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Phantom Pain *On Hold*

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When The Avengers entered the briefing room there was already someone there. She was young, stunning and made the hair on the back of Bucky’s neck stand up.


He was trained to look for details, to see past the obvious and look for potential threats and weaknesses. His eyes roamed over you, taking in everything. At first glance, you seemed like a little rich girl who thought too much of herself and nothing more but simmering below the surface was so much more.


Your expensive high heels were well worn on the soles, but not so much they needed replaced. Your clothes were all tailor fitted except the cashmere cardigan wrapped around you. You were rich yes, but not spoilt. You wore your favorite shoes often and favored comfort over fashion.


The way you held yourself oozed confidence, from your casual leaned back position in the chair to your legs crossed at the ankle. But you weren’t posing or flashing yourself off. You weren’t the most conventionally attractive woman in the world, though not ugly by any stretch of the imagination. You sat in a way that let people see as much or as little of you as they chose, indicating that you didn’t care either way. Confident but not egotistical.


“I think you’re in the wrong room.” Bucky said, forgoing a polite greeting.


“No, I’m not.” You responded, almost dismissively.


“Miss King, you’re the heir to King Inc, the global tech company?” Sam asked and Bucky frowned.


He hadn’t heard of you or the company but judging by the reactions of everyone in the room he was the only one in the dark.


Tony chose that moment to sweep into the room and you smirked at him.


“Mr Snark.” You said with faux politeness.


“Well if it isn’t my favorite hot mess.” He said back with equal fervor.


You grinned and stood up, hugging him.


“So why have you summoned me?” You asked him.


“That was me, I asked you to come.” Bruce said, rushing into the room.


Your expression softened as you embraced the scientist warmly and to Bucky’s surprise, the normally nervous and timid man embraced you back.


His mind immediately spun through the possibilities. Were you a relative? You didn’t look like one but that didn’t rule it out.


“We have a security issue, as in security we need to get through. We need access to Hydra files but we don’t want them to know that we know what they are up to. We need a quiet way inside their system, without them noticing we were ever there.” Bruce explained, getting straight to the point.

“So you want me to break through Hydra’s cyber system?” You asked with what Bucky swore was relief.


Well, that piqued his curiosity.


“If you don’t mind?” Bruce asked.


“She’d be happy to.” Tony cut in and you raised a brow at him.


Everybody waited impatiently while you and Stark had a mini stare off.


“What am I missing here? How is, no offense, a socialite going to help us break into Hydra?” Sam asked.


“None taken, and as well as being a pampered little princess I happen to be an excellent hacker. The best in fact.” You grinned.


“Debatable.” Tony coughed.


“How many times have I hacked your systems Snark? Twelve?”


“Thirteen I believe.” Friday interjected.


“Miss King is extremely talented, if anyone can get in it’s her.” Bruce added.


“So you’ll do it.” Natasha said and it wasn’t a question.


“I have some spare time, why not? Friday, you going to help me out with this?”You asked.


“Of course Miss King, it will be a pleasure to work with you again.”The AI responded.


“You’re only saying that because I’ve been inside you.”You said with a wicked smirk.


“Yet you still haven’t bought me dinner.”Friday sarked back.


“Ohhh, Minx.”You sassed back.


“Hey, no, stop flirting with my AI, and Friday stop flirting back!” Tony admonished.


“I’m going to need a lot more information about what I’m looking for.” You informed them, waving off Tony’s protests.


“I’ll show you what you need shall I?” Tony said and gesturing to the door.


“I’ll do it.” Bruce said quickly, standing up.


“It was nice to meet you all, seriously, I’m a big fan of The Avengers. Except for Iron Man, that guy is overrated.”You said, waving at them as you left.


“Says the B-List Kardashian.” Tony retorted, raising his voice so you could hear him as you walked away.


“Weak, you’re losing your edge Snark.” You called back.


The Avengers immediately launched into Tony with a verbal interrogation about who you were, how Bruce and Tony knew you and whether you could be trusted.


“A hacker?e Really? I can barely switch my computer on, that’s why I just leave it in sleep mode.” You said to Bruce as he led you away.


“Sorry, we had to tell them something. It wasn’t a complete lie though, you can bypass all their security. And Stark’s.” He said with an apologetic shrug.


“Perks of being The Phantom Brucey. Perks of being dead.”