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The Divergent Series Drabbles

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Chapter 27-Escape Route


"Come on Tobias! Come to Mommy!" I cheer as my little 10 month old is standing on his two little feet gurgling at me. He has been trying to walk for about a week now and today he might actually get to me. Tobias looks at me with his father's eyes and smiles before taking a shaky step towards me. I smile and urge him to keep coming. He takes another one and giggles happily. I smile with pride at my son and before he can take another step, Marcus walks through the door and distracts Tobias.

I look up at Marcus from the floor and so does Tobias. He is too little to realize that his father is a cruel man and like all babies his age, he just wants attention. Tobias stands next to his father and reaches his arms out, showing that he wants Marcus to hold him. Marcus ignores him and says," I need to talk to you. "

" Tobias is in the middle of walking to me. Can it wait? " I try to say nicely.

Marcus looks at Tobias who is gurgling and stretching his arms up to him and Marcus says," No. He won't make it to you anyway. He is weak. Now as I was saying, I have a plan that will get me to be the head of the Council. I discovered some damning dirt on Jeanine. And once I expose her then I will be head of the council. "

" That's great. "

" Yes it is. Put him to bed. I feel like celebrating and I know just how." Marcus says as he walks past me and strokes my cheek sexually. I gulp with fear and Tobias starts to cry because his father ignored him once again. Quickly I take him up stairs and he won't stop crying. Marcus shouts from the bedroom," Shut him up and get in here NOW!"

I panic. Marcus will hurt me badly if I don't put Tobias to bed and Tobias is so upset and he just wants to be loved. But I can't give that to him. I lost the ability to love anyone many years ago. I shake Tobias a little and scream," SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!"

He stops with tears silently streaming down his face. His bottom lip trembles as I lay him down and I whisper to him," I can't love you like I should...I didn't even want you. From now on I need to take care of myself. I can't love you like you deserved to be loved."

He looks up at me and I know he didn't understand what I just told him. I finally told myself something that I have been hiding for a while. I need to go against my faction and look out for me and only me. I need to be selfish.

I lie next to a sleeping Marcus and look to the opposite wall. After "entertaining" him all I can think about is finding a way out. I need to find the evidence that he has on Jeanine and stop him before he gets even more power and I am forever trapped in this house.

-A couple of days later-

I am at a local meeting with Marcus just to show Tobias off to people and to make sure everyone knows what a caring young family we are. Marcus is talking with other faction leaders while I am holding Tobias on my hip. I look around the room and finally find Jeanine. When she is free from talking I walk up to her and she greets me.

" Evelyn. It's so nice to see you again. Oh and this must be your newborn son. He looks just like his father."

" I have to tell you something that will be a benefit to you. But if I tell you, you need to give me your word that you will help me down the road when I need it."

Jeanine looks at me suspiciously and calculates her options. Finally she says," All right I promise. Now what is it that you have?"

I quickly check to make sure that Marcus isn't looking as I carefully take out a couple of papers that are labeled Classified and pull them from my pocket. Immediately Jeanine recognizes them and says angrily," Where did you get that!"

"From my husband's desk. He was planning on leaking this information and getting you expelled from the Council so that he can take your place. " I hand them to her and she hides them quickly in her briefcase.

" Why would you betray your husband?"

"Because I need to get out and he is a monster. He has destroyed everything that I once believed. And I now am taking action to get out. And when I need to get out, I need your word that you will help me. "

" I already gave you my word Evelyn. Thank you for your help. Here is my card. Call me for that favor."

And with that she hands me we card and quickly leaves with her briefcase.

-Nine years later-

" Jeanine...I need that favor."

"This is a pretty late favor Evelyn-"

"Well this might be my only chance to escape so I need it."

" Alright what are you planning? I heard you were pregnant. How are you going to get out with a baby?"

" I lost it a while ago...I am wearing a fake bump. I need to fake my death. And seeing as you are a smarter woman than I am I need your help orchestrating my death."

