the keys from me.

We got back in the car and Raph drove to our true destination. The Traveling Museum where Gramps was going to be presenting the explosion change-meant he made for the turtle brothers. I looked back at my textbook trying to hide my face.

“Let’s go in!” Raph grinned and got out of the car running to the other side to open the door for Donnie. “Let’s go my love. Roseline, leave the book.”

I nodded and left the book in the car following Raph and Donnie close behind them. Once we got inside we walked over to where the presentations were being shown. Donnie kissed Raph goodbye going backstage to find Gramps.

“There you are!” Mikey yelled and waved. He ran over and tackled me with his famous bear hug. I tripped backward a bit, but he hugged me close keeping me from falling. “We thought you guys weren’t coming.”

“Well, duh we had too. Donnie is the test subject and the scientist behind everything we are going to see today with the other two doctors.” Raph grinned. “And we ran into a pickle that we will explain later. Hey, I am also glad to see you walking...”

Mikey blushed bright red and slapped his arm. “Shut up. Rose doesn't need to hear this. But we did do it down and dirty for a good few hours before coming here. When are you going to ask Donnie again?”

They continued to talk and I just ignored what they were saying even though later I will remember every single word they said. I remember everything from the moment I was born. It is like I have a superpower. Donnie says that it is just eidetic memory.

Gripping my arm I stared at the ground. It is always weird seeing them in human forms. The watch gives them five hours to be human than it’s back to being a turtle, but Donnie is going to be the first one to change permanently. If it goes well the others want to join him.

The lights went out and then the stage lights went on. I dig my nails into Leo’s arm. Silently praying for no one to freak out when Donnie went on stage. Leo pat my hand and leaned in so I was the only one to hear him speak. “Don’t worry. No one will touch you.”

I leaned into him and watched everyone present with boredom until Gramps, Dr. O’Neil, and Casey was on stage. Gramps started to speak. “Welcome everyone. We promise not to bore you with our experiment, but for precautions, we would like everyone to take a few steps back.”

The crowd moved back then Gramps continued to speak. “I am Dr. Hamato, this is Dr. O’Neil and our bodyguard Mr. Jones. Who remembers the explosion at T.C.R.I?” He questioned and the crowd raised their hands. "During the explosions, four males were turned into mutant turtles. They were working on the pollution in the water and found turtles who were covered in gas and were barely living. These males took them back to the lab to clean them when the explosion happened. The mix of chemicals from the floor above with their’s making a reaction that was not fatal, but changed them. This is close to my heart because these males are my sons. I would like you to meet Dr. Donatello Hamato,”

Donnie walked on to the stage as a turtle. The crowd was horrified and scared. Women and Men screaming and pointing. Mobs of people were trying to get on the stage. Leo pulled Mikey closer and looked at Raph. “Rose stay right here. We are gonna help take care of this.”

The three of them ran off leaving me alone. The curtains closed and the lights went back out not turning on again. My body trembled as I fell to my knees on the floor. The time I spent locked in the closet was flooding my memory. The broken pieces of a barely breathing story were trying to break into my memories. It cut and stabbed me into a million pieces.

All the negativity swarmed me making everything happy in my life disappear. Taking deep breaths trying to be okay, but everything surrounding me was negative.

Never moving for what seemed hours I opened my eyes and the lights were back on. Looking around I didn’t see anyone I knew. Panic started racing back into me. I screamed louder than the crowds yelling about ‘the beast’. Heads looked over at me a woman walked over and set her hand on my back.

“Hi, are you lost little one? I can help you find your party.” She asked me while kneeling to my level.

I pulled on my ears and cried. “I want my brothers. I want my grandpa. Even if it was April O’Neil and Casey Jones.”

She rubbed my back and shushed me. “Where did you last see them? I will help you find them. I promise…”

“T-they were just on stage…. Leo, my older brother, told me not to move. I-I can’t move.” I gripped my dress harder not wanting to ever let go.

“I know who you are.” She stood up and helped me on my feet, “Your Roseline, from that court case four years ago. The girl who was locked up in a trailer. Come on, I’ll take you backstage. I work here. Want to see my I.D? I also know Casey Jones. He was my big brother in the Boys and Girls Club,”

They did an article on the court case? Not the time to question this, later make a mental note. Unless I can look at my phone or a computer. Focus she said she would help.

