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Eight-Pointed Star

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This song, (which is not The Song of Glorious Battle) was (and is) sung as a traveling-song by various of the companies of Noldorin Elves following Feanor and his sons. The fewer their numbers, the more verses they sang. This is in part because it is one of those songs that after a point essentially sing themselves, with the singers making new verses as they go. It likely was not a piece composed by Maglor, though he is very likely to have added the odd verse. Verses and mentions show up in various of Elrond's histories, but even Bilbo didn't manage to assemble an entire set of the verses and fragments in the record.

What follows is only a selection of some of the most common verses. The first and the last are customarily sung to start and finish the song.

We follow the eight-pointed star
The Fire's Spirit bright
Midst storm and shadow, faring far
Through deep and bitter night
To face the foe in might

It is all for our own High King
His star we follow yet
Our banners fly, our voices ring
Though moon and sun may set
O ne'er shall we forget

It was all for our Noldor king
His sons well lead us on
Though every peril towering
Defeating Gorthaur's spawn
From nightfall through till dawn

Not only for the Silmarils
We left the blessed land
But 'gainst the Foe and all his ills
We sought Beleriand
We sought Beleriand

It is all for our rightful Lords
Beneath this star we stand
With banners bright and shining swords
We ride o'er vale and strand
We serve at their command

Though doom and darkness fear instill
Our hearts we will hold high
The foe we'll meet with steel and skill
Our arrows swift will fly
Our song shall fill the sky

Long leagues and years we build and ride
Beneath these stars we fare
Together fighting side by side
In hope and peril share
There's nothing we'll not dare

In miruvor we'll hope distill
And wine make from the lees
We'll drink and dance and never spill
But song upon the breeze
We'll rest beneath the trees

From Tirion in Valinor
We gather 'neath that star
Fare forth we will to far Ennore
Nevrast and Vinyamar
To rescue Brithombar

To kin and comrade we hold fast
On horse and hound depend
For vict'ry it will come at last
Though life and blood we spend
And Arda Marred we'll mend

Our princes bright as beacons shine
Against the shadow grim
Fell and fair they hold the line
Their light shall never dim
Their light shall never dim

For Feanor we'll onward go,
O'er sea and plain and hill
United 'gainst the fearsome foe
That star we follow still
And so we ever will

Star of Feanor