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street lights flicker in the darkness (i wonder when they'll burn out)

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Midoriya Izuku was hurting. It was not obvious to the untrained eye, but it was painfully clear to Kousei. It pained her to see her oldest and only friend be in such agony and to be unable to do anything to help. Especially as he had been told a half-truth; the worst kind of lies.

You see, Midoriya Izuku, age 10, had finally been officially deemed quirkless. And that crushed every dream - ever flicker of hope - into oblivion. Midoriya Izuku was hurt. Pained. Lost. Broken.

Midoriya Izuku was determined.




Midoriya Izuku was a damn genius if Kousei had ever seen one.

(And she had. She had seen many.)

Her dearest friend was perfect for the burden he had to bear. The legacy he alone must uphold. It almost made her feel bad.


Kousei watched as he made his way to the library, narrowly missing getting mugged at her own intervention. Midoriya Izuku was blessed.




My, my, little Alchemist. You certainly have been busy.

Well, if it isn't he himself - the Guardian of Circles. To whom do I owe this honor?

No one but your Magician. I assume he is doing well?

... I-

Hah, you fool. You have not spoken to him, have you?

He is not ready.

He is not worthy. He failed once before. he shall fail once again.

He failed once before, and he will succeed in my place.

Then I do hope that you fail to get your hopes up, Alchemist. Your Magician will fall - especially as he is now. Heed my warning, child.

He shall be your greatest downfall.

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Izuku was in pain. He always was. Stress? His best damn friend in existence. Sleep? Never met her, a complete stranger. Caffeine? His one true love. Depression? That’s a bit harder to explain, but we’ll get there. Sometime.

… Never.

Ever since he had been officially diagnosed as quirkless, Izuku had been determined as fuck to spite literally every person in existence (With the exception of his mom and maybe a few others, mind you.) by doing what they all said he couldn’t: Become a hero.

Izuku didn’t care about the money, the fame, the glory that came with the title. All he wanted to do was help. Maybe he couldn’t go about it in a typical fashion, sure, but he could still help people.

No one ever said that heroes had to wear capes.


When Izuku was thirteen, he met Kousei Ukiyo.

And Kousei Ukiyo was the strangest person he had ever encountered, and he had met a lot of people doing what he did.

But first, let’s have a blast to the past, shall we? Find out exactly what Izuku had been doing for the last three years.

Three years ago, Izuku had decided that he would basically become the city’s golden boy. And he was determined. So, Izuku would, after school, wander around Musutafu, visiting new places every day, running errands for people, helping people. And despite what the people in his school said about him, Izuku still did whatever he could to spite them. They said that he couldn’t do anything to help people in the slightest? Fuck that. He couldn’t defend himself because he was quirkless? Bullshit.

He could be a hero?

Please, that isn’t even worth scoffing at.

So Izuku would run around Musutafu, helping people, volunteering wherever he could, helping maintain the few shrines that still stood, and working.

So much work.

Izuku, with his inability to deny people if he really cared about them, ended up working at a magic shop and the city university. How did he end up with two random jobs?

The answer is Kousei Ukiyo.


Izuku was simply wandering the city, phone in hand with Google Maps open so he could figure out where the fuck he was going when he bumped into her. The girl had pale toffee-colored hair, one side of her head shaved so that it was a simple buzz cut. She had light freckles scattered across her face like constellations, her skin almost as pale as her hair. Two milky green eyes met his own viridian ones, staring at him blindly from behind the dark, round, wire-framed sunglasses that had slipped down her nose. She was wearing a school uniform, one from a school in the… Poorer parts of town. Strangely, the school was extremely expensive.

The girl’s uniform was simple enough - a deep, warm brown blazer was thrown over her shoulders, concealing most of the pale grey blouse and striped red, orange, and yellow tie that was tied loosely and awkwardly around her neck. She was wearing a typical plaid skirt, which was the same colors as the tie, except without the yellow. On her legs were white, tall, over-the-knee socks, as well as old and scuffed up shoes that were obviously too small for her.

