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I'll Come Back To You

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Evelyn screamed out in pain as a guard pushed her into her cell with brutal force. Her knees scraped against the stone floor and she coughed up blood from the sharp impact.

The cold ground underneath didn’t avail the pain that spread throughout her body. She crawled to the corner of the room and hugged her knees to her chest.

Tears welled up in her eyes from the pain, but there was also a feeling of surrender. The sound of shrieking prisoners and the creaking of cell doors opening and closing could be heard through the thin walls of the prison.

Six months. It had been six months in this hellhole and she was still not used to the harsh conditions.

Evelyn hadn’t eaten in a week and was starving, her body was in shock from the freezing temperature and the infection around her stomach hadn’t been treated. Interrogations weren’t supposed to include physical endurance or so she had previously thought.

She started to imagine a world without pain and darkness but hope was a dangerous thing. Especially, in her life. But, she only had to stay here for another day so the future didn’t seem that bleak.

She slowly rose off the cold ground and walked to sit on the bed. She looked around the room and tried to take in everything; the subdued bricks holding up the already shattered structure, the dusty grey steel beams and the bars in which she used to constantly look through to see which inmates were in a quarrel.


Her eyes slowly drifted and her body tried to relax as she laid down on the rough mattress. Within a few minutes, she became restless and sat back up, frustrated at her inability to being able to go to sleep.

She heard someone walking toward her cell and instantly knew who it was. Carefully, without straining her body even further, she stood up and walked to the front of the cell.

“Hey Eve, how are you doing? You look like shit.”

She rolled her eyes. “Thanks, Hayden. It’s not like I was used as a punching bag a few hours ago or the fact that I’ve been here longer than anyone.”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s been tough but just hang in there for a while. Just a couple more hours and then you’ll be out. I promise. Everything is going as planned and tomorrow, you’ll be free. Okay?”

“I know, I’m just ready to leave this place as soon as I can.”

“Me too. Where are you planning on going when this is all over.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Skylar and I were planning on jumping through to an alternate dimension and hanging out with fictional characters from a tv show I watch,” she tried to say as casually as possible.

Hayden laughed softly. “I’m glad to hear your imagination hasn’t disappeared in this abysmal and lousy excuse of a holding center.”

“Well I’m a force to be reckoned with and my individuality won’t be broken by a bunch of Neanderthals who are too ignorant to see that their definition of ‘helping’ is just an attempt of putting away innocent people who break the rules for the right reasons,” Evelyn said with a smirk. “What about you?”

Used to her smartass remarks, Hayden replied, “I’m not sure exactly either, I can’t go back to my family because that’ll put them at even more risk but I’m also not sure where else I can go. Outside the dome is certainly off limits, that’s for sure.”

“Well it’s not up to me, but I think you should go somewhere. If you don’t, you’ll be on the run for your life and be burdened with handling the consequences when they find out you broke the rules. And they will. Or you can take off and start a new life.”

“Yeah, that’s what Skylar said. You guys really do think alike. Anyway, I should be going before they catch me fraternizing with an inmate.”

“Aww, stop getting ahead of yourself Hayden. You’re not my type anyway. However, if under the right circumstances, we could have been really good friends.”

“Wow, who could’ve known Evelyn could be sweet and considerate.”

“Shut up Hayden. You know I could very much kick your ass without you getting one hit in. Now leave, I can’t have you getting in trouble before I’m free.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Ok, get some rest, it’s gonna be a big day tomorrow. See you soon.”

“Bye,” Evelyn whispered.

Her back hit the wall and her knees buckled underneath her until she was on the floor. Hayden was right, she needed strength for tomorrow but sleeping on that pathetic excuse for a bed wasn’t the answer. Her eyes sank as she entered a deep sleep.


The next thing she heard was inmates yelling and alarms blaring across the prison. She groggily woke up and looked around, finding a note written across from her on the wall.

‘Look under the bed.’

All the cells were opened and guards were miserably failing to get everybody back into their designated cages. So much for getting a head start.

Her legs were sore from sleeping on the floor but she had more important things to worry about. She lifted up the bed and pushed it to the side, turning it over. She hastily opened up a compartment and looked inside.

“Hayden, you're a lifesaver,” she mused. There was a small bookbag with a change of clothes, a water bottle, a knife, a handgun and some shoes inside. She quickly changed and ran out.

The hallway was crowded with people running around mindlessly trying to find their way out. Luckily, Skylar had informed her of pathways she could use to get out of the prison. She pushed her way through until she was finally outside.

