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Kyoya's little brother

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A secret meeting between the Japanese Minister of Magic, Ryotaro Ito, and a few of the most influential magical families of Japan took place in April 1980 – it would change the world forever. They had planned to create an accident at the Potions Conference that would take place during Summer 1980, a potion, that had been held back by the Japanese Ministry and would ensure a permanent de-aging of anyone who got into contact with the fumes. This would allow Japan to secure the brightest minds in the field of potions and ensure their loyalty to Japan while they enjoyed a second childhood on the Japanese isles.


A star guest of the evening would be the youngest Potions Master of the Western World – Severus S. Snape – he would be given to the Otori-clan and raised as their 4 th son – Otori Seiji alongside Yoshio’s other children, while Minister Ito would be his godfather and help to guide the young prodigy in the right direction.


“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad that you could come. In a few months the Potions conference will take place in Japan, and this is our chance to get our hands on the brightest minds in the Potions community. I’m more than happy to note, how many of you have offered to adopt one of those bright minds, and to ensure that they will grow up in a way to befit Japan’s interests and benefits.”, began Ito.


“How young will they be?”, asked Yoshio – he didn’t want a crying babe in his household, and sharing a look with the others around the table, their opinion was the same.


“Our Potions Department has created a potion that will de-age anyone to the age of 5 years old. They will even keep the knowledge that they had gained over the years, but it will be mainly dormant until something triggers their memories. Everything else will be wiped out as soon as the fumes de-age our honoured guests. Another advantage of the potion is that the fumes will vanish within seconds, thereby allowing us to remove the children and hand them over to their respective families. The ritual rooms and the required blood adoption will be ready, as soon as you would wish it.”, explained Minister Ito calmly.


“What will you tell the world? How will you escape their scrutiny?”, asked Fusaru.


“We have everything prepared – a tragic potions accident: the whole building burnt to the ground, and only ashes and bone fragments were found. Everything else had been lost in the Fiendfyre that one of the more careless Potions Masters used for his demonstration. Of course, we will order a week of mourning for the whole country, but in the end, nobody will be able to accuse us of lying.”, smirked the Minister.


“How long do we have to wait until we can take them abroad?”, asked one of the female heiresses.


“We advise waiting at least 5 years before you take them to Europe, or better said, to their old home countries. We can’t be sure if the blood adoption and growing up in our culture will hide all changes to their old life successfully. But it’s quite possible that the more famous amongst them would be searched for a few years. I want to thank all of you for your assistance and support. With your help, we will ensure that Japan and Asia, once more, will rule one of the more important magical disciplines.”, remarked Minister Ito, as he ended the meeting.

 Only Fusaru Suoh and Yoshio Otori stayed back for another important discussion. Depending on their new homes, at least a 1/3 of them would attend Ouran Academy and the trio agreed that should it be possible, the gifted children should be allowed to skip a few school years. Seiji would be able to do it quite easily, and it was better to ensure that those gifted children will not be bored during their lessons. Should it be necessary his magical tutoring will take the brunt of his anger.


“How is your wife doing these days, Fusaru?”, asked Ito.


“She is doing better. Thanks to Yoshio’s revolutionary new medicine, she will slowly recover. Tamaki will be staying with her until he finishes primary school, and then he will be coming back to Japan to learn about his future role and place in our society.”, said Fusaru smiling.


“He does look more like her, am I right, Fusaru. Your mother is not going to like it.”, warned Yoshio.


“Indeed, but we have another mansion on the main estate where he will live with his own personnel, until mother has warmed up to him; even if it takes years. He is my only heir; although, we still hope, that someday, she will gift me with another child when her strength returns.”, agreed Fusaru.


“Kyoya should keep an eye on him. My third one is too serious for his own good; always planning, reading, and focusing on his future. It’s nothing bad, and I can see in him everything that would make him a possible leader of our clan and of our company, after he has proven himself worthy.”, suggested Yoshio.


“Ah, you were always a man who isn’t easily satisfied. Although your eldest children have set the bars quite high – with their marks and their dreams.”, commented Ito lightly.


“It’s better for them to tell them early what you expect from your children. And either they can do it or not. Seiji will fit right in and help Kyoya to train his own empathy. Although, knowing my third son, his patience will be solely focused on family, and if they’re lucky some of his closest friends. That’s why I would like him to meet your son, Fusaru – he would probably keep him on his toes.”, smirked Yoshio.


“So, you have seen his medical files?”, inquired Ito.


“I have. It’s quite rare that a young boy is capable of bearing children. Even a blood adoption won’t change that; however, I will inform him about it when Seiji is a few years older, as well as the rest of the family. After all, it’s important to protect his virtue – and it could be quite helpful if we went looking for a beneficial marriage contract.”, laughed Yoshio.


“You’re impossible, old friend.”, groaned Ito as he walked with them out of the building.


“Maybe, nevertheless I will inform our family healer to be ready when we bring Seiji home with us. How will you ensure that nobody will be asking questions?”


“We will cover it up as a terrorist attack. Luckily for us there are still enough of those wannabe dark and light lords around who would mindlessly attack such conferences. Sending one of their fresh initiated minions, who lost his nerves, and used a curse that wasn’t able to be controlled by the young one. As long as you ensure that Seiji won’t have any nightmares about it, all should be well.


“Alright, but don’t be a stranger, Ryotaro, Seiji has every right to see his godfather more often this year.”, growled Yoshio.


“Of course, I had missed the little one. I will come over next week, until then.”, greeted Ito as he went back into the Ministry.


“Will it work?”, asked Fusaru.


“Without a doubt. He was always very cunning, and he has never failed before. Still, Seiji won’t be getting additional lessons before he turns 7 years old.”, smirked Yoshio.


“Isn’t that a bit harsh?”, inquired Director Suoh.


“Not at all. The same rule applies for all of my children, besides, knowing the little scamp, he would try one way or the other to sneak into their lessons. Kyoya had done the same at that age.”, chuckled Yoshio Otori.


“Isn’t it a good sign when they enjoy to learn? Or do you fear that they wouldn’t know their own limits?”, Fusaru wanted to know from one of his oldest friends.


“Of course it’s a good sign, but we both know that Seiji has been sick for a few years, and he still needs more time to recover, old friend. Until then, I wouldn’t want him to do anything that could set him back again. Reading is fine, as long as he doesn’t strain himself too much.”, explained Yoshio.


“Understandable, but he has inherited your stubbornness and your wife’s shyness. Hopefully Kyoya, and maybe Tamaki, will help him to overcome it.”, remarked Fusaru.


“Well, depending on the result of his latest medical scan, I had considered arranging a few ‘meet and greet’ dates with some of the older families. I do not think that Seiji would be so keen on meeting girls, except his mother and sister, he isn’t one for female company.”, smirked Director Otori.


“Why am I not surprised? Let’s hope that Seiji will be feeling better soon, and maybe you can bring him to me for a short visit. He would probably even manage to charm my mother.”, laughed Suoh, before he went to his parking car.

 Both men had known that some would at least try to eavesdrop on them, so they had done everything to mislead the morons, who they would be able to get one over them. Softly smiling, as he once more studied Seiji’s picture, Yoshio waited for the perfect opportunity to apparate home. Yes, it wouldn’t be long before he could embrace his youngest son once more. Seiji would flourish and be able to finally overcome his dark past, while Kyoya had someone else to focus his attention on.


Nobody would be able to stop them now – and nobody would ever learn the truth about the tragic accident at the annual Potions conference. They won’t fail, and nobody except them would be any wiser.