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“10 tips on getting your omega to take your knot!”

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Luo Binghe loved everything about his husband. From the tips of his toes to the top of the immortal’s head, everything about him was lovable to this Luo Binghe. From his frowns to his flushed averted gaze and definitely to his rare smiles hidden behind his fans, every facet of Shen Qingqiu was something Luo Binghe held as a well kept secret—something he, and only Luo Binghe, knew.

Though he loved everything about his shizun, that didn’t mean he didn’t have a favorite side to Shen Qingqiu. Undeniably, out of all of them, his favorite was when Shen Qingqiu was assertive in bed. (Though outside of their bedroom wasn’t too bad either!) Binghe would even go as far to admit, if prompted, that he liked it when his husband got bossy, or scolded him for some minor transgression. However, the time where he could embrace this Shizun was far and in between, since this assertive side of Shizun’s only popped up once every three months or so.

“B—Binghe,” Shen Qingqiu squirmed under Luo Binghe’s hold on his waist, keeping him suspended in the air. Luo Binghe teased his husband’s rim with the head of his cock. The immortal whined with heavy pants, his voice reverberating through his body as he tried to force himself down. However, Luo Binghe was undeniably the stronger of the two, and so Shen Qingqiu was left there to writhe, desperately chasing after his pleasure.

In a world divided in threes, Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe were born of opposite spectrums: one omega and the other an alpha. As a young boy, Luo Binghe had numerous dreams about his shizun back then, some soft in nature, full of chaste kisses pressed to his forehead, and some on the raunchier side with flushed skin and pitched moans. Both were rejected by his younger self, embarrassed and ashamed to feel such a way for his shizun, his mentor, the untouchable immortal of the Xiu Ya sword. But now, pairs of jade rings smelted from his mother’s memento worn on their ring fingers, Luo Binghe wondered how well his younger self would take to the sight he sees before him, with his shizun—his husband —unraveling just to be held by him. Surely, Luo Binghe chuckled as he loosened his grip on his husband’s waist and allowed him descend, his boyish past would faint.

Oh ,” the breath Shen Qingqiu released was far from pure, his eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks, his thighs trembled under his own weight. Fully speared by Luo Binghe’s cock, Shen Qingqiu bit back a sob, his chest heaving. He took a deep breathe before he released another pleasured hum that went straight down, and Luo Binghe can feel himself hardening with his husband’s clenching, the tightness pleasant for them both.

In the past, Shen Qingqiu had initially enforced their three days and an additional night schedule to accommodate his heats. This would also allow him to wean off his medication that he was so entirely dependent on. With each subsequent heat, Luo Binghe’s shizun’s heats slowly grew less intense over time, and the two of them were able to properly integrate into their blooming relationship outside of the bedroom.

However, with their feverous coupling over their years, the interval between his heats had drastically became further apart. It was a shame to Binghe, who often enjoyed how his shizun would chase after his disciple and crumble into his arms when Shen Qingqiu’s heat hit, how his courage grew throughout the week to correspond with his needs, and how he was intoxicated by Luo Binghe’s scent as Binghe was with his. Though Binghe mourned over the loss loosely. After all, given the law of equivalent exchange, he got more time for their nightly activities as the excuse to care for his shizun’s heats grew looser and looser over time.

Shen Qingqiu groaned, struggling once more under Luo Binghe’s grasp, keeping him seated. His squirming was more successful this time, being able to brush against his prostate if the way he arched his back with a low groan was any indication. The heat of his insides were so pleasant, each attempted movement going straight to him clenching down, and even Luo Binghe himself could not help but want to grind against him. But he wanted to tease his husband a bit more, having been kicked from the bedroom some days before for this and that. So Binghe huffed, pouting, and lifted his husband up, once more teasing his rim.

Shen Qingqiu cried at the sudden emptiness, and looked down at Binghe with a scandalous look on his face. Luo Binghe only grinned with full teeth, his eyes turning crescents, as he addressed his husband, his shizun. Internally, Luo Binghe’s heart began to pound heavy against his chest, feeling the slick leaving Shen Qingqiu’s entrance to drip onto his dick.

“Is something the matter, husband?” He asked with the boyish, innocent tone that he knew Shen Qingqiu was weak against, to make him not scold the other with force.