I nodded and looked up at her in the eyes then back at the floor. Angel was telling the truth. She took the badge off her shirt and put it in my hands. Dr. Angle Bridge, I knew her name from Casey just like she said. “I-I trust you.”

I got up holding her hand and walked backstage never letting go of her hand. She didn’t even complain about how tight I was holding her hand.

We walked around backstage until someone yelled. “Roseline Alice!” It was gramps. I looked up and there he was. Letting go of Angel’s hand I darted at him going as fast as I could throwing myself at him. He wrapped his arms around me tight and kissed my head. “I see you met Dr. Bridge. Thank you for bringing her back here.”

“Anytime.” Angel smiled and waved. “I’ll get the cars to come out back so you guys can get out of here.”

“Thank you.” Gramps kissed the top of my head again and walked me back to the room they were all in. “You had an adventure didn’t you?”

“N-no I stayed where Leo told me too. Did you know that they wrote something in the paper about the court case? Angel told me so,” I looked up at him and smiled a bit. “Does that make me famous?”

He chuckled and sighed. “No, you are not famous. You should be famous for your accomplishments not what happened in the past.”

“Okay.” I smiled and knew what I was googling tonight. I sat on the couch next to Leo. “Thanks for leaving me,”

“I didn’t want you to get hurt,” Leo stated and rubbed my arm. “It won’t happen again I swear.”

Nodding I looked over at Donnie. “Your still a turtle. I would have thought you would have done it then came back out from the back.”


“No, I want to wait for the science community to do it.” Donnie smiled and laid his head on Raph’s shoulder.


“More grants that way?” I asked looking down at my shoes.

“Of course,” Donnie replied. “Both cars are outside. April is driving one and Casey the other. They are going to meet at the restaurant.”

“Which three are going where?” Gramps asked.

“Leo, Rose, and Mr. O’Neil and I will go with Casey.” Mikey offered. “Let’s go in the fun car!” he squealed and ran out gripping Leo’s hand as he left.

I followed with Mr. O’Neil in front of me. Making sure we didn’t separate. My number one fear is being taken out of their home again. While the court was deciding where I was going to live they had me in a home for girls who were older than me. They teased me and called me spaz, and retarded.

When I asked Donnie why they called me those names they told me not to worry about it. That I was special and they were just jealous. Apparently many people are because whenever I am in public people call me the same names when I’m not with anyone. I am afraid of big crowds and the dark… okay and a lot more things. I have many fears, but I try not to face them.

I sat in the car looking out the window from the middle seat. Nervously having my leg bouncing up and down. We pulled into an Olive Garden parking lot when everyone got out. Mikey jumped out of the car and ran inside to put our names on the waiting list. No one has seen him run that fast unless it’s for food.

Getting out of the car than sitting at the table in silence you could tell there was tension in the air. Everyone was making small talk, but me. I sat there staring at my menu not knowing what to say. I am always the odd one out of the group.

Gramps looked up from his phone and cleared his throat. “They want us to go out to the museum tonight when there are no people, just scientist.”

“Sounds great.” Donnie smiled and laid his hand on my shoulder. “Did you want to go home, or come with us?”

I gripped the bottom of my chair. “I-I’ll go home. Where are you guys going after that? I know you four had things to do for your birthday?”

“Yes, after the four of us are going to hang out at an age-appropriate place. Then hit the movies.” Donnie told me. I know for a fact that they are going to a male dance club.

“Tonight April, Casey, Mr. O’Neil and I are also flying out to see the council of T.C.R.I and to see family,” Gramps stated. “Will you be okay at the house alone for a while?”

I nodded and looked at the menu. “Of course. Soon it will just be Dr. O’Neil, you and me in the house. You guys are gone all the time, so it’ll be a learning experience.” I tapped my UBER driver to meet me now.

Donnie looked puzzled at me then questioned, “What happened to us staying at the house, Rose?”

“I can’t hold you back any more than I already do. Please, do what you want. Happy Birthday, Donnie.” I leaned over and kissed his head. My phone buzzed. “I will see you four tomorrow. Everyone else please have a good trip and safe travels.”

I walked out of Olive Garden and unlocked the car with the number pad on the side grabbing out my book bag and textbook getting in the UBER drivers car. Benedict always drives me when I do UBER. I love it.