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Niall was currently trying to give himself a pep talk in front of the bathroom mirror.  He finally got the nerve, to talk to his alpha. It's been a rough two months between them. There third partner got kidnapped on his way home from work. There had been no signs or clues to the investigation.

The worst part though was Niall left more alone then ever. Zayn his one Alpha was withdrawing more and more. He worked and took all the shifts that he could. Leaving  him to be alone and scared without any comfort.

Finally though Niall needed to bring up his worries. He was just scared of how Zayn was going to react. Every sense the kidnapping, he couldn't talk to Zayn without getting yelled at or ignored. But enough was enough he's waited this long. It wasn't that he didn't care, it hurt him deeply. He woke every morning with Liam's name on his lips, with him being the last thing he thinks of at night.

He needed both alphas.

Niall sighed, looked at himself in the mirror, and finally got the courage to go and confront Zayn.

He walked down the stairs slowly, still slightly scared from what was about to come. It was early morning on Sunday, but he knew Zyan was still going into the office.

By the end of the stairs, it led into the kitchen and dinning area. It was the kitchen that he finally caught sight. Zayn was washing his dish, looked like he already ate breakfast without him.

He knew if he didn’t speak now, he would lose his courage to.

“ Um, Zayn, can we talk?” Niall muttered softly.

All alphas have incredible hearing, being able to hear even the softest of whispers for a mile. It hurt that much more to him when his questioned was ignored.

Zayn continued to stand there and wash his plate.

Niall used to this silence, decided to wait him out at the kitchen table. He sat quietly knowing, if he caused another sound before Zayn was ready he would snap. Niall didn’t want to get yelled at for a fourth time this week.

Zayn finally finished with his single plate, seven minutes after Niall came into the kitchen. It took another 2 too dry, and 4 more to put away.

Niall realizing he now had his husband and alphas glare directed at him. He decided to barrel through.

“ hi, how are you?”
He first asked to get the bell rolling. Maybe make the conversation last.

But lately zyan was a no tolerance to speak to Niall more then he had to. So he should not of taken it personally when he answered back

“ what do you want, I don’t have time for this.” Zayn shot back.

Niall used to this aggression and his questions being left unanswered just continued on.

“Well I’m not doing so good. I miss Liam a lot. I need him to feel whole. I’m in a constant state of worry. But I feel I’ve also lost you. Your always working, when I do see you ignore me. I feel as if that day I didn’t lose one husband and my alpha but that I lost both.” Niall finished with a hushed softer tone.

Zyan did not appreciate being attacked by his omega and sub like this.

“ I work to keep this roof over your head and bitch and complain that I have no time for you. How ungrateful are you. My husband, the rock that kept me steady, my best friend. Was kidnapped! You think I have time for you. I don’t, I need to find him. We told you at the start you’d always be an outsider we love each other to much. But you choose us, don’t cry to me when you regret that choice.” Zyan spoke almost yelling towards the end.

Niall just nodded, keeping his head down so he had time to wipe away the tears.
“ You guys said you loved each other, but I completed both of you. While you loved each other, you needed me to keep you guys together.” Niall said.

Zayn looked at him, shrugged and said “ we lied.”

Niall stopped breathing at that, it felt like he just got kicked in the heart. He felt rejected.

Niall knew he should give up at this point, and head up to his room for the day. But he couldn’t he needed to ask one more question and no matter the answer he needed to know.

“ one more thing, I know we were going to try age play with un Liam. You guys thought it would help, I wasn’t sure, I looked it up at liked the idea. Plus the fact we haven’t played together or done a scene as submissive/Dominant could really help us both.”
Niall asked a note of hopefulness.

Zyan sighed as he spoke “ no, as you just said Liam was with us when we asked about stupid age play. Look around idiot he’s not here. Why would I want to play with you being a baby. Gross. You already seem unable to care for yourself. I’m not doing this just to please you. I’m not going to be your babysitter Your a grown adult start acting like one.”

It seemed that was end of the conversation, zyan left Niall sitting at the kitchen table crying his heart out. He left with no words of comfort, love, nor kindness. Exactly what Niall was getting used to.

He laid his head on the table, when his head started to grow heavy, and promptly fell asleep.

Niall woke several hours later, with the imprint of the wood on his face and a pounding headache. He looked around, wondering what woke him only to discover someone was knocking on the door.

He walked over, grabbing his taser first, before slowly opening the door.

There in front of him stood two huge sized Alphas.
The first one had brown hair, a big forehead but a kind and welcoming smile. He was bulky but not really fat. Just muscles.

The other one was slightly less tall. He also had brown hair, but not as big a forehead as the other.

Niall just looked at them both, not quite sure why they were here in the first place. No one spoke until the taller of the two addressed Niall
“ Hi, we’re the babysitters.”