It, of course, worked. His husband’s brows furrowed and his teeth pull on his bottom lip, worrying the thin layer of skin there. It took him a moment and some deep breaths, but he eventually managed to get his words out. “No, this… husband simply wondered why his spouse decided to cease our coupling.” The way Shen Qingqiu’s chest heaved, matching his needy breath, made nothing this world capable of wiping the smile off Luo Binghe’s face. His body struggled against Luo Binghe’s grasp, but he could still sway his bottom to and fro, trying desperately to at least catch a fraction of Luo Binghe’s tip against his wet hole.

Despite lying down, his hair spread out underneath him and his head propped with a pillow, Luo Binghe still managed to tilt his head to the side. “Oh? This husband simply wondered how Shizun would like to bedded today. Won’t you tell this one?”

His husband’s face twisted even more, ripples of lines splitting his face, and Luo Binghe can tell even from his angle that Shen Qingqiu was gritting his teeth. On a normal day, his shizun would simply twist his gaze away and—if his fan is nearby—slap him upside the head for his attempt at troublemaking. But in the throes of his heat, searing his body from top to bottom, he was much easier to coax into saying such pleasant things.

Luo Binghe’s ears perked at the mumbled words that pass through his husband’s lips, but feeling rather brave today, he acted as if he didn’t. “What was that, husband?” He hummed, rubbing the other’s bottoms, which shake when he presses into the skin.

“This, your husband would like to be taken right now,” came the murmured plea. Luo Binghe couldn’t help but try once more, to hear such words from his wonderful spouse, his lovely husband.

“How should this humble one pleasure his husband then, hm?” The flush of Shen Qingqiu’s face, slowly dripping down his neck and kissing the freckles of his shoulders, were all too delicious to bear.

“That… this… I would like to be filled,” Shen Qingqiu’s covered his face with a hand, his eyes tightly closed shut, and his voice dropped in volume as he muttered, “by you, please.”

“Then Husband wouldn’t have any problem doing it himself, hm?” Binghe laughed, not really meaning it and allowed his grip to loosen, already excruciatingly hard. But Shen Qingqiu, to his surprise (or is it really a surprise if his husband is always surprising him?), immediately took the opportunity to rub himself onto Binghe’s cock, his hole lovable and allowed easy access to have Shen Qingqiu fully fill himself. When his bottom met Luo Binghe’s hips, Shen Qingqiu let out a moan, his head tilting back and his hands rubbing his stomach which protruded a little from Binghe’s size. In his surprise, Luo Binghe did nothing as Shen Qingqiu chased after his own pleasure like that, messily lifting himself by holding onto Luo Binghe’s sides and riding him. It seemed he was able to use Binghe to brush against his prostate enough, his movements stilting and muscles spasming whenever he found it, but Shen Qingqiu had always been the messier one in those kinds of things, always the lazy one to be twisted under Binghe’s whims. It didn’t take him long to collapse under his own weight and tucking himself into Luo Binghe’s chest, heaving.

His hole clenched tight around Luo Binghe’s member, he gasped weakly. “Binghe, Binghe, ah, this master, this husband, can’t—”

Luo Binghe didn’t need to be told twice. Almost immediately, he reversed their positions. He pushed Shen Qingqiu down onto the bed, the movement so harsh that the mattress creaked under their weight. He folded the man in half, licking a gasp from his lips, and settled between his husband’s thighs. He ate up a kiss for good measure, felt the tremors rolling through Shen Qingqiu’s body with a hum.

Had it been like their first night, his shizun would’ve probably hidden his face immediately, still a bit embarrassed at such a form and not knowing where else to put his shaking hands. However, they have already done this and that and then some, and so Shen Qingqiu gasped for air, his head pushing back against the pillows and his black ivory hair spread out under him like a halo. “Ah, ah, ah —”

Shen Qingqiu was quite lovable, pliant and wet around Luo Binghe’s cock. Every so often, the man’s insides would clench tighter, trying to suck him further in, and there was a warmth that flooded Luo Binghe’s heart when he did so.

He dragged his dick along the insides of his husband, hearing the pleasant hiss intermingling his moans. Shen Qingqiu keened, his legs twitching under Luo Binghe’s hold, as he rubbed in that sweet spot they were both all too familiar with. He cried as Binghe rolled his hips to tease that spot for a bit, pulling out a little before pushing back with a greater force. Without even needing to see them, Luo Binghe could feel Shen Qingqiu’s toes curl as his chest heaved. Shen Qingqiu clenched hard around the base of his dick as well, slopping and wet from his own slick that grew more in quantity with each passing moment. The warmth welcoming, Luo Binghe threw away the thought of taking it slow, and rushed to pull out with just his tip inside before slamming it back in.

