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Black Rose Night

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A bright white dot in the black vacant sky was the only source of light in the kingdom tonight. People asleep in the comfort of their homes and with their loved ones with nothing to worry about. They have their trust fully on the endeavor’s king and the endeavor’s army. 


No one stands a chance to beat them and everyone knows that. That's why no one dares to declare war on the kingdom and would rather surrender. Because they know what happened to the one who did and how the endeavor army tore them to the ground ruthlessly.


So everyone who is a citizen in the endeavor kingdom can sleep with nothing to worry about. But one individual doesn’t give in into the peaceful slumber.


The dark knight. 


He is someone everyone, and no one knows who he is. 


everyone in all lands knows that the dark knight stalks in the dawn of the night with red watchful eyes, swearing to protect innocent lives from danger in their weakened state.


But no one in all lands knows that he is a middle-aged man with a long pitch, black hair unkempt. Black shining armor with dents and scratches. With serious dry eyes. with a name called Aizawa. Though there is only one person who…knows.


the endeavor kingdom’s prince.


It all happened by mistake. It was one night where the knight was bored since nothing interesting was happening. So the word about that the black rose will bloom soon this late winter night spurred his interest. so he headed towards the north open field that was drunk in the darkness where this exquisite rose usually blooms. When he arrived there. It was breathtaking. 


The moon shined beautifully above the Black silky blanket that is the roses. They fully flourished with their velvety black petals. They spread over the ups and downs of the hill they so gracefully invaded. And they even made it up the hill and there stood…someone?


Whoever it was: it wore a silky black cloak that swayed from the gentle wind beckoning it, the color choice effortlessly blending in with the night sky. Hood successfully shying its face from the dark knight’s view. It stood casually with his back facing the knight but with a hint of authority and incomparable power, it withholds in its grasp. And an open heavy looking book in its hands.


The knight felt a little on edge with this individual’s presence. So his armored arms instinctively, and slowly reached for his sword that hanged by his belt on his armored waist. But unfortunately, the clinking of the metal grabbed the black cloak owner’s attention, it whipped so fast and made the knight flinch and reflexively fling his sword towards the other. Both stood still.


The knight was taken aback by the different colored orbs staring back at him. On the left was a color like the clear blue sky and the one on the right was like a cloudy grey sky. 


They were captivating…


Quickly the dark metaled individual shook himself mentally from his daze and focused back to the other without getting lost in those eyes.


"Who might you be?" Asked the dark silked individual. Did he sound like a…child? The voice was deep but it wasn’t that deep to be assumed as an adult. Most likely a young adult? And the other thing the dark metaled individual got from this question was the dark silked individual was a boy; not a man but a boy.


"I need to ask you that myself. Who are you? And what are you doing out here?" Said the dark knight sternly. Who does this kid think of himself?


"I was here before you. So I have all the right to ask you this question and for you to answer it." Said Stated the younger one with a flat, and commanding tone to his voice. Literally, who does this kid think he is?


The older one sighed audibly so the other would hear him. "I am not in the mood to play with you, kid. Go back home before your parents get all worried over you." Replied the knight, lazily returning the sword back to its place on his belt.


"Why don’t you go back home, mister? Your parents or lover might get worried over you." Said the dark silked individual sarcastically though with no real bite to his words. But his words seemed genuine and that provoked interest from the knight. 


No one ever talked to the magnificent dark knight in such a way. probably this kid didn’t even know who he was? That’s most likely. probably everyone with just a glance towards his way would recognize his dark armor. Though he’s not sure since he hadn’t met anyone who did recognize him as dark knight rather as Aizawa. But literally, who does this kid think he is demanding him in such a way?


"Kid, I’m serious. You shouldn’t be out here. You could have come here in the morning." Said the knight while beckoning his hands uncaringly.


"I have my reasons, humble citizen." Replied the younger facing away towards the field.


"Citizen?" Thought the older out loud and confused. Seriously who does this kid think of himself! "Do you even know who you're talking to, kid! I am the dark knight-"


"And I am the prince!"


Silence hung between the two. Both the knight and the prince were shocked by the identity of the other. 


Never in his dreams thought the dark knight of ever having the chance to meet a king let alone the prince of the most powerful kingdoms out in the ten lands. Apparently not even the prince.


"Are you…" started the prince who slowly turned around to face the stunned knight with a…scowl?


"Are you walking around faking to be the glorious dark knight? Are you those types of people who can’t obtain fame on their own and use others for your own benefit! And you found none other than the dark knight to do so!" None of these were questions rather harsh statements that could easily strip the person’s dignity that he’s talking who would be faking. But fortunately, the man before him wasn’t faking. Not even close to that.


The knight didn’t move from his place as the prince with all his glory walked his way down the hill and towards the mysterious knight, shuffling the black roses. The prince stood feet apart from the stunned knight.


"I am the real dark knight, kid- I mean…my prince." Stammered the knight as he was confused about whether to call the prince what he did earlier or by his formal name. The prince slowly while with a stoic face pulled his hood back and let it fall on his board but lithe shoulders. The moon was still up and it cast a hollow sheen on the prince’s handsome face and highlighted his features, his half red and half white hair glistened in the dark. That was enough of a clue the dark knight needed to know the boy was truly the prince of the endeavor kingdom. So his knees hit the ground softly, rested his forearm on it, and bowed his head down for the prince in respect which caused his long, black hair to drape on his forehead acting like curtains hiding his eyes but he paid it no mind.


The knight would never care about other’s status or money but he knows when to offer respect to the ones that deserve.


"Your Highness." Stated the knight regretting that he called the prince kid and the prince didn’t even bother to correct him but bothered only when he acted irrationally by revealing his identity. But there was a swell of pride when he recalled what the prince said about the dark knight. Glorious. He almost chuckled at the thought.


"Please get on your feet…dark knight." Said the prince, clearly hesitant to call him the dark knight. The prince got hold of his hood and pulled it up to hide his face from the light cast by the moon. "I think I should…leave." Said the prince as the knight got on his feet. The knight was perplexed, the prince seemed to know about the tales and the magnificent adventures of the dark knight yet he won’t even bring it up but simply state that he’ll leave? Probably the prince wasn’t those types of boys who will fawn over something or someone.


But as the prince began to make his leave something was tugging and whispering to the knight to move. to follow the prince. What if something happens to him on his way back to the castle? He will surely be the one to blame. It’s even his job to look after the ones who wonder the ten lands in the dark that he has to protect the most.


So he does.


Without letting the prince know.