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When Jungkook walks into the fraternity, he realizes how thankful he is that he had decided to forego the first party of the semester and only relented to attend the second after days of Jimin insisting he did so.

Listen, Jungkook doesn’t have an issue with the fact that the university hosts species from all over the universe, making it the most crowded university in all galaxy – that had been, ultimately, the deal breaker when he was deciding where to go to get his high education -, but he can’t deny that it is overwhelming . At nineteen, Jungkook has only left his home planet a couple of times before this, and both of them happened when he was still a child. He only knows the place he was born in, one of the first and still remaining human colonies in the galaxy, and his desire to see more, to experience more was what had pushed him to come to study at the Intergalactic University, Luyten campus.

The problem lies with the fact that Jungkook has a hard time interacting with others. Jimin had been a fluke – a best friend who Jungkook had grown up with and who had quickly become a best friend for him. Their families lived next door to each other and whereas Jimin had spent more time traveling around than Jungkook could’ve ever hoped for, the two of them had been attached at the hip. Being older, Jimin had gone off to university before him, and those two years had been spent with only his family and his dog as his company. Maybe that could be considered a sad statement, but Jungkook had spent most, if not all, of his time focusing on bettering his art skills so there would be no way for him to be denied entrance to one of the most disputed schools in the galaxy.

He talked to people, had a few classmates that went as far as inviting him to their birthday parties, but none of them ever became a friend . Jungkook didn’t mind, he had Jimin who was waiting for him to join the older boy so they could enjoy university together.

Too much social interaction stresses him out, and there is the added fact that being in this school means Jungkook is seeing and interacting with species he had only ever heard of before. He is scared to make a comment that will upset someone – a comment that might apply to his reality but might not to others’, and Jungkook is terrified of the possibility of making someone sad with his words. Jimin had just told him to act like he always did, but how can Jungkook even think about that when there are at least forty… beings crammed into a living room that isn’t supposed to fit even half of it.

“Excuse me,” he murmurs as he passes, avoiding extra arms and extra legs, and sidestepping someone who is nothing but a ball on the floor. A furry one. “Sorry, excuse me.”

The boy manages to reach the kitchen successfully not bumping into anyone and is relieved to find the room considerably emptier than the rest of the house seems to be. The drinks have clearly been moved somewhere else because the fridge is shut down with a digital note in front of it letting everybody know that it is off-limits.

Heart rate decreasing exponentially, Jungkook looks around for a glass, set on filling it with water he can chug, when arms wrap around his waist and he doesn’t have time to swallow his scream.

Kook !” It takes Jungkook an extra moment to recognize the voice on his ear and the familiar grip, but when he does, he immediately relaxes into Jimin’s arms, turning around so he can smile at the older boy.

“Hey,” Jimin is beaming at him, his cheeks tinted red because of the alcohol he has definitely been consuming for the past hour. There is also a massive hickey on the side of his neck, and it makes Jungkook wonder if he is still seeing Taehyung or if it is someone else this time around.

“Did you just get here?” His best friend is clingy, especially when he’s drunk, yet Jungkook doesn’t mind. He sure prefers this over being away from him for months because Jimin is in school and Jungkook isn’t. “You promised you’d come earlier.”

“I was painting!” Jungkook is ever the hard-worker and while Jimin is as well, the older man has gotten better at drawing the line. Clearly, Saturday nights are off his list of potential homework days. “One of our professors asked for a piece for next week, something that explained us to her, and I got hit with inspiration before I came here.”

Jimin finally steps back as he pats Jungkook’s head. He’s surprisingly steady on his feet, but no surprise comes with the fact that Jimin’s alcohol resistance remains as high as it’s always been.

“Whatever you say,” as soon as he moves away, Jimin looks like he wants to go back to where he came from, looking over his shoulder and waving back at someone Jungkook can’t pinpoint amongst the several bodies pressed together in the other room. “Listen, I have to go back to Namjoon, but I’ll meet up with you later so we can go back to the dorms together, okay?”

Jungkook hums, nodding.

“Namjoon?” He asks. That’s new. It’s not that Jimin goes around a lot, but it’s enough that Jungkook’s struggled to keep up with the boy’s conquests in the past. He struggles with settling, has always wanted more and has yet to find someone capable of giving him just that. Usually, when Jimin starts one of his short-lived flings, Jungkook is the first to be given the person’s name, age and home planet. Yet he has never heard of  Namjoon. The only name Jimin had mentioned through all of his school break had been Taehyung’s. “Whatever happened to that one you were seeing?”

That doesn’t seem to be the best question, because Jimin’s immediate reaction is to grimace. He lets out a weak chuckle, running a hand through his hair. His best friend looks… almost nervous, as if there’s something he is keeping from Jungkook that he isn’t necessarily willing to share.

“It’s just complicated. Taehyung is complicated, but so is Namjoon and I guess I just- I want to be complicated with the two of them?” Jimin poses it as a question, almost as if he’s looking for Jungkook’s permission, but that is hardly something Jungkook can give him. He has always been adamant about his desire for Jimin to do whatever makes him happy, and if that means seeing two people at once, so be it.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” Jungkook say as if the two of them have never gone through this conversation before. As if Jungkook hasn’t had to hold a crying Jimin in the past, and vice versa.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Jimin is already walking away from him, ignoring the side-glares from the person he bumps into who consequently had spilled their drink. “They are both being very careful with me.”


