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Seven in One

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Hux licked the blood off his lip, felt the beginning of swelling with his tongue as he pulled Ren through the door to his bedroom. They had started in his adjacent private office this time, with a kiss and Hux’s hand squeezing Ren’s balls far too painfully. He had gotten the answer he wanted, though, that beautiful fucking fist slamming into his face and knocking him back against the wall, making his head spin for just a second as Ren grabbed him for another punishing kiss.

Now they were where they were supposed to be, the only place where Hux found Ren not only tolerable, but absolutely irresistible. He crushed their mouths together again as he clasped Ren’s ridiculously long hair and pulled sharply, making him growl against his lips. Hux let his tongue sweep through his mouth, then pulled off to mouth his way over that chiseled jaw to his ear. Ren’s hands were suddenly at his ass, squeezing, spreading his cheeks through his pants, and Hux repaid him for that with a hard bite to his earlobe, buried his teeth in the soft skin until the same fist that had made his lip bleed earlier rammed into his stomach and knocked the air out of him.

Hux let go of Ren’s ear in reflexive shock, and Ren used the split second to grab his hips and turn him around. A hand on Hux’ back pushed him forward with such force that he fell face-first onto his bed, and then another hand grabbed the back of his head and pushed down while the first pulled his collar back sharply, making him gasp as his uniform collar choked him.

Ren’s hands made fast work of his uniform, and before he knew it he was naked and strong hands were digging into his triceps, pushing him down while Ren, still in his robes, pressed against his ass.

“Hold still,” he growled as he let go of his arms, blood rushing to the places he had squeezed before, making Hux sure that there would be beautiful bruises there tomorrow. The Knight obviously didn’t trust Hux to obey, though, because just a moment after his arms were freed, he felt one of those strong hands on his neck, pushing him down while the other one was occupied with his robes. Hux knew that he could have held him easily with the Force, but Ren liked holding him physically, showing Hux that the Force was not the only reason he was powerless against him.

Finally the push of something hot and hard against the small of his back told Hux that Ren was as naked as he was. The hand vanished from his neck and Ren grabbed his hips, pushed them up until Hux pulled his knees under his body and pressed his ass against Ren’s crotch.

“Get in,” he gasped, reaching back to pull one of his ass cheeks to the side for easier access. Ren didn’t bother with fingers – he never did anymore, since Hux had told him that he really, really didn’t need to be fingered opened every fucking time when they were fucking two or three times a week – and this time Hux hadn’t prepared himself either, so Ren would have to fuck into him dry. It hurt a little at the beginning, though that had a lot more to do with Ren’s absolutely ridiculous cudgel of a cock than anything else, but Hux revelled in the pressure and the pull, the slight burn as Ren slid home.

Hux felt incredibly tempted to just relax into Ren’s viselike grip on his hips and let himself be fucked so well that he’d forget everything that wasn’t their two bodies, but there was something he wanted from Ren, and he knew that this was the best moment to ask him. He couldn’t imagine that Ren would have the mental capacity to deny him anything he asked for while he was balls-deep inside of him, just about to ride his ass raw.

He felt Ren pull back to start fucking him, so he reached back and pushed his nails into Ren’s thigh.


Ren immediately did as he was told. Hux had to admit that he was admirably obedient in the bedroom, if nowhere else.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, and even though Hux wouldn’t call his tone of voice ‘concerned’, he could definitely hear his frown. The question, though, made Hux laugh.

“If I didn’t want it to hurt I’d fuck Mitaka, Ren,” he said, then squeezed around Ren in a sort of reassurance. “There’s something I want.”

“What would you want right now that’s more important than me pounding your ass?” Ren asked, petulantly now, and slapped Hux’ buttock.

Hux let out a low sigh and arched his back, which earned him another slap. Stars, he wanted to be fucked so badly. But no, in a second. Now he needed to get this out there, or he might not ever find the necessary courage and shamelessness to ask for what he wanted.

“I want…” Hux’s voice broke, which made him stop in surprise. He licked his lips as Ren tensed behind him, as if that sudden change in Hux’s tone had startled him. “I want to…” Hux closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then pushed back against Ren’s crotch to ground himself. As if trying to soothe him, Ren started to move in slow, circular patterns inside him.

“Tell me what you want,” Ren rasped, then gave him a quick, shallow thrust. “As long as it ends with me inside your tight little ass, you know I’m game.”

Hux closed his eyes as he felt his cheeks heat. How very, very undignified. Kneeling on his bed with his co-commander’s cock completely inside him was one thing, but blushing like a virgin was something completely different, and he didn’t like how powerless it made him feel. Just as he didn’t like the feeling of excitement that was curling in his belly, like the nausea-like rush of zero gravity.

Okay, that was a lie. He actually liked that feeling a lot.

“I want your Knights to fuck me,” he pushed out, in one fast, hasty breath.

