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The Devil's Prey

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Snow crunched under the boy's boots. The cold temperature seeping into his bones as the remaining water soaked his frozen fingertips. His coat mercilessly tangled from the binge wind, white hair as natural as the snowflakes peeked from underneath the giant cloth draped over his head. He narrowed his dark red eyes, trying to make sense of the scenery unfolding in front of him.


The boy called out, his breaths shallow and could be heard echoing. Stopping in front of a line filled with small stones, his feet merely inches away to cross the boundary.

This is supposed to be the place... But nobody's here.. He thought, with his mind trying to produce a solution in this unthinkable situation. The woods surrounding him loomed over the little figure, night was harboring but he won't budge away, knowing fully that the monsters are active when no natural sunlight hit the surface.

He slightly shivered as he stared behind at the footprints he made. He'd traveled from the previous kingdom for 4 hours now in the calm blizzard which subdued just half an hour ago.

Suddenly, came a vicious growl.

He yelped and turned around. His eyes may play a trick on him but he knew this wasn't an illusion that normal humans usually confront. Crawling in front of him was a kin creature that vampires tend to make a life-bond with; Eternal Fangs. Red eyes as the power in it writhed to stare at the delicious Albino. The tail swished slowly as its paws strode forward, drool slipping from its mouth as it did so with its well-known canines poking out.

The boy retreated back on instinct, "No, no, no, no! Get away from me!" He desperately screamed. His tired feet tripped over the stone line, making half of his adrenaline-rushed body to smash onto the snow of the other kingdom.

The prey was cornered, he tried to find a way to escape but the predator had already bounced on him. They both rolled achingly on the snow across the boundary with the results of the boy to block the creature's snout from biting his head off. His hood slipped and came revealing blood gazes that were previously made by the branches hanging through the forest's walkway- tempting the predator even more by looking at it.

"Stop! Stop!" His scratchy throat burned his eyes, the throttles and the defense stance he's puling harshly made the creature gave up to bit the neck and carry instead for another easier option that could serve smoother actions to gobble the prey.

Even with the shouting, monsters know no limits. A prey handling on a silver plate is no easy feat to do, especially this kind of prey.

He bit the right leg.

A scream so murderous billowed in that part of the forest. The boy cried, "Let me go!!! Let me go!!!"

He felt the pain clotting his vision, the cold wind hitting his exposed chunk of body made the cry even louder and torturous to hear by a normal being. The creature sucked the blood and it closed its canines, eating the flesh with the amount of fat. The albino cried, his voice less shaggy as time spun slowly.

 The creature was determined. Determined to bite the delicious neck exposed from its little prey - cute little prey struggling to escape its clench. 

The boy whimpered from the snarl that hit his neck. No, no, after all I endure, I don't want to die like this!!!


A thump reached his ears, he felt a heavy weight fell onto his chest. Slowly, he opened his teary eyes and gasped at the sight of the fallen monster. It's still with no breaths leaving its pointed jaws.

The boy stared at it before rolling the body from his own. Triumphantly succeeded, he saw a bullet hole carved directly at the monster's heart, both of their bloods colouring the pale landscape.

The same scrunching noise was heard behind him. The boy turned his head immediately as to be on alert, his white bangs poking as a figure of a boy the same age as him reached his vision.

Gold-blonde bob-cut hair shining as his peaks swished with the wind. He held a black rifle and his turquoise eyes sent a glare that ruined his innocent face. Edging closer to the white-haired boy, he asked with a heavy Middle accent.

"Devil Beilschimdt sent by the Kingdom Of Light to serve Her Majesty, Queen Elizaveta Herdevary of Kindom Of Souls?"

Not asking, he's demanding.