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Prelude to Providence

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Chapter 1


The darkness began to light up with sparks of color as the soft melodies flowed into his ears. The chords were both haunting and romantic as the tension began to build. Sheik could feel the harmonies pulling at his soul, and his hands continued the almost autonomous movement across the keys. Not once did Sheik open his eyes for he knew the high of the notes was so much sweeter with the spattering of colors in the dark behind his eyelids. The suspension was ringing in his ears, his fingers dancing to the resolution, when he felt a playful tug on the hair at the nape of his neck. All at once, his eyes flew open, and a discordant sound blared in his ears as his hands froze in surprise. A second later, an exasperated sigh left his mouth, and he glanced over his shoulder.

"I didn't resolve the chord, Zelda." Sheik gave a half-hearted glared as he reached over and hit the power button on his electric piano. Pulling his headphones off, Sheik stood and fully faced his interrupting roommate.

Zelda had clasped her hands together and smiled brightly towards him. Her long golden hair fell down her back in soft waves. She had braided and clipped the front to keep her green eyes uncovered. She was wearing a silky looking blue blouse over her favorite pair of jeans. Sheik noticed that she also had her purse slung over her shoulder, and her keys clutched in her hands.

"Sorry, Sheik. I did knock a few times first." Zelda have a mischievous smile before she continued, her eyes bright and interested. "What were you playing?"

"Chopin." He pushes his bench into place and walked out into the living area. "Raindrop Prelude. It's majestic in its simplicity." Sheik could hear the piece ringing in his head as he admired the composition.

"Lovely," Zelda followed him into the kitchen, and gave a dreamy sigh. "Chopin. You know they have his preserved heart on display in Poland? What a way to be remembered,” Zelda giggled, and grabbed Sheik's plain blue jumper from the couch. "Now! Hurry up and get ready! I want to leave before it gets too dark!"

Putting his hoodie over his head, Sheik rolled his crimson eyes and walked over the small mirror hanging on the adjacent wall. His straw colored hair was almost reaching to his shoulders. He contemplated if he should tie it up, but shrugged and turned back to the fidgeting form of Zelda.

They had been roommates for the last year and a half. Sheik had met Zelda in the music department of the university they both attended. While Sheik was currently a graduate student studying piano performance, Zelda was involved in almost every choir available. Although Sheik tended to stay away from the choir students, something about Zelda's demeanor broke through Sheik's usually closed off personality. He genuinely found that he enjoyed Zelda's presence. She could be pushy and annoying at times, but she was fiercely loyal and compassionate. She was majoring in some type of business and financing, but Sheik knew she was truly happy when she was singing with her peers and friends.

Differences aside, Sheik and Zelda had rented a two bedroom apartment together, which Sheik thoroughly enjoyed. It acted as a personal haven, and had truly become his home.

"Stop primping, Sheik. You look great! Let's go." Zelda grabbed his hand and pulled him outside. The air was crisp and the sun was just starting to set.

"Where exactly are we going? You just said we were getting drinks." Usually Sheik didn't allow himself to be manhandled, but he had such a soft spot for the gentle, but determined girl pulling him along the sidewalk.

"The Riverside! Remember? I told you yesterday. Riju and Paya are going to be there, and that jazz quartet is playing! The one Mipha is in."

Sheik nodded his head and continued to walk beside Zelda. He did remember her mentioning the jazz set.

"Sorry. I've been a bit distracted." The end of the semester was fast approaching, and that meant accompanying on more than one recital as well as finishing up preparations on his own Recital.

"It's fine, Sheik. I know how busy you've been. Just have some fun tonight, and relax." Zelda's warm smile was contagious. She squeezed Sheik's hand gently before perking up, and waving her arm above her head.

"Paya! Hey!" The Shy Sheikah girl was standing by the entrance to the bar. As soon as Zelda said her name, her face grew pink and a small smile grew on her face. Her pale hair was tied up on the top of her head while her bangs blew gently in the breeze.

"Hi, Zelda! Sheik." Paya raised her hand in a quick wave before clutch her fingers in from of her chest. "U-um, Riju couldn't make it tonight. She had some work due."

Zelda sighed, "I told her to try to get it all done yesterday. Oh well!" Her golden hair shimmered in the twilight as she shook her head. "She's going to miss out. Let's head in!"