The phone is silent as she thinks. Finally she answers, "Alright. You are going to go into early labor to one of the hospitals run by the Erudite doctors. I will tell a doctor the plan and to confirm his loyalty. Your husband will probably be late which gives us time for you to escape before he knows what is happening. When he does come I will tell the doctor that your body was taken away and was to be cremated as your medical papers insisted. I will make those documents up but you need to sell that you are pregnant and in a fatal labor. Once you are out of abnegation you will live with the factionless. It might do you better living there then forming another identity and living amongst Marcus in the faction system. You and I both know he doesn't visit the factionless. Understood."

"Perfect. Thank you Jeanine."

" One question though. What about your son?"

" He will be better off here. Trust me."

" Just to let you know this is a pretty big favor Evelyn. "

" I read those documents that you were so scared to be released. Trust me this is nothing compared to what I did for you."

She is silent on the phone and says," Alright. I will call you when it's ready."

I hang up and smile to myself. I will be free soon enough.

-8 years later-

I am waiting in my makeshift office for Jeanine. She sent me a coded note yesterday asking for a meeting and I accepted it. A couple of minutes later, she strolls into my dingy office and hesitantly sits on an empty trashcan. She says, "Well the starvation certainly hasn't done you well."

"Well it happens to all of us here. So what are you here for Jeanine? I thought the agreement was that we were not to contact each other again."

"Well I have a proposition for you. In about two years I will be taking down the Abnegation government and we will expose them for their corruption. Then we will be in charge and the Erudite will rule justly. Seeing as your history with one of the government leaders was awful, I decided to offer you a chance for revenge."

I breathe in and sigh. I would love to stick it to Marcus. He has damaged me to no end over those last few years at Abnegation. He deserves to be punished.

"Besides revenge why do you need me?"

"Well you see Evelyn, your little group of factionless could do me well with my plan of taking Abnegation with force. And this group is perfect to be put under simulation. And it's a good way to kill two birds with one stone. I can control an army and root out all the Divergent.

My mind freezes. Tobias. Just before I left Marcus told me he suspected our son of being Divergent. I don't know if he is or not but either way my son will be hurt. Either for living in Abnegation or being Divergent and both outcomes is too painful for me to bear. Although I left him and I didn't want him at first, he is my son and I do love him. I also can't let her control these people who have treated me more as family rather then my own.

"I'm sorry Jeanine but I will not allow you to put my men under your brain simulations for killing Abnegation. Find another way and then I will help you."

Jeanine abruptly gets up and says, "Well that is unfortunate. I thought you would like to know where your son is at the moment."

I look up at her and say bitterly, "He is with his father in Abnegation."

She smirks and says, "No. He transferred to Dauntless. And I have learned that he was first in his class. He did very well considering his old faction. Obviously he wasn't happy in Abnegation."

I blurt out, "Marcus must have been cruel to him too."

Jeanine looks surprised and says, "He was abusive?"

I give her a look and answer, "Yes. That's why I left. I left because I was in love with someone else too but I also left because of him too. "

"Interesting. Now if you don't join my mission to expose Abnegation for their corrupt ways then you give me no choice to involve your son. Maybe I will tell him the truth about your supposed death? Or I will just put him under a simulation and make him kill. It's your choice."

She is bullying me just like Marcus did. But she is using her power of being a faction leader and what she knows about my escape to blackmail.

I glare at her and say, "All you faction leaders are the same. No I will not join you. I will expose everything that you are planning. Or I will fight for freedom and tear down the faction system. You know I have the means to do it and I will not hesitate. Now get out. I will see you on the battlefield Jeanine."

She glares at me and spins on her heels before storming out. As soon as she is gone I sit on my trashcan and run a hand through my hair. I need to contact Tobias somehow and warn him. But I will then expose myself and he will have to learn the truth about my escape. But he will forgive me because I am his mother. And who knows why he left. Maybe Marcus wasn't as cruel to him. Maybe his test told him Dauntless was the best choice. Either way I am his mother and I have to protect him from whatever Jeanine has in mind. I need to tell him and make him escape Dauntless and join me here so I can protect him and he can use his new skills to help me take down Jeanine.