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Déjà vu

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‘’Where’s Aru?’’

‘’He went out without eating, still playing detective.’’


‘’Jeez…what an impatient child.’’

 ~ Déjà vu~

 I keep getting vibes of déjà vu.

Those were the thoughts of one Aru Akise as he traveled through the empty streets of Sakurami City on his bike.

Since it was Spring, the cherry blossom trees were full in bloom. There were a lot of pink petals on the ground and some of them even flew past him thanks to the wind.

The pretty sight of the pink covering the area wasn’t enough to capture Aru’s attention though. A frown was on the white haired and crimson eyes teenager’s face and he looked to be deep in thought about something as he went towards a certain suspicious looking building.

He stalled his bike against the wall and went inside, keeping an eye out for anything that he could find.

Since the fourteen year old wanted to become a world famous detective in the future, he was searching for evidence for a case he was doing about a murderer who always hid his face. He even skipped lunch, something he did more and more recently.

I’ll apologize to mom and dad later, he mused.

His mother always scolded him for not eating three times a day. And then there was his father who sometimes asked him out of irritation if his hobby was more important than them.

It’s not. He thought. He loved his parents. It’s just that the case he was doing was too interresting, that’s why he went out every chance he could get. And yes, that even meant skipping meals at home.

Aru suddenly froze in his step.


The closer he came to the sight of where the Phantom Street Killer had been said to been seen for the last time, the worse the déjà vu's  seemed to become.

It’s as if I’ve been here once before…but that can’t be true.

That’s because Aru knew  for a fact that this was the very first time he’d ever been inside of this abandoned warehouse. The boy detective searched the floors, from the first one all the way to the thirteenth, but unfortunatley there wasn’t much to be found on those.

It was different In the elevator though, since he had actually managed to find two different kind of hairs. He had collected a long lock of pink and some shorter locks of dark brown.

He’d find out later who those belonged to. At most there must’ve been two different people aside from the Phantom Street Killer here not so long ago.

A simple DNA test would do the trick, as long as he asked Nishijima for permission, ofcourse.

Now moving on, the albino turned and walked took the stairs this time to next floor.

When Aru got to the fourteenth one, he stood frozen in place for a moment. Suddenly he saw blood on the cold looking floortiles, a large man standing over someone else who was on the floor, a boy wearing a beanie and shorts who had looked the same age as the albino, with a long weapon in his hand.

The weapon was dripping with blood and for one split second, he could’ve sworn he heard a weak, pleading and pained cry coming from the boy in the distance.


And just as he took a step forward in response to the boy’s cry, the scene he had seen just now vanished in a blink of an eye.

There wasn’t blood anywhere on the floor and the large man who had looked so much like the Phantom Street Killer and the fatally wounded boy as well as the weapon with the blood on it were nowhere to be found.


Aru blinked his crimson eyes.

Once, then twice.

Even a third time.

But everything in front of him stayed the same this time around.

The puddle of blood didn’t miraculously reappear in front of him.

Nor did the Phantom Street Killer or the injured boy.

Aru frowned.

Had his mind been playing tricks on him just now?

He placed a hand on his forehead, his frown deepening. Something inside of him told him that he’d witnessed something like that before. This was the strongest  vibe of déjà vu  he’d had upon coming to this place, but…

Was it really a déjà vu?

As far as the white haired teen could tell he had never suffered from amnesia and he was pretty sure he’d remember someone who’d been fataly wounded by a criminal and cried out for help. He didn’t easily forget things.

In other words his brain was in very good shape thank you very much and he took pride in how smart he was when it came to what he liked to do the most: playing detective and, aside from that, his grades in Umesato Middle School weren’t anything to laugh about either.

Despite that though…

There was something about this déjà vu that bothered him. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but it had almost seemed too real not to be true.

As if it had been an actual memory at one point, but that some outside force had managed to delete it from his mind.

That’s how strong the feeling of that déjà vu had been.

Wait…he thought, crossing his arms over his chest and considering a sudden thing that came to mind, What if…

Then he paused and quickly shook his head.

No, that’s ridiculous.

He dropped that sudden thought he had a few seconds later.

Unless there was some sort of evidence that suggested that something  other than technology, illness and brain damage due to some kind of accident removed memories from someone’s mind existed then he shouldn’t believe or even consider it.

Aru sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

No matter how much that déjà vu bothered him, he decided that he should let it go for now.

After all, he still had more evidence to find on this floor, as well as the last one. He couldn’t let these things interrupt him from his investigation any longer than he already had.

It’s time to continue my search.

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Inside of a room with white floortiles and walls, Aru found himself sitting on a round chair – which just looked like a white ball to be absolutely honest. The albino didn’t question the place he was in, nor did he question the bed that was floating in the air in front of him.

His eyes were fixated on the one occupying the floating bed. A boy that looked strangely at peace under the covers while something weird – even Aru didn’t know what exactly it was when he looked at it. It looked like a…thick vine of sorts? – attached to the middle of the covers seemed to be ‘’treating’’ his wounds.

It was kind of weird.

But since Aru liked looking at the boy’s peaceful face so much, he didn’t give it a second glance.

‘’…Oi Akise.’’ A small girl, sitting on a ball that was floating  much higher in the air than the bed, called out to him with a frown on her face. Her appearance was rather strange, to be honest.

Very long white hair with an almost purplish hue to it, dark skin, clothes that managed to somehow make her look like a genie from space and a…black tail. What was she, a demon?

Had he somehow signed a contract with a demon in order to safe this boy’s life and then when she was done with it, she’d consume his soul as a price?

Aru didn’t know if he’d be okay with that.

 ‘’How long do you plan to stay by Yukiteru’s side?’’ The little demon girl asked, the boy’s name she had said sounding so muffled that he couldn’t, to his own dismay, actually hear it properly.


That’s what Aru would call her for now.

Little demon girl.

‘’Hmm…’’ Aru hummed,  a smile on his lips as he looked at the boy’s face with obvious adoration inside of his crimson eyes, ‘’Yukiteru-kun’s sleeping face is cute so I just - ’’

‘’Are you gay?’’ The little demon girl interrupted, a blank look on her face.

‘’I’m not gay.’’

~ Déjà vu ~


Aru Akise could say that he wasn’t much of a dreamer.

