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Her Maid, Betting

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It was Halloween at the Phantomhive manor and Celine tapped her desk in irritation. Sabrina looked over to her mistress and approached her gently, “You seem pre-occupied, young mistress. Whatever is the matter?” she asked and Celine stood up suddenly. “It’s Halloween, Sabrina, that’s what the matter is! I want my sweet fix!” she shouted, slamming a hand on her desk. “Well, young mistress, the custom is to dress up and ring doorbells to receive sweets on Halloween, isn’t it?” Sabrina asked as her mistress sighed, “Yes it is…but I hate having to see other people…” Celine gasped as she was struck by a fantastic idea ‘Perhaps I could do this…and make it have an interesting twist…’ she thought and smiled cockily. “Sabrina!” she called and her maid simply responded, “Yes, my lady?” Celine walked in front of her maid and started, “I have a proposal for you. Perhaps I could go out trick-or-treating. You were probably planning on doing so regardless, weren’t you?” Sabrina looked confused and said, “I actually wasn’t, but continue.” and Celine’s smile grew, “I bet that I could get more sweets than you from the people I visited.” Sabrina folded her arms and scoffed, “You think so, mistress?” casually. “I do. So what about we both go trick-or-treating and whoever gets the most sweets gets to make the loser fulfil one wish of theirs.” Sabrina giggled at her young mistress and gained a certain glint in her eyes, “Let’s see how well this goes for you, young mistress.” she said darkly and they shook hands determinedly before each going off to change.

“Miss Sabrina, what’s with that look on your face?” Mei-Lin asked as Sabrina walked past him. “Young mistress has made a bet with me. A bet that I doubt I’ll lose.” She giggled to herself and Mei-Lin questioned, “Could you tell me what you’re doing for this bet?” Sabrina explained, “Young mistress has requested that she and I go trick-or-treating. She told me that whoever gets the most sweets makes the loser fulfil one wish of theirs.” Fifi poked her head around the corner and asked, “You’re going trick-or-treating?” and Sabrina nodded. “Hey, you two. Maybe we could go trick-or-treating too.” Barb proposed. “I don’t see why not.” Mei-Lin said and Fifi chirped “That’s a great idea!” Sabrina smiled as they chattered excitedly to one-another as she went to her room to change.