Considering her short and slim stature, Izuku assumed that she was at least a first year in junior high. That much was obvious. But what he wasn’t expecting was for her to stare straight past him as she began to speak. “Um, I’m so sorry about that! I’m simply a little lost. Do you, by any chance, know where the Musutafu University Hospital is? I have an appointment there, and I’m going to be late if I don’t get there soon,” she said, her voice soft yet strong. Her entire demeanor was putting him off. It felt like he should know who the girl is, but he couldn’t place his finger on it.

It was truly infuriating, really.

“Oh! Yes, I know where it is. Would you like me to walk you?” Izuku said, the words slipping out of his mouth before he could think of what he was going to say. The girl smiled quietly and nodded, before holding out her hand.

She seemed to blush ever so slightly. “Thank you. But, uh, I’m blind, and I don’t know where literally anything is. So, if you wouldn’t mind, could you please lead me?”

Izuku blinked, his eyes wide with the slightest hint of shock. “O-of course. My name is Midoriya Izuku. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

“Kousei Ukiyo. The pleasure is all mine,” she said as Izuku reached out and grabbed her hand.

Suddenly, a bolt of something odd rushed through him, like a drug being injected into his arm and circulating through his body. Izuku stiffened at the feeling, duly noting that it occurred the moment that he made contact with Kousei. He felt out of breath, and suddenly, his world erupted with color.

The sky turned a deep blue, a huge contrast to the baby blue it was before. There seemed to be neon signs lighting up in the alleged night, the non-existent stars twinkling above. What he believed to be spirits floated around, and creatures that were previously myths walked the streets, unseen by the humans rushing down the boulevard. There were faeries floating by shops and bars that were not there before, and time seemed to slow down and fall to the ground like the neon light hitting every surface available.

It was beautiful, to say the least.

Izuku turned to Kousei, looking for an explanation. But all she did was grin maniacally, her formerly soft smile morphing into something sadistic and paranormal. “I finally found you,” she said, her voice sounding like the hissing noise the subway would make once it came to a stop in the station of the Oweido-sen.

Kousei began to walk forwards towards the street, her spare hand reaching up and stealing the sunglasses from her face. Beneath were hidden beauties, eyes that glowed like how when moonlight hits a puddle of rainwater, it glows in that ethereal way.

They - no, she - was stunning.

And in that elysian moment, Izuku came to realize exactly what humanity was missing out on - what it gave up when it rejected magic for science. He came to realize that this hidden world was beautiful, something that used to be open to more than just him and Kousei.

He came to realize that this was the world that Kousei saw all the time.

He came to realize that this orphic world was the domain that belonged to only two people: Kousei Ukiyo and Midoriya Izuku.

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Kousei laughed as she dragged Midoriya through the streets, the wind flowing through her veins as the fey, demons, vampires, and werewolves alike turned towards the children in succession, bowing down towards the most powerful beings in the world. She could feel Midoriya’s confusion, which was understandable. Kousei made a mental note to explain what had happened and their relationship.

She just hoped that he didn't get too confused.


Izuku knew that something was up, especially considering the way these things were bowing to him as if he were some divine being. It was unsettling, the looks of awe and respect he was getting only furthering the feeling.

The next things Izuku knew, he and Kousei were standing outside of the hospital. “Wait,” Izuku said, his voice trembling and confused. “I thought you said you were blind?”

"Oh!” Kousei exclaims after a minute, throwing her head back and laughing lightly. “To most things, yes. I’ll explain everything soon, just trust me.”

So he did.

Kousei, her fingers still intertwined with his, led him down hallway after hallway, stairwell after stairwell. And eventually, she stopped in front of this huge ass door. “What the fu-” he began to say, narrowing his eyes. But he was cut off when the door opened, and what appeared to be dust flew out from behind it.

Little black hands wrapped around him, covering his mouth so he couldn't scream. The hands were also wrapping around Kousei, who appeared to be oddly calm. So he kind of just gave up and let it happen.

At least this would be an interesting way to go out.

After what felt like eons, Izuku and Kousei were finally let go with the former coughing up some sort of black tar and the latter removing her sunglasses once again. Kousei coughed once or twice, the action appearing to be polite yet angry.

And suddenly, everything went to shit real fast. At least, that’s what Izuku would have said if a small child with blood pouring from his empty eye sockets and a small, tattered, blood-stained teddy bear clutch in his arms hadn't bounced up and after a moment let out the most ear-piercingly shrill shriek he had ever heard.