Most times he went to sleep without any sort of illusion his brain came up with to entertain him in while he resting. But that night, right after he came back from his search inside of the abandoned warehouse, had been different.

He had dreamt.

Something that was very unusual for him.

But true all the same.

And when Aru woke up he had mixed feelings about it. He had a dream, but it hadn’t actually felt like one. It was more like another vibe of déjà vu  had hit him hard in the face, as if his brain was checking something.

That’s the reason why he had yet to get up from where he was laying down on his bed. Aru was all frozen in place, his eyes wide open in shock and he had yet to feel his body relax at it being so sudden.

So very unexpected.

Having a  déjà vu like this…

That was actually pretty strange because he was inside of his own house instead of inside of the place where his dream had happened. And to be honest, was a place like that actually to be found anywhere in Sakurami City?

He sighed, feeling a bit less tense.

I don’t know what to make of it but…other than the place…there was that same injured boy. The one who I don’t know the name of…and the one who my dream self seemed to have grown so attached to in such a short amount of time…

He was so…

‘’Familiar.’’ The albino whispered under his breath as he stared at the white ceiling of his bedroom, a thoughtful look on his face.

Aru was pretty certain that he’d never met him before. When he thought that, however, he instantly felt a little uncertain

After all, that boy had looked like he could’ve been the same one that had been fatally wounded in the de ja vu he had on the fourteenth floor of the abandoned warehouse.

His mind told him that it was just a dream, that he should ignore it and that he shouldn’t look further into it.

Normally he’d trust his mind but his heart said that somewhere out in this world, there was a boy that looked just like the one he had seen not once, but twice in twenty four hours time.

And that that very boy had been in a similar situation, but that the outcome of the struggle between him and that man had been different.

And If his heart is really right about that then…

What if they are not déjà vu’s, but actually memories?

But when he thought about it, Aru couldn’t bring himself to believe it. He had never been struck with anything that would cause him memory loss and he wasn’t someone who’d forget the face of someone in pain and desperate need for help either.

And despite that, the Phantom Street Killer had been in the de ja vu he’d had and he had only ever seen him in a picture, not in real person.

But even that didn’t stop how conflicted Aru felt about this.

The only reason why he didn’t just let go of the situation right of the bat was the order they had come in. His dream had no doubt been a continuation of the déjà vu’s he’d had in the abandoned warehouse, even though the little demon girl hadn’t been in the first one.

So the déjà vu’s being memories didn’t make any sense to Aru, because there was no way little demon girls actually existed. Not unless…

They were memories from an alternative reality where, somehow, little demon girls do exist.

And again, that didn’t make any sense to him. Aru didn’t believe in little demon girls or any other supernatural creatures, so neither should he have to believe in alternative realities.

His mind told him that he should not believe it and just let everything go he’d experienced so far. But for some reason…

His heart doubted that alternative realities couldn’t be real.

That they actually could exist.


And that he should at least try to look for that boy his heart was now, strangely enough, longing for within the reality he himself was in right now. But even if he wanted to do what his heart told him, he didn’t even know the boy’s name.

It must’ve come up at least twice inside of his dream but it had been so muffled that Aru couldn’t make any sense out of what exactly it might’ve been.

 If he knew the boy’s name, then it would be possible to find someone who’s close in appearance with the one in his dream. In other words he’d be able to find out if he actually existed and wasn’t just someone his brain decided to come up with on the spot.

But at this moment in time it was impossible, unless he had the luck of bumping into someone like him by accident on the street. That wasn’t a very high chance of happening though.

The conflict inside of Aru only worsened.

What should I do?

Do I follow my heart or…

Should I let it go?

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Aru Akise was inside of the Sakurami City Police Department, in a room by himself with gloves over his pale hands, sitting on a chair in front of a table on which he had placed everything he’d found out  about the case he was doing so far.

Evidence piece number one: A dart.

Number two: A broken cellphone.

Number three: Pink hair.

Number four: Dark brown hair.

And finally number five: The DNA test results.

The albino was glad to say that he had found enough evidence that the Phantom Street Killer had actually been inside of that abandoned warehouse, alongside two others who were most definitly around the same age as he was.

What bothered him, however, was that even though he had managed to find a broken cellphone that had belonged to the Phantom Street Killer, that the murderer in question was absolutely no where to be found.

There hadn’t been anymore sightings of him either in the past few days, which was certainly strange as well. A murderer  who had already killed so many people didn’t just stop killing so suddenly and if someone had managed to stop him, then why wasn’t it all over the news already?

There was only one thing  numerous people in Sakurami City knew.

The Phantom Street Killer, who Aru now knew was a homeroom teacher at Sakurami Middle School, had vanished into thin air.

And that was the end of it.

Aru still suspected two people of having been in contact with the killer before he ‘’vanished’’. Maybe even having been the cause of his disappearance. It was a huge maybe, since normally two teenagers wouldn’t stand a chance against someone like the Phantom Street Killer, especially with everything he had on him.

And thanks to the results he got back from the DNA test, he could actually say who he two teenagers were.

 The one with the pink hair was Yuno Gasai. Her eyes were also pink and she was known for being the smartest girl in her class. Not only that but she went to Sakurami Middle School.

And the one with the dark brown hair was…

Aru felt like he could slap himself on the head. It had never once occurred to him that one of the hairs he had found in the abandoned building could’ve been from the person he’d actually had seen in his déjà vu and dream. He had never thought of it once and here he was, right in front of him on a photo.

The boy’s name was Yukiteru Amano.

He had short dark brown hair, the beanie he had seen was absent though, and, as soon as Aru saw those eyes, he could himself feel drowning in that pretty blue color. Just like Yuno, the boy went to Sakurami Middle School.

For any other person It didn’t nessecarily have to mean anything, they could write the very big of similarities in appearance  off as a coincidence and move on but the reason why Aru didn’t do that was because of the feeling he had just upon seeing the boy on that picture.

His heart fluttered.

He started to become sweaty.

His cheeks tinted red.

And a strange, butterfly like feeling made itself known inside of his stomach.

He hadn’t even met the boy in person and yet…

Aru felt as if he’d already fallen in love.

He never believed in falling in love at first sight but…

Here he was, having that very same experience.

Yukiteru Amano…

The urge to want to meet the other boy was very strong.

