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The Divergent Series Drabbles

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Chapter 11- Facade


It's been almost 4 months since I found out I was expecting and I am starting to show. My stomach protrudes a little bit and I wish I could look in a mirror to truly see how big it is. Even if I could I know my ass of a husband would somehow catch me and…well we can just say it's not good.

I am brushing my hair and putting it into a tight bun when I hear the door slam. I tense and quickly go back to my hair and hope he doesn't notice me. I don't need a mirror to do my hair; I barely go out of the house as it is. And I am pregnant so even when I do go out people barely notice my hair and focus on my belly.

I continue and finish up. As I look up I notice Marcus standing at the door looking at my body. I didn't have a chance to put my dress on and I blush as he checks me out.

"How far are you?" he asks

"Um I believe 4 months. How was your day?"

"Fine. But there is a leaders meeting tonight that I need to go to. I will be back late."


He pushes off the doorframe and walks back downstairs and out the door. My body relaxes and I quickly change into my dress. I need to hurry and start making dinner. Marcus is always in an angry mood when he comes back from a meeting and I have figured out his anger calms down when I have a meal laid out from him to warm up on the stove. I walk back downstairs and start on my chore.

Eventually the sun is setting and I have just taken out the baked bread and soup I made. It's his favorite and I really can't deal with his anger now that I am pregnant. Lately I have been so tired and my emotions have been going crazy that I know the best thing to do is just stay away and avoid his anger. One would think a man wouldn't beat a woman let alone beat his pregnant wife. But he does and he has. I am constantly afraid that one day he will go too far and I will lose this baby. Although I don't want to have his kid, I do want a child. And I am determined to keep this child. Marcus will not take this away from me too.

When I am finished cleaning up, I set the plate on the table and head upstairs for bed. I quickly change and climb in my bed enjoying the peace of being alone. I always treasure these moments of silence and freedom before he comes homes and everything changes.

Before long I am asleep and I don't notice the bed dip until I feel cold large hands wrap around my semi-swollen belly.

"You look amazing today when I came home from working before the meeting you know."

I know it's Marcus and I say sleepily," Thank you. Did you get the dinner?"

"I don't care about that. I just want you. "

His rough hands pull up my dress and I stop him and say, "Honey please stop. It's late and I am tired."

He slaps my hands away and continues pulling my nightgown up and says," I don't care what you want."

I don't know what he is doing until he pulls down my undies. I gasp and say, "Marcus nooo please. You might hurt the baby!"

"Like I said before I don't care!"

His fist grabs my long hair and pulls it hard as tears well up in my eyes.

I can't stop him and I can't do anything. I feel so alone and helpless and I promise to myself that I will not let this happen to my child. I will not let them live in a house of violence and hate. I will not.