Her eyes were blinded by the bright rays of the sunlight and the sight of clouds hovering above her. This was her first time outside in a long time and as much as she wanted to take it all in, she had to find Hayden and Skylar.

Her eyes roamed around quickly, trying to catch sight of Hayden when someone tapped her on the back. The time it took her to turn around and throw a punch gave them a chance to dodge and retreat.

“Evelyn, what the hell? It’s me.”

“Oops, sorry Hayden, I didn’t see you there. By the way, thanks for the clothes. Flannel, jeans, and combat boots. A man after my own heart,” she joked carelessly.

“Oh that, it wasn’t a problem and it seemed like the kind of thing you would wear,” he said with a blush, hoping she wouldn’t notice. “We have to get out of here soon. The whole place is going up in flames soon. Skylar said we have to get as far away from here as possible.”

“Where is she?”

“She said she’ll be out here soon. She’s just taking care of a few things.”

“What! No way; we’re waiting here until she comes out. There’s no way in hell I’m leaving here without my best friend.”

“Evelyn, do you have a death wish?” The prison is gonna explode and I don’t think you wanna be collateral damage.”

“Hayden! There’s no argument. We’re staying,” she said as she gritted her teeth.
“Oh my god, for goodness sake- ”

“There she is,” Evelyn blurted out. As soon as she saw her friend, she ran over instantly and hugged her as intensely as she could. Her arms squeezed around Skylar tightly and she felt like she was finally home.

“You don't understand how much I missed you. Every day, I thought about this moment and it’s finally here. You’re here.” Her body melted as Skylar wrapped her arms around her and she felt as if time had stopped and she was in salvation from the bitter cruelty of reality.

“I missed you too,” Skylar replied. She realized the time was running out and hesitantly stepped back, unaware of the water building up in her eyes.

“Eve, don't cry,” Skylar responded sincerely and wiped her tears with the pad of her thumb. “I’m alright and so are you. We have to get out of here soon and then we can resume catching up, alright?”

Evelyn inhaled a sharp breath of air, in an attempt to calm her nerves. Skylar was right, they had been planning this attempt at an escape for forever and everything was going smoothly. She couldn't mess it all up because she was too emotional to see one the only people that mattered in her life.
“You’re right.”

They met up with Hayden and started making their way away from the prison. Out of nowhere, a bomb exploded a couple of feet ahead of them. Evelyn flew back and hit her head against a rock. All her senses stopped simultaneously and she couldn't hear or see anything.

She knew she had to check if Skylar and Hayden were alright, but her body couldn’t move. She felt as if her body was paralyzed from the neck down. But, her friends needed her so she gathered all her energy and her muscles unwillingly worked to help her stand up.

She had a massive headache and a high pitched sound from the impact of the bomb rang in her ears. She could feel the blood across the back of her head but other than that, she didn’t seem to have any fatal injuries. Through blurry vision, she looked around and saw Hayden and Skylar passed out with several other inmates and guards.

A realization came to her mind; this was a contingency plan. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but maybe the government needed a fail-safe to stop prisoners from escaping if there was ever a riot. How much were they hiding?

She quickly made her way over to her friends and made it in time to see Hayden waking up. “Ughh,” he complained as he sat himself up. “I thought we were out of range.”

“Hayden, listen to me. We were safe, but a bomb went off and they’re probably going to send more guards after us. You have to help me get Skylar up.”

She looked over to her friend who seemed to be in even worse shape than herself. “Hey Sky, you're alright. You have to wake up. We had a plan, remember? You can’t back out now. We were gonna go through the portal like we always talked about and start a new life.”

There was no response. Hayden was utterly confused at Evelyn’s choice of words. He put his index finger on the side of her neck in order to find a pulse. “Eve, she’s alive but her heartbeat is very weak and I don’t think she can survive if we don’t get out of here quick.”

“Yeah, I know. Time for plan B.” Skylar wasn’t getting off the hook so easily, not if Evelyn had anything to say about it. She reached into her bag, pulled out a water bottle, twisted the cap open and splashed it all over Skylar’s face.

She immediately got up in a coughing fit. “Eve, what the hell was that!” she shouted hoarsely as she coughed some more. “You weren’t getting up,” she replied with a soft but relieved smile. “Now come on, we have to leave.”

“Eve, I can’t.”