Not only because of these feelings but also because the albino wanted to make sense of all these déjà vu’s he was having.

Yukiteru-kun…Aru thought, tapping his chin in with a finger as he kept his crimson eyes glued with a look of longing on the photo in front of him on the table, If he really was the one I’ve seen…

Then there might be a way for me to actually figure out what they are.

Are they déjà vu’s? Memories from  another me inside of an alternative universe?

Or something else?

‘’I’ll get there when the time comes.’’ He muttered under his breath. That being said, Aru wondered if the déjà vu’s would actually continue if he met Yukiteru. He hoped that they would, since the dream he had gotten a few days ago had been the last one he’d experienced so far.

Because of the lack of déjà vu’s, Aru actually had been about to let it go but then someone as interesting as Yukiteru has popped up from the DNA results.

Now, he felt there was hope.

It was a bit strange to be feeling this way. To think that he actually thirsted for more of those déjà vu’s. But Aru couldn’t help it. After all, the more of them he got, the better he could piece them all together and after that he could figure out what they were all about.

And what it meant for himself.

Anyway, he should probably move back to the case now, in which he  had evidence of the two teenagers having been inside of the abandoned warehouse a small while back and most likely at the same time as the Phantom Street Killer as well.

Aru also suspected that the dart he had found attached to broken screen of the Phantom Street Killer’s cellphone belonged to one of the two teenagers.

Now he just had to figure out what the cause was of the killer’s disappearance. It didn’t make sense to the boy detective that two teenagers had managed to overpower the obviously much stronger murderer, so something else must’ve happened.

Also, they were all from the same school. The murderer was, as stated earlier, a homeroom teacher and the teenagers were his students. It made Aru wonder if he’d attempted to kill both Yukiteru and Yuno because they were…

One: At the wrong place at the wrong time A.K.A having seen him try to murder someone and instead of going through with it – since no dead bodies had been found the day before and after his disappearance - he decided to deal with his ‘students’ because they had seen him.

Two: Because he’d chosen them as his next victims right off the bat after school was over and done with.

Or three: For another reason altogether. One of which he still had to figure out.

Despite the reason’s the killer could’ve had for attempted murder on his students, something told Aru that the reason of said persons disappearance was connected to both the dart and the broken cellphone – no matter how strange it might sound in his own head - and that if he were to meet with Yukiteru and Yuno in person…

Aru’s eyes gleamed and a smirk tugged at his lips.

That the case to the Phantom Street Killer’s disappearance will be solved.

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Helping someone from drowning in a small river and then finding out moments later that they’re actually a terrorist…that wasn’t something Aru had expected while traveling around Sakurami City and asking random teenage girls and grown women to participate in the Beauty Pageant that would be held at the upcoming festival.

It wasn’t just unexpected, but also rather odd too.

Because Aru had the strangest feeling he had met this Minene Uryuu before. Her photo on the news didn’t count.

A strange vision of the woman in a white dress and sporting pigtails with maniacal laughter and a bunch of explosions following after her entered his head for a moment, before abruptly disappearing again.


Again with the déjà vu’s…?

Aru rubbed at his head. He thought those would only continue when he met Yukiteru in person. Well at least that were his suspicions. But why was he having one about the terrorist, of all people? And…

What on earth was with that dress?

If this was a genuine déjà vu – or alternative reality memory or whatever you wanted to call it at this point - and was somehow connected to Yukiteru – Aru could feel himself grow concerned at that thought alone – then the only thing the albino could think of was that this Minene in front of him was a rather strange person herself.

A terrorist who…

One: Tended to destroy cults as her hobby.

Two: Aru’s superior was strangely fixated on for a reason – most likely – other than arresting her for her many, many crimes.

Three: Had one eye covered by an eyepatch, while in his déjà vu  she didn’t have one. (Had she been injured by something?)

Three: Liked to dress up cutely.

Four: Was living with squirrels because even a terrorist like her needed some sort of company, it seemed.

Five: Put their occupation as terrorist on a flyer for a Beauty Pageant because she was obviously too hungry to think straight.

Six: Was already a criminal and yet hadn’t thought about stealing money or food to sate her hunger. (You’d think someone who killed people wouldn’t think twice about stealing.)

Seven: Could look strangely harmless and, dare he say it, innocent as she looked at him in confusion when he chuckled upon seeing her wanted poster just behind the small ‘’house’’ she had made for herself out of a box by the riverside.

Eight: Actually considered being part of the Beauty Pageant Aru was flyering for. But only when she saw how much money she could win. (She had said something about hating festivals because they get too crowded.)

All-in all this was the strangest criminal the albino had ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Not that it was a bad thing. After all, he wasn’t dead yet.

That was something to celebrate right there.

But Aru didn’t actually have time to do that right now.

He had more people to find.

‘’Please don’t miss the timing for the pageant!’’ He reminded Minene as he left her there by the riverside without giving her a chance to speak and walked back to his bicycle.

Aru looked down at the flyer during his walk there and changed her occupation from terrorist to florist with good intentions, feeling a little symphatetic towards her as he did so.

With the way Minene’s stomach had been growling, it was obvious she hadn’t eaten in quite some time.

She might be a terrorist but…

He wasn’t going to call the police on her like anyone else would. No, he was going to give her a fair chance to try and win the Beauty Pageant so she could buy herself food with the prize money.

Not only that, but it could be quite fun to watch a big bad hungry terrorist struggle in a pageant, especially with the people that were returning to participate this year.

People that would most likely win again, much to the chagrin of others.

And this is why the amount of people watching the pageant have decreased over the years. If there’s no chance of a new winner, then what’s even the point?

Maybe Minene was the person who could finally turn things around.

Who knows?

Aru chuckled again, his eyes shining with mirth and interest.

I can’t wait to see this.

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”There’s a lot less people than I expected.’’

‘'That’s because the whole competition has lost it’s purpose.’’ 

It was night time, the perfect time for everyone to have fun at the Sakurami Festival, and Aru Akise felt as if he was digging his own grave at this very moment. Not only was he explaining the reason of why there weren’t a lot of people watching the Beauty Pageant –

''Look, those three to your left.’’ He explained to her, motioning towards the oversized lady, the purple haired lady and the small kid next to them, ‘’They are the ‘’Three great wreakers of the Beauty Pageant, and they come here to mess up the competition each year.’’