So, instead of ‘everything went to shit real fast, ” Izuku decided to go with ‘fuck this, I guess I’m gonna die here.’

A really pleasant thought to have, by the way.

“Kiko! Is that any way to treat the Magician, of all people? And the first one in six thousand years!” Someone yelled, their figure slowly meandering up to where this Kiko was. Next thing Izuku knew, there was a teenage boy with dark inky purple hair, piercing blue eyes, and what seemed to be burnt skin stapled onto the boy’s skin was standing before Izuku, one hand of Kiko’s shoulder.

The boy bowed deeply, sincerity obvious in every action and word. “I’m extremely sorry for his behavior, honored Magician. Allow me to make it up to you,” the boy said. “My name is Dabi, and I am at your service until you deem that it is unnecessary.”

Izuku blinked. “I- okay?”

Kousei chuckled softly, squatting down to ruffle Kiko’s hair. “Really, Dabi, it’s fine. Kiko just startled Midoriya, is all. There’s no need to go to such lengths. Besides, I still need to explain everything.”

“Ah, of course, Alchemist.”

Kousei stood up from the young child before her and turned to Izuku, her hand stained red. “Well?” She prompted, holding out the bloodied hand. “Come with me, and I can explain.”

Izuku took a deep breath to steel himself before nodding and taking Kousei’s hand.

Cue darkness.


Kousei opened her eyes to the void that she and Izuku were simply floating in, not a single trace of fear or displeasure in her unseeing eyes. Wait, no, not unseeing. At least, not here. After watching Izuku flounder about in his panic for a few moments, she clapped her hands together and then proceeded to snap. Suddenly, two small plush couches appeared, a small coffee table, a tea set, and four decks of cards appeared. Izuku’s eyes widened at the sudden appearance of these new items, a look that rests on his face every time she begins this process.

Every time she had set him up for failure.

Guilt churned at the bottom of Kousei’s stomach, pushed away so that she could focus on the task at hand. “Take a seat,” Kousei said, her voice bouncy and delighted. “Please, Izuku.”

“I didn't say you could address me as such.”

Kousei scoffed. “Izuku, you’ll understand after you listen to what I have to say. Now, as I call you Izuku, you call me Ukiyo, or Uki, or Kiyo, or whatever. Sound fair?” Izuku nodded, taking a seat on one of the couches. Kousei smiles slightly.

“Now, as you may or may not have noticed, magic is real. Not some myth that humanity has claimed it is. Demons and gods and angels of every religion, faeries, werewolves, vampires, and every other urban legend or myth in the world is real. All of it is true, and all of it has happened. But there is a story that has been long forgotten - the story of The Alchemist and The Magician, i.e. you and I.”


Long ago, give or take sixteen thousand years ago, when humanity was just beginning to blossom, a trio of triplets were born. These three children were extremely close to one another, their bond so strong that almost anyone they would meet would say that it was magic.

And it was.

The three children were the world’s first connection between the mortal world and the magic world, and it soon grew from there. These children were of different alignments - the first, known as The Magician, was of the star’s alignment, giving him equal power over every aspect of magic. He specialized in card magic - from the Aquarian Tarot to the Japanese Oracle and Memory decks. It was his domain.

The second was known as The Alchemist, who was of the moon’s alignment. This gave her more power over things such as alchemy and witchcraft, which involve precision and patience, two things her siblings lacked in.

The third was known as The Sin, whose alignment was that of the sun. He had more power over things such as demons and the fey, specializing in monster hunting and control.

The three beings eventually became the most powerful beings in the world, working as a team to keep a balance between the two realms. Humanity and the Creatures of Soul, as they had been come to be known, thanked them for their dedication.

But one day, The Sin betrayed them. His hunger for control and power soon overtook him, leading him astray. His sibling attempted to console him, but he would not deviate from the path he had chosen. Soon enough, The Sin had total control over the Creatures of Soul and waged war on his siblings. Eventually, he was defeated, but not without leaving his mark on his siblings.

He cursed them.

The Sin cursed The Magician with endless reincarnation, his memories always stolen from him until he is reminded of them.

