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Its My Choice, Not Yours!

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I remember how everything started. It wasn’t what everyone thought. I knew so much more. I knew because I knew him. Gaster. It all started with my family we were all a normal family it was nice. I loved them dearly. They loved me too. It didn’t matter anyway they all took us. Who you ask? I don’t remember.

At first they didn’t do anything to us. We were they for weeks, then it turned into months. There were others of course. None of them knew what they wanted with them, and to be honest I didn’t either. Some people were disappearing. Some came back and others didn’t. They were scared….we were scared.

One day they took both my parents, I didn’t want them to leave. I cried out, ‘Don’t take them away’ or ‘Please stop it’ something like that. They told me everything was going to be fine so I believed them....yet they lied to me. Somehow those people did something wrong. They were at a different room and a big explosion happened. Everything blew up. It was so strong that it ended up coming to our direction. I ended up blacked out somehow, but once i woke up...I saw the damage that happened.

They were parents were dead and they were scattered everywhere. I looked around and realize that they weren’t the only ones that were dead. Others were dead….but….I was the only one alive. I was hurt as well. Extremely hurt, but I didn’t get it. Why was I still alive? Why me? I then realized that the building was blown up in the process. I didn’t care at the time. I lost the people who I loved by them. I just sat there in tears. I stayed there for days without food or water. Not that I cared.

Then I woke up again. I was somewhere different...wait why am I in a bed? I looked around again confused on what was going on. Then I realized I had an needle in me. Things doctors used to get people better. I started to calm down thinking I was at a hospital. Heh boy was I wrong. I sat up, looking around the room in awe. It was so pretty and neat. The walls were blue and there were book shelves.

I was smiling when I looked around. It made me feel happy to know I was in a nice place. Better than before at least. My smile disappeared once I started to hear footsteps. I pull up the blankets up to my face scared of what might walk through that door. I always hated to meet new people.

He walked through the door and I was not prepared from what I just saw. A skeleton. A SKELETON! He looked at me like he new knew how I was going to react and quickly walked towards me putting his hand over my face. I ended up tensed. Unable to move as I looked at him with fear in my eyes. He put his finger up to his mouth gesturing me to be quiet. I nodded slowly as he pulled his hand away from my face. I backed up towards the walk behind me thinking he was going to hurt me.

He sighs as he smiled he starts to make gestures. I then realize he was doing sign language. 'Hello their. How are you feeling?' He said. I stared at him with such a confused look. Why was he being nice? Wasn’t he trying to kill me? I play along still cautious about him. I started to sign as well. 'I’m doing fine, but...who are you?'

He smiles as he starts to talk, “So I was right you do know sign language.” I gasped freaked out even more. HE CAN TALK? I thought. His face changed as he started to laugh. I gulped even more wondering why he was laughing. My mouth started to feel dry. Did I do something wrong? Was he going to hurt me? I think he noticed how panicked I was and interrupted my thoughts.

“My Dear do not be afraid. I am not here to hurt you. I’m just merely helping you that’s all.” My body and my mind were starting to calm down. Those words made me feel really calm. I still couldn’t trust him. ‘Why? I thought monsters hurt people?’ He stared at me surprised and started to laugh again. His voice was nice. It was calm and smooth, deep as well, I liked it.

“Is that what people say about us?” he asked. I nodded slowly as he sighs. “Trust me those are lies. Not every monster kill people okay?” Oh wow thanks not every monster kills anyone, that makes me feel so much better. I wanted to run away but I sat there not knowing what to say until my stomach growled. I whined embarrassed as I cover my face up with my face.

I heard a few chuckles escape his mouth. “Are you hungry my dear? Here follow me.” I uncovered my face as I look at him, his arm was out offering his hand. I hesitated for a moment but agreed anyway. I grabbed his hand as he pulled the needle things off my arm and carefully took me out of bed. I was still wobbly I guess. My legs were shaking. He hums as he did something with his hand...wait...was I...FLOATING?

I thought I would have ended up screaming but I didn’t care what was going on so i just let him do whatever. We ended up in a kitchen. It was sort of messy. Plates on the counter. Beer on the ground. Books on the table. He pulls a chair out as he places me their. “Are hot dogs fine?” I nod my head actually pretty excited for hot dogs. At the other place they would give us bread. I was dying for something new.

He nods as he pull the hot dogs and buns out. He gets to work on the food while I study the table. Their was papers on the table. I looked at it hoping to find some information on it, but it seemed to be written in some different type of language. I pout disappointed. Suddenly there was a plate of hot dogs in front of my face. My mouth starts to water as I grab the food eagerly taking the bites and tasting every bite of it. He sat next me as he smiles placing his hands on the table placing his head on his hand leaning towards it.

“Slow down my dear. We wouldn’t want you to get a tummy ache would we?” I nod as i continue. Once i was finished it was silent again. I looked down towards the table while my hands were twiddling in my lap. I got enough courage to ask him some questions. ‘What’s your name?’ He smiled sweetly as he responded. “My name is Gaster. W. D Gaster dear.” Gaster huh ‘Where am I?’

“Your In the underground my dear where else would you be?” Underground? What is he talking about? Then it hit me. While I was going back to sleep this….thing appeared it was asking me to take its hand. They wanted to take me somewhere. I thought it was an angel or something, now that I think about It was not a person. More like some sort of blob. I guess this is where I ended. I sigh as I started to feel more comfortable.

After I asked him a few more questions I found out he was a scientist. He said he found me wounded outside his office on the ground not knowing where I came from. He said he was about to turn me into the king but decided not to. I stared at him as I sigh in relief. I can tell he’s telling me the truth. ‘Can you take me back home?’ He looked at me confused.

“Dear believe me I would, but after the war with the humans were stuck underground. Were trying to find some sort of way to escape from this place.” I wasn’t shock actually. Human up above aren’t really nice. Not at least from where I came from. Our area was bad. Humans were yelling throwing stuff around. Yelling at each other and then in the end the police came. Their was always a problem around our area. My eyes started to feel heavy as a couple of hours passed by.

He pulled me up with magic I suppose, and put me in the same bed I woke up from did. He tucked me in as he left. I felt...happy actually. He was super nice and he made a lot of jokes when we talked. It kinda reminds me of my dad. He loved making jokes. Well my mind started to wander as i started to fall asleep. At the time I never realized meeting him would change my life to this point. To the point where I had to protect people I loved. To save people, but it did.