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Let me program your life model

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Castiel observed the new addition to the IT team. His manager, Viviane, was presenting him with an air of proudness. Being the only service receiving an alien worker guaranteed the man a good image and perhaps even a small rise in his monthly prime.
The guy was particular. He towered over Viviane who wasn't a small man himself. He was stocky and packed with muscles, so yeah he was undeniably and irrevocably an Alpha.

"What a delectable piece of meat!".

Castiel frowned at hearing Johanna, a fellow omega who worked as Viviane's assistant. The girl was clad in a tight combishort, her slender and petite form letting her dress as she want and never be vulgar. Yes she was provocative, sexy but never vulgar.

He remembered her telling him that she was a Parisian "pure souche" and fashion flowed like blood in her veins. He really doubted that. His own lignée was Parisian since the 2000s and fashion certainly didn't flow like blood in his veins.

"... did you see his eyes? What a sin!"

He startled at hearing this. Sardennians were known to have a particular eye pigmentation and what is the other term for having two different eye colors ? Wasn't it something regular in cats? He opened a search tab and typed his question. A serie of beings with 'heterochromia' labeled photos popped on the screen.
There were cats, a lot of cats, men, women and kids. He was just about to add to his search 'Sardenne' when he received a rather violent kik to the leg.

"Hi there you two! Let me introduce our new programmer, he's here to learn how we work and the technologies earth have! Dean, this is Castiel our UX designer and my assistant Johanna" Uttered Vivianne gesturing wildly to them.

"Welcome and very happy to meet you!" Said Johanna with a sluttery ton to her voice.

"Nice meeting you, I'm looking forward to working with you" Said Dean looking at the two omegas.

Yeah, he has a particular eye color but that wasn't just the eyes. The man was simply beautiful, not a classy or an ethereal beauty. He was just beautiful, like the sun which is naturally shiny or the leaves which are naturally green. Thinking of green, Castiel was stunned by the man's eyes.
He had heterochromia but not really. One eye had a very light green color, almost yellow like and the other was a deep grass like green. Johanna was right. It was a sin to have such gems as an organ.
Looking at the man's smooth dark blond hair, straight nose, moving plush lips, muscular arms and legs clad in outdated clothes, Castiel realized, several seconds later, that the man asked a question that needed perhaps an answer.

"Hi ... nice to meet ya! I'm Castiel ...". Pathetic.

The blush that rose after his answer deepened rather dramatically when he caught Dean's gaze directed to his computer's screen with his search. He was an idiot, god he was a stupid idiot.


Dean was stunned. The building where he will be working was beautiful. Large windows, clean carpets, large desks with lots and lots of computers.
He was accustomed to work in a room full of machines but not like this. His manager, a sympathetic man around 45 years old, said that it was called an "Open space". A three hundred square meter covered by desks and chairs with glass walls here and there separating people into groups, probably the different teams.

He arrived at 9h00 sharp. The manager, Viviane, welcomed him. The man also offered to introduce him to the programming team (his future team) and all the earthians sharing the open space. He will be working with a lot of them in the future after all.

"Programmers are the leaders of this teams, you are the builders of our softwares!"
Said the manager sounding like a living commercial and provoking an eye roll from the eight personnes, now nine (with him), who composed the programming team.

Dean trailed behind Viviane trying to remember everybody's name. When he was thinking that it was the end, Viviane guided him to a small corner of the open space, where there was just two desks facing one another.
There was a petite female earthian leaning on the farthest desk hiding and speaking to a person sitting behind it. She was pretty, long blond hair, slender form with a rather revealing outfit. It reminded him of his home's omegas. She can be considered a beauty even on Sardenne but he wasn't prepared for the rest of the introductions.

"Hi there you two! let me introduce you our new programmer, he is here to learn how we work and the technologies earth have!"
The girl turned at the manager's voice revealing the person beside her. A pair of deep blue eyes looked at him and in the next second, he was lost.
This pretty creature was a particular combination of colors. Blue eyes, pale skin and messed dark bluish hair, the guy was swallowed in his too big clothes. Is that a Totoro sweater? Adorable.

"Dean, this is Castiel our UX designer and my assistant Johanna" Castiel. The name suited his holder, a name which Dean was sure he won't forget.

"Welcome and very happy to meet you!" Said the manager's assistant. Saccharine voice, flirty behavior and a cat like smile. Dean made a note to never say or do something to encourage her, she was fake and too superficial.

"Nice meeting you, I'm looking forward to working with you" He said with a flat tone and a hint of a smile looking at Castiel.

Yes, the male was definitely an omega. He has to be an omega. Of course Dean can't be sure, because of the scent blockers the gender equality movement imposed in earthian workplaces. Castiel can't be an alpha and there is small chances that he would be a beta.
Unfortunately for the gender equality activists, this was a rather sexist workplace disposition. Two peoples segregated to a far corner. One being a simple assistant and the other a designer whereas all the others where engineers in the IT world, a world full of sexists and traditionalists. Those two where undeniably omegas.

Dean's gaze flickered to Castiel's screen, seeing the result of an interesting search. There was a display of pictures with cats and humans who had mismatching eye color. What a curious timing.

"Hi... nice to meet ya. I'm Castiel...." Came the crystalline voice and judging by the deep blush the beauty was harboring, Dean was sure that the omega was about to search a particular feature in Sardenne's people when he caught him.