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Kai sat at the back office of the small speakeasy, going over the books, calculating the amount of money they’d made the past couple of days, how many bottles they’d gone through of the latest batch of moonshine.

He barely registered the soft knock on the door. His attention went to the door; waiting for another knock to confirm he wasn’t hearing things. Once the person knocked again, he called out, “come in.”

The door cracked open, as he watched a figure in a trench coat slide in shutting the door quietly before turning to meet Kai’s gaze.

“Izuku,” he leans back in his chair, elbows perched on the armrests as his hands meet in a steeple in front of him with a smirk on his face, “to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?”

There’s a faint blush riding high on Izuku’s cheeks, as he steps further into the office. He walks slowly, deliberately towards Kai. Removing shoes as he unties the belt of his trench coat tied snuggly around his waist, slowly opening to reveal what’s hiding underneath. He let’s the trenchcoat slip off to expose bare shoulders. He slides the rest of the coat off seductively before flinging it onto the leather chaise couch.

Kai’s eyes glint with interest as he takes in Izuku’s state of undress. Izuku’s slender body soft and curvy in the right places. His pale skin contrasted by the black lace that adorns his body. Sheer thigh high stockings bite into plush thighs held up by a lace garter belt wrapped around a  small waist. His eyes trail up to a sheer black bralette spanning a flat chest but hide pretty pink nipples.

Izuku crosses his right arm across his torso as he braces his left arm, feeling bashful over the attire he’d chosen for the night. His gaze never leaves the floor.

Kai gets up out from behind his desk striding up to the shy man in front of him. Slender fingers reach under Izuku’s chin and lifts his face to look into green eyes.  

“You look really good tonight bunny,” his words low and dangerous.

“I-I wanted to surprise you,” Izuku says still unable to look Kai in the eyes, “you’ve been working hard and I-I haven’t been able to see you much.”

Kai closes the distance between them, wrapping a hand around Izuku’s waist, his thumb rubbing circles into his skin.

“It’s a very nice surprise,” Kai replies as his lips ghost against Izuku’s, “I love it, thank you.”

At that, Izuku’s eyes roam up stopping at Kai’s lips before looking up into Kai’s golden eyes. Kai leans in and kisses Izuku softly on the lips. Izuku wraps his arms around a strong waist. The kiss deepens as Kai feels Izuku’s small hands trailing up his back. Kai’s fingers slide across his cheek to the back of his neck, his tongue swipes Izuku’s lips asking for permission to explore even deeper. Izuku lets out a small moan as his lips part; Kai’s hand sliding from his waist to grope at his butt.

Izuku gasps and his hands move to reach around Kai’s neck; his hands entangling with short brunette hair. Kai leaning down not breaking the kiss as he uses both hands to grab behind Izuku’s thighs and lift him up. Izuku wraps his legs around Kai’s waist for support. Their make-out session turns into messy open mouth wet kisses as the lust between them burns hotter.

Kai lays Izuku across the chaise lounge; bearing his body weight down on Izuku; his hips rolling against Izuku’s petite frame. Izuku’s hands cupping at Kai’s face as he pulls away.

“Kai, baby,” he murmurs as he trails kisses along his jaw; his hands run down his chest reaching for Kai’s belt.

“Mmm?” Kai’s eyes are closed reveling in the soft kisses his lover leaves on his skin; eyes peeking at to what Izuku is searching for.

“Can, we try something?” Izuku pulls away, Kai’s eyes open and looks down at wide green eyes looking up at Kai dreamily.

“Anything for my bunny,” he says as he caresses a freckled cheek.

Izuku slides Kai’s leather belt off.

“Choke me,” green eyes glitter.

Kai’s darken, “are you sure?”

“I trust you,” his hand strokes Kai’s face; then leans up to kiss him.

As they continue to share kisses; Izuku starts to unbutton Kai’s dress shirt, untucking it, pulling it off and flinging it off to the side. Izuku’s petite fingers undo the button of Kai’s trousers; fingers push down the offending fabric, and trace the outline of Kai’s hardened cock.

“So big~  want you so bad,” he singsongs as he trails open kisses along Kai’s throat, “Daddy.”

Kai growls at the pet name. Hand reaching down for those delicate lace panties; ripping them off in one fluid motion; causing Izuku to gasp. Kai brings his fingers to Izuku’s face; fingers tracing his lips, “Suck,” he demands.

Izuku’s lips part, tongue tentatively flicking out at a finger before wrapping his lips around them and sucking on them; leaving as much saliva as he could on them before they were pulled of his mouth with a pop.

With one hand, Kai pins Izuku’s arms above him at the top of the chaise with a bit of force as Izuku gasps. Fingers slide between Izuku’s butt cheeks, tracing circles around the puckered hole which only makes Izuku splay his legs wider.

Kai slides one finger in; feeling the ring of muscle tightening around him. Izuku’s back arches as he pushes his head further back moaning at the intrusion. Kai works his fingers; pumping Izuku till he starts to roll his hips down on to his fingers. He slides his fingers out, releasing his hold on Izuku and stands up.

Izuku takes the hint as Kai stands at the foot of the lounge chair. Izuku gets on his knees crawling forward to meet Kai. Leaning back on his knees he pulls down the rest of Kai’s pants and the constricting boxers. He leans forward, his fingers gripping the edge of the lounge as he licks the pre-come off of Kai’s dick, swirling his tongue around before wrapping his mouth around the head. He moans as he takes Kai in fully; feeling the smooth skin and the ridges of the veins across his tongue, earning him a moaned “Fuck” from Kai. He bobs up and down before he feels Kai’s hands on his head.