The Alchemist was cursed with immortality. Every time she died, she would be sent to Purgatory for a total of ten days before returning unharmed, memories intact.

They were both cursed to watch one another die.

The Sin also cursed himself to reappear every seven hundred years following his last death, no matter when that may be.

And thus, they were lost to the sands of time, humanity and the Creatures of Soul never crossing paths again. Humanity soon rejected magic and replaced it with science and religion, and soon magic was lost as well.

Not a single human soul remembers us now.


As Kousei finished her story, she folded her hands in her lap, her legs crossed in a dignified fashion. She looked like the CEO of some huge company, professional, respectable, and regal. A single glance at her could take Izuku’s breath away, she was that stunning. A few stray hairs framing her face simply added to the effect.

Izuku stared at the girl sitting in front of him in shock, words of confusion sitting on the tip of his tongue. Kousei looked at him slyly, a faint smile painted on her lips. “If you have questions, ask away,” she said, reaching out towards the teapot on the table before her.

“I- alright. What does all of this have to do with me?” Izuku asked, inspecting Kousei’s hands as she delicately picked up the teapot, pouring herself a cup of steaming chai tea. She raised her eyebrows and looked at him, then his teacup. Izuku nodded, gesturing for her to pour him a cup.

As the brown liquid flowed from the spout, Kousei thought on what she was going to say, eventually coming to a conclusion. “You, Midoriya Izuku, are the Magician. The first Magician in six thousand years,” she said, her voice faint and elegant. “I know that I sound crazy, but it’s true. And I haven’t even told you everything.”

Izuku gave her an incredulous look, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“Well, as I said before, The Alchemist and Magician are siblings, betrayed by their brother, The Sin. Again, as previously stated, The Sin is reborn every seven hundred years following his last death, or ‘save point,’ as you have called it before. Every time that he is reborn, he once again attempts to take over the world using his ability to control the beings in the magical world. And it is our duty, as his siblings, to stop him.”

Izuku took a deep breath, taking in this new and odd information. “Alright then.”

Kousei’s eyes lit up, the milky green orbs widening and seemingly sparking in the non-existent light. “Wow, you’re taking this a lot better than last time I explained this. And by the way, what I mean by ‘the first Magician in six thousand years,’ you know that I mean that you are the first fully powered Magician in six thousand years, right?”

Izuku stared at her blankly.

“... I’ll take that as a no, then.” Kousei sighed, sipping her tea. “Well, you have been reincarnated about 369 times over the last sixteen thousand years, but you have only reached your full potential once or twice. So, this time around, the likelihood of you reaching your full potential is much higher, considering that you have more magic stored within you from the last 369 times you got yourself killed.”

“Alright then, so what are these cards for?” Izuku asked, gesturing to the cards on the table.

Kousei set her teacup down and clapped her hands, smiling softly. “Well, you see, each time you are reincarnated, I try to collect the cards you have used in previous lives to give you a choice on what deck you would like to use to fight The Sin. I’ll be honest, nothing has worked remotely so far, and the only deck you haven’t used is the Aquarian Tarot.

“In short, the only decks I could find that are not under high security or in a museum are these four: The Aquarian Tarot, the Japanese Oracle Card, the Japanese Memory Cards, and the Poker Deck. So, I want you to choose the deck that you feel most drawn to,” Kousei said, pushing each deck towards him in slow succession.

Focusing on the cards, Izuku could feel a slight tugging towards the deck on the far left. He reached out and grabbed it, a cold sensation running up his arm. Kousei smiled.

“Congratulations, Midoriya Izuku. You have chosen to use the Aquarian Tarot deck.”

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Izuku, being the occasional dumbfuck that he was, decided to chug his scalding hot tea and almost burn his mouth off before asking about how to use the cards. Except, Kousei - Ukiyo, as he wanted him to call her, - beat him to the punch.

“You can use the A.T., which stands for Aquarian Tarot, obviously, to do thing such as readings, which is basically fortune telling, or you can call upon the spirit that resides in the card. For example, if you were to call on The Fool,” Kousei - goddamn it, Ukiyo, - grabbed the deck and pulled a random card, which was, in fact, The Fool, “you would then be able to lighten the mood, as The Fool encourages a person to lighten up on themselves. Now, if you used The Fool reversed, which would generally have a negative impact on a person, people around you or you yourself would have a sort of resistance to new ideas and or chances.