In other words, since the three of them worked together, one of them always managed to win. And since the oversized lady and the kid both were from the orphanage, it was obvious where the prize money would go to.

Aru tore his eyes away from the three, trying to ignore the weird feeling he’d gotten upon looking at the purple haired lady – Ai Mikami - and the child – Miyashiro Orin. He had seen them a few times before today, so why was it that he was only just now getting a Déjà vu?

Did this mean that those two also were connected to everything he had seen before this?

He resisted the urge to sigh.

If it really was the case then he’s certain he would be able to figure it all out eventually.

'' It’s because of them that there’s no interest in the Beauty Pageant.’’

But aside from that, Aru was also teasing Minene – who was, like every other girl and woman participating in the Pageant, wearing only her underwear - with the food he was holding up in front of himself. He had been moving around all day and his stomach was begging for food.

So while he was behind the stage with the terrorist, the one that held the Beauty Pageant, acting as ‘’support’’ towards her, he was feeding himself some roasted corn while simultanously only making Minene even more hungry.

The woman was up in the first round against the small girl with an IQ of 200 – which Aru had warned her about  - in which they both had to solve the blacksmith puzzle.

‘’What bad luck,’’ he murmured, a smile growing behind the corn he was holding in front of his mouth, ‘’There’s no way for you to win like this.’’

This only made Minene growl at him angrily and stomp off towards the stage. The boy detective watched the show from the corner he was sitting in with growing amusement.

I would give her some of the food  if I could, but…


The albino smirked when Minene grew frustrated with the blacksmith puzzle and broke it and was declared the winner. The child was gaping at her in disbelief, as well as the people watching, who hadn’t been expecting this outcome.


‘’The one with the eyepatch won?’’

Not only is it much more fun to see her like this, but she also has to get herself through the entire pageant first.

He resisted the urge to chuckle when Minene walked back towards him, swaying and panting. ‘’All my strength…is gone…’’ She moaned, only to notice that Aru was now eating something else, causing her stomach to growl loudly again.

‘’You actually won.’’ Aru commented with a devious smile on his face.

Minene’s eye twitched.

‘’Why you little –‘’

‘’But the next one will be even more difficult.’’

And before Minene knew it, she was called on stage again. She grumbled something under her breath, gave Aru a glare and then left to go throw some knives in the competition of luck, which was the next one she had to win.

Even if she loses, Thought the boy detective, which I hope she doesn’t for everyone’s sake,  I’ll give her food after it is all over. While he did want to have his fun he wasn’t heartless. He wasn’t going to let the terrorist starve to death.

Though with the way he had been teasing her with the smell of the food, he couldn’t help but think that he wouldn’t see it to the next day if her expression was anything to go by.

It would be kind of sad if she decided to kill him after she had finally eaten herself full and decided that Aru had pissed her off too much though.

He still had to meet Yukiteru in person – he had done a small dance in his head when he accidently ran into the boy’s mother and got her to participate in the pageant as well, though things haven’t been going too well for her as it did with Minene - and finish that case after all.

But should I not be alive tommorow, thought Aru, making a mental apology to the boy he hadn't met yet, then at least today’s entertainment will be worth it.

Nothing had amused him this much in quite a while.

~ Déjà vu ~


Much to the ‘’Three great wreakers’ ’’ dismay, Minene managed to win every single round while being on an empty stomach and managed to destroy part of the stage by accidently sending the large lady of the group into the wall by defeating her in a competition of strenght.

After fleeing from the scene, the prize money was something she never got and once again, Minene was stuck in her small box of a home by the riverside, and this time she was pretty sure that she was close on death’s door.

‘’In the end I managed to escape amongst all the confusion…’’ She murmured as she laid on her stomach on floor, ‘’Just what the hell was I doing…?’’

‘’It’s been hard on you.’’

Minene rose her head, seeing Aru standing there with a smile on his face. She recalled all the things he had put her through today, mainly the teasing with the food part. But in the state she was in right now, she didn’t  have the energy to glare or even be angry at him.

Instead, her response came out weakly.

‘’Are you going to bring me to the cops?’’

Aru blinked.

‘’Why would I?’’

In response to that, Minene teared up.  It didn't seem as if what Aru had said just now had fully registered yet.

‘’That's too bad…I won’t be able to get my prize money that way – ‘’ Not that she had actually managed to get right after the pageants either, but that must’ve been because of her instinct kicking in when the stage fell down. That’s the reason why she ran. And now that everything was over...

She was finally going to jail where she belonged.

‘’ – And my stomach’s even more hungry now…I shouldn’t have joined that stupid Beauty Pageant after all – ‘’ Something got shoved right into her face and because of that surprise she was faced with, she was stunned into silence. It was a bag full of groceries.

‘’The storekeepers at the festival send it,’’ Aru explained gently, ‘’ It’s to show their thanks for brightening up the festival. And I'm not calling the cops, so don't worry.’’

‘’It’s FOOD!’’ She screamed out joyfully, tearing her teeth into the first thing she saw. Minene stopped when she realized that the albino was still standing there and she glanced up at him, a weak look on her face.

‘’Say…you should know who I am right…?’’ 

‘’Oh, it’s no big deal right? Just for today.’’ Aru smiled again, and Minene  actually smiled back at him this time. The boy made room for her so she could see the dark night sky lit up with fireworks, all the while mentally thanking the terrorist for not having thought about killing him yet.

‘’How about it? The festival was fun, right?’’


Chapter Text

Nine days later, early in the morning, the corners of Aru’s mouth twitched upwards as he watched on the other side of the street the masses of students making their way to Umesato Middle School.

While he hadn’t managed to meet up with Yukiteru Amano or Yuno Gasai in person -  because his time had been consumed by taking on more cases to investigate for one - it seemed that things were looking promising on his end.

And the reason for that were that the two of them were both transferring to his school. It wasn’t only those two though. All of the survivors from Sakurami Middle School’s bombings were to be transferred to Umesato.

His homeroom teacher had told them a few days ago that they’d get some new classmates, but hadn’t actually said any of their names.

Luckily the albino had actually managed to find out that Yukiteru was going to be one of his new classmates by snooping around a little.

He had felt lucky upon that discovery.

