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The Divergent Series Drabbles

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Chapter 8-Unwanted


I pace back and forth on the hard oak floors of our house. I am rehearsing what I will tell Marcus. Surprise you going to be a father! No. Honey guess what I am pregnant! I know it's so expected since you basically raped me last month. No he would probably kill me where I stand. Hey- I am interrupted by the fumble of the front door opening and there he is.

I try to infer what kind of mood he is in but I can't tell. His eyes are expressionless

"What are you doing just standing there?" He asks questioning.

"Um well I.. I have to tell you something."

"What." He says annoyed. His temper is flaring so I have no time for a long-winded speech. I just have to come out and say-

"I'm pregnant." He is silent and his face is blank.

He starts towards me and at first I think he is going to hug me but of course I am wrong.

He slams me against the wall and wraps his hand around my neck squeezing slowly. I can't breath and I am trying to get out.

"I swear to God Evelyn if this is some joke or if it's not mine-"

I manage to choke out, "It's your Marcus… I swear." He looks at me with hate, "How are you sure?"

I find some strength deep within me. Combine that with the anger and maybe the hormones as I shoot back at him, "Because I am not the whore you think I am. I cook and clean all day for you and wait for you to come home only for you to beat me like I am a dog. And I know it's yours because you made me prove my love to you last month by raping me. It's yours and I wish it wasn't. I don't want my child to have a monster as a father."

He lets go of my throat and I suck in some air only to get it knocked out of me again as he shoves my head hard against the wall. He punches my jaw until there is blood smeared on our wall. I slide down the wall in pain throbbing from my face but I protect the flat belly carrying my child. I sob as he leans down close to my ear and says," You are lucky you are having my child because if you weren't pregnant I would kill you right here for saying that. You better hope it's a boy instead of a weak girl like you." And with that he walks away and I am left against a wall with my own blood and the realization that the man I once loved is gone.