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until dawn headcanons yeet

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hannah n sam are the mom friends yall can fight me on that

josh would sell his soul for a good ol bag of takis

emily takes dance classes n they do not disappoint she got moves yall

emily could breath n matt would be like thts my girl

mike n jess are that couple tht everyone seems to hate but r lowkey jealous about

chris n ashley r bros :)

u bet ur ass they get together to play mario kart n shit gets weirdly personal

the washington kids watch jane the virgin fight me

ashley has a hamster n he is best

look me in the eye n tell me hannah isnt vegetarian/vegan

mike would literally drink hot sauce for breakfast

sam n ashley study together a lot

u bet ur balls they do group costumes for halloween

n emily is like 'I'm too old!1!1!' but secretly she luvs it

beth can make a mean iced coffee

u know what now ima list wht they're good at making;)

josh makes a bomb ass hot chocolate

chris is rlly good at making grilled cheeses

ashley bakes a mean batch of brownies

sam can make a killer vegan smoothie bowl

mike can fucking kill a man wit his bomb ass soups

jess can make a darn good burrito

emily can make a meannn mixed drink

matt is the best fucking cookie baker in town weird ass type of cookie?? he can fucking do it yo

hannah makes amazing fucking oatmeal or jus breakfast foods in general