Lucky yes, but I won’t be able to meet you in person yet Yukiteru-kun. No matter how much I’d like to, It would have to wait until later, the albino thought, a smile gracing his lips when he saw said boy turning his face towards him, looking at him with hesitation and a bit of curiosity in his eyes, before getting distracted by the pinkette next to him.


His heart fluttered a bit inside of his chest.

Only one glance from the other made him feel like this.


I can barely believe it but you’re so much cuter in person. He thought as he watched him with a fond look inside of his crimson eyes, his photo doesn’t do him justice. Aru really felt the sudden longing when he looked at the other, but he couldn’t act on those feelings quite yet.

He turned around and walked away, still thinking about the things Yukiteru had gotten himself involved with.

The school bombings on Sakurami Middle School.

The bloody events at the Omukata Cult.

Thanks to taking on the cases of the school bombings and the Omukata cult, Aru had found out that Yukiteru and Yuno had been involved in both of them.

There must be a reason why those two were always involved into something dangerous, especially since it continued happening one after the other so quickly.

Aru had also found another dart on Sakurami Middle School grounds and since his meeting with Minene nine days ago he came to the conclusion that it might have been the thing causing her eye injury.

Now he had three of those - he had also found one at the cult - but he had yet to figure out who these darts belonged to.

Since it was the same kind of dart he had found in the abandoned warehouse, his suspect list has gone down to only two people.

Yukiteru and Yuno.

Besides that there was now, yet again, a killer on the loose.

An innocent victim had been mauled to death by a dog in Sakurami Park.

The bite marks were proof of it that it had been done by an animal at least.

This was another case Aru was taking upon himself to solve.

He had a feeling he knew who the culprit was – since he had been watching them for a while in order to see if they’d make a move - and while that was part of the reason why he was skipping school in order to continue his investigation he also wanted to see if see if his hunch was correct.

That Yukiteru and Yuno would both show up in Sakurami Park out of curiosity of the recently commited murder after school was over.

Chapter Text

To be honest, Aru felt a little irritated.

Ever since the group of five students had arrived in Sakurami Park after school hours, the albino had silently watched Yukiteru interact and having fun with Hinata Hino and Mao Nonosaka , both of which being his classmates, another boy he hadn’t met yet and Yuno, who stood suspiciously far away from all of them, glaring at the others with murder in her eyes , from his hiding place.

Sakurami Park was the place where the murder had taken place and where actually no one other than the police was allowed to be at the current time, and while Aru had been glad that his hunch had been correct – that they would show up anyway despite the warnings - he couldn’t get the way the pink haired girl looked out of his head.

Murder inside of her eyes.

A fake smile plastered on her face when Hinata tried to get her to join them in the friendliest of ways.

Not at all interested in making new friends it seems.

Or more like…she just doesn’t seem to care.

She’s here solely for Yukiteru-kun.

And Aru knew that Yuno was on good terms with the blue eyed boy, so the only reason he could think of was that she was jealous – murderously jealous – at the other two girls – and one guy, don’t forget the guy with the gaming shirt on –for getting close to Yukiteru, who just seemed to be happy at the fact that he’d made friends on his first day at his new school.

This won’t do at all. Aru sighed and closed his eyes in annoyance.

The case was important, as was solving it, but so were his feelings towards Yukiteru. Just knowing that there was someone else who liked the boy romantically, left a bad taste inside of his mouth.

He opened his crimson eyes again and narrowed them slightly, still fixated on the group who now seemed to be moving to somewhere else, leaving the vending machines where they had gotten some distasteful drinks from – because they spit it out of their mouths instantly after taking a sip - behind.

Now Aru wouldn’t call himself a possessive person over someone he hadn’t actually really introduced himself to yet, but even he could get jealous when someone else was interested in the one he was interested in.

And besides, something about Yuno gave him a bad vibe that he felt he needed to watch out for.

Not that he was scared or anything but with the unusual amount of murderous intent that her body gave off and with all the ‘’die, die, die’’ she had written in the sand with her feet while trying to look innocent in the eyes of the others, Aru felt she could actually have some sort of…problem aside from her jealousy.

That wasn’t normal.

And just like with everything else, he’d just needed to find out what it was exactly. Preferably before she decided to snap and hurt somebody, but even Aru knew that it wouldn’t be that simple.

~ Déjà vu ~

The sun was starting to set, making Sakurami Park look darker and more dangerous as time passed on.

A bloodcurling scream had reached Aru’s ears and even though he had arrived at the ‘newest crime scene’ inside of the park first, he stayed hidden as Yukiteru, Yuno, Mao and that other guy discovered their friends, Hinata’s, corpse.

Said corpse that only had one arm torn off, didn’t even bleed out – someone had forgotten to spill ketchup there – and looked very, very fake even from where the albino himself was standing.

But ofcourse these people weren’t detectives like Aru was and already were too much in shock to think otherwise about their ‘dead’ friend. So he couldn’t really blame them when they started to panic.

Well three of them at least, since Yuno looked to be the calmest out of all of them.  

Aru sighed, running a hand through his hair.

Maybe if Hinata had done a better job at faking her death then even he might’ve believed she truly was dead upon first glance. Though there was still the question as to why Hinata was doing this in the first place, and that was the only thing – besides Yukiteru ofcourse – that interested him right now.

I’ll find out soon enough.

He heard growls in the distance, sounding like the ones dogs would make when they were protecting their territory. He swore he could see gleaming eyes looking at the others on the other side by the trees, just near the fake corpse.

So Aru finally decided that it was time to leave his hiding place, walking calmly towards the group with his hands stuffed in the pockets of his jacket. Just like these dogs he had his own ‘territory’ to protect, he’d be damned if anything happened just because he didn’t decide to come to the rescue.

‘’I’ve also come to help.’’

He managed to startle everyone. No one had seen him approach them.

‘’A-Akise-kun!’’ The purple haired and green eyed girl, Mao, shouted in surprise, seeing him suddenly stand next to her and a shaking Yukiteru.

 ‘’When did you…?!’’

‘’Since you guys have been at the park, ‘’ Aru responded, narrowing his eyes at the dogs. ‘’The fact that you will be killed here has already been decided. Well…if the sun fully sets, there’s no possibility of  a perfect escape…what to do?’’