He watched as the girls went through the door to the bar. He sighed quietly. Sheik generally didn't like such loud, crowded places. His anxiety tended to rear its ugly head with so many different sounds happening at once.

Sheik pushed his hand through his hair and reached forward to grab the handle of the door. As he gripped the bar, what felt like a solid piece of granite slammed into his back and pinned him against the door. Sheik felt his breath aggressively leave his body as the door handle pushed into his gut. His eyes closed as pain radiated from the contact.

"Oof!" Sheik could suddenly feel his knees give out slightly, and knew he was falling. A strong grip on his upper arms kept him steady. Eyes slamming open, Sheik tried to push away from the door and spin around, while simultaneously trying to move away from the door lest any patrons try to enter or exit.

The hands fell from his arms and Sheik kept his gaze to the ground as he shuffled to the side of the facade. Once he was settled, he looked to his previous position and saw the slab of rock that had smashed him. That slab was actually an average sized guy holding his hands out in apology. He was taller and more muscular than Sheik, who wasn't exactly impressive with his lanky build, and delicate hands.

A fierce blush raced across the stranger's face and his deep blue eyes were wide. He opened his full lips, and a melodious, warm voice danced into the space between them.

"I am so sorry. I-I was trying to catch up to my sister, and you, well- I mean, I was walking too fast. I should have been paying attention." His voice was fast and frantic, and Sheik was starting to feel both overwhelmed, and amused. "I hope I didn't hurt you or anything."

Sheik chuckled slightly, and then awkwardly cleared his throat at the confused look on his attacker's face.

"I'm fine. A bit sore from the bar, but it's no big deal." Sheik recalled that this man had mentioned a sister. "Who is your sister?"

The man smiled and his left hand came up to rub the back of his head. "She's that excited blonde girl that was in front of you. I'm meeting her here."

"Zelda?" Sheik's eyes grew wide with recognition. "She didn't mention that you were coming. Link, right?"

"Yeah... Do you know each other?"

"Oh. Yes, sorry. I'm her roommate. Sheik." Sheik held his hand out to Link. He tried to give a nice smile, but he felt as though this introduction was ruined already. Link grabbed his hand, and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Sheik. Hi. It's nice to meet you." Link's face was still a bit pink. His shaggy gold hair framed his face, and was carefully pulled into a low ponytail. He was wearing a green pullover over tight, dark jeans. His boots looked a bit muddy, but stylish all the same. Sheik felt his own cheeks warm as Link released his hand. "Zelda has told me a lot about you. Sorry it's taken this long to meet."

"I've heard about you too. Illustrator extraordinaire." Sheik smiled as Link turned to open the door to the bar. Quiet jazz music flowed from somewhere as they walked into the establishment.

"Something like that." Link gave a quiet chuckle, and his face lit up when he saw his sister ahead. "Zel!"

Standing back, Sheik watched as the pair embraced tightly and spoke quietly to each other. Zelda laughed brightly and looked at Sheik with mirth on her face.

"I hope this buffoon didn't damage you. He's such a klutz sometimes."

"I was in the way. Besides," Sheik smiled at Link's embarrassed face," I finally got to meet the famous Link. It makes it all worth it."

Zelda snorted and wagged her eyebrows at her brother. "I told you he wanted to meet you." She clapped Link on the shoulder and pushed him closer to Sheik. "Get to know each other now. Please and thank you!"

"You can't just force people together, you know." Link gave Zelda and annoyed look before looking at Sheik, and gesturing to the nearest table. "Do you want to sit?"

"Sure." Sheik dropped himself into the chair and watched as Link gave Zelda an angry glare before sitting down. There was a brief moment where the awkward silence was almost deafening. Clearing his throat, Sheik tried to break the tension. "So... Did Zelda invite you because you like jazz?"

"She, uh, did mention something about jazz." Link smiled a bit before continuing. "I'm not really into jazz. I prefer classical if I had to choose."

Sheik sat up a bit straighter and leaned forward in interest. "Same. I'm sure Zelda mentioned it, but I'm almost finished with my masters in piano. Classically trained. I'm actually working on a lecture about the differences between jazz performers, and classical ones. It's actually surprising the differences." Sheik reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, but stopped and blushed when he realized how crazy he must be sounding to This person he just met. Link was smiling, and had his chin resting in his hand. Sheik felt a thrum of what must have been embarrassment in his chest.