“What do you mean both- Jimin , do you mean at the same time?” It’s pointless for Jungkook to yell after his best friend because he seems keen on getting away from the younger boy and back to the arms of the two guys he’s supposedly hooking up with. “Jimin!”

The glare that had been originally directed at Jimin moves to Jungkook, and one look at the other’s claws has the boy rushing away from the kitchen.

Less than half an hour later, Jungkook finds himself at the roof of the house. He had attempted some social interaction, only to end up completely frustrated when he realized most beings around weren't interested in conversations with those they didn't know. And the ones who did were too drunk to make sense of Jungkook's words. It doesn't help that his knowledge of the common tongue was passable at best — he really has to get Jimin to help him out with that.

Lying on his back, the boy stares up at the sky that looks so different from the one he is used to. For starters, the stars around his home planet don't shine as brightly because of the several layers of artificial protection that had been added to the planet. Those same layers cause a color change — the sky there is closer to green than it is to the hues of blue he sees on this planet.

At night, everything is pitch black, but even the darkness is difficult to see when looked at directly because of the several constellations. The stars aren't as bright as the two that lights the planet during the day, but their presence is impossible to ignore, especially for someone who isn't at all used to them.

Jungkook thinks back to the past couple weeks ever since classes started. He had arrived at the planet only the weekend before that, having purposely missed the shuttle that would have gotten him there a few days earlier. When it came time to leave, Jungkook had realized how scared he truly was and one glance at her son's face had led his mother to insist he stayed until the last minute.

It’s very lucky of him to be able to share a room with Jimin. The older boy had considered moving into one of the small houses made available for students but had decided to push back on that for Jungkook's sake, claiming the younger deserved to experience dorm life for a year at least.

(After sharing one single bathroom with an entire full floor, Jungkook started to believe that maybe Jimin was just playing him.)

Classes are good, better than Jungkook expected. Being an Art student had led him to believe that he'd have mostly practical projects, but he was surprised with the number of theoretical classes he’s supposed to take, even in the first semester. It’s mandatory for all students to research into different Art movements across the galaxy, and even the sheer dimension of that is overwhelming — yet excitement files through his mind more often than the fear that creeps in every once in a while.

University is good, it’s fun . He doesn’t need friends to make it better. He already has Jimin.

“Oh, sorry.” Having gotten used to the overall silence only broken by the muffled sounds coming from inside the house, Jungkook startles upon hearing someone else's voice and sits up in time to see the other moving to go back inside.

“Wait,” he doesn't know what pushes him into calling for them, getting them to stop, but it’s out before Jungkook knows it. “You can stay, I don't mind.”

The figure stops. Considers. Probably weighs the pros and cons of having a possibly awkward conversation outside with one person versus going back inside and having to face hundreds of very rowdy beings of several different planets and species — or at least that’s what Jungkook would do.

Their reasoning seems to follow the same track as Jungkook's would for their let out a very audible sigh but climbs out of the window, coming to sit by Jungkook. They keep a considerable distance between them but still make it possible for them to talk without having to scream if they so wish to.  

Neither of them tries to do so at first, and Jungkook uses that opportunity to just take the other in. He doesn’t think he’s being discreet when his eyes run down their body, but if they have anything to say they keep it to themselves. It’s just enough so he can notice some things like the fact that the other is not far from human, except for one tiny difference; they are purple. Not a deep or bright purple. Their skin is tinged in some lavender shade that Jungkook can notice even with the yellowed street lights and stars as his source of brightness. Their hair is, in fact, of a deep purple and when their head snaps to the side to meet Jungkook’s stare, the boy realizes so are their cat-like eyes.

They are pretty . Not in an unconventional or unsettling way. They are just… pretty. Pretty, good looking, attractive. Someone Jungkook would definitely hit on at a party if he could hit on people before drink number seven, which he hasn’t met up within a good couple of years.

“Are you done looking?” The first thing the question gets Jungkook to do is to let his eyes fall to watch their lips moving. Dumbly Jungkook’s mind supplies that they are just as pretty as the rest of them. It’s only after a beat that their words sink in and Jungkook looks away, embarrassed. It barely registers to him that their voice hadn’t been harsh or mocking. Instead, they sounded amused. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“I’m sorry.” The apology is an automatic answer, but Jungkook wonders if it carries any truth. He isn’t sorry for looking, not really. Only for possibly making the other uncomfortable.

“That’s alright, you don’t have to apologize.” Jungkook is surprised by the softness in the other’s tone. Their voice is lower than he expects from someone who looks like that , but they sound extremely non-threatening. Jungkook doesn’t know if they are doing it for his sake or if it’s natural. “You’re a human right? Humans tend to get confused when they see me because they don’t know if I’m a human as well.”

“Are you?” He knows it’s a silly question since it’s obvious they are not, but. Jungkook doesn’t know what else to say.

“No.” Jungkook looks at them in time of seeing them roll their eyes, but it doesn’t come across as mocking. Only as if they think Jungkook is terribly entertaining. “One of my mothers is, though, which is why I look more humanoid than others my species would.”

