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You Can't Stop the Memes

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[Saturday 2:39pm]



Tenya Iida added Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Momo Yaoyorozu, and 16 others to Class 1a Group Chat


Tenya Iida made Momo Yaoyorozu an administrator of this group


Tenya Iida: Hello, everyone! In light of the recent incident at the USJ, our teachers have assigned each class representative to create group chats for their respective class in order to promote easy communication between our fellow students. Please use this group for professional purposes only; we are aspiring heroes, and inappropriate messages will not be tolerated. Thank you.


Ochako Uraraka: Iida you’re so serious even over text jfldksghdlksjflsdkjglsd


Momo Yaoyorozu: This is a great idea, Iida! Thank you for putting this chat together.


Katsuki Bakugou: fuck this, idgaf about any of you extras


Denki Kaminari: Sero


Denki Kaminari: our time has come


Denki Kaminari: u know what we have to do


Tenya Iida: Thank you, Yaoyorozu! This was not my idea, however; it was an order from administration.


Hanta Sero: I know exactly what we have to do, Kami


Katsuki Bakugou: wait why the fuck can’t I leave


Tenya Iida: Whatever it is you are planning to do, Kaminari and Sero, I suggest that you don’t go through with it!


Tenya Iida: And Bakugou, please refrain from using crude language. It is unbefitting of a future pro hero!


Katsuki Bakugou: fuck off 4 eyes


Tenya Iida: As the administrators of this group, Yaoyorozu and I are the only ones who can add or remove anyone.


Mina Ashido: can only the admin change nicknames tho


Tenya Iida: I do not believe that the settings on this application allow me to moderate who can or cannot change nicknames. Why?


Mina Ashido: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ochako Uraraka: Honey you’ve got a big storm comin’


Tenya Iida: ?


Mina Ashido: I’ll give u a hint Iida


Mina Ashido: I’m hanging out with Kami and Sero rn


Mina Ashido: and they are


Mina Ashido: Conspiring


Tenya Iida: Should I be concerned?


Mina Ashido: nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Denki Kaminari changed their nickname to Detective Pikachu


Detective Pikachu changed Hanta Sero’s nickname to Captain Office Supplies


Detective Pikachu changed Katsuki Bakugou’s nickname to Blasty McSplode


Detective Pikachu changed Eijirou Kirishima’s nickname to Red Robin (yum)


Detective Pikachu changed Mina Ashido’s nickname to Pinky Pie


Detective Pikachu changed Ochako Uraraka’s nickname to Defying Gravity


Detective Pikachu changed Tenya Iida’s nickname to Sanic


Detective Pikachu changed Izuku Midoriya’s nickname to All Might’s irl son


Detective Pikachu changed Tsuyu Asui’s nickname to Rare Pepe


Detective Pikachu changed Shoto Todoroki’s nickname to Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic


Detective Pikachu changed Momo Yaoyorozu’s nickname to Team Mom


Detective Pikachu changed Kyouka Jirou’s nickname to Serial Eavesdropper


Detective Pikachu changed Tooru Hagakure’s nickname to Your Dad


Detective Pikachu changed Mashirao Ojiro’s nickname to t h i c c


Detective Pikachu changed Mezo Shoji’s nickname to Octopimp


Detective Pikachu changed Fumikage Tokoyami’s nickname to Revelry in the dark


Detective Pikachu changed Yuga Aoyama’s nickname to oui oui hon hon baguette


Detective Pikachu changed Koji Koda’s nickname to Precious wholesome child


Detective Pikachu changed Rikidou Sato’s nickname to Super Diabetes


Detective Pikachu changed Minoru Mineta’s nickname to the class disgrace


Detective Pikachu: any questions?


Pinky Pie: yea uhhhhhh why didnt u let me pick my nickname :(


Detective Pikachu: u can change it if u want beetch


Pinky Pie changed their nickname to Alien Queen!!


Alien Queen!!: this is gna be my hero name!!


Detective Pikachu: understandable have a nice day


Captain Office Supplies: I’m proud of us tbh


Sanic: I was going to reprimand you both for changing everyone’s nicknames, but I am impressed with how quickly you did so! I wish you would put this same speed and creativity into your strategies during hero training, Kaminari.


Detective Pikachu: why just me :(


Captain Office Supplies: lol get called out


Captain Office Supplies: this was a record for us tho I’m pretty sure


Defying Gravity: y o t e




Defying Gravity: ahahahahahhahahaha Deku we all know All Might’s your dad


All Might’s irl son: URARAKA P L E A S E


Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic: w h o  s u m m o n e d  m e


Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic: wait why is this my nickname


Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic: I mean I know why but Why


Detective Pikachu: do u want something ;) more fitting ;) ;)


Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic: … based on that, probably not


Detective Pikachu changed Human Torch x Ice Man fanfic’s nickname to Tododokidoki Literature Club


Tododokidoki Literature Club: I Don’t Like This Either


Detective Pikachu: nothing I do is ever good enough for you :(


All Might’s irl son: pls change my name too you guys don’t do me like this


Tododokidoki Literature Club: you can’t deny the truth Midoriya


All Might’s irl son: it’s not the truth Todoroki !!!!!!!!!!!!