“Because you chose the A.T., you’ll have to learn each card’s purpose and what it detonates, both right way up and reversed. I’ll write down their meanings. But you also need to take into account each card’s suit and alignment. Cups go with Water, which are aligned with the moon, which is right up your alley. On the other hand, Wands are of Fire and the sun. Swords are of Air and of star alignment, and Pentacles are of Earth and star,” Ukiyo finished, handing Izuku the deck once again.

Izuku blinked, taking in the information he had been provided. “Wait, what does that have anything to do with how to use the A.T.?”

Ukiyo smiled softly. “Each card, because of their suit and alignment, can be either easier or more difficult to control. People aligned with the moon tend to have better control over  Cups and Pentacles, but we also need to find out which suit resonates with you the most. To do this, it’s literally the same thing as before, except with only the minor arcana cards in the deck.”

“Minor Arcana?”

“Oh, right. There are two distinct sets of cards in the tarot: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana cards are distinguished trump cards, but those aren’t important right now. The Minor Arcana cards are mostly used for everyday readings; you choose a card, and that card’s meaning is what you carry throughout the day.”

Izuku hummed in acknowledgment, his fingers sorting through the cards, picking out the major arcana cards, such as The Magician ( Huh, that’s odd, he thought.), The World, Justice, and The Fool. He proceeded to set the cards out on the coffee table in a sort of fan shape, the drew one. He showed Ukiyo the card, and she smiled. “I guess you connect with Swords more. This gives you a little more control over Sword cards, so you should be fine for the most part. But it’s odd, though.”

“What do you mean?” Izuku asked, his voice quiet.

Ukiyo pinched her eyebrows together as if she were thinking. “Well, for a moon aligned user to connect more with Swords, a card aligned with the sun, is rather out of the ordinary. It almost makes me think that you’re actually aligned with the stars, but you’re not. It’s odd.”

“But that’s fine! Anyway, I need you to work here at the hospital.”

Izuku blinked, his thoughts and theories about why he was connected to Swords more than Cups or Pentacles coming to a screeching halt. “I’m sorry, what?” he said, a dumbfounded look scrawled across his face.

Ukiyo laughed. “Well, sometimes we have Creatures who are injured come in here since some have normal human-esque lives. But I, at the moment, am the only one who can tend to them. Thus, I need some help. So, what do you say?”

“Of course,” He said, the words slipping out from under his tongue before he could even think.

“Great! I’ll get the paperwork, and then you’ll be certified to work here!”


The next thing Izuku knew, he was a second-year junior high student who was working at the hospital and a magic shop. And the only reason he worked at the magic shop was because the owner agreed to help him figure out what the fresh fuck he was doing.

So yeah, it was Ukiyo’s fault.

The two steadily grew closer together, until Ukiyo simply stopped meeting him in front of his school when it was time for their shift to start at the hospital.

Soon, she just stopped showing up for shifts.

Eventually, he finds her sitting in his living room, his mother and a strange man talking about something that escaped him. “Ukiyo?” Izuku had said as he entered the house after school, swinging by his room to drop off his large yellow bag.

Ukiyo swung her head around, panic flitting through her eyes at the sight of him.

(She could see the soft green light emitting from her age-old brother, just as she saw the sky as something darker, strange sights and sounds and scents abusing her senses as always.)

She abruptly stood up, collecting her few belongings before bowing deeply. “I- 'm sorry, Midoriya, but I don’t think this is going to work out too well. I should just leave,” she said, addressing Inko.

Inko and the man looked at her, confusion filling their eyes. “Why do you say that, Kousei?” The man asked, his eyes narrowing. “Are you going to have another flight mark on your record?” Ukiyo visibly flinched, the sight dropping a cold stone of worry into Izuku’s stomach.

“I-” Ukiyo began to say, obviously worried and anxiety-ridden.

“Ukiyo,” Izuku said suddenly, his voice quiet and soft. “Are you a foster child?”

Ukiyo looked down at her shoes, her hands twitching slightly. She didn’t say anything to him, instead addressing the man, who Izuku assumed to be her social worker. “Taneki, I don’t think this place is very good for me.”