Jungkook’s mouth shapes into an o , but he only nods. He reckons he should probably ask what their species is, but if they want to share Jungkook imagines they’d make that information known. Surprisingly Jungkook doesn’t want for their conversation to end completely, so he goes with a topic his Sociology professor talked to them a lot when he was still in school.

“Do you, erm, do you follow any gender specific… um, any gender structure?” Jungkook knows gender is a human created thing, something other species might also have but not in the same way as his own species do, yes he’s also aware that some of the humans’ social structures are known across the galaxy and he reckons the other might understand what he’s talking about.

“Our gender structure is a bit more complex than humans’, but for your sake, I’ll let you know that my human mother tells me I’m a boy? Does that help?” He seems genuinely interested in wanting to make the interaction easier for Jungkook and part of him wants to tell the other he doesn’t have to adjust for Jungkook’s sake, but it’s the first time a stranger has shown him this much kindness and he doesn’t want it to stop.

He nods, offering him a smile, and he gets one back. They fall into a comfortable silence, his company staring down to his feet while Jungkook watches his profile. For once in his life, he wishes he was just as confident in his skin as Jimin is. If he was Jimin, he’d have already used his charm to at least get the other’s hand in his, would probably leave the party with his number at least. As it is, Jungkook doesn’t even know how to ask for his name, how to try to find out anything about him. He feels young and immature like this interaction is years away from him and way out of his league.

“Are you a freshman?” The other looks up and Jungkook immediately looks ahead, not wanting to come across as too obvious.

“Yes,” he nods, pulling at a loose thread of his jeans. “I’m an Arts student. What about you?”

“Architecture,” Jungkook is not surprised, per se, but more impressed. “Four-dimensional, more specifically, since that’s how buildings work at my planet.”

“That’s… really cool,” he can’t find better words to express how interesting it sounds. Being an Arts major, specialized in drawing, Jungkook is easily impressed by something like Architecture, precisely because it has a technique that is different yet similar to Fine Arts. “We don’t have four-dimensional buildings on my planet, I have no idea how it works.”

And the other just… Starts to explain.

Jungkook won’t pretend to understand any of the specific concepts the other brings up and yet even if he doesn’t voice his confusion, Lilac — how Jungkook takes to calling him in his head — manages to see it in his face and immediately explains it in terms the human can understand. By the time he’s done talking, Jungkook still can’t necessarily visualize how a four dimensions structure works, but he still feels like he’s learned something and won’t be left completely hopeless next time someone tries to talk to him about this subject.

“Did I talk too much?” Lilac scratches the back of his neck, apologetic, and Jungkook is quick to shake his head.   

“No! It’s all very fascinating, you don’t have to worry,” I like listening to you speak , is not something Jungkook can just burst out so he doesn’t, but it’s still a very vivid thought in his head. “I haven’t had the opportunity to have a conversation with someone from a different planet as mine yet, so it’s just super interesting to hear you speak.”

And speak he does. Neither of them brings up each other’s names, even if their age is a topic — “I’m 19, but I’m turning 20 next week.” “I’m 24 in human age, I believe.” “Do you measure it differently on your planet?” “Our years are a bit shorter, so I’m actually 56.” “That… makes a lot of sense actually” —, but they talk about their fields of study and why they each chose to go in that one. Lilac wanted to pursue music originally, but since it’s an easier and valued field in his planet, he knows he doesn’t need a degree for that but his mother still insisted on him getting one. He hadn’t known much about how human education was structured but had been pleasantly surprised in finding out it wasn’t as flawed as he was expecting. He makes a jab at humans still, saying their way of learning is antiquated and their knowledge limited, and Jungkook doesn’t think he disagrees.

The most surprising part is how much Jungkook himself speaks. At one point the noise inside the house gets enough that he needs to scoot loser to Lilac in order for him to hear him, but it doesn’t stop him from telling the other about his dog and about Jimin, the two most precious things in his life. Lilac looks at him with something akin to fondness as he talks about his best friend, and Jungkook is nothing short of overwhelmed with how much that stare holds.

He feels… wanted. He might be innocent, but he isn’t completely oblivious and he knows Lilac is looking at him with a different type of interest. Jungkook doesn’t feel like questioning it since it’s not every day that someone seems to want him, and he wants to revel in the feeling.

In the end, the kiss happens like a scene in one of those classic movies Jungkook would watch.

The temperature drops a lot out of nowhere — it’s one of the things about Luyten Jungkook can’t get used to — and in no time at all, he’s shivering. He hadn’t thought to wear layers over his t-shirt and Jungkook starts regretting it immensely when the cold starts bothering him enough so that it’s uncomfortable to speak.

Lilac notices because of course he does.

“Here,” he takes off his jacket, one that looks super comfortable and reaches around Jungkook to put it on his shoulders. The younger man tries to shake him off, claiming that he’s going to get cold, but Lilac shushes him. “This is a normal temperature for my planet, my body runs hotter than yours, don’t worry about me.”

So Jungkook doesn’t, especially when Lilac doesn’t seem to move back after the jacket is comfortably snug around Jungkook’s shoulders. His fingers stay holding onto the lapels, and his stare darts from Jungkook’s eyes to his lips.