Defying Gravity: I’ll spare you from your misery Deku don’t worry


All Might’s irl son: thank you Uraraka!!


Defying Gravity changed All Might’s irl son’s nickname to Bone Hurtin’ Juice


Defying Gravity: There :)


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: THAT’S NOT BETTER X(


Team Mom: I’m sorry, Midoriya, but that is… fairly accurate.


Serial Eavesdropper: yeah that’s par for the course for you, Midoriya


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: :(((((((


Defying Gravity: hahah Jirou comes online for 2 seconds to agree with Yaomomo and says nothing else


Serial Eavesdropper: I trusted you, man


Team Mom: ?


Defying Gravity: Idk why you would say that haha!


Serial Eavesdropper: So anyway,


Red Robin (yum): hi guys! :D


Serial Eavesdropper: I’m surprised Bakugou hasn’t come back online to yell at us for his nickname


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: hi Kirishima!!


Red Robin (yum): oh that’s bcuz he figured out how to mute it lol


Red Robin (yum): hi Midoriya!!!


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: it’s for the best that Kacchan doesn’t come back online…


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: for his sake and ours……


Red Robin (yum): too late I already told him his new nickname


Bone Hurtin’ Juice: KIRISHIMA N O


Red Robin (yum): he si now tyring to destriy mf phoen nsed helpp


Detective Pikachu: a moment of silence for our bro Kirishima, about to be murdered by our resident Angry Boy over an accurate nickname that he didn’t even come up with…


Alien Queen!!: GUYS H E L P HIM




Detective Pikachu: fjdlkshgsldkjfs fine we’ll call them


Captain Office Supplies: to be fair, it is an accurate nickname


Captain Office Supplies: he should make that his hero name






Alien Queen!!: do I have to do everything in this squad myself ugh



[Saturday 6:02pm]



Super Diabetes: …so…


Super Diabetes: is…Kirishima okay…?


Red Robin (yum): yeah I’m fine!!


Alien Queen!!: we tracked his phone after he didn’t pick up and now the squad’s hanging out at an ihop


Super Diabetes: oh good


Super Diabetes: is……Bakugou still there?


Red Robin (yum): yeah why wouldn’t he be?


Super Diabetes: just checking


Octopimp: I think I legally can’t be called this


Detective Pikachu: I sense discontent with a nickname I chose for someone


Detective Pikachu: why not? :(


Octopimp: There’s already a youtube channel with this name


Detective Pikachu: yeah ik where do you think I got the idea


Octopimp: … Carry on, then


Detective Pikachu: I will, thanks!



[Saturday 7:30pm]



the class disgrace: why hello ladies ;-)


the class disgrace: why is my nickname so mean? :-(


the class disgrace: why is nobody replying to me? :’-(



[Saturday 10:54pm]



Revelry in the dark: if you use a dash in an emoticon as a nose you’re a psychopath.


Octopimp: Agreed


Serial Eavesdropper: agreed


Tododokidoki Literature Club: agreed


Defying Gravity: Agreed


Detective Pikachu: agreed



[Sunday 8:05am]



Bone Hurtin’ Juice: agreed


Team Mom: Agreed


Serial Eavesdropper: agreed


Team Mom: You already said that you agreed, Jirou?


Serial Eavesdropper: oh did I lol I forgot



[Sunday 12:21pm]



Defying Gravity: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Serial Eavesdropper: I can and will hurt you


Defying Gravity: Bold of you to assume I feel fear or shame


Serial Eavesdropper: you know what that’s fair


the class disgrace: reply to me


Serial Eavesdropper: no


the class disgrace: you just did ;-)


Serial Eavesdropper: fuck you


the class disgrace: yes please


Serial Eavesdropper: I am disgusted and appalled


Defying Gravity: @Sanic


Serial Eavesdropper: @Sanic


Sanic: Mineta, please refrain from inappropriate behavior in both the group chat and in real life as well. Further disturbance will not be tolerated, and I will be forced to report your actions to Mr. Aizawa.


the class disgrace: but she started it


Sanic: I am literally in the same group chat as you, and I can clearly see that is not the case. Stop this immediately.


the class disgrace: fine but ur missing out ;-)


Sanic muted the class disgrace from sending messages to Class 1a Group Chat


Defying Gravity: Iida you are a godsend


Sanic: His behavior is rather distasteful and difficult to witness, even if I am not the one facing the brunt of his comments. He can still read this chat, but he cannot contribute unless it is an emergency on his end. If he abuses this function, it will be an issue taken up with administration.


Serial Eavesdropper: well at least he can’t say anything in here, thanks Iida


Alien Queen!!: that was Amazing thank you Iida


Alien Queen!!: and speaking of which


Alien Queen!!: we need a better name for this group chat


Sanic: While I appreciate your gratitude, this chat is still supposed to be used for strictly class-related matters. I implore that you do not change the group name to anything silly, as you have done with our individual names.


Defying Gravity: Sorry Iida just give it up


Defying Gravity: You can’t stop the memes


Alien Queen!!: thats it Uraraka


Alien Queen!!: I was gna @ Kami and Sero but u solved it for us already


Alien Queen!! changed the group name to You Can’t Stop the Memes


Defying Gravity: Thanks I live to serve