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Outside of Tartarus the world was in chaos; heroes being killed on sight by Shigaraki’s roaming Noumus. Villains running rampant in the street once Shigaraki toppled any sense of government.

Chisak Kai had been holed up in Tartarus’ hospital wing. With the world outside falling apart he had free reign to do as he pleased inside, lording over the staff to make him a new pair of cutting edge bionic arms.

Knock Knock. The door cracked open.

Kai stood up from his bed to greet his visitor.

“Boss,” Shin greeted him with a bow, “we’ve finally made it.”

“Shin,” Kai greets him with a nod.

“We come bearing a gift for you,” Shin continues, opening the door wider.

Izuku Midoriya was pushed into the room; stumbling as he came in with handcuffed wrists. Kai’s eyebrows rose at the sight of the boy who was followed by Rikiya - clearly sucking out his vitality to make the boy too tired to fight back. Izuku meets his eyes; eyes widening as he takes in Kai’s appearance; his eyes mostly focusing on his arms.

“Oh? What do we have here?” as he looked over the boy appraisingly.

The expendables explained how they came across the young boy skulking around alone. Izuku had been separated from the rest of his UA classmates as the heroes around them fell; they took him as - a peace offering to Kai - for having failed him.

Kai accepts their gift and orders them to clean him and dress him in a medical gown. They were then to bring him to the lab where they’d chain him to one of the cots there.

Kai looks at his bionic arms. He’s only had them on for just a few days. He hasn’t really experimented with their dexterity quite yet. He was just getting accustomed to having hands again. It had been painful at first; integrating the mechanical parts into his flesh and bone; but at least he was whole again.

He enters the lab and dismisses his men. Izuku’s hands are still cuffed, suspended just above his face by the chains coiled around the metal headboard of the cot. He sits on the bed next to Izuku; his new long slender metal fingers grazing Izuku’s face as the boy struggles against his restraints.

“Why?” Izuku grits out.

Golden eyes glow, “easier to play the part this way no?”

From the moment Kai and Izuku had butt heads; Kai had been quite taken by Izuku. Their encounter had made Kai feel things he hadn’t felt before: attraction, arousal, lust.

What better way to test out his newfound hands?

“Are you going to fight?” He tests his strength by squeezing his thigh. Izuku bites his lip and shakes his head as he squirms.

“So well behaved.”

Relishing in the responsiveness of his bionic limbs, fingers trace down Izuku’s body, a sharp grin appearing on his face.

As Kai’s hands reach his lower abs; Izuku’s breath picks ups as he crosses his legs to cover any indecency.

“Don’t be shy.” lithe fingers lightly trace up his calf to inner thigh; Izuku shivering at the touch as the chains and cuffs start to rattle against the bed frame.

Kai’s eyes devour the milky white skin under the gown; pure and unmarked. He starts to rub gentle circles higher and higher closer to Izuku’s groin who whimpers, “please…”

Testing the pressure sensitivity of his hands; he grazes over Izuku’s half-hardened cock, slowly stroking it. Izuku pulled hard on the chains at the contact.

“Too much?” inquires Kai.

“N-no,” gasps out Izuku.

With each languid stroke Izuku finds himself fidgeting more and more; holding his breath to withstand it only to exhale harshly as Kai’s ministrations increase.

Kai widens Izuku’s legs more; producing a small bottle out of his pocket; coating his smooth metallic fingers with lube. The muscles in Izuku’s body tenses.

“Shh, baby boy. Relax, I’ll be gentle.”

One hand rubs Izuku’s thigh in an effort to get him to relax; Izuku’s legs widening in response to the calming strokes.

Izuku feels the cold chill of Kai’s fingers at his hole; tracing delicate circles around the ring before sliding a digit in. A sharp intake of breath as he’s penetrated. It feels weird; and slowly that gives way to pleasure as Kai’s finger starts a steady tempo and inserting another finger.

Izuku’s thighs splay open as his head rolls to the side as he tries to bite back a moan.

“Don’t fight it,” instructs Kai.

Kai strokes his insides; the two fingers scissoring in tandem as he searches for Izuku’s spot.

Izuku yanks hard on the chains as his back arches up off the bed when Kai hits a particular bundle of nerves. Kai slides his fingers over and over the spot; Izuku’s eyes squeeze shut as waves of pleasure take over rationality.

He was on the brink of an orgasm when fingers slid out. Izuku’s eyes shot open; reality crashing down on him. His eyes blinking rapidly as he remembers who he’s with and where he is. Lust drowning whatever clarity he has left. He casts his eyes down warily at mischievous eyes. A smirk on the man’s face.