“Are you saying that you came to the party with that jacket, even when it made you feel hot because you wanted to look cool?” Jungkook is immediately endeared when he notices how purple Lilac’s cheeks get when he’s embarrassed. The older only huffs, though, not dignifying Jungkook with an answer — that in itself is already enough of an answer for him and he giggles, tilting his head to the side. “What a badass.”

“Shut it,” there’s no venom in it, no strength. It’s enough to get Jungkook to laugh once more, this time more openly. He notices, pleased, that Lilac smiles at him because of that. Jungkook only stops laughing because he notices how close they are, the older’s face only a few centimeters away from his.

There’s a brief moment when the two of them hold their breath — a suspension, that one second before you take a massive dive into something unknown, that you can’t even fathom. You don’t know what’s at the bottom, but you know you’re craving the falling. Jungkook is craving it, their kiss.

“Tell me your name,” it feels like a set up for something else like the older one is asking for something other than just his name. Jungkook is more than happy to follow the script.

“Only if you kiss me.”

It seems like he chooses the right words for Lilac does just that, but not before Jungkook catches the slight upturn of his lips. They press against his own immediately after, and Jungkook’s eyes slip shut. It’s just a touching of lips at first, Lilac pecking his over and over again until Jungkook’s own mouth is stretching into a smile. Neither of them feels the need to make it go deeper straight away, and there’s something particularly heartwarming in this form of playful intimacy. It’s something Jungkook didn’t know he enjoys, yet he finds himself laughing with the other, the two leaning into each other.

The progression into a deeper kiss is natural. Jungkook finds himself wrapping his arms around Lilac’s neck, who in turn lets his hands rest on Jungkook’s hips. They are cold as they sneak under Jungkook’s shirt to grasp at his waist, but the younger man doesn’t mind. He whines into the kiss and Lilac takes that as a sign to hold onto him harder.

Jungkook loses track of time as they kiss. Making out has always been a fun thing for him, from the moment he and Jimin shared their first kiss with each other. Sex is not something he has that much experience with, but kissing is a fun activity he managed to be able to enjoy several times in the past because of other people’s boldness. He rarely, if ever, takes initiative in a situation like this, but others have always been willing to do so for him. Just like Lilac has.

They only separate when a shrill, loud noise breaks them apart.

“Shit,” it’s coming from Lilac’s ear and he lets go of Jungkook to press into his communicator. “Yeah? Hobi… I was kinda busy,” he looks at Jungkook with a pout on his lips that makes the younger man chuckle and lean forward to kiss it. Lilac is blushing when he draws back. “Yeah, okay, I’ll help you out. You owe me one. Yeah, see ya.”

Jungkook knows what he means yet he wants to hear it from Lilac before he lets his arms fall to his side, allowing the other to leave. He seems reluctant, leaning forward to press one final kiss to Jungkook’s lips. Lilac sighs, gently holding onto Jungkook’s wrists and moving his hands to the younger’s lap.

“I have to go,” he offers, standing up and patting the back of his pants to get rid of any dirt. His face seems permanently flushed, which just means there are purple spots on his lavender skin. “It was lovely to meet you.” It’s awkward, but not in a bad way. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to leave, and Jungkook finds comfort in it.

They stare at each other, silently, for a while still, until Lilac snaps out of it and goes over to the window. It’s in that moment that it sinks in, the fact that Jungkook is possibly not going to see him again, at least not for a while, unless he actually goes seeking for the other around the university and that’s — that just can’t happen.

“Jungkook,” once more his words cause the other to pause and to look back at him, one leg already inside the house. “My name’s Jungkook.”

The smile Lilac throws his way is different from all the others he’d given Jungkook that night. It’s bigger, shows his gums — purple, like his hair — and has Jungkook wondering if falling in love at first meeting is actually possible.

“Nice to meet you, Jungkook.” And then he’s gone, leaving Jungkook behind with his jacket, off to save whoever that Hobi friend is.

It’s only a few minutes later, when Jungkook himself is making his way out of the roof, that he realizes he never got a name.

“And he didn’t tell you his name?” It’s the day after the party and after getting Jimin to wake up before late afternoon, the two boys had made their way to the coffee shop run by a lovely Martian fellow. “He didn’t even give you a hint?” Jimin sounds offended in Jungkook’s behalf, almost as if he doesn’t expect someone to leave his best friend hanging like that.

“Nope.” Jungkook’s already explained the situation to Jimin about four times — two the night before and two since Jimin woke up.

Jungkook knows he shouldn’t, but he can’t help feeling down. He has had pleasant exchanges with people he ended up either kissing or sleeping with in the past, but there was an extra layer of fragility that had followed him the night before. Kissing Lilac hadn’t been an extraordinary experience, something he had never been through before — yet Jungkook can’t help wanting more. He wants to get to know the other beyond the short-lived exchange they had.

“He left you with his jacket and didn’t tell you his name?” Jimin has stopped eating altogether, the big slice of cake he had ordered hanging half eaten.

“Yeah.” Unlike the older man, Jungkook doesn’t bother to stop eating. He’s already halfway through his second slice, pondering over the pros and cons of ordering another one.  

“Jungkook, why were you kissing someone without knowing their name in the first place.” That comment is enough to have Jungkook’s eyes snap up to meet Jimin’s. His best friend looks genuinely worried, that always protective part of him that can’t help standing up for Jungkook even if the younger definitely doesn’t need him to do so for him.