What he said only made Yukiteru shake more in fear, small tears welling up inside of his eyes and he fell to his knees, still staring at Aru with wide eyes. And Aru couldn’t help but smile slightly despite the pang of worry he felt for him, raising his hand and patting the boys head softly, trying to reassure him in his own way.

‘’You’re shaking. It’s really cute.’’ He commented. So much for being reassuring, he sounded more like he was flirting!

Aru decided it would be a good thing to ignore the heated glare a certain pinkette threw at his head. They had more important things to do right now than fight over a boy.

‘’Don’t worry,’’ Aru reassured everyone, Yukiteru most of all since their eyes were both connected with one anothers, ‘’I am your friend.’’

Yukiteru and Yuno both looked at him, looking uncertain if they could trust him.

The pinkette especially looked suspicious of him and it was no doubt because Aru had already started to flirt a bit with Yukiteru right after seeing him, not to mention the fact that he knew the boy’s name despite them not having introduced themselves to one another.

Then the boy in question yelped in fright when the dogs came closer, snarling at them.

‘’Yukiteru-kun…’’ The albino murmured,  ‘’Although I do have a lot of questions, right now we should escape first. In front of us is a watchtower, lets run over there first.’’

It was obvious he was only speaking to one person despite there being four, but Aru couldn’t really help himself.

He was just so happy to have finally met Yukiteru in person and so he grabbed the boy’s hand - which was actually pretty soft, he noted with satisfaction -pulled him up to his feet and started running with him towards the building, much to the other’s surprise.

Yuno shrieked behind them as she, Mao and the other guy ran after them and away from the dogs who were hot in pursuit.

‘’What are you doing to Yuki?!’’

‘’Complain later!’’

Chapter Text

‘’W-what’s going to happen to us?’’

‘’If we stay here…there shouldn’t be a problem.’’

Aru watched Mao and the other guy looking out of one of the many large window’s of the watchtower worriedly, the thin glass only just distancing them from the growling dogs.

They had managed to get inside of the watchtower just in time, but the albino was worried for how long these windows would be able to hold out if the dogs decided to attack them with their bodies and in the process, break them.

 A sob from Yukiteru made him turn his head. The poor boy looked like he was about to collapse, tears running down his cheeks. Yuno was already trying to comfort him.

‘’Let me introduce myself,’’ Aru instantly drew both of their attention, ‘’I am Aru Akise. My dream is to become the world’s greatest detective.’’ He would’ve liked to introduce himself before they got chased by the dogs, but there simply hadn’t been enough time. Plus it was too dangerous. They could’ve been mauled at any moment.

They didn’t say anything. Yuno’s glare had come back full force and Yukiteru was still shaking and crying, but it seemed that they had at least listened to him since their eyes were still on him.

‘’Ah…’’ Aru sighed, smiling reassuringly at him. ‘’Calm down Yukiteru-kun. These past few days I’ve been investigating you.’’

Seeing Yukiteru’s shocked expression at his confession made the albino mentally kick himself, realizing that saying something like that could be pretty creepy.

But it wasn’t like he was a stalker.

The boy detective could feel Yuno’s glare become even more powerful now. If she kept this up then sooner or later Aru would have a hole burned into his forehead. But he wasn’t about to stop talking now, no matter how angry the pink haired girl was at him for touching Yukiteru without her permission.

Aru chuckled.

‘’You made me feel interested. ‘’

In more ways that one, was left unsaid.

‘’By doing a bit of research I’ve found out you’re related to three different cases I’ve been investigating. The continuous murders of the Phantom Killer, the bombings on Sakurami Middle School and the murders at the Omukata Cult.’’  Aru’s eyes were gleaming, the next thing he said coming out with a hint of curiosity and suspicion, ‘’Tell me Yukiteru-kun, are you perhaps hiding something important on your person?’’

Maybe a set of darts? He thoughts afterwards.

Aru was trying his best to not seem as worried on the outside about the entire situation as he felt on the inside. Luckily he was good at hiding his feelings behind a smile.

Or maybe something that makes you a target?

Some sort of possesion that makes others want to kill you for it?

Yukiteru was really pale in the face by now and looked about ready to run for the hills. Aru didn’t like seeing how scared he was, most likely because of him now, so he tried his best to be comforting.

‘’I’m not saying you did something bad…’’ Aru turned his head back towards the window, ‘’But look.’’

Yukiteru and the other guy shrieked when the some of the dogs started attacking the windows. The brunette fell down on his backside, his beanie falling from his head.

‘’Hold on Kousaka! We can’t let them in!’’  Yukiteru yelled when one of the windows opened, a dog’s head poking through it.

This was the first time Aru heard the boy say something. His voice was a bit deeper than the albino expected from someone who seemed so weak willed, but it was still nice to hear.

‘’Damn it…!’’ The other guy gritted his teeth as he tried with all his might to shut the window.

Aru knelt down and handed Yukiteru his beanie back.

‘’No matter how you look at it, they come because of you.’’ The albino murmured quietly, ‘’Are you really involved in something bad? That makes me worried. No matter what we are friends in the same class.’’


As much as it pained Aru to say it…

They were just friends.

Nothing more and nothing less at the moment.



Aru’s heart fluttered.

Yukiteru gave him the brightest smile he’d ever seen.

It was like the sun and made the boy detective feel warm.

He looks so happy right now.

‘’Are you really a friend?’’

Yukiteru’s smile fell and he frowned at Yuno.

Aru felt a pang of annoyance.

Ofcourse she had to ruin this moment.

Chapter Text

‘’Are you really a friend?’’

It had been asked with such a deranged smile on Yuno’s face. The pupils in her eyes almost looked as catlike as they looked murderous.

Yukiteru frowned, once again looking worried.

Aru preferred the smile from before.

He twitched slightly, feeling annoyed and yet still tried to look pleasant with a fake smile plastered on his face.

‘’Yuki…think carefully about the current situation again,’’ She adressed the boy softly, ‘’Whoever is responsible for the dogs should be around here.’’

At that obvious statement, Aru resisted the urge to roll his eyes, but he let her continue talking, for now.

‘’Probably the person is somewhere amongst us.’’

Another thing that was obvious, but Aru also realized that the blame could easily fall on him if Yuno had anything to say about it.

His sudden arrival at the scene when he first spoke to them in the park hadn’t made him look any less suspicious than the others here, no matter how kind he was or that he told him that he was a rookie detective.