Izuku peers up through long black lashes, opening his mouth wider, an admission for what Kai’s silently asking. Izuku doesn’t break eye contact as Kai’s hips thrust into Izuku’s open mouth; Izuku’s eyes flutter as Kai starts to fuck his mouth roughly. He reaches down to his own dick and strokes himself in tandem.

Kai pulls him off roughly, leaving Izuku dazed and begging to be filled.

“Get comfortable,” Kai’s deep voice says. Izuku nods as he turns around. Crawling to the reclining part of the chaise. Izuku’s eyes catch the leather belt hanging precariously off the edge of the chair. He takes it and loops it around his neck till it’s snug. The loose end pulled to the side, He leans his forearms against it arching his back to present himself to Kai. He looks back with demure eyes.

Kai arches an eyebrow, “are you really sure bunny?“

Izuku hums an approval biting down on his lower lip. Kai kneels behind Izuku, hands wrapped around a small waist and pushes him lower causing one of Izuku’s legs to come off the chaise, foot planted on the ground.  

“So beautiful,” Kai says as hands grope at Izuku’s plump ass spreading them wide as he lines himself up. He pushes in; breeching Izuku’s tight hole. Izuku’s forehead hits the topmost part of the chaise with a loud moan that lasts till Kai completely fills him.

He starts at a slow tempo; pulling his hips back and slowly pushing forward. Soon Kai feels Izuku starting to push back, begging for him to go faster. Kai pulls on the edge of the belt; hauling Izuku flush against his body; causing Izuku to gasp at the sudden movement. Kai wraps his arm completely around Izuku’s stomach as he pumps harder and faster, biting down on his shoulder as he tugs the belt tighter, Izuku’s breath hitches, as his hands reach back to Kai’s narrow hips.

“My beautiful naughty bunny,” words whispered into his ear. Izuku’s eyes roll back at the praise and the overwhelming waves of pleasure that takes over as his air is stolen from his lungs. Izuku’s head falls back against Kai’s sturdy shoulder; Kai loosens his grip on the belt; air rushing back into Izuku’s lungs.

“F-fuckk,” gasps out Izuku. His hands come up to his neck to loosen the belt to purchase a little bit more air as Kai continually fucks him littering kisses along his shoulder.

“D-daddy,” he gasps out quickly between thrusts, “Want. To. hnng, Ride.”

Kai’s free hand grasps at his jaw, wrenching his face to the side into a crushing kiss, before he’s released and falls forward back onto the chaise. Kai pulls out with a grunt while Izuku groans at the loss. He goes to stand, his legs a little shaky, a little lightheaded. Kai steadies him and helps him to stand; pulling him against his chest again.

“You okay?” he whispers as loving fingers run across his jawline, and the belt around his neck..

Izuku nods and hums in response, ”Mm, yes. Please, Need more.” 

Kai releases him except for their joined hands as he lays down on the chaise. Izuku moves to straddle him. Their hands stay joined as he sinks down onto Kai’s length again with his free hand guiding him. He adjusts slightly with a slow roll of the hips; Kai exhales sharply at the movement so he does it again. He starts to bounce a little more on Kai’s lap; feeling Kai hit his prostate precisely. He feels Kai reach for the belt wrapping it around his hand and tugging on it when he’s close to his neck.

Izuku starts to lose himself in pleasure; riding Kai’s dick harder, slamming his hips down causing the other man to thrust up. Izuku’s throws his head back, but Kai pulls on the belt harder. It’s enough to constrict but enough to let him moan out in small huffs. The coil of an orgasm building tightly in his belly. Izuku’s heavy lidded eyes peer down on Kai’s form beneath him; muscles rippling with each thrust up. Kai’s other hand starts to pump Izuku’s dick and Izuku feels completely overloaded with stimulation. He leans forward, bracing his hands across Kai’s chest, readjusting his legs to hook onto Kai’s inner thighs, his back arching more as Kai drives in harder. The belt pulls tighter and Izuku’s hips still at the complete loss of air. All he feels is Kai driving deep inside him and white noise fill his ears. The moment Kai releases the belt and the air fills his lungs again, Izuku’s hips slam down as hard as he can as he throws his head back with a loud moan as his body goes completely rigid as he comes all over Kai’s stomach. Kai follows shortly after his hips pulling down on Izuku’s hips with a crushing grip that leaves bruises on him. Izuku feels hot seed spilling into his ass as he slumps forward onto Kai’s chest.

Izuku’s too tired to move, his legs still shaking from the intense orgasm. Kai runs his fingers along Izuku’s spine till their breathing has evened out, peppering kisses on Izuku’s cheeks. He loosens the belt around Izuku’s neck and pulls it off gently tossing it to the side. He runs his fingers along Izuku’s throat; kissing whatever exposes parts he can get and Izuku hums happily at the attention.

Before Izuku can fall asleep completely on top of his lover; Kai taps him and tells him he needs to clean him up. Izuku’s legs are still wobbly, and Kai helps him to at least move enough for him to get up. Kai runs a towel under the small faucet in the room and wipes both he and Izuku down. Izuku pulls himself up into a sitting position that allows Kai to recline next to him. Izuku cuddles up to him and sighs.

“Well, that’s something new,” remarks Kai.

“Hmm,” Izuku signs in contentment.

“What other tricks does my bunny have up his sleeve?” He says into green curls.

“You’ll just have to wait and see for the next surprise,” He looks up and pecks a kiss on Kai’s lips with a smile.