Jimin , stop judging me.” He wants to say he’s enough of a grown up to keep the whine out of his voice but. Truly, he’s not. “You’ve done worse.” The last part is whispered, but Jimin hears and responds with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Oh for sure honey, but it doesn’t mean you should as well.” Jimin’s complete disregard for his own safety should be a matter of concern for Jungkook, but they have reached a point where the younger just trusts his best friend to look after himself.

In any case, Jimin seems happy . It’s not too much of a stretch to say he looks like it more often than not, Jungkook’s own personal ray of sunshine, but there’s a levity that follows his every move that wasn’t there the past few days, definitely not before the party. Jungkook had questioned Jimin about it when they got to the dorm and pushed their beds together so they could whisper to each other as they used to when they were kids, gossiping away about the other children in their neighborhood. He had admitted to struggling to choose between Namjoon and Taehyung — it was when Jungkook was told Namjoon, like Lilac, is half-human, whereas Taehyung is full alien — because ultimately he didn’t want to choose.

The subject had been breached, first with Taehyung then with Namjoon, who had actually met each other only a couple of days before classes had started. They were all together at the party last night and Jimin also made a point to mention he had wanted for more to happen between them, to which Jungkook had answered with a groan and oversharing . Namjoon and Taehyung had hit it off from the start as Jimin had known they would. According to his best friend, they easily slipped into conversations on topics others simply wouldn’t be able to follow, yet without keeping Jimin out of the loop.

Jimin’s smile when talking about the two of them was not the beam he threw at Jungkook at times, but it was the softest version of it, the one reserved for moments when the two of them were feeling extra emotional about each other’s presence in their lives, and that was when Jungkook understood that Jimin had found his match. Matches.

“Let me live,” he buries his face back on his cake, shoving big chunks of it into his mouth at a time and chewing slowly. “It’s not every day that I have a cute boy flirting with me, I know it’s different for you.”

He doesn’t mean to sound affected by that realization, but Jungkook reckons that Jimin knows better than this. The older boy reaches across the table to rest his hand on top of Jungkook’s, getting him to look up and meet his eyes once more.

“Jungkook, you’re an attractive person, but more than that, you’re an incredible person,” he knows he’s blushing at the compliments, even if it’s far from the first time Jimin’s directed those kind words at him. “Anyone in the entire galaxy would be lucky to have your attention for even a second, even more so to have you, in your full glory, wanting to kiss them and be with them. Just because you don’t have others openly flirting with you all the time — which is bullshit, might I add, because they do and it’s only you that doesn’t notice it — it doesn’t mean you’re any less deserving of love.”

“Stop it,” his cheeks are burning, but in spite of his embarrassed reaction, Jungkook turns his hand on Jimin’s grip to hold onto it. “You’re being mushy in public.”

“Yes, I am because you deserve people being mushy in public with you,” Jimin squeezes his hand for a couple of seconds before letting go of it. “You deserve knowing you’re loved.”

Jungkook refuses to cry in public, has done a good job of learning how not to in the past few years, yet he still feels his eyes getting that little bit watery.

“I love you, Jimin,” being able to say those words is also a recent development, one that had come after years of being subjected to Jimin’s care and affection. It’s not that they weren’t true before, but just that Jungkook was taken over by a wave of embarrassment whenever he thought to make his emotions so openly known. His shyness would overcome whatever part of him that wanted to let Jimin and his family know how much they valued them, but he’s slowly growing out of it, has already changed considerably.

“I love you too, kid,” Jimin doesn’t even give him time to complain about being called a kid before he’s pointing his fork at Jungkook. “So, we gotta figure out how to find out your Purple Prince’s name before you whine that his jacket doesn’t smell like him anymore.”

Jungkook doesn’t pine.

(Except he does.

For the entirety of the following week, whenever he’s not busy with school, Jungkook is thinking about Lilac. Granted, he’s very busy with classes and all the work the professors demand they do outside of it, so he’s not allowed much free time to do what he definitely won’t refer to as pining, but Jungkook still manages to whine to Jimin about not knowing where to find the other. He gets it, then, what Jimin said about kissing someone whose name he didn’t know and Jungkook wonders — how couldn’t he have asked before.

The two of them had had an entire conversation in which Lilac had explained to him everything being a four dimensions architect entailed and Jungkook had shared the doubts he had about pursuing a career in Arts since the field has started to become too competitive. Lilac had reassured him that he was good enough to succeed, that he was good enough to do anything and he hadn’t even taken a look at Jungkook’s drawings.

Jungkook couldn’t help looking around for the other. Whenever he so much as caught a glimpse of a purple hair, his head would follow the person’s movements only for it to end in frustration when it didn’t end up being Lilac. He was pushing, for sure, since the campus was too damn big for him to run into someone who was studying in a field that albeit not as distant as, say, Jimin with his Math, still differed from his own.

It would pass, eventually. Whenever the need to find the one who had made him feel so special and wanted in so little time went away as well as the smell of him on the jacket, Jungkook was bound to forget about him and not spend most of his free time wondering what would’ve happened if he had just gotten a name .

So far, however, the only thing Jungkook can do is this. Pine.)

Jungkook hadn’t expected his Friday night to end with him having dinner with Jimin and both of his partners but that’s exactly what ends up happening.