The reaction he got, his shizun’s mouth agape as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, his thighs twitching in Luo Binghe’s grasp, made it all too worth it.

He gave his shizun thousands upon thousands of kisses, had gotten some hundred back, but could nevertheless felt pure joy at this. This coupling, this night among hundreds of the past and thousands promised to the future. Just like that, Luo Binghe cupped the sides of his husband’s waist, and had their bodies meet in fierce thrusts. Every time Shen Qingqiu would gasp, a particular spot stroked and teased, tears falling from his eyelashes and his mouth hanging open, Luo Binghe would chase after his master’s mouth and intertwined their tongues. He tried his best to make sure he wasn’t nipping or biting as he used to in his youth, but sometimes he couldn’t help it. There was always something about taking Shen Qingqiu so intimately, face to face, and seeing the effects of his actions right then and there still made him as excited as a young pup learning how to walk. He couldn’t help it.

It didn’t help that Shen Qingqiu found his ministrations more enjoyable during his heat than outside of it as well. He accepted each rough kiss with eagerness, locking his legs behind Luo Binghe’s back, rocking his hips to meet Luo Binghe’s own, a gasp being ripped from him every time they rutted against the other. Shen Qingqiu tugged at his hair every time Luo Binghe had to lift himself to adjust their position, his thrusts growing rougher and rougher, his hands leaving indents as his grip became insufferable.

He couldn’t help but tease, feeling a little mischievous. "A-Yuan, is this husband doing okay? Is he hitting his husband’s sweet spots? Is he making his A-Yuan feel good?” He murmured against the other’s ear. Using that name earns him a hiss and “Shen Qingqiu’s” clawed his back, dragging a sweet heat along his shoulder blades. A shudder passed his husband’s body, and Luo Binghe was stopped from thursting any further—fully seated inside the other, walls tight and throbbing. Shen Qingqiu’s chest heaved up and down heavily, tears falling down his cheeks, his eyes staring straight to the ceiling as he caught his breath.

There was something sticky between Luo Binghe’s and Shen Qingqiu’s abdomen. How adorable, Binghe couldn’t help but think, nibbling at his husband’s neck, splaying kisses all over his collarbone as he waited for the other to calm himself a bit. Shen Qingqiu was always sensitive to that name, and Luo Binghe used it sparingly, never sure how his husband would react. But it always filled Luo Binghe with a sense of pride, when he was able to make Shen Qingqiu flush at the mere whisper of it from his lips.

“S… stop… teasing,” Growled his husband as he gritted his teeth, burying his face into Luo Binghe’s shoulder and mouthing his moans out that way. Already, their coupling has made a mess on their sheets. There was a line of drool that dripped down Shen Qingqiu’s chin as their movements become faster. Once his husband gave the affirmative that he was ready for another round, ultimately having Luo Binghe press the other man against the wall and taking him like that, they once more began their seemingly mindless rutting.

Shen Qingqiu clung to him, nails digging themselves into his skin as he desperately tried to hang on. Luo Binghe didn’t mind, finding it endearing and lovable how Shen Qginqiu clung onto him like a koala to bamboo. He lowered his hands, and stretched his entrance, plunging deep and rushing to kiss the other, feeling the pressure build in his dick, his knot swelling. He played with the other’s rim for a bit, before actually spreading his husband a bit more to fully take his knot. Shen Qingqiu, had he not already been tearing up, he would’ve most likely started bawling on the spot. Despite himself, Luo Binghe felt a part of his belly hum pleasantly at the thought.

They stayed connected like that, Luo Binghe completely sheathed into his husband—knot and all—for a long moment.

“A-Yuan loves this humble one so much, hm?” He whispered into the other’s ear, noted each shake of his thighs as they struggled to keep them locked behind Luo Binghe’s back, and each shiver along his husband’s spin. “This humble one loves him so much too. You’re so beautiful, taking my knot like this. Even with your slick hole it’s a bit difficult to take, hm? This one understands. This one shall do his best to show his thanks.”

Shen Qingqiu hiccuped wetly, scrambling for better purchase, curling his body into Luo Binghe’s until there wasn’t any gap between their bodies. “Binghe, please, more, more, ah .”

“Whatever Husband asks,” Binghe pressed a kiss to the other’s temple, before capturing his lips, their kiss more teeth than tongue, “this one shall serve.”

Shen Qingqiu caught his lips this time, licking Luo Binghe’s bottom lips with a whimper.

Really, half a week every three months really wasn’t enough.