Ren’s rotating hips stilled. “You… Would you care to repeat that?”

Hux couldn’t read the tone of his voice, didn’t know if it was surprised, shocked, intrigued. It made his cheeks heat even worse.

“I want your Knights to fuck me,” he murmured, eyes tightly closed, because he felt like he was going to fall if he opened them. “All of them, one after the other, while you watch.”

There was silence for a moment, and then suddenly Kylo gripped his hips hard and started to pull out. Hux immediately panicked – had he gone too far? Was he going to lose the best fuck of his life because he’d told him that he wanted his underlings to use him like Ren used –

But then Ren thrust into him with such a force that it would have made Hux fly forward if it hadn’t been for the grip onhis hips.

“And here I thought you only got creative with your blueprints, General,” Ren whispered, and he could hear the heat in his voice, could feel his hot breath as Ren bent over his back and licked over the patch of skin behind his ear. Hux let out a surprised gasp, which turned into a desperate moan as Ren gave him another thrust, shallower, but harder than the one before. He started pounding into him rhythmically, hard shallow stabs that came faster and faster.

“So you want my Knights to fuck you, hm?” There was nothing of the earlier surprise left, just Ren’s infuriating smugness and that intoxicating, lustful growl. “You do realize that it wouldn’t just be like seven of me fucking you, right? My Knights aren’t your whores, General.” His thrusts became harder again, punishing, excruciating. Hux felt he was going to die from pleasure.

“Oh no,” Ren continued, wrapping his thickly muscled arms around Hux’s chest and pulling him close to him while he kept rutting his ass hard. “If I asked them to do that, you would be their whore. I’d let them do whatever they want to you, as long as they don’t give you any lasting damage. I’d let them use you and beat you and ridicule you to their hearts’ content. I’d let them bruise you and fill you with cum until you’re crying and begging for them to stop, and then I’d take you for myself, fuck your spunk-filled, loose hole until I’d fill you too.”

He was talking himself into a frenzy, and his thrusts were losing their rhythm but gaining pure brutality, making tears rise in Hux’s eyes. His hard, dripping cock was swinging freely beneath them, with Ren’s hands so close but not touching, driving Hux absolutely mad with his words and his cock.

“They’re vicious fuckers too, all of them,” he groaned in Hux ear as his fingers found Hux’s nipples, squeezing them brutally. “And they’re already quite curious why I would spend so much time with somebody as ornery as you, General…” He licked his ear again, broad wet sweeps of his tongue, as oversized as the rest of him. Usually Hux would have reached back and pulled his head away by the hair, but right now, even that slimy, disgusting feeling made him moan as he imagined being used properly, being subdued by seven strangers, being made to take whatever they wanted to give him.

“I want it,” he whispered, his voice hardly more than a moan as he pushed back against Ren’s cock. “Please, please, I want it, I want it so much, give me to them, give me to them…”

And then Ren let go of his nipples and pushed himself up, grabbed Hux’s shoulder with one hand and his cock with the other and drove himself into Hux with such force that Hux couldn’t help yelling out in white-hot, absolutely overwhelming pleasure. He came over Ren’s hand, carried by that vicious fuck and the thought of being manhandled, used, whored out, spurt after spurt while Ren fucked him through it. Finally Ren came himself, spilling his first load deep inside him, but then he pulled out and let the rest of his orgasm spray over Hux’s back.

With an exhausted groan, Ren sank down next to Hux, whose knees now finally gave out. He winced a little when he felt the wet spot on the mattress against his skin, but he still didn’t move, just enjoyed the afterglow and the slightly painful pull in his well-used ass.

They lay like that for a while, breathing together, not talking, just enjoying each other’s company and the wonderful ache in their bodies after a nice, hard fuck. This was pretty much the only time when they could actually be together like this: silent, not fighting, not bitching at each other, not trying to one-up the other. Hux always felt a little weird after a fuck, not because of the fucking itself but because of this silence, this phase of nearly companionable co-existence. If it were anybody else, he’d walk out of the room, have a shower and go back to work, but to be honest, he wasn’t sure if his legs would carry him right now.

“So when do you want to do that thing?” Ren suddenly asked. Hux opened his eyes unwillingly and glanced over to him. His brain felt so fogged up that he couldn’t make sense of his words.

Ren looked at him with a raised eyebrow and a grin he was trying and failing to conceal. “The thing with my Knights. I’ll need a little time to make sure that everybody is off duty for a night, so it’d be helpful if you had a timeframe in mind or something.”

Hux closed his eyes again. Right. He had actually asked Ren. It was a good thing that his body felt as if it was filled with lead, because otherwise he wasn’t sure if he could have kept himself from rutting against the wet spot on his mattress.

“I’ll send you a memo later,” he muttered, and turned his head away from Ren’s grinning face.