His best friend had come back to their dorm room a couple of hours later than he usually did, telling Jungkook to get changed so he could finally meet up with Namjoon and Taehyung. The way he had said it had left Jungkook believing he had no option but to go, and he hadn’t questioned the older boy. He was a pile of nerves visibly, his legs bouncing as he watched Jungkook fix his hair in front of the mirror hanging above his desk, and the younger taught it was kind of adorable that Jimin was nervous about having his best friend meet the people he was seeing.

Jungkook had obviously been simmering with anxiety, but he had known better than to make it too obvious. Wasn’t for his lightly sweaty palms, he gave away no indication that he was also nervous about this encounter, but that was exactly what happened. Not only was he about to meet the two who had Jimin’s heart, but he was also about to meet new people and that was enough to have his stomach in knots.

Meeting Namjoon and Taehyung turns out to be one of the easiest experiences of his life.

He manages to embarrass himself as soon as he lays eyes on Namjoon, because of course, but he can’t help but let out a surprised sound when he’s met with the sight of legs, legs, and more legs. Quite literally because Namjoon turns out to be as tall as two Jimin’s standing one on top of the other. That’s the only characteristic that visibly makes him different from humans, the fact that he’s over three meters tall and has the limbs to match. Besides that, he seems to be all human, with very human dimples that make even Jungkook’s heart beat a little faster.

Taehyung is, in fact, more different, but perhaps Jungkook is still coping with the sight of Namjoon and the fact that he needs an entire side of the booth they are sitting in order to stretch his legs properly to be much too affected by the sight of Taehyung. The long dress they are wearing covers most of their body, but their skin is vividly green, their eyes big and their three pairs of arms are distracting for a total of five seconds before they strike a conversation with Jungkook about art and the boy is a goner.

He’s told Namjoon is currently doing his masters in Intergalactic Commerce with the intention of becoming an ambassador for humans when it comes to trade agreements whereas Taehyung is also an Arts student, except their focus is specifically on Ancient Venusian art. Jungkook is promised that Taehyung is going to take him to their studio so they can show him what that means and the boy’s nervousness is quickly replaced by excitement. He’s happy he decided to come, that he decided to meet these two wonderful beings who look at his best friend like he hung all seventy-nine moons of Jupiter. The two of them care for him openly. At all times throughout dinner, they exchange affection with Jimin in the form of fond smiles, a hand on his thigh, a look whenever he isn’t paying attention, but Jungkook notices that the same treatment is exchanged between Namjoon and Taehyung.

Even if Jungkook had had short doubts about how they’d manage to work, they are long gone after seeing the three of them interact for a couple of hours.

“Jungkook,” Taehyung calls for him at one point and Jungkook looks up from his food with questioning eyes. “Jimin told us you’ve been pining for a guy? If you tell us how he looks we can maybe try to help you.”

He turns his attention to Jimin, glaring at his best friend.

“Before you open your mouth to say you haven’t been pining,” Jimin cuts him before he can do exactly that. “You kept talking about him the entire week. At first I honestly thought it’d be better if you didn’t find him because what type of asshole won’t even tell you his name even if he got yours? But I’m tired of hearing you talking over and over again about his beautiful eyes and lovely deep voice. I want you guys to meet up again even if it’s just so you can give him back his jacket.”

Jungkook pouts and refuses to voice his thought that he doesn’t know if he wants to give back the jacket, but he relents on telling Namjoon and Taehyung about it.

“He told me he’s an Architecture student,” he mixes his tea with his straw as he speaks, not wanting to look at anyone. “He’s a bit shorter than Jimin, with lavender skin, purple hair and purple eyes. He said he has a human mother and a centauri mother. He was… a really good kisser. And I don’t want to meet him again just because I want to kiss him, I just want to be friends with him at least.”

Nobody says anything when he’s done talking and since the silence stretches for too long, Jungkook decides to look up. As soon as he does so, however, he’s met with the sight of Namjoon’s genuinely big smile.

“I believe you’ve met Yoongi.”

Jungkook definitely doesn’t know Lilac’s name, cannot even begin guessing it, but the way Namjoon says it, with so much certainty in his voice, makes Jungkook sit up straight on his seat, his heart racing at the prospect of actually having an answer.

“Do you know him?” That’s not information that Jungkook expected to get from this dinner — at most, the boy was hoping that Namjoon and Taehyung could ask around a bit in their own courses instead and hopefully they’d manage to get some type of information.

“Yeah, I grew up with his best friend, Hoseok,” Jungkook ignores Jimin’s exclamation of wait Hobi? and keeps his focus on Namjoon as he speaks. “We were childhood friends but we drifted apart after I went to a different school for my degree, but when I came here we reconnected. Yoongi and he are roommates and everything, I saw the two of them yesterday for lunch.”

That seems so unlikely that Jungkook’s first reaction is to just — laugh.

He looks a bit ridiculous, he knows, laughing hysterically into his hands while Jimin rubs a reassuring hand on his back, asking him if he’s alright. And Jungkook… Jungkook is fine but he can’t believe that things can be this simple, this easy. He was just about ready to give up on seeking that wonderful, wonderful man whose jacket has been hanging on the back of his chair for the past week, but Namjoon comes with a simple solution to something Jungkook was starting to accept would be a story like many others he could maybe share with his mother when he went home.