“What the hell do you mean Sky? Get up and let's go. We don’t have time, the guards are coming soon and we need to get out of here before they see us. If they lay eyes on us, you know we’re dead right. They’ll be able to identify us and we can’t get ourselves out of that kind of situation.”

“Eve, look at my leg.”

She switched her glance and saw what Sky was talking about. Her leg was covered with blood and it didn’t look good. The wound was deep and it looked like there were shards of metal in it.

“Evelyn, I can’t walk. You know how badly I want to get out of here but it’s not physically possible. I know you’re gonna disagree with me but I don't feel like arguing so just listen to me.”

“Hayden will help get me outside the dome. And before you contradict me, I’ve been in contact with the resistance. It’s safe, breathable, but they don’t know who or what is out there.”

“This distraction was crucial in their plans to leave and make a run for it. Now, their attempt at handling this situation is violent and in no way logical, but it could work. If I help hack into the system and clear the files, maybe we have a slight chance.”



“Okay? Wow, I was expecting a more stubborn response.”

“No, I mean fine. Now it’s my turn to talk. I don’t agree with this at all, but you’re right. We need to do something before all of us die. There’s a lot of things we don’t know and that could be dangerous, but if you’re sure, working with the resistance could be beneficial.”

“You and Hayden get out of here safely because the guards are gonna be here anytime soon and they’ll catch you before you have a chance to escape. I’ll stay and fight. If I can, I’ll join you guys on the other side. If not-”

“No, you don’t get to sacrifice yourself. If it gets too rough, you use the stone.” Skylar cautiously pulled out a lavender emerald from the back pocket of her pants and steadily placed it into the palm of Evelyn’s hands.

“Go live your life and tell them hi for me, okay? I know there's no way I can convince your stubborn self not to fight but at least go live our dream. Maybe one day you can tell me about it.”

Hayden looked at both of them in total confusion. “What the hell are you talking about! Did you just forget I was here? First of all, I knew the government was shady and all, but working with the Resistance. You must be nine kinds of crazy to work with those terrorists.”

“Second, I sure as hell ain’t walking outside the dome. I’m running away for sure, but dying isn’t on my list at the moment.” Before he could continue his rant. Eve stopped him by placing both hands over his.

“Hayden, I know you’re confused and you have every right to be. We should have told you about this before, but there isn’t any time now. You became friends with us for a reason. When you saw them experimenting on innocent people, you knew it was wrong.”

“Do you trust me?” He had doubt in his eyes as he considered what Evelyn was saying. With uncertainty, he replied, “Yeah, I guess so.”


“Guys, they’re coming,” Hayden spoke abruptly.

“Ok let’s hurry then.”

Hayden bent down and picked Skylar up into his arms.

“Hayden, thank you for everything. I mean it.” Evelyn kissed him softly on the cheek.
With a surprised look on his face, he smiled smugly, “I thought I wasn’t your type.”

It was Evelyn’s turn to blush. “Shut up.” She turned to Skylar who was about ready to cry. She took her hands into her own. “No matter what happens, I love you okay? You are the best friend I’ve ever had and I will always find my way back to you.”

“You always do.”

“Guys we need to go before it’s too late.”

“Hayden, take care of Skylar. You can trust her just as much as you trust me.”

“Bye bitch,” Sky said.
“Jerk,” Evelyn responded.

She made sure they made it out of the dome safely and then turned around. Most of the inmates were gone, others were lying helplessly on the ground. All that was left was Evelyn and the guards. She counted twenty at the most. This was gonna be fun.

“Bring it on… you evil sons of bitches.” She pulled the knife out of that back of her pocket and did her best to fight them all. Still, she was dehydrated and not in the best shape to fight several highly experienced guards despite her past training.

She wasn’t going to survive this fight, not unless-. No, she couldn’t think about going through the portal without Skylar. But, she needed to make it out alive.

“Screw it,” she said. She walked a few steps back, got the stone ready in her hand and faced the guards. “Hey, assbutts. Catch me if you can.” She threw the stone as far as she could and jumped through, as she thought of the destination in her head.

It felt weird going through the portal, almost as if she was time traveling. Immediately, she landed on a road in the middle of nowhere when her glance wandered to a sign that said Lawrence, Kansas. “Huh, that’s where-” She was caught off- guard by the bright headlights of a car driving towards her. It was night and pitch black in the dark but it looked like a 67 Chevy Impala. “No. Frickin. Way.” She didn’t actually expect it to work. She was in Supernatural.