The social worker, Taneki, shook his head. “Ukiyo, you don’t get a say in this anymore. After your last three flight marks, you don’t have a choice. This is final. I promise, they’ll be good to you.”

Ukiyo took a deep breath, her milky green eyes rising to meet Izuku’s viridian ones. She took off her sunglasses and tucked them into her hand.



Izuku sat awkwardly at the dinner table, the bowl of rice sitting before him casting steam upwards towards the sky. It was absolutely silent, aside from the occasional clatter of chopsticks or the quiet request for something, like the soy sauce. No one knew what to say, that is, until his mother, Inko, cleared her throat.

“Well, Ukiyo - Is it alright if I call you that?” She asked, her voice soft and slightly hesitant.

Ukiyo froze, her chopsticks halfway to her mouth. She blinked before setting them down, depositing the grains of rice back into her bowl. “Yes, it’s fine.”

“Great, you can call me Inko. Anyway, what school do you go to?”

Izuku noticed Ukiyo stiffen ever so slightly, her pastel green eyes widening ever so slightly. “Oh,” she said sheepishly, raising a hand to rub the back of her neck, “I - well, I used to go to Mashita Goi Junior High, but since I moved homes I can’t attend there anymore.”

“Well, then I suppose we can send you to the same school as Izuku. Orudera Junior High. Is that alright?” Inko said, her hands fidgeting in her lap. When Ukiyo nodded, she continued. “Great. Now, how do you know Izuku?”

This, in turn, caused Izuku to freeze. “Well,” he began, stammering his way through his answer. “I first met her when she was trying to find Musutafu University Hospital, and I showed her the way. Turns out she works there, and I ended up getting hired.” Inko raised her eyebrows slightly.

“You work at a hospital?”

“Yes? If you don’t like it, I can always quit.”

Inko raised her hand to scratch behind her ear. “Well, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s fine, as long as the two of you get your schoolwork done in a timely fashion.”

Izuku grinned like a maniac, scaring both Inko and Ukiyo.


Chapter Text

Ukiyo woke with a start, the bed she was laying on unfamiliar and stiff. Rolling onto her side, pale green eyes scanned the room she was in. The walls were painted a soft pink, which appeared to her as a deep neon green.

That was how her sight worked - she would see the opposite of what everyone else saw and what paranormal creatures saw. If someone saw words on a chalkboard, Ukiyo would see nothing. Colors became inverted and neon, the flames of people's’ souls would flare in the edges of her peripheral vision.

To Ukiyo, Izuku had neon pink hair and deep brown skin, his eyes pastel purple. His freckles decorated his face like how the stars decorated the sky, and the few scars he had looked like bloody red wounds. It troubled her - should she address his scars or not?

After what seemed to be forever but was truly an hour, Izuku walked into her room. “Ukiyo, you need to get up. We have school in 30 minutes,” he said, turning on the lights. Ukiyo flinched, eyes burning as she sat up, stretching and yawning quietly.

“‘Zuku?” She said, her voice groggy and tired. Izuku chuckled quietly before tossing her new uniform at her. “Wh- oh. Right. School,” Ukiyo groaned, slowly but steadily getting out of bed as Izuku turned to leave. When she heard the door click shut softly, Ukiyo grabbed her sunglasses and threw them on her face before putting on her uniform, wrapping the tie around her neck messily.

Unlike the boys uniform at Orudera Junior High, which were simple black military-like uniforms, the girls were forced to wear button-down shirts, blazers, skirts (Obviously.), ties, with an optional cotton sweater to go over the button down. Blazers were also optional, depending on the weather. Thus, Ukiyo hurriedly threw on her uniform and stuffed her Kokuyo Campus notebooks and binder into her messenger bag, accompanied by her small Totoro themed pencil case. She quickly snatched her phone and earbuds from her nightstand and threw her hair up into a sort of top knot.

Ukiyo rushed to the kitchen where Izuku was and made herself a little piece of egg for breakfast, the siblings working around each other in fluid and experienced motions that only siblings could have, as Izuku swiftly made their lunches. By the time they were finished, Ukiyo had a slightly burnt piece of tamagoyaki hanging out of her mouth and Izuku was holding his sister’s bento box, watching as Ukiyo clumsily grabbed the canister of coffee he had made her as she stuffed her feet into a pair of pastel yellow converse.