"I am... so sorry. I was rambling." Abruptly standing up, Sheik squeezed his eyes shut before meeting the blue gaze across from him. "Do you want a drink?" His stomach was fluttering in nervousness. Usually this feeling was associated with performing, so it was odd for Sheik to be looking at a soft, yet defined face instead of black and white keys.

"Just a water, please. I told Zelda I would make sure you guys got home tonight."

Sheik nodded mutely and shuffled over to his giggling roommate at the bar. He nudged her not-so-gently before nodding at the bartender.

"Hey! What was that for?" Zelda's lip jutted out, but her pout was broken by her silly smile.

"What's the deal with you forcing me on your brother? I'm sure he has better things to do on a Friday that walking us 3 blocks home." The bartender smiled at Sheik before grabbing a glass and waiting for his order. "A water and a double rum and cranberry. On her tab please."

Zelda rolled her eyes, but nodded at the server before turning to face Sheik fully. "There's no 'deal.' Link had business over here so I told him to join us. What do you think of him?" Her eyes were wide and sparkling as her hand touched Sheik's shoulder.

"He's... nice. Attentive too." Sheik mumbles his thanks as his drinks were set in front of him. He took a quick sip of his beverage, and squinted a bit as the slight burn warmed his throat all the way down to his belly. " Why haven't I met him before?" Sheik felt like he sounded a bit pushy, so he continued. "I mean- what made tonight a good time to introduce us?"

A quick chuckle escaped Zelda's lips. "He was continuing his knight training for the last year." She glances at her brother who was watching the band as the started their set. The music was fun and electric, and Link was smiling and bobbing his head. "The poor guy has been so conflicted about what he wants to do. He's convinced he wasted time with an art degree." Her eyes met Sheik's again. They looked a bit sad. "I was hoping you could help him a bit. Also, he's totally your type, and you guys would be so sweet together!" Zelda's last sentence was rushed out before she pushed away and skipped back over to her table in front of the small stage. Sheik closed his mouth, which had fallen open, before grabbing their drinks and returning to his seat.

Quickly taking his seat, Sheik handed Link his water, took a large drink from his own glass, and tried to ignore the green eyes watching his from across the room. The alcohol warmed his throat on the way down. The bittersweet taste of the cranberry juice made the burning bearable. Sheik didn't drink that often, and knew this would be his only drink of the evening, lest he make a fool of himself.

"Thanks, Sheik." Link took a deep drink of his water, and Sheik hated that he was admiring the way Link's throat moved as he swallowed. Although Link didn't look large, he definitely looked well defined. Sheik wondered about the definition of his other muscles.

Great. Now it's in my brain, and I can't stop thinking about us. Together. As a couple. Us two together as partners, and holding hands, and-and-

"They're pretty good. Do you know if they get paid?" Link's innocent question shattered the inappropriate thoughts running through Sheik's head.

"Uh... I'm not sure. I think they just get food comped. This is the first time I've actually made it to one of their sets."

Link pulled his phone out then, and snapped a quick picture of the stage. He nodded at the photograph before taking and releasing a large breath. "Maybe we could go to more of their performances. Uh... I could text you to make plans for it..." Link's voice trailed off a bit as he handed Sheik his phone. His eyes were looking at the table, and Sheik could see his cheeks were tinged with red.

Not trusting his voice, Sheik nodded, and grabbed the phone. He typed his own number in and made sure to triple check that it was, indeed, correctly typed. He handed Link his phone back, trying to keep his lips from betraying the excited thumping in his chest. Sheik wouldn't categorize himself as quite an introvert. He did enjoy spending time socializing with his friends, but he wasn't ever the person to suggest getting together. He most certainly hadn’t given his phone number to a person he literally just met.

Sheik knew that he was allowing Zelda to succeed in her meddling, but, for once, he didn't mind that her ego would be through the roof. Link was definitely Sheik's "type," if he had to give it a word. Sheik was very interested to get to know Link. He was interested in other, less appropriate things, too if he had to honest with himself. That thought sent more heat into his face, and other gulp into his mouth.

This is going to be a long night.