“We’re just getting started Izuku, can’t have you coming just yet.”

Izuku’s eyes shifted to his achingly hard cock; the tip red with pre-come dripping down onto his stomach.

Cold hands stroke his inner thigh again, instantly relaxing into the touch; he looks at Kai again.

“I may be quirkless now; but let’s see if I can still take you apart with these hands.”

The deep voice dripped in lust sends shivers up Izuku’s spine.

Kai slides his fingers back in, spreading his fingers wide as he pulls out; Izuku feeling the long torturous drag of fingers along his walls. Kai misses the prostate on purpose. Izuku’s legs shaking; he wants more friction. His legs shaking, how could he even fathom to ask for release?

Fingers start to pump faster inside him and Izuku wants to be touched. His cock twitching; begging for attention. Izuku rolls his hips down on Kai’s fingers and he lets out a loud moan, which causes the man to stop and slide out yet again.

Izuku whimpers at the loss for the second time.

“Greedy now are we?” Kai moves between Izuku’s legs; pressing kisses and leaving bitemarks anywhere and everywhere without going near Izuku’s cock.

Izuku can feel the tears pricking at the corners of his eyes as he looks up to the ceiling past his chains. Swallowing the lump in his throat he looks down at Kai; whose long black lashes flutter as he marks up Izuku’s skin. Those golden eyes sneak a glance at Izuku’s tearful green; goes back to peppering kisses before he pulls back.

He watches Izuku who’s lower lip starts to wobble. He just...he really just wants to come; the slow play and the delay of orgasm has Izuku shaking.

“P-please,” he whispers.

A thin eyebrow perks up, “Please, what?”

“J-just, Kai-san, please. I can’t take it anymore.”


“Kai-san, PLEASE,” tears stream from his eyes.

Not usually one to take pity on anyone; Kai can’t help but lean forward towards Izuku’s face, kissing the corner of his mouth before saying, “as you wish.”

He spreads Izuku’s knees wider; sliding his fingers back in; Izuku’s back arching as he moans.

A slight graze against his prostate has him seeing a wash of white.

Slow strokes massage his spot; Izuku mewling and thrashing against the fingers inside him.

“Please, t-touch me,” he pleads.

“No.” a firm response.
Izuku rolls down his hips, “PLEASE,” he cries again.

“No.” Unyielding.

Sobs wrack through his body as he begs, “Please.”

“No, baby boy, you’re coming undone without being touched,” Kai presses another kiss to a pale thigh.

Kai presses gently into the prostate and Izuku keens.

“K-Kaiii,” he cries out.

Kai just smirks, “your resolve is breaking.”

The chains start to rattle louder as Kai continues a fast pace massaging Izuku faster with more pressure.

Izuku’s legs try to close around Kai, who only uses a hand to splay one leg wider.

“I’m- I’m-,” he pants out. One final brush against his prostate has Izuku seeing stars.

Izuku shouts as he comes. His whole body seizing as his thick ropes of cum spurt onto the exposed part of his stomach. His eyelids droop hazily, as Kai leans into his space reaching for the key on the side table unlocking the cuffs and the chains. Izuku’s hands that had been suspended in air now rest around Kai’s neck, who just presses kisses into his wrists.

“Ugh, I’m so glad I was able to find you,” Izuku says drowsily.

Kai kisses the corner of his lips again before he gets up washing his hands running his hands under water turning to him and saying,” I’m surprised you got caught up with my subordinates.”

Izuku turns over to his side, “I...may, or may not have planned that. It’s not like they know the nature of our relationship. So, I used it to my advantage?,” he scratches his cheek with a finger as he smiles, “A logical ruse?”

“My clever boy,” Kai saunters back sitting on the edge of the bed, his arm bracing his weight across Izuku’s torso, caressing freckled cheeks as he leans down capturing Izuku’s lips in a kiss, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Izuku sighs as he reaches for Kai’s hand on his face, “but your hands…”

“..Mm, don’t worry. These work just fine; they still have the same effect on you. That’s all that matters to me.”

“We should go after Shigaraki still,” Izuku said with resolve, “I need to find the others too. I just needed to find you first. I needed to see you.”

Kai ruffles his hair, “My little hero. We will. We’ll get him back when the time is right. We’ll bide our time. But for now, it’s just you and me.”

Izuku sits up and embraces Kai, “Okay, just for a little while; just you and me.”