“Can you get the two of them to meet?” It’s Jimin who asks, hand resting on the low of Jungkook’s back.

“Sure, I can pass him your number and he’ll reach out to you I’m sure,” his laughter has subsided and even though Jungkook knows he was looking like a fool, Namjoon’s still looking at him with fondness. “Yoongi doesn’t openly gush about boys, probably did to Hoseok, but he didn’t mention anything to me, because otherwise, I’d have connected the dots before.”

Jungkook smiles at him, thanking him softly, hands on his cheeks. They are shaking, the excitement getting the best of him to the point where he doesn’t even consider the possibility of not meeting up with Lil- Yoongi . When he looks at Jimin, the older boy just nudges his shoulder, and the shine in Jimin’s eyes tell him he excited for Jungkook.

“See? I told you we would get you Prince Purple’s name.”

In the end, meeting Yoongi again happens by accident.

Jungkook gives Namjoon his number with the older man’s promise that he’s going to pass it over to Yoongi, who’s very likely to give Jungkook a call. The entire weekend goes by without him even so much as hearing from Yoongi, but Jungkook writes it down to the other being busy with class projects, just like he himself is and doesn’t think too hard about it.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday — by the time the middle of the week rolls around, Jungkook is convinced his excitement was for nothing. Clearly, Yoongi isn’t interested in anything beyond the kissing they had done at the party and frankly? That’s fine. Jungkook talks himself out of being upset because he can’t control other people’s interest in him. Just like he hadn’t wanted more from others he had kissed in the past, Yoongi is completely in his right to not want anything else from him. If anything by now Jungkook just wants to be able to give him back his jacket because he doesn’t think it’s fair for him to keep it, but he can ask Namjoon to do it for him.

Painless. Simple. Expectations hardly ever came true anyway, and Jungkook is set on not losing sleep because of sleep.

But then it comes Thursday.

One of his professors asks for a four pages essay on the Geometric Movement of the 2130s and Jungkook has little to no knowledge at all about said Art period. He does what students do best when they don’t have a clue on where to even begin writing a paper — he goes to the library.

There are six different libraries scattered around his side of the campus, each one with a focus on a specific area. The one he goes to is dedicated to everything related to art. He tries not to think about how there’s an entire floor dedicated to Architecture once he walks in because he refuses to think about Yoongi and everything Jungkook had hoped the two of them could be, but it’s difficult to ignore it when he passes by it to reach the Art Movements floor.

Everything else that isn’t the present situation slips from his mind when he looks at the rows and rows of archive, not even knowing where to begin searching for the books he needs. It’s enough to make him nervous, getting Jungkook to fiddle with his necklace while he tries to remember the information about the library that was given to all freshmen during his first week.

“Can I help y- Jungkook ?”

Someone speaking near him is already enough to attract his attention, but when he hears his name falling from their lips he looks at the other with urgency.

It’s got to be the universe playing games with him that the person standing next to him is none other than Yoongi himself. He’s wearing the uniform the library workers are required to wear — an all-black ensemble with a red apron over it — as well as glasses and Jungkook’s hit with the fact that Yoongi looks just as pretty as he did when they first time.

His first instinct is to go. He’s already gotten the message from Yoongi that he doesn’t want anything from the younger man and Jungkook is just not in the mood for an awkward interaction — at the same time, he desperately needs this book if he plans on writing this essay in time to hand it over before class next week, and he doesn’t want to fuck up during his first month of classes.

“Uhm, hi,” he waves to Yoongi, immediately embarrassed that he actually brought his hand up to do so. “Do you, uhm, work here? Because I could use some help.”

“I- yeah, of course, what do you need?”

If Yoongi is by any means affected by the sight of Jungkook he doesn’t let it be known and that’s enough for Jungkook to resign to the fact that he was really nothing more than a party make out. It’s fine. He can deal with it, he’s been dealing with it and it’s not rejection that is going to make him get a zero for a class.

“I need a book on the Geometric Movement of 2130, but I don’t have any idea where I should look for it.”

“Alright, come with me,” Yoongi reaches out almost as if he was going to take Jungkook’s hand in his but he seems to think better and instead motions for the younger to follow him.

Jungkook’s led to a small panel a couple of meters away from where they were standing. Yoongi touches the screen twice and then types down on the keyboard. Immediately over a dozen titles appear on the screen and Yoongi tells him to get closer.

“If you don’t know what book you’re looking for, just search for the keywords and the database is going to find everything we have available that is somehow related to it,” Jungkook leans closer, scanning the titles from over Yoongi’s shoulder. “If you do know the book, however, and you have an idea of where it’s located — you can find out by going into the library’s website in your communicator device — you can go directly to it, press a couple of buttons and it will be send right over to your reading tablet. You can have the book for two weeks and when that period ends the file will be immediately sent back here. You can ask for an extension though, if you need it.”

When he’s done explaining, Yoongi turns around, which brings the two of them significantly close to each other. Neither of them moves for a minute and it’s only because Jungkook is watching Yoongi’s lips that he notices when the older opens his mouth to speak once more, which is precisely the moment he takes a step back.

“Thank you,” he forces a polite smile onto his face. “I’ll get right to it then.”

