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The Divergent Series Drabbles

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Chapter 17-Must Get Out


I am nine months pregnant and with each passing day I worry for my child. I wake up in a panic because Marcus has threatened me because if the baby isn't a boy he will do something bad to it. But I am more worried for what will happen to my child whether or not it's a boy. Marcus will force my child to become the perfect son or daughter.

I honestly don't believe he will hurt the baby if it's a girl because everyone already knows I'm expecting and there will be too many questions. But I can not and I will not allow my son or daughter to be a victim of his abuse. I am fine with taking his beatings and harassment but my child should not have to go through it just because he or she was born to him. It's not fair. I at least can figure a way out of it and divert Marcus's attention and rage away from my child.

I am sitting in my chair looking out the window when I hear the door slam from the other room. I wait for him to come find me and I wonder what his mood will be.

He walks in and I can already tell he is pissed. I don't dare to ask what he is mad about and I continue to stare out the window as I say," Dinner is on the table."

" well aren't you going to eat?"

I look at him and say," No I'm not feeling to well. Too nauseous. But go ahead and eat without me."

He moves to the kitchen and finishes quickly before saying he is going to take a shower and heads up stairs. I sigh and clear the plates. I hear the shower go and move into action.

I knew awhile a go I would have to leave with my child before its born. It's the only way to protect him. If I can just make it outside of the abnegation compound it will take Marcus a while to find me. And maybe I can go to the factionless and pretend I was never his wife. Start a new life with my child. I clean up and quickly grab my coat before silently closing the front door. I carefully walk down the street, waddling with every step. I know that I might not make it too far now and I silently curse myself for not thinking this through better. I wait and catch my breath against a house checking to see if the streets are cleared before continuing.

" Evelyn!" a strong hand clamps onto my arm and I spin

It's Marcus and he drags me away from the street and towards our home. I try to fight back and he says," did you really think you could just run away! With my child!"

" let go of me Marcus. Let go."

" your a real piece of work you know that! I work hard for the community and for you and this is how you repay me! By trying to abandon me!"

" Work hard for me! " I yell as he opens our door and throws me qucikly inside. " since when have you cared about me! You have beaten me, called me horrible names and lets not forget that you raped me! I got pregnant because you raped me! Your a horrible man! And I don't want my child growing up with a monster like you!"

Before I could notice a sharp painful slap is thrown to my face and I fall up against the wall.

" you little wench! I gave you a family and a home! I married you when probably no one else would! You should be grateful!"

I glare up at him and hold my baby as its feet kick my stomach.

" I rather be factionless and starving then be married to an ass like you."

" Well maybe one day you'll get your wish if you keep this up you little-"

My stomach clenches and suddenly a pool of liquid comes around me. My stomach is killing me and I scream in pain.

" Just...just shut up Marcus. The baby is coming. "

He looks at me and helps me up without any emotion in his eyes as he helps me to the door. I continually scream and stop in pain on our walk to the medic center and he shows no effort to comfort me.

When we get to the center I am relived when someone shows compassion towards me and helps me in a wheelchair and wheels me to a room. Of course now Marcus acts like a concerned husband, holding my hand and whispering sweet words into my ear which make me sick. The nurses scramble and inject me with a muscle relaxation serum which allows my body to do the labor but allows me to feel only minimal pain. When I am ready to push, Marcus holds my hand and I squeeze purposely hard. He gasps in pain and I smile loving that I hurt him and he can't do anything about it.

I push for a while until I hear a loud small shriek and smile knowing that my child is here.

" Its a boy!" the nurse says as she wipes the little baby off and wraps him a little white cloth. She hands him over to me and I smile with tears in my eye. Although the way I got pregnant with him was not what I wanted I would not change a thing. He is my son and I will always love him. The little baby wriggles in his blanket and I smile at his scrunched up face. He is so beautiful and it's amazing to see some of my features in him already.

" what will you name the little boy mrs. Eaton?" the nurse asks.

" Ad-"

" Tobias. Tobias Eaton." Marcus interrupts and the nurses smiles as she writes the name down. She leaves the room and I silently look at my baby as I say to my husband.

" You couldn't even let me name my son. I carried him for nine months and I deserve to name him."

" I'm his father and what I say goes. "

Marcus carefully but forcefully picks him out of my arms and holds him out a little bit as he smiles and says," Tobias. My son."

He then cradles him and of his government pals is outside the room to say hi. Marcus takes my Tobias outside to meet him and I lay back on the pillows and I want to scream and sob.

I can deal with the name. It's starting to grow on me now but I can't deal with Marcus and his control, even now, that he wants over Tobias. I failed to escape tonight but I will find a way one day to get out. I have to. For me and for Tobias.