And thus, the two began the trek to school.


Izuku laughed as Ukiyo scarfed down her piece of tamagoyaki, handing her the small bento he had made for her. The two chattered like blackbirds as they walked to school, occasionally greeting the Creature they passed if they knew them, such as the faeries standing outside the bar they passed almost every morning.

And then they ran into one Bakugou Katsuki, and everything went to shit.

“Deku,” Bakugou growled, violently shoving Izuku aside as he made his way down the street. “Made another nerd friend, huh? Guess quirkless people flock to one another.”

Izuku froze, every muscle in his body stiffening as his eyes widened, cold fear and the words ‘You aren’t good enough,’ pouring through his veins and pounding in his head. That is until Ukiyo lunged forward and grabbed Bakugou by the arm, whipping the blonde around to face her. “What the fresh fuck did you just say?” She hissed, her voice low and menacing.

“W- wait, Ukiyo, I’m fine-” Izuku began to say, but she cut him off with a cold and hard stare from over her sunglasses. And then Izuku realized that since they were right in front of the school, everyone was staring.

“No one fucks with my brother, you understand? You’re a third year in junior high, stop acting like you’re better than literally everyone just because you have a top tier quirk. You aren’t superior by any means, Bakugou,” Ukiyo growled, spitting the other boy’s name like it was a curse. “Not mentally, not physically, and sure as hell not biologically. So get your shit together, because if you don’t, I can promise that everything you have and will be working for will be taken from you.” And with that, Ukiyo, who was holding her opponent by the collar of his shirt (Despite her being shorter than him.), dropped Bakugou to the ground, grabbed Izuku, and stormed into the building, not letting Bakugou get a word in edgewise.

When the two entered, they headed towards class 3-4, the advanced class, and sat down in their seats. “What the hell was that, Ukiyo?” Izuku grumbled, obviously uncomfortable with his sibling confronting his longtime bully. “Why-?” He was cut off by Bakugou plopping down in the desk in front behind Ukiyo, completely enraged. But before he had the chance to snap at Ukiyo, their homeroom teacher walked in.

“Hello, class, and welcome back for your third and final year before high school! I am Kobayashi Touku, your homeroom teacher. Today we will be going over basic stuff, such as class representatives, clubs, and introductions,” Kobayashi said, standing behind the podium at the front of the room.

A student at the back of the class - Haru Kaito, if Izuku remembered correctly, - raised his hand. “But, Kobayashi-sensei, we don’t have any new students,” he said, his voice quiet and faint, yet sturdy and warm. Kobayashi clucked his tongue as if he were disappointed in his student.

“Yes, we do, Haru. Everyone, meet Kousei Ukiyo. She-” Kobayashi began, but he was quickly cut off by Izuku’s interjection.

“Excuse me, Kobayashi-sensei, but I believe that Ukiyo can introduce herself,” he said, causing the entire class to break out in whispers. ‘They’re on a first name basis?’ They questioned, wondering about the two oddballs’ relationship with one another.

Kobayashi coughed, mildly surprised at Izuku’s, who was normally the quiet and complacent student, outburst. “O-oh, of course. Kousei, how about you come up and tell us a bit about yourself?”

Everyone stared as Ukiyo slowly stood up and made her way to the front of the classroom, her eyes looking straight ahead, not even glancing at anyone else. When Ukiyo finally made it up, she turned to face the class, her expression bored and tired. “My name is Kousei Ukiyo, and I sincerely wish I could either a) take a nap, b) go home, c) get the fuck out of this dumpster called a school,” Ukiyo said, her voice flat and monotone. The entire class began to snicker as Izuku gazed at his sister, absolutely appalled. “Any questions?”

Haru raised his hand once again. “Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?” He asked, cocking one of his eyebrows upwards.

“I’m blind. Next?”

This time, a girl name Kanna Himari, asked a question. “What’s your quirk?” Ukiyo paused, pondering over what she should say.

“Witchcraft,” she said, her voice still as flat and bored as before, “is probably the best name for it. I can use things such as runes, talismans, sigils, spells, you get the drill. Now,” Ukiyo said, pausing to think about what to say. “Chinese fire drill.”