At the moment, everyone was suspicious.

At least, in Yuno’s eyes. Her face told him she wanted to get rid off him more than any other person here at the moment, wether he was the ‘’culprit’’ and / or was the one to lead the dogs here or not.

‘’It could be that boy – ‘’ She pointed at the other guy, ‘’- It could also be that girl – ‘’ next she pointed at Mao, who shivered, ‘’- but most likely it’s him!’’

Ofcourse she pointed at Aru last, but before anyone could protest at the accusations she threw around, more dogs tried to make their way through the windows, right behind them.

Just in time they managed to hold them back.

‘’This isn’t good!’’ Aru exclaimed, ‘’Everyone come here and hold it!’’

But since all the dogs outside were getting violent and there were so many windows surrounding them…

‘’Like this we won’t know what to hold!’’ The other guy shouted in frustration.

Aru couldn’t help but agree.

‘’E-every – ‘’

At Yukiteru’s shout Aru realized that only he, Mao and Kousaka were holding some of the windows in place.

The blue eyed boy looked like he wanted to say something, but Yuno had quickly intervened.

‘’Yuki! Why don’t we lock them in here and escape on our own?’’

And again, she had said that with that damned smile on her face and her voice dripping with sweet, sweet poison.

Aru narrowed his eyes at her.

He already had a feeling before all this that Yuno was dangerous, but to actually lock in others just to save her own hide? A normal person would never suggest something like that!

If we get out of here, you’re the first one I’ll look into. He promised, anger starting to gnaw at him on the inside.

‘’Look, we absolutely can’t trust these guys.’’

‘’Y-you guys…’’ Kousaka trailed off, looking shocked.

Aru was looking at Yukiteru, who looked about ready to burst in tears at everything Yuno had said. He felt his own heart clench at the sight. Yukiteru-kun…you don’t want this either do you?

Before the albino could open his mouth and tell Yukiteru to stand up for himself, to defy the pink haired girl next to him, the boy did it himself, holding his phone in his hand as he did so.

Or at least, attempted to, hearing how weak and shaky his voice was.

‘’K-Kousaka! The window to your right is d-dangerous!’’

Aru blinked.


‘’How do you know?!’’ The other guy sneered, ‘’I don’t want to be commanded by you!’’

Aru shared the same thoughts as Kousaka. How could Yukiteru possibly know where the dogs would try to come through next?

‘’M-Mao-chan! On this side – ‘’

‘’I can’t hear you! I definitley can’t hear you!’’

Now that reaction was over the top, and suspicious. Kousaka’s reaction he could understand, since he and Yukiteru already didn’t seem close to begin with, but Mao’s…?

Aru frowned as he ran over towards another window to hold more dogs back from coming into the watchtower. She’s hiding something, He suspected.

‘’EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME!’’ Yukiteru eventually shouted, having finally had enough with everyone wanting to ignore what he had to say.

‘’No Yuki! Don’t do it!’’

But Yuno was already too late to stop him.

‘’I-I actually have the power to predict the future!’’ He was trembling when everyone, including Aru, stared at him with wide eyes.

Predicting the future...?

‘’I know it’s hard to believe but I know where the dogs will come from!’’ Yukiteru tried his best, but Kousaka stomped towards him, an angry look on his face.

‘’Is this really the time to joke, Amano?!’’ He lashed out, grabbing the trembling boy by his collar.

‘’No, no! It’s not a joke!’’

‘’You’re always talking about unrealistic things!’’ Kousaka spat, shaking Yukiteru none too gently.

The other guy did have a point. And yet, no matter how weird and unrealistic it sounded, Aru decided he wanted to believe in Yukiteru. Something told him, a feeling in his gut, that the boy wasn’t lying.

He doesn’t seem like the type.

‘’So I don’t trust you!’’

Yukiteru whimpered, looking at Kousaka with desperate eyes that only begged him, and everyone else in the group, to believe him. It did a lot of things to Aru’s heart and he wanted nothing more than to give Kousaka a piece of his own mind at the way he was treating Yukiteru.

But he  saw from the corner of his eyes Yuno glare murderously at Kousaka, so Aru decided it would be the best to step in before things got even more out of hand instead of acting on his instincts that screamed at him to do something about this guy – punching, kicking, anything based on violence! - who was by now almost choking Yukiteru.

He took out a coin from his pocket, threw it in the air and slapped his palm on it when it fell back down on the back of his hand.

‘’Guess the side. Head or tails?’’

The surprise of Aru suddenly appearing next to them made Kousaka let go of Yukiteru, who looked equally surprised, before managing to get a hold of himself when those crimson eyes looked at him specifically.

You know what I want you to do, right?

Yukiteru looked down at his phone.

‘’…It’s heads.’’

Aru removed his hand.

‘’Yes, it’s heads.’’ He comfirmed, his heart drumming away in his chest. Was it really a future prediction, or was it just luck? Just to make sure that what Yukiteru had told him was true they did this a few times, and every time the boy got it right.

Eventually it couldn’t be deemed as just luck anymore.

This was all the proof Aru needed that something supernatural was going on here. Supernatural and yet, true. Seeing was believing after all.

‘’Y-you…?’’ Kousaka couldn’t believe his eyes and was gaping.

‘’I completely trust in Yukiteru-kun now.’’ Aru spoke with confidence, causing Yukiteru to smile brightly once more. ‘’Are there any objections?’’

There were none, so they let the brunette take control of the situation. At the end, when it started to become very dark outside, the dogs finally gave up and scattered.

Aru sighed when everyone let out shouts of relief. The things he felt earlier were scary and almost made him do something he normally would never do.


 It was all because of Yukiteru.

‘’The power of prediction,’’ He murmured while Kousaka was yelling out how amazing Yukiteru suddenly was. ‘’This is real. Where did you get that kind of power?’’ He definitley had a lot of questions for his crush.

The only one who didn’t look happy about all this was Yuno. If she kept this up, then the scowl on her face would become permanent.

And then everything went down the drain, his own question left unanswered as Mao suddenly took Yukiteru hostage, moving to stand behind him and pressing a  knife against his throat

‘’Amano-san is very powerful.’’ She grinned, making the boy in her hold pale in the face, disbelief and hurt showing in his eyes at the sudden turn around.