Yoongi is considerate enough to step away from the panel and Jungkook moves around him so he can read the titles of the books and pick the ones that seem more likely to be helpful for his research. He expects Yoongi to leave him now that his job is done, but his presence is difficult to ignore especially because it doesn’t go away. Jungkook insists on picking the books before he can give the older man his attention again, and when he does, he looks at everywhere but Jungkook’s face.

“Jungkook, I-,”

“I know your name, by the way,” Jungkook cuts him off, not wanting to hear the rejection that is about to come out of Yoongi’s mouth. “Yoongi.”

The other’s smile is small but it’s there — it makes Jungkook want to see the bigger one, the one with his gums and tiny teeth.

“I know, Namjoon told me.”

“Did Namjoon give you my number?” He asks in the hope that the answer will be negative. If Yoongi didn’t have his number, then maybe he just couldn’t reach out to him.

“Yeah, yeah, he did,” Jungkook deflates immediately. “I was going to call you last weekend, but-,”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he cuts Yoongi off before he can be given a lousy excuse. Jungkook thinks he deserves better than that. “It’s okay if you just wanted us to have kissed at the party and you don’t want anything more of it. Of course, I was hoping we could at least be friends and I could give you your jacket back, but it’s fine if you don’t want anything. It’s okay, you don’t owe me a call or anything.”

Jungkook runs his mouth, getting every single one of his thoughts out before he can second-guess them. When he’s done talking, however, he’s met with the sight of Yoongi frowning at him, an expression filled with confusion.

“I think you misunderstood the situation,” Yoongi lets out a sigh, eyes falling momentarily shut as he pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I didn’t not call you because I don’t want anything with you, it was because I was- I was nervous.”

And that’s… That’s definitely not the explanation Jungkook was hoping for. It’s surprising enough that his mouth falls open a bit, settling around an oh that he doesn’t really let out while Yoongi seems to think over his words. Just like Jungkook, the younger notes, Yoongi fails at looking him in the eyes when talking about his feelings, his cheeks permanently flushed.

“You were right about the jacket, you know? I did wear it because I wanted to look cool,” he chuckles in a self-deprecating way, and Jungkook’s lips stretch into a smile. “But I’m not very cool , actually. I’m a bit of a nerd who studies Four Dimensional Architecture not because it’s a well-paid profession but because I think it’s fun. I work at the library part-time because I love books and I make out with pretty boys at parties and don’t give them my name because I’m scared of them getting to know me and finding out I’m not that interesting.”

If the situation wasn’t as delicate as it is, Jungkook’d find amusement on the similarities between their insecurities. Instead, though, the boy reaches for Yoongi’s hand, taking it in his and intertwining their fingers.

“I think you’re really cool,” he puts extra emphasis on the really, saying it cutely to draw out a true smile from Yoongi. “And pretty, I think you’re so pretty.”

“You’re prettier,” Yoongi seems to have gathered enough confidence to meet Jungkook’s eyes and if that wasn’t enough to make the younger embarrassed, then his words are. “I almost didn’t sit outside with you because I was frankly overwhelmed with how good looking you are. Should be illegal for a human to be this pretty.”

Jungkook giggles.

“Stop it,” he shakes his head, and no amount of shame at Yoongi’s words is enough to wipe away Jungkook’s happiness at that moment. “You’re too sweet.”

Yoongi laughs as well and there it is Jungkook’s favorite smile. He wants to take a picture of it so he can keep it in his communicator and look at it whenever he misses the sight of it. Jungkook gives him a moment to say something, to ask from Jungkook what Yoongi should know the younger is already willing to give him, but when nothing comes he decides to just go for it.

“Go on a date with me,” Jungkook asks, taking Yoongi’s other hand in his.

“Only if you kiss me.”

For half a second Jungkook considers slapping Yoongi’s arm for the sass and the smug look on his face. Instead, he steps closer to the older man, leaning forward until their faces are mere centimeters away, then lands a kiss on Yoongi’s cheek. He lets it linger for long enough that he notices how hot the other’s skin runs.

“I’ll give you a proper one after our date,” he whispers before drawing back, and the look on Yoongi’s face tells him that he’s happy with that possibility.

Yoongi walks him towards the door, the two of them hand in hand, even if he’s not necessarily supposed to leave the floor he’s manning. When Jungkook questions him about it, Yoongi reassures him that a couple of minutes away aren’t going to make much of a difference.

He stands on the step below Yoongi’s and even if Jungkook wanted to make a remark about their height difference, he’s stopped from it by Yoongi talking.

“I’ll pick you up on Saturday,” Yoongi still hasn’t let go of his hand, thumb rubbing soothing circles against Jungkook’s skin. “We can go to this nice Centauri restaurant across campus, it’s one of my favorites.”

“Alright,” Jungkook doesn’t want to pretend that he’s not giggly at the prospect of Yoongi sharing something like this with him. “Call me this time around.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes but nods and Jungkook wishes him goodbye, walking away.

“Jungkook,” the other calls for him before he can reach the transport line and he turns around to find Yoongi still standing on top of the stairs. “You can keep my jacket, by the way.”

He smiles.

“As if I’d ever give it back to you.”

Yoongi’s laughter still rings in his ears as he takes the transport back to his dorm.