And then, chaos ensued.

Everyone jumped up from their seats, gathering their stuff as quickly as humanly possible before rushing to another desk that was not directly in front of them, to their side,  behind them, or at a diagonal of them. Ukiyo smirked as she watched the people before her scurry around the room, a mild fear coursing through their veins. As everyone settled down, she proceeded to her seat, and since there was a kid in it - Ichika Mio - Ukiyo shoved her out and plopped down, high fiving Izuku on her way down since her brother hadn’t bothered to move even an inch. Ichika, slightly shocked at the fact that this new girl had just shoved her out of the seat and taken it, scrambled to gather herself and proceeded to find another seat. Kobayashi coughed once before nodding slightly. “Alright. These are your new seats for the rest of the year, because I don’t want to have to deal with you all moving again. If anyone ,” Kobayashi said, turning to glare at Ukiyo, who smiled innocently in return, “causes another Chinese fire drill, they will have to go speak with the principal. Do I make myself clear?”

After a chorus of ‘Yes, sensei,’ the day went on. That is until the day ended.

Chapter Text

And so, time passed. Izuku worked with Ukiyo and the the others at the hospital, honing his craft with the help of his sister. Ukiyo continued to give Bakugou shit about bullying Izuku, and rose steadily through the class rankings with her unpecedented genius. Ten months came and passed, and soon enough it was the week of the U.A. entrance exams. 


An exam of which Izuku and Ukiyo were not taking part of. 




“Heh, I guess you finally came to your senses, fuckwad,” Bakugou spat, an arrogant grin decorating his face. “Realized that you really are useless, huh?” 


Izuku frowned, a patient yet blank expression adorning his soft features. “Actually, Bakugou,” Izuku started, internally smirking at how Bakugou flinched when he used his last name instead of ‘Kachan.’ “I’m not applying to U.A. because I have my sights set on the Hosu Institution of Sciences and Arts.”


Silence overtook the classroom, students staring at Izuku in shock. “But isn’t that one of the best universities in the country..?” Haru asked, his voice faint from shock. 


At that new realization, the class exploded, yelling about how Izuku ‘wasn’t and never would be good enough,’ and ‘how they would never accept a quirkless kid like you.’ This was also accompanied by the complaints about how he was supposed to be lesser then the rest of them. Yet Izuku simply sat there patiently, so thankful that Ukiyo wasn’t in school today. 


“I’m actually going to H.U. for their philosophy course with a scholarship. All expenses are covered.” These people have no idea about how Ukiyo managed to do this for me, do they. “Although I did have quite a nice conversation with Nedzu concerning my education. I’ll probably be coming in every now and then and working with the heroics course.” 


Izuku actually had no idea why he was telling these people this. They had no reason to know. 

Silence once again settled over them, at least until Bakugou decided to just go off on Izuku. 


“Excuse me?” The blonde hissed, the vemon in his tone clear as the neon signs that decorate the streets below. “You really think that a useless, worthless, quirkless idiot like you can skip over high school completely and say that you’ll be coming in to work with the hero students at fucking U.A.? Who the hell do you think you are?” While saying this, Bakugou turned around in his seat and grabbed the collar of Izuku’s jacket, dragging him across his desk until the green haired boy’s face was mere inches away from his. 


Despite this degrading response to his previous statement, Izuku look the same as ever. A bored, blank slate expression scrawled across his face. “I think,” Izuku said, then paused to frown ever so slightly before continuing.


I think that I am a student who is excelling. I think that, despite my quirklessness, despite you assholes telling me that I can’t do anything, I’m going to be better off then 90% of the people in this room. I think that you, Bakugou Katsuki, are simply a bully who destroies other people’s dreams and self esteem in order to boost your confidence and ignore your insecurites, believing that you’re better then most people,” Izuku said, his voice bored and monotonous as he said his bit. 


And just as he finished, the final bell rang, causing Izuku to stand up, collect his yellow bag, and leave. However, he turned back to face Bakugou once more when he was standing in the doorway, a ten million watt smile on his face. “Have a nice day, Bakugou!” 


Thus, he left, leaving Bakugou and the rest of the class stuned at the boy’s words.