Aru almost felt a growl escape his lips, and he clenched his hands into fists. It looked like he had been right about his suspicions and yet he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes on her actions!

‘’YUKI!’’ Yuno screamed, about to run over to help him.

‘’Don’t move!’’ A voice from the other side of the front door shouted, causing the pink haired girl to stop in her step and everyone else, with the exception of Mao, to freeze in their place at the familiar sounding voice.

‘’Ah…that was really unexpected. I can’t believe Amano released his secret so easily.’’

And then, from the shadows, Hinata Hino’s alive figure revealed itself. There was a weak smile on her face.

‘’Forgive me, Amano.’’

Chapter Text

So this is ithuhthought Aru, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face as he ran through the park with the other guy, attempting to get away from the dogs that were chasing after them. 

The reason why Hinata had faked her death had become clear to everyone and now, after everything that had happened in the watchtower, she had send her fathers dogs after them for revenge because Yuno had fatally wounded Mao when the purple haired girl tried to break Yukiteru’s diary with a knife. 

This plan had been set in motion all because Aru had been suspicious of Hinata’s father when it came to the crimes that were being commited and started to investigate this worrying case on his own. With the bite marks on the victims he had quickly come to the conclusion that they must’ve come from dogs, which after a bit more of investigating let him to his classmate’s father. 

The old man must’ve gotten cold feet when he had noticed him and wrongly thought of the albino as a diary holder, someone who could predict the future, so he then confided in his daughter and Hinata wanted to help him out by getting rid of the boy detective in his place and using her father’s future diary, which no doubt was controlling the dogs.  

Her plan of getting rid of Aru could’ve succeeded if it hadn’t been for Yukiteru, who Hinata had used as bait to lure out the boy detective to the park, since for some reason she knew he had been ‘keeping an eye’ on him for who knows how long. 

What had she done to get that information anyway? 

Had she stalked him?  

Or had she read his notebook? Aru did admit to having drawn some doodles of Yukiteru and writing his name down in it in class when no one was looking. 

A red blush spread across his cheeks. It was small, but it was there. 

If she saw that 

That’s actually a bit embarrassing. 

Luckily he hadn’t drawn any hearts, so she shouldn’t know that he actually… 

Well, you know. 

Aside from that, there was also the fact that Hinata knew that Yukiteru had a future diary before all this and that must’ve been because of her fathers own future diary.  

 ''Even if it’s Akise-kun’s prediction, his diary shouldn’t have suspected that the body was fake, right?’’ 

Unfortunatley It hadn’t worked the way Hinata thought it would, since Aru not only wasn’t a diary holder and he didn’t even need such a thing to tell a fake dead body apart from a real one, but he also was at the park way before the group had gotten there themselves.  

They didn’t need to know that though. 


Hinata could’ve gotten rid of two diary holders for her father, including two innocent people , Mao not counting since Aru doubted that even if the tanned girl had faked her death she wouldn’t have let anything happen to her friend, if only Yukiteru hadn’t revealed his ability to see into the future. 

If he hadn’t done that, all of the windows from the watchtower would’ve been shattered and they would’ve been mauled to death by those dogs. 

Aru, while he was very worried that Yukiteru was involved in something as dangerous as this, was very grateful to him for saving their lives. That’s one of the reasons why he had tried his hardest as well to save him and his future diary from Hinata and Mao.  

Another reason was because he loved him. 


When Hinata had called him out on him being a diary holder, he instantly pretended that he was one.  

I’m glad I did that. 

Sure he could’ve probably prevented a few things from happening or things could’ve gotten even more chaotic – one of the two - if he had denied Hinata’s suspicions, but Aru really want to see their faces when they realized that he had played them. 

Plus things got more interresting in the form of a game as well. One that he used in order to save Yukiteru’s life. It was a simple game of luck, using the same coin he used before to determine if what his crush had been saying was true.  

On his and Yuno’s sides they would be betting their diaries – the pink haired girl also had one, he had quickly noted - while on Hinata and Mao’s sides they would be betting Yukiteru and his own diary. 

But with Hinata’s advantage by having Yukiteru’s diary on her side, playing the game was a real piece of work.  

Yuno even managed to figure out rather quickly that Aru had been bluffing all along and that he really wasn’t a diary holder.  She had actually thrown him down on the cold hard floor inside of the watchtower and pressed a knife against his throat, ready to slit it for putting Yukiteru’s life in danger by ‘’gambling for his life’’ while ‘’pretending to be  diary owner’’. 

Aru quickly noted that this also wasn’t normal behaviour for a fourteen year old girl. A normal fourteen year old would at most cuss him out, slap him in the face and yell at him how much she hated him for putting the boy she loved in danger. 

Actually attempting to kill him was a bit much. 

Luckily he had prevented her from killing him and after a few quick words and admitting to Yuno that he liked Yukiteru beyond friendship – that hadn’t gone over very well with her, unfortunatley - they resumed the game and through some clever thinking the boy detective managed to win. 

After Hinata’s loss, Mao didn’t seem to handle it well and tried to kill Yukiteru by trying to destroy his diary. And that’s how Aru was now in this situation. 

The only thing Aru wanted to know was why there were people with diaries that could predict the future, how many of them there were and why was it nessecary to kill other people with future diaries off? 

What was the reason for this sick and twisted game and who on earth had come up with it?  

Something told Aru, since being able to read the future was more fantasy than reality, that this wasn’t the decision of a normal human being. Because that would be… 

Impossible and chaotic .  

Not that what he had witnessed wasn’t already very dangerous, but if a normal human being actually had the control over time and created something like a future diary and forced people to participate in a killing game then it would probably be even more chaotic then this. 

Aru  wanted to think more about this, but right now he and the other guy needed to get away from these dogs, which meant running for their lives for as long as neccesary until Yukiteru  - and Yuno, who had decided to ditch the others in favor in going with him - had stopped Hinata. 

 With his future diary, the boy could avoid the dogs to the best of his ability and Aru really hoped that he would manage to get through to her and make her stop these dogs from mauling them or they would all end up as dog food anyway.  

If he really were to die here, then… 

Aru closed his eyes , feeling exhaustion catch up with him but still urged himself to go forward. His heart was beating painfully in his chest. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep this up. 

At least I finally got to meet you in person, Yukiteru-kun.