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The Divergent Series Drabbles

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Chapter 4-Mistake


I love him. He is kind and caring and he makes me a better person. So when he asked me to marry him I didn't hesitate. I can't wait to spend the rest my life with him. One day he is going to be a great politician who would help our society. He is my best friend and my love. Nothing will change. So as I stand in my simple abnegation dress and look at him as we say our vows to each other and God I can't help but smile. He smiles back at me and when we are finally able to kiss each other for the first time it is amazing. We both have waited for this moment and I never want to forget it.

A couple of months later we can't be happier. Marcus and I have just moved in to a plain small home that I hope to fill with love and children one day. He holds my hand as we have our simple dinner together. It's a nice piece of bread with a cold glass of water. He suddenly leans forward and presses his lips to mine. It is a sweet slow kiss but before long it ignites something. We don't finish our meal as we move to our bedroom and love each other.

2 years later

We have been married for 2 years and everything has been going fine. But yesterday something happened. He was very angry and upset about something at work. I tried asking about it and trying to help him but he refused to talk. When I pressed on he snapped...and hit me. I know it was an accident and he felt really bad about it. It won't happen again. He told me it wouldn't.

6 months later

I am happily making dinner when I hear the door slam. I pat my hands with a small cloth and walk to the entrance of the house. Marcus is standing there and he looks at me with hate. I am suddenly frightened because he never looks at me like that. He charges towards me and before I can speak has me slammed against our wall.

" M-Marcus?"

" shut up. What have you been doing huh?"

" I-I have been cleaning and making your dinner. Wh-what's wrong dear?"

" Don't think I don't know. You haven't looked or touched me in 6 months. And I heard some things. You're cheating on me you whore!"

I am stunned. I haven't been doing anything like that and I am hurt he would accuse me like that.

" Marcus. Stop I love you. Only you. I have not been doing those awful acts. "

He sneers at me," Prove it."

" Marcus-"

He holds me harder and grips my arm until it screams in pain

"Prove it!"

I lean and lightly kiss him, " There happy. Now stop with this nonsense and let's go-"

But before I can finish his fist collides with my jaw and the wind is knocked out of me. He then pulls at my hair and drags me upstairs to our room. He throws me down on the bed and begins to kiss me while running a hand up my grey dress. I don't want this. No he shouldn't do this. This is not love.

" Marcus stop!"

" Shut up. You haven't made love to me in 6 months. This is how you will prove your love to me!"

I am now crying and try to struggle away from him but he slaps my face and it burns. He grabs my wrists and holds them as he lifts my dress up and undoes his belt. I try not to think and go to happier times as I am living in a hell.

1 month later

As the nurse from the my faction tells me the news I don't feel anything. I am pregnant and now I don't think I could ever raise a child in this house with him. I wanted to leave and now I can't. I don't want this child. I can't love his child. I don't love the man I call my husband. I use to but that was a long time ago. I don't want this baby. I can't stand my husband.

I hate him.